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I started writing this story, never intending it to grow into what it has become. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. I hope you enjoy.


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Chapter 66 Look Out Chicago


"Oh, right, I did. Well, I guess if y'all wanna eat supper with the two of us, you better plant your butts in a seat and buckle up because ... we're eating in Chicago tonight."


Eighteen eyes lit up like camera flashes as the boys suddenly realized what was happening.


Alex was the first to find his voice. "Wait a minute, you've got a freakin' jet?"


"No, Alex, we've got a freakin' jet," I replied with a smile. After that, the questions were flying faster than any human could understand or have a hope to answer. I let them run for about a minute before finally holding up my hands in surrender. "Okay, let me hit the highlights really quick; yes, it's our plane; yes, we're going to Chicago for supper and the weekend; no, we won't be doing any barrel rolls or loops; yes, we can fly just about anywhere in the country without stopping; no, we can't go Mach 5; yes, I have a place in Chicago, along with Los Angeles, Orlando and Colorado Springs. Have I missed any important ones?"


"I can think of one," Andy answered seriously, "Who's flyin' this thing?"


"Oh, yeah, forgot about that one. That would be me, Andy."


"No way," Mike scoffed.


"Way, buddy. Now if you'll all take a seat and buckle in, we can get this bucket of bolts in the air. Tom is sitting by the door, Joey, Josh, why don't you take the back two seats, Alex and Brent, the middle two, Eric, you take the seat opposite Tom and Mike, Andy and Logan, you guys get the small couch. You'll have to put the armrest up, though. Now, did I miss anybody."


"What about me, Dad," T.J. asked. "Where am I supposed to sit?"


"Oh, right, T.J. The only other spot open, I guess, is the stool that's behind that partition," I answered while pointing towards the rear of the cabin. "It's not the most comfortable seat in the world, and if someone has to pee, you'll have to move, but there is a seatbelt." Tom was rolling his eyes at me for torturing the lad in this manner, but the other boys were loving every second of it and laughing their butts off.


"What!? You expect me to sit on the crapper the whole time? No way, man, not gonna happen. I'd rather sit on the floor."


"Sorry, son, that's not allowed. Especially for takeoff or landing. You have to be belted in a seat. Hmm, how can we handle this?" I paused for a moment, tapping my chin and looking at the ceiling, acting as if I was in deep thought before carrying on. "Oh, wait, T.J., I just remembered, there is one other seat available, but I don't know if you'll like it very much."


"Anywhere but the stool, Dad. Hell, I'll sit on the roof if it gets me to Chicago."


"Sorry, the roof's not an option, I left my tie-down straps at home. Besides, I think that might get just a bit too chilly for you," I deadpanned. I knelt in front T.J., looked into his eyes and added, "Tell you what, go through the curtain behind me and you can have the seat on the right, okay?"


"Cool, dad, thanks," T.J. sighed with relief. He moved around me and in three steps was at the opening to the cockpit. After pulling the curtain to the side, he stopped dead in his tracks, goggled at all the electronics, then turned back around and stammered, "Uh, D-d-a-a-d, th-th-that's the c-c-cockp-p-it."


"Yeah, I know," I replied with a wide grin. "Take the right seat and strap in. I gotta close the door before we takeoff." T.J. took a step and leapt into my arms, wrapping his arms around my neck and almost knocking both of us to the floor.


"Thanks, you're the coolest Dad ever," he squeaked into my ear.


"You earned it, buddy," I whispered back, "now go get settled." The happiest boy in the world turned back around, stepped proudly into the cockpit and took his assigned seat. I closed the cabin door and checked everyone to make sure they were buckled in and comfortable before joining T.J. in the cockpit and checking to make sure he was properly strapped in, as well. I then settled into the left seat and strapped myself in place. I handed the second headset to T.J. with the following instructions, "You can wear this and listen to everything on the radio with me, but you can't say anything when I'm talking to someone, understood?"


"Yes, sir," he agreed as he put the headset on and adjusted it to fit his small cranium.


I pulled out my reference book and, while explaining everything I was doing to T.J., started following all the checklists printed within. After entering our destination airport into the flight computer, along with the waypoints along our route, I lit off the first engine. Once it was running smoothly and all its indicators were in the green, it was time to start the second engine. It took only a few minutes for both to be running smoothly and we were ready to roll. I contacted the tower to get my taxi instructions, then taxied to the end of runway 4. After checking with the tower again and receiving my clearance for takeoff, I yelled to the back, "Y'all ready to get outta town!?" With everyone in loud and boisterous agreement, and after checking outside for other traffic, I eased off the brake and allowed the plane to roll from the taxiway onto the runway.


Once I was correctly aligned, I reapplied the brakes and came to a full stop. After one last check of the systems and indicators to verify everything was a go, I eased the throttles forward to about 95% thrust and allowed the engines to spool up to full song before releasing the brakes. The initial roll was pretty slow, but we quickly gained speed and sooner than everyone else expected we'd reached our rotate speed of 92 knots. I gently pulled the yoke towards me and we left planet earth below us, aimed for the sun-drenched heavens.


I retracted the landing gear and flaps, then climbed to our initial altitude of 5,000 feet and leveled off briefly before being released from Springfield's airspace and being allowed to climb to our cruising altitude of 35,500 feet. Once at our assigned cruise altitude, I retarded the throttles to the most efficient setting to maintain our flight level. After we were settled in and cutting across the sky at 435 knots, I pressed the button on the yoke that would allow me to talk to T.J. and asked, "So, what do you think, buddy?"


"Oh, this is so cool, Dad. It's almost like playing a video game with all these screens up here."


"Well, yeah, in some respects it is," I laughed. "Hey, you wanna do me a favor?"


"Anything, just name it," the youngster enthused.


"Unstrap and grab me a Pepsi from the fridge. Flying always dries out my mouth and throat. Make sure you don't bump anything on the way out. Then, let everyone else know they can get one, too. There should be an assortment of drinks in there and some munchies in the drawers next to it."


"You got it, Dad. Be right back."


T.J. undid his harness, then carefully climbed out of his seat and headed back into the main cabin. He soon returned, handing me a can of soda over my shoulder, which I gratefully accepted. "Thanks, kiddo. Before you strap yourself back in, let the others know they can come up here, one at a time, to take a look. And check on Pops to make sure he's doing okay. He doesn't much like flying."


"On my way." T.J. put his drink can in the cupholder by his seat, then turned and went back to tell the others the good news, but not before checking on Tom.



"Hey, Pops, how ya' doin'?" T.J. asked after kneeling in front of the big guy.


"Okay, I think," he answered nervously. "I'm still alive, anyway, though I didn't much like the takeoff."


"Don't worry, man, Dad's got a handle on everything. He really does know how to fly."


"I hope to hell he does. Thanks for checking on me, T.J. You better get back in your seat now."


"In a minute, Pops, I gotta tell these other bozos somethin'," T.J. replied with a grin. He stood back up and let go a loud whistle to get the other boys' attention. After all eyes were focused on him, he said, "Listen up, munchkins. Dad says you can all come up front and take a look, but you can't touch anything. And leave your drinks here. He doesn't want anything spilled up there." As all eight stood up and started forward, T.J. held up his hands and added, "One at a time, ya' boneheads. Geez. That's a tiny space up there and y'all ain't gonna fit in it at the same time. You need to take turns, from youngest to oldest."


"But what about us?" Alex asked.


"Yeah, we're twins, remember?" Joey added.


"You two might be twins, but one of you is still older than the other, even if it's by just a few minutes. So, figure it out. Mike, Andy, which of you gets to go first?"


"I don't know," Mike answered.


"Yeah, we're both six," Andy added.


"Well, when's your birthdays?"


"August," Andy answered.


"May for me," Mike replied.


"Then Mike's older, so Andy gets to come up first. C'mon on, dude, you're gonna love this," T.J. said, extending a hand to help Andy up. "Let me get back in my seat, then you can come in, okay?"


"Thanks, T.J." The two made their way to the cockpit and after T.J. had resettled in his seat, Andy stepped in and stood behind T.J.



"Wow! This is cool, Dad. How do you know what everything does?"


"Practice, Andy, lots and lots of practice." I spent a few minutes describing the various screens of the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite and the plane's other controls to Andy. When I turned around to ask if he had any questions, he looked like his head was about to explode. "Guess that was a little too much, huh?"


"Uh, yeah. How long did it take you to learn all this?"


"Three to four weeks of intense training, buddy. And I do refresher courses every so often just to make sure I haven't forgotten anything."


"So, can we really go anywhere we want any time we want?" Andy asked with a gleam of hope in his eyes.


"Just about, yeah. We just need to plan things ahead a bit to make sure the plane's ready and we have somewhere to stay."


"Swe-e-e-t!" he squealed with delight. "When can we go to Disney World?"


"Maybe this summer. We'll have to see how things work out. Now, why don't you scoot on out of here and let one of the others take their turn."


"You got it, Dad. Thanks for letting me watch, this is really cool."


As Andy turned to take his seat again, T.J. stopped him and said, "Mike's next, Andy, send him on up." With a thumbs up from Andy, he returned to his seat and sent Mike in.


While we waited for our next visitor to appear, I asked T.J. about his late exchange with Andy, "What was that all about?"


"I just told `em to go from youngest to oldest, that way there wouldn't be any fighting about who was next," T.J. replied with a smile. "It seemed the logical thing to do."


"Good thinking, son."


"Yeah, I thought so," the munchkin replied with a grin.


We spent the next half hour of our flight with visitors from the main cabin. With every one of them, I gave the same basic explanation of the electronics and controls, answering questions as they were asked. Alex, obtuse thinker that he is, was the only one who asked a question that had nothing to do with the plane.


"So, why does T.J. get to sit up here with you and not any of us?" he quizzed me with a bit of an edge to his voice.


My response to his inquiry was straight to the point. "Because T.J. helped save a young man's life this week and he earned the privilege. Someday, you'll earn that privilege for yourself."


"Sorry, Dad, you're right." He then turned to T.J. and added, "Sorry, dude. You did a good thing with Rich. And you proved the point that our group is important. Thanks to you, the school will probably let us keep meeting. Have fun up here with Dad."


"I will, Alex, thanks." With that, Alex returned to his seat without any further complaint.


By the time all the visits from the boys were completed, we'd been handed off to the O'Hare tower and it was time to begin our descent. O'Hare's controller would guide us around Chicago and through their traffic until it was time for Chicago Executive to take over for our final approach. Ten minutes after my first contact with O'Hare, it was Executive's turn. T.J. was listening intently to every transmission, helping me keep track of speeds and altitudes as we made our descent. Once we turned onto our final approach, I extended the flaps and landing gear. With the three gear indicators displaying locked, I knew we were finally ready to come back down to earth.


After turning from my assigned base leg onto our final approach, I was lined up perfectly for runway 16 and with no crosswind to speak of, the landing was a breeze. I allowed the pane to float over the apron and managed to have the main gear gently touchdown right on the runway numbers. I slowly lowered the nose until we were firmly reattached to terra firma. Following directions from the tower, I turned off the runway and aimed the plane for the FBO I'd selected. As we approached their building, I was guided to a parking spot on the tarmac by one of the linesmen. Once in the proper location, I pulled out my reference book and began running through the after landing checklists, ensuring everything was secured and properly shut down.


T.J. had already removed his restraints and was standing in the opening to the cabin when I finally extricated myself from my own seat. God, I needed a good stretch, but that was going to have to wait until I was off the plane and could actually stand up straight. I opened the cabin door and unfolded the steps, allowing the late afternoon sun to stream through the opening.


"Okay, guys, we're here. Form a line and head on out. This airport's a lot busier than Springfield, so I want you to line up in front of the wing until Tom and I are outside with you. Got it?" With nods of understanding from all, I had T.J. lead the parade outside. Once they were gone, I knelt in front of Tom and asked, "You okay, big guy?"


"I don't know," he muttered in response. "Are we on the ground yet?"


"Well, either we are, or the boys jumped and didn't leave us a parachute. C'mon, open your eyes and relax your grip on the armrest. You can't take the seat with you." He cracked one eye open and seeing we were alone, slowly peeled open the second one.


"Oh, thank you, Jesus!" he exhaled. "I guess T.J. was right and you really do know how to fly."


"Got a license and everything, bubba," I chuckled as I patted his meaty thigh. "C'mon, the boys are waiting outside to see how much damage they can do to this town in the next couple days." Tom unbuckled himself and stood shakily. With my help, he managed to get down the few steps to the ground without falling. I had Eric come over and help guide Tom to the rest of the herd while I stepped into the cockpit one last time to switch off the battery.


After finally joining the rest of the crew on the ground, I closed and locked the cabin door. I quickly checked to ensure the FBO employees had chocked the wheels and was happy to see they had done so. One of the guys who was helping to tie the plane down stepped over and introduced himself.


"Good afternoon, my name's Marty. You must be Mr. Sanders. Welcome to Chicago, sir. Hope you had a good flight."


"I couldn't have asked for better, Marty, thanks."


"What can we do for you besides a parking spot for a few days?" Marty asked.


"It would be a good idea to go ahead and refuel, of course, then if someone would check inside for trash, I'd appreciate it. I think the boys got it all, but you never know. Then Sunday afternoon before we leave, if you guys could restock the fridge with drinks and some snack bars or something, the plane will be ready for takeoff when we come back."


"No problem, sir. We'll be happy to take care of you. Just leave your key inside when you head out, and we'll make sure you're ready to roll when you come back. Enjoy your visit to the Windy City."


"We will, Marty. Thanks." I turned to the group waiting patiently in front of the wing and said, "Okay, let's get our bags and hit the road." I led the way to the baggage compartment and after unlocking the door, began handing bags out to everyone. Since mine was the first in, it was the last out. After retrieving it, I relocked the compartment and we headed inside the FBO. I checked in at the counter and left my key, then led the group outside where our ride was waiting for us. Our `ride' turned out to be a stretched Ford Expedition and the driver was standing by the passenger door waiting for us. When he saw us heading his way, he stepped over to greet us.


"Good afternoon. Mr. Sanders and entourage, I assume. Welcome to Chicago. My name is Tony and I'm going to be your driver for the next few days."


"Afternoon, Tony, I'm Max Sanders and this is Tom Wright. The rest of the gaggle are our sons and a few of their friends. I hope you haven't been waiting too long."


"No, sir. Got here just about ten minutes ago. Why don't we get your bags in the back and we can get rolling?" We followed Tony to the back of the extra-long vehicle and tossed our bags in. Once properly stowed, we followed Tony back to the passenger door and, after he opened the door, the boys led the parade inside, all of them oohing and aahing at the interior of our ride. Just before I climbed in, Tony caught my attention and said, "I know we're going to end up at your condo in Oak Park, Mr. Sanders, but I assume you're going to want to eat before we get there. Any particular restaurant you had in mind?"


"Yes, Ed Debevic's. You know the place?"


"You bet. It's my home away from home, sir. Your boys are going to love it, too. Hop in and we'll get this show on the road." I climbed inside the monstrous vehicle and Tony closed the door behind me.


As we started moving, Joey commented, "We need to get one of these for home, Dad. We could take all our friends with us everywhere we go."


"I'm happy with the Flex, Joey. Besides, I don't think this tank would even fit in the storage building."


"I bet it would if you got rid of the cars that were already in there," Alex offered.


"Bite your tongue, goofball. I'm not getting rid of a Corvette and a Ferrari to make room for this."


"Where we goin' to eat, Mr. Sanders?" Eric asked.


"A wild and fun 50's-style diner called Ed Debevic's, close to downtown. I think you guys'll like it."


"And where're are we stayin'?" Josh asked.


"We have a three-bedroom condo out in Oak Park, complete with a private pool."


"So, can we go swimmin' later?" Andy asked.


"You're welcome to try," I chuckled, "but you probably won't like it too much. It's not heated or covered since I'm not up here enough to justify the expense."


"Oh, man, talk about shrinkage," Eric giggled. "That water's probably cold enough to make Tom look like Andy." All the boys laughed at that comment since they knew exactly what Eric was talking about.


"I know you said we got three bedrooms, Dad, but what kinda beds you got there?" Mike asked. "There's nine of us and two of you. Who's gonna sleep where?"


"Well, the Master Bedroom has a king-sized bed and that's where Pops and I will be, of course. The other two bedrooms have two queen-sized beds each. So, I was thinking Joey and Josh along with Alex and Brent would use one of the bedrooms. Then, Mike and Andy with Logan and T.J. can use the other bedroom. Then there's the sofa in the living room that folds out into a bed and I figured Eric could use it."


I watched the boys as I gave them my thoughts on the sleeping arrangements for the next two nights. Brent and Alex immediately started whispering to each other and Josh and Joey leaned in close together and shared a little kiss. Eric was the one who had the most interesting reaction as he frowned deeply and shook his head in disgust.


"I promise, Eric, it's pretty decent as far as sofa beds go. None of my other guests has ever complained about it."


"Yeah, we'll see. Guess if I don't like it, I can always sleep on the damn floor," he pouted.


"Would you like to hop on a train back home so you can sleep in your own bed tonight?" I asked, a bit peeved at the surly teen.


"No way, man. I'm sorry, Mr. Sanders, that was really rude of me and my dad told me to watch my attitude. I'm sure the couch will be fine."


During the remaining forty-five minutes of our ride to the restaurant, the boys kept up a constant chatter about everything they could see outside the vehicle's windows. Tom and I relaxed in the back seat of the limo and enjoyed listening to them and the excitement that seemed to be oozing from every pore of their bodies. When we finally pulled up at the restaurant, we could see the place was packed. But, it was early evening on a Friday in Chicago, so that wasn't altogether unexpected. Tony managed to find a parking spot for the behemoth in which we were riding, then came around to open the door for us. We let the boys clamber out first, then extricated ourselves from the back seat to join them on the sidewalk.


"Are you going to join us, Tony?" Tom asked.


"I'd like to, but I need to stay with the limo to make sure I don't get a ticket or worse, towed. Parking around here is a nightmare."


"Would you like us to order something for you and have it sent out?" I asked.


"No, thanks, my wife packed a supper for me and it's waiting in the truck."


"Well, leave it for later," Tom replied. "We'll send out something hot and tasty."


"Gee, thanks, appreciate that. Go enjoy yourselves, guys." We turned and headed inside where we were assaulted by music and all the other noises you'd expect from a crowded diner.


A server was passing by as the door closed behind us and she greeted us with, "Whoa right there, fellas. Ain't nobody said nothin' `bout a football team comin' in tonight." The boys enjoyed a good laugh at her comment.


"I hope you have room for us," I replied.


"I'm sure we will, right after I kick summa dese bums out. Y'all just hang right there, ya' hear me?"


"No rush," I responded. Tom looked at me like I'd lost my mind for picking this crazy place. I leaned close to him and quietly explained, "It's part of the show they put on. The servers tend to pick on people and do crazy things, including dancing and singing along with the music. I thought the kids would have some fun here since the workers are all acting like kids."


"Gotcha. Thanks for givin' me the scoop. I was beginning to really question your sanity."


As we were chatting, the server who'd passed by headed over to a few tables where people looked to be done eating. "C'mon, ya' lazy bums, we need these tables for a football team! Make room, will ya'? Go on, get outta here." Properly chastised, the customers at both tables promptly stood up and headed our direction. As they got closer and saw the `football team' they gave up their table for, they began to laugh as they headed out into early dusk. In less than a minute, the tables were both cleaned off, pushed together and the server waved us over.


"Y'all park your behinds in them chairs and I'll be right back with some menus and silverware." She dashed off and returned in a flash, handing menus to each of us, then placing a napkin-wrapped set of silver in front of each of us. "Give them a gander and let ole Stella know watchu wanna munch on tonight," she added as she sat in an empty chair and put her feet up in Andy's lap.


With the six-year-old perplexed at this development, Andy shot me a look and asked, "Is she for real?"


"She sure is," I answered with a chuckle. "Better find somethin' you want to eat and tell her what it is."


"C'mon, cutie-pie," Stella interjected, "I ain't got all night." Completely flustered at the attention he was receiving, Andy finally just pointed to something on the menu. "You got it baby-cakes. Okay who's next?" When nobody immediately answered, she added, "If'n y'all wanna eat sometime tonight, I'd suggest you get a move on." We continued around the table telling Stella our selections, including a dinner for Tony with the request for it be taken to him outside. When everyone had ordered, Stella put her feet back on the floor, but before getting up, she leaned over and planted a little kiss on Andy's cheek, further adding to his flush of embarrassment. "You're such a sweetie, I might have to take you home with me tonight," she whispered sweetly into his ear, then stood up and headed for the kitchen.


"Andy's got a girlfriend," Mike sing-songed with a giggle.


"No, I don't!" Andy squealed in protest. "She's just some crazy lady."


"She might be crazy as a loon, but she's hot," Eric commented. "Maybe she'd take me home with her," he added wistfully.


"Whoa, big boy," Tom interjected. "Keep it in your pants." It was Eric's turn to blush as all the boys hooted in laughter at his expense.


Stella returned with our drinks while the boys were still laughing and after setting the glasses on the table, asked, "What'd I miss? Is my skirt on backwards or somethin'?" she asked, looking down and checking her attire.


"No," Alex answered, "Eric just said he'd let you take him home if Andy won't go."


"And which one of you is Eric? Is it you?" she asked, pointing to Tom, who emphatically shook his head no.


"Nah, that ain't Eric. That's our Pops," T.J. offered. "Eric's the really pink one tryin' to crawl under the table and hide."


Stella turned and found Eric doing just as T.J. said. She sidled over to the young man, spun his chair out and straddled his thirteen-year-old body as she sat down on his lap facing him, her ample bosom practically in his face. She stared deeply into Eric's eyes and cooed, "Oooh, want me to take you home, do you? I get off work at nine, sweetums. You better be here," much to Eric's chagrin.


"Uh, no, ma'am, thanks anyway. I was just kiddin'," Eric sputtered.


Stella stood up, spun Eric's chair back and countered with, "Your loss, toots." Then she strutted off towards the kitchen, giving her hips a little wiggle as she did. A wiggle Eric's bulging eyes didn't miss.


While the boys cracked up at Eric's misfortune, he fumed, "It ain't funny, you guys. Geez, that's embarrassing."


I noticed Eric had a hand in his lap and he appeared to be making a minor adjustment to an awkward situation. As we waited for our dinner to arrive, the boys were having a blast watching the servers poke fun at their customers and generally have a good time while working. Many would be singing and dancing along to whatever song was currently playing as they moved from table to table. Even Tom and I were enjoying ourselves, though that was mostly because the boys were having so much fun. Soon enough, our food was delivered by Stella and two other servers who'd offered to help. As they dug into their food, the boys resembled a herd of velociraptors on their first visit to a buffet filled with their favorite delicacies. All voices were muted except for the occasional request for more ketchup or a drink refill. Without exception, the nine voracious eating machines were done with their meals long before Tom and me.


When Stella strolled by and noticed their empty plates, she stopped and commented, "My, my, my. You boys ain't no football team, you're a bunch of pigs." The boys obliged Stella by responding with their best piggish grunts between their giggles. "Yep, right on the money, as usual. Don't suppose all you little piggies are ready for dessert, are you?" Again, they responded with grunts since they were so well received the first time around. "All right, already, stick a sock in it. I'll get somebody here to get those empty plates out of the way while I get nine of the world's smallest sundaes set up." She turned to leave, but Tom stopped her with a question.


"Uh, Stella, there's eleven of us here. Aren't we all gettin' dessert?"


"Not on your life, buster. You and your buddy, there, didn't clean your plates. Only people and little pigs with clean plates get dessert `round here." Another round of wild grunting followed her as she left Tom and me in stunned disbelief. When she returned with the boys' desserts, Tom and I had finally managed to clear our plates, hoping we'd now be entitled to enjoy an after-dinner snack with the boys. "Well, well, well, looks like we have to add a couple more pigs to our list. Lucky for you I brought two extra treats with me. Otherwise you'd have to go without. Enjoy, fellas."


As it turns out, the world's smallest sundae is vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and hot fudge in a glass the size of a regular shot glass. And, you get to keep the glass as a souvenir of your visit. So, we've been in town less than two hours and we already have something to take home to remind us of the fun we're going to have this weekend. I have no doubt that before we leave town Sunday for the trip home, there will be many more similar items to add to this shot glass.


Stella swung by one more time and, on seeing the dessert glasses were all empty, offered to have them cleaned, wrapped and bagged so we could take them with us. I also handed over my Black American Express to pay for our dinner while the glasses were taken care of. Stella returned shortly with a carry out bag holding our glasses and my receipt for our dinner.


"Well, it was nice takin' care of y'all tonight, but ya' gotta git the heck outta here now. I need these tables." After we delayed moving for just a few seconds, she added, "C'mon, boys, hop to it. I gots hungry people to feed. Move it on outta here, y'all." With that, we all jumped up and started heading for the door and the ride to our home away from home for the weekend. As Eric passed her, she grabbed his arm and said with a sly wink, "Don't forget, sweet baby, nine o'clock," causing the poor boy to turn pink with embarrassment, again. As I passed by Stella on my way to the door, I thanked her for taking such good care of us and making it fun for the boys while slipping her a well-earned tip for her efforts.


When we stepped out into the cool March evening, we found Tony waiting dutifully for us. As we walked the twenty feet to the limo, he opened the door to allow us to climb in. I was the last to board our armored chariot and Tony thanked me profusely for the meal we'd sent out. Apparently, most of his clients don't believe in common courtesy. I always figured if you can afford to pay for a limo to haul your sorry butt all over hell's half acres, you could afford to take care of the driver properly and show your true appreciation for the work he's performing on your behalf.


"Where we headed now, Mr. Sanders?" Tony asked before I climbed in to join the others.


"I guess we'll head for the condo, Tony, but I'd like to stop by a grocery store somewhere along the way so we can stock up on drinks and some basic food and snacks. You know a good store out in the `burbs?"


"You bet, sir. There's a nice new market just a few blocks from your place. We'll stop by there on the way."


"Perfect, Tony, thanks. Let's get movin'." I climbed in the back and took my seat next to Tom, wrapping his hand in mine. Tony eased the door closed and we were soon lumbering westward through the Friday evening traffic. "Man, I'm glad I don't drive have to through this insanity," I commented to Tom. "I'd be in jail in no time because I know I'd end up killing some asshole."


"Same here. The limo's a good idea. Saves us a bunch of stress. Besides, Tony seems to know his way around."


"He better. I'm not paying if we get lost," I laughed. We sat back in our seat to relax and again watched as the boys took in the sights as we weaved and wiggled our way through suburb after suburb to get to Oak Park. Thirty minutes after leaving the restaurant, Tony was pulling off the expressway and burrowing deep into Oak Park. It had been a year or so since I'd stayed at the condo and I could see quite a bit had changed in that time. A lot of the old houses along the street from the exit had been torn down and they'd been replaced by businesses in new buildings. Some people just don't understand repurposing an existing building to suit their needs. But, with newer laws on the books relating to equal access for everyone, I guess it's sometimes easier to tear down something old and start over.


As we drew nearer the condo, Tony pulled into the parking lot of a well-lit and newer strip mall that had a large grocery store on one end of the building. He pulled up to the entry to the store, then came around and opened the limo's door. After we'd all climbed out, he said, "I obviously can't leave the truck here, so I'll be out in the lot a ways, watching for you. When I see you guys come out, I'll pull back up and we'll load up for the rest of the trip to your condo."


"Sounds good, Tony, Thanks. See you in a few." After closing the limo's passenger door, Tony moved it out of the way while we entered the store. If we thought grocery shopping with five boys in tow was a challenge, doing so with nine was even worse. Items continued to be dropped in the cart as we snaked the aisles with Tom and me not really seeing most of it. In thirty minutes, the cart was loaded and I, for one, was ready to get the heck out of there. Tom was leading the parade to the register while I followed along to make sure we didn't leave anyone behind. We managed to get out of the store without having to spring a king from his kidnappers and headed back out into the evening's increasing darkness.


True to his word, as soon as Tony saw us walk through the door, he flashed the lights on the limo and had it moving in our direction. After pulling the vehicle to the curb, he jumped out and opened the tailgate so we could stow our purchases. With our packages secure, we loaded back up and Tony headed for the condo. In less than five minutes, we pulled into the drive of our home for the next couple of nights. Tony helped us carry everything inside and while Tom and the boys started putting things away, Tony pulled me aside.


"What time do you want to get started in the morning, Mr. Sanders?" he asked.


"I think around eleven would be a good time for you to show up. I've made a ten o'clock reservation at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio for a guided tour with the boys. Since it's only a few blocks from here, I thought we'd walk over. If my memory serves me, the tour lasts around an hour, so if you wanted to pick us up over there about eleven, that should work out all right."


"Perfect, sir. Where are we going in the afternoon?"


"I think the Field Museum of Natural History and Shedd Aquarium. You shouldn't have a problem finding parking for the beast there."


"Nope, not a problem. I'll just use the bus parking areas at both. Okay, then, you guys have a good night and I'll see you tomorrow about eleven."


"Sounds good, Tony. Have a good night." He turned and left the house to head for home for the night. When I rejoined the family, I discovered all our food purchases had been stored and our overnight bags put in their respective rooms. Eric had dropped his bag in the same room Josh where was sleeping so it wouldn't be floating around the living room. I also discovered I was the only one who was still wearing any clothes and I aimed for the bedroom to quickly remedy that condition. I was glad I'd thought during our dinner to use the app on my phone to bump up the thermostat before we got here. The normal fifty-five-degree temperature I left the house at during the winter would have been decidedly uncomfortable compared to the regular seventy-eight I maintained at home.


As I joined the rest of the group in the living room, Eric commented, "This is a pretty nice place, Mr. Sanders."


"Thanks, Eric. I don't come here a lot, but it's nice to have when I want to get away for a few days. So, what's next guys?"


"You got any games up here, Dad?" Mike asked.


"Unfortunately, no. All the guests I've ever had here have been adults, so no games. About the only thing I've got are some movies in the stand under the TV. Why don't you guys take a look and find one we can watch."


The boys started digging and shortly, Joey said, "I've got one here, but I don't know what it is. There's no label on the disc or case."


"Well, pop it in the player and let's see what you've found. It's probably something another guest left behind." Joey did as I requested and while Tom and I talked to each other about tomorrow's plans, the movie started itself. It wasn't until about ten minutes later when the music started thumping and I was hearing moans of pleasure emanating from the sound system that I turned back to the TV and refocused on the screen. I was stunned to see two very generously endowed men doing everything they could to swallow their partner's engorged member. The boys were watching the action with rapt fascination while I scrambled to grab the remote and stop the playback.


"Oh, c'mon Dad, it was just starting to get interesting," Joey complained when the screen went blank.


"Where did you find that?" I asked, knowing that I'd never had anything like that.


"It was just mixed in with all the other movies," Alex replied. It was then I took a quick look around the room and discovered the little bit of movie that had been viewed had created a profound effect on all of us. It was quite the sight to behold, but not one I'd expected to see during the weekend.


"Well, please see if you can find something a little more appropriate." When Eric began to rifle through the selection again, Josh turned to face Joey and the two hugged each other as they ground their groins together. Not to be outdone by his brother, Alex scrambled on top of Brent and proceeded to give him a rather passionate kiss while rocking his hips and mashing their two stiff cocklets between them. Before the others could get involved in anything, I reminded the boys that the rules we followed at home would also be followed here.


Thankfully, that reminder put a damper on the action taking place in front of us as the two pairs separated, but still stayed close enough to each to hold hands as they settled in to watch the movie Eric picked out, Mission: Impossible, with Tom Cruise. Eric sheepishly handed me the offending disc to deal with, and I couldn't help but admire the young man's svelte form and bouncing boner as he did so. I also noticed that he took an appreciative glance at Tom and me as we reclined on the sofa, both of our still hard penises on display.


As the new movie began and everyone settled in, Tom leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Ya' just gotta love boys like that who are unashamed of being erect and don't bother to cover up. You really got to jack that beautiful piece of meat?" With a slight nod and grin from me, he added, "You are one lucky son-of-a-bitch. I hope I get the chance." I looked at him with surprise at the suggestion.


"Don't get your hopes up," I whispered.


"Heh, that wouldn't be the only thing up if I did," he chuckled.


When the movie finally ended almost two hours later, it was time to head for bed. We were going to have a busy day tomorrow and I wanted everyone to get a good night's sleep. We had the boys run through the showers two at a time and then climb into bed. We allowed Eric to use the shower in the master bathroom since he was sorta the odd man out, then Tom and I followed when he was done. As we made our rounds to say goodnight to everyone, it was evident that sleep was the last thing on any of their minds. We found Mike and Andy lightly fondling each other in their bed while Logan and T.J. were well past simple fondling and happily masturbating each other. We managed to get them to stop just long enough to receive their kisses and hugs, but as soon as we shared those with the boys, they promptly returned to their previous activities.


Stepping into the other bedroom, we found Alex and Brent locked in a mutual blowjob. In the other bed, Josh had Joey's legs pushed up to his chest and he was busy lapping at Joey's tight hole while also stroking Joey's hard cocklet. Again, we interrupted the action just long enough to share hugs and kisses before turning and leaving the room, allowing the boys to resume their enjoyment of each other. We stepped into the living room, engorged cocks leading the way, to find a forlorn and lonely Eric setting up the sofa bed. When we first saw him, his penis was limp as a wet noodle, but that didn't last long. As soon as he spotted the two of us with our erections pointing the way, his dick sprang back to life. We stopped on the way to our room to give him a hug goodnight and, as we did, he managed to rub his rampant hardon against ours, making a hard situation even harder.


After letting go of the horny teen, we made a beeline for our room and bed, ensuring we closed the door behind us. We tossed back the covers since we knew we wouldn't need them to generate any heat for a while and fell into each other's longing grasp. When we finally hugged and kissed each other, I moaned in desire for the man I loved and shared my bed with. Our tongues had been doing battle with each other for several minutes when I felt a stray hand on my shoulder. I knew it couldn't be one of Tom's hands as both of his were wantonly caressing my ass while both of mine were working on his back and shoulders.



"C'mon, Josh, quit teasin' me," Joey whispered to his partner. "I need you inside me."


"I'm tryin', dude, but I guess I'm freaked out about doin' it with your brother in the room with us. I can't keep it hard."


"Oh, give me a fuckin' break, man. What's a guy gotta do to get screwed around here?"


"Maybe tell Alex to quit starin' at us. He may have Brent's dick in his mouth, but he ain't took his eyes off us yet."


"You keep lickin' and I'll see what I can do." Joey closed his eyes in pleasure and an unwelcome thought popped into to Alex's mind. "Alex, dude, give me a break will ya'? I wanna get fucked over here, but you're scarin' Josh with your stare."


"Hey, it ain't my problem if he can't get it up," Alex replied silently.


"It may not be your problem, but it sure as hell is your fault. Look somewhere else, damn it."


"But it's kinda fun watchin' you wiggle and writhe over there," Alex answered with a silent giggle.


"You'll get to see a lot more of that if you quit starin' at us and I can actually get some dick in me, dude."


"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Give us a minute." Silence took over the room as Alex and Brent shifted positions on the bed. "Okay, we've moved. If he still can't get it up, let me know and we'll come help."


"Thanks, bro, I'll let you know." Joey refocused his attention on Josh and whispered, "Okay, Joshy, they ain't watchin' no more. Get your dick in my mouth and I'll get you hard in no time." Josh disconnected his tongue from Joey's ass long enough to reposition himself as Joey wanted. Joey swallowed Josh's soft member in a flash as Josh reburied his face in Joey's ass to continue his oral pleasuring of the tight hole located there.


In the other bed, Alex and Brent were still orally assaulting each other's cocklets and their moans of delight carried across the room. They separated briefly and rearranged themselves so they were face to face and their tongues engaged in battle. When they broke for air a minute later, Brent whispered in Alex's ear, "What'd we move around for?"


"Joey was complainin' that Josh couldn't get hard with me watchin' `em."


"I didn't hear nothin'."


"Oh, c'mon, Brent, you know what we can do."


"Well, you've told me, but I don't think I believe you."


"Okay, how's this? Right now, you're thinkin' it might be fun to join Joey and Josh in the same bed. And you're also thinkin' about that promise you made to Dad about returnin' the favor you owe him. Do you believe me now?"


"Holy shit, dude, I thought you was bullshittin' me," Brent exclaimed quietly. "I see I'm gonna have to be careful what I think around you two. Now, why the fuck you watchin' them? Your attention shoulda been on me."


"Oh, it was, but it was pretty hot watchin' my brother get his ass licked, too. I've never seen it from this angle. He makes the funniest faces when he's getting' rimmed." Brent lifted his head up over Alex's and quietly agreed with the action he could see happening in the other bed.


"C'mon, let's go join `em," Brent whispered.


"But I want you to fuck me," Alex complained with a whine.


"Oh, I'm going to, don't you worry. You and your brother are both gonna get fucked like you ain't never been fucked before." Brent slid to the side of the bed, grabbed Alex's hand in his, and pulled him to the other bed, Brent's bouncing four-inch boner leading the way. Upon reaching their destination, Brent spoke up, "C'mon, you two, make some room."


Josh looked up from the prize in front of his face and asked, "What the hell are you two doin'?" Joey was unable to say anything since his mouth was filled with Josh's stiff four-and-a-half-inch cock.


"I thought that was obvious," Brent answered, "We're joining you, so make a hole. Oh, wait, you've already got one there, don't you?" he added with a quick laugh. "And I'm gonna help you fill it." Josh and Joey shifted over to make room so Alex and Brent could climb on the bed with them.


Brent laid down on his back, proud of his stiff member reaching for the ceiling. "Josh," Brent started, "lay next to me, then Joey and Alex can climb on top of us." Josh and Joey disengaged and rearranged themselves into the position Brent suggested. "Damn, Josh, you got a nice cock. I think you're bigger than I am."


"I hope so," Josh replied indignantly. "I am older, ya' know. Okay, now what?"


"You hold my dick and I'll hold yours while they sit down on `em. Once they're settled, let the fucking begin." Brent reached a hand over, wrapped it around Josh's boner and held it straight up. Josh followed his lead and did the same to Brent. Joey and Alex wasted no time in climbing on top of their partners and settling their bodies lower and lower until both turgid members made contact with their intended targets. The twins hesitated for just a moment as they looked to each other with wide grins on their faces. After sharing an almost imperceptible nod of agreement, the two young boys began to lower themselves even further, allowing their partners to enter them for the first time.


Though they'd engaged each other several times previously, neither was adequately prepared for the slightly larger cocks that spread their tight holes wider than ever before. Both winced in pain as they impaled themselves on Brent and Josh's willing rods. Joey clasped Alex's hand in his own and, as the two continued to hold each other, they slowly lowered themselves until both boys' smooth white behinds were resting comfortably on their partner's thighs.


"Oh, fuck," Joey moaned, "that hurt! They're bigger than we are."


"No shit, Sherlock, what was your first clue?" Alex retorted. "Hang on, Brent, I need to breathe for a minute."


"Take your time, baby, I'm in no hurry. Besides, we ain't goin' nowhere, are we Josh?" Brent added with an evil chuckle.


"Not on your life. I've wanted this since I first laid eyes on Joey's cute ass."


After a few moments to catch his breath, Alex began rocking on Brent's hips to slowly loosen himself with Joey following his lead. Soon enough, both lads were ready to continue and began flexing their legs to lift their bodies up and gently lower them again. Each movement generated gasps of delight from all four youngsters as the two younger ones took control of the action. As Joey and Alex increased their speed, Brent and Josh were doing everything they could to control their own bodies as the new feelings were flooding them with tingling sensations from head to toe.


"C'mon, Joey, I want you to come with me," Josh moaned.


"I'm tryin', dude. God this feels good," Joey groaned in reply.


"How ya' doin', Brent? I ain't breakin' your dick, am I?"


"Not a chance, baby. I'm gettin' close to poppin', though."


With the larger than normal cocks buried in their asses, Joey and Alex's prostates were getting bumped on every stroke and both were about to lose total control. And when Brent wrapped one hand around Alex's cocklet and gently squeezed his skin-encased nuggets with the other, Alex felt his body shudder as his orgasm overtook him. Alex's tightly stretched sphincter clamped around Brent's buried cock and drove the boy over the edge.


"Oh god, fuck me harder," Alex breathed as he quivered in delight. Brent raised his ass to meet Alex's downward slide, driving his cock as deeply as possible into his lover's tight ass and he grunted as his cock twitched wildly in Alex's ass.


As if the two were connected at the ass, Joey followed his brother in orgasm, leaning over Josh and kissing him deeply as the first wave of pleasure flooded through him. Josh responded by returning the kiss and letting himself go, dick dancing madly in the tight confines of Joey's ass.


"Oh, Jesus," Josh muttered incoherently as wave after wave of carnal bliss wracked his young body. "I ain't never fuckin' Eric again. He's good, but he can't hold a candle to you, lover."


"I love you, Josh," Joey whispered with a bit of a whimper in his voice.


"I love you, too, sweetie," Josh whispered back as Joey collapsed in a heap on top of him. Josh wrapped his arms around Joey in a loving embrace as the two lads kissed passionately. "I don't ever want to lose you," Josh added as the two lovers separated.


"I feel the same way. Promise you won't leave me, ever."


"I promise."


On the other side of the bed, Brent and Alex looked at each other after hearing what the other two had said to each other and raised their eyebrows in confusion. They disengaged from each other and quickly returned to their own bed where they quietly had their own whispered conversation.


"Brent," Alex started, "I like you a whole lot and you can fuck me anytime you want, but I don't know if I love you."


"Same for me, dude. I mean, that was fuckin' hot doin' it in the same bed with Joey and Josh, but I don't think we really feel the same way they do about each other."


"Do you think that's weird? Especially after what we just did?"


"I don't know. I really like you, too, but I think the love part would be stretchin' it a bit. I guess we'll have to see what happens."


"Yeah, I guess so. Look, we probably oughta run through a shower real quick."


"Good idea. I'd hate to go sleep with crap on my dick."


"I'll help you wash up, okay?" Alex added with an evil smirk.


"You're on, dude," Brent replied with a large grin cutting across his face. The two climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a quick rinse, giggling madly like the two crazy kids they were.


When the bathroom door closed, Joey lifted his head and asked, "Do you think Alex would be pissed if I didn't have sex with him anymore?"


"I don't know, Joey, he's your brother. But I'm not askin' you to do that."


"I know you're not. I just think if we're both really in love with each other, and I'm pretty sure we are, then we should only have sex with each other. Even though Alex is my brother, I still think I'd feel like I was cheatin' on you if I did it with him."


"That's why I won't do it with Eric again, I don't want you thinkin' I'd rather have him than you. But, if you wanna get off with Alex, I'm cool with it."


"Not gonna happen, lumpy, I'm all yours," Joey cooed as he rolled over and pulled Josh on top of him.


"God, I love you, Joey Allison."


"I love you more, Josh Stone. You up for a shower?"


"I'm up for anything that includes you, sweetie," Josh giggled.


"Then let's go kick those two out of the way," Joey replied, pulling Josh out of bed after sliding out from under him.



"So, Logan, you been screwin' my brothers, haven't you?" T.J. asked.


"You bet I have. And they got some nice asses."


"Good, then you know what you're doin', `cause I want you to screw me."


"I don't know T.J., I don't wanna hurt you, man. You ever had a dick up your butt?"


"Not a dick, no, but dad used his finger inside me once and that felt really good. Your dick ain't much bigger, so it shouldn't hurt none."


"Wait, your dad did what? Which one?"


"Oops, shouldn't a said that. Never mind, dude. Just use your finger before you try to stick your dick in me, okay?"


"I know the drill, buddy. I'll be careful, I promise." With that, Logan knelt behind T.J.'s upraised ass, slicked up a finger in his mouth and gently pressed it home. Sensing T.J.'s discomfort, he paused and asked, "You okay, T.J.?"


"Yeah, never better," the youngster grunted through the mild distress he felt. "Keep going, though, dude. It'll feel better soon." Logan dutifully followed T.J.'s instructions and began slowly fucking the younger boy with his finger. T.J. occasionally hissed at the intrusion, but never wavered in his desire to have Logan's dick inside him. After a few minutes of working over the lad with one finger, Logan began working two fingers in and out of T.J., figuring if he could handle two without discomfort, when it came time for his dick to take over, it wouldn't be a problem.


When T.J. started raising his ass on every insertion of two fingers, Logan decided it was finally time for the real thing. While keeping his fingers buried to the hilt in T.J.'s tight hole, Logan got to his knees behind T.J. and crept ever closer. As T.J. pulled away once, Logan removed his fingers, causing the younger lad to gasp at the sudden feeling of emptiness. Logan then deftly slid his straining rock-hard cocklet inside T.J.'s wrinkled rosebud to replace the missing fingers. With his ass promptly refilled with hard meat, T.J. sighed in deep contentment at being full again. He gave in to his desires and allowed the slightly more experienced Logan to take control of their encounter.


"Oh, fuck, your dick is perfect, Logan," T.J. moaned in delight. "You could fuck me all night long."


"I'd love to try, but I don't think I could keep from coming that long."


"Ps-s-s-t," hissed Andy from the other bed. "Is he really fuckin' you, T.J.?"


"Oh, yeah," T.J. breathed in reply.


"Can we watch?" Mike asked.


"Why not?" Logan answered. "But, you better hurry. I may not last long. T.J.'s hole's a lot tighter than Joey and Alex's." The two youngest joined the others in their bed and took up positions on each side of the two entwined lads so they could witness Logan's stiffness pistoning in and out of T.J.'s hole.


"Wow!" Andy exclaimed, "That's freakin' cool. You really are screwin' him, ain't you?"


"Sh-h-h," T.J. hissed. "I don't want our dads to hear."


"What? You think they ain't screwin' each other right now?" Mike asked.


"They probably are," T.J. answered, "but I don't think they care to hear us doin' it. Oh, Jesus, Logan, fuck me, man."


"Hey, can I suck your dick, T.J.?" Andy asked.


"Oh, please," T.J. begged.


"Wait, what can I do?" Mike asked.


"You can suck on my nuts, if you want," Logan offered. "That always feels good."


Andy promptly crawled under T.J.'s belly and positioned his head so he could take T.J.'s lonely boner into his mouth while Mike slid behind Logan and promptly started lapping at the low-hanging delicacies between Logan's legs. It was crowded under the two bucking broncos, but Andy and Mike managed to accommodate each other while only banging their heads together a few times. Thanks to the motion provided by Logan, T.J. was essentially fucking Andy's mouth and all Andy had to do was lay there and absorb the pummeling. Poor Mike, though, had to constantly move his head to keep Logan's balls firmly encased in his mouth, but it was a challenge he was up for.


After just a few minutes of anal and oral stimulation, T.J. started moaning desperately, "Oh, god, oh fuck, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, fuck me, Logan, fuck me-e-e-e!" T.J. had finally reached the point of sexual bliss and let himself go, dick dancing wildly in Andy's mouth and asshole clamping Logan's cock repeatedly as he came like never before. Logan couldn't hold back any longer as waves of sexual desire coursed through his body and his cock started twitching and jerking in T.J.'s tight ass.


Andy and Mike moved at just the right moment to avoid being smothered when T.J. collapsed onto the bed, completely spent of all strength, and Logan's weight pushing T.J. even deeper into the mattress. After taking a minute to collect his wits, T.J. finally mumbled, "Geez, that was fuckin' amazing. I ain't never felt that good before."


"But what about when we suck your dick?" Mike whined. "I thought you liked it when we did that. Don't that feel good?"


"Oh, I do like it, and it does feel good, but getting' fucked feels even better. I can see why Joey and Alex are always doing it."


"I'm with T.J. on this one, guys," Logan agreed. "Gettin' sucked is good, but bein' fucked is even better."


"Well, I wanna get fucked and find out," Andy demanded.


"Sorry, little dude, but I'm too pooped to pop again," Logan responded. "Besides, small as my dick is, it'd probably hurt you."


"We don't need you, Mike can fuck me, and I can fuck him."


"Give it a shot, guys, but I think you'll find your dicks are too short to do much of anything," T.J. offered.


Andy laid down on his back and pulled his knees up to his chest, exposing his ass to Mike. "Go on, then, try it." Mike followed Andy's instructions as try as he might, he couldn't push even the head of his one-and-a-half-inch pecker inside Andy, leaving both boys dejected. "C'mon, let me try to fuck you, Mike."


"You can try, but your dick's even shorter than mine. It ain't gonna happen."


"At least let me try," Andy pleaded. Seeing no way out, Mike assumed the same position and let Andy attempt to penetrate his virgin hole. After a minute with no better success, Andy suddenly froze.


"What's wrong Andy," Mike asked.


"I think I broke my dick," Andy whimpered in fear.


"What're you talking about, bonehead?" T.J. asked. "You can't break a dick, there ain't no bones in it."


"I don't know, but somethin don't feel right. Quick, somebody turn on the light, so I can make sure." Mike felt his way through the dark room to the door, flipped the switch to bring some illumination to the situation and then ran back to the bed to see what the problem was. By the time he got back and had jumped up on the bed, Andy was flat on his back and holding his hands over his crotch, afraid to actually see what had happened to his most private and prized body part.


"C'mon, dude, you gotta move your hands so we can see what's up," T.J. cajoled the scared lad.


"I don't wanna. What if it falls off?" Andy whined.


"It ain't gonna fall off, ya' dingleberry," Logan offered. "We all seen it before, anyway, so get your dang hands outta the way."


"Look, Andy, Mike and I have been helping you with your problem for several weeks now, we know what your dick looks like. If anyone can tell if there's something wrong, it'll be us."


"Yeah, okay, I guess so. Just please don't let it fall off." With that, he pulled his hands out of the way so the other three could examine the stiff one-inch member. After a quick glance at the situation, T.J. began to chuckle, followed by Mike and Logan joining him in laughter. "Hey, this shit ain't funny. What's goin' on!?" Andy whined.


"You're fine, dude," T.J. answered with a giggle, "Your skin just slipped back past your head for the first time."


"What!? Really? Woo-hoo! I didn't think that was ever gonna happen. I gotta show our dads," he added as jumped off the bed and ran for the door.


"Whoa, bucko," T.J. called to the running boy. "The last thing Dad wants to see at midnight is your skinless dickhead." But he was too late as Andy was already out the door and halfway across the living room.



I extracted my tongue from Tom's mouth and whispered in Tom's ear, "Um, I think we have company, hon."


Tom lifted his head to look over my shoulder and he spied a sad and pathetic looking Eric standing behind me. "Uh, what's up, Eric? We're a little busy in here."


"Yeah, I know," the young man sadly replied. "And judging by the noises coming from the other bedrooms, everybody else is fuckin' busy, too. Everybody but me, that is. I'm feeling awful lonely on the couch by myself," he added with a pout.


Tom looked back to me and raised his eyebrows in question. I gave a little shrug of my shoulders as if to say `whatever'. The next thing I knew, the big guy had moved to create some space between us and Eric promptly climbed over me to fill that gap, his stiff five inches aimed directly at his nose.


I asked, "You sure about this, Eric? I don't want you doing something you don't want to."


"I wouldn't be here if I wasn't sure, Mr. Sanders. I damn near came in my pants when Stella sat in my lap and I need to get off. Besides, you guys are hot as hell." As the young man said all this, he'd reached down and wrapped a hand around each of our leaking cocks.


"Okay, Eric, it's your decision," I moaned as he started to stroke me. "But, first, we're Max and Tom, okay. Second, we won't do anything you don't ask for and we especially won't do anything that will hurt you. Understand?"


"Yeah, yeah, I know the rules. Dad's got the same ones."


"We'll do anything you want," Tom answered. "But I'm not too sure you want either of us to actually penetrate you."


"Why not? Max's dick is smaller than dad's and you're not much bigger than he is. If I can take him up my ass, I can handle you, too."


"Uh, Eric, your dad led me to believe you were straight."


"Big deal. Besides, I ain't got no girl I can fuck whenever I want. And after the last week or so with Josh and Dad, I think I might be bisexual. I mean, I really want a girlfriend, but I've found out I like to suck dicks and get fucked, too. There ain't nothin' wrong with that, is there?"


"Not at all. So, you're in charge tonight, what would like to have happen?"


"Promise you won't think I'm sick?" Eric nervously asked.


"We promise, buddy," Tom answered. "Your wish is our pleasure."


"Well, I wanna be licked from head to toe. I love it when Josh sucks on my tits, it fuckin' drives me crazy. I wanna find out what other spots can feel like that."


"I think I know a spot or two Josh may not know about, what about you, Tom?"


"I could be persuaded to test a few locations, see what happens," he answered with an evil grin.


"Hot damn!" Eric crowed. "Where do you wanna start?"


"Why don't you roll over on your stomach and we'll start on the back side?" I suggested. In two seconds, Eric had rolled over and spread his arms and legs wide to give us unfettered access to all the luscious parts of his supple body. The only thing we would miss during the first part of this experiment would be the scrumptious view of his hardness, but I believed we would make up for that when it was time for us to test his front side.


We began working on his toes and feet, causing him to giggle uncontrollably as we lovingly tested each tender spot. We slowly moved up his calves to the back of his knees where we took a short break to wet our whistles with some ice water. When our frigid tongues met the back of his thighs for the first time, Eric squealed in surprised delight, but the chill didn't last very long as the heat emanating from the young man's body quickly warmed our mouths. When we reached the junction of his thighs to the smooth globes of his perfect ass, we skipped that area for the moment and moved up to his waist, proceeding on up the squirming boy's back to his shoulders. After a thorough investigation of his neck and ears, we moved on down his arms to his fingertips, leaving no square inch of skin dry in the process.


"Okay, time to roll over, Eric," I teased the boy.


"No it ain't, you missed a spot," Eric demanded.


"I didn't miss anything, did you, Max," Tom asked in innocence.


"Not me, hon, must've been you," I retorted sarcastically.


"You both missed my ass and you know it," Eric demanded.


"Well, how could we have been so remiss in our duties," I kidded. "I think we should immediately correct that oversight."


With that, we returned our mouths to the beautiful, pale globes of Eric's ass. As I licked every spot I could reach without banging our heads together, I also gently massaged my half of Eric's taut ass and Tom was following my example. Each time my hand slipped between the lad's legs, my fingertips would lightly brush his hairless scrotum, causing Eric's body to jerk uncontrollably. Soon enough, Tom took the middle road and spread those luscious mounds of flesh before slipping his tongue through Eric's rear cleft from his lower back all the way to the glorious orbs swaddled in their bag of wrinkled flesh. Tom then took a deep breath and returned his tongue and attention to the puckered rosebud in the middle of Eric's supple form. The sudden intake of air through Eric's tightly pursed lips let us know the prostrate boy was still alive.


After Tom ended his oral assault on Eric's tight orifice, I smacked his ass and whispered, "Now, turn over, boy, time for the front."


"I can't, I'm too limp. Help me, please," he begged. Working together, we got the limp noodle rolled over and repositioned. You couldn't help but notice the large wet spot on the young man's pubis from his copious leaking, but we weren't in any position to complain, as both of us had also left rather large wet spots on the sheets and ourselves. We wasted no time in starting at the bottom and working our way to the top again, attacking his toes with relish. By the time we reached Eric's hips, he was writhing with anticipation and arching his back with lust. As before, though, we skipped the stiff morsel that was the prize we were trying to win and moved on up Eric's torso.


His nipples were already erect when we reached them, but that didn't put a damper on the attention we lavished on those quarter-sized nubbins. I flicked my tongue over his nipple several times and the boy moaned in desire with each contact. Moving on, we attacked his face, occasionally slipping our tongues between his sweet lips, and then moved on to his ears again before continuing to his armpits, then down his arms to his fingertips. That left us just one spot to test and Eric was aching with wanton desire for the assault on his most private of body parts to begin. Since I'd had the distinct pleasure of masturbating Eric previously, I signaled Tom he was tonight's winner and it was time for him to claim his prize.


We both took a large gulp of ice water again before I moved between Eric's widespread legs so I could taste the walnut-sized orbs that hung loosely there while Tom positioned himself over Eric's dripping cock. I dove between the boy's thighs and swallowed both nuggets in one gulp just as Tom lowered his head and engulfed the engorged shaft of hot, throbbing teen meat that was jutting obscenely from Eric's groin. The young man arched his back so furiously, I'm surprised Tom didn't receive a broken nose as Eric tried to bury his cock as deeply in Tom's mouth as possible.


With all the torture we had already put the lad through, Eric was thrashing wildly as he tried not to come, hoping to extend this moment for as long as absolutely possible. And he succeeded for a bit. Right up to the point where I inserted an index finger into his ass and stroked his prostate. Without warning, Eric's ass clamped my finger tightly and I felt his balls retreat as he exploded into Tom's waiting mouth. With every clamping of my finger, I could feel his overloaded nuts pump another load of young teen spunk into Tom's mouth and down his throat. After seven violent shots, Eric finally started to taper off and when Tom released his cock, it was still oozing semen onto his belly.


I released his balls from my mouth and greedily lapped up the overflow. Nothing in this world can properly prepare you for your first taste of a young teen's semen and I was in heaven. Thoroughly spent and exhausted, Eric collapsed back onto the bed, eyes rolled back in his head as he began his slow recovery.


As body and mind slowly returned to normal, Eric sputtered, "Oh, Jesus, that was freakin' unreal!"


At that moment, Andy came running into the room, squealing with joy as he jumped up on the bed. He stood proudly before us, put his hands on his hips and pushed them forward, shoving his groin into our faces while crowing, "Dads, dads, look at my dick!"


"Whoa, Andy, calm down," Tom said as he grabbed the bouncing wild monkey and held him still. "Don't step on Eric."


"Oops, sorry, dude," the youngster apologized. "Didn't see you. But look at my dick, it's all better." The three of us intently examined Andy's small penis and it was evident what was causing his jubilation. His foreskin had retracted behind his glans and he was over the moon with giddiness.


"Well," I intoned, "it looks like T.J. and Mike have been able to help you out, haven't they?"


"It doesn't hurt, does it, Andy?" Tom asked with concern.


"Nah, it didn't hurt a bit, it just felt different and I thought I broke it somehow. But when we looked, it was like this. Ain't that cool?"


"Very cool, young man. Have you tried to move your skin back to its normal position?"


"No, I'm afraid to. You do it."


"Okay, here goes." I gently grasped the stiff member between my thumb and forefinger and slowly pulled the skin forward. And just as nature intended, it slipped smoothly back over the glans, hiding that precious purple helmet from view. "Works like a dream, Andy," I added. "You'll probably want the others to keep stretching it, though, just to make sure the skin doesn't tighten back up."


"I will, don't worry. Besides, they like playin' with my dick just as much I do." Having finally calmed down a bit, Andy looked around at the three of us as asked, "So, what y'all doin'? I thought Eric was sleepin' on the couch tonight."


"Well, turns out there's a bad spring in the couch and it was poking Eric in the back, so he asked if he could sleep with us," Tom answered.


"Yeah, right," Andy coughed in disbelief.


"Look, you," I interjected, "You're supposed to be asleep. We've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow, so scoot."


"Yeah, yeah, I'm goin'. I know when I'm not wanted," Andy pouted sullenly as he turned to leave.


"Come here, you little stinker." Andy took two steps back over to me and I wrapped him in a bear hug. When I was done squeezing the boy, I leaned back and said, "We love you with all our hearts and want you in our lives, young man, don't you ever forget that." I finally released him and guided him into Tom's outstretched arms.


Tom followed suit with a big hug for our youngest followed by a sloppy wet kiss on the forehead. "Now, move along and get some sleep, buddy," he said with a light smack on his behind.


Before crawling off the bed, Andy pulled both of us into another hug, one arm wrapped around each of our necks. "I love you guys, too, you're the bestest dads ever." After releasing us he jumped on top of Eric's prone figure and gave him a hug, too. "Sorry for bargin' in and interruptin' your fun," he whispered to the surprised young man. "Don't keep `em up too long, okay?"


"I won't, little dude, promise," Eric answered with a sly grin. "Sleep tight." With that, Andy scooted off the bed and returned to his bedroom where Logan, T.J. and Mike waited. As soon as we heard the bedroom door on the other side of the living room close, Eric turned his eyes back to us and added, "I think I owe you dudes a little somethin' for torturin' me the way you did."


"No, you don't, Eric. Besides, I distinctly recall you asking to be tortured," Tom answered.


"Whatever," he huffed. "I ain't leavin' you two high and dry after that experience." Eric promptly rolled over, got up on his hands and knees and added, "C'mon, Max, I want your cock in my ass. And Tom, get over here, I wanna suck that monster cock of yours." With neither of us willing to take a pass on a willing ass or mouth, we assumed our positions and began to fuck Eric from both ends.



"So, what'd the dads say about your foreskin?" T.J. asked after Andy closed the door.


"They thought it was cool and that you and Mike done good helpin' me."


"Were they asleep?" Mike asked.


"Not by a long shot. You ain't gonna believe this. Eric was in bed with `em and it looked like they'd been busy. I mean, all three had boners and Eric was pink from head to toe, like he'd just, you know."


"Like he just came?" Logan asked.


"Well, yeah. It was kinda weird, but it was hot, too. I know Dad and Pops screw each other, but I don't know why Eric was there with them."


"He was probably just horny like the rest of us," Mike offered.


"Oh, I bet it was more than that," T.J. grinned. "Oops, shouldn't a said that."


"What are you talkin' `bout, bonehead?" Mike quizzed the chagrined youngster.


"I can't say no more. Our dads'll be really pissed off."


"C'mon, T.J., don't clam up on us now. Spill your guts, bubba," Andy demanded as he grabbed T.J.'s scrotum and gave a little squeeze.


"Oo-o-mph, let go, ya' jerk," T.J. squeaked. As Andy loosened his grip, T.J. added, "Geez, asshole, ya' didn't have to try to rip my nuts off."


"I didn't, you big baby. Now, watchu talkin' `bout?"


"I think I know," Logan ventured. With all eyes intently focused on him, Logan added, "I think your dads like boys." Andy and Mike looked confused while surprise flashed on T.J.'s face.


"Shut up, Logan," T.J. hissed. "I told Dad I wouldn't say nothin'."


"You didn't, I did. And it was just a guess, but I see I'm right."


"Damn it," T.J. moaned in defeat.


"What's he sayin', T.J.," Mike asked, looking to his brother to help clear his confusion.


"Fine, I'll tell ya', but you gotta keep your mouths shut, you hear? And I ain't sayin' nothin' `til you let go of my nuts, Andy." When Andy finally released T.J.'s scrotum, he continued, "You remember when we talked about men who like men and all that shit." After quick nods from Mike and Andy, "Well, our dads also like boys. I mean, really like boys."


"You mean they, like, wanna fuck us and shit?" Andy asked.


"No, they won't fuck us `cause they won't ever do anything that will hurt us. But they will suck you, maybe put a finger up your butt, or let you suck them. But you have to ask them for it."


"Have they done that stuff with you?" Mike begged.


"Yeah, that one night I slept with them and told you I was scared."


"Was it fun?" Logan wanted to know.


"Oh, it was great. They were so loving and sweet. We couldn't ask for better dads. They really do love us."


"So, do you think they're doin' that shit with Eric right now?" Andy asked.


"Who knows?" T.J. replied. "They wouldn't be if Eric didn't ask `em for it, though."


"I wanna find out," Andy muttered as he climbed off the bed and headed for the door.


"Andy, get your ass back here," T.J. hissed. "We can't go peepin' and invadin' their privacy."


"Why not," Andy pouted. "They stand there and watch us do that crap all the time when we're goin' to bed. That's why they always have boners when they tell us goodnight, isn't it? `Cause watchin' us get `em horny."


"He's right," Mike agreed, "They do. And if they can do it to us, we can do it to them," he added as he crawled off the bed and joined Andy at the door.


"Fine, go, but I ain't gettin' my ass beat for bein' a nosy little shit." Logan had moved off the bed and was on his way across the room, also. "Where do you think you're goin'?"


"Hey, if they're lookin', so am I."


"Y'all are gonna get us in so much trouble."


"Oh, c'mon, dude. A little peek, that's it," Andy badgered.


"Fine, but keep your mouths shut."


With Andy leading the way, the four slunk across the dark living room and stopped outside the door to the master bedroom. Just before Andy's hand touched the knob, Mike whispered, "Should we get the others?"


"Hell, no," T.J. whispered back. "Just take your peek and let's get back to bed."


Without any more hesitation, Andy quietly turned the knob and gently pushed the door open. The boys got an eyeful when they found Tom flat on his back, Eric's head bobbing up and down on his cock, and Max was gently sliding his cock in and out of Eric's ass. After watching the action for a bit, the four turned as one and returned to their own bedroom and climbed in their beds.


"Holy shit," Logan exclaimed. "I wouldn't have believed that if I didn't see it myself."


"I thought you said they wouldn't fuck us. If they won't, why's Dad fuckin' Eric?" Andy asked.


"They won't," T.J. replied. "Like I said, Eric had to tell them he wanted it or Dad wouldn't be doin' it. But since Eric's bigger than us, maybe it don't hurt him like it would us."


"Damn it, my dick's hard again," Mike complained. "I can't go to sleep with a boner."


"I'll fix it for ya', Mike," Logan offered while licking his lips. "C'mere you little bugger," he added, patting the mattress. Mike jumped from bed to bed and stretched out for Logan to do as he promised. Not to be left out, T.J. took Logan's stiff member into his mouth while Andy swallowed T.J.'s pecker and Mike began gobbling on Andy's. The four tumescent tots spent considerable time pleasuring each other before finally curling up together and falling asleep, spent, but extremely happy.



"Ow! Careful with the teeth there, Eric," Tom winced.


Pulling his mouth off Tom's cock, Eric answered with, "Sorry, Tom, my bad," before swallowing half of the stiff member again.


"S'okay, buddy."


I continued to bury my cock in Eric's tight ass, relishing every moment my bare pubis met his smooth behind. Eric was deeply committed to giving us maximum pleasure as he struggled to swallow Tom's engorged meat while raising his ass on my every stroke to let me fully penetrate him. It became quite obvious this was not the boy's first time for either action. I reached around his slender torso and wrapped a hand around his dripping five-inch cock, spreading the natural lubricant from the tip of his glans all the way to the base of his snug, wrinkled scrotum. I continued to stroke his beautiful cock, making good use of the now free-flowing pre-cum.


After what seemed to be a lifetime, but was actually way too soon for any of us, Tom started to groan, "Oh, fuck, Eric, I'm gonna ..., oh god, look out, buddy."


That was all he was able to say before he flooded Eric's mouth with his semen. Eric did everything he could to swallow the load and only a little bit dribbled back out past his lips. As he continued to work on cleaning Tom's softening cock, Eric started bucking his hips as his sphincter snugly entrapped my cock and he started filling my hand with his own thin offering. The contractions from Eric's orgasm pushed me over the edge and I began filling the boy's young ass with my load. When all three of us were completely spent, Eric and I fairly collapsed onto Tom and the bed.


Eric, thanks to the rejuvenation capabilities of his youth, was the first to find his voice. "Oh, man, fuck me runnin'. That was heaven on earth, you two. Thanks for the night of my life. So far, anyway. I hope we can do it again, sometime."


"It was for us, too, Eric," Tom exhaled.


"I sure wouldn't say no to a round two," I muttered as my wilting cock retreated from Eric's tender body. "But I think we could all use another quick shower before we try to get some sleep."


The three of us crawled off the bed and headed for the bathroom. While Eric used the toilet, Tom turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature to a comfortable setting. With the water just right, we climbed in and proceeded to clean the sweat and stench of sex from each other. Using the separate shower head on a hose, I had Eric bend over so I could help clean him out so he wouldn't leak semen on the bed overnight. That was a new experience for him, but one he seemed to enjoy as he giggled the entire time.


With all three of us clean inside and out, from head to toe, we dried each other and headed back to the bed where we curled up together for a good night's sleep with Eric the meat in our sandwich. As we crossed the bedroom, I noticed the door was open, but in my tired mind, I just assumed Andy had neglected to close it when he went back to bed earlier. I gave the open portal no more thought as I nuzzled the back of Eric's head with my nose and fell into a deep and contented sleep.