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by: Kewl Dad
Part One

I was headed home after a hard day at work when I first met Kevin. I usually didn't even go that way on my way home, but for some reason that day I went through the park. I was eying the hot shirtless skater boys and older runners and wondering what was bouncing around in their shorts when I suddenly came upon a scene right out the headlines. We hear a lot about bullying these day. I guess the media has made it more transparent, but let's face it bullying has been going on since the beginning of time. I was even bullied a little when I was a kid. I was a little over weight and that's all it took to get some insults and mild physical bullying going, but I was lucky and could take care of myself. 

Maybe the kid could have taken care of himself too, if it had been one on one, but when you are outnumbered three to one it gets a little scary. He was a skinny kid with blond hair and he was dressed all in black. Not exactly Goth but I'm sure that was enough to put him on the outside of some of his peers' little groups. He was blond and his hair was long, unfashionably long to be exact, and kept getting in his eyes as he bounced around trying to fend off the blows being administered by the three jocks torturing him against the wall of the tennis court.

Normally I don't butt into people's business but when I see an injustice I usually try to right it and this was an injustice if ever there was one. I pulled my car up with a screech to the curb near the tennis court and opened the door and jumped out not even bothering to close the door behind me.

I'm not a big guy, but I'm an adult and these punks were high schoolers so I counted on their inbred fear of adults and authority to keep me from getting my ass kicked. I'm not a wuss, but  just like the kid in black I was out numbered that day.

As I approached I could hear the bullies repeating the word faggot over and over as they took turns slapping or punching the kid against the wall and my hackles went up. I am gay myself and nothing gets me steamed up more than some stupid hetero using that word as if it were a curse word. I might get my ass kicked but dam if I wasn't going to let these punks know just where I stood.

"Stop!" I yelled, hoping that might think I was an off duty cop or something, but they just turned and looked at me and continued.

As I got closer the biggest and ugliest of the three looked my way and sneered, "Keep outa this dude, you don't want none of this."

"I said stop," I repeated forcefully this time, "otherwise you three are going downtown and you can explain to your parents why you wound up in jail. I don't think they'd like the reason, do you?"

This must've gotten the other two thinking because one of them grabbed the big one and held him back and tried to reason with him, "He's had enough, besides we can always get him at school when there's no one else around."

Ugly seemed to think about that for a minute before doubling up his fist and gut punching the kid then laughing and gathering up the other two with a look he led them away.  I was torn between letting them go and trying to stop them and hold them for the po po's but eventually reason took hold and I decided not to risk my health and I let them go, but not without getting the tag number of the car the ugly one was driving.

As I approached the kid in black he was doubled over in pain and gasping for air. I didn't hesitate a second as I reached for him hugging him around the shoulders and stooping to speak to him face to face, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he gasped , " wind...knocked...out...of" 

"If you don't mind me asking, what was that all about?"

He straightened up a little and looked me in the eyes, "You don't wanna know."

"Actually I do. I heard them call you a faggot, is that why they don't like you? Because they think you're gay?"

He laughed nervously, "No, they don't think I'm gay, they know I am. I came out this year and I've had to deal with that sort of shit on a daily basis, but this was the worst. If you hadn't come along when you did I might have gotten the crap beat out of me."

He was standing erect now and I noticed he had a black eye and some bruising on his face. His lip was bleeding but not badly and he licked a drop of blood away before continuing, "I mean there are some kids who totally support me, but guys like that just don't get it. I think that one dude is a closet case, I used to see him oogle the boys' dicks in the showers."

"I'm sorry," I said lamely, "no one should have to go through that kind of shit just because of who they sleep with."

He chuckled, "Wanna know the worst part? I'm a gay virgin. Yeah, I'm getting beat up for liking guys and I've never even been with one."

I laughed at the irony of the whole situation, "Easily corrected," I teased,

He looked at me as if I had two heads, "Easy for you to say. I bet you got all the girls after you, don't you?"

I'm not a bad looking guy and I take care of myself and at 25, I was 6'1" 175 pounds with a 34 waist and the makings of a six pack that I'd been working on for a while now. My brownish blond hair was shoulder length and my eyes are green. I took that as a compliment, but figured I needed to set the boy straight, no pun intended.

"Well, something like that, guys maybe, see....I'm gay too," I said and before he could react I stuck out my fist to bump and added, "by the way, I'm Bobby."

"'re gay? You're not just saying that to make me feel better are you?" He was so innocent.

I laughed, "To make you feel better? No, dude I like dick and ass, always have and I never took any grief over it."

"I....I've never even met another gay person until now. Oh, sure there are guys at school that I think are gay, but not one of them has come out like I did. Oh, and I'm Kevin." He said finally bumping my fist. 

I noticed how small and fragile his hand was and I knew he was no fighter and he was probably right, if I hadn't come along he might very well have gotten his cute ass whipped or worse. I had heard of gay bashers actually raping gay guys and leaving them bleeding. That made no sense to me, because if you fuck a guy in the ass, you're as gay as he is but, bigots and idiots like that don't think like normal people.

"Glad to meet you dude. Are you sure you're okay? I could drive you home or something if you're not afraid to get in the car with a stranger, and a gay one at that," I joked.

"That would be cool, I don't live far....if you don't mind that is," he said ignoring my humorous question.

I led him to my car and he climbed in and buckled up without me having to ask. I liked that about him. He was a cute kid and I guessed his age to be around 16, but he could have been a couple of years younger or older. It was hard to tell these day. It seemed like kids, especially boys, grew up faster than they used to.

"Mind my asking how old you are Kevin?" I said as we started off.

"15, why is that too young?"

His answer sort of caught me off guard, "Uh, too young for what?"

"For sex? Isn't that why you picked me up?" he said leering at me with accusation in his voice.

"Whoa, wait a minute. First of all I didn't pick you up. I offered you a ride, that's all. No strings attached. And secondly I stopped because I was concerned about your safety when I saw those boys picking on you."

He sighed and bowed his head in submission or shame or some emotion I couldn't read, "I'm sorry...I know and I'm grateful. I didn't mean to imply that you were...ummm, trying to seduce me or anything." 

"Pretty big language for a kid," I teased, "no offense taken, it's all good. Just point the way and I'll have you home in no time."

" we have to go straight there?"

I was really confused now, first he was accusing me of trying to pick him up and now he was wanting to hang out.

"It's up to you dude. Hey are you hungry?" It was almost five and I usually ate around five thirty, it was a habit I had developed over the years and usually watched TV while I ate.

The look in his eyes told me he was not only hungry, but starved and I wondered about his home life. Was he cared for at home, did his parents know he was gay, or was he one of those latch key kids you hear so much about? I sighed, I cared way too much about that shit and I knew I'd try to find out more before the night was over.

I drove us to a McDonalds and told him to order anything he wanted. He balked at first, then at my insistence ordered a quarter pounder meal with a large Coke. I ordered a Big Mac and a Coke and we found a table away from Kiddy Land where we could hear ourselves think and as we ate I tried to sound him out.

"So Kevin are you new here or have you always lived here?" 

He laughed, "You wanna know my story, is that it?"

I shrugged and grinned, " about I tell you mine first. Is that fair?"

He considered it a moment then popped a french fry in his mouth and chewed it thoughtfully, "Okay, but don't leave anything out," he lowered his voice and leaned across the table, "especially the sex parts."

I laughed, "Not much to tell till I reached, ummm....age ten or so," I teased.

His mouth fell open and he mouthed, "No way," then covered his cute mouth and giggled.

I pushed my food aside and began: "I was born a poor black child..." he broke up giggling and when his giggling subsided I began in earnest.

"I was the child of a date rape," I said seriously and his eyes grew wide, "my mother was a saint and she never once considered giving me up, even though it was hard for an unmarried woman to raise a child. We lived in a big house with my grandparents and an uncle that was only four years old when I was born. We grew up more like brothers than uncle and nephew and we are still very close."

"Does he...uh, know you're gay?"

"Yeah and he's cool with it. Truth was we used to mess around when we were kids and he always said I was more fun than the girls he hung out with."

"What? Really?" he said sipping his Coke noisily. He was more kid than teenager but so cute it hurt to look at him.

"Yeah, see when I was ten he was fourteen and always horny. Like with most boys his age girls weren't easy to come by or convince to do stuff, but I was a pushover. I loved my uncle Joe and I would have done anything for him, so at ten I started sucking him on a daily basis."

"Wow, way cool. Did he have a big one?" Kevin asked grinning.

"I thought so, now I know it was average for his age...about 5" or so, but pretty fat and he had two of the biggest balls I ever saw and he could make gallons of jizz."

"Did..did you swallow it?"

"Not at first, but eventually, and then I couldn't get enough of it," I laughed and then smiled as I remembered those days, "He's married now and has two kids. As much as he likes to fuck he'll probably have six or eight before he's done."

"Did...he ever, you know....(whispered) fuck you?"

I smiled again, "Oh, yeah and I couldn't get enough of that either once I got started."

He made a silent "wow" and picked up a french fry and dipped it in ketchup, "How did you know...I mean, how did you know you'd like that?"

I sighed, "I guess the same way every little gay boy knows he wants that. I had an itch and Joe scratched it for me."

"Did it first I mean?"

"Like hell, but once he got it in it felt awesome. I never wanted him to stop."

Kevin smiled, "I think...I mean, I'm pretty sure I'd like that too," he said blushing.

I nodded knowingly, "Then you probably will. But if not, that's cool too."

"So, was your uncle the only one you did stuff with?'

"Heck no." For ten minutes I told him about all my conquests from that first time with uncle Joe up until high school. I told him about the boyfriend in 11th grade that killed himself when I broke up with him and how I thought I would never love anyone again."

"You did though, right?"

"Yes, eventually, but I will never forget Bill or what happened and I'm very careful in how I handle myself now. I would never get that close to someone and just break it off. It would have to be a long slow process."

" have a boyfriend now?" he asked shyly.

"Just you," I teased and he blushed.

"Really? Kick ass. You're like totally hot. I wouldn't mind," he said blushing bright red.

I smiled, "Thanks, you're no so bad yourself, but I do like my men a bit older."

He shrugged, "Your loss. So go on, what about your mom, does she know about you?"

"My mom was my biggest supporter when I came out at age 16. She defended me to the church, to the family and to society. I loved her so much, I really miss her," I said choking up a little.

"She's....uh, dead?"

"Yeah, she died of cancer a couple of years ago. My uncle Joe did the eulogy. He loved her almost as much as I did. He was her baby brother and in her eyes he could do no wrong. I guess that's why she didn't get upset when she caught us fucking," I chuckled. 

"What did she do?" he asked in horror.

"She said, "excuse me boys," and closed the door and she never mentioned it to either of us ever."

"Did you finish?" he giggled.

"Yeah, once Joe got started he couldn't stop till he came. We figured it was our last time and that one of us was in big trouble, but as time passed and nothing happened we started up again only we were extra careful after that. mom always knocked on my door after that," I laughed.

"That is so cool. I wish my mom was cool like that. She says I'm going through a phase and I'll grow out of it. Hello! Earth to mom...I'm gay!" he laughed.

"Have you know, tried girls?"

"No, but I don't' have to try girls to know I don't like them that way. I just like boys and I know it, that's that."

I nodded, "I understand. You don't have to convince me."

"Too bad I'm too young," he sighed.

I laughed, "Don't lay a guilt trip on me because I'm not into chicken."

He frowned, "What does chicken have to do with it?" So I explained that chicken was underage boys and he laughed.

"Bok, bok, bok....I'm a chicken. Pluck me."

A young couple turned to stare at us and Kevin lowered his head, "Maybe we should go. I'm done."

"Oh, sure...I'm done too. We can talk in the car...on the way to your place."

He frowned, "Can we take the long way there, so we can talk some more?"

"Sure you tell me where to go," I said as we climbed into my car. 

He directed me through the streets never once nearing his house and we talked. He shared things with me that day that he had never shared with anyone and by the time we were finished with our drive, I knew more about this particular chicken than I did about my best friend. It's funny how life works. People come and go in our lives and we never really know where things will lead.

He finally directed me to a middle income neighborhood and then to a nice but inexpensive apartment building. I dropped him off at the back and watched as he walked away, convinced I had seen the last of him.

Chapter Two

We meet again

The phone was ringing insistently as my eyes popped open and I groaned. It was eight am Saturday morning, my day off and I didn't want to get up yet. I had purposely left the phone in the living room but for all the good that did I might not have bothered. I got up and pounded across the floor and down the hallway scratching my balls as I went. I was naked, I usually slept that way, and had a fierce case of morning wood.

"Hello," I said groggily.

"Bobby?" the voice was familiar but I couldn't place it right away.

"Yeah, what's up."

"It's Kevin, did I wake you up?"

 I sobered instantly. How did he get my number? Then I remembered giving it to him for some odd reason as we sat in that McDonald's that evening. Of course I never expected him to call. This was mondo weird.

"Yeah, but it's okay. What's up?"

"I...need to talk to you," he stuttered.

"Now?" I said wishing I had just one more hour of sleep.

"Naw, later if it's cool. Could you pick me up later, like twelve o'clock? Same place."

I sighed with relief, "Yeah, twelve is fine. I'll see ya then."

He hung up and I went back to bed but dam if I didn't just lay there and think about that chicken named Kevin. I knew I was getting in way over my head and it was dangerous, but I had never been one to pass up a chance for love and I was swiftly falling for this little gay boy.

I finally got up around ten, shaved and did my business and took a shower. I had taken care of my morning wood earlier in bed trying not to think of Kevin's cute body, but it was hard (no pun intended). I did finally manage to conjure up images of my uncle Joe and remembering how good it felt when he pounded my little ass as I blasted a gallon of jizz all over my chest and stomach.

I left around 11:30 and drove slowly wondering all the way there what sort of crisis young Kevin was facing today. I laughed as I remembered my own life at that age and wondered if I was the only 15 year old who had been getting fucked regularly by his 19 year old uncle and still finding time to blow any boy at school who was willing. If Kevin was half as horny as I was at that age I had better watch out.

He was waiting in the same spot I dropped him off at and he climbed in and buckled up without speaking. He sighed and turned to me and finally muttered "hi" then turned to look out the window.

"You okay?"

He shrugged, "I guess. Me and my mom had a big fight. She wants me to date this girl...a friend of her's daughter and when I asked her if she had a son instead, she got all pissy," he said grinning.

I laughed, "So are you going to date her or not?"

"Hell no, I'll run away first. Number one: she is ugly and number two: she is a girl. I don't like girls that way. Why can't she just let me live my life the way I want to?" he whined.

"Because she's your mom. She wants what's best for you, but she just hasn't figured out what that is yet."

"I'll tell you what is best for me, leave me alone and let me find my way on my own."

"Hey, I'm on your side. If I thought I could help without going to jail I'd talk to her," I teased.

"Why would you go to jail?...oh, cause I'm a chicken," he giggled.

"A cute one, but yes unfortunately a chicken."

"Really? Am I cute?" he asked seriously, "And if I wasn't a chicken would know like me that way?"

I already liked him that way, but I couldn't admit it to him. "If you were 18 buddy, maybe even 17, it's be on like Donkey Kong." I said laughing.

"Don't tease me, I can't stand any more blows to my ego."

"I'm not teasing. You are a very cute and sexy guy and any boy would be lucky to have you for a boyfriend or sex monkey."

"Very funny, I can see you're not gonna take this seriously."

"Oh, and why do you think that? Just because I use humor doesn't mean I don't care or that I'm blowing you off, no pun intended."

"I wish," he muttered under his breath, "Okay, then what should I do...about this girl thing, I mean?"

"Well, I'll tell you what I did. I tried it. It was actually kind of nice, but it didn't take me long to figure out that my date had the wrong equipment to satisfy me so I went back to guys."

"So you think if I try it then tell my mom it's not for me, she'll believe me?"

"Maybe, or maybe she'll say you just haven't met the right girl, but you never know till you try."

He was quiet for a moment then shook his head, "Okay, I could do that maybe. Hey, can we go to your place? I need to pee," he said changing gears instantly.

"Well, yeah...I guess, but it's a mess right now." Why was I saying that? I wasn't trying to impress him, or was I?

He laughed, "Like I care, you should see my room sometimes."

I nodded and drove toward my apartment and contemplated what all this meant. Was I crazy to bring an underage boy to my apartment? I frowned, what if his mom was following us or got a hold of my phone number and figured things out? But what was there to figure out? Nothing so far. We had talked that was all, but I knew talking led to other things and he had already made it clear he was willing and it was up to me.

He rushed to my bathroom and I heard the toilet flush several times then heard water running and presently he returned still wiping his wet hands on his jeans. Why don't guests use the guest towels?

"Everything come out alright?" I teased.

"Damn, never heard that one before. Oh, yeah when I was a baby in my crib maybe." he said rolling his eyes comically.

I shrugged, "I forget you are so old and well traveled. I thought it was new to your generation."

He fell down on the couch and looked around. I offered him a soda and he accepted, opening the can and draining half of it before speaking.

"This is nice, I could totally live here."

"Whoa, I only offered my bathroom, not my apartment," I teased.

"I meant if I was older and lived alone or something. It's nice."

"Thanks, I like it. It's my wild and crazy bachelor's pad. If the walls and floor and couch could only talk..." I teased.

"I bet," he said rolling his eyes again, "what's the youngest guy you ever been with? I mean since you  turned 18?"

"Uh, well...I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might get my ass locked up," I chuckled, "No actually 17 was the youngest since then. Why do you ask?"

"So no chicken then?" he giggled. He evidently liked that word and the concept.

"Nope, not till you," I said rubbing my hands together and raising my eyebrows.

"Really? Cause I would so let you do me," he said sounding excited.

I frowned, "I was teasing. You're a little young for me, but I enjoy talking to you and after all I saved your cute ass from sudden destruction so I feel obligated."

"Cock teaser," he said sticking out his tongue.

I laughed, "Where did you hear that term?"

"Actually on TV and it was a guy saying it to a girl, but I guess it applies both ways."

"Yep, I've known a few in my life."

"Well, at least I'm not one of those, even if I am a chicken," he cackled.

"Just don't lay an egg on the couch," I teased and suddenly he tackled me before I could react.

He was strong for a little guy and had me pinned on the couch in record time, or was it just that I wasn't resisting much since I liked his smooth hot body against mine. I had boned up instantly and the little twerp noticed it and grabbed it through my shorts and was hanging on for dear life as I tried to prise him off.

"Stop...Kevin...stop....please," I giggled.

But instead of stopping he pushed his lips against mine and kissed me. I was shocked but not too shocked to respond. What the hell? I thought, it's only a kiss, but I knew a kiss could lead to a whole lot more if I wasn't careful. Despite his claim of being a virgin he sure knew how to kiss. His lips were soft and his tongue was hot and sharp and roamed around my mouth like it was looking for something to eat. I gave him a bit of my tongue in return and he put a vacuum on it and held it for a long time before he let it go. 

My hands went to his head and I ran my fingers through his long soft hair and the kiss continued. All the time he was kissing me his hand still clutched my hardness through my pants and I was very close to coming just from the sheer intensity of the situation. His hot smooth body was pressed into mine and I could feel his hard cock against my thigh and it felt hot and huge for a boy his age. I knew I should put a stop to all this madness, but I was helpless to resist and the kiss continued.

When he finally pulled away he jumped up and sat back down on the couch looking as if nothing had ever happened  leaving me with the worst case of blue balls I have ever had in my life. 

He brushed his long hair out of his eyes and smiled, "So, how was it?" he asked simply.

I sighed, "Well, you seemed a little preoccupied," I teased. "What do you mean how was it?" I said loudly, "What the hell? Where did you learn to kiss like that? I feel like my mouth has been raped."

"So did you like it or not?" he asked looking worried.

I shook my head in disbelief, "Like it? Hell, no I loved it. It was amazing, but we shouldn't be doing this stuff."

"Why not, is kissing a chicken illegal?"

"Well, I'm not sure. But grabbing my dick probably is," I said unsure if I was guilty or he was.

"But no one will ever know except us two, so what's the big deal?"

I shrugged, "It...doesn't matter. It would just look funny if I had a boy over here all the time. You know that neighbors might talk and stuff," I stuttered. Was I actually considering such a relationship in the back of my mind?

"So...if we could keep it a'd do it?" he asked sounding as confused as I was.

"I didn't exactly say that....I just would be hard to make it happened."

He sat in silence for a moment then stood up, "Can you take me home now?" He said in an emotionless voice.

"Well, sure...." I said unsure what to say or do. I felt like I had hurt or offended him, but I had done nothing but tell the truth.

He was silent all the way to the car but when we were safely inside and on our way he turned to me and said, "Thanks for the saving my ass the other day."

"You're welcome," I couldn't explain exactly why I felt as I did, but I was sure he was actually saying goodbye and that I probably would never see or hear from him again unless I did something quick. But dammit, I didn't know what that something was.

We rode in silence until we were almost to his apartment and then he said, "Drop me at the 7-11 instead of my apartment, okay?"

I nodded and pulled into the 7-11 on the corner near his place. I pulled up in front and parked and he opened the door. He looked over at me expectantly and I knew now was the time to say something, anything that would make him want to see me again, but again I was at a loss. 

"See ya," he said simply as he started to climb out.

"Yeah, see ya," I said dying inside, "be careful, okay? If you ever need me....."

"Yeah," he said sounding hurt and angry, "I will."

He slammed the door and stalked off but instead of going inside he headed around the side of the building and down the street toward his apartment. I sat there a few minutes watching his cute body bounce away and then I backed out of the parking lot and drove back home. I felt like a complete ass and I felt like I had missed the opportunity of a lifetime, but I also knew that it was probably for the best. I didn't need that kind of complication in my life right now and I convinced myself he was better off with someone closer to his own age.

By the time I got home I was better, but not over him, so I kept busy doing laundry and cleaning house to keep my mind off of things. Afternoon turned to evening and I decided to go out to the one gay bar that I frequented when I was down or in need of company. It was called the Bottom Half and catered to a younger crowd and on Saturday night they even let 18 year olds in, but of course they weren't allowed to drink. They stamped the 18-20 year olds with a bright fluorescent UA and I often found myself being checked for that stamp simply because I looked younger than my 25 years.

That night there was a lot of the underage guys there and some looked fresh out of high school. One really stood out for me however and as I sipped my beer from the corner of the bar I watched him. He was short for a guy, maybe 5'6" or so and maybe 110 pounds. He had long brown hair and when he came over to get a refill on his coke, I saw that his eyes were brown as well. He had dimples at the corner of his mouth and a sunny smile and soft full lips that just cried out to be kissed. His skin was darker than mine and I guessed he might be of mixed parentage, but whatever the mix was it was perfect. He was one of the most beautiful boys I had ever seen and that he was unattached at the moment made me wonder if he was waiting for someone.

I like to dance and The Bottom Half has a huge dance floor with  laser lighting and an impressive sound system. The best part about it though is that it is toward the back and surrounded by glass walls with doors so you can still hear yourself think in the other parts of the bar.

I finished my beer and headed off to the dance floor to see if I could find someone to dance with just as the boy I'd been watching disappeared into the crowd. I shrugged and pushed open the door to the dance area and took up a spot near the DJ's booth and just stood there waiting. Eventually someone would ask me to dance and I never refused a dance whether the guy was my type or not. It was just a dance after all, but I have to confess some of those dances have led to romance.

I hadn't been there five minutes until the door pushed open and the boy I had been watching walked in and looked right at me. He smiled and headed toward me and my stomach did a flip flop. My first thought was he was going to ask me why I'd been staring at him all night, but the smile on his face said he wasn't angry, and that calmed me a bit.

"Hi," He said leaning down to shout in my ear," Will you dance with me?"

I almost fainted when I realized what he had just asked me, but I was able to muster up enough strength to nod and when he grabbed my hand and led me out to the dance floor I was in Heaven.

For the next hour we danced without stopping, his small soft body against mine during the slow numbers and I was instantly in love. Eventually he led me off the dance floor and I wondered what was next. I didn't need to ask if we were going to be together, he had already made it clear that he had claimed me out of all those hundreds of guys there, the only question was: what next?

He led me to the bar and I bought us drinks, him a coke and me a beer and we got to know each other better. His name was Kent and he was 19 and a college student at a University about 60 miles away. He was actually from Puerto Rico and that solved the question of where the dark skin came in. His father was an American Marine and his mom was a native of PR and he was the beautiful perfect fruit of their loins.

We chatted and drank our drinks and danced some more but near midnight he said he really had to go, that he had a long drive home and didn't want to stay out too late. I felt like someone had just pulled my heart out and stomped on it, but if I had been listening closer and with my heart and not my ears I might have known what he really meant. 

"Too bad I don't have a place to stay here, I could drive back tomorrow," he said when I didn't pick up on his hint the first time.

"You could stay at my place," I quickly uttered with excitement, "I live not too far from here and in a nice neighborhood, your car would be safe there."

He smiled and put a hand on my shoulder, "I was hoping you'd say that," he giggled, "Let's go then."

He followed me in his Honda Civic and I showed him where to park when we got to my apartment and then we walked up together. Once inside he asked if he could shower because he smelled like cigarette smoke, and I showed him where the bathroom was. I lingered for a few minutes hoping he might start stripping and I'd get a preview but instead he suggested we take a shower together.

I enthusiastically agreed and grabbed a few more towels and nervously started to strip. I was afraid I'd embarrass myself by popping a boner, but I needn't have worried because when Kent dropped his pants his lovely 6" uncut cock popped up and was rock hard. He had a nice set of hangers too, but the most amazing thing about him was that he was completely smooth down there. At first I panicked, what if he was underage?  But after questioning him about it I discovered that he was just naturally hairless. He said it was not uncommon where he lived and though he wasn't happy with it at first but as he got older he realized it was actually more convenient.

I kept my pubes trimmed but not shaved and he seemed to be intrigued by them despite his declaration that he liked being smooth. We hopped into the shower and occasionally we bumped together and giggled nervously. I don't know why I was so nervous around this gorgeous boy and it didn't help that he kept staring at my 7" boner the whole time we were showering. 

We finally managed to get clean and once out I handed him a towel and we began drying off.

"Will you help me with my back?" Kent asked after a few minutes.

I was trembling as he turned to reveal his gorgeous backside and the sight of his perfect soft bubble butt took my breath away. I took my time drying his back as I anticipated touching those two perfect brown globes and when I eventually made my way down there he spread his legs wide to allow me to dry his crack and I almost came right then and there.

He was everything a man could want in a lover, young, healthy, perfect and beautiful. He was small but muscled and I just knew he was a tiger in bed and I wasn't wrong. We finished drying off and when he made no mention of getting dressed I knew things were going to get steamy and soon.

I led him to the bedroom and nervously watched as he lay down on top of the covers and stretched out. His fine young cock stood straight up from his hairless crotch and as I watched he reached down and scratched his balls abesent mindedly.

I climbed in on my side and turned out the light and rolled onto my side to face him. Without a word he rolled into me and began kissing me. For a half hour we made out like to newlyweds, kissing and stroking and bumping against each other as our passion grew.

When I could take no more I rolled him onto his back and swallowed his hard cock in one gulp. He cried out and grabbed my head and pushed it down on his cock and began fucking my throat wildly. I loved it despite the fact that I was seeing stars from lack of oxygen, but fortunately he didn't last long. Crying out he bucked up one last time and began to unload the sweetest, tastiest, thickest cum that I had ever tasted into my hungry mouth. 

I swallowed every drop and wanted more, but after a while he pushed me away when the head of his cock became too sensitive. He lay there a few minutes resting as I kissed his smooth hairless body from neck to toe causing him to sigh and moan seductively.

"Do you want me?" he whispered lustily.

"Oh, yes....I want you so bad."

He raised his legs then  and exposed that perfect ass to me and I was like a sex crazed monkey as I went down there and began to rim his hot tight hole. He cried out and grabbed my head forcing me into his crack and against his hole and as he loosened up my tongue began to penetrate him. 

"Oh....Oh!" he cried, "I love that....ummm....soooo gooood," he panted.

I smiled and put a vacuum on his ass hole and forced my tongue in as far as I could and he raised up off the bed and moaned so loudly I was afraid the neighbors might hear. But I really didn't care, I was going to have this ass one way or the other and we both knew it.

My cock was slick with my pre-cum and his ass wet with my spit and I wasted no time once I thought he was ready for the real thing. Moving into position I pushed his legs up high as he reached down and guided me into him. There was no resistance at all and soon my cock was all the way inside his hot smooth tunnel. He sighed and threw his head back as I began to move inside him, but he came alive as I speeded up, groaning and crying out in what I could only interpret as ecstasy. To say Kent was verbal during sex was an understatement, he moaned, he cried, he swore and he never stopped moving the whole time. At first his movements were interfering with my rhythm, but I soon learned to coordinate our movements making it one of the best fucks I have ever experienced.

When I came I filled him to the brim with my hot thick cum and collapsed atop him finding his lips and kissing him passionately. He bit my lip until it was almost painful then pulled my ear to his face and stuck his tongue inside before whispering, "Fuck me again."

Now I'm a bit of a stud, but usually I like an hour or so to recuperate before busting a second nut, but not with Kent. I started back up again and my cock was still rock hard and this time it felt even better. There is something really erotic about fucking a hole that is slick with your own cum and I when I finally busted nut the second time it was twice as intense as the first. 

I was trembling and exhausted as I slipped out of him and fell onto the bed, but he was just getting started as he rolled on top of me and began kissing me passionately again. I was tired, but not dead and soon responded, eager to please my little lover boy.  When he began to push at me in an attempt to roll me over I quickly got the hint and stretched out on my tummy.

He climbed on me like a kid on an amusement park ride and shoved that hard little 6" pecker up my ass and began fucking me like he was angry with me. I have to admit it hurt at first, but soon it started to feel wonderful and the feel of his soft smooth flesh against mine was pure Heaven. He entwined his small soft feet with mine and stuck his arms under mine and held on for dear life as he fucked me slowly remaining deep inside me as he made little circular motions with his hips. 

I knew when he came because he bit my ear and screamed bloody murder then he fell against me and began to sob. I was panicky at first, and then I remembered having had a similar experience with an Asian boy once and I just assumed this boy was going through the same set of emotions. 

He lay on top of me for a very long time never growing soft the entire time and when he started moving again, I knew I was in for a second fuck and I had no doubt this one would be a bit rougher. I was not disappointed as he began to pound my ass as if he were angry with me. I was being jarred and pushed forward with each stoke but fortunately as with the BJ he didn't last long the second time. 

He was mostly dry after three orgasms but my ass felt full and wet after he pulled out and fell down beside me on the bed. I draped an arm around him and kissed him, but he was already asleep. I smiled and snuggled up to him and joined him and we didn't awake till the next morning.

I love morning sex and I had a massive pee boner that I wanted to plant in Kent's sweet ass but as soon as he got up he hit the bathroom and started getting dressed.

"I'm sorry, I really had a great time and I'd like to stay but I have to be back at my dorm by 10 to meet some friends," he said kissing me softly and caressing my face. It didn't do much to appease my aching cock but his kiss was sweet and his body language said we might be seeing each other again soon. We exchanged numbers and I walked him to the door and kissed him goodbye and watched his cute ass as he went down the stairs and out to his car. I waved to him as he drove off, but I think I was already old news by then. Needless to say I never heard from him again and I was too proud to be the first to call. Stupid huh? Maybe he was waiting for me to call. Oh, well...I didn't dwell on it and soon forgot about him completely.

Two weeks after my wild fling with Kent I was driving through the park again, the one where I had first met Kevin, and noticed a small crowd of kids near the bathrooms milling around as if something big was going on. I was curious and after what had happened with Kevin a little weary about getting involved but I decided to take a look anyway.

I pulled into the closest lot and climbed out of my car and headed that way and as I approached a few of the kids in the crowd decided it was time to go. Several young boys passed me never making eye contact as I headed toward what was left of the crowd milling about nervously outside the block building that held the bathrooms.

As I approached the crowd of kids moved aside, again none of them making eye contact, but as I neared the bathrooms a young kid about twelve rushed up to me and said, "I wouldn't go in there mister, some deep shit is going on in there."

"What kind of shit?" I asked looking the kid over. He was a little chunky and probably the recipient of more than one fat joke, but in this crowd he seemed to fit right in.

"There's this one gay kid and some guys are beating him up and stuff?"

"Stuff?" I asked but I already had a pretty good idea what that stuff might be.

He giggled, "You know, they're gonna make him do gay stuff."

"Doesn't that make them gay too?" I spit out as I pushed past him.

I guess no one had really thought about that and the crowd began to thin even more. The chunky kid looked down at his feet, perhaps suddenly realizing that he had more in common with the kid being worked over inside than he did with the crowd, and then shuffled off looking back occasionally to see if anyone noticed his quick retreat.

I was at the door now and I took a deep breath before pushing my way inside. There was the usual smell of piss and shit and cum and dirty people that all outdoor bathrooms sport but for me it was more of an aphrodisiac than a turn off.  In my younger days I'd spend a lot of time cruising t-rooms and bathroom sex was a huge turn on for me, but not this time.

I steeled myself for what I might find inside, but I already knew who I would find there.  As the door swung open my eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness. There was no lighting except that of the sun coming in from windows high up on the back wall, but it was light enough for me to see four sets of feet beneath the wall of the handicapped stall and I recognized one set of them immediately.

My heart was beating so fast I could feel it in my ears, and adrenalin was racing through my veins in such quantities that I feared I might kill someone if I wasn't careful. I was angry, angry at these bullies and angry at myself for not following up after the first time, but I was determined that this time would be the last.

I walked over to the stall and jerked the door open. It had been latched but my adrenalin fueled muscles just ripped the latch right off the door with one jerk. Nearest to the door one of the bullies cried out as the door flew open and I saw that look in his eyes that you often see in cornered animals.  I knew I had to be careful, fight or flee, which would he choose?

"What the fuck?" I head a familiar voice say from around the corner and as I boldly marched into the stall I saw the leader standing there, his pants around his ankles and Kevin's head buried in his crotch. Kevin was sitting on the toilet and when he heard the commotion he pulled back and our eyes met.

"Over here," I called to him and he tried to get up but the third bully pushed him back down, "Let him go!" I added with such venom in my voice that the boy hesitated a moment and Kevin was able to break free and join me by the door.

He had a black eye and a bloody nose but apparently they wanted his mouth free of injury and hadn't damaged it. He gave me a crooked but sad smile and I put my arm around him and pushed him behind me.

"Okay, mother fuckers I warned you the first time but you were too fucking stupid to listen so now....You are in such deep shit you will never climb out of it. Rape is punishable by life imprisonment," I said with the same venom in my voice that I had used earlier, "and all three of you are guilty."

"I didn't do nothin..." the bully closest to me begged, "It was all Paul...he was the one stuck his dick in the kid's mouth and made him suck it."

"Me either," the other boy said a bit more calmly, "We was just watchin that's all."

"You sick bastards," I spit out, "You hate him because he is gay but you are ten time worse than him. Rapists and voyeurs, that's what you are and you are so busted."

The one with his pants down, Paul, was busy pulling up his pants and his disgusting four inch cock has shrunk until it looked like a grub worm. Behind me Kevin was clinging tightly to me and shivering and I thought I heard him whimper a time or two. I was so mad I wanted to kill these three spawns of Satan, but I knew going to prison for murder wasn't going to help Kevin. I  needed to be free and yet I needed to make sure this shit never happened again.

"Wallets!" I barked out, "Give me your wallets now!" I screamed loud enough for the crowd outside to hear me.

At first I thought they were going to call my bluff and just kick my ass too, but reluctantly they fished their wallets out of their back pockets and handed them to me. I waited until Paul handed  his over and then I opened the first boy's wallet.

"Tommy Parker, you are in so much trouble," I said pulling his id out and studying it carefully. He was 16 and lived at an address not far from the park.

I let him stew while I took out the second boy's ID and looked it over, "Neal Harris, you are in so much trouble." I repeated letting that soak in a moment as I studied the ID further. Neal was 16 as well, but his address was on the other side of town and I wondered how he wound up with the other two.

Finally I pulled out Paul's ID and looked at it a long time before addressing him. Paul Dean Albert was 17 and his address placed him in one of the richer neighborhoods in town. I hated him already but even more so when I found out he was probably a bored rich kid who got his jollies kicking other kids around.

"And the leader of the pack," I growled, "Paul Dean Albert, did you know that a 17 year old can be charged as an adult in this state? Do you have any idea what they would do to a young pretty boy like you in prison? Not only would they use your mouth for a pussy, but your ass too. If you  aren't already gay, you will be when they turn you out in there."

"Fuck you!" he muttered but there wasn't much fire in his voice.

"No, FUCK YOU!" I said finally loosing it and grabbing him by the collar and throwing him into the wall. His eyes grew wide and he tried to pry my hands off but I was Superman at the moment. His buddies offered him no help, a fact I was glad for, as I got up in his face and poured out my venom, "You slimy little maggot. The only thing keeping me from kicking your stupid rich ass right now is that I don't want to go to prison with you. Do you understand me?" I yelled.

He nodded and tears began to fall at last. I knew it was only a matter of time. Most bullies were really pussies at heart, that's why they picked on people smaller and  more vulnerable than them.

I let him go and feigned a fist at this face as he cringed in fear. I moved back toward Kevin and he grabbed onto me again.

"Okay, here's what we're going to do. I have your IDs, I will give you back your wallets, but I'm keeping your IDs. You can get new ones very easily and it's the least of your worries right now. Now, because I have your IDs I know your names and your addresses. Do you know what that means?" I paused to let that sink in and it didn't take long for them to get it. They were screwed and they knew it. If Kevin wanted to press charges these boys would be going away for a long time.

"Now, I am going to take Kevin to the hospital and have a complete physical. (a small white lie) And if I find out that any of you raped anything other than his mouth, the deal is off.  I was interrupted by all three mumbling that they weren't gay and didn't do that stuff and I was pretty sure that I had witnessed most of the abuse and there hadn't been any anal penetration.

"Did they rape you?" I asked Kevin just to be sure.

He shook his head, tears falling as he whimpered softly.  I hugged him to me and gave the three a go to Hell look, "Well, lucky for you guys you didn't get to go that far, but you still did enough to send you to prison for a very long time." I let that sink in.

"But you said..." The one named Tommy whined.

"I said IF," I reminded them, "If you idiots never touch another kid again for any reason this stays between us five. And further more, since Paul here seems to be the worst of the eggs, I want you other two to swear you will never associate with him again. Can you do that?"

The two looked horrified at first but one look at their leader told them he would sell them down the creek in a minute if he could and they suddenly realized dumping Paul might be the best thing to do given the circumstances.

"Yeah," they both mumbled earning them a dirty look from Paul.

The head Bastard leered at me and said, "You'll never get away with this."

"Shut up Paul, the one named Neal said suddenly growing some balls, "we been doing this shit for you too long and you finally went too far. I aint goin to jail for your stupid shit. So shut the fuck up and do whatever he says or I will kill you myself."

I don't think Paul was prepared for such mutiny from his cronies and when Tommy spoke up pretty much saying the same thing, he finally realized he was beaten.

"Whatever," he said, "who needs you losers anyway."

The go to Hell looks from the other two were priceless and I almost laughed, but I had to remain mean and forceful for a bit longer.

"Okay, Kevin and I are leaving now. You three can stay and butt fuck each other or whatever it is you guys do but this is your last get together, got that?" Tommy and Neal nodded and mumbled a yeah but Paul just looked at me and fumed, "I mean it Paul Dean Albert, or you will spend your 18th birthday in the custody of the State."

"Okay, I get it. Okay, all right. Can we go now?"

"No, you stay put till we're gone. Give us ten minutes then leave and never, never ever let me see you here again. And never anywhere together. I mean it and I have a very long memory."

The two lesser bullies nodded and looked beaten but the head bully still had that look of defiance that rich kids get in their eyes simply because they believe money can buy them out of any situation. 

"And if you think because your daddy is rich you can get out of a rape charge, forget it. The DA in this town is relentless when it comes to sex charges. Last year he convicted a Senator's son on rape charges against a 14 year old girl and the kid got 25 years. Imagine yourself as someone's bitch for 25 years. Young and pretty to start and a used up cum dump by the time you walk out those gates, if you ever do. A lot of sex offenders die in prison, especially ones who commit crimes against minors and as I'm sure you know Kevin is only 15."

I let all that sink in and I think even thick-headed Paul finally got it. He looked almost scared beneath his scowl and I decided I had done and said all I could. I was sure the other two would follow my orders and maybe that would be enough to keep Paul out of commission for a while. Most bullies couldn't make it without there cronies and I had effectively neutralized his.

"Ok, that's all I guess. From time to time I may call or write you boys to make sure you're still abiding by our agreement, but as long as you stay out of my radar we'll be fine."

I was out of words and my adrenalin was long since gone and I was afraid if I didn't get Kevin out of there soon I might never make it.  I tossed the three wallets on the dirty floor and gathering Kevin up with my arm I swept him out of that smelly bathroom and into the fresh air. I was totally unprepared when the crowd broke out in spontaneous applause and patted our backs as we walked through them. Apparently I was the mouse who had belled the cat and the other mice were very grateful. 

I got Kevin in the car and then I broke down. I started shaking as tears ran down my face and even as distraught as Kevin was he knew something was very wrong.

"Bobby," he said in a trembling voice, "are...are you okay?"

I nodded but I was far from okay, I was burned out and if I didn't get us out of there quickly everything I had done might be undone. I started the car and drove us slowly back to my place and this time it was Kevin who helped me up the stairs and into my apartment.

I grabbed a beer for me and a soda for Kevin and we sat down on the sofa and pulled ourselves together.

"I'm sorry," I said at last, "I tried to be strong but I just fell apart when the adrenalin wore off."

"Sorry? Are you kidding? You were amazing. Those guys were soooo scared and the look on Paul's face was priceless when he finally realized he was beat."

I felt a little better seeing Kevin perk up a little and I sighed, "Well, I think that's the last you'll see of those three, but if not...I have their IDs," I said holding them up and waving them.

"That was a great move, they didn't stand a chance once you got to em," he said excitedly, "Thanks man, thanks a lot."

"You're welcome buddy, "I said softy. There were a lot of unspoken words between us but I didn't know where to begin. Apparently he felt the same, but he was bolder.

"I...I'm sorry I didn't call know, after that one time," he said softly, "but you made it clear you weren't interested and I (shrug) just let it go."

"I admit I may have protested a bit much, but I didn't mean I didn't want to stay in touch or at least be friends. I thought about you a lot. I think that's why I went to the park today. I mean since I met you there I guess I thought maybe you'd be there again. Little did I know," I finished grunting.

"I almost called you a hundred times," he admitted, "but I was afraid you'd think I was pressuring you or something."

I smiled, "I almost called you a couple of times too. I still have your number in my phone."

He chuckled, "I knew you liked me, I could tell when you kissed me."

"I kissed you?" I said grinning, "I guess I did kiss back," I conceded.

" what?" he asked shyly.

"Well, if you think I'm letting you out of my sight this time you're crazy," I said grinning, "I have to make sure those bullies stay bluffed."

"Oh, was it only a bluff?" he asked curiously.

"Yes, in a way. I mean we could go the cops if needed, but I didn't want you to have to go through that. You were telling me the truth back there weren't you, right? They didn't know, rape you or anything?"

"Naw, old Paul just stuck his little weenie in my mouth but then you came along and I didn't even get a good taste of it."

"Oh, are you disappointed that you didn't get to finish?" I teased.

"Yuck, no....of course not. It was awful, but it was a dick and I always wanted to try sucking," he said looking at me and shrugging.

I laughed, "Well, we'll see if we can't find you a decent dick to suck."

"Oh, have anyone in mind?" he asked grinning.

"Well, that one named Tommy was pretty cute," I teased.

"Okay, I would definitely do him," Kevin said eying me for my reaction.

"Well, we'll do better than that." I said firmly.

"Okay, just let me know," he said grinning.

"Let me take a look at your face," I said moving closer. He tilted his head and I put my hand on his chin and moved his head from side to side, "Well, you have a shiner but your nose has quit bleeding, and I'm pretty sure it's not broken. Anything else hurt?"

"Just my pride," he sighed, "but at least my Knight in Shining Armor came to my rescue....again."

"Yeah, well I'm not sure I could make a career of it but I was glad to finally put those three in their place."


"Uh huh."

"If those bullies know.... raped me, what would you have done?"

I thought about that for a moment. I knew what he was really asking me was: how much did I care about him, and what would I be willing to do to defend his honor?

"It would not have been pretty and right now I might be in jail if that had happened."

He seemed satisfied with my answer and when he suddenly moved closer and looked up into my eyes I couldn't deny him. Taking him in my arms I kissed him gently on the lips then on each of his boo boos and finally nuzzling his ears I gave in completely to my feelings.

"I love you," I said softly, the words coming as naturally as if I had been saying them everyday of my life.

"I love you too, I have since that first day," he said as tears spilled down his cute face.

"Now what?" I sighed.

He giggled despite his tears, "We have sex?" he asked sounding small and insecure.

I thought about the consequences and complications of having a sexual relationship with a 15 year old for what seemed like hours, but was in fact only a few seconds. The truth was I had been thinking about it since we had first met, and even when we lost touch I still thought about it occasionally.

"Are you sure?" 

His eyes grew wide with shock but he recovered quickly. He nodded and bit his lip seductively and I was lost. Taking his hand I pulled him up off the couch and led him to the bedroom. I tried not to think about how foolish what I was about to do was and put all that aside for the moment. I didn't want that to spoil what I hoped would  be a beautiful moment for the both of us and I was smiling as I slowly undressed us both.

He was shy and so sweet, putty in my hands as I laid him down and began to make love to his smooth perfect body. I started at his small soft feet, sucking and licking his toes and the soles of his feet as he shivered and purred like a kitten, my little kitten. When I moved up to his legs he moaned lowly as I placed little kisses on his almost hairless legs and when at last I neared his center and his boy parts he raised up to watch me with nervous excitement. 

I grinned up at him and dropped my head between his legs and he instinctively opened them wider to give me better access. I nuzzled his balls and then began to lick and suck them as he squirmed and whimpered lowly.

"Oh gawd, that feels so wicked," he moaned.

I didn't reply, I was too busy tasting his sweaty boy balls and I could smell his boy ass odor beneath them and it was driving me crazy with desire. I had no idea how far this boy would let me go, but I didn't even care whether I got off or not, all I wanted at the moment was to please him and ultimately taste his sweet boy cum.

He was breathing fast now and clawing at the covers and I chuckled at the effect I was having on him considering I hadn't even touched his cock yet. But that would have to wait a little bit longer. Next I moved up to his flat smooth belly and found his belly button with my tongue. It tasted salty and had a unique flavor that I knew was his alone. Every male has his own unique flavor and my little boy lover was no exception. He was spicy and exotic tasting and my cock was throbbing  and leaking like a faucet just from inhaling his aroma.

From his belly button I ran my tongue up his stomach and across his well developed chest to his  hard little nipples. They were like little pencil erasers and as I began to suck and lick them he moaned lowly as he grabbed my head and pulled me against him. 

I broke off contact with his nipples and nuzzled his neck then moved up and began kissing him playfully on the face and finally on the lips. He returned my kiss with passion and we swapped tongues for a while before I finally broke off the kiss and pulled back so I could look into his eyes.

"You are going to love this baby," I said grinning and without another word I scooted down and began licking is hard 6" cock.

"Uhhhhhh...." he moaned, "Oh my gawd.....that is so.....uhhh....oh oh, good."

When I finally took his cock into my mouth he jumped as if electrocuted and began pawing at the covers as if he were trying to dig a hole in  the bed. I swallowed the entire thing in one gulp and worked my throat muscles to enhance the feeling. He moaned loudly and pushed up against me as if to force more cock down my throat, but I had it all already and I proceeded to give him the best of my best. 

I consider myself to be an expert cock sucker but when I am really turned on by someone I soar at new heights, and this was the case with Kevin. I wanted to please him so bad that I put all other thoughts out my head and just concentrated on his hard 6" of boy cock and tried to put myself in tune with his feelings. 

He was thrusting up against me with increased fervor and I knew he was getting close.  I really wasn't ready for him to come yet, but at this point I could deny him nothing and so I let him take control. He began fucking my throat as I kept the suction on his cock and used my tongue to stimulate his cock head. He was grunting now with his hands entwined in my hair as he guided me up and down his throbbing cock heading toward his impending release.

I reached down and squeezed his balls gently and suddenly I felt his cock thicken and begin to throb as he cried out and began to fill my mouth with his hot sweet boy spunk. It was even more delicious that I could ever have imagined and I was like a starving man as I gobbled it down and whined for more. I sucked and squeezed his balls until I was sure I had every drop then when he became too sensitive and pushed me away I fell down between his legs and began licking his balls like a cat licking it's fur.

"" he said between breaths, ""

I grinned up at him and said, "And that was just the beginning."

"There's more? I'm not sure I can handle anymore right  now."

"Oh, long do we have?" I asked realizing I hadn't thought about anything as mundane as time restrictions.

"Well, I'm spending the night at a friend's house tonight," he said softly.

"Oh, who?" I asked trying not to sound as disappointed as I was.

"You silly," he giggled, "I can stay here all night if you want me too."

"But, what about your folks?"

"Don't worry, okay? I got this covered."

I usually don't give in quite so easily, but the truth was I didn't want to waste another minute worrying about unimportant things so I nodded, "Okay, are you hungry?"

He looked amused at my change of direction but nodded, "I am now, I think I just lost five pounds when I came."

"And I got it," I said grinning, "and it was tasty."

"I know, I've tasted it. I like it. I might like yours too."

"Well, we'll find out later, but right now let's eat."

I pulled him up off the bed and led him to the kitchen and he sat at the table naked while I fixed a big sub sandwich and cut it in half. I gave him the lion's shared of it and served it with chips grabbing a beer for me and a soda for him. 

He looked at me with a frown when I handed him the soda and said, "Why can't I have a beer too? If I'm old enough to have sex I should be old enough for a beer."

I couldn't argue with that so I grabbed another beer and handed it to him and he was happy once again. I could tell from the look on his face that he wasn't a beer drinker though and pretty soon he switched to the soda. I smiled but didn't comment and when we had finished our sandwiches we peed and went back to bed.

"What now?" he asked sounding horny again. His cock was at full mast and he kept grabbing it and pushing it down so it would spring back up.

"Did you poop today?" I asked without embarrassment. If we were going to be lovers he would have to learn that there were certain requirements concerning hygiene.

"Nope, want me to?" he giggled.

"Not unless you want to. Just wanted to make sure you were fairly clean back there."

"Why...are you going know...fuck me?"

"Not unless you want me to, but I was thinking about giving that cute ass of yours a good tonguing."

"Oh...oh!...a rim job?" he said sounding excited, "Wait, I want to go take a shower, is that okay?"

I nodded, that was very okay. I loved boy taste and smell but when I ate ass I really liked it to be squeaky clean. "Yeah, that's fine. I'll wait here for you."

I stretched out on the bed and watched him as his cute rear disappeared out the door. I heard the toilet flush about four times and I decided he was taking a dump first just to be sure. For some reason that made me smile, I liked it when my partner did things without my asking. I heard the shower running and a sweet voice singing but I couldn't make out the words. He was happy and that made me happy. If I wasn't already in love with this boy I was now.

He returned still toweling his long hair and when he crawled into bed and laid down on his stomach I patted his cute rear and grabbed a pillow and had him raise up so I could put it beneath his middle to raise his butt for better access. He looked back at me and smiled but when I moved into position behind him he buried his face in his pillow and waited.

I sniffed his fine young ass and it was Heavenly. Despite the fact that he had just showered he still gave off a musky spicy aroma that drove me mad with desire. I kissed each butt cheek causing him to giggle but when I ran my tongue down his crack and across his hole he moaned loudly.

"Oh....ummm...oh...oh .....oh."

When I was sure he was comfortable with me being back there I concentrated on his boy pucker and began swirling my tongue all around it eliciting more moans from him. When I had him good and lubed up with spit I began to push my tongue against his hole and it slipped in easily. 

"Uhhhhhh....oh....shit," he moaned lowly as he pushed back against me, "feels"

It didn't take me long to get him worked up, as he desperately pushed back against me trying to get more of my tongue up his hot ass, moaning loudly the whole time. I love eating ass and I took my good slow time working my tongue in and out of his hot hole until he was so loose I had half my tongue up there. Some guys jokingly ask me if my tongue is forked and though it isn't it is very talented. If I were straight I would not doubt be very popular with women when it came to oral sex, but as it was my talents were appreciated by the many men I had rimmed.

" If getting fucked feels that good, I'm ready," Kevin moaned.

"Actually better," I said coming up for air.

"Then I am definitely ready."

"Maybe, later but for now just lay back and enjoy."

He did so for the next half hour and when my tongue finally got numb and I thought I had taught him all my moves I gave it up and fell down on my back beside him. He sighed and rolled over and immediately grabbed my hard wet cock and began jacking it slowly.

"Oh shit," I moaned, "that feels so good."

"How about this?" he said as he slid down and began licking the pre-cum off of the head and shaft.


He giggled, and then took my cock into his hot wet mouth. For a virgin he was a fast learner or a natural born cock sucker, because his mouth was doing amazing things to my cock from the first moment he began. Not once did he scrape my cock with his teeth and he was using his tongue in amazing ways as he took more and more of my cock into his mouth. 

I'm a good 7" and fat but he managed to get most of it in his hot wet mouth and only once or twice did he gag on it. He never gave up though and soon I was headed toward a ball busting orgasm.

He must've sensed I was near and when I warned him I was close he doubled his efforts. I couldn't have stopped and pulled out if I had wanted to so I just let it happen hoping he could take it, but I needn't have worried. Like I said the kid was a natural and he never missed a drop of my gusher as I shot my hot thick cum into his sweet soft mouth.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I moaned as my cock swelled and throbbed in his hot wet mouth.

I looked down and saw him smiling around my cock and I knew right then and there that he loved cock as much as I did. I didn't know at the time however that it was my cock that he especially loved.

He continued to hold my cock into his mouth until he was sure I had spilled the last of my load then he pulled off and licked me clean before moving up and kissing me deeply. I could taste my cum on his lips as I lapped at him like a hungry cat and he giggled.

"Was I good?"

", you were awesome. I haven't had a BJ that good in ages."

He sighed and snuggled against me and I could feel his heart beating against mine and a feeling of contentment washed over me. Damn society, what difference did it make how old someone was anyway? If you're old enough to love why can't you be free to love whomever you want? I had never considered myself a rebel before and up until the day I had never had sex with anyone below the age of 17, but I suddenly understood those guys who claimed to be boy lovers. I didn't know how we'd make it work, but I was sure as Hell gonna give it a shot and damn the consequences.

The days turned to weeks and somehow we made it work. Sometimes I would pick him up at the 7-11 by his house and take him to my apartement and we always wound up making love. His mom worked till 6 every day and most weekends making the weekends are best time to play.

He would stay over most Friday and Saturday nights and we'd go places and have fun then back at home fall into bed and make love till we collapsed exhaused and covered in sweat and cum. I lost all track of time and of the life I had known before Kevin and nothing else mattered but that 15 year old boy who had been shoved into my life by three bullies.

We never saw or heard from those three again, but I did see an obit for the leader of the pack. Apparently he had taken daddy's Beemer out for a joy ride and wrapped it around a tree killing him and a girl twice his age. I felt sorry for him and especially for the girl. I never mentioned it to Kevin and he hardly ever read the paper or watched the news so as far as I knew he was unaware of his tormentor's fate.

One afternoon as we lay in my bed after a sweaty love making session I asked how things were going at school and he said that since I had put those three bullies in their place no one messed with him anymore. In fact, he said, some of the kids that he thought were gay had come forward and thanked him for having the guts to come out and make it a safer place for them all. 

I knew Kevin even better than he knew himself and when he told me about one boy in particular, a boy named Donnie, his eyes lit up and he smiled like the Cheshire Cat. Was my little chicken falling for a boy his own age? I mean it was bound to happen eventually. Sure I was hot and sexy, but he was only 15 (soon to be 16) and I was ten years older. 

I wondered how I would handle it when he evenutally broke it off, but I was damned if I was going to worry about it till it happened. Instead I continued to love him and our affair continued into the Holidays.

November 20th Kevin turned 16 and we celebrated by going out to dinner and a movie and afterwards I gave him his present, a gold chain for him to wear around his neck. I wanted him to have something to remember me by if and when we ever moved on.

Like most 16 year olds he was itching to get his driver's license and since I had let him practice driving in my car as much as possible we both felt he was ready to take the test. He studied the driver's manual almost insesently and one sunny Friday afternoon in Early December I drove him to the DMV and watched nervously as he drove off with the instructor in my car.

He returend fifteen minutes later all smiles and I knew he had passed. We celebrated that night by going out for pizza and made love. I had forgotten all about my fears about Kevin leaving me for that boy Donnie, but as we lay there that night resting he brought the boy up again.

"He's a complete virgin, just like I was and he's dying to do some stuff," he said sounding excited.

"Well, if you like him why don't you help him out?" I offered trying to sound more unselfish than I felt.

"Well, I guess that would be cool, but what we were thinking...."

We? They had talked about it? I thought, wondering what else they had talked about. Did this kid know about Kevin and me?

"Oh, and what were you thinking?" I asked nervously.

"Well," he sighed looking and sounding as nervous as I was, "I...we, thought it would be cool if..ummm...he came here some night and we all three had some fun. We could both show him what it's like and he wouldn't be a virgin any more."

"You want to bring another boy into this?" I asked with shock as the implications of that rippled through my head.

"He's cool....I swear. He wouldn't tell anyone. He is so jealous that I have you...oops, I guess I shouldn't have said that."

"You told him about us?"

"Yeah, but he doesn't know who you are or anything."

"Maybe not, but if he told someone you were having sex with an adult it wouldn't take long to figure out who with," I said feeling betrayed and very upset.

"No, he wouldn't. You don't understand. I'm sorry. I knew I should've kept my mouth shut. He's like us...I swear. He would never tell....but he wants to meet you. He says he would love to have an older guy like you to show him things and tell you the truth, I think it would be cool too."

"I don't know what to say. I thought I might lose you to this boy, but now you want him to join us. I confused."

"Lose way, that's crazy. I will always be yours...that won't change. Forget it. I'm sorry. If it causes you trouble then forget it."

"I'm sorry too. I feel like I am keeping you from having a relationship with someone your own age. Maybe...maybe we should not see as much of each other as we have been."

The look on his face caused my heart to break. "You...don't love me any...anymore?" he said near tears.

"Of course I love you. I love you too much in fact. I love you so much that I can't think straight. I feel like I'm being selfish. I just want what's best for you, that's all."

"What's best for me is to be with you. I love you and I'm sorry I brought this up, but just think about it...okay?  I know you would like him and he will like you too and I like him a lot. Doesn't it excite you a little to think about having another virgin to break in?" he asked sounding excited himself.

The truth was, it did excite me, a great deal, and the risks seemed minimal. This kid Donnie already knew enough to send me away for a long time so what did I have to lose? Still there was the obvious danger, that someone would be jealous and truthfully I didn't know which one of us might be the jealous party. Would Kevin resent any attention I gave to Donnie, or would I be the culpret, worrying that Kevin liked Donnie more than me and fearing he would eventually break it off with me to be with him?

"I'll think about it, but I'll be honest...I don't think it would work."

"Why, because you think I'd be jealous?"

"Well, that or worse...that I would be jealous of you and him."

"Why can't we love more than one person?" he asked innocently. Why indeed? That was a question that had been asked many times in many situations, but the answer was as elusive as love itself.

"I....don't know. I guess most people just aren't wired that way. I think most people see true love as something two people share and they don't want anyone else involved."

"That's stupid. I can love more than one person...I do," he said looking at me for my reaction. "I sort of love Donnie and I know I love you...a lot. So why can't we all three love each other?"

"I don't even know this boy and he sure doesn't know me, so how can I answer that?"

"Well, how about you just meet him then? We don't have to have sex. We can just go out and eat or go somewhere and talk," he pleaded.

"I don't know. I guess there's no harm in that. But no tricks. We just meet and talk, that's all."

"Okay, yeah...that's cool. I'll let him know. He'll be really happy. How about tomorrow night?"

"Well, I guess that would be okay. We could go to the drive in, how about that...and eat in the car.? I could get a bucket of chicken and fill the cooler with sodas." I said suddenly realizing I was actually looking forward to this.

"Yeah, that's cool. Hey, can I call him now. It's not too late," he said grabbing his cell phone from the night stand.

I nodded and he made the call and the date was on.

I picked Donnie up at the mall near his house and we nervoulsy bumped fists and he climbed into the back seat behind Kevin. I wondered if that was so he could see me rather than Kevin as we talked but I tried not to make too much of it. If I was being set up by these two it wasn't obvious. So far it just looked like we were going to have a nice night out at the drive in.

I stopped for chicken and moved the cooler from the trunk to the back seat for easy access and we headed to the last existing drive-in in town. Despite the fact that it was till early there were a lot of cars there, but I found a good spot directly behind the building that housed the projector, bathrooms, and snack bar and tuned in the radio to the frequency they broadcast the sound on. I knew that in the old days there were actually speakers hanging on poles and you hung them on your car window, but they had been removed long ago and the sound now came through your radio.

Kevin and Donnie went off to use the bathroom while we waited for the movie to begin and I couldn't help but wonder if they were up to something. I guess I wasn't as open minded as I thought and the image of those two standing side by side at the urinal admiring each other's boyhood or worse sort of depressed me. But in a way it was exciting too. Two teenage boys in their prime. It was like some Nifty story come true and it could be mine simply by giving the word.

They returned with popcorn and candy bars and I relaxed. Apparently they were more concerned about their tummies than their dicks, at least for now. We broke out the chicken and sodas and the boys ate like...well, like boys and I was glad I had brought wet wipes and paper towels for the clean up.

Somewhere between bites the movie began, well the prevues and stuff anyway, and somehow we managed to get all three of us in my front seat. I was glad for once that I had a bench seat in front and not buckets because it was actually quite nice having Kevin pressed against me on one side and Donnie on the other. Yeah, they had hearded me into the middle despite my having the longer legs, but hell I didn't mind in the least once I felt all that boy flesh against me.

Looking back on it I think Kevin had this planned out from the beginning. He knew me as well as I knew him and all he had to do was offer up the temptation and press a little flesh and I was sold. I don't even remember what the movies were that night, but I do know that halfway through the last one both boys had their hands in my lap on my hard seven incher and I finally gave in.

Reaching over to either side of me I found what I expected, hard wet teenage cock and after a little fumbling we got our junk out and began to play with each other in earnest. Donnie was uncut, which was nice, and about 5" and not too fat. He had nice balls and his pubes were trimmed or he didn't have much hair, one or the other, and those balls were hairless as far as I could tell. I guess I should have suspected he was younger than Kevin at that point, but I was too turned on to think straight.

When we were good and turned on and ready to pop, Kevin suggested we skip the rest of the movie and go back to my apartment and though it was hard to pull away from those hard teen shafts I agreed. We zipped up and I let Kevin drive us home. 

We carried in the leftover food and cooler and Kevin announced that he and Donnie were going to take a shower and that I could join them if I wanted to. I had the usual tub/shower combo so there was technically room for all three of us, but I knew there would be a lot of bumping and touching and I guess that's what convinced me to join them.

Donnie's body was magnificent. He was small but packed a punch with a well developed chest, muscled arms and legs, and a butt to die for. I think I might have been drooling because Kevin was giving me a humorous look and then a thumbs up.

We piled into the shower and needless to say we were fully hard in seconds. Kevin was near the shower head and he had the temp just right for us to play. We took turns soaping each other up and I got to touch that magnificent body of Donnie's in all the right places.

When it came time to wash his cute butt he spread his legs to let me in and I washed his pucker causing him to moan as he leaned against Kevin.

"Feels good, no one's ever touched me back there...except me and my dildo," he giggled.

Dildo? This kid had a dildo?

"You mean your mom's dildo," Kevin laughed, "if ony she knew what it was being used for when she was at work."

"Well, I'd buy one for myself except they don't let 14 year olds in the sex shops."

"14? I cried out as my erection started to melt, "I thought you were Kevin."

"Oh, that," Kevin said looking worried, "he's so smart they advanced him two grades. Anyway, what's the big deal? I was 15 when we started doin it."

I couldn't argue with that, it was all illegal and I'd get just as much time for a 16  year old as a 14 year old, but it was still a shock. But it did explain his sparse pubes and hairless balls...still he was a hot looking boy and I was already in too deep to back out now.

We rinsed off and helped each other dry off and since no mention was made of getting dressed I assumed it was time to play and I was not mistaken. Grabbing our  hands Kevin led the two of us off to slaughter, only this slaughter was awesome. As we climbed into bed Kevin took complete control and Donnie and I just did what we were told from that moment on.

"Okay, I want  you two to kiss now," Kevin said sounding exited and the hardness of his cock said he was.

I shrugged and leaned in and Donnie met me half way. His eyes were closed but just as our lips met  they jerked open and he stared into mine with surprise and wonder. He was a good kisser, slow at first, but learning as he went and when I put my arms around him and drew him closer he was putty in my hands.

"Mmmmm....that was nice," I said as I came up for air.

"I...never kissed anyone before," he admitted, "not even a girl. It was fun...not like I was exciting and sexy."

"A good kiss should be."

"Now, kiss his neck and down his body like you did to me," Kevin said starting to stroke himself.

I shrugged but wasted no time getting down to business. If this was what these two horny boys wanted then that was what they wre going to get. Donnie shivered as I began nuzzling his neck and when I moved down to his nipples he moaned softly and grabbed my head guiding it from one nipple to the other.

"Feels wicked, don't it Donnie?" Kevin said grinning.

"Uh...yeah...I never knew about this part before."

"Oh, there's lots more, right Robbie?"

I just nodded, and began to move my way down as the beautiful boy beneath me moaned louder and shook in anticipation. When I reached his smooth flat belly I tongued out his belly button causing him to giggle. He tasted sweet and salty despite the shower and I knew his boy pheremones were kicking in causing me to go crazy with lust. 

I nuzzled his pubes with my nose and he grunted his approval, but when I skipped over his rigid little cock and went straight to his nuts he whined a little until he felt my tongue on his baby makers.

"Uh...uh...oh...gawd....that feels sooooo gooood...oh yes, please keep doing that," he said breathlessly. He didn't need to beg or plead though, there was not stopping now that I had his scent and taste in my head.

I would have liked to  explore more of his body, his feet especially, but I wanted to taste that sweet perfect ass of his in the worst way and I guess Kevin knew that because his next order was just that. "Okay, now lick his ass and stick you tongue up his poop chute," he said lustily.

"What...oh...really?" Donnie said raising up a little to look at me.

I didn't reply, instead I raised his legs and dived between them. I licked his nuts and taint first to get him used to my tongue then I found his bitter sweet center and swirled my tongue around it as he nearly came unglued.

"Oh...gawd...oh that your tongue?...oh shit....oh gawd. I think I'm gonna come...."

"Huh uh, none of that?" Kevin said suddenly, "no coming till I say so, got that?

God he was enjoying this, and I began to realize there was a side to my young lover that I had never known.

"Okay...okay, but it feels so good...ummmmm.....better than a finger or a dildo...oh...shit."

"No don't," Kevin joked, "shitting is nasty." Okay, that's enough butt eating, now suck his cock and I guess he can come now. But he's gotta come again later. Got that Donnie."

"I can...I can come a lot. I just have to rest a little afterwards."

"Okay, Robbie give him the trip around the world," he giggled. That was my name for the fabulous beejay I had given him that first night and he still referred to it by that name.

Robbie looked confused, but when I began his confusion turned to excited bliss. He squirmed and bucked beneath me sometimes grabbing my head and forcing his 5 inches deeper, but I retained control till the very end, easing him slowly toward release until Kevin nodded and I brought him to Nirvana.

As he began to erupt Kevin moved in and stuck his cock into Donnie's mouth and began filling his mouth even as he began to fill mine. For the next several seconds I was busy savoring and swallowing Donnie's tasty boy cum, amazed at the shear volume of it, and when he was done I licked him clean and gave his dick a noisy kiss.

Kevin had finished filling Donnie's mouth by then and he scooted down and began to kiss the boy as they shared his tasty load. At this point I did feel a twinge of jealously but it was quickly overcome as the two pulled me in and we kissed back and forth for the next few minutes.

I wasn't sure at what point I had lost control, or if I ever had control to begin with, but somehow I knew what was next. Kevin was obviously enjoying being in control and who was I to take that away from him? But I did worry that maybe Donnie wasn't as enthusiastic about being used as a sex toy as I was.

"Okay, now...Robbie is going to pop your cherry," Kevin said lustily.

At first I was worried that Donnie might not be as enthusiastic about this new turn of events as Kevin was, but one look at the lust in his eyes dispelled that fear. Again I wondered if these two hadn't already planned all this in advance, but I was too excited to care one way or the other.

The thought of slipping inside that boy's hot smooth ass was almost more than I could stand and I was shaking with anticipation as I waited for Kevin to tell me how this was going down.

"Okay, Robbie just lay back and let Donnie do the work. Now Donnie, just like we talked about, yeah..that's it squat over him. Wait I forgot the lube...." he grabbed the lube from the bedside table and slathered up my cock as I gasped at his warm soft touch, afaid I'd blow just from his touch, but fortunately I was able to hold off for the main event.

Donnie looked at me with a nervous smile as he positioned himself above me and when he lowered himself a bit and my hot slick cock touched his button, he gasped and made an "O"face. 

"You okay? We don't have to do this if you aren't ready," I said even though I wanted it as badly as I'd ever wanted anything.

"I'm ready, I want to do this. I can do this, I know I can," he said as he lowered himself a little and the head of my cock penetrated his tight ring just a little. He let out a little sigh, then sunk a bit lower and with an almost audible pop my entire head popped into his tight hot ass.

"Uhhhh," I gasped, "so tight, are you okay?"

"Yeah, feels good," he said as sweat rolled down his cute face, "you're bigger than mom's dildo but I can stretch."

And stretch is what he did as he slowly lowered himself onto my hard pole until I felt his smooth soft butt resting against my pubes. I could feel his balls resting on my lower abdomen and to my surprise his cock was at full mast. A lot of guys go soft when they get a dick up the ass, but not this one, no way, his magnificant cock was hard and oozing pre-cum like crazy.

"Okay, I'm ready," he said sounding far away, "here goes," and with those words he began to move up and down on my shaft causing the most wonderful and intense feeling I'd ever had to spread all through my body.

Before long he had a nice rhythm going but I was impatient and took over holding him by his slender waist as I humped up off the bed driving my 7 inches of man meat into his hot tight hole. He threw his head back and began working his cock and then Kevin was there kissing him as I fucked him and he beat his meat.

The sight of the two of them kissing and Donnie beating his meat was too much for me and with a grunt I began to spew my hot thick cum deep into Donnie's guts, breeding him and marking him as mine, even is only for the moment.

I saw black around the edges of my vision and felt like my heart was going to escape from my chest and then the feeling subsided and I was left with a warm satisfied feeling as I rested deep inside his hot tight guts. I looked up to see that he had come all over my chest and stomach and Kevin was slowly lapping it up like a cat. That alone was enough to get me going again, only this time I wanted my boy...I wanted Kevin beneath me.

Reaching up and grabbing Donnie I lifted the slender boy off of my cock and gently rolled him onto his back. Then grabbing Kevin almost roughly I laid him down beside Donnie and raised his legs high and began to rim him wetly and deeply until he was ready for me.

Using my spit and cum as lube I entered Kevin easily and began to knock out my second piece of tail for the night. Kevin smiled and reached for Donnie  who rolled over and began kissing him deeply and passionately as I fucked him with all I had. That night it wasn't about making love, it was raw animalistic fucking and we all enjoyed it equally.

End of Part One

Bullying is real and I hope this story causes my readers to think. A recent study shows that gay teens are five time more likely to commit suicide than than straight ones. Some gay and lesbian teens say they do not feel safe at school because of their orientation and most say they have been bullied because of it. In a world where racial equality is not only expected but legislated isn't it about time we did something to make sure our future generations are safe regardless of their sexual orientation. I encourage my readers to take an active role in supporting anti-bullying campaigns and end this senseless loss of life of gay and lesbian children and teenagers.

Thanks once again for your support over the years and I value your emails and your input. Please address all emails to I promise to answer all of them in a timely fashion.

Kewl Dad 


I found this story unfinished and poished it up a bit and am submitting it just so my reader wont's forget me. I've been so long posting the next chapter of Accidental dad that most of them probably think I'm But this will give them something to read in the meantime. 

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