Cameron and Troy




Randy Howard



This story is fiction. Any similarities with peoples living or dead are purely by coincidence. Please navigate away from this story if it is against the law in your country to view this material. Moreover do not read if you are under the age of majority in your state, province or country. Please do not copy without permission.

Chapter 1


Cameron lay on is bed, his head was covered with his pillow. He tried as he may to drown out the screams of his parents as the fought downstairs. His dad was drunk, something that was quite common to Cameron. He came home that way every night and before long the screams would soon turn to hitting.

Cameron pulled the pillow tighter to his ears. He didn't want to hear the slaps of his father's hands when they struck his mother. Then suddenly, the voices and slapping stopped. He removed the pillow and listened... then that familiar creaking of the fourth step from the top creaked, telling him that someone was coming upstairs.

His door burst open, Cameron turned, frightened and stared at his father standing in the doorway. The light from the hall silhouetted his massive frame as he moved into Cameron's room.

Cameron was sixteen, and never before had his father came looking for him after a fight. But here he was, towering over the teen as he trembled on his bed. He looked down on his boy and pure evil poured from his eyes.

"Please dad no..." he begged. "Don't hit me please dad," he pleaded but his father's hand met his face, pain shot through out his body. "Daddy no... please don't hit any more," but again he did.

He pulled back the blankets that were covering Cameron and grinned as he looked upon his son's naked body. Cameron grabbed at the blankets; urgently he tried to cover himself. His father pulled his sweat covered tee shirt up and over his head, tossing it to the floor. His pants were unbuttoned and the zipper pulled down. His father pushed his jeans along with his boxers down to the floor, before he stepped out of them. He kicked them aside and pulled the blankets completely off the bed, exposing Cameron's naked body.

"Your mama won't give me any so guess what boy, you are gonna take the bitch's place," he said in a demonic tone.

"No daddy, please don't do this," Cameron begged as his father grabbed at him.

He wrestled Cameron onto his stomach and crawled on top of the boy. Jason Parker was twice the size of his son, and drunk.

"Daddy's gonna fuck that boy pussy of yours," he whispered in Cameron's ear.

The smell of stale booze and cigarettes nearly made Cameron sick. He felt his father's breath on his neck as his dad's cock searched out his rosebud. Jason forced Cameron's legs apart with his knees and placed his cock to his rosebud.

"Grad a hold of the bed boy because daddy is gonna invade that sweet ass of yours," he whispered and shoved his cock hard, fast and deep into Cameron's ass.

"Nooooo stop," Cameron screamed as Jason's cock fully invaded his ass.

The pain was intense, as Jason rose up and pulled completely out before he thrust his fat eight inch cock deep back in.

"Oh God please daddy stop... it hurts too much," Cameron begged, but to deaf ears.

Jason fucked his son with vengeance and showed him no mercy as his thrusts tore the boy wide open. Cameron buried his face deep into the pillow, hiding his tears as his father raped him. Jason's grunts and groans were loud as he pummeled Cameron's ass.

"You got one sweet tight boy pussy CamCam," Jason said as he called him by the name that he would call him when he was a little boy. "You took your daddy's man cock good boy now get ready to accept the sperm that made you boy," he whispered again as his thrusts became harder and faster.

Cameron laid there in pain and shame, wondering where his mother was. How could she let this man do this to him, he wondered. His young body bounced up and down on the bed as Jason grew closer to his climax. Cameron felt his body shudder as his daddy's cock swelled.

"Aaaaaaah fuck boy I'm cumming," Jason screamed out loud and thrust his cock deep into Cameron's ass and held still.

Cameron felt each twitch of Jason's cock as it exploded inside him. Jason quickened his thrusts as he pounded deep into his son's ass, burying his sperm in Cameron's ravaged insides. Jason spent, exhausted, collapsed onto Cameron's back. His breath, less than an inch from Cameron's nose, turned his stomach.

"Nice fuck boy," he whispered and he pulled his spent cock quickly from Cameron's burning ass. "I'll be back boy; I want another piece of that sweet boy pussy."

Cameron laid there crying, as Jason walked naked from his room. Several moments later, he heard the shower go on and he quickly got up. He was not going to wait for his father to return and rape him yet again. His father's sperm ran down his legs as he moved quickly about his room grabbing clothes and stuffing them into a duffle bag. He saw his father's shirt on the floor, picked it up and wiped the sperm from his ass and legs.

Once dressed, he grabbed his savings from a its hiding place deep in his closet. He quietly crept downstairs, avoiding the fourth step. His mother lay on the floor, unconscious or so he thought. He gave her a kiss and froze; frantically he searched for a pulse...there was none. Tears flooded his eyes as he mourned his mother.

"Police...I want to report a murder," he said into the phone, his emotions in check.

"What are you doing down here," Jason asked angrily as he suddenly appeared in the room. "I told you boy that I wanted more of that boy pussy of yours," he screamed at him and struck hard across the face, crashing him to the floor.

"No daddy, please don't hurt me," he cried out in pain as the faint sound of sirens broke the night's silence.

"You called the fucking police didn't you, you ingrate bastard," he screamed and came rushing towards him, but Cameron was quicker.

Cameron bolted for the front door, opened it and ran out into the darkness. Several cruisers were pulling up as Jason stood at the doorway with his gun in his hand. An officer grabbed Cameron, pushing him to the ground, as several shots rang out.

Cameron turned his head just as Jason dropped to the ground. He was trembling as the officer got up from covering him.

"Are you alright kid," he asked extending his hand to Cameron.

"Is he...dead," he asked as the officer helped him to stand.

"I'm afraid so son," he said as he held the trembling teen close.

"My mother is inside the house...dead," he barely got out and his emotions cut loose.

He cried profusely as the officer held him tight.

"Cry son, he can't hurt you anymore," he whispered as he tried to comfort the teen.

Cameron's arms were wrapped tightly around the officer, as he cried into his chest.

"He raped me sir," Cameron said in shame and collapsed to the ground, eased down by the young officer.

"I need an ambulance here," he shouted as he cradled Cameron's head.

Two paramedics came running over to assist him.

"He's just passed out Troy," one paramedic said to the officer.

Troy Mathews stood back and watched them work on Cameron. He stared at Cameron's face and it looked so innocent. His mussed up blond hair framed his face and gave him an angelic look. Troy was twenty five and had been a police officer ever since he was nineteen, as had his father. He was single and unlike his fellow officers, he was overly compassionate towards victims, especially children.

"He's been raped by his dad," he told his friend as several officers came over to him.

"Is the boy alright Troy," Jeremy Wilson asked as he looked down at Cameron.

"He's just passed out... his father raped and beat him," he told his buddy.

"The woman inside is dead also," Jeremy told him, but Troy already knew that.

"I know, the boy told me just before he passed out," he told him and watched as the paramedics strapped Cameron to the stretcher.

Cameron came too, just before they were about to wheel him away.

"Don't leave me officer," Cameron called out and Troy rushed over to his side.

"I'm right here son, what's your name?" he asked pushing away the hair from his young blue eyes.

"Cameron sir... please don't leave me," he begged again.

"These men are going to take you to the hospital, where a doctor will help you son. I will come and see you so don't worry now." He told him as they wheeled him away.


A doctor examined Cameron at the hospital and treated his abused ass to ease the pain. Cameron kept his face turned from the doctor, unable to deal with his shame.

"Cameron, this wasn't your fault son so please don't feel that it was," the doctor sympathetically said as he covered the teen and looked up to see Troy standing at the doorway. "I think you have a visitor," he said and Cameron turned to see Troy standing there.

Cameron rolled onto his back and held out his arms to Troy. Troy hurriedly rushed to the boy and hugged him tenderly.

"I was afraid that you wouldn't come for me sir," Cameron said between sobs.

"I told you that I would be here son," and the doctor looked at him strange.

"You have a lot of nerve coming here... after what you did to your son," the doctor scolded vehemently at Troy.

"Oh my God no doctor, I'm not his father. I could never do what his dad did to him," Troy said, upset that the doctor could imagine him to be so cruel.

"I am very sorry officer, but when you called him son, I just assumed you... well I am sorry," he said apologetically and offered his hand, Troy shook it. "If you will excuse me, I have paperwork to write up," and he walked off, leaving Troy alone with Cameron.

"So son, how are you doing... really doing inside that head of yours," Troy asked still holding the sobbing teen.

"Ok sir, but don't leave me alone here...please sir." Cameron begged as he tightened his hold on Troy.

"I will do what I can Cameron, but social services are now involved," he told him. "I have to abide by what they say," he sadly confided.

Troy's heart was breaking for the boy, and in all of his six years as a police officer, Troy had never been touched like this.

"Excuse me officer, I'm Nancy Barcomb from youth services," an older woman of about forty said as she stepped into the room. "I need to speak to the boy so if you would please wait outside, I'll be a few minutes," but Cameron refused to let go of Troy, and cried harder as Troy separated from him.

"I'll be just outside Cameron," Troy told him and stepped from the room.

"Well young man, I need to know some facts about you. I already know what happened at your house so there is no need to rehash that mess," she told him calmly. "Now, just how old are you and are there any relatives that I can contact for you?"

"I'm sixteen ma'am, well I'll be seventeen next month," he told her quietly, unable to meet her eyes. "My parents were the only relatives I had left ma'am."

"So technically you are orphaned now," she told him. "I will have to find you a foster home, until we can determine your fate."

"Why can't I stay with the police officer?" he begged but she seamed indifferent to his pleas.

"That's not possible young man, he's a police officer and shouldn't be involved personally with you," she stated coldly.

"I want to stay with him or else I am going to run away," he adamantly yelled and Troy came running in.

"Cameron, I can hear you all the way out in the waiting room," he said calmly.

"She won't let me stay with you sir, she wants to send me to a foster home," he said crying.

"I tried to tell him that you are not allowed to be involved on a personal level with him," she stated and Troy was angered by her coldness.

"And why not ma'am, I am already involved on a personal level," he said staring her down.

"It's very unheard of, and if you don't mind would you please leave the room," she said sarcastically.

"I'll be right back son," Troy said as he abruptly left the room.

"Now Cameron, I will need your date of birth," she told him but he turned to the wall, no longer co-operating with her. "Listen young man, this is for your own good, now what is your date of birth," she angrily asked a second time.

"November thirteenth," he mumbled, refusing to look at her.

She continued for another hour to grill him for information and just when she was putting her things into her briefcase, another man entered the room with Troy.

"Mr. Corbin, whatever are you doing here," she asked, surprised to see her boss standing there.

"I would like to talk to you privately if you please," he said and motioned with his hand towards the door.

She stepped outside into the hallway to talk, while Troy sat beside Cameron.

"If everything goes as I plan Cameron, you'll be home with me tonight," Troy told him and for the first time since they met, a smile crept across Cameron's young face.

"Really sir," he asked holding his arms out to Troy who stood and hugged the boy.

"You can call me Troy, Cameron," he whispered, and softly kissed the top of his head.

Brian Corbin re-entered the room and spoke quietly with Troy. Troy smiled at Cameron before he stepped from the room.

"So young man, I understand that you want to stay with Officer Mathews," he said warmly to Cameron.

"Yes sir, but that woman refused to listen to me."

"Well she was just doing her job and she can be very stubborn at times. She was just looking out for your best interest Cameron."

"I know sir, but I really want to stay with him... please sir?" he asked, fighting back his emotions.

"Well I have known Officer Mathews for many years and if he doesn't mind, then I see no reason why you can't stay with him until your court appearance."

"Why do I have to go to court sir, I didn't do anything wrong?" he asked as fear gripped him.

"Well actually its family court and we will need to place you permanently."

Cameron went quiet, as his thoughts raced around in his young mind. He wanted to beg and scream, but he knew that it wouldn't help his case if he did.

"So can I please stay with Officer Mathews, sir?" he politely asked.

"I personally approved it young man, so when the doctor says you can go, you will leave with him." He told him and again a smile crossed his face. "So if there are no other questions Cameron, I will be leaving," he said as he stood.

"No sir... and thank you sir for helping me," he told him and offered his hand, which Brian shook.

Troy stepped back into the room and Cameron's face lit up once he saw him.

"He's all yours Troy and you will be getting a court date within the week," Brian quietly told him before he left the two alone.

"Well I guess I have a house guest," he told Cameron and the doctor arrived back in to discharge him.

"I am giving you a prescription for pain and one to help him sleep," he told him as he handed the papers to Troy. "Well young man, you are all set to leave," the doctor told him.

"Where are my clothes," Cameron asked as he glanced around the room for his clothing.

"We had to cut them off you so if you will give me a minute I will have the nurse bring you a set of scrubs," he said and left.

A nurse returned several minutes later holding a set of light blue scrubs for Cameron. She set them on the bed and left him to dress.

"I'll wait for you outside Cameron," Troy said as he stood to leave.

"NO!" Cameron said quickly and Troy remained.

Cameron stood and removed his johnny, revealing his youthful body to Troy. Troy turned his head after taking in the full view of his young charge. His skin was like cream, without a single blemish and completely hairless. Well he did have a small start of pubic hair, blond, just above his young cock. His flaccid cock hung down and to the left with high tight balls beneath it. His legs were that of an athlete, muscular and firm with a dusting of soft blond hair. Cameron turned, and exposed his round hard ass to Troy who swallowed hard from the sight.

"What the fuck have you gotten yourself into Troy," he thought and he felt his cock stir.

"Ok Troy, I am all ready to go," Cameron said and Troy turned back to him.

The scrubs hugged his well toned body like a glove and his cock was well defined in the soft cotton material.


"Have you eaten yet Cameron," he asked as they drove out of the parking lot.

"No sir, but I am kinda hungry," he replied looking over at his new friend.

Troy drove to a local McDonald's and got them each something to eat before driving home. They arrived home and Cameron stood in awe of the house as they drove into the driveway.

"Are you rich Troy," he asked as the car came to a stop at a gate and Troy entered a code.

"It was my parent's house and when they died they left it to me." He turned off the car and they got out.

He showed Cameron to his room after they finished their meal and he looked stunned by the room.

"This looks like a kid's room Troy," he said looking at Troy.

"It was my son David's room," he sadly said. "He and his mother died in car accident two years ago." His tears were clouding his eyes and he wiped them with the back of his hand.

"I'm sorry Troy, how old was he," he asked.

He was three and God I still miss him very much," and again the tears.

They went downstairs to talk and Cameron got quiet as he contemplated his future. He knew that this was just temporary.

"Why so quiet Cameron?"

"What's going to happen to me Troy?" his lip quivered as he looked up at the young officer.

"Well first you will have a hearing before a judge in family court. If no one comes forward, you will be placed in a foster home until you are eighteen."

"What do you mean if no one comes forward, don't you want me Troy?"

"It's not a matter of wanting or not wanting you Cameron, it's whether or not the court sees me fit as a guardian. I am single and... well I am single Cameron. It's getting late so why don't we get some sleep," he said getting up.


Troy lay in his bed and he thought about Cameron, and how he wanted to live permanently with him. He had his secret and it was something that he was afraid to share with anyone, especially the boy.

"If I was to tell him he would run away from me so fucking fast," he thought and a soft knock on his door, roused him from his thoughts. "Come in," he replied to the knock.

"Troy, can I sleep in here with you please, I don't want to be alone?" Cameron asked from the doorway.

"Ah... I guess it would be alright," he said and then froze.

He was naked and he didn't want the boy to know it. But his boxer briefs were in his hamper and he had to get up to get another pair. Cameron walked into the room, and as the moonlight hit his young body, Troy noticed that he was naked also. Cameron climbed into bed and instantly cuddled close to Troy's side with his arm across his chest and his leg over Troy's.

The warm touch of Cameron's body next to his went directly to Troy's cock. He held the boy tight with his right arm and soon Cameron was sound asleep. Troy didn't dare to move and after several long and torturous minutes, he too fell asleep.


The sunlight was bright and filled the room with its light and warmth. It was the doorbell ringing that woke Troy from his sleep. He quietly slid from the bed, grabbed his robe and snuck downstairs to answer the door.

"Mrs. Barcomb... what a surprise," a stunned Troy said shocked by her sudden appearance. "What can I do for you," he asked, inviting her in.

"This is one of several surprised visits," she told him as she entered the house. "May I ask where the Mathews boy is?" she asked glancing around the room.

"Ah... he's still asleep upstairs," he stammered.

"Would you show me please... his room?" she said looking determinedly at him.

"Sure... follow me," he said. "Oh God this is not going to be good," he thought.

She followed him upstairs and when he got to the room that he had set aside for Cameron he knocked softly.

"Come in," he heard and it surprised him.

He opened the door and there in his bed was Cameron, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Mrs. Barcomb is here to see you Cameron," he said and Cameron sat up, wearing a night shirt.

"If you would excuse me ma'am," he said and went to his room to get dressed.

He got into his room and on his pillow he saw a folded piece of paper. He opened it and found it to be a note from Cameron. He smiled as he read the note.

`You owe me one,' it said and he stuffed it into his bathrobe pocket.

He returned to Cameron's room and found the two chatting.

"I was wrong about you young man," Mrs. Barcomb said to Troy once he entered the room. "I can see that Cameron is very happy here with you officer."

She got up and said her goodbye to Cameron and walked downstairs with Troy.

"I was just going to make myself a coffee; can I offer you a cup?"

"No thank you, I have several more stops before I call it a day. Again Mr. Parker please accept my apology for misjudging you."

"Not a problem ma'am and feel free to stop by anytime," he said as he walked her to the door. "Do you have any idea when Cameron's hearing will be?"

"Well with the backlog that the court has, I would guess some time in the next two or three weeks."

"Well thank you again for stopping by," she shook his hand warmly and left.


He closed the door and looked towards the stairs. He walked upstairs and when he got to Cameron's room, he was gone. He walked down to his own bedroom and there on his bed lay Cameron and he smiled at the boy.

"Do care to elaborate on the note that you left on my pillow?" Troy asked sitting on the side of the bed.

"I will if you elaborate on this," and he pulled a current copy of Instinct Magazine from under the blanket, and on the cover was hot looking young man.

Troy blushed and his heart pounded with anxiety as he looked at the gay man's magazine in Cameron's hand.

"Would you believe if I told you it wasn't mine?" he asked looking down at the floor.

"Troy please, I don't care if you're gay... I am also," Cameron told him and Troy looked over at the boy with tears in his eyes. "Now about that owing me one," and Cameron held the blanket back, inviting Troy to join him.

Troy looked at Cameron's naked body and stood.

"You're a minor Cameron and I could go to prison for the rest of my life were I to indulge the feelings I am having for you," Troy said turning from him and walking to his window. Cameron got out of bed and walked over to Troy. He wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed the back of his neck.

"Troy please, lets not think of me as a minor, but lets just be two gay men falling in love with each other," Cameron said, causing Troy to turn and look at him.

"Are you sure that you're only sixteen, because you seem beyond your years handsome boy?"

Cameron moved his arms to around Troy's neck and kissed him tenderly on the lips. Troy wrapped his arms around Cameron's waist and pulled him tightly to him. Their tongues danced together, as they set their love into motion. Cameron walked Troy to the bed, holding his hand in his. Troy kissed Cameron again and, while their lips were still locked together, Cameron ran his hands down Troy's rock hard stomach to his jeans, unbuttoned them, letting them fall to the floor. Both of their erections pressed against each other.

Getting on the bed, they kneeled facing each other in the bed's center. Troy took Cameron's head in his hands and kissed his full lips, and then eased the boy down on his back. Troy then leaned down and ran his tongue around the tip of Cameron's fully engorged cock which caused Cameron to take a deep breath as Troy swallowed his cock completely. Never before had anyone given the teen such pleasure as Troy was doing to him that very moment.

"Oh fuck Troy," Cameron said as he looked down at Troy with his cock in his mouth.

"Mmmmm," Troy moaned contentedly as he sucked feverishly on the teen's plump cock.

Troy let go of Cameron's cock, moved up, kissed his lips and laid beside him, on his back. Cameron knew just what to do as he got between Troy's legs and laid his body on his lover, and let his tongue tantalize Troy's nipples. Cameron dragged his tongue over Troy's hard stomach and directly to his hard cock and then swallowed it.

"Oh yeah, that's it Cameron," Troy said and he guided Cameron's head with his hands as his lips glided up and down on his manhood.

Cameron sucked harder on Troy's cock moving up and down as his lips worked Troy's cock. Troy felt climax approaching and pulled his cock from Cameron's mouth. They embraced and kissed fast and furious, the taste of precum lingered on Cameron's lips. Troy laid Cameron down on his back and lay on top of him. He spread his legs with his knees, then licked Cameron's lips with his tongue and smiled.

"Can I make love to you Cameron," he asked concerned for the boy's feelings.

"Yes Troy," he said and kissed him tenderly.

Troy smiled and knelt between Cameron's legs and squirted the lube on his throbbing cock. He looked at Cameron, as he lay there with his legs spread open for him. Troy's cock twitched wildly at the sight. Cameron rested his legs on top of Troy's shoulders and Troy put his cock to his lover's rosebud and pressed hard, hoping to gain entry. Cameron's sphincter opened up and allowed Troy's cock to come in.

"Oh fuck!" they both said in unison as Cameron's eyes rolled up into his head when he felt Troy's cock enter him.

Cameron's legs fell from Troy's shoulders and he lay on top of him and they kissed while Troy's cock seated itself inside Cameron's rosebud. Troy hips started to pump in and out and his cock massaged Cameron's prostate.

"Oh Troy... fuck me hard," Cameron yelled out.

Troy lifted up and supported his body by his hands and began fucking the teen hard and deep as he moved in and out of Cameron's ass. Troy pulled his cock out of Cameron's rosebud and then plunged it hard and deep back in.

"Oh fuck yeah Troy," Cameron said in ecstasy and Troy did it again, eliciting the same result.

Cameron's cock was hard and oozed precum all over his body, as Troy fucked his ass lustfully. Cameron was lost in the moment and his climax imminent as Troy brought him to the edge.

"Oh fuck I'm going to cum," Troy said which brought Cameron over the edge.

"Me too...shoot that cum deep inside me," Cameron whispered as he felt his own orgasm as it crept up through his balls exploded from his hard cock, spraying all over his chest and stomach. "Fuck me harder Troy!" Cameron yelled out in ecstasy as his cum shot profusely from his teen cock.

"Aaaaaah fuck baby boy," Troy screamed as his first blast of cum shot into Cameron's ass. "Oh God, Cameron," Troy said as he let loose with his load.

They both were spent and Troy collapsed onto Cameron's cum coated chest. Cameron put his arms around his lover's neck as the rich afterglow of their love making washed over them.

When they got their breathing back to normal, Troy lifted his head and passionately kissed Cameron, their tongues danced one last dance inside each other's mouth. Troy rolled off of Cameron and lay on his side as he and looked into his lover's blue eyes and was overcome with love. Cameron noticed Troy staring at him, and he saw a tear slide down his cheek.

"What is wrong Troy, are you ok?" Cameron asked as he brushed the tear away.

"What... oh that handsome, it's nothing. I was just thanking God that I had met you is all," and leaned towards his young lover as Cameron leaned in towards him and kissed him.

"I love you Troy, I really do," Cameron whispered as he snuggled into Troy's strong arms.

"I love you too sweet boy," he whispered back and pulled Cameron tightly to him. "My God what have I gotten myself into," he thought and kissed his young lover on the forehead.


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