Cameron and Troy




Randy Howard



This story is fiction. Any similarities with peoples living or dead are purely by coincidence. Please navigate away from this story if it is against the law in your country to view this material. Moreover do not read if you are under the age of majority in your state, province or country. Please do not copy without permission.

Previously in chapter one:

Troy smiled and knelt between Cameron's legs and squirted the lube on his throbbing cock. He looked at Cameron, as he lay there with his legs spread open for him. Troy's cock twitched wildly at the sight. Cameron rested his legs on top of Troy's shoulders and Troy put his cock to his lover's rosebud and pressed hard, hoping to gain entry. Cameron's sphincter opened up and allowed Troy's cock to come in.

"Oh fuck!" they both said in unison as Cameron's eyes rolled up into his head when he felt Troy's cock enter him.

Cameron's legs fell from Troy's shoulders as Troy fell on top of him and they kissed while Troy's cock seated itself deep inside Cameron's rosebud. Troy hips started to pump in and out, his cock massaging Cameron's prostate.

"Oh Troy... fuck me hard," Cameron yelled out.

Troy lifted up and supported his body by his hands and began fucking the teen hard and deep as he moved in and out of Cameron's ass. Troy pulled his cock out of Cameron's rosebud and then plunged it hard and deep back in.

"Oh fuck yeah Troy," Cameron said in ecstasy and Troy did it again, eliciting the same result.

Cameron's cock was hard and oozed precum all over his body, as Troy fucked his ass lustfully. Cameron was lost in the moment and his climax imminent as Troy brought him to the edge.

"Fuck me harder...I'm going to cum," Troy said which brought Cameron over the edge.

"Me too...shoot that cum deep inside me," Cameron whispered as he felt his own orgasm as it crept up through his balls exploded from his hard cock, spraying all over his chest and stomach. "Fuck me harder Troy!" Cameron yelled out in ecstasy as his cum shot profusely from his teen cock.

"Aaaaaah fuck baby boy," Troy screamed as his first blast of cum shot into Cameron's ass. "Oh God, Cameron," Troy said as he let loose with his load.

They both were spent and Troy collapsed onto Cameron's cum coated chest. Cameron put his arms around his lover's neck as the rich afterglow of their love making washed over them. When they got their breathing back to normal, Troy lifted his head and passionately kissed Cameron, their tongues danced one last dance inside each other's mouth.

Troy rolled off of Cameron and lay on his side as he and looked into his lover's blue eyes and was overcome with love. Cameron noticed Troy staring at him, and he saw a tear slide down his cheek.

"What is wrong Troy, are you ok?" Cameron asked as he brushed the tear away.

"What... oh that handsome, it's nothing, I was just thanking God that I had met you is all," and leaned towards his young lover as Cameron leaned in towards him and kissed him.

"I love you Troy, I really do," Cameron whispered as he snuggled into Troy's strong arms.

"I love you too sweet boy," he whispered back and pulled Cameron tightly to him. "My God what have I gotten myself into," he thought and kissed his young lover on the forehead.

Now chapter 2:

Troy woke and found that he was alone in his bed. He got up and looked in the bathroom and there was no sign of Cameron. He went into Cameron's bedroom and found the boy asleep.

"He must have gotten up after I fell asleep," he thought as he quietly closed the door and went downstairs to put on the coffee.

He was sitting at the table reading the morning paper, when Cameron walked into the room.

"Good morning sleepy head, did you have a good rest," he asked the boy while Cameron rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"Yes sir... I never woke up once since you tucked me into bed sir," he said and looked at the coffee. "Can I have a coffee sir?" he asked sitting down at the table.

Troy got up and got a cup and filled it with coffee and as he rambled about the kitchen he was thinking. "What did he mean; he never woke up once all night. We made love together or is he in denial," he asked himself as he carried the coffee to the table.

"Thank you sir," Cameron took a sip of the coffee and set the cup down on the table. "What is going to happen to me sir?" he asked through tear filled eyes.

"What would you like to happen, Cameron?" he asked.

"If its all right sir... can I live with you," he asked barely audible, his head lowered.

"Well I would like that son, but first we need to talk about what happened last know, between us," Troy said looking across the table at him.

"What happened last night sir?" he asked and it was clear to Troy that the boy had no clue as to what he was talking about. "Did I do something sir that angered you," again his tears filled his eyes.

"No son, nothing happened," he told him and now even he was wondering if it may have been a dream. "What I meant was son, you have had a traumatic experience and I was just wondering if you may want to live else where?"

"No please sir... I gotta live with you. You are the only one that ever treated me good," he said getting up and rushing around to Troy.

"I am not going to turn you away Cameron, you are beginning to grow on me you imp," he said and ruffled his hair.

"How about you go shower, then we can both go grab something to eat," he suggested and Cameron got up wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.

Troy watched the hot teen as he walked away. He had on just a pair of white boxer briefs and his ass looked hot in them. He stopped just before leaving the kitchen, turned and Troy could see the outline of a good size teen cock straining against the fabric.

"Thank you sir...thank you for not being like my dad," he said and smiled sadly then turned and left.

"God what happened to me last night? Was it all a dream," he considered the events of the past evening, and they all seemed so real. "If it did happen, he would have remembered," he thought and the doorbell rang.

He was to the door, looked out and saw Mrs. Barcomb standing there. He opened it up and greeted the older woman.

"What a surprise, Mrs. Barcomb, please come in," he said and she walked in giving him her usual stern look.

"It is suppose to be a surprise Mr. Mathews, it's an official visit. Now where is... ah yes Cameron Parker?" she asked reading from her fact sheet.

"Well he just went upstairs to shower before we were going out for breakfast ma'am."

"I will need to see his room, and if you are able to care for a teenage boy sir," she said coldly, and adamantly. "We are protective services take our job quite seriously and he has been appointed to me," she told him as Cameron walked downstairs, dressed in scrubs and ready to go.

"Cameron, this is..."

"Mrs. Barcomb from last night at the hospital," he said politely but worriedly. "You aren't coming to take me away are you ma'am?" he asked as fear filled his eyes.

"I am here to see if you are being taken care of properly young man," her tone just as cold and rude as it was to Troy as she looked at the boy's attire.

"He didn't have clothes yet ma'am, so we are going over to get his clothes before breakfast," Troy told her, hoping to dispel her concerns over the scrubs and she merely nodded.

"I have my own room ma'am, and if you would like to see it I can show you," he said not responding as she had to him, but warmly.

"I would young man," and he led her upstairs to his room.


He showed her his room and she wrote down her thoughts of the room as she looked around it.

"It seems rather little boyish," she told him rather sarcastically.

"It was his son's David room, he and his mom were killed in a car accident," he told her and the remark softened the woman's tone.

"I see, no wonder it looks like a little boys room. He must have left it as the child had it as a remembrance of him." She wiped a tear from her eyes after she turned from him. "Well I have seen enough of the room, is he treating you well?"

"Yes ma'am and we were just going to go out for breakfast," he told her as they walked back downstairs.

"Well everything checks out well Mr. Mathews," she said with calm and caring tone.

"I would never but a child, regardless of his age, into harms way."

"I can see that sir, and if the court awards custody of this young man to you, I would recommend that you update his room," and she gave him a sympathetic smile.

"Most definitely Mrs. Barcomb," he told her as he walked her to the door.

"I am most sorry young man about your loss," she said resting her hand on his hand.

"Thank you ma'am, I really miss my wife and son," he said as his eyes welled up.

"I could tell by the appearance of Cameron's bedroom that you kept it as is as a memorial to him."

"Yes ma'am, but I will update it for Cameron if I am lucky enough to win custody."

"Well my recommendation will certainly help your cause," she said smiling.

"Thank you so much ma'am for your kindness," he told her and gave her a hug.


Once she left, they left for his house and got him some clothes before they went for breakfast at Denny's. Troy considered telling Cameron about what he thought had happened the night before, but he second guessed himself, after figuring it to be but a dream.

"So Cameron, how do you feel today about being my son?" he asked and the teen turned excitedly to him.

"Really sir, do you think that it could happen?"

"I do and Mrs. Barcomb thinks so too."

They had a delightful breakfast and over a second cup of coffee, Troy laid out the events of the next few weeks to the boy.

"You know that once we get a court date son, we will have to appear before a judge. He alone has the final say as to whom you must live with and..."

"But it will be you won't it Troy?" he asked almost begging.

"I will petition the court for custody son, but that doesn't necessarily mean I will be appointed your legal guardian." Troy could see the disappointment in Cameron's eyes. "Now don't go getting all upset yet son, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve and if all goes well you will be my son." Cameron's demeanor changed instantly with the news.


One week later, Troy received notice that Cameron's custody hearing was two days after and he made a call to his father-in-law. The court date came and Troy had bought a nice suit for Cameron to wear for the hearing.

"All rise," the court officer said as Judge Williams stepped into the court room.

After everyone sat, Cameron's case was announced and he stepped forward followed by Troy as his side.

"Well young man, don't you look very handsome," the judge said glancing over his glasses at the boy.

"Thank you your honor," he replied just as Troy had instructed.

"I see that Troy Mathews has petitioned the court to be your legal guardian. So Cameron, how do you feel about this? I would like to hear your feelings concerning this," he told the boy.

"Well your honor, Mr. Mathews has been very supportive of me and the feelings that I have endured since that night. I would like to live with him your honor and to tell you the truth, I have come to see him as a dad your honor." The judge looked to Troy and smiled.

"And your opinion Mr. Mathews," he asked.

"I would very much like Cameron to be my son. I know he could never replace the son I lost your honor, but I have come to love the boy and find him to be polite and well behaved."

"Well I have reviewed Mrs. Barcomb's report and she feels that it would serve the boy's best interest if he were to be allowed to live with you. So I am giving you custody of the boy and we will review his case in six months. If at that time all parties concerned are satisfied with everything, you will be allowed to adopt him. That is if he is agreeable to such an arrangement," he concluded and Cameron's face lit up with the biggest smile as did Troy's.

They left the court with Troy's arm around his boy's shoulder and were talking about what had just happened.

"It made me so happy when he allowed you to be my dad," Cameron said giving Troy a hug.

"Not as much as it did me Cameron. But then I had no doubts that you would be given to me."

"Really, why... dad," he said for the first time.

"Because Judge Williams was my wife's father, and the man I called that day I got the court date."

"Then it was a forgone conclusion that we would be together?"

"Well let's say that I asked that he overlook the fact that I am single and go by the man he knew me to be son."

"I love you dad," Cameron said with tears in his eyes and hugged him.


Troy took off the next two weeks so that he and Cameron could remodel his bedroom into one more suited a sixteen year old. It was given new paint, furniture and even his own bathroom. Troy knocked out the wall between the common bathroom and Cameron's bedroom and put a doorway in, closing off the old doorway.

They sat together on the bed's edge looking around the finished room, contented and happy with the finished results.

"Well now your room looks like a sixteen year old's room son."

"Are you gonna miss David not being here," Cameron asked, concerned for Troy's sorrow.

"I will always miss my son David and his mother, but God gave me you to fill that void in my heart son." Troy's eyes glossed over as he gave thought to his son David and Pam his wife.

Cameron hugged his new dad and kissed his cheek before they got up for dinner.


They finished their dinner and grabbed a cup of coffee before going into the den to talk.

"Tomorrow son, I have to go back to work. Will you be alright here alone or should I get someone to stay with you?"

"I don't need to be babysat dad. Don't you trust me," he asked looking at Troy.

"Of course I trust you son, but I was concerned that you would be bored. You are still a teenager and...well you should be doing things and not just hanging around waiting for me. School starts back up in four weeks and you have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks also."

"Yeah dad, seventeen and a senior this year," he said excitedly. "I am almost a man dad," he looked at Troy to gauge his reaction.

"Please don't remind me son, another year and you will be eighteen and leaving me behind for college." Cameron noticed his sadness over that fact.

"Why am I leaving dad, are you gonna kick me out at eighteen?"

"Never, and if I had my way I would keep you here with me forever. I love you so much Cameron and it just bothers me that you will be a man soon. Not that you aren't already, because you are more mature and manly then boys your age."

"You are always going to be my dad, even when we are both old and grey dad," his heart was filled with love for the man that had taken him in when he was most in need of someone.


The next morning, Troy rose at five-thirty to get ready for work. Once he had finished his shower and dressed, he stopped at Cameron's room to say goodbye. He quietly opened the door and looked in. The boy was uncovered and his nakedness exposed for Troy to see. He stood there several minutes looking at the morning wood pointed up towards Cameron's chest and that first night he had arrived came rushing back to his mind.

He knelt beside the boy's bed and gently covered the boy, before he woke him to say goodbye.

"Son I am leaving," he whispered close to Cameron's ear and the boy stirred from his sleep.

"Huh... ok dad," he muttered and held out his arms to Troy. "Be safe and remember that I love you dad," and he pulled him down to kiss his cheek.

"I love you too son and I will give you a call mid morning," he said, leaned over and kissed his forehead before he got up.

Cameron rolled over onto his side and went back to sleep before Troy had even left the room.

"Damn that boy is one hot ass stud," he thought as he left the room.


Troy arrived at work and once roll call was done, he was briefed about the events that he had missed while on vacation. His partner, Jeremy Wilson, explained about a recent murder of a young teenage boy and Troy's mind turned to Cameron.

"The kid was just fourteen Troy, and had been sexually assaulted before he was murdered...strangled the coroner said." Jeremy told him.

"Where was he found," Troy asked as he looked over the report.

"Under the bleachers at the high school that he attended and the grounds keeper found his naked body that morning. He was last seen walking home from the local Seven Eleven store the night before by one of his neighbors."

"And the neighbor didn't offer him a ride," Troy inquired.

"He did, but the kid refused it and told the guy that he wanted the exercise. Yes we checked the neighbor out and he came up clean. Besides, his wife and daughter were with him when they spotted the boy walking. So tell me bud, how is being a dad to a teenager?"

"I love it and I love him bud. He has renewed my confidence in being a dad again."

"I'm happy for you Troy, although I did have my doubts when you first told me that you wanted to be his guardian."

"Why, didn't you think that I would make a good dad?"

"Oh I knew that you would, but it hasn't been that long since..." Jeremy let it drop.

"What...since David and Pam died?" he asked looking at his partner. "Well let me tell you Jer, he has helped me end my mourning. I will always miss them but Cameron has shown me that its time to move on with my life also."

"Well I am happy for you buddy, so let's get our asses moving," he said and Troy started the cruiser, shifted into drive and left the precinct's parking lot.


Cameron roused from his sleep and stretched the muscles of his young body before getting up. He headed to the bathroom to shower and once finished, he dialed Troy's cell phone.

"Well son you are finally up," Troy said answering his phone.

"Yeah and showered dad," he proudly told him. "I'm gonna do some wash and wondered if you needed yours done?"

"You don't have to do my laundry son; I am most capable of doing it. But thanks Cam," he said, his pride over his son evident to Jeremy.

"I gotta get mine done so I'll grab yours also," he told him and talked a while longer before hanging up.

Cameron went upstairs and into Troy's bathroom to grab his laundry. He was taking the clothes out of the hamper, and came across a magazine that was half way down in the hamper. Seeing how the hamper was close to the john, Cameron figured that his dad had tossed it in the hamper when he had finished reading it.

Cameron looked at the naked man on the cover and it seemed strange to him that Troy would have such a magazine. He glanced through it and the inside was just as provocative as the cover. When he got to the centerfold, he saw two men engaged in a sexual position.

"What the fuck dad... you're gay," he said shocked by the revelation and stuck the magazine under his arm while he finished removing the clothes from the hamper.

He put the clothes to washing and sat, reading through the magazine. He looked at the well tanned hunky men and soon found his cock hard from excitement. He dropped his shorts to the floor and began to stroke his hard cock. Still looking at the picture of Jason Adonis, with his cock up some man's ass, Cameron stroked his cock feverishly to climax.

"Aaaaaah fuck," he yelled and shot his sperm across his chest.

He pumped his young cock until he had finally drained his balls. Wiping the cum off his chest and hand with a dirty towel, he sat there enjoying his afterglow as his breathing began to calm to normal.

Once he cleaned up, he tossed the towel in the wash and dressed. He kept the magazine stashed in a secluded spot in the basement. He sat back down on the chair and pictured in his mind Troy in the place of Jason. Cameron had never had a gay experience before, except the one time his father had raped him. Even then he had found his body reacting pleasurably to the assault.

His cell rang, and he realized that he had dozed off sitting there. He looked at the caller id and saw that it was Troy.

"Hello dad," he said, still not fully awake.

"Are you alright son, you sound strange," Troy asked noticing that he didn't sound his joyful self.

"I must have dozed off dad while waiting for the washer," he said, now fully awake.

"Ah son, please leave my laundry there and I will do it when I get home," Troy asked, remembering the magazine in the hamper.

"Why dad, I really don't mind doing it," and Cameron knew why now he didn't want him to touch it.

"No son, I would rather do it myself... ok son?"

"Whatever dad," he said and talked a bit longer before a call to the cruiser caused Troy to end the call.

"What's the matter dad, afraid I will discover your secret?" Cameron said after he hung up the phone.

Being the inquisitive type, he went snooping around in Troy's room. During his scavenger hunt, he found Troy's stash of gay porn as well as nude pictures of him.

"Holly fuck dad you're hot," he said glancing through pictures.

After several hours of watching porn and looking at the nude photos of Troy, Cameron set his plan into motion... the seduction of Troy Mathews.


"Cameron I'm home," Troy called out coming in the back door.

"I'm in the kitchen dad making dinner," he called out and Troy stepped into the room.

"So son how was your dad today," he asked sniffing what Cameron was cooking over the boy's shoulder.

"Enlightening," was all that Cameron said glancing at Troy as he stirred the sauce on the stove.

"I'm going to grab a shower before dinner son," and he hurried upstairs to his room.

He rushed into the master bath and froze when he saw the empty hamper. He looked in the linen closet under the clean towels and extra bed linen before closing the door.

"Looking for this dad," Cameron asked holding up the magazine for him to see.

"Son I can explain," he nervously explained.

"Now I see why you didn't want me to do your laundry dad... your gay," he said and turned, leaving the room.

"Cameron wait please," Troy said following the boy from the bathroom. "I was going to tell you but I let fear stop me son," Troy grabbed Cameron's arm to stop him and turned him to face him.

"Afraid of what dad, afraid I wouldn't want to be your son?"

"Yes, something like that," he shame showing on his face.

"So is this why you wanted me dad, so you could have your own boy toy, just like my real dad?" the very words cut to Troy's inner core and his tears rolled down his face.

"I guess if that is what you think capable of me son, then I was not a good choice for you," he told him and walked out of the bedroom, leaving Cameron standing there.

Cameron ran downstairs when he heard the front door close and got there to see Troy driving off.

"No dad, please come back... I'm sorry," he cried as his plan blew up in his face.

Cameron dropped to the floor, crying profusely, his heart broken.

"I love you dad and I don't care if you're gay... cuz I am gay too dad," he cried out.

He cried himself to sleep on the floor by the door, a child broken.


As Troy drove up to the house after driving around to think, he found it dark. He pulled into the garage and entered through the back door. He turned on the light in the living room before heading upstairs to talk to Cameron. His room was dark and when Troy turned the light on, he found it empty of his son.

He panicked and ran to his room, looking for his son. Panic completely overtook him as he sat on his bed and dialed Cameron's cell. He heard it ringing and when he followed the sound, found his cell sitting on his desk.

"What have I done," he cried as he went back downstairs to think.

As soon as he stepped into the living room, he saw his son lying on the floor by the front door.

"Oh God Cameron," he shouted and ran to the boy.

Gently shaking the boy, Cameron woke and saw his dad looking down at him.

"You came back for me," he cried as he got up and into Troy's comforting arms. "I am so sorry dad, I don't care if you're gay or not cuz I love you," and he kissed his dad hard on the lips.

Overtaken by emotions, Troy pressed his mouth tightly to Cameron's mouth and kissed him. Cameron's hands held Troy's face as he opened to accept his tongue. Their tongues danced anxiously until Troy broke the kiss and pushed Cameron away.

"No Cameron, this isn't right and I don't want you thinking that I just wanted a fuck buddy," he said and turned from the boy.

"I know that now dad, I'm gay also and just never told you," he confided and turned Troy back to look at him. "I am giving," he told and wrapped his arms around Troy's neck, kissing him tenderly.

"Are you sure Cameron, because once we cross this line, you and I will no longer be as we were, but lovers. I do want you Cameron, but I want you as my lover for life," he whispered, fighting back his emotions.

"Then take me to bed and let's seal our love Troy," he said using his name now. "I am in love with you Troy and want you to take me," he said and kissed him hard and long, their tongues dueling in each other's mouths.


Troy took him by the hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom. Their hearts were pounding within the chests as they slowly undressed each other. Troy stood there and looked at the young man that stood before him and he became overcome with love for the teen.

"Cameron, I want you to know that once we lay on that bed, I will no longer see you as a son, but as my lover and mate," he told him tenderly.

"Troy please know this, I never will regret what we are about to share together and I accept your offer to be your mate and lover," they kissed tenderly, holding their bodies tightly to each other.

As they kissed, Troy walked Cameron slowly backwards to the bed and once he broke their kiss, he laid him gently on the bed, standing there, waiting for Cameron's invitation. Cameron held out his arms to Troy, who crawled on top of the teen and kissed him.

Their cocks pressed against each other, leaking in anticipation of what was about to happen. Cameron broke their kiss and moved to Troy's neck, sucking and biting it until he had left a very dark mark.

"Now you are mine Troy, I left my mark to claim you as mine," he said quietly and ran his hand over the mark.

Troy took his hand and kissed it, sucking each finger as if it were a cock. He sat up and gazed down at the boy, his heart bursting with love for him. He brushed the soft blond hair from the boy's face before leaning down to kiss him again.

"Mmmmm," they moaned in unison as their tongues danced love's dance within their mouths.

Troy rose up, kneeling between Cameron's spread legs and bent down to nibble his white hard nubs.

"Yes... oh fuck lover... oh damn don't stop," he moaned in lust as Troy tortured his nub until he was screaming for mercy.

Troy advanced to the other nub and gave it the same torturous treatment. Once again, Cameron reached his point of tolerance and screamed... begged for mercy.

"Please lover stop, I can't take anymore," he howled as his head thrashed about in ecstasy.

Troy crawled up to his boy's lips and passionately embraced Cameron and kissed him hard. He poured into his kiss all the love that was in him and was, at that moment feeling for Cameron.  Cameron felt Troy's passion and emotion, and it touched his soul deeply. He could not believe that a man as manly and strong as Troy could feel such passion so deep within him for him.  Cameron broke his kiss and stared into his lover's eyes, and he saw his reflection in them. And in that reflection he saw the love that Troy was feeling for him.

"I love you Troy Mathews."

"Cameron Parker I love you so hard and will forever. However Cameron, right or wrong I am not going to withhold it any longer." Troy affectionately told him and he kissed him hard, bordering on violent, as he held him close.

Troy ran his hands over Cameron's muscular chest and abs, before he took him in his arms.  Cameron never felt so loved and secure as he did at that moment with Troy.  He felt warm and desired, but the best thing was, he felt loved.  He brought his arms up around Troy's neck and held him close.  Troy pulled Cameron on top of him before he kissed his shoulder and then nibbled on his ear.
"Oh god," Cameron whispered, "This feels so good and right Troy." Troy was turned on by Cameron's hard body and so was Cameron over his lover's body.  
He took a few moments to allow his senses to take in the beauty of this man that was looking up at him before he kissed Cameron hard.  Troy sat up and took Cameron's cock into his hand; he leaned down and licked the precum oozing from it. 
"Do you want me to stop Cameron," Troy asked as he looked down into Cameron's watering eyes.  "Because, once I take that big beautiful cock into my mouth, I am going to suck it and make your wildest dreams come true."  Troy said looking down at Cameron who was looking up at him.
"No Troy... don't stop baby," was all that he could say as he fought his urge to cum, while Troy kissed him again.

He was very close to cumming and Troy hadn't even begun to suck his cock yet. Troy saw how nervous Cameron was also, because he recognized the look from that time from his dream. He had seen it in his eyes just before they changed their relationship from dad and son, to lovers.

Once they broke their kiss, Troy kissed and sucked hard on teen's neck, leaving his mark, before he kissed his way down to his erect nipples.  He licked and nibbled on them, sending passion filled sensations coursing through Cameron's young body, which caused him to moan in utter delight.  As Troy teased them, he knew that it was the first time that Cameron had been pleased in such a way. Troy wanted nothing more than to please this boy, as he slowly kissed his way down to Troy's manhood and enveloped it fully in his mouth. 

"Mmmmm," Troy moaned as he drank in the aroma of Cameron's scent, his nose nestled in his soft pubic hair. Cameron's cock was buried down Troy's throat.  It was the scent of a boy and it intoxicated Troy and he savored its sweet aroma, as one does with a fine wine. "Mmmmm," he moaned again, as his senses filled with the scent of the boy and he became drunk with its lust.

"Please slow down Troy." He moaned barely audible as he wrestled to gain control over his looming climax.

Troy dropped the teen's cock to admire its beauty and he noticed how fat and long it was for a teenager.  Before he lowered his mouth back on it, he extended his tongue and ran it around the sensitive head, which caused Troy to groan out in pleasure. 

"Oh fuck Troy slow down, you have me so close again," he moaned.

Troy dropped his cock from his mouth and sucked his balls, but it was too late for Cameron to hold back. 

"Oh fuck baby suck me I'm cumming," he moaned with total abandonment, unable to hold back his climax any longer.

Troy quickly enveloped his cock with his mouth and brought his lover to his ultimate climax. Troy spewed his sperm down Cameron's throat and his hands firmly held him to his groin. Troy shot more of his seed, thrusting upward until he had surrendered it all to his lover.

"Oh fuck that was one hell of a blowjob." Cameron moaned in satisfaction, as he road out the tide of his orgasm.

Troy didn't respond nor wait, but instead he lifted Cameron's legs unto his shoulders and buried his face in the boy's hidden treasure, teasing it with his tongue.  He invaded his rosebud with his tongue and fucked it until Cameron was thrashing about in ecstasy. Cameron was insane from the pleasure that Troy was giving him.

"Make love to me Troy, fuck your lover," he yelled, unable to control the passion that coursed through his young body. "I need to feel your cock deep within me Troy," Troy knew that Cameron was ready and so was he.

Troy wanted Cameron to experience lovemaking with him, so he purposed in his mind to give him every pleasure that he could imagine for the teen. Troy moved back to Cameron's cock and swallowed it down to the base once again. Cameron arched his back in complete surrender and let out a moan so deep, that the vibrations reverberated through his cock to Troy.  After a long while, Troy could feel Cameron's emanate climax, as his cock began to swell once again. He pulled off his cock, because he wanted this time to last as long as possible for the teen. Troy slowly kissed and licked his way back up to Cameron's lips. Their lips soon joined as one, their tongues doing the dance of love, while their hearts played the music to which they danced. 

Troy reached for the lube that was sitting on the nightstand. He lubed Cameron's ass and his eager cock, before he slowly slid his cock into his lover's rosebud. Troy buried it fully in his hot ass and then paused.

"Oh my God Troy," Cameron moaned, as Troy fully impaled him on his throbbing cock.

Impaled on Troy's hard cock, Cameron's eyes rolled back in his head as Troy began to make love to him. As he felt his cock glide effortlessly in and out of his ass, his mind drifted back to his dream and this was so much better.

He laid there and watched the man who was making love to him and his eyes filled up with tears. Troy found them a rhythm that had them moving as one and as their eyes met, he lowered his mouth down and kissed him. Troy slowly fucked his lover for some time, until his own climax became emanate and he increased his rhythm. Cameron's hips rose up to meet Troy's downward thrusts and his eyes never left Troy's gaze. As the tide of love quickly enveloped them, they moved feverishly in unison. 

Cameron had the look of a boy in love in his eyes and his hands roamed feverishly over Troy's sweat covered body.  If ever two men could be one, it was they, and as their love flowed through their eyes, their rhythm carried them closer to their precipice of their climax. 

"Fuck me Troy I'm cumming." Cameron howled and he grabbed Troy by the hips, and he thrusts up to get more of his cock in him.

"So am I Cameron," Troy said as he vehemently pounded his ass and his rhythm took over, controlling his every thrust. Troy felt his sperm churning for release in his balls and it rose rapidly as is sought to escape.

Troy moaned and his eyes closed as he surrendered to his climax. He was pounding his lover's ass hard, deep, and no longer in control of his own body.

"Fuuuuck, take your lover's seed," Troy howled as his cock shot forth into Cameron's hot ass.

"Fuck me Troy, give me your seed," Cameron howled as he violently thrust upwards, their movements controlled totally by their rhythm.

They both climaxed together and there was such an explosion of passion, which neither had ever known. They shouted in ecstasy and their senses filled with the power of their lovemaking, giving to each, their all.  They kissed in a tight embrace for what seemed an eternity with their hearts beating as one, and their rhythm carried them away on the tide of their love's afterglow.

When their tide finally ebbed, they laid there gazing into each other's eyes. Their breathing was erratic and each gasping for air.

"I love you Cameron, I love you more than life itself." Troy was so enamored with his Cameron.

"Never have I felt as loved as I am right now Troy." Cameron pulled his lover to him into love's perfect kiss.

Exhausted, they spooned together with Cameron in Troy's arms and the boy drifted off to sleep.

"Now I know that this is not a dream," he thought as his smelled Cameron's hair, and he too was soon asleep.


Across town, a van moves across the field with its lights off. It gets to the edge of the running track, stopped and its side door slid open... the naked body of a young boy landed on the ground...the van sped off into the night.


Well guys, this is still a learning experience for me. I am not use to writing this kind of story and doing it on the fly. So please give me your input, good or bad at thanks for taking the time to read. Randy