Cameron and Troy




Randy Howard


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Previously in chapter two:


When their tide finally ebbed, they laid there gazing into each other's eyes. Their breathing was erratic and each gasping for air.

"I love you Cameron, I love you more than life itself." Troy was so enamored with his Cameron.

"Never have I felt as loved as I am right now Troy." Cameron pulled his lover to him into love's perfect kiss.

Exhausted, they spooned together with Cameron in Troy's arms and the boy drifted off to sleep.

"Now I know that this is not a dream," he thought as his smelled Cameron's hair, and he too was soon asleep.


Across town, a van moves across the field with its lights off. It gets to the edge of the running track, stopped and its side door slid open... the naked body of a young boy landed on the ground...the van sped off into the night.

Now chapter three:

Cameron woke first and felt Troy's hard on resting in the crack of his ass. He snuggled back against it, hoping to wake his lover. He felt comfortable and loved by the man that was holding him tightly to him. Cameron reached behind him, grabbed Troy's cock and put it to his cum soaked rosebud. He pushed back against the hard cock and it slid slowly in until it reached the cum from earlier and slid all the way in, seating itself snuggly in his young teen ass.

"Mmmmm," came a contented moan from behind him.

"Are you sure sweetheart that you want to do this again?" Troy whispered, now fully awake and pushing his cock around inside his lover before he pulled his cock out, turning the boy to look at him.

"I love you Troy, my sweetheart, my man," Cameron whispered into Troy's ear.

"Cameron you have made me the happiest man on earth. My life with you is so complete," he said and kissed again.

Troy rolled Cameron onto his back and crawled on top of him. Their lips met passionately as Cameron surrendered to his lover's passion. Troy broke their kiss and kissed his way sensuously down Cameron's body pausing at Cameron's nipples. He softly nibbled on each of the nubs and Cameron arched his back in delight. He moaned in pleasure as his Troy sucked his nipples. He had no feeling that what they were doing was wrong. Cameron ran his fingers through Troy's hair as Troy continued to caress each nub.

"Love me Troy, my stud man," Cameron said to his lover.

Troy kissed his way down to Cameron's cock, taking it into his warm mouth. Cameron let out a sigh as he felt the warmth and the wetness of his Troy's mouth. Slowly, Troy swallowed Cameron's cock entirely. He moved up and down lovingly on his cock and after several long minutes, Cameron was close to an explosion.

"Troy my love, slow down, you have me so close," he said knowing he would not last much longer.

Troy pulled off his cock and sucked on his balls, taking them one at a time. He gently rolled them around his mouth as he made love to them with his tongue. He let them go as he lifted Cameron's legs, holding them by the thighs. He ran his tongue around Cameron's rosebud. Cameron lifted to meet him, writhing in pleasure.

"Oh fuck sweetheart that feeling you give to me," he said as he grabbed the sheets with each hand. Troy plunged his tongue deeply in making Cameron moan, as he fucked his ass with his tongue.

"Fuck me, I need you deep in me handsome," Cameron cried out in ecstasy. Troy sat up and positioned his cock.

He leaned into Cameron and asked, "Are you ready Cameron, are you ready for your stud man?"

"Yes babe, ride your lover's ass stud," Cameron said as fed his lover's need to make love and his own also.

Troy tenderly kissed him as he slowly pushed in, Cameron pushing out. He shuddered from the fullness that his lover's cock gave him, but he continued steadfastly not saying a word but simply moaning in delight. Their tongues were still dancing as Troy found his rhythm, fucking his lover slowly, putting all his heart into it.

"I love you my Cameron," he whispered, his voice cracking, in Cameron's ear as he slowly kept fucking his young lover.

Cameron was holding his lover tightly in his arms as his own tears flowed. He knew that Troy was in love with him and he was happy to have found someone that loved him for who he was and not for his body. He tenderly caressed Troy's soft hair, as Troy lovingly fucked his ass. What seemed like an eternity later, he felt his climax building as he searched for Troy's tender lips. They joined in a kiss that was tender and warm as he shot his hot seed between them.

"Oh fuck Officer Studly my love, you made me cum." Cameron was surprised to have cum without having touched his cock.

Troy continued to methodically fuck Cameron's ass, unable to hold back his own climax.

"Fuck Cameron your ass is so hot today babe...I'm cumming lover!"

Cameron felt each shot, each throbbing twitch, as Troy's cock filled his ass with his love. Troy slowly wound down until he stopped, and he dropped to Cameron's lips for a kiss. They met as lovers for a kiss that was as eternal as time. Troy kissed his boy as if it were the first time. They rode out the sweet afterglow of their lovemaking wrapped in each other's arms. Troy pulled his spent cock from Cameron, and spooned him tightly against him, kissing the boy's hair as their love's tide slowly ebbed.

"Cameron, are you sorry that you ever gave yourself to me," Troy's guilt for loving a boy that was underage had overtaken him.

Cameron turned to face his lover and whispered his voice shaking as he fought back his emotions. "I will never regret that moment when you held me as a lover and no longer your charge." Troy kissed him, his doubts and fears evaporating.

Let's shower sweet boy and then go grab breakfast," Troy suggested and Cameron gave him a quick kiss before they got up.


Troy had just stepped from the shower, leaving Cameron to finish when he had a feeling that he wasn't alone. He cautiously stepped from the bathroom to see Jeremy standing in his bedroom.

"What the fuck man," Troy snapped, jumping to see his work partner standing there.

"I knocked and the door opened Troy. I shouted out for you but got no answer. So I thought something was wrong and investigated."

"I was in the fucking shower bud," then it donned on him that he was standing there naked before his partner.

Jeremy's eyes were glued to his flaccid appendage and suddenly the bathroom door opened and a naked Cameron emerged.

"Baby what..." Cameron froze when he saw Jeremy standing there in his uniform.

Jeremy's facial expression said it all as he looked from Troy to Cameron and then back to Troy.

"Ah... I gotta go man," Jeremy stuttered and quickly left the room with a naked Troy chasing after him.

Troy caught up to him at the bottom of the stairs where he grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Listen Jer, its not what it looks like," he said but he knew it was exactly what it looked like to his partner.

"You're having sex with a minor Troy," he stated instead of asking.

"We are in love with each other Jer, and not just for sex," he implored.

"He's still a fucking minor man, and you could not only lose your job but go to fucking prison buddy. Why didn't you tell me you were gay?" his eyes told Troy how hurt he was.

"I didn't want to lose your friendship Jer, in case you freaked out on me."

"I can't do be here any longer," and he shot from the house like a bullet being discharged from a gun.

Troy turned to see a robed Cameron standing there and he ran into the boy's outstretched arms, in tears. Cameron comforted his lover as he rubbed his back.

"He won't tell on you Troy, he's your partner," Cameron said hoping that Jeremy would calm down and see that they were in love.

That it was not a case of a man taking advantage of a boy.

"He was more hurt Cam, hurt by the fact that I was gay and hadn't told him. I don't blame him for being angry with me." Troy wiped his tears away with his hands and the doorbell rang.

"Go upstairs and get dressed Cameron, here give me the robe," he said, realizing that he was still naked.

Cameron took off the robe and gave it to him before dashing upstairs. Troy watched the boy's ass as he took the stairs two at a time.


Troy walked to the door and he was surprised to see Jeremy standing there.

"Jeremy!" he said in shock.

Jeremy entered the house and pushed Troy against the wall and kissed him hard and lustfully, while his hand roamed feverishly over Troy's crotch.

"My God Jeremy... what the fuck was that for," Troy asked shocked by his partner's behavior.

"Troy we have worked together for six years and I have been in love with you for five. Please Troy," he asked dropping to one knee, "marry me and let the kid go to foster home to live. Why would you want to ruin your life with some teenage brat?"

Troy turned quickly when he saw Jeremy look past him, and there stood a tearful Cameron.

"Cameron wait... get the fuck up Jer," Troy said and ran after Cameron, as he ran up to his room.


"Cameron, can I please talk to you?" he asked closing the door behind him.

"If you want, but you don't owe me anything Troy, I'll be alright at some foster home," he said with his back to Troy, a tear running down his cheek. "I don't want to ruin your fucking life Troy."

"He didn't speak for me Cam, really he didn't." Troy tried to tell Cameron but Jeremy stepped into the room.

"Ah...Troy there is a Mrs. Barcomb downstairs to see you and the boy," he nervously said.

Troy turned in panic and bolted from the room.

"Kid, do the right thing here and walk away before he destroys his life with you," Jeremy said. "You're what, sixteen give or take a year? Well if you are found out, he goes to prison and if he ever survives it, he will forever be branded pedophile," Jeremy whispered inches from his ear.


"Mrs. Barcomb, how nice to see you again," Troy said surprised to see her standing there.

"Why so surprised, after all you called me to come pick up Cameron Parker. I must admit young man, I was very surprised to hear that you wanted him to be placed in a foster home," she said, completely puzzling Troy.

"Ah...well that was a mistake ma'am, so I am sorry that your drive here was fruitless," he said and turned surprised by Cameron's appearance.

"I'm ready Mrs. Barcomb," Cameron said appearing in the room with his duffle bag packed and ready to go. "Thank you sir for allowing me to stay with you," he said to Troy, shook his hand and walked out the front door.

"Why the sudden change of heart Officer Mathews," she asked looking past Troy to Jeremy who had just entered the room. "Hello Officer Wilson, how nice to see you again," she said and extended her hand to him.

"It's a pleasure to see you again Mrs. Barcomb," he replied walking her to the door.

Outside, Cameron was already in the car staring straight ahead. When he, from the corner of his eye, caught the others exiting the house, he turned his face to stare out his side window.

Troy ran out of the house to see her backing her car out of the driveway. Troy's eyes met Cameron's and they both had tears running down their cheeks.

"You had no right to call that woman Jeremy, no fucking right," he shouted as he pushed his partner back against the door. "I want you out of my fucking sight asshole," he finished and walked inside, slamming the front door behind him.

"Troy please listen to reason here," he asked pounding on the front door. "I did it for your own good," he shouted but Troy refused to open the door.

"I've lost him forever," Troy wept, sitting on the floor against the door.


Later that evening, a blond teenage boy stood on the side of the road thumbing and several cars passed him by, before a banged up Chevy van pulled over to the roadside, waiting for the boy.

"Where you heading mister," the young teen asked.

"Over to Culvert...hop in," he said, smiling at the youth and the boy got in.

"So what's your name kid," he asked looking at the boy lustfully.

"Jason... and yours?" he told him, lying about his name when he noticed the man looking him over.

"Let's just call me a friend helping a kid in need," he said patting the teen's leg and giving it a squeeze.

"I'll get out at that convenience store mister," he said nervously and pulled his leg away, but the man drove by it.

Jason got nervous; his heart was pounding in his young chest as he hugged the door.

"Would you please stop sir, I would really like to get out," he told the man adamantly.

"Oh you'll get out boy when I say you get out," he told him just as adamantly with a slap to his face.

They drove on for several miles and he took a right onto a road marked private property... no trespassing. As he slowed for the turn, Jason opened the door and jumped. Once he got his wits about him from the fall, he took off running back the way they had just come from. The road was nothing more than a path so it was impossible for the large van to turn around. Jason's feet carried him fast and he was on the main road when he saw a car approaching. He stood out in the road and waved at the car to stop.

"What's wrong kid," the driver asked, seeing the panic in Jason's face.

"Some man just tried to kidnap me sir... please I need to get away from here," he begged as tears ran down his young face.

"Get in kid," he told him and Jason ran around the car, he looked at the van's approaching headlights and got into the car quickly.

As he fastened his seatbelt, the man struck him over the head, knocking Jason unconscious. He took a turn onto the same private road and stopped when he reached the van.

"Did you lose someone Daryl," he asked to the driver of the van.

"Ah... I see that you found him sir," he said looking into the car at the slumped over Jason.

"I'll meet you up at the cabin boy," he told him and drove on.

Daryl drove to the end of the road, made a quick turn around, and drove down to the cabin. His master was just getting the young teen from the car when he drove up.

"He's a damn hot looking kid sir," Daryl said as he helped to carry the boy into the cabin.

Inside the cabin it was dank and very dimly lit. The two men put the teen on a bed and fastened his arms to the iron headboard. Daryl quickly removed the teen's clothes and tossed them into a wood burning stove. The heat of the fire quickly consumed the clothing and all evidence that the teen had ever been there.

Daryl stood and watched as his naked partner climbed between the teen's spread legs.

"Give it to him good sir," Daryl urged watching his master invade the boy's ass.

The pain of the invasion quickly revived Jason, who screamed out in agonizing pain.

"Scream all you want kid, there is no one around for miles to here you," he told the frightened teen.

"Please don't kill me mister," the boy begged as the man sadistically fucked him.

For over six hours the two men raped and tortured the teen until he lay there void of any emotion. Daryl looked down at the almost catatonic teen as he wrapped a red silk scarf around the boy's neck... pulling it tight until all life had left the boy.


The house was dark, and Troy sat in the darkness crying. His world had shattered and he had lost his lover, and also a friend or so he thought was a friend. The ringing of the telephone roused him from his sorrow and he rose from the floor where he had been since Cameron had left.

"Hello," a very hurt and crying Troy said as he answered the phone.

"Mr. Mathews, this is Nancy Barcomb calling," and Troy's attention heightened.

"What's wrong ma'am," he asked fearing the worst, and that is just what he got.

"Well sir, it is not good news and it seems that Cameron Parker ran away from the foster home that he had been placed in," she told him and his heart sank as he imagined his lover out in the night alone.

"How can I help ma'am," he asked as he regained his thoughts.

"I have alerted the police sir, and decided to alert you also in case he returned there."

"I will let you know if he does ma'am, and thank you for calling." He hung up the phone and stared out into the night, worrying about his Cameron.

He went to the front door and switched on the outside light, hoping to let Cameron know that he was still wanted and needed by him.


The next morning he rose, showered and dressed before heading into work. His heart was still broken for his loss and he was still angry with Jeremy.

"Are we cool Troy," Jeremy asked as they dressed for work at their lockers.

"Listen Jeremy, we are partners and that's it. We are no longer friends, got it," he told him as he slammed his door shut. "I have asked Mark to assign me a new partner," he glared at the man before heading off to roll call.

Jeremy watched as his partner and the man he loved walked away.


"We had another teenage boy's body found this morning in the park," Mark, the captain, told the assembled officers. "His nude body was found in the playground and he had been strangled as the others before him."

Troy's mind went immediately to his Cameron and his greatest fear voiced its words into his mind until he wanted to scream.

"Sir is this boy like the others," another officer asked.

"Yes Brian, he was around sixteen and blond hair and blue eyes," he told those assembled. "We are awaiting an identification of the young man from youth services."

"Oh God please don't let it be my Cameron," his thoughts prayed and he shot an evil look across the room to Jeremy. "So help me Jeremy, if this is Cameron I will see that you die as he did," he thought and Jeremy turned his eyes from Troy.

Jeremy suspected what Troy must be thinking and guilt washed over him as he glanced back to see the pain in his partner's eyes.

"We are also awaiting more information from the coroner's office about the evidence that was found on the boy. It seems that the man that did this to the boy forgot to pull out soon enough from his rape and left semen in the boy. The semen sample was sent to the state lab for processing for DNA," he told them.

"Was there any witness's sir," a female officer asked.

"A local homeless man came forward and reported seeing a dark van just before the boy's body was found. But he couldn't remember the plate number, but he had a bald eagle painted on the side of the van."

Mark reviewed several of the other needs and dismissed the officers to start their patrol.


Troy and Jeremy walked in cold silence to their cruiser, with Jeremy taking the position of driver. They patrolled their beat for several hours until Jeremy broke the silence.

"I don't think it was Cameron's body that was found," he said and Troy turned to him, his eyes showed the hatred that he was feeling towards his partner.

"You had better pray that it isn't Jeremy. Because I will put your meddling ass in the ground," he said with venom dripping from his words and turned to look out his window.

"I was just concerned for your career Troy, and didn't want to see you go to prison over a piece of a kid's ass." He said coldly, now wishing he had never interfered.

"Like I said Jeremy, pray that it's not Cameron," he said back, refusing to look at the man.

They drove on, neither saying a word until their shift was over. They got back to the precinct and while Jeremy did the paperwork, Troy took his shower.

He had just finished when a naked Jeremy entered the shower, paused when he saw his partner standing there. He longed to reach out to him and kiss him, but he knew how much Troy now hated him for what he had done.


Troy drove home and prayed that when he got there, that he would find Cameron waiting for him on the door step.

He walked into his house and the eerie silence told him that he was alone. He looked at his answering machine and saw that he had one message and pushed the button on the answering machine, revealing who had left a message.

"This is Nancy Barcomb calling and if you could call me when you get this message, I have some disappointing news for you Officer Mathews," the messenger said.

Troy quickly dialed her number; his heart was pounding in his chest as he waited for her to pick up.

"Nancy Barcomb," she said answering her machine and he drew a deep breath before talking.

"Mrs. Barcomb, Troy Mathews calling," he told her, and there was a long silence before she spoke.

"I'm afraid I have bad news for you Mr. Mathews," she sadly said and Troy fought his body's desire to pass out.

To be continued...

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