Cameron and Troy




Randy Howard


This story is fiction and any similarities with people living or dead are purely by coincidence. Please navigate away from this story if it is against the law in your country to view this material. Moreover, do not read if you are under the age of majority in your state, province and/or country. Please do not copy without my permission. 

Previously in chapter four:

Troy saw the rooftop of the cabin through the naked trees long before he arrived. There was the car that he knew so well beside the van that had abducted his Cameron. His rage was boiling as he pulled to a stop and exited the car just as fast. With gun drawn, he ran towards the cabin.

He burst through the door, knocking it off his hinges as his adrenaline empowered him.

"Cameron I'm here sweetheart," he screamed out, not caring who would hear him as he froze to listen for sounds.

"End it slave... end it now," he heard his once friend command. "Take his very life from him," he ordered and Troy ran towards the voices.

Troy ran down the long hallway and burst through the door so see his Cameron on the bed...eyes closed and still.

"Nooooo you bastard," he shouted and several gun shots went off.

Now chapter five:

Troy dropped Daryl and Brian Corbin to the floor, Brian's cock was still spewing his sperm as he laid on the floor bleeding. Daryl died instantly; a single gunshot to the head ended his pathetic life. But Brian, he clung to life and was staring up at Troy as he stood over him.

"Die you bastard, die alone and with hell awaiting your arrival," he shouted bitterly and rushed to Cameron's lifeless body, taking him into his arms.

"Oh God no... not my Cameron please Lord don't take him away from me." His prayers went up towards the heavens as he gently rocked the boy in his arms, his tears falling down his face.

Cameron's eyes opened and with great effort he raised up his hand to Troy, touching his face where Troy's tears were flowing profusely down.

"Oh God thank you, he's alive," Troy cried as he held his most precious Cameron in his arms.

Within seconds, several state and local police officers rushed into the room, guns drawn.

"I need an ambulance... now," Troy shouted as Cameron closed his eyes... and a smile crossed his young bruised face. "Please someone, anyone... please don't let my boy die," he cried out in agony.

Three paramedics quickly entered the room as soon as police gave them an all clear. They took Cameron from Troy and gently laid him on the floor. When searching for a pulse yielded none, one quickly prepared their defibrillator while the others prepared to do a tracheotomy on him.

"His airway has been crushed and we need to open an airway for him to breathe," Jon, the head paramedic said.

He and his aid quickly performed the procedure and once done they applied the paddles to the boy.

"Clear!" shout Matt, and zapped the boy... nothing.

He increased the voltage and yelled clear and again nothing. One final try was all there was and if nothing then they would have to pronounce the boy dead. He turned to look at a tearful Troy, and his demeanor told Troy that they were losing him.

"Please God give him back to me... please I am begging you," he prayed aloud, not caring who heard him.

"Clear!" Matt called out again and applied the paddles and listened with his stethoscope for a beat. "We have sinus rhythm," he announced and Troy let out a breath that spoke volumes of what he was feeling.

"Thank you Lord," he whispered as he looked up towards heaven and back to a wide eyed Cameron.

Troy knelt beside the boy and whispered in his ear, "I love you sweetheart," and smiled down at him.

They three paramedics lifted him to a stretcher and strapped him securely, preparing him for transport. The nearest hospital was over thirty miles away in Culvert so he was air lifted.

"Watch over him Lord, I put him in your care," Troy whispered as the watched the helicopter lift off.


Mark arrived ten minutes later, and wanted a full account of the events. He was talking to Troy, when Jon ran out for another stretcher.

"One of the assailants is alive," he shouted on his way back in with the stretcher.

Troy and Mark were right behind him and they watched as the paramedics worked on Brian.

"Brian Corbin has been doing these killing," Mark asked, shocked to see him lying there.

"Him along with Daryl Vanderbilt sir," he added. "It appears that Brian orchestrated the abductions and Daryl carried out abducting the boys and doing the actual strangling of them. He was a mental slave to Brian and I would guess the first boy to have been abducted."

"I looked up his disappearance and he was a freshman in high school at the time he disappeared." Mark told Troy.

"He and I were good friends back then sir, and that is why I was shocked to see him involved."

"Well the community can rest easy now that we have the culprits." Mark said breathing a sigh of relief.

As they rolled Brian out, he opened his eyes and looked directly at Troy. He got an evil grin on his face and then closed his eyes. The paramedics stopped and listened for a pulse...they got none.

"We're losing him," Jon called and bent down to grab the defibrillator.

Troy grabbed his arm as he stooped down beside Jon and asked, "Let him go...please," and Jon looked at him and then up to Mark who nodded yes. Jon stood up and looked to his partner Danny who simply shrugged his shoulders.

"It's your call partner," Jon stood and pulled the sheet over Brian's face, wheeling him out to the waiting coroner.

"Troy, your job is done here so why don't you head over to the hospital. I can see that your heart is with your son," Mark said.

"Son hell, he's my mate and lover," Troy thought but said, "I am in a hurry to see how he is doing sir," he actually told him.

"He's going to be fine Troy," he said assuredly. "Now get going kid," Troy bolted down the hall and out to his car.


He arrived over an hour later, having gotten stuck in a traffic jam due to an accident. He found out that Cameron was still in surgery to rectify the damage done to his throat by Daryl. Finding a comfortable chair he began his personal hell of waiting for word on Cameron's condition.

A little over an hour later, a doctor comes out to the waiting room.

"Good day sir, I'm Doctor Samuel," the doctor said as he introduced himself to Troy.

"I'm Troy Mathews, Cameron Parker's legal guardian. How is my son?" he asked fearful of the news.

"Physically he will be ok but is unable to talk at the moment due to his surgery. His wind pipe and vocal chords were badly injured but not to the extent that I could not repair them. He is resting comfortably at the moment and seems to be emotionally distressed. I would recommend that he see a psychologist once he has recovered and can speak."

"I have already planned on it doctor, and have lined up Doctor Clark for the task. I was stuck in traffic earlier and gave his office a call."

"He's a very good man and his expertise should benefit your son greatly. If you will give us another twenty or so minutes, you will be able to see your son," he told him and after shaking hands, he left.

Troy prayed silently, thanking God for helping Cameron through his ordeal. Almost thirty minutes later, a nurse came out for him.

"Mr. Mathews, if you will follow me I will take you to see your son," she said smiling at him.


Troy followed her into the trauma unit, where he saw Cameron hooked up to various machines.

"My God, why so many tubes and wires," he inquired of the nurse, fearing his boy was worse than the doctor had let on.

"Until his throat heals sir, a tube has been inserted to allow him to breathe better. Did the doctor tell you that he is unable to talk?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am he did," he told her while looking at Cameron, and the boy looked so fragile lying there.

"Hello son," he said softly to Cameron, and the boy slowly opened his eyes.

His face lit up once he saw Troy standing there.

"Don't try to talk baby boy, your vocal chords were damaged. It is going to take some time for them to heal."

Cameron reached out his free hand to Troy, who took it quickly into his own, and tears were rolling down both of their faces.

"No one can hurt you anymore sweetheart," he whispered and leaned in to give him a kiss on his forehead. "I love you Cameron Parker, I love you more than life."

Cameron blinked his agreement and gave Troy's hand a squeeze. What went unsaid between the two spoke more than words. Troy's heart was aching for his Cameron and it showed in his face. He was talking to the boy when Jeremy came in.

"How is he Troy?" he asked, his voice showed sincere concern.

"He's going to be ok with time Jer, thank you for asking. Listen Jer, I..." but Jeremy cut him off.

"Troy, Cameron, I am so sorry for what I did to you two," he said fighting back his own emotions. "I was jealous more than concerned that you two had found what I wished we could have found together Troy." He looked down at Cameron and smiled. "I hope that you both can finally be happy and eventually put this mess behind you." He leaned down and gave Cameron a sweet kiss on his cheek. "Take good care of my Troy, Cameron," he whispered so that only he could hear.

Cameron squeezed Jeremy's hand and tears ran down his face.

"I know you will dear boy, I know you will," he whispered back, and after saying goodbye to them both, he left.


Two weeks go by and Cameron was discharged from the hospital. Troy was ecstatic to finally have his lover back home. He had arranged to have the next week off so that he could take care of Cameron, and to just love his boy back to health.

"Here we are sugar, home," Troy said as he hit the garage door opener and pulled into the garage. "Are you happy to be home baby boy?" he asked as he shut off the car, and Cameron nodded yes, still unable to talk.

He carried his boy's things into the house and got him settled in the den. He made then a nice lunch, with Cameron's being liquid.

"Once you are able Cam, I am taking you out to dinner for the best steak that money can buy," he told him and smiled.

Cameron's eyes welled up as he looked at his man, and he burst into tears in Troy's arms.

"What is wrong Cam?" he inquired holding him tight. "You're safe now sweetie, I am here and no one is going to hurt you anymore.

Cameron looked up into Troy's eyes and Troy saw the fear that was still hidden deep within the boy.

"Its ok to still be afraid, Cam, after everything that you have been through it's a wonder that you aren't worse. I have taken the next week off from work to be with you, and can take longer if it's needed," he assured him. "Now drink your soup before it gets cold babe."

Cameron reached for the pad of paper on the table, along with a pen and wrote Troy what his heart was feeling.

`I love you my sweetheart and please don't ever leave me alone. Yes I am still afraid of being taken. I just want you to hold me tight and never let me go,' and once finished writing he slid the note to Troy.

"Awe Cameron come here," Troy said and pulled the boy into his arms.

Cameron pressed his mouth to Troy's and their kiss was explosive. Cameron let his hand drop down to Troy's crotch, but Troy gently pushed it away.

"You aren't ready for sex yet baby, give it some time for you to fully heal," but Cameron pulled away and hastily wrote.

"I'm horny Troy and I know that you are too," he handed the note to Troy to read.

"I know you may be horny lover, but you are still healing. I can wait forever if I need to," he told him and kissed him.

Cameron shook his head no and stood up. He undid his pants and shoved them down to the floor along with his boxer briefs. Troy stood there staring at the boy and Cameron put his hand behind Troy's head, and he gently pulled his lover down to his cock.

Troy gladly took the cock and licked around the head, Cameron tossed his head back as sweet sensuous feelings ran through him.

"Mmmmm," he moaned as Troy engulfed the boy's cock down to his pubes, drinking in the sweetness of the boy.

"God I have missed your cock Cameron," he said and resumed his sucking.

It wasn't long before Cameron was moaning, his climax imminent and Troy could sense it. Cameron's hands held Troy's head firm as Troy glided furiously up and down the hard shaft. Just as he felt that head swell, Troy buried the boy's cock deep into his throat, where Cameron exploded with a torrent of pent up sperm.

"Mmmmm," he moaned as Troy sucked fast on his cock, his head moving up and down rapidly.

Troy sucked the boy long after he had given all that he had, and his cock had gone soft. Sitting back on his heels, Troy gazed up at his lover, who was now sitting and enjoying his rich afterglow of his climax. Troy stood and started to leave, but Cameron reached out and grabbed him the hand and pulled him down to knees again and into a tender kiss. Troy held his boy as their tongues danced together.

"I love you Cameron, and not because of the sex. I love you because you are the best thing to have ever happen to me. You are a man that I want to spend the rest of my life with."

He kissed him again and Cameron undid Troy's pants and tried to pull them down, but again, Troy stopped him.

"Sweetheart you can't suck cock yet so lets not do this," he said put Cameron was determined and he jerked Troy's pants and shorts down his legs, exposing his raging hard on.

Troy stepped out of his clothes that were bunched around his ankles and followed Cameron over to the sofa. As he lay back onto the sofa, Cameron pulled Troy down onto him, and their mouths met in a hot and lustful kiss.

"Are you sure Cam, because I can wait to do this? It's only been a little over two weeks since your ordeal."

Cameron looked up at Troy and in a voice barely audible, "fuck me please," he whispered in tears.

Troy was overcome by his emotions and buried his face in the crook of Cameron's neck, where he wept for several minutes. Cameron gently rubbed his lover's back and once he had calmed down, he spit into his hand and rubbed it on Troy's cock.

His eyes spoke his words that he was unable to say. Troy sat up and applied spit to his boy's rosebud. After several minutes of loosening him up Troy pressed his cock to the boy's waiting hole.

"Are you sure about this?" Troy asked looking down at Cameron.

Cameron nodded yes and put his hands on Troy's ass, and he pulled his lover into him. Troy's cock slid fully in and rested, as Cameron got use to the invasion.

"God how I have missed that sweet ass of yours Cam," he whispered while his cock slowly moved in and out of the boy.

He lifted up, supporting his weight with his hands, and found a rhythm that suited the two of them. Troy was in heaven as he made love to his Cameron, and Cameron cooed softly as his lover slowly took to another climax. Troy wanted this to last so each time he felt Cameron's ass tighten, he would stop and wait until the moment passed. After several times of doing this, Cameron nodded his head yes, and Troy quickened his rhythm and soon the two were exploding is rapturous pleasure, their climaxes in unison... Troy filling his lover's ass while Cameron shot between their embracing bodies.

Once he had finished shooting, Troy pulled his cock from Cameron's ass, and he licked up the sperm on Cameron's stomach, savoring each precious drop that the boy had shot.

"I love you Cameron Parker," he softly said and kissed his lover, giving him a taste of his own sperm.

"I love you Troy Mathews," Cameron whispered with great effort.


Time passes and soon Cameron is back to normal, his voice fully restored.

"He must have forgotten about my birthday," Cameron thought as he sat eating breakfast.

"So Cam, have you got any plans for today?" Troy casually asked, choosing to ignore the fact that it was his seventeenth birthday.

"No not really, why is there something that you want to do Troy," he asked excitedly.

"Not really, I thought that I would go over to the mall later."

"For what handsome," Cameron asked coming around the table and sitting on his lap.

"No reason, just thought that I would buy this handsome dude I know a nice birthday present is all," and Cameron's face lit up from the fact that he had remembered.

"You remembered my birthday sweetie," Cameron said and kissed his lover heatedly.

"How can I forget the best day of the year?" he asked with his arms around his lover. "If it had never happened, you wouldn't be sitting here on my lap, now would you?" he asked looking happily at the young man.

"I love you so much Officer Mathews," and he kissed him again. "Can we go back to bed and really celebrate it horny toad," he asked, calling him by his nick name that Cameron had given him.

"Don't you ever get enough of my cock Cam?" he asked.

"Never baby, now look me in the eyes and tell me you don't want me." Cameron put his nose to Troy's and blinked causing them both to laugh hysterically. "Ok you win baby boy," Troy got up and pulled Cameron with him.

Hand in hand they walked upstairs to Troy's bedroom and took turns stripping each other down to their shorts. Troy places his hands on each side of Cameron's face, and Cameron closes his eyes as Troy brings him into a tight embrace. Their mouths meet and in that one sweet, bliss filled moment, they are transported to a place made just for them.

Troy pressed his mouth to Cameron's, as if he were starving for love. Cameron opened his mouth for him to give him his tongue and he did. He kissed Cameron hard and long as a man would kiss, not like some ordinary guy does but like a real man would in the movies with the woman he loved. It was hard, ferocious and filled with the passion that he was feeling for Cameron. Troy broke their kiss and Cameron looked into his eyes for what seemed like eternity, and then pressed his mouth to Troy's, returning a kiss that spoke of the love he felt for him. It was fulfilling and yet it showed his need for the man that he was kissing.

"I love you Troy, more than the very life that lives within me." Cameron said with his arms around the man's neck.

"Cam, you are the completion of my very being, your love is that powerful to me."

He led Cameron to his bed and gently laid him down. As he looked down at the boxer briefs he put his fingers under the waistband and then slowly lifted them over the teen's erection, pulling them down his legs.

His hands felt the velvety softness of the boy's skin, as they slowly traveled down his young body towards his cock. Then he paused at the slight growth of pubic hair that he has at the base of his cock, slowly he ran his fingers gently through it, letting it brush the very tips of his fingers. Just that simple feeling had Cameron's cock leaking, as Troy moved his hand to the hard teen cock. He took it his hand, and he slowly stroked it up and down, and Cameron let out a sigh so deep, it told Troy that he was pleasing him just fine.

"That feels good babe," Cameron told him smiling at him.

"Anything to make the birthday boy happy," he said as he lowered himself down on the teen, and kissed him as John Wayne would have kiss his leading lady, with power, strength and raw emotion.

He attacked his neck, but with the sensitivity of a lover now, as he sucked and nibbled on it leaving a mark.

"Now your mine," he said as he ran his fingers gently over the hicky he just left on the boy's neck. "I've left my claim on you baby boy," he told him, "like you did me our first time making love," and he kissed him hard and powerful, filling his mouth with his tongue.

He kissed his way down to the boy's shoulders and nibbled them softly. He sniffed and licked as he moved on drinking in the sweet boy scent, as he coursed his way to his nubs, rising from his creamy white chest.

"Your skin is pure... and creamy vanilla," he said, and he gently nibbled on his tender nubs, causing Cameron to moan in utter delight.

"Yeah stud man, that's it you're so turning me on," Cameron moaned, as he ran his fingers through Troy's soft hair; he nudged him over to his other nub for the same delights.

Troy loved the taste of his boy, which was beneath him, as he ran his tongue around his sweet nub, and he could taste the soap from the shower. He licked his way down to his naval; he kissed it and ran his tongue around it, before moving on. He followed the boy's treasure trail, as it led him down to Cameron's cock, and it was standing there waiting to be worshiped. He looked up at Cameron as he took it in his hand, and smiled.

"God your cock is pure perfection Cam," he said as he placed his mouth around the head, and just the sensation of his lips touching the boy's cock pushed Cameron over the edge.

"Troy stop," he told him, but it was too late and he shot his cum in Troy's waiting mouth.

Troy swallowed Cameron's cock to the root and coaxed his sweet boy elixir from his balls.

"Fuck yeah horn doggy... ooooooh yeah suck it... don't stop," Cameron howled as he shot his seed into Troy's mouth.

"Make love to me Troy," Cameron said looking him in the eyes.

"I love you Cam, I love you more than I love myself," and he pressed his mouth to the boy's, shoving his tongue deep into Cameron's mouth.

"Do you want a hard and fast fuck or a sweet and slow," he asked staring into my eyes.

"I don't want you to fuck me at all: I want Troy to make love to his lover," Cameron said to him and they kissed tenderly.

Troy reached over to grab the lube sitting on the nightstand and spread the oil on his fingers and while he looked at Cameron as he rubbed it into his rosebud, and then grabbing more lube he worked it on his own cock. Troy places his cock to the entrance of Cameron's rosebud, and he bent down to kiss him. As their mouths and tongues met, he gently shoved his hard cock inside his boy's waiting ass, and he kept going until he had bottomed. Troy could feel Cameron tense up, as his ass constricted around Troy's cock; Cameron drew in a deep breath.

"Are you all right Lance," he asked, looking deep into his eyes, and the tears were falling.

"Yeah Troy, now make love to me please," and he pulled him down for a kiss.

Troy slowly started to withdraw, then pushed back in, and repeated this until Cameron was meeting his thrusts with my own. He rose up and began to find a rhythm that would have them fucking in harmony, and soon they were moving as one. He held the teen's legs by their calves, as he thrusted his thick cock into the boy's ass, deep and fast while Cameron held him by the hips.

"Yeah Troy... fuck me... give me that cock harder and deeper," he yelled, and pulled him by the hips to urge him on.

Troy pounded his ass like a stallion, giving him the fullness of his large fat cock deep into his ass. He was shoving it in harder and faster, and he watched the boy's cock as it bounced around to the rhythm that he was fucking him with. Cameron grabbed his own cock, and began to beat off, and soon he was shooting again.

"Aaaaaah fuck me lover," he screamed, shooting his cum all over his chest and stomach.

Troy felt Cameron's ass constrict around his hard cock, and it pushed him over his edge. Troy felt his balls pull up, as his cum rapidly moved up his cock like lava moving up a volcano.

"I'm cumming," he howled, as his rhythm took over and his hips pounded Cameron's ass like a jackhammer.

"Fill me Troy, shoot your cum into me," he told him, and he felt Troy's cock swell, feeling each throb and twitch as he shot his man seed.

He thrust hard and deep into the teen's ass, filling it with his sperm.

"Aaaaaah fuck Cam your ass is so hot and tight," he howled as he pounded his ass, unable to control his climax.

He rammed his cock deeper and faster into him, until Cameron could tell he had nothing left to give. Troy collapsed on Cameron and wrapped his face in his hands, kissing him hard and lustfully.

"I'm so in love with you Cameron," he said with tears in his eyes, and he kissed him again even more forcefully as only a true man would.

"I will always be in love you Troy," he told him, as Troy's cock fell from his ass.

They got up and showered before heading out to go shopping.


Instead of the mall, Troy stopped at a local Ford dealership.

"Why are we stopping here Troy?" he asked looking over at him.

"I need to see someone here," he said. "Why don't you look around inside while I talk to the man."

They went inside the showroom and Cameron's eyes went immediately to a brand new candy apple red Mustang convertible. The top was down and he slid in behind the wheel. He felt the leather interior and pretended to be driving. Troy came out twenty minutes later, followed by a salesman.

"Hey sport," Troy called out and Cameron looked in his direction. "Catch!" he told him and tossed him a set of keys.

"What are these for dad?" he asked giving Troy a puzzled look.

"They go to your birthday present," again Cameron gave him a puzzled look.

"My present," and then it hit him, "are you kidding me dad... what one?" he asked all excited.

"The one that you were just sitting in son," Troy said standing there smiling.

"No way... really the Mustang... no effing way," and he got in, inserted the key and turned the car on. "Oh my God thank you dad," he got out and ran over to Troy, kissing him hard on the mouth. "Ah... sorry dad," he said, embarrassed by his actions.

"Lovers huh," the salesman whispered to Troy. "Not to worry Mr. Mathews, my adopted son and I are lovers also," he confided to a stunned Troy.

"Well we go to court next week to finalize his adoption. Once he turns eighteen, his present is going to be a cruise to Hawaii where he will be married if he still chooses to be."

"Chooses to be what dad," Cameron asked overhearing what Troy had just said.

"I'll tell you later Cam," Cameron gave him a puzzled look. "So when you are ready son, we can take her home," Cameron jumped about wildly, overcome by excitement.


They took the long way home so that Troy could talk and Cameron could show off his car.

"What were you going to tell me later Troy?" he asked not daring to glance over at him.

"Remember the salesman Drew?" Cameron nodded yes. "Well he and his son are lovers also, or rather his adopted son is his lover," Cameron glanced over in shock at Troy.

"No fucking way Troy! How did you find that out?" he asked.

"That kiss you gave me told him more than just thank you Cam. After you ran back over to the car, he whispered his secret to me."

"You know his son Troy; it's my friend Matt from school."

"No way Cam, God that boy is hot. No wonder his dad and him are lovers." Troy could tell that his remark rubbed Cameron wrong, when his smile left his face.

"Troy is that all I am for you is a hot piece of young ass," and when he looked at Troy he had tears in his eyes.

"Oh my God no baby boy, you are my very life and partner," he told him and placed his hand on his leg. "I never once looked at you as a sex toy or otherwise," Troy told him and his own tears were falling.

"I'm sorry sweetie, I didn't mean to hurt you," and he turned eyes from the road for just a moment, to pat his hand.

A truck running a red light slammed into the passenger side of the car and shoved Troy over to Cameron's side. Cameron was dazed and when he got his senses back, he looked over at an unconscious and bloodied Troy.

"Oh God no... Troy baby... are you alright," panic filled his voice.

He grabbed for his cell phone in his coat pocket, and quickly dialed 911.

"Please hurry my dad is not awake and covered in blood," he told the dispatcher crying.

"Calm down young man, and tell me your name," she asked.

"Cameron and my dad's name is Troy," he said and heard the sounds of sirens blaring.

Police came several minutes after he called and while still on the phone with the dispatcher.

"Cameron...oh God Troy," Jeremy said in a panic when he bent down and saw Troy all covered in blood and unconscious.

The driver of the truck was dead and was thrown from his truck. It took the fire department over twenty minutes to cut Troy from the car. Cameron has minor cuts and bruises, but Troy was in critical condition as the ambulance sped away to the hospital with him. A second ambulance took Cameron to the hospital also, where he was treated and released.


He and Jeremy sat together in the surgical waiting room for word on Troy. Cameron paced back and forth, worry was overwhelming him.

"Is someone here for Troy Mathews?" a doctor asked, his surgical gown had blood on the front.

"I am doc, I'm his son," Cameron told rushing over to him.

"Well he's resting comfortably at the moment and we have stopped the internal bleeding. He's in a drug induced coma to help him rest and to minimize his pain. But he was a very lucky man, and from what I understood about the accident he's lucky to be alive."

"When can I see him?"

"Like I said he's in a coma but if you come with me, you can see him for a moment."

They followed the doctor to Troy's room and Cameron gasped when he saw the tubes and wires.

"Fuck Jeremy look at him," Cameron said with tears in his eyes, "he looks awful laying there."

"He'll be fine kid, now let's get you home and resting yourself."


Jeremy drove Cameron home and on the way they talked.

"You really love my Troy don't you Jeremy," he asked after keeping quiet for a while.

"I have for years Cameron and only told him when I knew that I was going lose him. But I can see that the two of you are in love also Cameron, so I'm happy for him."

Cameron thought about how Jeremy felt, and was touched by his sacrifice for Troy. He looked over at the handsome officer and his teen mind went into overdrive.

"Do you want to stay here alone Cameron or... if you would like to, you are welcome to come stay at my house until Troy comes home."

"I don't want to be alone Jeremy, I really don't." He told the officer. "Would you help me get some things and I'll stay at your place."

"Ah... Cameron, I should tell you right off, I only have a one bedroom apartment. You would have to share the bed with me. But I promise to never touch you kid, promise."

"Oh...I guess its ok... if you really don't mind." He told him after thinking about the situation.

They packed up enough clothes and things for his stay, not knowing how long it would be until Troy came home.


Jeremy's apartment was small, but for one man it was sufficient. He settled Cameron's things into an empty drawer, and hung other's in the closet. Jeremy made them a nice dinner and they talked for several hours before it was bedtime.

After closing off the lights, Jeremy headed into the bedroom and found Cameron had just stripped down to his briefs.

"Damn this is going to be hard Jeremy," he thought to himself looking at the buff teen. "I can why Troy fell for this boy, damn his ass is perfection." Jeremy went into his bathroom to undress.

When he came out of the bathroom, he noticed the boy's briefs lying on the top of his clothes.

"Oh fuck, he's naked under the covers," he thought walking around to his side of the bed.

He shut the bedroom light, before he removed his own briefs and got into bed. The bed was just a full size bed, so their bodies were in close proximity. Cameron had his back to Jeremy and he was quietly crying.

"What's the matter Cameron," he asked turning towards the teen.

"I miss Troy so much; he would hold me when we slept."

"Do you want me to hold you kid?" he asked. "I promise to behave myself."

"If you don't mind Jeremy," Cameron snuggled back against Jeremy.

Jeremy's cock was flaccid, but the warmth of Cameron's ass against his cock soon had him hard.

"I'm sorry Cameron, but your ass is warm."

"I am used to sleeping against Troy's hard on, so it's ok," he said and teased Jeremy by snuggling his ass against Jeremy's hard cock.

They quieted down and the breathing of Jeremy's breath on Cameron's neck, was arousing the teen. Cameron gave the situation some thought, before he reached around and put Jeremy's cock to his rosebud.

"Just this once man, so go ahead and fuck me." Cameron said and pushed back on the man's cock.

"No Cameron... I can't do that to you or to Troy," he told him and turned away.

"I didn't think so, so come on and hold me so we can get to sleep," he said and Jeremy turned back towards him, taking him into a spooning position.

"Goodnight Cameron."

"Goodnight Jeremy," soon they were asleep.


The next morning, Jeremy woke with a raging erection and it was pressing against Cameron's ass. He so wanted to fuck the boy, but his respect and love for Troy, out weighed his desires. They went to the hospital, and found Troy awake and very much hurting.

"Where did you sleep last night Cam," a worried Troy asked.

"He stayed at my apartment Troy, and before you go getting all freaked out, nothing happened." Jeremy assured him and Troy looked to Cameron to confirm it.

"I offered but he turned me down," Cameron said with the sly look on his face. "I needed to know I was safe Troy. He loves you to much to do anything with me," he looked over at Jeremy who was giving him a stern look.

"It's your body kid, but thank you baby boy." He smiled.

Troy looked over at Jeremy, and he could tell that Jeremy loved him. He also knew that it wouldn't be long before Cameron would want someone his own age also. Yes they had professed love for each other, but Troy knew it was more teenage lust that kept Cameron with him. After all, his teenage hormones were raging and sex was just that, sex for a boy of seventeen, even if he had said he loved him.


Three weeks past, Troy was coming home and now he was fully recovered. Other than a slight limp when he walked, he was able to resume life again.

"I have missed you Cam and I can't wait until tonight to make love with you," he said.

"How long will Jeremy be gone," Cameron asked looking with desire at Troy.

"At least an hour or longer," Troy told him as he looked at him, and ran his fingers through the boy's soft hair.

"Then lets do it babe," he said and took Troy by the hand.

They began to undress and once naked, Troy was holding his lover, when Jeremy entered the room.

"I forgot to grab..." the shock of seeing the two lovers naked and kissing stopped him mid sentence. "Ah... sorry guys I should have rang the doorbell for just this reason."

Troy pushed back from Cameron, this was the first time that Jeremy had actually seen them together... naked. Cameron looked knowingly at Troy and then turned to Jeremy and kissed him.

Their tongues danced, and Jeremy gave a sigh of delight. Cameron turned Jeremy to Troy and their tongues met as they kissed. Their passion built. They broke their kiss and stood back, and each took a hand and led Jeremy upstairs to Troy's bedroom. Troy and Cameron started to undress Jeremy. The sunlight hit his body, highlighting his muscular curves. His hair shimmered and his eyes sparkled as they reflected the sun's light.

They led him to the bed and laid him down, with each taking a side of him. They gently caressed his nipples, softly biting and sucking on them. He moaned in pleasure as his entire nervous system became stimulated by their actions. Troy kissed him, their tongues searching each other's mouth. Cameron took his cock and lavished the head with his tongue. Jeremy lifted his body, trying to give the boy more. He ran his tongue to the base of the head, and then slowly went down on the hard cock. He swallowed Jeremy's cock to the base and he smelled the man's scent and drank it in. Troy sucked the Jeremy's balls, one at a time, gently rolling them around in his mouth. Jeremy's head rocked uncontrollably as his passion grew, faster and faster as his nerves came under attack. Gripping Cameron's head, he tried to establish a point of stability. Troy lifted Jeremy's legs and buried his tongue deep into Jeremy's tender and as of yet unexplored rosebud.

"Fuck guys!" Jeremy cried out, his passion overwhelming him. Troy continued to fuck him with his tongue. Cameron could sense that he was very close, so he pulled off his cock. He moved to Jeremy's lips and he gave him a kiss. Troy inserted a finger deep into Jeremy. He moaned his pleasure as Cameron sucked on his tongue. Troy inserted another finger.

Jeremy was thrashing in ecstasy. Troy reached for the ointment and gently applied it to Jeremy's rosebud.

"Are you sure you want this?" Cameron whispered to Jeremy as Troy readied for his entry into Jeremy's treasure.

"Yes, please take me. I need you inside." Troy positioned himself for the thrust. He told Jeremy to push against him when he felt the start of the entry.

"It is going to hurt the first time Jeremy, but Troy will be gentle. He will stop and wait for you to adjust to the feeling.

Jeremy had wanted this with Troy, and had saved himself for this very time. Troy started to push in as Jeremy pushed out and his cock's head breached the ring.

"Oh fuck stop. It hurts so much!" Jeremy screamed. Troy stopped, giving him time to adjust. Cameron continued kissing him passionately.

When Troy felt Jeremy relax, he slowly continued the thrust. Finally, he had completely entered. Jeremy's eye's rolled back into his head and he let out a comforting sigh as extreme pleasure coursed through his body. Troy slowly started fucking, taking short gentle strokes, not wanting to cause undo pain. When Jeremy began meeting Troy's thrusts, Troy set a rhythm to his fucking and soon began fucking him with a faster pace. Jeremy met every thrust. Cameron took Jeremy's cock into his mouth and swallowed it deeply into his throat. Jeremy was completely out of control. His body had never been so aroused. He had never thought it at all possible, that it would feel this good. He thrashed in total abandonment completely unaware of anything other than his body.

"I'm cumming Cameron. Fuck me harder and faster Troy!" he cried out.

He shot his cum deep into Cameron's waiting throat. He shot hot volleys of his sweet cum. He had never known such ecstasy. His ass tightened around Troy's cock, causing Troy's cock to explode. He shot his hot seed deep into Jeremy's ass, as he pounded it with all the force he could muster. He kept pounding until he has drained himself and Jeremy had stopped shooting his load. Cameron moved up to Jeremy, giving him a tender kiss. Jeremy lay there feeling nothing but euphoria.

"I want to suck your cock sweetness," Jeremy said to Cameron.

As Cameron straddled each side of Jeremy's chest with his knees, he offered his hot teen cock deep into Jeremy's mouth.

"Mmmmmmm," Jeremy and Cameron moaned together as Troy lowered and engulf Jeremy's cock.

Within seconds, his flaccid cock rose up to its hard eight inches. As Jeremy sucked on Cameron's cock, Troy had dropped Jeremy's cock. He knelt on either side of Jeremy's hips and positioned Jeremy's cock to his rosebud. After taking a deep breath, Troy slowly lowered his ass down onto his cock.

Impaled on the man's cock, Troy's ass gyrated around on Jeremy's cock, his balls resting in Jeremy's soft pubes. Troy's hand held Cameron by the waist as he rode up and down on Jeremy's cock. He looked over the teen's shoulder and watched as Cameron thrust his cock in and out of Jeremy's mouth.

Troy began to nibble on Cameron's neck and tongue fuck the boy's ears. It was all that Cameron could take, and spewed his cum deep into Jeremy's waiting throat. He swallowed as fast as he could; the volume was greater than he had anticipated. Some of the teens cum rolled slowly out the side of Jeremy's mouth as he struggled to swallow, trying desperately to keep up with the sperm that Cameron was shooting.

Spent, Cameron pulled his cock from Jeremy's mouth and turned to face Troy, who was gliding back and forth on Jeremy's cock. Their mouths met in extreme bliss, their tongues dueling in each other's mouth. Jeremy buried his face and tongue, deep into the teen's sweet rosebud.

After several minutes of riding Jeremy's cock, his climax became imminent. He pulled his face from the boy's sweet ass and crowed out in a sexually frenzied voice.

"Aaaaaaaaagh fuck my cock... fuck... cumming," he screamed out.

Troy tossed his head back when he felt his partner's cock begin to swell. Jeremy's cock exploded, spraying Troy's inside with a torrent of hot sperm.

"More... don't stop babe... oh fuck I have so much to give you," he howled and as he shot his hot seed, Cameron bent down to kiss him.

Exhausted and spent, the two men dropped down on each side of Jeremy.

"Thank you guys, that was the best sex that I have ever had," Jeremy said looking up towards the ceiling, basking in his climax's afterglow.

"Our pleasure," Troy and Cameron said as they cuddled tightly to Jeremy and soon fell asleep, satisfied and content.


Time passed and Jeremy moved in with Troy and Cameron. They were now all content to be partners... the three of them. It was now Cameron's eighteenth birthday and they had taken a trip to Hawaii. They found themselves on a moonlit beach their first night there, walking hand in hand together. Troy looked over at Jeremy and they both stopped, dropped to one knee before Cameron, each still holding his hand. As they looked up at the young man, together they asked.

"Cameron, would you do us the honor of marrying us?" he looked down at the two men, shocked and caught off guard.

"You mean the three of us get married... like to each other?" he asked and they nodded.

Troy and Jeremy each held up a ring, one designed by each just for Cameron.

"Is it legal?" he asked.

"Not by law, but to our hearts it will be." Troy said and Cameron agreed.

Each man slipped his ring onto Cameron's hand that he was holding, and stood up... taking turns to kiss the now legal young man.

They found a justice of the peace, gay, and he performed a marriage ceremony for the three men. They were standing on a cliff, over looking the ocean as they took their vows.

"Although not legally, I pronounce you three married," the justice said, and each took turns as they kissed each other.

Later the night after they had finished consummating their marriage, the snuggled close together, with Cameron in the middle.

"I love you both my husbands," he kissed each before they turned into their spooning position, and happily drifted off to sleep.

The End

Well that ends the story of Cameron and Troy. I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at such a story. Yes I have made some mistakes along the way, which some have pointed out. I thank you all for your emails, and even the ones that you felt negative were happily received and I hope to utilize your criticism to write a better story next time. Thank you.

Your comments are greatly appreciated: Randy.