WARNING:  This story is a complete work of fiction and contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts between adults and minors. If, for any reason, you are forbidden from accessing or possessing this type of material, do not read any further! All characters, places, and events are purely fictional; any resemblances between them and anything that exists in reality is a complete coincidence. The author accepts no responsibility for actions taken by those who read or possess this story, and does not condone or support illegal activities of any kind. Finally, if you are offended by the type of material contained in this story, do not read it.

Candy 'Round Back

 David hated the Halloween costume his mother had bought him. At nine years old, though, he didn't have much say in the matter. At the party supply store he had picked out a ferocious looking werewolf mask, but his mother quickly dismissed the boy's selection. Instead, she had bought him a Green Lantern costume. The only thing David liked about it was that it came with a ring that had a little light in it. Back at his house, the boy sighed as he held the spandex pants out before him and wondered if they would even fit.

 After placing the pants on his bed, David slipped out of his blue long sleeved shirt, revealing his slender toned tummy. He wasn't really into playing sports, or anything that involved going outside really, so his skin was fairly pale compared to some of his friends'. Still, his hairless young body was tight and his developing musculature could be easily seen as he pulled the skin tight costume top over his head. Despite feeling silly for wearing something so tight, the fabric did feel very good against his skin. He then unbuttoned his jeans and allowed them to drop to the floor before slipping one leg into the spandex pants. David smiled as the thin fabric rubbed softly against his legs, and pushed his other leg into them before pulling the pants up to his waist.

 He then trotted into the bathroom to examine himself in the mirror. The costume looked cool enough, he thought. The only problem was that it was so tight and the fabric was so thin that one could easily spot the outline of his briefs just under the fabric. David decided that there was no way he would leave the house in such a condition, and quickly removed the pants before dropping his briefs to the floor and stepping out of them. He then pulled the pants back on, and found the sensation to be even more pleasurable. As the fabric rubbed against his soft little cocklet, he almost shuddered from the pleasure coursing through his most sensitive area. Then, the inevitable happened; his little soldier was standing at attention in one second flat.

 David sighed as yet another problem arose with his new costume, and scratched his head as he tried to find a solution for the most embarrassing one yet. Sure, he enjoyed the way the fabric rubbed against his throbbing cocklet, and imagining walking around in public sporting such an impressive tent gave him a slight thrill, but there was no way he would actually do such a thing. He knew that rubbing at his boner wouldn't help, that only made it get harder. He finally decided that he would just have to try and position his little dick vertically to make it lay flat, then he hoped he could stretch the bottom of the tight shirt down over it to make it less noticeable. This seemed to work, to some degree, so he decided that the tactic would have to do.

 After returning to his room, David retrieved the cool glowing ring from his bag and switched it on. He then turned his bedroom light off to see just how bright the thing was, and was surprised to find that it actually cast a small green beam. It was useless compared to a conventional flashlight, but he thought it was cool nonetheless. He then switched the light back on and grabbed the black cat and jack o' lantern print bag that he would be using to collect candy. Once the preparations were completed, he made his way to the living room to find his mother on the phone, and David didn't like the way her expression rapidly changed from one of content to shock.

"What happened? Oh my god, is she okay? Where is she now? I'll be right there," she said before hurriedly hanging up the phone.

"David, Janice was just in an accident. Crystal says she's alright, but they're taking her to the hospital. I have to go and make sure she's okay," she said.

"But, what about trick 'r treating?" the boy responded, empty bag hanging limply at his side.

"I'm sorry, honey, I'll just have to buy you a bag of candy," she answered as she quickly began gathering the things she would need for the short trip.

 David's heart was broken. He had been looking forward to Halloween for over a month, and had even had trouble sleeping for a few nights before the holiday. The urge to cry welled up inside of the boy, but he fought the tears. He knew that he was too old for that stuff, and it would only anger his mother if he started. Still, to such a young boy the disappointment was enormous.

"Mom, I'm nine. There will be lots of people around, it'll be safe. Please," was all he could muster.

"David, this is not the time. I need to go check on Janice, she's my best friend. This won't be the last Halloween ever, I promise. I'll let you get two bags of candy next year, okay?"

 David just hung his head as the first tear rolled down his cheek and he watched as it dropped to the floor. Once she noticed her son's crying Jessie paused and sighed as she examined the pitiful boy. She couldn't help but feel bad for him, standing there in his cute little costume with his bag completely devoid of candy. Then, she remembered what Halloween had been like when she was a child. Jessie opened the front door and stepped out onto the porch. David was right, she thought, there were a lot of people roaming the streets dividing the rows of houses in their neighborhood. She even noticed small groups of kids walking around without parental supervision.

"David, come here," she said, sounding defeated.

The boy quickly followed his order and stood at his mother's side.

Jessie kneeled in front of her son and gazed into his chocolate brown eyes, "I'll let you trick 'r treat tonight, but you have to follow my instructions exactly. You are to take this phone with you, and keep it on at all times. If I call you, you are to answer immediately. Is that understood," she said with the seriousness of a Marine Corps Drill Instructor.

David nodded quickly as the frown evaporated from his face, then dropped the cell phone his mother handed him into the plastic candy bag.

"Alright, come on," she said with a nervous sigh.

 Jessie then stopped a small group of trick 'r treaters and asked if they would mind if David joined them. None of the kids objected, so Jessie kissed her son on the cheek and hugged him tightly. She then reminded him of the rules and instructed him to be back home by no later than seven o'clock. David quickly agreed and grinned at the small group of kids as his mother hurried back into the house to finish getting ready. Then, the adventure began.

"Nice costume, did your mommy buy that for you," the oldest boy, about thirteen, taunted.

David didn't respond as his embarrassment immediately returned, and the other kids laughed.

"Look, he even has that stupid ring," the bully continued.

 David felt his heart sink, and the urge to cry returned. As he watched his mother's car drive slowly past, he began to regret his begging. Once the tail lights were out of view, he began to feel afraid, and dreaded what the bully might do next. Still, he was nine, he thought, and he had to be brave. Then, the small group stopped and circled around him.

The oldest boy spoke first, "Everyone knows that the bigger a group is, the less candy each kid gets."

"Yeah, we don't want you followin' us," a younger boy chimed in.

 David could feel tears welling up in his eyes as he clutched the plastic bag in his small hands, holding it to his chest as though it were a shield. He backed away from the bullies slowly, and the oldest boy shoved him. David had had enough, so he quickly turned and ran from the group. Tears flowed from his eyes as the laughter of the group began to soften behind him. He stopped a few blocks down the street, and turned to find that the bullies were nowhere to be seen. He sighed heavily and wiped the tears from his eyes. Though he had managed to escape that horrible situation, he quickly found himself in one that was almost equally as bad- he was alone.

 David nervously wandered down the dimly lit street, eyeing the houses and passing groups of kids defensively. Finally, he saw a house which had a sign on the door. Usually, that meant the owners had left a bowl of candy on the porch for kids to grab a handful and be on their way, so David felt as though it would be an easy place to score some treats. He carefully approached the door with the piece of notebook paper taped on it and read the sign, 'Candy Round Back!'. Candy 'round back, the boy thought. The situation certainly seemed suspicious. His mother's words returned to him, and he felt bad for disobeying her by leaving the group. Still, there was no way that he was going to follow that group of bullies around as the punch line to one of their hurtful jokes. He sighed as he weighed his options. He knew that he could just walk to one of the other sixty-or-so houses in the neighborhood, but then he risked coming across another group of bullies. But, if he did go behind this house and found a bucket of candy, he could just fill his bag and return home.

 David snuck around the side of the house and peered sheepishly around the corner of the quaint building. In the back yard he spotted two young men sitting at a fire pit roasting marshmallows. They seemed nice enough, the boy thought, as they were laughing and carrying on, taking swigs from their beers every so often. He wasn't sure what it was, but David felt drawn to the men. Maybe it was the warm glow of their fire that comforted him, but he soon walked rather boldly toward them. Once one of the men had spotted the boy, they diverted their attention to him immediately and beckoned him closer. David could see that they were a little scarier up close, as they both had shaved heads, muscular builds, and tattoos from their arms to their necks. The men were both Hispanic and spoke with slight accents, but David had no trouble understanding them.

"Hey, wha'da we have here? C'mere kid, we aint gonna bite," laughed one of the men before he picked up a large bowl of sweets.

 David timidly approached him, looking from one man to the other nervously. He couldn't tell if they were being genuinely nice, or just getting ready to tease him like the other boys. Still, the allure of the bowl of candy was just powerful enough to overcome the boy's fears. Once he was only a few feet away from the man with the candy, David held out his bag and gazed into the bowl. He was happy to see that all of his favorite candies were present, none of that candy corn stuff.

"What's this? You aint got no candy yet, holmes? Damn, that aint right," the man said before dumping the entire bowl into David's bag as the boy's eyes widened to the size of baseballs.

Laughing, "He got some candy now, huh," said the other man.

"Fuckin' A. What's your name, kid?" said the man with the bowl.


The men grinned, "Nice to meet you David, I'm Rico and that's my homie Javier."

"'Sup," Javier said after taking a swig of beer.

"Come grab a marshmallow," Rico said as he sat the empty bowl down.

 David reluctantly followed Rico to the fire and was handed a stick with a big fluffy marshmallow skewered on the end. He carefully held the stick over the fire as Rico and Javier joked around in Spanish. David had no idea what they were saying, but it didn't seem to be anything mean. So, he just focused on his marshmallow and allowed the flames to comfort him. Once the mallow was nicely toasted, David started taking bites of it as the men watched intently. The sudden attention from the two men made David a little nervous, so he quickly finished the marshmallow and picked up his bag of sweets.

"Thanks for the candy," he said as he turned to leave.

"Hold up, bro, you just got here. Come sit down," Rico said.

 David could hear the sincerity in the man's voice and could tell that he really wanted him to stay. He turned to see Rico patting his hand on the seat of the empty chair next to him. Rico wore a warm smile, not the devious grin he might have had if he wished the boy any harm. So, instead of creeping through the streets and trying to avoid persecution from bullies, David decided to accept the offer. He sat in the chair and watched as Rico stuck another marshmallow on the stick before handing it to him again.

"So, the Green Lantern, huh," Rico said.

"Tha's pretty badass, muchacho. I used to read that shit when I was your age," said Javier.

"Yea, but they got movies now. Kids don't read comics no more. You ever seen a comic book," Rico asked.

David just shook his head, 'No'.

"C'mon, we got a whole stack in the house. Javie still reads 'em," Rico laughed.

 David began feeling uneasy again at that point, as he remembered his mother's many lectures about 'Stranger Danger'. He knew that there were people in the world that liked kids more than was socially acceptable, but he certainly didn't think Rico and Javier could be like that. Though they made him a little nervous, David thought the men were really cool and interesting. Just hanging out with the guys made David feel cool as well, so he decided to take the risk. He stood from the chair, bag of candy in hand, and followed Rico in through the glass sliding door on the rear of the house as Javier began extinguishing the fire.

"So, your parents just let you wander around by yourself," Rico asked.

"My mom had to go see her friend, she was in an accident," David quickly replied.

"Oh, that's not good. Hope she's okay. Sit on the couch, I'll go get the comics," Rico said.

 A few moments later Javier entered the house and grabbed another beer from the fridge. He then walked into the living room and sat heavily in a big recliner. David tried to rest his eyes on everything and anything in the room except the man, still he could feel Javier's gaze on him and he felt uncomfortable. After about a minute Javier finally turned the television on, which was a relief for David as he now had something to stare at. Javier flipped through the channels until he came to some cartoons and stopped. David found it comforting whenever Javier would laugh at the antics of the cartoon characters, and began to ease up.

 A short while later, Rico returned to the room carrying a rather large box. He then sat on the couch and sat the heavy box on the cushion between David and himself. David's eyes widened as he looked at the selection, he had never seen so many magazines before. Some of them were in protective sleeves, and others were still in their original packaging. He watched as Rico rummaged through the books and flipped through the ones that he was handed. It was a little difficult for David to get the hang of reading the comics, but once he was more used to it he decided that the books were awesome.

"You like that one," Rico said.

"Yeh," David responded as he flipped through an 'Ultimates' comic.

 Rico chuckled before getting a beer from the fridge and sitting heavily on the couch, causing David to bounce slightly. The boy looked up from his comic to see that, despite having the television on, both men were watching him instead. They both had smiles on their faces, not devious, but also not a normal happy sort of smile. David wasn't sure what to make of their expressions, so he pretended to return his attention to the comic. As he pretended to read, David's heart began beating faster as he realized the situation he was in. There he was, a vulnerable little boy, in a house with two muscular strangers that were looking at him strangely, and his mother was nowhere near him. His false sense of security evaporated in an instant. Once he had finished flipping through the book, he tenderly placed it back in the box and stood from the couch.

"I need to go home," he said with a shakey voice.

"What's wrong bro, you feelin' okay," Rico asked.

David nodded.

"You don't look so good, c'mere," said Rico.

After a moment of consideration, David timidly approached the man.

"Chill out, muchacho. Like I said, we aint gonna hurt you lil man," said Rico.

 Once David was in arm's reach, Rico gently pulled the boy closer to him. He then placed a hand on David's forehead as though to check his temperature. He then placed the hand on the boy's cheek, then his neck. David felt very strange as the man touched him, and was surprised that someone that looked so rough could have such a tender touch. David wasn't used to the company of men as his father had died shortly before he was born, and his mother was always too busy with work for dating. So, that was the first time a man, other than David's doctor, had touched him anywhere other than his hand.

 Though nervous and feeling very strange, David couldn't help but notice that he enjoyed the strange sensations. He made no attempt to move away from the man as Rico's hand ran gently from the boy's neck to his back. David shuddered slightly as Rico's hot hand slid along the thin fabric of the costume. The heat from the man's hand seemed to be penetrating into David's back and spreading slowly throughout his entire body.

"I don't think you got a fever," Rico said.

"He look pretty good to me, vato," Javier laughed.

 Rico laughed and said something to Javier in Spanish then, before running his palm around in small circles on David's lower back.

"I think I know. You're too nervous lil man, you need to loosen up. Have some of this," Rico said as he held his beer out to the boy.

 David eyed the beverage suspiciously, he knew that he wasn't supposed to go anywhere near alcohol. Still, he had already broken several rules and nothing bad had happened so far. He took the brown bottle from the man and took a sip. He couldn't help but scrunch his face up as the bitter liquid hit his tongue, but he forced himself to swallow the beer anyway. The men laughed as Rico took the bottle from the boy, then proceeded to chug the rest of its contents. David stood before him, unsure of what to do, but secretly hoped that the man's hand would return to his body.

"Don't like beer, huh? Guess we gotta figure some other way to loosen you up. I know. Javier is like a expert massage artist therapist whatever, aint you Javie?" Rico grinned.

"Hell yeah, man, I can make a crocodile go to sleep with the magical healing powers of my hands, holmes," he replied before joining Rico in a fit of laughter.

"Seriously, lil man, you gonna like this. If you don't you can go, cool? C'mon," said Rico.

 David didn't have a chance to respond, as Rico immediately stood and took the boy's hand. He then led David through a short corridor and into a bedroom, Javier followed closely behind. There, Rico motioned for David to sit on the bed and he did as he was told. The boy's head was dizzy with nervousness and excitement. He had never received a massage before, but he knew that when people got them on television they were usually naked. Did these guys really expect him to remove his clothing, he wondered. He was comforted when Javier instructed him to lie on his stomach in the center of the bed. Once he had done so, he felt the large man straddle his legs and heard him begin rubbing the palms of his hands together vigorously to warm them up. With his head turned to the side, David watched as Rico slipped a CD into a stereo and pressed play. A moment later, The Elegants - Little Star began playing, much to David's surprise. The boy had expected to hear rap, or even metal music judging from the tough facade that the men had. Oldies music was completely unexpected, but David liked the way it sounded.

 Then, David felt Javier's hands on his back, and could hardly believe the sensations that the man's ministrations were giving him as the man's big hands rubbed and kneaded the small boy's soft skin and delicate muscles. Javier's experienced touch soon had the boy slipping into a state of deep relaxation and pleasure like he had never known before.

"Alright, I got you warmed up now. Rico, get the oil, bro. David, I'm gonna put this stuff on you, but it's messy. So, I'm gonna have to take your shirt off. That cool with you?" Javier said.

David moaned quietly in response.

"I think that's a yes, what you think Rico?" Javier said with a grin.

"No doubt," he said as he handed a bottle of aroma therapy massage oil to Javier.

 Javier turned David over gently, and pulled him up into a sitting position before slipping the shirt up and off of the boy. David was in such a relaxed state that he felt like a rag doll in Javier's strong hands. He then rolled back over onto his stomach and closed his eyes as Javier removed the cap from the bottle of oil. Then, he felt the cold liquid drip onto his spine and begin running down his back causing him to squirm slightly and giggle. Javier laughed as he dribbled the oil down the boy's back, then poured some in his hands and rubbed them together to warm it up. Then his hands finally returned to the boy's now infinitely softer body, and David released an inaudible gasp.

 A few minutes later, David had reached a trance-like state somewhere on the border of sleep. Then, Javier tugged at the waistband of the boy's pants and pulled them down just enough to reveal his milky white mounds. When the man's hands began paying much more attention to the small of the boy's back before eventually slipping down to his ass, David suddenly became aware of the stiffie that was pressing viciously against what remained of his skin-tight costume. He bucked his hips against the bed causing his cocklet to rub against the soft fabric, and shivered. Javier inhaled deeply after David's display of horniness, and flipped the boy over onto his back.

 David's eyes opened wide with shock and surprise, but saw a comforting smile on the man's face. He turned his head to see that Rico had been watching them from a chair next to the bed, and was rubbing at his own hard cock through his pants. Javier poured more oil on David's chest and began massaging from the boy's ever so sensitive neck down to his tummy. Every so often he would massage the boy's arms so that his more sensitive areas didn't become desensitized from over stimulation. Javier made sure to avoid the boy's nipples, as he didn't want to scare or shock him. There didn't seem to be much of a chance for that to happen though, as David's little erection was on display to everyone in the room. It throbbed demandingly through the thin costume fabric, the outline perfectly visible.

 With every trip that Javier's hands made over David's hairless torso, they came closer and closer to his waistband. David wasn't sure why, but he wanted them to venture further down. As exciting as the massage was, David wanted it to be taken to the next level. He wasn't sure exactly what that meant, what would be found on that level, but he knew he wanted something. His want bordered on need as the man's hands slipped down below the boy's naval once again. David subconsciously bucked his hips up slightly as Javier's hands slowly inched closer to his boyhood. Javier grinned as he did this, and he glanced at Rico for a moment before returning his gaze to David's barely open eyes.

"I think we better get rid of these, so the oil doesn't stain em," he said with a nod to David's pants.

 The boy made no objection as Javier wiped his hands on a towel and hooked his fingers under the boy's waistband. He then effortlessly lifted David's hips up and pulled his pants down slowly, allowing the boy's stiffie to spring free and slap against his smooth skin. Rico released a quiet groan as he watched Javier slip the boy's pants down to his ankles. He then carefully untied David's shoes slowly, allowing him ample time to object. When the boy hadn't, he pulled his shoes off and tossed them onto the floor before removing his pants in a similar fashion. Then, the massage continued. Javier teasingly massaged David's legs, progressively moving his hands closer and closer to the boy's throbbing stiffie.

 It wasn't long before David lay panting naked on the bed. His pale skin shining deliciously in the room's amber light. As Javier's hands rubbed just millimeters from David's boyhood, the boy inhaled deeply and bucked his hips. Javier took the hint, and finally allowed his hands to brush against the base of the David's cock. Then, he took the stiffie into his hand and began massaging it slowly causing David to shiver. Seeing this, Rico stood and quickly pulled his shirt off. He then allowed his pants and boxers to drop to his ankles and stepped out of them. Javier laughed, said something in Spanish, and David looked to see what was happening. His eyes once again widened as he saw a man's fully erect cock for the first time. His pulse quickened as he watched Rico's cock bounce with each step as he approached the bed. He couldn't believe how big the man's dick was, and wondered what he planned to do with it.

 Once Rico had climbed onto the bed next to David, he leaned over the boy and began sucking on his nipple. David shivered with pleasure as he watched Javier undress at the foot of the bed and return his grasp to the boy's stiffie. Javier's dick wasn't quite as big as Rico's, but was still very impressive to such a young boy. He wasn't sure why, but the men's cocks excited him. He wanted to touch them, but wasn't sure about how to go about doing so. That wasn't a problem, though, as Rico had soon taken hold of the boy's hand and wrapped his little fingers around the shaft of his throbbing cock. He then showed David how to stroke it, and the boy, quick learner that he was, began stroking it eagerly as Javier massaged his cocklet and Rico took turns sucking his nipples.

 Awash with pleasure and confusion, David squirmed on the bed as overwhelming sensations crashed through his small body. He didn't know what to do, so he just did what came naturally; he bucked his hips in time with Javier's stroking, and stroked Rico's monster cock, really only a six incher, to the best of his abilities. He could feel a tightness building in his groin, and was afraid of what might happen if the treatment the men were giving him continued. Luckily, Javier released the boy's cock just in time. But, he then continued massaging it in a different manner. Javier leaned over and took the entirety of the boy's stiffie into his mouth before continuing the massage with his tongue. David could hardly believe his eyes, or his body for that matter, as the sensations he had been experiencing intensified ten fold. The pressure in his groin grew ever faster, and he released a small moan.

"Wait! Wait, I gotta pee!" he said quickly.

"Just let go," Rico said.

 Rico then stopped the boy's moaning with his own mouth as he began teaching him, through doing, the art of french kissing. As their tongues wrestled lustfully, David felt as though Rico was sucking the breath from his chest. The pressure in the boy's groin had reached the tipping point, and his little abdomen tightened as he bucked his hips up against Javier's sucking mouth. His boyhood twitched against the man's tongue as the first wave of orgasmic bliss exploded through his body. David released a muffled moan into Rico's mouth, and he could feel the man smiling as he toyed with the boy's nipple. After a few more moments of redefining pleasure, he felt his oversensitive boyhood slip from Javier's mouth. He then heard a groan and felt something hot splatter against his still throbbing stiffie and dribble down over his tight little balls.

 A few minutes later, Rico released David's tongue from their oral wrestling match, and the boy gasped as he began coming down from his sexual high. He wasn't sure what had just happened to him, but he knew that it was the most intense thing that he had ever experienced in his life. When he finally came back to reality, he looked down to examine the hot stuff that had covered his groin. His cocklet seemed to be glazed with some strange runny liquid, but he was almost certain that it wasn't the massage oil. He then looked up to see Javier smiling down at him, looking very pleased. Rico, though, had a look in his eyes like that of a crazy bull. David watched as the man quickly lay on his back and pulled Javier over to him before forcing his head down and Javier took a third of his cock into his mouth. David watched in amazement, as he had never even considered the possibility of two men sucking on each other's dicks.

 Then, Rico instructed David to sit on his chest, and he obeyed. He watched as the man rubbed the runny liquid all around his boyhood and began stroking his still throbbing cocklet. Rico then placed his hands on the boy's ass and pulled him closer to his face until he sucked the boy's little dick into his mouth and began running his tongue over every millimeter of it. David placed his hands on each side of the man's shaved head and tried to slow the excited pace of his sucking, but it was no use. Rico was too strong, and the boy was soon shuddering and moaning, almost squeaking, with his high-pitched little voice. He could feel Rico bucking under him as Javier quickly sucked the man's cock.

 Soon, Rico began moaning, causing David's dick and balls to vibrate and send even more powerful surges of ecstasy coursing through the boy's body. The pleasure was too much, and David's abdomen tightened almost in sync with Rico's as the man began filling Javier's mouth with cum. After their orgasms had subsided, David collapsed over Rico and rested his head on the man's chest. Javier joined them on the bed moments later and ran a hand lovingly up and down the exhausted boy's back.

 Once they had caught their breaths, Rico guided David into the bathroom and quickly washed to oil, and cum, from his skin being careful to not get the boy's hair wet. Then, David quickly slipped back into costume before hearing the cell phone ring in the living room. He rushed to his bag of sweets and fished the phone from it before answering.

"Is everything alright, honey," his mother asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay," he replied.

"Did you get lots of candy?"

"Yup," he said as he grinned at Rico.

"That's good, I'm on my way home now, okay? Remember, be home by seven."

"I will."

"I love you."

"I love you too," David replied as he rolled his eyes.

"Okay, bye sweetie," she said before hanging up.

David returned the phone to his bag, then turned to Rico and Javier.

"I gotta go home," he said.

"Yeah, we kinda figured. Listen, lil man, if you ever wanna come visit sometime you're always welcome. We're here in the afternoon, most days," Rico said.


"Oh, and it would be best if you just kept the game we played between us, okay?"

"I won't tell," he said with a grin.

 David knew that what they had done could get the men in quite a bit of trouble, but he also knew that he had enjoyed it too much to ever want to do something like that. He was still uncomfortable, and confused, but he had most certainly had a good time. He probably wouldn't return, though. He was just focused on returning to the safety of his house so that he could figure everything out. And, after a few hugs and kisses from Rico and Javier, that's exactly what he did. Except, he didn't end up figuring much out. The whole concept of men being able to have sex with each other, and boys too, was still a little too much for him to fully grasp. Sure, he had heard the term 'Gay' before, but it wasn't until the visit with Rico and Javier that he had been able to really witness, and even take part in, such a thing.

 As David rooted through the huge pile of candy that he had just poured out onto the living room floor, eating the tastiest ones first, he decided that he had just had possibly the best Halloween ever. Even if he did trick 'r treat alone, was scared, got bullied, and ended up being catapulted into a level of pleasure and confusion previously unknown to him, he did get a lot of candy. And, that's what Halloween is all about, right.



 Even seven weeks later, David just could not stop thinking about what had happened at Rico and Javier's house. He kept trying to remember the powerful sensations that the men had given him, had even tried to give them to himself by rubbing on his countless stiffies, but it was no use. He had rode past the men's house repeatedly on his bike, but never had enough courage to actually stop and knock on the door. Then, one brisk December afternoon, he rode toward the house and saw Rico smoking a cigarette on the porch. Though slightly nervous, David stopped his bike and gazed at the man. Rico smiled widely, and motioned for the boy to come closer, and once again, David obeyed.


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