If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.
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Caring for Cody

Chapter One

He was like no other boy I had ever seen. He wasn't handsome, he was beautiful. Even if I had tried, there would have been no way I would not have stopped the car to pick up this wondrous creature hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere.

It was early morning and there was mist in the air. I was on one of my quarterly missions to make my company visible to the more rural areas of Montana and had decided to get an early start so that perhaps I could enjoy an evening not cluttered by country doctors wanting to bilk the company out of a free dinner. It wasn't so much that I minded springing for dinner, it was the company, night after night, with the endless discussions about the local ills and what treatments they had tried. Not only that but since I wasnÕt a doctor but just a drug pusher from a major pharmaceutical company, I many times had no idea what was being discussed which added to the interminable length of the evenings. Rural Montana has no great restaurants but every one of them serves huge portions which causes me to be grateful that I have large supplies of antacid product.

At any rate, I had left West Yellowstone early in hopes of being able to reach Ennis mid afternoon with a stop in Cameron. If I could get my pitch done by 4:00 in Ennis, I could head north and have an evening to myself. It was about seven miles past Quake lake that I saw this lone figure standing by the side of the road with his thumb out. I had no intention of stopping for a hitchhiker and always made it a policy not to. You can't be too careful these days. As I got closer, I could see this was not a man but a boy. I could tell he was shaking from the cold and he looked to be damp from the morning air. All he had with him was a small backpack which hung limply at his side. Never able to resist a look at a young boy, I slowed down so I could get a picture of him in my mind as I traveled on. It was like I was hit with a lightning bolt as I reached where he was standing. His eyes were pleading and they had me hypnotized from the moment I saw them. I brought the car to a quick halt and watched this beautiful creature lope up to my car. I rolled down the window.

"Where're you going," I asked trying not to betray the fact that I was awestruck by him.

"West or north, mister," he said.

It seemed odd that this boy would be in the middle of nowhere with a thumb out and not have a specific destination. "Well I'm headed for Ennis but I have to stop in Cameron on the way. If you want to go that way, hop in," I said. Hell, he'd have to go that way since those were the only places this road went anyway.

The bedraggled boy gratefully climbed in the car, tossing his knapsack in the back seat. He was shivering and trying to warm up his arms as I started the car moving.

I was having a hard time focusing on the road. I wanted to do nothing more than drink in this boy. "What in the world are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?" I asked hoping to start a conversation.

"Coming up from Cody," he said. his voice betraying his shivering and also hinting he didn't want to be interrogated.

"Cody's a long way back. Did you sleep by the side of the road last night?"

The young Adonis sighed. "I tried to sleep in the visitor's center at Quake Lake but they tossed me out. I slept on the sidewalk outside after everybody left."

"That was pretty resourceful," I commented. "I think it rained a little last night."

The boy didn't feel the need to acknowledge my compliment, and I soon realized that he had dozed off. At least I could look at him without him being aware of it.

Trying not to run off the road, a glanced over at the sleeping kid as much as I could. He was wearing tattered jeans, holes in the knees with threads hanging out, a dirty T-shirt and a light also tattered denim jacket. That was it. This was going to provide him little warmth for the Fall in Montana. The tatters may have been deliberate since that was the style now but I suspected that his clothes were not based on trend. He had an olive complexion with shining dark brown hair. His features were flawless, small ears mostly covered by his long hair, a perfectly formed adolescent male nose and lips that invited pleasure. His eyes, they were closed now but they had captured me instantly on the side of the road, were brown-green with flecks of gold that penetrated into your very core. As much as I could tell, his young body was incredible. He seemed to be about five foot seven with long adolescent legs and a firm upper torso. He appeared to be about thirteen or maybe fourteen. The closest boy I could relate to him was Noah Hathaway in Never-ending Story but this boy was even more beautiful.

I let the boy sleep until we pulled into Cameron. This is a one horse town with basically a general store that happens to have a pharmacy in it. It also had a small restaurant attached. As I pulled into the parking lot, the boy woke and just looked at me kind of questioningly.

"You hungry?" I asked. "I'll spring for breakfast."

The boy nodded and followed me into the coffee shop.

"Order anything you want, nothing's very expensive," I encouraged him.

"Thanks, mister," he said genuinely grateful.

"My name's Jeff," I said extending my hand to him.

"I'm Cody," he said grasping my hand firmly. I could feel the electricity race through my body at his touch.

"Like the town you just came from, huh," I smiled.

"Yeah, except I never been there until a couple of days ago except when I was born there."

He must have been starved. He ordered a stack of pancakes and I encouraged him to get some ham to go with them. I couldn't take my eyes off him as he wolfed down the huge cakes and slab of ham. Amazingly, his table manners were better than most for his age but he didn't seem interested in talking since it was obvious that he was totally focused on the breakfast. At last he seemed to slow down and finally looked over at me.

"I really appreciate that mister," he said, "I haven't had that much food in a long time."

"Jeff," I said, "And your welcome. I've got to visit with the pharmacist for a while. Maybe up to a couple of hours. You still want to ride along with me?"

For the first time the young boy gave a hint of a smile. His perfect teeth digging me in deeper to his beauty. "Yeah, I really would... Jeff," he answered. "I'm really tired. If you don't care, I'll just sit in the car and maybe get some more sleep."

"Great," I said truly counting my blessings that this boy didn't seem in a hurry to leave. I opened the car for him and then went into the store to talk to the druggist.

Fortunately, the whole sales pitch didn't take as long as I thought it would and I was able to get out of there by 11:00 a.m. Cody was sound asleep when I climbed back in the car for the eleven mile ride to Ennis.

When we got to Ennis I again asked him if he wanted to wait around while I was at the pharmacy and that I would be going on to Butte from there if he wanted to go on with me..

"If you don't mind, I'd like to ride along with you," he said. "I'll just walk around town and meet you here in an hour or so."

If I didn't mind. Shit I was hoping the kid would stay with me forever. "Great," I said, "But if you get a burr under your saddle to move on, leave me a note in the car so I won't go looking for you, okay?"

"I'm going with you but if I change my mind, I'll leave a note," he said with a wisp of a smile.

I couldn't wait to get rid of this chatty druggist and move on to Butte. I was looking forward to the drive and dinner with Cody. I was so infatuated and curious about him, I could barely concentrate on my sales pitch. At last I escaped and found Cody sitting in the car as promised. We stopped at a gas station and I bought him a snack. Finally we were on the road.

"So Cody," I began, "Are you going to tell me where you're going and why you're out here all alone? I'm not trying to be nosy but if we get stopped by the cops and they ask me about you, I could get arrested for kidnapping or something."

The boy sighed a little but began to talk. I think it was reluctantly but he seemed to relax with me a little as the miles slid away under the car.

"My step dad threw me out of the house and told me never to come back. That was two weeks ago so I just began hitching."

"Where are you headed?" I asked.

Cody shrugged, "I don't know. I wanted to see Cody, Wyoming where I was born, so I headed there. After that, I just sort of went wherever the person I was riding with was going. The people who picked me up in Cody were going to Yellowstone which is why I ended up out here. The last ride I had made a call from Quake Lake Visitor Center and was so upset with whatever he heard, he just drove off and forgot me."

Lucky me, I thought to myself. "I'll bet your step dad is worried now. And your mom too."

"He isn't worried. He doesn't even want me. And I don't have a mom."

Cody looked sad.

"What about your real dad?" I asked avoiding mentioning his mother again.

"He's dead," the boy sighed again. "He was killed in an accident when I was six. My mother married Jack and then about three years ago she died too. Jack never liked me but I was part of the package with my mom. Now he was stuck with a kid he wasn't related to and didn't like."

"I don't know how he couldn't like you," I said. "You seem like a good kid to me."

Cody smiled weakly but didn't say anything more.

We rode in silence for about fifteen minutes. I couldn't get it out of my head that somebody wouldn't want this boy around. There was probably more to this but he didn't seem to want to talk about it anymore. I changed the conversation and began chatting about what I did for a living and explaining to him that I lived in the San Diego area and was just on a road trip. He seemed curious about the ocean and said he'd never seen it. He asked about the zoo and Sea World and I talked about the wild animal park with him too. At last we were on the outskirts of Butte. I knew this could be a big mistake but there was no way I could resist my next suggestion.

"Listen, Cody. Do you have any place to stay tonight? I have to get a motel room and two beds are the same price as one. You're more than welcome to stay," I said hopefully and nervously.

"You sure you don't mind?" he asked searching me with his golden eyes for any sign of insincerity.

"No problem. We'll get a room then I'll spring for some dinner. How's that?"

"That's really nice of you," he said and I could see the relief in his face about not having to spend another night in the cold.

We pulled into a local motel I regularly stayed in. I hadn't thought about being known to the manager.

"Nice to see you again Mr. Hastings," the manager said. "Who's this you've got with you?"

My heart skipped a beat but I rallied quickly. "Oh this is my nephew Cody. He's along to keep me company this trip." I winked at Cody. "We'll need a room with two beds."

"You got it," the manager said.

We moved the car in front of the room and took our stuff inside.

I let Cody have the bed closest to the bathroom while I took the one nearest the door. It was late afternoon but still early for dinner. I looked at the boy and then found myself suggesting something I knew could be another mistake. Actually it wasn't planned but I realized the implication of it after it was out of my mouth.

"You know, they've got a Laundromat in this motel and I have to do a few things. If you want I'll wash your stuff too. It's looking pretty grungy."

As I said, after I mentioned the laundry, if the kid accepted he would be in the room naked and I didn't know if I could restrain myself. I'm 27 years old and have never been with a boy since I was a little boy but I have never been in a situation where there was any temptation.

Cody smiled for the second time. "That would be great," he said, "All I've got are two of everything, jeans, shirts, socks and underwear plus this jacket and they are dirty."

"Great," I said, feeling a stirring in my loins which I hoped would abate and that Cody wouldn't notice. "Why don't you hit the shower and toss your stuff out. I'll take it over to the laundry and come back. After it's done, we'll find some chow."

"Okay," he said with a smile and walked into the bathroom.

Next thing I knew, his dirty clothes came flying out the door. "Everything in my pack is dirty too, Jeff. If you don't mind."

I dumped out the bag and true to his word all he had was two of everything. He also had a picture of a woman and man I guessed were his real parents. It was tattered and worn like everything he owned. I grabbed my stuff and his and went to the laundry. Five minutes later I was back and I could hear the shower running. How much I desperately wanted to go in there but I knew better. I had to resist these yearnings and be satisfied with his company for as long as he chose to share it. I began looking over my orders from the past two days.

The bathroom door opened and out stepped Cody with just a towel wrapped around his waist. My eyes were glued to him instantly. He had a flawless chest and stomach, both showing signs of his exit from boyhood into adolescence and wonderfully tight. His nipples were rose colored and erect and his navel was stretched vertically taut. His long legs were covered with a light brown hair that was sparse but noticeable, again betraying his ripening. Gawd this boy was perfect! How I longed for that towel to drop away and allow me to see the center of his boyhood.

"Feel better?" I asked hoping he hadn't noticed my quick but thorough perusal of his youth.

"Yeah, that was great," he said not seeming the least bit embarrassed about being half naked in front of a stranger he had only met 10 hours before.

"Here's a T-shirt of mine you can put on until your stuff's done," I said throwing it to him. How I envied that T-shirt slipping onto the boy's body. It was large enough to cover him to mid-thigh so he threw the towel aside after putting on the shirt. "Let's just kick back and watch some TV until the stuff's done," I suggested.

"Great," Cody responded and flopped back on his bed while I switched on the set.

I went in the bathroom a couple of times, sneaking a glance at him each time hoping that I might be able to catch a glimpse of what lay under the long shirt but it was no use. At last, the wash was dry and I brought the clothes back in the room and dumped them on the bed. I began folding my stuff and Cody got up to retrieve his. To my surprise, he didn't take his choice of clothing into the bathroom but simply turned away from me and took off my shirt. I was instantly erect and riveted to the two tight but perfectly rounded globes of his ass. Was there anything about this boy that wasn't perfect?

I didn't get to look for long but that first sight of his wonderful buns will forever be etched in my memory. Cody pulled up his wholly underwear then turned and tossed my shirt back to me. "Thanks," he said.

Sadly, he finished dressing and we both headed out for something to eat. I found a small cafe and we sat in a corner booth. For the first time, Cody initiated a conversation.

"Where you going tomorrow?" he asked.

"Just here in town," I answered, "I have quite a few pharmacies and doctors to see so I'll be here another night. How about you?"

Cody looked a little worried. "I don't know," he said finally.

"Well," I said hoping against hope, "I've got the room for another night. They've got an indoor pool here and there's a park about a quarter of a mile down the road. You're certainly welcome to stick around if you want to."

"You don't mind?" he asked.

"Shit no," I said forgetting that I hadn't cussed in front of him before. I was obviously embarrassed by my choice of words. "I enjoy the company."

For the first time he laughed, a wondrous, melodious laugh of a boy who's becoming a man. "You got a deal," he grinned adding, "Uncle Jeff!"

Now I laughed.

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

Caring for Cody

Chapter Two

We went back to the room and after a couple hours of television, we went to bed. Again I had the pleasure of watching Cody undress. I didn't know if I could sleep with this beautiful child in the bed next to me but a memorized him in his underwear, slipping under the sheets as I turned out the light. He was instantly asleep, breathing softly and contentedly. I wondered if he would stay around tomorrow. Finally I went to sleep.

The next morning, I bought breakfast for the two of us, got him a key to the room and left to make my rounds. I gave him five bucks to get some lunch if he wanted to. He seemed truly grateful

It was all I could do to concentrate on my work through the day. Every five seconds the image of Cody was slipping into my mind and knotting up my stomach in fear that he wouldn't be at the motel when I got back. At last the long day of drug pushing ended and I sped back to the room. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw him lying on the bed reading a comic book.

"Hi, Jeff," he said with a smile.

"Hey, Cody," I smiled back.

"I hope you don't mind but I used some of the five to buy this comic book. I did eat a burger though. Your change is on the table," he said.

"I don't mind, the five was yours to keep. What did you do all day?" I asked.

"I didn't go swimming because I didn't have suit," he responded. "I went down to the park for a long time. I met some guys my age who had skateboards so I just hung around and watched them. They let me use their boards for awhile too. It was fun. I used to skateboard back home all the time."

"I don't know how old you are, Cody," I said since he had mentioned age.

"I'm almost fourteen," he said somewhat proudly.

"Got a birthday coming up then?" I asked.

"Yep, about three weeks not that it will make any difference," he said a little sadly.

"It might. You never know," I responded. "So what else did you do?"

"Oh I walked into town a little ways, got a burger and this comic then came back here and read it and watched some TV."

"I'm sorry I didn't think about a bathing suit. Stupid me," I apologized. "We could have picked one up last night or even this morning if I'd thought of it."

"You've done plenty for me already, Jeff. I don't know why you're doing all this anyway," he said shaking his long dark hair back from his burning eyes.

"I'm doing it because you needed the help and you seem like a pretty neat kid," I answered truthfully but not adding that I wanted to touch every inch of his young body.

Again he asked the same question. "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"I head back the interstate to Billings with a few stops along the way. You're welcome to come along if you want," I answered, again hoping that he would stay with me.

"I've got nothing better to do," he said. "And your pretty cool, too."

I blushed. "Thanks, glad you're coming along then. But I have to ask you one thing. I can't believe that your step dad isn't worried about you."

"He's not," Cody said instantly.

"Well I'm worried about it. How about humoring me and giving me his phone number. I don't know his last name and I don't what town I'm calling so it would just be a check for me to let him know you're okay and see what he said."

"He's not worried, Jeff," the boy said strongly.

"Listen, Cody. Let me explain this another way. I could be in a lot of trouble here if the cops are looking for you and I'm hauling you all over Montana. If I call him and he says no problem, we're in the clear and I'm not worried."

Cody sighed and then reluctantly gave me the phone number.

"His name is Jack, right?"

Cody nodded.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"Hello?" a male voice said after the third ring.

"Hello, is this Jack?" I asked.

"Who wants to know?" the voice said roughly.

"My name's Jeff and I picked up your stepson hitchhiking. I just wanted to let you know he's okay and see if there was anything you wanted to tell him," I answered.

"I don't give a flying fuck if that little faggot is alive or dead. You tell that little fuck I never want to see him again and don't you ever fuckin' call me again either asshole!" he shouted and slammed down the receiver.

I looked at the receiver in my hand with an obviously shocked expression before I put it back on the hook. My 155 pound body was shaken.

Cody looked pained. "He said he didn't want to see me again, didn't he?"

I nodded.

"He called me a faggot didn't he?" the boy asked.

I nodded again.

As I looked at the boy's beautiful face I saw large tears begin to roll down his cheeks. That was all it took, I could hold out no longer. I sat on the bed next to him and put my arm around him. "Hey Cody, it's okay man. It's okay."

Cody threw his arms around me and buried his face in my shoulder crying in huge, wrenching sobs. I hugged him and let him cry. Through the sobs, he swore for the first time. "That son of a bitch! That fucking son of a bitch. I tried like crazy to please him for Mom's sake but I couldn't do anything right. He beat the shit out of me every other day!" I hugged him tighter, petting his soft flowing hair. At last he released his hold on me and sat up. "I should just off myself and be done with it!" he said.

"Don't ever think or say that!" I exclaimed. "Why don't you just tell me what happened?"

Still crying and gasping for breath, "You'd throw me out too!"

"That would be the last thing I'd do Cody. I promise no matter what you tell me you can stay with me as long as you want."

The gorgeous eyes brimming with tears looked at me with a pleading look.

"I think I am a fucking faggot!" he blurted out. "That's why Jack threw me out. He crashed into my room and found me and my friend Mark jacking off together. He about killed Mark throwing him out the front door and within fifteen minutes after that, he tossed me and my backpack of clothes out too! So there it is, you've picked up a fuckin' queer!" he sobbed.

If it had been any other circumstance, I would have been instantly erect at the thought of this boy beating his meat with another boy but this wasn't erotic. This was deeply sad. I knew because I had been there when I was a teenager myself and had finally admitted to myself I liked boys better than girls.

"All boys mess around with each other sometimes," I said as comfortingly as I could. I hugged him again.

He looked up at me. "Jeff, I'm trying to tell you it's true. I do like boys. I never get excited about girls. That's why I may as well die!"

I grabbed him by his shoulders and made him look at me head on. "Cody, it's not something to kill yourself over. I like boys too!" I said becoming a little misty eyed myself.

The boy just looked at me with those wide eyes. "You do?" he asked.

"Yeah, I do. I went through the same thing when I was fourteen except my parents didn't throw me out. But it wasn't easy. I could never bring a friend home because they were sure I would be doing nasty things with him in my room. Now it's still tough because I still like boys but I'm not really that turned on by men. So my interests are illegal because I love adolescent boys although I've never had a sexual experience with one. I could never hurt a boy. Gawd, Cody, I've never said this stuff to anyone!"

"Is that why you picked me up? You wanted to have sex with me?" Cody asked without any condemnation in his voice.

"I picked you up because you are the best looking kid I've ever seen and you were in trouble. Not only are great looking but you're one of the neatest kids I've talked to too. I can't have sex with you, it's illegal and I'd go to jail for a century if I did. You don't have to worry about me. I won't come on to you. But I do know how you're feeling and it's okay. There's nothing we can do about it. There isn't any cure but you've got your youth and there are lots of guys out there your age who have the same feelings. You'll meet them and then you'll have support and love and probably some neat sex too!"

"Thanks, Uncle Jeff," he smiled weakly and hugged me. "I'm glad you picked me up. I think I'll be okay now."

I tousled his fine hair and moved back to my bed. "How about us celebrating our coming out with a fancy dinner?" I suggested.

"Coming out?" he questioned.

"Admitting we're both a couple of fags," I grinned.

Finally the boy grinned. "Yeah, let's celebrate."

I stopped at the local Walmart and bought him two new outfits. Blue jeans, shirts, underwear, socks and new tennis shoes. "No baggy gang shit!" I told him.

We found the best restaurant in Butte and had a four course meal. The whole evening must have set me back about $150 bucks but Cody was just beaming and it was worth it to see him happy. Finally we got back to the motel and hit the sack.

"Good Night, Cody," I said in the dark.

"Good night, Jeff and thanks," he answered.

"Anytime," I said and drifted off into peaceful sleep.

I knew I was sleeping more contentedly than I had for a long time when I halfway woke up in the middle of the night. I felt an arm around me and the soft smooth flesh of a boy pressed against my back. I was instantly awake and instantly erect. Cody had moved over to my bed. I could feel his nipples, his breathing and most of all I could feel this hard bulge pressing against me at the top of my butt. What was I going to do now?

"Are you awake?" I whispered softly.

"Uh huh," he said softly.

"Cody this isn't good. You know after what I told you that this shouldn't happen."

"What's going to happen?" he asked.

"Nothing's going to happen! Go back to your bed!" I almost shouted. I rolled over and could see the boy in the soft moonlight coming through the thin drapes. He was so awesome.

"You don't want me here with you, Jeff?" he asked. "You said you liked boys!"

"I want you here with me more than anything in the world but it isn't right!" I pleaded.

"If it's okay with me it should be okay with you," Cody said matter-of-factly.

"It may be okay with you and with me but it isn't with the cops," I said turning the bedside lamp on.

Cody was looking more beautiful than ever. His firm young body lying next to mine with just the cotton of his new jockeys separating me from seeing the last part of him.

"I don't see any cops, do you?" he asked with a wry grin.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked him.

"Jeff, you're the first person I've been able to talk to in years. You've been good to me and I want to do something for you. You said you've never been with a boy since you got older. Well here's your chance and I want to try it too. I was lying over there thinking and the more I thought the hornier I got. I promise I won't call the cops!"

"Oh fuck," I said. I was gone. There was no turning back. "Stand up," I commanded.

Cody leaped out of the bed and stood in front of me as I swung my legs over the side. I could see the outline of his erection under the shorts. I was doomed. I rubbed my hands over his beautiful chest, feeling every ripple in his tight yet silky skin. Cody closed his eyes as my hands explored his sides and the small of his back. At last I could wait no longer and I grasped the elastic of his underwear, pulled the band forward to allow what I would see next to escape and lowered his briefs halfway down his thighs. There in front of me stood almost six inches of boyhood perfection, standing proudly at a forty-five degree angle pointing toward the ceiling. It was nestled in a soft fan of brown hair that betrayed the fact that he wasn't long into his adolescence. The penis was as beautiful as the rest of him, hard, excited, a flawless shaft and perfectly formed head. It was the prettiest piece of boymeat I could have imagined. I just stared at it, watching the clear drop of precum form on its tip. I pulled his jockeys all the way down and allowed him to step out of them.

"Now what?" Cody asked innocently.

"Fuck if I know. I've never done anything like this before!" I said not taking my eyes off his erection.

"What have thought you would do. What ever it is, I'm okay Jeff. Just do it," the boy encouraged.

I abandoned any hope of stopping. I grasped his tight ass cheeks and pulled him close to me. I began licking on inside of his thighs. I could see goosebumps forming and felt him shiver. I licked my way all around his testicles and nuzzled the shaft out of the way as I licked his pubic hair as well. I had never smelled a boy before and the odor was like no other perfume in the world, fresh, innocent and yet lusty. I began licking his balls, two perfectly formed nuts in a soft hairless sack. I licked his shaft and he shivered again. He said nothing. Finally I reached out and tenderly grasped the center of his boyhood with my right hand and brought the head of it to my lips, catching the glistening precum with my tongue. At last I placed my lips on the tip of his hot meat and pushed down the shaft allowing my tongue and lips to feel every millimeter of this wondrous boycock as it slipped into my mouth. Cody moaned a little as he felt his penis enter. I had never sucked a cock before but I attacked this one with abandon. I was in a trance and there was nothing to wake me out of it. I began to pump up and down on it while using my tongue to circle the head, particularly focusing on the tender underside of it. My nostrils flared as I attempted to take in every sensory image I could - his taste, his smell, the feel of the hard boymeat in my mouth, the soft round globes of his ass cupped in my hands. He was awesome. I loved the feel of the hard velvety smooth shaft in my mouth. The taste of his precum which was flowing freely and mixing with my saliva. I never wanted this to end.

"Uhhh," Cody moaned.

I kept sucking and licking. I took his dick out of my mouth and licked right at the base of the head for a few seconds and then I popped it back in my mouth and renewed my sucking, licking technique.

"Oh shit, Jeff," Cody said quietly, "You'd better stop. I'm gonna cum."

It had never occurred to me to take his cock out of my mouth before he came but I did consider it because I would have liked to have seen this beautiful meat erupt. I quickly put that thought aside hoping that I might see it later. I sucked gently yet firmly feeling the motion of his loins thrusting back and forth, helping his boyhood slide in and out.

"I mean it, Jeff, I'm gonna cum!" he said with a little more force.

I took as much of his shaft into my mouth as I could and then with a strong suck slowly backed off of it.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh..." Cody moaned.

He shot a molten load of boy juice into my mouth just as I had backed up the shaft almost to the head. The blast didn't catch me by surprise exactly but never having had a cumming cock in my mouth, I was unprepared for the velocity and amount of cum a young boy could produce. The spewing cock seemed to shoot forever. I counted at least seven blasts from the moaning boy but it may have been closer to twelve. I held very still while Cody emptied the fruit of his loins into my mouth, the creamy milk flowing over, under and around my tongue. I flared my nostrils again savoring the full taste of boycum. At last, he finished his orgasm, backed his dick out of my lips and flopped back on his own bed, his beautiful stomach still heaving with electricity from his experience, his spent boyhood glistening with my saliva. I swallowed his milk and licked my lips.

"Thank you," I said.

Cody looked up at me across his chest. "That was incredible, Jeff!"

My own dick was so hard I could have pounded nails with it.

After about a minute, the naked boy sat up on the edge of his bed and looked over at me. "You want me to do it to you?" he asked.

"You don't need to," I said.

"How'd it taste?" he asked with the curiosity of a normal adolescent.

I really hadn't thought about it from an analytical point of view. I studied the flavor that still remained in my mouth and burned in my throat. "Well," I said, "I can't say it tastes wonderful, a little fishy I guess, but coming from you and making you feel good, it tastes like milk and honey. I'll never forget it for as long as I live."

"Me either," Cody agreed.

I lay back on the bed and in an instant Cody was back with me. He tugged on my underwear so I lifted up and let him remove them. My seven inches of cock were fully at attention as they had been throughout the last few minutes. Cody gasped my hard meat in his young hand and began stroking softly. He lay down beside me and put his head on my chest, I could feel the softness of his hair on my nipples. He was watching my cock slide up and down in his hand. He was wonderful and I pushed his head out of the way just as I came. My own enormous load fired all the way to my neck as Cody kept milking me for all I was worth. When I was finally spent, he took his lean young body to the bathroom, brought back a hand towel and wiped me clean. The he tossed the towel aside, reached over and turned out the light and then snuggled in next to me. I looked at the clock, it was two o'clock in the morning.

"Good night," Cody said.

"Good night," I said and I brought my face near his. I softly kissed his young lips and was surprised when he returned it. We fell asleep in each other's arms, exhausted and happy.

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

Caring For Cody

Chapter Three

I awoke with a start the next morning. I looked beside me and my stomach tied up in knots as I gazed at the boy-child beside me. I remembered the incidents of yesterday and early this morning and I became overcome with guilt. What had I done to this boy? I never thought I would do such a thing and now here I was lying in bed with a kid. I shouldn't have taken advantage of him when he was so vulnerable.

Cody opened his eyes halfway, and smiled at me. "You smell like cum!" he said.

I poured out my thoughts to him. "Oh shit, Cody. I am so sorry about last night. I really took advantage of you and it was absolutely wrong. I just couldn't help myself. I promise I won't do it again. Stuff like that can really mess up a kid. It was really dumb. It could damage you for life and that's the last thing I'd want to do to you!"

Cody propped himself up on one elbow and looked at me with wide eyes. "You didn't do anything wrong last night," he said. "That was the most awesome thing anybody's ever done to me.. It was great Jeff."

"It's child abuse, Cody!" I screamed. "It's a terrible thing. Man, I'm sorry."

Cody eyes bored into me. He sat completely up, the sheet falling away from his chest and his young hard upper torso was fully exposed. No matter how badly I felt, I couldn't avoid studying his lithe body again. He caught me squarely in the psyche when he spoke angrily.

"You're feeling guilty because of what we did? Fuck, Jeff, if you want me to get up and get out of here then say so. I thought you wanted me here. You say you abused me? I'll tell you what fucking abuse is!" His eyes were welling up with tears again. "Abuse is losing your dad when you're six. Abuse is having your mom marry a violent asshole who is only prevented from beating you because your mom is there. Abuse is losing her and being under the care (Cody said "care" sarcastically) of this drunken slob and getting your head bashed every other day! Abuse is being called a fucking faggot and knowing in your soul it's probably right!" He was almost sobbing again. "Abuse is being thrown out of the only place you've got when your goddam thirteen years old and not knowing where to go."

There it was - he got me. I was trying to hold him again. He pushed me away and flung the sheets off, leaping to his feet, his wondrous naked body shaking with anger. "Don't bother," he shouted. "You want to know what you did? I'll tell you what you fucking did! You picked up a total stranger that needed help. You didn't ask a lot of questions. You gave me a ride, you gave me food and you helped me to know there are other people like me. You bought me clothes and you gave me shelter. You told me you liked boys. Fuck, Jeff if that had bothered me I'd have left! I was lookin' for a ride when you picked me up and I can look for another one! I really needed you Jeff. I know you've got to go back where you came from but at least for a little while I thought somebody cared. So you sucked my cock - I liked it! I sure don't call that abuse compared to where I've been! I'll get my stuff and get out of here and don't worry I won't tell anybody about you! Shit!" he shouted.

I was crying now. I'd never heard a boy express himself that way. The depth of his maturity was overwhelming. I guess when you've had that kind of life, you do mature faster to deal with the world.

"Cody, listen. I never thought about any of that. I do care and I don't want you to go."

"So, now what?" he asked. "I go on down the road with you for another day or so then you go back to San Diego and I'm on the road again. It's just as easy to go now."

"Cody, I was going to ask you last night but it wasn't the time. I really love you kid. You've totally got to me and that's why I was feeling so guilty. I was afraid that I was forcing you into something. I was going to ask you to go back to San Diego with me. I've got a great house at the beach with a pool and lot's of room. I have thought about it and I know people in the schools down there. I can get you enrolled as my nephew if I pull a few strings. I couldn't see going off and leaving you."

I stood up now. If the climate hadn't been so intense, there would have been some humor in the scene. I grown man, buck naked, his dick dangling away, pleading with a thirteen year old boy, also bare-assed as a jay-bird in the middle of a dumpy motel in Butte, Montana.

He stared at me, searching my face for any sign of insincerity. I knew now that he was a lot better at reading situations than I had thought a boy his age would be.

"Do you really mean that?" he asked with some hope in his voice.

I put my hand on his shoulder and looked into his hypnotic eyes. "I really mean it, Cody."

Now we were hugging again and I was stroking his soft long hair, holding him tightly against my chest and rocking him gently. At last we let go and pushed away.

"You smell like cum," he said with a small grin.

I laughed, all the tension of the past few minutes dissolving. "Well, it isn't yours I smell like. To get rid of that, I need to brush my teeth!"

Cody laughed and I went into the bathroom to take a shower. The warm water felt good as I stepped into it. "You stupid ass," I thought to myself, "You really were a little self centered this morning. You almost destroyed the kid unintentionally. Now you've got a nephew and you'd better watch yourself."

The shower curtain pulled back and Cody stepped in with me. "Thought we'd save some water," he said with a grin. I wasn't going to start this thing all over again. I was looking at the most beautiful creature on the face of the earth, he wanted to be with me, I wanted him to be with me and he was in total control of the situation. I looked at this boy glistening in the water and I was gone again. My dick was instantly erect. "I guess you're glad we're saving water," he laughed noticing my boner. I watched in almost slow motion as his perfect boyhood began to inflate to join me.

"Did you really like that last night?" he asked.

"It was the most incredible dream come true I've ever had," I said truthfully. I was looking at his face now and all I could think about was kissing him. It didn't seem right so I held off but if there was anything I wanted at that point, that was it.

"I liked it too, Jeff. It was really good. It didn't bother me at all," he was trying to apologize, I think, for his earlier comments.

I didn't say anything. I couldn't think of anything so I took the soap and I turned him around. I began soaping up his shoulders and back, working up a good lather. My hands were reading every part of the boy as I caressed my way down his back. The tip of my huge hard-on touched the crack of his beautiful ass. I backed away quickly but he didn't move. I knelt down and began soaping up the two matching globes of his buttocks. They were incredibly tight and small. I spread his cheeks and ran my soapy hand up and down his crack carefully cleaning the rose of his ass. I could have washed that butt for a week and he knew it but I moved on down his long legs and made sure I covered every inch of them too. Cody turned around as I stood up. I glanced down to see his boyhood pointing up at me. He turned me around and repeated the same procedure I had just performed on him. I wallowed in the feel of his soft gentle hands gliding over my body. At last I turned around and we were face to face. He continued to soap me up, washing my chest and stomach. He worked up a big lather and then took hold of my dick sliding his hand up and down my cock, lubricating it with soap. I closed my eyes. The boy was beating me off for the second time in six hours. My knees began to shake as I approached climax. He could feel my tension and I looked down just as I began to explode, watching my cum shoot wave after wave of my man milk onto his stomach. The shower quickly rinsed it away but it was even more erotic to watch me empty myself on him. He smiled as I rinsed off.

It took me about a minute to get over my climax but I couldn't wait to return the favor. I lathered up and began gently massaging the boy's testicles. His nuts were hard and well rounded. His sack was fully relaxed which gave me the chance to explore it fully. At last, I grasped his hard young boymeat and began to stroke. He sighed. I turned off the water. "Since we're doing this," I said sliding up and down the smooth perfect adolescence, "I want to watch you cum."

"Whatever," he whispered, his long lashes fluttering as he buried himself in the work of my hand.

Within a minute he announced the big event. "Ah man, you'd better start watching. I think I'm about ready to put on a show!"

I focused on the beautiful shaft in my hand, the pink head popping in and out of visibility as worked. I stroked the meat softly and made sure I covered the entire shaft. All he said was "uhhhhh..." again and the raging cock fired a volley of boyjuice right onto my dick. Another shot of hot cum followed it, followed by another and another and another. The penis was showing all its might while I held it tightly in my hand. Cody was shaking as he came. At last he stopped.

"Guess we need another shower," he said breathlessly. I held the wet boy close to me. "Yep," I said and turned the water back on.

We both got dressed and I went up to the office to pay the bill. Cody loaded the car and was sitting in all his adolescent perfection on the passenger side wearing the second outfit I'd bought him.

"Lookin' good," I said.

He smiled. "Thanks. Where're we going?"

"Back to Billings. I have a few stores to visit along the way and then we'll spend the night there. I've got a another plane ticket to buy. We'll take off first thing in the morning if you don't figure out a way to distract me so we miss the damn thing!"

The boy grinned knowing what I meant. He didn't say anything as we pulled out of the motel of my dreams and headed down the road in the early morning sunshine.

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

Caring for Cody

Chapter Four

It was a long hard day on the road. I had at least a dozen stops before we finally reached Billings in the early evening. Cody had managed to get in a quick nap but I was totally exhausted. I swung by the airport and picked up a second ticket for him on the early morning flight. I'm not sure that he really thought I was serious about taking him with me until I handed him the ticket. I could see the emotion in his mysterious eyes as he looked at me in what appeared to be genuine gratitude.

We checked into a motel, two beds of course, then went scavenging for something to eat. Another coffee shop with the standard fare but I was so tired, I just wanted to get dinner over with and go to bed. Believe it or not, although I still couldn't take my eyes of the boy, I was even too whipped to think of enjoying an intimate evening with him.

We got back to the room about eight o'clock and I instantly headed for the shower then flopped on my bed to watch TV until I fell asleep. Cody grabbed a shower as well and then came back into the room. I was almost asleep but couldn't help opening my eyes just for a squint when he emerged. He stood between the beds totally naked in all his glory and his beautiful, not yet fourteen year old cock was solidly erect. I instantly became hard under my Jockeys.

"Damn you, Cody," I said with a grin. "I'm fuckin' exhausted here and you come out with a boner."

"I want to try it," he said sitting down on the bed next to me.

"Try what," I said.

To my surprise, the gorgeous boy yanked my shorts down below my knees and grabbed my hard cock. If I had been almost asleep before, I was wide awake now. I propped my head up and watched his shining hair covered his face as he lowered his head to my loins. I felt the head of my cock slide into his young mouth and his tongue begin to explore around it. Shivers ran up and down my spine. I have had blowjobs from women before but I can tell you there is nothing more sensuous than having a naked young boy explore your manhood with his innocent mouth. I wanted to watch but his gentle sucking and licking made me close my eyes and wallow in his service. I stoked his hair as he gradually took more and more of my meat between his lips. There could never be anything better than this if I lived to be a hundred.

Cody adjusted his position on the bed so that he could look up at me while he was sucking. I brushed his bangs away from his eyes and now did, in fact, watch his finely chiseled face as he sucked up and down on my raging erection. At one point he lifted up off my dick, his lips, covered with his own saliva and my pre-cum, parted in a broad smile. "Is this okay?" he asked.

"Incredible," I said, again petting his hair.

My shaft was returned to his mouth and his tongue was working miracles, flitting all over the head in unpredictable sequences. I watched at least half of my cock disappear inside his sucking lips then gradually reappear. His long fingers grasped my shaft so that every now and again he could just rub the head all over his glistening mouth and suck it back in again. I wasn't going to last much longer.

I ran my fingers through his soft mane. "Cody, that is the most awesome thing anybody's ever done to me but you'd better back off now. I'm just about ready to cum." I said warningly but not yet urgently. He kept on sucking.

"I'll tell you just before and you can back away quickly," I said as I could feel the beginning of my final glide path. "Gawd, that feels so good Cody!" His tongue fluttered right at the underside of my cockhead.

"Oh fuck, Cody. I think you'd better get off it now.....I mean it Cody, I'm gonna shoot my wad here any second... back away!" I commanded.

The boy forced more of my cock into his mouth than he had been able to a couple of minutes ago. His tongue circled my shaft. I realized that he had no intention of backing off.

"Ahhh, kid you asked for it! I am soooo close. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

I know for a fact that I unloaded the biggest wad of my life. Wave after wave of my juice vaulted from my cock into this beautiful boy's tightly sucking lips. My cock was so deep within his mouth that I could feel his throat contract as he swallowed the first few rounds of my cum. When I kept spewing more and more, he swallowed a second and a third time, never once allowing any of the cream to escape his lips. At last I was done and he slowly backed his way up my shaft making sure that every drop of cum was cleaned away until at last my spent meat flopped onto my stomach. He looked up at me and smiled. He didn't look the least bit repulsed by what he had just done or by the taste of my love juice.

"Cody you are the most incredible kid I've ever met! Thanks."

I pulled the naked boy up toward me and kissed him. I could taste the last remnants of my cum in his mouth. Our tongues danced and then I just held him to my chest breathing hard thinking how lucky I was to be with this young teen. I loved the feeling of his smooth skin against mine. The last sparkles from my blowjob subsided and I raised his head up to look at my face. "Straddle my chest," I said.

Cody smiled. "That was just for you Jeff. You're tired. Just go to sleep. I bet we do this again sometime."

"Boy, I couldn't go to sleep right now if my life depended on. Straddle my chest get your dick in my face!" I commanded.

Cody laughed and did as he was told, one firm long leg on each side of my chest. I propped my head up on both pillows. His beautiful meat was just inches from my mouth, a long silvery strand of pre-cum dangling from the head. I twirled it around my finger and licked it off. It was then I realized there were two dressers in the room and both had mirrors. I was beginning to become hard again as I glanced at the profile of this perfectly proportioned boy, cock at attention, positioned to put his dick in my mouth. Even more awesome was the mirror behind him where I could see his tight flawless ass. No boy could be this beautiful.

"Put your hands on the wall and fuck my mouth," I ordered him.

He didn't need any encouragement. His hot meat was quickly thrust forward into my eagerly awaiting mouth. Again, he tasted delicious. Since I have never sucked another dick before I had no way to compare but I couldn't imagine anything more delectable than boycock, especially this boycock. I grabbed those beautiful ass globes and helped him move back and forth, pressing his meat into my mouth and then withdrawing. His flat stomach was heaving as the rocking motion continued. His nipples were wondrously hard. Hard, velvety smooth adolescence pumped away. I could feel his ass cheeks tighten with each forward thrust. My tongue was exploring every part of his boymeat with each drive. I knew he was just about to cum.

"Oh Uncle Jeff, I can't hold out any longer. Uhhhhh, uhhhhh, ahhh..."

For the second time in as many nights, my mouth was flooded with this young boy's love potion. I sucked up every shot as he spilled his joy down my throat. I don't know if cum is an acquired taste but the taste of his loins was better than all the desserts I had ever had. Wave after wave of the hot milk rolled out of the head until at last he pushed back and pulled his cock out from between my lips. He rolled over to my left and lay beside me breathing heavily, his tight young chest heaving in spent ecstasy.

"Night, Jeff," he said slipping his body under the covers.

"Night, nephew," I said as I watched him turn on his side away from me.

I too got under the blankets and snuggled up next to him, my flaccid cock gently cradled by his ass. I put my right arm around his waist and my hand on his firm chest. We drifted off into a calm, peaceful sleep which lasted until the first hint of sun came through the drapes.

As the day before, Cody came in while I was showering and joined me. I washed every inch of his body but I didn't bring him off. He returned the favor.

"Are you feeling guilty?" he asked.

"Not any more!" I said. "You are one horny dude. I've decided that all of this is your fault anyway. You seduced me not the other way around. You sure you've never done any of this before?"

"Nope, just jackin' off. This is better!" he laughed.

"No shit!" I said laughing as well.

We both dressed and packed our bags. "You ready to go flying?" I asked him.

He looked a little nervous. "I've never been on a plane before."

"Piece of cake," I lied. I was terrified of flying but I didn't want my fear to put him off. I usually had a couple of stiff drinks before getting on the damn things. I guessed I'd sneak them today. "We hop a puddle jumper here and then switch planes in Salt Lake City. Two hours latter, we're home in SanÊDiego."

Cody seemed to relax. We went out to the airport, turned in the rental car then grabbed a quick bite of breakfast before we boarded the small plane. I excused myself and found a private place where I could down three airline bottles of vodka and then came back. "Okay, let's do it," I said.

I watched my beautiful boy climb the stairs of the plane and prayed that the flights would be good. It was a beautiful early fall afternoon in San Diego as the plane barely missed the Laurel Travel parking structure at the east end of the glide path and touched down with a thump. Within a half an hour, my newly adopted nephew and I were heading north on Interstate 5 toward Del Mar. I wondered where all of this would take us. A simple drug pushing trip had netted me a good bit of business and a young Adonis who would stay with me who knew how long. Cody was beaming at the new sights, the bay, the hills, the Mormon temple. He was a flurry of questions and I answered them all as best I could. We exited the freeway and headed west toward the beach, passing the race track. I drove up to the wrought iron gate and pushed my gate opener.

"Are you rich?" Cody asked.

I smiled at the gorgeous boy. "You've made me as rich as I've ever been," I answered.

I drove up the hill and parked in front of the old house.

"We're home," I announced.

Cody looked at me gratefully again and just smiled.

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

Caring for Cody

Chapter Five

I unlocked the door and we entered the house. Cody had asked if I was rich and I guess he was right to ask. My grandfather had started the pharmaceutical company for which I now worked. When he died, he was filthy rich and left me a very comfortable monthly income. The company itself went to my parents and my dad took over the day to day operation. We all lived here in this old sprawling house of my grandfather's on the bluff overlooking the Del Mar beach until my mother died about six years ago. I was just twenty-one, recently graduated from UCSD and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. My dad was totally devastated by mom's death and said he couldn't live in the house we shared any longer. He couldn't take it.

It's funny. My grandfather loved this house more than anything. It was in the midst of one of the most desirable areas in the country yet it was totally isolated from the comings and goings just a private driveway away. His will stipulated that no one got the estate. As long as any of his children or grandchildren or their children for that matter were alive, they had the right to live in the house which he called Vista Del Mar Y Cielo. If there was not an heir, the land and the buildings were to be given to the State for a reserve of some sort.

Dad asked me to go with him to England to live. He would manage the company from our British headquarters in Slough. We had a beautiful house along the Thames near Windsor but the memories of my mother would not be as strong there. I declined. I really love San Diego and winters in England are depressing. It was then I asked if I could go to work for the company. Although my father was disappointed that I was gay, he took some pride in the fact that I wanted to work when I didn't have to. "You can have Vista, then," he said to me. "Somebody's got to keep an eye on the place."

I couldn't have been happier. Vista was a wonderful house. So at twenty-one, I had a grand old home, a new job and a substantial income in addition to what I made from the company.

"Wow," Cody said in a hushed tone. "This place is awesome!"

I showed my wonder boy around the huge kitchen, the library, the family room, the living room, the den and finally the bedrooms.

"This one here at the end of the hall is mine," I said as I opened the door. The master bedroom had a king-sized bed, large dressers, a walk-in closet that was like a room itself and a full bathroom with a Jacuzzi.

"Wow," he said again.

I grinned. "I'm pretty lucky," I said and I told him the story of my family and this house. "You can have any of the other five bedrooms," I offered.

The boy explored all five, some with twin beds, some with queen size beds. "Can I have this one?" he asked his eyes shining in amazement as he chose the one next to my room.

"You bet," I said glad that he wanted to be close.

He set his knapsack on the dresser and then pounced on the queen-sized bed flopping spread-eagle on his back. Shit he was gorgeous. I still didn't know what I'd gotten myself into but I now had a roommate in this big old house. I wanted to pounce on him right there, tear his clothes off and suck him again. I resisted the temptation. I had done some thinking about this in one of my lucid moments after I'd asked him to come home with me. I say lucid because I was still overcome by his beauty and the love I felt for him.

You must know that feeling. You're gut is tied up, you're dizzy with infatuation and you never want to be out of sight of your love. I didn't love Cody, it was too early for that after only four days with him, I was IN love with him, a totally different feeling of almost unbearable intensity. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

"Come on. You've got to see the rest of the place."

Cody pranced along side of me as we went out the French doors from the family room into the back yard. The sea was glistening in the afternoon sun and you could hear the waves crashing although you couldn't see them since the house was set back from the bluff. The pool was crystal clear and clean. Cody stuck his hand in the water and announced that it was warm.

"All year Ôround," I laughed

"What's this house?" he asked as we walked through a break in a hedge to the north of the pool.

"That used to be the maid's quarters," I said. "I don't have a maid, with just me here. I have a housekeeper that comes in one day a week, Thursdays. She's all I need. The gardener is here two mornings a week too. I opened up the maid's quarters and led him in. "I'm into photography," I announced. I use this as my studio. I've converted the kitchen into a darkroom and the living room into a studio set-up."

"What do you take pictures of?" Cody asked.

"Oh, in here I try strange settings on the cameras with still life subjects like flowers, vases, stuff like that. When I'm out on a photo trip, I like to capture people. See these on the wall here? I like to go into Tijuana in the back roads and record the faces of the people. I always pay them for posing or not posing which is my preference. I do some scenery stuff too."

"Are you gonna take any pictures of me?" Cody asked.

His words struck me like a lightning bolt. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it. Where else in the world would I get a more beautiful subject. My mind began reeling with pictures of this boy.

"Great idea," I said. "If you want to."

"Cool," he said with a grin. I think he knew what kind of pictures I wanted to take already.

We went back in the house and I told him to unpack. I went into my bedroom and threw my dirty stuff in the hamper. The housekeeper would take care of it on Thursday. I was still unloading my suitcases when Cody came into the room.

"I only had to use one drawer," he said with a laugh.

"We'll take care of that," I said realizing that all this boy had was his tattered old clothes and the two outfits I bought him.

"I'm okay," the boy said.

It was almost 3:30 and I knew I didn't have any food in the house. "How about we go for a swim then we'll go grab some dinner and get some groceries?"

"I don't have a suit," Cody reminded me.

I laughed. "This is one place you don't need one. The only time you need to cover up at the pool is when the housekeeper or the gardener are here or when you hear a helicopter flying along the coast."

"Okay," he said happily. "I think you just want to see me naked again!" he winked and grinned.

I blushed. "Can't think of anything I'd like better, kid. This time in full sunshine!"

Cody wore his underwear out to the side of the pool. I brought out a couple of towels. Before he even removed the Jockeys I was marveling at his cute ass again. The cotton fabric was pulled tight across his cheeks yet you could still the chiseled features of those wondrous globes.

I tossed off my shorts and jumped in the water. I instantly began swimming laps. I had been off my routine for two weeks and it felt good to be pumping away at the water. It might take my mind off my new companion too.

Cody watched me do about twenty-five laps before he dove in in all his boyhood beauty. I kept swimming and he tried to pace along side of me. He soon found that he couldn't keep up. This was my sport and although I hadn't been on a swimming team for six years, I tried to keep in good condition. I'd never be in the shape I was in on the team at UCSD.

"You're good," Cody complimented.

"Thanks," I said pulling up on the steps and sitting next to him after I finished another twenty-five laps. I loved the way the water glistened on his chest, little bumps appearing around his erect nipples. I was starting to get hard again. Cody noticed.

"You too?" he asked with a grin.

"Damn you're a sex monster!" I said shoving him off the steps and dunking him.

Cody came up for air laughing as hard as I had ever heard him. Fuck, it was nice to see this boy having a good time. We played tag and grab-ass for a few minutes, trying to put the tag on the other's dick. We were both horny now.

"Want to try out my auto-blowjob?" I asked him.

"What's that?" Cody asked, his eyes glowing with lust.

"Come on over to the side of the pool here. See this hole? It's the water intake for the circulation of the pool. If you put your dick in there it will suck it. It used to be my favorite way to get off," I said with a wink.

Cody looked at me curiously but then trustingly positioned himself so that his hard cock was at the entrance to the intake. Slowly he allowed this boyhood to be sucked into the hole. "Wow, that's incredible!" he said beginning to fuck the hole.

I knew what he was feeling. By fucking back and forth, the water swirled around your cock while the vacuum sucked it. It really was a great way to get off. My pole was raging as I watched my boy. His long arms were up on the edge of the pool, his eyes closed and under the water his thighs thrusting back and forth. I dove under and watched his boymeat fuck in and out of the intake, his butt tightening with each forward thrust. His light pubic hair danced like a wisp of fan coral. I ran out of air and popped up to the surface just as he came. I loved his soft "uhhhh" and his rapid breathing as he emptied his loins.

Finally he pulled out and just dangled in the water, enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm.

"How was it?" I asked.

"It was great," he said and then with a smile added, "But not as good as you!"

I blushed again. "My turn," I announced.

"No!" Cody said forcefully. I looked at him as he slid along the side of the pool until his feet were touching the bottom and his chin was just about even with the edge. "Get out and sit here," he ordered.

"What's this all about?" I asked but did as I was told. My dick was rock solid.

"Move just a little further toward the shallow end," he said.

Again I bumped myself over just a little. Cody swam up and pushed my legs apart, putting his face between them. It was then I realized what he was thinking. Before I could comment, my cock was buried between his lips. I couldn't believe a thirteen year old kid would want to suck the cock of a twenty-seven year old but as I watched his beautiful lips slide along my hard shaft, I didn't question it. I placed my hand gently on his head and allowed the boy to suck and lick away. His position in the pool was just right for this job. Everything was too perfect; a warm fall afternoon, I was at home, I had a fabulous boy with me and that boy was busy sucking my cock. I couldn't hold out any longer.

"That's so fucking good, Codyboy. I gotta cum so you'd better get out of the way and watch me fill the pool," I warned him.

Cody, as before in Montana, kept on sucking. And as before, when I spilled my hot juice into his sucking mouth, he swallowed ever drop, his lips staying locked on my dick until he was sure I was finished and I began to soften.

"You're something else," I said dropping into the water and giving him a hug.

Cody dived under, took a mouthful of water and then came up swishing it. His golden eyes narrowed with mischief and he shot the water right into my face. Screaming with laughter, he tried to swim away but I was quickly upon him dunking him again.

Two satisfied males emerged from the pool, toweled each other off and headed back into the house. We showered, he in his bedroom and me in mine, to get the chlorine off our bodies and then we dressed and headed for the village.

"Ever had Mexican food?" I asked.

"Sure we had Taco Bell in the town I lived in." I noticed he was careful not to mention the name of the town.

"Yeah, right!" I said. We parked in the underground and I took him to the top level. The sun was just beginning to go down as we sat in the patio of Epizote's. This wasn't exactly true Mexican food either but it was good. I ordered a Margarita for me and a Coke for Cody. We munched on chips and salsa until our orders came. I didn't need to talk as I watched the glow of the sunset shine on Cody's face. ÔCould this last?" I thought to myself. ÔIt's only been three nights and four days and I feel like I've known this kid for years.'

After dinner, we went down a level to Daniel's market where I spent a fortune on groceries and some eight million calorie desserts that Cody marveled over. I drove us back to the house and we put the groceries away. There was a slight chill in the air so I lit a fire in the family room and the two of us sat on the couch watching TV with only the light of the tube and the fire in the room. I t probably was just after 9:00 when Cody yawned. I followed suit.

"You ready to turn in?" asked him.

"Yeah, I really am," he answered. "It's been a great day, Jeff. My first plane ride, a neat afternoon, good food. I think I'm ready for some sleep now. I'm still on Montana time."

I stroked his soft hair. "Thanks for a great day yourself," I said lovingly. It seemed like weeks ago that I had picked him up.

Cody moved toward his room with adolescent grace in his stride. I followed shortly after, locking the doors, turning off the TV and turning on the alarm. I stepped into his room to say good night. "Don't go outside during the night," I warned him. "The alarm is set and it'll go off. Sleep well."

"Thanks, Jeff," he said.

I went into my room but I didn't close the door. I climbed under the sheets and tried to go to sleep but my mind just wouldn't shut down as I reviewed the events of the past few days. All I could think about was the boy. Try as I might, I was unable to drift off and I knew I was tired. It was then I realized what was wrong. I hadn't slept alone for the last two nights. About midnight, I got up and went to the bathroom. On a whim, I checked on Cody.

"Why're you up?" the boy asked.

"I don't know," I lied. "Having trouble going to sleep."

"Me too," he said.

"Maybe you're just not used to this place. It'll get better."

"Jeff?" Cody asked.


"Can I come in with you just for tonight?"

I sighed openly. He sounded much younger now. "Cody, you can come in with me anytime you want to."

The boy leapt from his bed and we went back to my room. We crawled under the sheets and he pressed his young body up against mine, his arm across my chest, his face nuzzling at my neck. We were both asleep instantly.

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

Caring For Cody

Chapter Six

I decided to take the week off. I had some vacation time coming and there were a hundred things I needed to do now that Cody was with me. Besides it gave me an excuse to spend full days with him without having work interfere. He was polite, playful and gentle. I could find absolutely nothing wrong with him other than he was a teenage sex maniac. Cody would dream up one excuse after another for us to get our dicks out and play. My cock was so sore I knew I couldn't get it up another time or produce another drop of cum yet the boy would pull his dick out and there I'd be, obliging him or visa versa.

On Monday we went on a shopping spree to University Towne Center. I knew I had to get him some clothes and other stuff before I began the process of figuring out how to get him in school. Sooner or later the school authorities would notice Cody and I'd rather he was in school legitimately so we wouldn't have a lot of questions being asked.

I took him to the teen department at Nordstrom's. He picked out a bunch of shirts and jeans. Although I knew I could afford the stuff, I wanted to be sure it fit so I told him to go try the things on.

"Check this out," I heard him shout from the large dressing room in the back.

I entered the dressing room and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

The new shirt was unbuttoned all the way down so I could admire his chest and taut navel. The jeans he was wearing seemed to fit perfectly. They were those worn look kind of jeans that kids wear so much. They hugged his frame nicely.

"They look only a little better than stuff you were wearing when I picked you up," I said sarcastically, "Except now I have to spend a fortune for them. And what are you grinning about?"

Cody snickered to smother a laugh. He unbuttoned the new jeans and let them drop to the floor.

"Shit Cody, we're in a fucking department store here," I exclaimed in a startled whisper. I tried to look through the little slats in the door to see if any of the helpful sales people were out there.

The boy was standing with a pool of jeans around his ankles and wearing no underwear. His cock was at complete attention and he was doing his best not to burst out laughing as he watched my shocked expression.

"Suck me," he commanded.

"You're fucking crazy!" I whispered excitedly. "We're in one of the most exclusive department stores in the area and you're standing there with a hard-on! There're people all over the place!"

Cody snickered again. "Come on, Jeff. Take a chance."

The whole scene changed in my mind and I began to laugh quietly at the circumstances. A thirteen year old boy with a hard cock asking me to suck him off in a store. What a thought.

"Oh fuck it," I said softly, again seduced by the youth. If we got caught, I'd be in jail and he'd be in a foster home. Somehow the danger increased the arousal and I found myself getting hard. I dropped to my knees after one more quick check to see if there was anybody else in the area.

"You little shit," I said as a moved toward the boymeat, "If someone comes you'd better pull up those jeans in a heartbeat. And when you cum, you'd damn well be quiet about it!" I sucked the hot meat between my lips and began tonguing and sucking quickly. As usual, he tasted wonderful and I began to enjoy the task. The music from the piano player wafted overhead as Cody rocked softly back and forth helping his boyhood glide in and out of my mouth.

"Is everything all right in there?" A female voice inquired.

I about threw up getting Cody's dick out of my mouth. "Uh yes, yes!" I said nervously. "He's just trying on a few pairs of jeans. We'll be right out, thank you."

"Fine sir. Just let me know if I can be of any service," she said courteously.

"Thanks, we will," I said hoping the shaking in my voice wasn't noticeable.

Cody's hand was over his mouth and I could see that he was shaking with laughter. His cock was still hard and covered with my saliva.

"Goddam it Cody. You were supposed to get those jeans up! That was fucking close!"

The boy just snorted and puffed trying to keep from exploding. I must have looked like I'd seen a ghost.

"Finish," he ordered through muffled laughs.

Once again, I began to see the humor as the tension abated. "You can be a real prick sometimes," I said and sucked his boymeat back in my mouth. About a minute later, the boy wasn't laughing as he pressed his cock deeply into my mouth and released his milk in wave after wave of orgasmic delight. I thought he'd never stop. How could this kid produce so much cum with as many times as he got off? I swallowed every drop and then got up.

"Get your fucking clothes on and let's get out of here," I commanded.

"Thanks, Uncle Jeff," he grinned. "We should come here more often."

"Smart ass," I said taking a mock swing at him.

We bought almost four hundred dollars worth of stuff and he'd only tried on one outfit. I didn't want the saleslady to come back in there and wonder why it was taking so long.

By Wednesday, Cody had a full closet, a new skateboard and a new mountain bicycle with 21 speeds. Wearing nothing but shorts, he gave me a skateboarding demonstration on the driveway in front of the house. He was awesomely coordinated and graceful, moving smoothly from one turn and jump to another. I was still spellbound by him.

That afternoon, he discovered my computer and all my disks.

"What's all this stuff?" he asked.

I was a little embarrassed. "That's my collection of jpegs," I told him.

"What're jpegs?" he asked.

"Pictures downloaded off the internet," I answered.

"Pictures of what?" he asked.

I knew this line of questioning was coming and decided to just be honest.

"Pictures of teenage boys enjoying themselves," I said.

Cody grinned. "Let's see them."

What the fuck. I turned on the computer and selected a 100 meg disk which had a file of my favorites on it. "Before you came along," I explained, "this was the best I could do."

I turned on the slide show feature and we both sat down to watch hundreds of boys jacking off, sucking, fucking, cumming and posing. Cody was hypnotized by the screen. I could see his bulge under his new worn jeans. The pictures made me horny too. This was the first time I'd even thought about them since I got back home. Looking at those pictures, I realized that not one boy on the screen was even close to the beauty of my Cody. After about ten minutes, the file ended.

Cody looked over at me. "I guess I'm not the only kid who does this kind of stuff," he said then added out of blue, "What's it like to have a dick up your butt?"

"How the shit would I know?" I responded. "Everything I've done, I've done with you!"

"Want to try it?" he asked.

Did I want to try it? Did I want to try it!? Shit, I had fantasized about burying my cock in his perfect young ass from that first night in Montana.

"I think it hurts," I said

"Yeah, it might but we could try it once," Cody suggested.

"Cody," I said, "let's make some rules here. We've been having a lot of fun since we got back to Del Mar but it won't go on forever. We'll get used to each other and all this screwing around will slack off. I want you to know something. You always have the right to say no to anything sexual. ÔNo' to me or anybody else that happens along. You're body is yours and you make the decisions about it just like I do about mine. I will never force you to do anything you don't want to and I never want to hurt you."

Cody smiled, his eyes softening with love. "You're great, Jeff. He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I stroked his hair.

"Come on," he said, "let's try it."

I sighed but I was hard as a rock. "Okay but you do it to me first. I want to know how much it hurts before I take you on."

We went into my room and I got some KY jelly. Cody's beautiful body was naked and tense. "Come here," I said sitting on the side of the bed. I squeezed out some jelly and greased up his swollen meat.

"That's enough," Cody exclaimed. "I don't want to cum before we try it."

"Put some on my butthole too, " I said.

I got into doggie position on the bed and shivered as I felt the boy's hand massage my ass with grease.

"Okay," he said. "Tell me if it hurts."

"You'll be the second person in the room to know," I assured him.

I felt the head of his young hard meat searching my crack for the entrance to my ass. At last the head was pressed right against my opening. "Go slow," I ordered not knowing what to expect. I tried to relax as I felt the increasing pressure of the boy's tool struggling to enter my body. "Uhh," I said as I felt the head slip between my asslips.

"Does it hurt?" he asked stopping.

"It feels weird," I said, "but I can't really say it hurts. Push in a little more."

Cody pressed on and gradually more and more of his boner was sliding into my butt. It did hurt some but it wasn't unbearable. I had a huge hard-on myself as I visualized that beautiful cock sliding into me.

"I'm in," Cody announced as he pressed his soft mound of pubic hair against my cheeks.

"Heaven knows I'm aware of that," I quipped.

"Does it hurt?" he asked not moving.

"A little," I responded. "Get on with it. It's okay."

The thirteen year old's well greased shaft began to slowly slide back and forth in my ass. I had never experienced a sensation like this. I wouldn't exactly call it pleasant but I knew it must feel good for the boy as he began to moan.

"How is it," I asked as the his pace began to increase.

"Awesome," he said thrusting forward and pulling back.

"Wish I could see it," I said bracing myself against the headboard as his drives became more forceful and coincidentally more painful. I gritted my teeth.

"Ah shit, Jeff. Can I cum in your butt?" he asked breathlessly.

"Why not?" I joked. "You've cum everywhere else including the dressing room at Nordstroms!"

"Yeah," he laughed but breathing between his teeth. "Ah fuck, here I go!"

Cody jammed his cock deeply into my ass. I cried out in pain as he pulled my ass tightly against his loins. I could feel a wave of liquid pouring out inside of me and the panting boy moaning softly as he filled my body. When he was through, he slowly withdrew and I could feel some remnants of his boyjuice running down my leg when he finally popped out. He rolled over to one side, his gorgeous stomach heaving in delight.

I got up and grabbed a towel. After wiping myself off, I returned to the bed and naked boy.

"I'll be ready in just a minute," he said. "Man that was great!"

"You don't have to do it Cody," I said. "It does hurt."

The boy grinned. "If you can take it, I can," he said. It wasn't said in a challenging way but in a way that made me know that he wanted as much to please me as I did him.

So, in a minute, I was staring down at the most beautiful boyass I had ever seen, it's vertical smile beckoning me to enjoy it. I couldn't resist and I kissed both globes of the beautiful mounds. I greased up my dick and then ran my fingers along his crack. I found the rose of his youth and put a generous amount of the jelly on it and inserting my finger just a little. I could feel his lips try to relax.

"You're sure about this?" I asked praying he wouldn't change his mind.

"Yep," he said. "Enjoy yourself."

I slid my raging hard-on to his virgin asshole and slowly pressed forward. He relaxed even more and my cocktip slid in easily. He didn't utter a sound. The sensation of his ass closing around my hard dick was incredible and I slowly pressed forward until all seven inches were planted deep within the boy. Slowly I began to fuck him. It was an experience like no other. My manhood gliding in and out of this wonderful creature who willingly allowed it. This wasn't just for my pleasure, I thought as I slowly pumped back and forth. I was making love to this boy or he was making love to me. The warmth of his body was sucking my entire being into it. I tried to watch my cock probing his beautiful ass, the cheeks spread wide to allow me to enter but all I could do was close my eyes and wallow in the sparkling electricity than ran from my cock to my brain, the sensual electricity that was magnified even more by my feeling for this virgin young boy.

When I came, I felt like I was unleashing a gusher. I didn't drive my cock into his ass like he had done but I did push as far into him as I could and held him tightly against me as I shivered through the most incredible orgasm of my life. I was joined to the most fabulous boy in the world and I never wanted it to end.

At last I pulled out and rolled over. My cock was covered with cum and grease. Cody grabbed the towel and cleaned himself up.

"Did you like it," he asked.

"It felt like shit," I smiled still breathing heavily. I grabbed the boy and pulled him on top of me. I tugged his head forward and kissed him with the most passion I had ever kissed anyone in my life. He opened his mouth and returned the passion. Once again our tongues danced.

When at last we stopped, I looked up into those gold sparkled eyes.

"I love, Cody," I said.

"I love you too," he answered.

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

Caring For Cody

Chapter Seven

Things began to happen quickly. I completely embarrassed myself when I called a friend of mine with the school district to inquire about getting Cody into school. Of course the first thing he asked me was the boy's name and it was then that I realized that all I knew was "Cody." I told my friend that the doorbell was ringing and that I'd have to call him back. I think he believed me and that saved me from having to figure out how to explain that I didn't have the foggiest idea what his full name was. It was time to have a long conversation with Cody.

Cody looked absolutely radiant that morning. His eyes sparkled, his smile was genuine and relaxed and his hair shone as we sat by the pool and I explained my dilemma to him. I assured him that I would not betray him and that if he truly wanted to stay with me, I had to know his past. I had to be able to get school records and birth certificates.

I reached out and ran my fingers through his soft mane. "Cody, I never want you to go away. I want to be a part of your life and I want to know as much about you as I can. Please believe me that all I really want is the best for you."

Cody looked a little forlorn as he appeared to reach back in the recesses of his mind to bring up his life story from its painful storage place. I listened intently as I came to realize how much he had truly loved both his parents, his home, his friends and the life that he was living until the sequence of tragedies which brought him to me. His name was Cody Mitchell. He was born in Cody but almost immediately moved to a suburb of St. Louis where he enjoyed being a little boy with two adoring parents. His father was an engineer and his mother was a teacher. When he lost his father, he and his mother had bonded even more closely to give each other support. Jack came along when Cody was eight and during the time he was dating Cody's mother was attentive and seemed like a great person. Cody said he liked seeing his mother happy again. It wasn't long after they were married that things turned sour and Jack's abusive nature took over. Through all of that Cody excelled in school and sports. He was an honor student and was unusually talented in baseball and soccer. When his mother died, the boy was totally adrift in an emotional maelstrom. Not only did he have to deal with a stepfather who didn't want him but he was becoming aware of his sexuality as he entered adolescence when he was about half way through age twelve.

I could see that he was having difficulty reliving these memories. Tears would well up in his eyes as he talked about his parents. I put my arm around his shoulders and just comforted him as much as I could, rocking him gently and allowing him to regain his composure. I couldn't believe how much I cared for this boy. The more I knew about him, the more I wanted to take care of him. I felt guilty again about our sexual relationship because I knew that more than anything all I wanted to do was help him grow up in a safe and nurturing environment. That's one thing that people don't realize about being a gay male. The instinct to care for someone is very strong and it goes way beyond sexual desires. I could have and would have instantly stopped any sexual contact with Cody and been perfectly happy providing him with love and support.

I knew that I had to break the pain he was feeling so I suggested we go to the zoo. He looked at me with his big eyes and gratefully hugged me in a way which told me how much he appreciated my caring. My heart was filled with the joy this boy provided. I knew I would do everything in my power to protect him. I grabbed one of my cameras and we headed off to Balboa Park.

Because it was a fall weekday, the zoo wasn't especially crowded. I began snapping a few pictures of Cody as he marveled at the animals. With a lens to my eye, I saw him in a different light. I composed each shot of his face to capture his excitement, his laugh when an animal did something humorous, his youthful energy. I was amazed that this boy didn't walk. I may describe us as walking somewhere but Cody did anything but walk. His grace in motion was incredible. He danced, he gamboled, he glided, he flew but never just walked. His entire body communicated his being like a ballet dancer. Movement and expression melded together to create a natural work of art. My camera was recording a masterpiece. I was photographing the epitome of youth in progress. By the end of the day five rolls of film were gone and I knew that I was beginning a body of work that I hoped would last for years.

By the time we got home, we were both exhausted. I called Pizza Port from the car phone and picked it up on the way back from the zoo. We munched on pizza and watched TV for a little while then I asked if he would like to help me develop the film. We went out to the old maid's quarters and entered the darkroom. I explained the procedure to him in the total darkness and began to process the film. We hung the negatives up to dry and left the darkroom. In the cool of the evening, we walked to the edge of the cliff and watched the moonlight glisten on the waves as they crashed to shore. I couldn't imagine anything better than this.

Although we slept wrapped up in each other's arms, that is all that we did. That night neither of us felt anything sexual, just total peace in the comfort of one another. It was more special than any night we had spent so far.

The next day, I got up early and called an attorney friend who supported gay causes. I briefly discussed Cody's history with him and asked him if he would help to get information on Cody's status in Missouri and anything else he might be able to find out. I called and asked that the boy's birth certificate be faxed to me with an original copy mailed. I told the clerk over the phone in Wyoming that I was his dad and I used his dad's name. I had the fax in less than an hour. Cody slept until 9:30.

"Hey, Jeff. What's going on?" he asked as he came into the family room stretching his arms over his head so that his already tight chest and stomach were even more defined, his jockeys rode up on his hips and produced a nice pouch which held his boyhood. For the first time since day before yesterday, I felt a stirring in my loins at the sight of the sleepy boy wandering into the room.

"Look what I got," I said handing him the fax of his birth certificate.

Cody read the document briefly. "How'd you manage that?"

"I told the clerk in Cody, Wyoming that I was your dad. I hope you don't mind."

The corners of his mouth turned down a little but he recovered quickly. "Naw, that's okay. You're kinda doin' stuff my mom and dad would be doing anyway."

He wandered into the kitchen and foraged for some juice and milk in the refrigerator. The cereal was next and soon milk dribbled down his chin as he shoveled in his cold breakfast. I still had trouble taking my eyes off of him. What pleased me the most was that he was beginning to treat this place as home. He moved naturally into a routine that was seemingly comfortable to him and certainly something I wanted to encourage.

"We've got to go over to the high school and get you enrolled this morning," I said matter-of-factly. "After that I thought we'd go to SeaWorld. We can avoid the weekend crowds."

"Great," he said knowing that I needed the certificate to get him into school. "Did you tell them I was a ninth-grader."

"I told my administrator friend Doug. He'll take care of things for us."

"Can we take a swim before we go?" he asked and I detected a twinkle in his eyes.

"Yeah sure," I said, "We've got all day."

Cody didn't even wait to get outside to escape his underwear and run for the pool. He was so quick that I could only glimpse the beginning of what might be a hard-on. I wasted no time in diving into the water myself. I was hard already.

We splashed and played grab-ass for about fifteen minutes, laughing and joking. I felt like I was thirteen again. Just watching his lithe body breach the water, arms stretched for the sky sent electricity through my body.

"On the way to SeaWorld, how about we stop at Nordstroms for a blowjob. I think they're having a sale," he laughed.

"Cute, real cute!" I said. "Is your pecker in an uproar?"

"It will be by the time I get to your end of the pool," he said with a smile.

"Then launch your ass up on the side and I'll return the favor you gave me day before yesterday."

Less than thirty seconds later, the strapping boy had his legs spread wide and I had a mouthful of hot boycock. Cody just placed his arms behind him so that his torso was leaning back at a 45 degree angle, his eyes closed, his proud erection sinking between my sucking lips. I took the meat out only long enough to establish a rule. "We don't have to do any more warning about cumming. When you're ready to cum just do it!" I announced.

"Quit talking and stuff that dick back in your mouth. You're spoiling it," he ordered.

I quickly returned to my duties and in about two minutes, my mouth was flooded with the hot juices I had so come to love. I guess it was an acquired taste or maybe it was just the taste of love itself. I didn't want to let this wondrous center of Cody's adolescence go. I sucked gently as I felt it began to go limp. Standing shoulder deep in the water, I reached out and massaged the small of his back and then allowed myself to caress his firm erect nipples. I stroked what I could reach of his ass and felt my way down the outside of his firm legs, all the while, Cody's boyhood was still in my mouth. He didn't tell me to take it out and I didn't want to, just yet anyway. I guess this went on for about a minute and then to my surprise, I felt the cock begin growing in my mouth again. Was this possible? Could a thirteen year old possibly dump his load and in the same blowjob gear up for a second round. This was amazing. I started suck again, not forcefully but gently, licking and swirling my tongue around this resurrected soldier. Unbelievably, Cody shot an equally hot load of cum down my throat in another two minutes.

"You'd better stop," he said breathlessly.

I let the now red meat slip out of my mouth. "Shit Cody, I didn't know you could do that!" I exclaimed.

"Neither did I," he said breathlessly, "Fuck that was fine."

We both got out of the pool but only one of us was hard. "Okay what do you want?" Cody asked.

"I don't need anything," I said, my hard-on proving that I was lying.

"You want me to suck or do you want to try fucking again?" he asked.

"Didn't that ass fucking hurt?" I asked.

"Did you like it?" he asked using a question for question technique.

"Sure," I said.

"Then it didn't hurt. Go get the grease."

I came back and lubed us both up. "I want to look at you this time," I said.

"Put your heals on my shoulder."

Cody did as he was instructed and I looked down to see my rose colored target. I gently slid my cockhead to the entrance of his inner sanctum and pressed forward. I watched his angelic face as my manhood entered his body. I could detect no sign of discomfort, as a matter of fact, he was smiling. I began fucking him easily, smoothly and gently. I placed my arms on each side of his face and pumped up and down in his tight sucking ass. At one point when I was completely buried in him, I leaned down and kissed him. It was still unbelievable to me that I had the good fortune to be with this boy. I came in buckets as I always did with him. I filled his ass with every drop of lovejuice I could produce. When I withdrew, I collapsed on top of him. "I guess you didn't like it again," he whispered in my ear.

"Uhhhhh," was all I could manage in response.

We got up and dove in the pool again. After doing a little cleaning up, we sat on the steps. He played with my flaccid dick.

"Well kid, I guess that's enough of the fun stuff for now. We'd better head for the high school."

We showered together and it was all I could do to keep from getting it up again. Just hours before I had said to myself that I could be satisfied with just loving this boy but now, I was completely happy that I didn't have to settle for that.

By eleven thirty, we had been at the high school and Cody had a schedule. I asked that he be put on a college prep track until we could figure out how to get his records. He signed up for soccer as well and agreed to meet the coach after school on Monday. I was glad that he would have some after school activity because I had to return to my normal work routine and wouldn't be home until almost 5:30 in the evening.

As was the case at the zoo, my camera raced through film as Cody explored SeaWorld. It was warm enough so I set him up to get a bath from Shamu. The pictures of that huge fan of water drenching him as he held his arms over his head to protect himself were priceless. I knew he was planning a way to retaliate but I warned him about getting water in the camera. I didn't have long to wait to see how he would pay me back.

We'd seen just about everything so we went to the hospitality center where I got a sample of beer. Then we went over to the barn to see the Clydesdales. Cody had a strange smirk on his face and I still don't know how he managed it. There was no one in this particular area. He was leaning into the corral area talking to one of the horses, his SeaWorld program at his waist. It was a classic picture with his beautiful profile nose to nose with this huge beast. I aimed my camera and at the exact moment I snapped the shutter, Cody broke into a huge grin and dropped his hands to his sides. With the program out of the way, I had just taken a picture of him with a huge hard-on sticking straight out of his jeans.

"Fucking shit, Cody!" I exclaimed.

He quickly turned away, stuffed his cock back in his pants, zipped up and then collapsed into a hysterical fit on the floor of the barn area. I think he scared the shit out of the horse and he sure as hell did me as I sheepishly glanced around to see if anybody else was there. Cody could hardly breathe he was laughing so hard.

"Dammit, Cody! You could get us arrested. I hope they don't have video cameras in this place!"

He was still laughing but I noticed he scanned the rafters for cameras as I did. We didn't notice any.

"Remember Seymore at the seal show?" he sputtered.


"Well after your Shamu stunt, I thought I'd let you ÔSee More'!" he launched into another round of hysteria.

Like the Nordstroms incident, I couldn't help but start snickering myself. Soon, I was laughing as hard a Cody. I tousled his hair and shoved him toward the door. "Let's get your ass out of here now!" I commanded. I wasted no time getting him out of the park and into the car. "Tell me, Cody, is this sort of thing going to become a habit?"

"Never know," he smirked.

That night we developed the pictures and sure as shit, there he was with this huge Clydesdale looking at him quizzically, the prankster expression on Cody's face and this six inches of hard meat aimed right at the horse's chest. Now not only was I addicted to everything else about him but I had become infected by his spontaneous, unpredictable sense of humor.

The next week he started school and I went back to work. Routine began to set in and Cody began to use his own room. I missed having him beside me at night but I knew it was better this way. He became completely occupied with making a place for himself at high school with the kids and the soccer team. During the evenings, we were both tired, so we'd sit and watch TV until it was time to go to bed. Most of the time while we'd watch, I'd have my arm around him. He never seemed to mind. Each night as we left for our rooms, there was a loving hug and a gentle kiss good night. It was my favorite way to retire. How had I ever managed without him? I knew I never wanted to.

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

Caring For Cody

Chapter Eight

"So how was school?" I asked reminding myself of my father who always asked that question every evening.

"Fine," Cody responded laconically as I used to do.

"How'd soccer practice go?" I continued.

"Okay. The coach says I'll make the team. We've got a game in two weeks. You gonna come?" he asked.

"I wouldn't miss it," I said with a smile. "How about friends? Have you made any?"

I noticed Cody sort of looked a little sheepish. "Yeah, I've made some."

"Anybody you really want to hang with?" I asked.

Cody hung his head a little and sort of with a guilty look answered.

"There's this one kid that seems pretty nice. We're both on the team. He's really into surfing though."

I was beginning to get the picture. "Cody, are you attracted to this boy?"

My beautiful charge hung his head even further and didn't respond. I sat down next to him on the couch and put my arm around him. I felt a twist in my stomach at the thought of him being interested in somebody else but of course I knew this would happen.

"Hey, it's okay you know. Do you think I didn't expect you to develop friendships? Shit, Cody you're not even fourteen yet. You've got a whole life full of friends to come. Does he like you?"

"Yeah, I think so," my teen said softly looking sideways at me.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Jeff, I really feel bad talking about this. This is the first time since my friend Mark that I've thought about having a friend besides you. You've been so great to me. I don't want to hurt you."

There was that surprising maturity sneaking in again. Fuck, this kid was special. "You're not going to hurt me. You're a kid. You're allowed to be a kid. You're allowed to have friends , even friends that you might want to be close to. The only way you could hurt me is get involved with gangs or drugs or run away. Other than that, I might feel a little sad but it's part of life. I just want to share your life with you not run it."

"God you're great," he said and gave me a huge loving hug.

"Okay, so tell me about this boy," I said.

"His name's Tommy. He's already fourteen. We have a couple of classes together and we talk at soccer practice. He's pretty good."

"What's he look like?" I asked.

Cody sort of smiled. "He's a surfer. He's got long blonde hair down to his shoulders and he says 'dude' a lot. He's even got an earring."

"How do you know he likes you?" I asked again. Cody knew I was talking about being gay.

"I notice him checking me out when we're in the shower after practice," Cody said blushing.

"You're so fucking cute, I'm surprised all the guys aren't checking you out!" I said with a grin.

"Yeah, right," the boy responded.

"Have you said anything to him?" I asked.

"Naw, I'm just seeing how we get along. He wants to teach me to surf."

"That's super," I said. "I used to love to surf. I have my old board around here somewhere. You can use it."

"Great," Cody said but I detected he wanted to end this conversation.

"So anyway, your birthday's Saturday. How do you want to celebrate your fourteenth?"

"I don't care. It's no big deal," he said betraying that he was a little excited about it.

"Well, I have an idea if you're interested," I said with a smile.

"What?" he asked with some curiosity.

"How about we spend the day in the dressing room at Nordstroms or maybe at the barn in SeaWorld?" I grinned.

He laughed. "If I had to do one of those over again, it would be Nordstroms."

I felt complimented. "Actually, if you're not sick of amusement parks, I made reservations at the Disneyland Hotel for Friday and Saturday night. We'll spend the weekend at Disneyland."

"Damn Jeff! That's super! I've dreamed about going there since I was a little kid!" I got another hug and a huge grin.

"You can ask Tommy along if you want to," I added.

"Naw," he smiled, "I want to spend my birthday with you."

Was this a great kid or what? His sensitivity was incredible. I wouldn't have minded having his new friend along but my preference was to show him around my favorite theme park myself. I have always been a Disneyland fan.

By the time both of us got home Friday night, it was close to six o'clock. Traffic would be jammed up heading north on 5 for at least another hour so Cody and I had a quick dinner at home and then began packing for the weekend. I could tell he was excited by the way he whirled around his room grabbing stuff and throwing it in his backpack. I had forgotten that this was his only luggage. I reminded myself to do something about that after the weekend.

"Hey Cody, I bought you a little present before we go," I said smiling and handing him a fairly good sized package.

Cody's beautiful eyes widened as he held the package. Unlike most kids with a present, he read the card first. I was going to give him a funny one but when I was in the shop, I realized I needed to tell him how much I cared. It was one of those not too mushy 'Happy Birthday to a Special Friend' variety. In it I wrote, ' Cody, you're the greatest fourteen year old in the world! I am so glad you have chosen to be here with me. Have a happy one. I really love you' His eyes glistened as he softly said, "Thanks, Jeff. I love you too."

He opened the package and drew out the black and neon green wetsuit.

"Wow!" he said, "This is awesome!"

"Well if you're going to learn to surf, you gotta have one of those for this ocean," I said. "Besides," I winked, "I can't wait to see your cute little ass in it!"

"You're great, Jeff," he said hugging me again. "Thanks man!"

"Glad you like it."

We got on the road about seven o'clock and did the jammed drive to Anaheim. I surprised Cody at the hotel by checking us into a suite. There was a living room area with a Murphy bed plus a bedroom with a double king bed. We walked around the hotel grounds for a little while and then went back to the room to turn in. By 10:00 we were both ready to get some sleep. It had been a long day and a tough drive to the hotel.

"You sleeping on the Murphy or with me?" I asked.

"I'll come in with you if that's okay," Cody said.

"Mess up the Murphy then," I said. "Don't want the maid to get the wrong idea."

On the last night of Cody's thirteenth year, we simply huddled together and drifted off into long comfortable sleep.

Breakfast was delivered to the room at 7:30 in the morning - juice, bacon eggs, hash browns, biscuits, butter and jar of honey. Although I answered the door in the hotel robe, both of us ate in our underwear looking out at Disneyland across the street, the bright fall sunshine filling the room.

Cody came out of the shower stark naked just before 8:00 and flopped spread eagle on the bed, his beautiful body bathed in sunlight. He looked over at me with a grin on his face and his boy dick began to stiffen.

"You looking for another birthday present?" I asked with a smile. I was instantly erect myself at the sight of this shining naked teenager first thing in the morning.

"What do you have in mind?" he quipped.

I was still sitting at the table, my cock trying to poke a hole in my underwear. It was then that an idea came to me. "Don't move you sex maniac!" I commanded.

I grabbed the honey and jumped up on the bed next to him. He didn't know what I was going to do but he was grinning in anticipation. "We're going to perform the famous initiation of the fourteen year old," I announced. "Prepare to be anointed."

I began to pour a thin line of honey around his mouth. "Don't lick it!" I ordered.

"It tickles!" he giggled sounding more like a twelve year old than fourteen.

"Part of the initiation," I replied.

I continued pouring the line of honey, down his chin and neck then on to his left nipple which was solidly erect. Everything on the boy was erect now including the goosebumps. I poured on over to the right nipple then went back to the middle of his chest a drew a line down his smooth flawless stomach making sure that his navel was full of the golden syrup. From his navel I drew a line all the way down the his left leg ending with a dollop on his big toe. I repeated the process down his right leg and then from his navel straight down, I circled around his begging hard cock to cover his firm young balls finally running the honey up his hard shaft letting the final drop mix with his precum.

"Are you ready for your initiation?" I asked officially.

"What is it?" he chortled.

"The ancient tongue torture!" I intoned.

Before he could answer, I had his freshly washed left toe in my mouth sucking off the honey. I sucked the toe like it was his dick and I could see my favorite target bobbing with delight as I began following the trail of honey up his leg. He was giggling but still getting goosebumps. I was so hard I could hardly stand it. I was careful to circle away from his loins as I finished the line to just below his navel. I repeated the process up his right leg but when I reached his taut bellybutton, I tongued my way into it to completely clear it of honey. Cody was shivering. Licking slowly and surely, I cleaned my way up his stomach and sucked the sweet nectar off his right tit, then on to his left and finally up his chest, neck and chin until covered his lips with mine and fucked his mouth with my honey covered tongue. He sucked my tongue clean. Fuck I was hard!

"Well, guess that wrap's that up," I said, "Park opens in fifteen minutes. We don't want to be late!"

"Yeah, right!" Cody grinned licking his lips. "You forgot one little area."

"Oh my gosh, I do believe you're right!" I agreed with a wicked grin. "I guess we'll just have to be a little late then."

"No shit!" Cody said pleading for me to continue.

As I had before, I nuzzled his hard boyhood away so that I could lick the soft fan of pubic hair in which it nested. Some of the honey had dribbled off his shaft into the hair. I moved onto the sack under his shaft, the perfect, hairless, oval testicles of a young boy. I sucked the golden liquid off each of his nuts independently and then cleaned the entire pouch, licking and sucking. At last I began my long butterfly wing flickering up the hard boymeat. Cody's hips were shaking and he was sort of thrusting up and down. It took me almost a minute to cover the six inches from his balls to the head of his tortured penis. The last drop of honey mixed with the clear precum that was flowing freely from the head. Slowly, I kissed the tip of his cock and then allowed it to push its way between my lips. I had never tried this before but I was determined to see if I could do it. The boy was shivering as the head of his adolescence disappeared into my mouth, then another inch was in, then another. I had half a cock in my mouth. I pressed on four inches - I thought I might gag - five inches, - I was sure I would but I held on opening my throat up - six inches! I felt the head of the boycock down my throat, my tongue was moving against the underside of the hot shaft. I held it there, my lips pressed into his pubic hair, breathing through my nose, savoring my feat and the aroma of honey mixed with young boy flesh.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he screamed. He grabbed my head and held it firmly down on his cock. He virtually exploded! This hot eruption of birthday cum wasn't flowing into my mouth, it was being injected down my throat. I instantly wanted to pull back but I knew Cody was experiencing the most intense orgasm of his life. Shit, I hadn't even sucked it once yet! "Uhhhhhhhh," he moaned and the second wave of molten boyjuice slithered down my throat without a swallow. I couldn't hold out any longer and I began backing the spewing cock out. The third wave still caught the back of my throat with the remainder of the love potion filling my mouth cavity, I held the head between my lips until he at last was finished. I let it flop out and slap against his stomach.

"Wow!" I said breathlessly. "You almost choked me to death!"

"Fucking wow is right!" he answered shivering. "Awesome!"

I moved up to his angelic face, his cum still on my lips and kissed him. "Happy birthday, Cody," I said.

He licked some of his own cum from his lips. "Not bad," he grinned, "Best damn beginning to a birthday I ever had!"

I laughed. "Guess I've already been to Fantasyland!"

"I don't think Splash Mountain is going to even come close to that!" he responded.

Cody wouldn't get off the bed until he jacked me off. I didn't want him to do that, after all it was his birthday. But he refused to leave until I was taken care of. He offered me a blowjob or his ass but I just let him bring me off with his long fingers. I shot a volley completely to my chin.

We both showered and then it was off to the monorail station to buy our two day passports and transport ourselves into Tomorrowland. As far as I was concerned, I'd been in the Magic Kingdom for almost a month now.

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

Caring For Cody

Chapter Nine

Christmas came quickly and Cody was off for almost three weeks. This was a busy time for the company so I had to work up until Christmas Eve. As I suspected, both of us fell into a routine of life together and the frequency of sexual activity diminished. Cody would sleep with me a couple nights a week and when his young body pressed against mine, I could not help but become aroused. The boy was always willing to participate in whatever sport I could devise but the intensity of our passion wasn't as it had been during November. It now was a comfortable sort of togetherness, one where either of us could initiate the sequence of events. I had moved on from being Ôin love' with him to just plain loving him. As my feelings grew stronger, I shared with him how important he was to me. The young boy would always smile and confirm how much he cared for me too.

Cody's friend Tommy had become a regular visitor to Vista. The wetsuit was an instant turn-on for me when I saw Cody packed into it. His perfect body sculpted it into a masterpiece. Tommy was no slouch in the looks department either. I could see why Cody liked him and I found myself wondering how this blond surfer would taste. I had no way of knowing whether or not there was anything more going on between the two of them other than surfing but they seemed inseparable. Little did I know that I was soon to find out.

Since it was Christmas Eve, I decided to take off early and surprise Cody with a lunch at the Old Mexico Cafe in Old Town. I drove up the drive at about 11:30 and walked into the house. I shouted for Cody but there was no response. As I began my search, I noticed that the doors to the pool were open and I headed that direction. Before I reached them I was stopped dead in my tracks. I stared intently, my stomach lurching as I saw Cody and Tommy by the pool. I was going to say something but I didn't know what it would be so I just watched in a catatonic state.

Both boys were stark naked and sported huge erections that betrayed the fact that this activity was just beginning. I grew hard as I studied the new boymeat that was sprouting in my yard. Tommy's body was rock solid from his constant surfing. He was taller than Cody by about two inches but he was about three months older than Cody too. He had an incredible tan which left him with the telltale white skin at his loins. From what I could see his cock was also a thing of beauty. I guessed that it was at least seven inches, nestled in a small sandy blond patch of pubic hair. The boys were lying on chaise lounges side by side with Tommy being closest to me from my vantage point. Each of them started beating off. I could hear them talking.

"You sure your uncle won't be coming home?" Tommy asked, stroking his long hard meat.

"Naw, he works until at least five," Cody assured him.

"Cool dude!" Tommy said with teenage intonation. "This is really rad, dude. You got your own private spot here. How'd you hook up with your uncle anyway?"

I was surprised that the boys were talking while jacking off. It was obvious that they had done this before somewhere else and that the activity could take place while they talked of other things.

Cody was silent for a moment. "Oh he just picked me up after my folks died. He's pretty cool!"

"Cool place too," Tommy said. "Want me to do you?"

"Yeah, sure," Cody agreed.

Tommy rolled off his lounge and knelt down beside my boy. He reached out and grabbed Cody's hard cock and began stroking it. Cody closed his eyes.

"That feels good, dude," he said. "Why don't you suck it?"

"Yeah right!" Tommy quipped.

"You ever had one?" Cody asked.

"One what?" Tommy responded.

"A blowjob!"

"Shit no," Tommy answered. "Have you?"

"Well yeah," Cody admitted.

"Who did you?" Tommy asked stopping his motion on the fourteen year old's shaft.

Cody was caught now. He hemmed for a moment then said, "Oh, a guy I met in Montana."

Tommy was now more interested in hearing about Cody's blowjob than beating him off and he sat back on his lounge looking at his friend. "What guy?"

"Hey man, I thought we were gonna beat off!" Cody exclaimed trying to change the subject.

"Not Ôtill you tell me about your blowjob, dude!"

Cody was pinned down. I was hard as rock as I stood motionless waiting to hear how the kid got out of this one.

"Okay, okay you asshole. I ran away from home and hitched my way to Montana. This guy picked me up and when he saw I didn't have a place to stay he put me up in his motel room."

"So you go to a motel with some guy and he just pulls your pants down and sucks your dick?" Tommy asked.

"Fuck you!" Cody exclaimed becoming irritated with the direction of this conversation. "He told me he liked boys and asked if I'd ever been sucked off. I told him I hadn't and he asked me if I'd like to try it. What would you have done?"

Tommy grinned but then looked puzzled. "How old was this dude?"

"What difference does that make?" Cody countered. "He was probably in his late twenties I guess."

"Man he was an old guy!" Tommy remarked seriously.

I marveled at how Cody managed to tell the truth which made it easier for him to explain without giving away the whole scenario. It stung when the other boy pronounced that I was old.

"I guess I'd let him do it," Tommy finally agreed. "So what happened?"

"So he sucked my dick, stupid!" Cody said obviously.

"Did you cum?"

"No, shithead! I sang a song and read a book!"

"Really dude, did you cum in his mouth?"

Cody was totally irritated now. "Yeah I came in his mouth!"

"Wow! Awesome!" Tommy said, his cock as hard as a rock now, pressing solidly against his navel.

Cody relaxed. "Yeah it really was awesome. Best thing I ever felt."

I smiled to myself remembering his beautiful boyhood between my lips in that dumpy motel. I could feel his first shot of cum slamming into my mouth all over again. What a journey we've had so far.

Tommy brushed his long blond hair back from his bright blue eyes and looked seriously over at Cody.

"I'll try it if you will," he said.

"Try what?" Cody said knowing full well what his friend had suggested.

"Cocksucking, asshole!" Tommy exclaimed.

"Well, okay I guess," Cody responded after a respectable period of time for consideration.

I loved the way he seemed undecided and innocent. The little shit was the best cocksucker I'd ever encountered.

"Who goes first?" Tommy asked nervously but excitedly.

"Flip a coin," Cody suggested. "Heads I do you first, tails you do me."

Tommy fished around in his jeans until he found a coin. "Okay, here goes!" The coin flew into the air, was caught and slapped onto the back of Tommy's hand. "Yeeeesss!" Tommy shouted.

I was so hard I could barely keep from hauling my own dick out and prancing into the backyard. This wasn't the internet, this was the real thing about to happen in my own place - two awesomely beautiful teenage boys about to go down on one another.

Tommy lay back on the chaise, his huge boner as stiff as steel. "There it is Cody. Enjoy yourself."

Cody didn't respond. I knew he really wanted to suck Tommy's cock but he couldn't be obvious. Actually this was his first attempt with a boy his own age. Gawd he was beautiful. I massaged my own manhood through my slacks as I watched my boy's head lower over the virgin meat of his best friend.

"Oh fuck, dude that feels awesome!" Tommy described as Cody began sucking and tonguing the seven inches of fourteen year old boymeat. "Man I never knew anything could feel this good!"

Cody continued to suck. I knew what he was doing to that boy's cock, sucking lightly, swirling his tongue around the head, sucking more strongly and taking more of the meat into his mouth. Tommy was getting the best and the poor kid didn't know it.

Typical of a virgin teenager, Tommy didn't last long. He began telling Cody that he was getting close.

"Ah fuck dude, I'm getting real close, man!" he announced.

Cody kept sucking. I was curious if he was going to take Tommy's wad or pull away. Since this was supposed to be his first time sucking, it seemed likely to me that he'd finish his friend off by hand.

"Oh shit, man!" Tommy moaned, "I'm not kidding. I'm gonna cum, dude!" The boy's voice was now sounding alarm.

Cody sucked further down getting more of the throbbing cock in his mouth. "Dammit Cody, get off man! I'm gonna cum! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!!!!!!"

Cody just stopped as Tommy emptied his young virgin boyjuice into the sucking mouth. I could tell that Cody was getting shot after shot of the teenager's milk and watched as he swallowed two or three times while Tommy finished his orgasm.

"Oh fuck, dude," Tommy sighed, "I can't believe you did that!"

Cody slowly slid up the shaft and for some reason looked my direction.

"Oh shit!" he shouted, cum dripping down his chin. "Jeff!"

I was startled out of my trance as I watched a flurry of arms and legs scramble through a blizzard of clothing, yanking on shirts and pants with abandon. In an instant, Tommy raced by me with a parting, "Sorry, Mr. Hastings!" and slammed out the front door.

Cody, with like haste, sped past me and slammed the door to his room.

I gathered my wits and followed him The door was locked.

"Cody?" I knocked.

"Go away Jeff!" the boy screamed.

Cody, we've got to talk!" I pleaded.

"Go away!" he shouted again.

The phone rang. ÔShit,' I said to myself as I went into the family room to answer it. It was the office. A major problem had come up and there was no way to put off the call. It took a solid twenty minutes to resolve the issue and as soon as I hung up I raced back to Cody's room. The door was open but he wasn't there.

"Cody?" I shouted. I searched the house. In his room, his backpack was missing. "Oh no!" I moaned. I raced out the front door and looked down the drive. He wasn't there. I jumped in the car and sped down the hill. Traffic on the coast highway was heavy as usual but there were no fourteen year old boys with their thumbs out. I drove through Del Mar and retraced the road all the way to Encinitas but there was no sign of my boy. Cody was gone.

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

Caring For Cody

Chapter Ten

I drove the surrounding areas all afternoon searching for Cody. I was totally devastated when the last light of Christmas Eve disappeared and I turned back to Vista Del Mar y Cielo. Hopefully, I searched the house and yard again calling through my tears for the boy. There was no answer. The silence was deafening. I called the Sheriff's department and reported him missing. I knew that this was a dangerous thing to do considering he was not a relative but I had to have help. In barely two months, I found myself lost without him. I sat up until well after midnight hoping the phone would ring. It didn't. At last, exhausted, I turned toward my room but went into Cody's instead. I threw myself on his bed and sobbed, the smell of his youth on the bedclothes intensifying my loss. At last I fell asleep.

Christmas day was awful. I just wandered around the house aimlessly. I called the Sheriff again. There was no word. I called Tommy.

"I'm really sorry Mr. Hastings," Tommy cried over the phone.

"Tommy, it's okay. Are you sure you haven't seen Cody?"

"No sir, I don't know where he is," Tommy whimpered.

"Tommy, if he's there, you've got to tell me! You're the only person I know who knows him," I pleaded.

"He's not here, Mr. Hastings. I swear! You're not going to tell my mother are you?"

My heart sunk. Tommy wasn't lying. He was just a scared, gay fourteen year old who was worried about himself. "No, Tommy, I'm not going to tell your mother. And what you guys were doing is okay too, do you understand me?"

"Yes sir," he cried not believing me.

ÔShit!' I said to myself. Here I am grieving over the loss of the most important person in my life and I've got another unstable kid scared shitless on the phone.

"Tommy, I want you to come over here right now!" I demanded. "Can you get away?"

"Why?" the boy asked.

"I want to talk to you. I won't tell your mother if you show up here in thirty minutes."

The phone went dead and in less than fifteen minutes, the doorbell rang and the sad beautiful teenager entered the house. I led him to the family room and we sat down across from each other. Tommy looked at his tennis shoes.

I was shaking with emotion. "Tommy, Cody has run away as you know. I'm so worried and scared I can hardly breathe. He's the most important thing in my life. I don't know why he ran, whether it's because I saw what you two were doing or because he was angry that I saw or whether he was embarrassed. I don't know. But I do know you're here and it's important for you to understand."

Tommy's glistening blue eyes met mine. "Answer a question for me," I said. He just looked at me. "Do you like boys? I mean instead of girls?"

The boy started to cry. He just nodded in the affirmative.

"Have you ever told anybody that?" I asked.

He shook his head Ôno.'

"Does Cody know?" I asked

"I don't think so," he said finally speaking.

"I think he does," I stated. "He likes boys too. Both of you guys are okay, do you understand?"

"It's not okay!" Tommy exclaimed.

"Tommy look at me!" I commanded. "That's why I made you come over here. You are okay and whatever happens to Cody or between Cody and me isn't your fault. We don't chose to be the way we are but we have to learn to deal with it. We have to learn to have a life built around the way we are. Okay?"

"We?" the boy asked.

"Yeah, you, me and Cody!" I confessed.

"Are you the guy in Montana?" Tommy sniffled.

I sighed. "I'll keep your secret if you keep mine," I answered, confessing nothing.

The beautiful youth smiled weakly and nodded agreement.

I put my arm around him and led him to the door. "Don't go doing anything stupid, okay. If you need somebody to talk to, call me. Right now I really need to worry about finding Cody and not worry about you. You've got to be a special kid if Cody likes you. He's the best there is."

"Will you call me when you find him?" Tommy asked.

"You bet!" I answered confidently not betraying that I was more concerned with "if" than "when." I looked at the boy squarely and smiled, "You hang in there ... dude!"

"Thanks Mr. Hastings," he said.

"Call me Jeff," I responded.

"Thanks, Jeff," he smiled.

Most people want Christmas Day to last forever but for me the day dragged on in torture. I was glad that I'd talked to Tommy. At least I felt sure that he wouldn't try to hurt himself. My stomach was in knots. I thought about drowning myself in alcohol but what if the phone rang and I had to drive. I was in total misery. I looked through the stack of photos of Cody, his gleaming eyes, his joyful grin, his wonderful physique. Would I ever see him again? Christmas day wandered into Christmas night. I slept in Cody's bed again. Boxing Day dawned and still no word. I called the Sheriff again but to no avail. I had the week off but this was pure hell. All I could do was wait. And the worst thing was that I might be waiting forever. Cody wasn't bound to me and as he had said, he was looking for someplace when I picked him up, he could do it again. God how I hurt.

On the 28th of December, I was totally submerged in grief and resigned to the fact that I probably would never see him again. He was resourceful and he had shown he could manage on his own. Wherever he was, I hoped he was happy and safe. There was nothing else for me to do. Tommy called me every day. He was actually a sweet kid and I could tell he really cared for Cody too.

I was about to go out for the first time in three days. The afternoon was bright and lonely. I decided that I'd go down to Bully's and just get shit-faced. I could walk home if I had too. I got my wallet and was heading for the door when the phone rang. As I had every time it had rung, I sprang for the receiver."

"Mr. Hastings?" a female voice inquired.

"Yes," I exclaimed.

"I'm Deputy Wilson of the Highway Patrol in Indio. I believe there's someone here who would like to speak to you."

My heart leapt. "Jeff?" the young voice spoke.

"Cody! Cody?" I yelled.

"I'm sorry Jeff. I didn't mean to hurt you," he sobbed.

"Oh shit Cody, thank God you're okay," I cried.

Deputy Wilson was on the line again. "Are you related to this boy, Mr. Hastings?" she asked.

I swallowed hard and through my relief stammered that I was his uncle.

"Well sir," she continued, "Unless you want this boy to spend the night in Juvenile Hall you'd better come down here and pick him up."

"Oh thank you officer," I exclaimed, "I'm on my way."

I got the directions to the Highway Patrol office in Indio and was lucky I didn't get stopped myself at the speed I drove through Rancho Santa Fe to Escondido on to Temucula and scaring the shit out of myself on Highway 74 screaming down into Palm Desert.

I burst through the doors of the Highway Patrol and saw a forlorn small figure sitting off to the side of the lobby. As our eyes met, he didn't look anywhere near fourteen. He was a small boy desperately afraid. "Oh Cody!" I sobbed as we embraced each other. "Why? Why?"

He started to say something but I hushed him. "Never mind. Do you want to go home?" I asked.

"Back to your house?" he asked with worry in his eyes.

"Uh huh," I nodded wondering about his expression.

"Yes," he said the worry disappearing, "I want to go home."

I hugged him so tightly I almost squeezed the breath out of him. The deputy wasn't quite as easy to convince that we belonged together. After all, we didn't have the same last name and there were a lot of questions to be answered. With some foresight, I had taken copies of Cody's birth certificate with me along with his school registration card showing me as his guardian. Since his parents were dead and there was no one else to contact, we were finally released and I headed the car toward home.

We drove in silence for almost an hour. I didn't know what to say or ask and I was just relieved to have this wonderful boy sitting next to me again. As we dropped down the hill from Anza, Cody finally spoke.

"Jeff, I'm really sorry."

"For what?" I asked.

"For everything. For that thing with Tommy, for hurting you by being with him, for running away. I promise I'll never do it again."

I was crying again. "Cody, I always want to be there for you. I'm sorry I spied on you. It was wrong. I shouldn't have done it but it just happened."

"That's okay," he said, "I was mad and embarrassed but the worst of it was that I was doing something behind your back. I figured you'd never want to see me again."

I reached over and stroked his soft hair. "Oh Cody, I didn't know how I was going to live without you. You've become so important to me in such a short period of time. I don't know how I can tell you how much I need you. You've added more than you can know to my life. No matter what you do, you're always wanted. Do you understand?"

The boy leaned over and rested his head on my shoulders. I put my arm around him and we drove on quietly until we reached Vista Del Mar. "Welcome home," I said as we entered, tears of joy flowing freely.

"It's good to be home," he said hugging me.

"You'd better call Tommy," I suggested, "He's been almost as worried as I have. And by the way, you've got a pretty special friend there."

Cody looked embarrassed.

"Cody, it's okay for you to have a friend like Tommy. I've told Tommy too."

The 29th of December was Christmas at Vista Del Mar y Cielo. I watched with joy as Tommy and Cody hugged in reunion. I gave Tommy a hug too. I let them talk for a long while on their own. Tommy left in the afternoon smiling gratefully at me and lovingly at Cody. They shook hands at the door. Cody opened his presents and was visibly pleased with the gifts but then soon looked sad.

"What's the matter," I asked worriedly.

"I didn't get you anything," he said softly.

"Cody, you've given me the best present I could ever have. You came back home."

He smiled.

"I do have one other present you could give me though," I said.

"What?' he asked.

I handed him an envelope. It was a thick envelope and when he opened it, he pulled out a stack of papers. "What's this?" he asked staring at the legal looking documents.

"Cody, those are your adoption papers. If you agree, I want to adopt you."

He looked awestruck. Finally he said, "You mean you want to be my dad?"

I really hadn't thought of it that way. "Yeah, I guess that would make me your dad, huh?"

The boy was quiet for awhile. "What do I have to do?" he asked.

"Are you agreeing?" I asked hopefully.

"What do you think...Dad?" he grinned.