This story is completely fictional. That said, many jurisdictions do not appreciate erotic art in its written form. So it is your own responsibility to abide by local laws. If you are under 18, then it may be against the law for you to be here. The story contains scenes of intense sexual activities between adults and boys, and among boys themselves. The society depicted in this writing depicts a world where boys are not irreparably harmed by sexual acts, in fact, they enjoy them quite a lot. Thus, do not attempt to touch a child sexually in real life. It is not worth the price for a couple minutes of pleasure. Please treat boys with dignity and respect, and they will love you back.

Author's Note:

A friend sent this story to me, and asked that I submit it online and continue writing it; that said, not all of this story is my own work. I've made some changes here and there, removed parts I didn't particularly like, and made additions in some places. There are several items in the story that I do not like, but I am leaving them in as someone else may enjoy it.

I'd like suggestions and comments on how to continue, how the story might be improved, favourite parts, etc. The story started out a little dark for my tastes, so in the end, I envision it being rather happy for all the characters. So if you want to write in comments, please be sure to contact me at: blazer47@mail2tor.com

Caring for Cody

Part I

Chapter One

Uhh... 3493 plus 2943 is... mmhhh...carry th... uh... one...

Cody sat by his desk, mindlessly working on a small worksheet in front of him. Lodged inside his right hand was a long, yellow wooden stick used for writing. Lodged inside his anus was a long, plastic pulsating stick used for something else.

It was very hard for the boy to concentrate on math.

But this wasn't his main complaint. The major problem was that school hadn't even started, and yet somehow he was stuck inside doing arithmetic.

Although it's not like I know anyone here to play with, thought Cody.

Cody's recent relocation from the Jersey County Home for Orphaned Youth to his current lodgings was in part a result of an unfortunate youth. Having been raised in a state-regulated Home, he had grown up without much mention of family, just like the other orphans with whom he kept company.

But by some strange twist of fate and under-funding and legal maneuvering, the Jersey Home managed to find someone who was fortunately both willing and legally capable of retaining custody of the eleven-year-old Cody.

Cody was more upset that he had to leave his friends than he was happy that he would get a new life, but that did not stop the retired child caretaker, Jacqueline Stallbaumer, from filing the adoption papers. The Jersey Home was confident that the boy would be in good hands.

Cody shared the government agency's trust in Ms. Stallbaumer, who he understood to have kindly taken it upon herself to help Cody deal with his now apparently unkempt development.

Thank goodness Ms. Stallbaumer is here to help me, thought Cody. Otherwise I would really be embarrassing myself whenever I went out.

Still...I hope math at school isn't this hard, he thought, or else I'd... Uhh...

6435... ohh... mmhh...



Jacqueline Stallbaumer hurried down the stairs of her summer home, heading towards the door to greet her new arrival.

Jacqueline opened the door, and she was soon greeted with sight of a beautiful youth looking up at her. The first thing she noticed was his set of big blue eyes, looking naively up at her.

"Hi," he said. "I'm Cody. Are you Ms. Stallbaumer?"

"Yes I am," she replied. "I will be retaining custody of you."

Upon hearing this, the boy turned his head and grinned towards the suited man walking up behind him, who Jacqueline assumed to be the Child Welfare representative.

While the representative laid out the necessary documents, the former teacher watched the boy in front of her look around in awe at her home, which she had recently purchased.

But while Jacqueline paid little attention to the house, with which she was very familiar, she did notice that the back of his t-shirt would get frequently get caught on his cute bubble-shaped butt. Oh my, she thought. Looks like this will be fun.

After filling out all of the necessary papers, Ms. Stallbaumer escorted the representative towards the exit, her mind swimming with ideas. Quite frankly, Jacqueline was slightly aroused by the concept of being utterly in charge of the youth, alone, for such long periods of time.


"Cody, soon we'll have to begin a curriculum," said Ms. Stallbaumer. "I've decided that I should see to your effective education."

He's obviously not happy, thought the woman as she witnessed a poorly masked frown begin to form on the young face. Still, I'm not going to just let him sit around doing nothing. Or rather, let him sit around with nothing doing him...

"Mostly math, the humanities, literature, and other things like that, to supplement the education you'll be getting at the public school. We'll be starting on work tomorrow. But before we start, let's get you washed and ready for bed," said Ms. Stallbaumer.

It was almost as if she could see his dignity recoil in shock.

"I know how to wash myself!"

"Perhaps you think you can," snapped the former tutor, "but I'm paid to make sure you do it properly."

Cody's protest was to no avail. Shooting him a firm look, the boy had little choice but to acquiesce to the older woman as she led him into the bathroom.

"Strip," she said. "Don't be shy, there's nothing to be afraid of."

Except putting such a beautiful body like that to waste, thought the woman, as she saw the reluctant boy reveal his cute but and slightly hardening penis, trying to cover himself and retain his modesty. She pushed his wrists aside, and watched as his small, uncircumcised member begin to grow.

But of course, she had a sense of restraint, and led the naked youth into the shower stall, watching as the water poured over his small body, some of it flowing off of his stiffening member to form a miniature fountain. Jacqueline Stallbaumer rubbed her soaped hands over the boy's body, watching with satisfaction as he would react as she grazed his nipples and caress his body's erogenous zones, all the while making a mental note that this was a particularly sensitive boy.

"Spread your legs," said Jacqueline, as she watched him squat over to give her hands full access to his body's most private regions.

She caressed his soft bottom, kneading it and parting the firm bubble-form globes to rub her middle finger discreetly against his sphincter.

For a moment, Jacqueline Stallbaumer eyed the boy, watching him react, his feet slowly twisting as he fought the futile urge to seek relief.

"I'm going to clean you inside, Cody. Do you normally do this?" she asked, grinning.

"Ah... N-no, miss."

Jacqueline reveled in his lack of breath, as it meant her ministrations were that much closer to fruition. "You should," she said, as she slid a soapy finger into his anus.

Cody gasped as the unexpected intrusion broke new ground, giving the wholly inexperienced youth a shock of sexual pleasure that marked the end of his chaste, sheltered lifestyle.

"This is necessary to make sure you're clean," said Ms. Stallbaumer, as she pulled out the finger only to add another going back in.

"You must do this regularly," she lied, adding a third finger and essentially fucking the boy, gliding in and out of his virgin hole, breaking new territory with every moan and gasp and buckling of the knees.

"In fact, I want you to do this every day," she said, now aiming for the prostate at each thrust. "Do you understand?"

"Augh... y-yes, ma'am," whispered the defeated boy, desperately fighting the new sensations that struck against his very core. "Th-thank you for... for teaching m-me... miss."

"You're welcome, Cody," she replied as she plunged the three fingers as far as they would go, each one wriggling and splaying independently inside the innocent flesh they violated, targeting his prostate, pushing the adorable youth over the edge of his bounds.


The tutor smiled in satisfaction as she essentially sodomized the boy to his first orgasm, and what an orgasm it was. He buckled and moaned and screamed in pure unrestrained sexual glee, all the while the tormenting fingers never slowed or stopped their assault on his once-virgin rear. His penis, fully and intentionally ignored by the experienced woman, throbbed and twitched, yielding a few small droplets of ejaculate.

"Jesus Christ, Cody!" exclaimed Ms. Stallbaumer, feigning indignation. "I can't believe this! What do you have to say for yourself? This is not how you interact with other people!"

"Ohh... I-I'mm... mmmh... sorry," whimpered the poor boy, who struggled as Ms. Stallbaumer, even now, continued to fuck him.

"Sorry is right," she sighed. The boy's new guardian reached for her purse, and pulled out one of her finest vibrators, testing the buttons on its base and those on the remote she would keep on her person.

"It appears, Cody, that there is must that I must teach you."

Chapter Two


The once-celibate Cody laid his head on the table, trying to regain his breath after nearly climaxing from doing apparently nothing but trying to focus on math. How did that happen, wondered Cody. Ms. Stallbaumer is right, I do need her help.


The boy jerked his head back up, startled by the sudden intrusion. Ms. Stallbaumer stood by the door, visibly upset that he was not working on arithmetics. She held a small remote in her hands, on which she pressed a button while walking towards him.

Cody gasped suddenly, as the rod still inside him suddenly buzzed back to life after just calming down.

"Cody, I'm disappointed that you can't seem to focus on your schoolwork," remarked the tutor as she pressed yet another button.

"Mmmmhh... I... tried," mewed the weakening Cody, as the assault in his pants made it so very difficult for him to maintain his composure.

"It looks like we need to have some more work done," said Ms. Stallbaumer as she mercifully turned off the remote. "I think a big part of it is the heat. Come on, Cody, I brought some new clothing for you to wear that will hopefully help you with that."

Cody didn't think there was anything wrong with what he was wearing, as he felt his T-shirt and modest cut-off jeans were quite comfortable. Although of course, Cody realized the beads of sweat around his brow was a sure sign that his clothes were too hot. What else could it be, Cody thought naively as he followed Ms. Stallbaumer into her room.

"I feel it may be necessary to deal with your problem in a more unique fashion," mused the teacher. "Yesterday, your response to a very normal cleaning treatment told me that you would have to make some adjustments, like the boys' tampon I told you to wear last night."

Cody nodded in agreement, and Jacqueline didn't know whether to laugh out loud or feel sorry for the inexperienced youth.

"So I felt it would be appropriate for you to begin wearing a summer uniform," continued the guardian. "Come on now, put this on."

Jacqueline Stallbaumer presided over the boy as he stripped off his clothing, first his shirt and then his shorts and briefs. The "boys' tampon" in his butt began to slip out, and she chuckled as he winced sliding what was obviously a vibrator back into his rear.

Cody first put on the tight, bright orange rectangular briefs she had laid out for him on the bed. The front was composed of strong elastic that pushed his member tightly against his body, creating a visible outline of his erect penis. It was designed to continuously apply varying levels of pressure as he moved, thereby continuously keeping him aroused, although it would never alone grant him release.

The back had a seam running through the middle that firmly hugged the crease between his buttocks, serving several purposes. The first was obviously to keep his "tampon" inside him throughout the day, and it would also give him a continuous wedgie to accentuate his bubble butt, but most importantly, the nubs along the inside of the seam would constantly push against the inside of his sensitive crease, causing him to fidget and in turn lead the front of the briefs to stimulate his penis.

The boy's first response was to try and fix the wedgie, but he stopped partly because Ms. Stallbaumer told him to, and partly because it was lodged too firmly between his cheeks. He gave up, and put on the white tank top on the bed. The tutor watched in satisfaction as he began to squirm; the inside of the tight-fitting shirt was intentionally rougher, and was intended to put friction on his sensitive nipples with the slightest movement.

Jacqueline watched the boy sit there in her ingeniously designed "summer uniform", essentially a sex outfit that would work in tandem with his "boys' tampon" to constantly keep him right at the edge.

"A final addition," remarked the tutor, as she pulled out of her purse a small leather collar, which she placed around his neck and firmly secured with a lock. "That will help repel bugs," she lied, as she went back to rummage through her purse.

Cody used the moment to walk over to the nearby mirror, and looked at himself. He noticed that his tampon was acting up again, but he thought back to what Ms. Stallbaumer told him yesterday after the shower, and ignored it. After all, it was only telling him that he had to keep it in longer. His eyes were drawn to his erection, fully accentuated by his bright orange briefs. It's a good thing Ms. Stallbaumer doesn't mind, he thought. Otherwise, this could be embarrassing.

Turning around, the youth looked over at his butt, which was also highlighted by his new uniform. He noticed the seam in the middle begin to quiver slightly as his tampon increased in intensity, and Cody began to lose his breath as it pulsed and buzzed against his prostate.

"Uhh...mmh... Miss Stallbaumer will... ohh... help..."

Cody turned around and began to walk towards his protector for aid. She's holding that remote again, he thought.

"P-please, M-miss... I-it's too much... oohhhhh..."

Cody's movements only worsened his situation, since his new uniform began to work on his body as it was designed, magnifying the intense assault inside him. The eleven-year-old boy neared the second orgasm of his life as he tried in desperation to seek counsel from his trusted guardian, who now held a digital camera in one hand and her remote in the other, the latter on which she was pressing furiously.



"Say cheese."

Chapter Three


"Cody, wake up."

Lying on the floor was eleven-year-old Cody, who two days ago was his own person. Today, he laid on the floor with a vibrator humming in his ass, wearing an outfit designed for arousing him and those who saw him. And most importantly, locked around his neck was a dog collar, the text on the inner side reading: Property of Jacqueline Stallbaumer.

Cody woke up to see Ms. Stallbaumer standing over him with a noticeably disappointed expression.

"Can't you control yourself for one minute? Now come, I want to take you somewhere."

Cody got up, reaching behind him to check that his tampon was still inside of him (it was), and followed behind his teacher.

"Where are we going," asked the boy.

"Don't worry, you'll love it," she said. They walked out the back door, and Ms. Stallbaumer opened the door of her car to let him get in.

"Now Cody, it's very important that you put on this blindfold for the whole ride," she said. "And I'm going to have to secure your hands until you get there, for your own safety."

The young child looked on in confusion but nodded in agreement. Jacqueline was still amazed at how naïve this boy was, and quickly administered the blindfold and handcuffs.

Cody could hear the car start to roll down the driveway. His hands were a little inconvenient behind him, but he tried not to move too much considering the adverse effects it would induce from his clothing. After a few minutes, the car rolled to a stop and he could hear Ms. Stallbaumer get out of the car, talking with somebody outside.

"Cody, I'm going to have to ask you not to leave the car," said Ms. Stallbaumer. "I'll be back in a while with some groceries."

Before Cody could protest, the car door slammed and he was alone.

What am I going to do now? thought Cody, as he felt something warm brush against his leg.

Cody turned around to see what it was, but his blindfold made that impossible. He tried to wriggle out of his seat, but stopped when suddenly a large hand on his chest pushed against the seat.

"Don't shout," said the voice, which was deep and had a soothing tone.

Before he could completely wrap his head around the situation, Cody felt another hand rub softly against his stiff member, caressing it, eliciting a gasp and moan from the young victim.

"I bet you like this, huh," continued the voice. "I do too."

And with that, the hand pulled down Cody's new briefs, exposing his hard penis to the cool air. The shorts were left above his knees, and the stranger moved below to grasp the end of Cody's vibrator.

How did he know my tampon would be there, wondered Cody. But he had little time to think about it as the hand pumped it in and out of his rear, each push and pull rubbing the plastic contours of the 'tampon' against the child's inner flesh.

The young boy moaned as he felt a hot breath whisper into his ear, "I'm going to fuck you."


Cody had little time to comprehend as he felt the fake penis slide out of his ass, only to be quickly replaced by a real one: longer, fatter, and to Cody, burning hot as it slid into his bowels.

"Don't shout," the voice whispered again as another hand cupped his mouth. Cody felt a soft, wet tongue slither into his ear, causing him to shiver and moan deeply.

The penis inside Cody then began to piston in and out, rubbing furiously against his prostate and eliciting loud, anguished moans from the boy as he felt his ass taken by this unrelenting organ, thrusting in and out and in and out, never stopping, never resting, serving no apparent purpose but to melt the innocent youth from the inside out.

But suddenly, the fucking stopped, and the eleven-year-old boy instinctively cried out in protest.

"Say you want more," demanded the voice, as the phallus withdrew and rested at the tip of Cody's hole. "I want to hear you beg...."

Cody refused, for he was still a modest boy. "Only dogs beg," he whispered.

"Only dogs wear dog collars," retorted the voice. Cody despaired, as the hands began an endless circular movement over the boy's erect nipples, eliciting a long, anguished groan of lust.

"Beg me to fuck you," said the voice, as Cody saw stars when two thumbs pushed against his nipples, and brought him to the brink of orgasm, where they kept him until Cody's waning resolve was finally broken.

"P-please... ahh... fuck m-me," whispered the boy, who began to cry as the two thumbs continued their onslaught.

The stranger then began to fondle his member through the front of his shorts, but continued to hold the desperate, sobbing boy back as he began to suck on Cody's nipples.

"Please! Uuhhhh... Please I begged... I'm begging you... fuck me!"

The stranger complied, ramming the full length of his penis into the pleading youth, pulling all the way out and then ramming all the way in, each time with such power that it was only stopped by the boy's now reddening globes.


Cody's ass was pounded, violated brutally and unmercifully, and the person responsible would only do so if he begged, which Cody did. With each thrust the once innocent youth begged the man to fuck him, afraid that if he didn't beg, the sodomy would stop. But it did, pausing each time right before Cody would be about to release. The torture Cody never stopped begging for, but the man only taunted him at the edge until the sobbing, shattered boy fell slowly out of consciousness.

Jacqueline Stallbaumer smiled as she held the shaking boy in her arms, broken. Matthew can go quite far sometimes, she thought. Although it was quite a show watching them through the windshield.

She picked up the forgotten vibrator and re-inserted it into his ravaged bum, grinning as she made sure it sealed inside the quantities of sperm that began to leak away.

That's the end of Part 1. I will put out Part 2 later, but if anyone has comments, suggestions, or ideas, I will try to incorporate them into the story.