Case of Poison Ivy


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I was 10-11 at my first boy scout camp either as a Weblos cub or new tenderfoot scout spending two weeks at camp. I managed find some poison ivy and it started on my legs and in the process of scratching got it on a couple of my fingers and from them on my dick. I went down to the Health cabin with my best bud Paul cause he got it too. The camp nurse was a college kid named Brian and he was very cute. Me and Pauly showed him our rashes on our legs. He said 'Yep that's poison ivy alright. You've got to stop scratching it or you'll get an infection. If you really have to scratch it don't scratch it just rub it or pat it. I've got some lotion called "Calamine" that will help cut back the itching and help dry it out." He put on rubber gloves and put some lotion on our spots on our legs and fingers. He asked if we had the rash anywhere else.

We both blushed and kind of mumbled "yeah on our dicks."

He laughed and told us to drop our shorts so he could see. We did slowly. He took and put some more lotion on each of his forefingers and thumbs and told us to sit down on the couch again. Then he told us to sit back and push our butts forward so he could rub the lotion on. We did and he took our dicks between his thumbs and fingers at the tips of our cut dicks and slowly slid them down to the base. That felt so good that I gasped and immediately sprang a boner. I looked over at Pauly and he did too. Brian slid them back up to the tip and asked us if that felt better and then grinned and said "Nevermind I can see and feel that it did. I'll just keep rubbing it in, OK?"

We both nodded and grunted "Uh huh!" because it felt so good!

He began slowly jacking us both at the same time, although we didn't know that's what it was called then. We both were gasping for breath as he kept on going a little faster every few seconds as it felt better and better. I began to get this feeling behind my ball sack and started to raise my hips up off the couch and so was Pauly! It began to feel really strange but so good! Like I had to pee real bad!

"Bri I gotta pee bad!" Pauly told him he did too.

He just chuckled and told us "not to worry just let me keep rubbing a little more and it will feel even better! cause it does feel good don't it?" We both nodded and he went a little faster and held a little tighter. I looked at him and his shorts were really tented out and had a dark spot at the top of the bump like he had peed his pants. We were both gasping quick breaths and I noticed Brian was too! He dropped down on his knees and began to pump his front up against my leg. I could feel his hard dick in his shorts. Then I really pushed up hard into his fingers and held my breath. My whole body stiffened up and I felt these fantastic waves of pleasure coming from my dick and spreading out thru my whole body. My little dick turned dark purple and looked like it got even a little bigger. There were at least five or six waves. It felt so good that I just grunted a little as each wave hit me!

I heard Pauly gasp "OH!" as his dick was doing it too!

Then Brian pumped very hard into my leg and rubbed his hard dick on my leg as he gasped out "OH YEAH FEELS SO GOOD!!!" Both Pauly and me slumped back down into the couch. Brian slowly stopped stroking our dicks and dropped his hands. We slowly got our breathing back to normal.

I asked him what was that and he said it was called an orgasm and it was the best feeling a man can have! He sat back on his heels and the whole front of his shorts was stained dark like he had peed in them but they weren't tented out anymore. "How come you peed your pants?"

"That's not pee it's called cum and all older guys spit it out of their dicks when they have an orgasm."

He pulled his shorts down and showed us his dick. It was way bigger than either of ours and he had bushy hair around the base of it. In the hair and on his skin above it there was this stringy white stuff. "That's cum. You'll start to make some too when you get a bit older." He got up and peeled his gloves off and threw them away. He told us to pull our shorts on and head back to the camp site. He told us "If it starts to itch again to come see him and he'd put some more lotion on it for us."

We ended up going to see him two or three times a day after that for the rest of camp and we enjoyed it very much even after the rash had healed.