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Case Summaries

Case #: 212-Jonathan Michael Bailey

My hardened cock raged against the confines of the tight denim which was at present, stretched to its limits, the only thing standing between my lust and a lengthy prison sentence. Oh for fuck sake…leave already! Why won’t you just get in your car and GO?? My mind ached for relief and my body was already betraying my needs-palms sweaty, knees shaking, voice beginning to tremble. They had even had the audacity to be late in bringing him to me. Didn’t they know how important his treatment was? No, of course they had no fucking clue. I loathed them.

Upon verifying that their car had indeed left the parking lot, though not before the prerequisite rolling down of the window and final wave from the obnoxious bitch, I turned and headed back into my office, closed and locked the door.  Idiots…

And there he was, already free from all of his school clothing and kneeling face down into the plush carpet with his hungry white ass sticking up into the air. Both of his arms were stretched back along his luscious frame and all ten of his small fingers stressed, knuckles whitening as he pulled his cheeks apart leaving his cunt fully exposed, wet and waiting to be pierced. He was already sobbing, tears of agony flooded from his young eyes and my heart twisted and ripped inside of my chest as I knew that every second of delay brought him more pain. Fucking morons…every time they come they feel the need to talk and share every goddamn scrap of insignificant bullshit that is going on in their ridiculous lives. Don’t they know he needs his treatments? Don’t they know how much pain this beautiful child is in? Fucking miserable lot…always looking for freebies, wanting to know why this was happening or how to handle that situation.

Please!” he screamed snapping me out of my angered haze, “please…please make it stop hurting!”, his fingers now stretching further causing his wet pussy to gape open under the strain.

I’m so sorry my love,” I consoled as I rushed to him, “I will make it all go away now.”

I ripped my jeans open and shoved them down as I fell to my knees behind him. My cock sprang up and pulsed like a man once drowning and now breaking free to the surface, gasping for air. He would already be lubed, I knew that; if not by the usual bottled solution kept in my desk drawer then by a mixture of his own sweat and spit. I dared not waste another second as I lined my cockhead at his starving entrance and proceeded to bury it deep within him in one single stroke. His body arched and bucked under the invasion. Oh God the fucking heat…always the fucking heat of his insides. My head began to spin as I thrust my meat in and out taking caution never to go too far and make the mistake of leaving him empty. Oh Jesus…so wet…so fucking wet…and still so fucking hot…

His sobs turned to groans and his groans to wild growls as the raging hunger in his body found its savior. With no more need to ensure I found my target his hands left his ass and took new refuge digging in to the plush carpeting beneath him, clawing and scratching like a wild beast. His passion was like no other I had ever seen; more desperation than anything else. He growled and hissed as my cock stretched his tight ring and massaged the thin walls of his bowels.

Fuck me Master,” he snapped, “feed me and make the pain go away”. His panting growing louder, the pleasure overtaking his young body, I fucked into him with a force typically reserved for a grown man. He collapsed under the pressure of my assault and I never lost the rhythm as the entirety of my weight pressed against him. His tiny prick stabbed into the carpet below rubbing it raw with the friction but he didn’t care. It would require healing lotion later but for now the assault on his tender tool meant rescue from his greater pain. 

Is that it my love?” I panted into his upturned ear, “is the pain leaving your body my angel?”

Ungh…Ungh…Ye-yes M-master,” he sputtered between gasping for breath, “it’s all going away…please don’t stop until you make it all go…”

Aware of his suffering I reached beneath him wrapping both arms around his small and sweaty torso and heaved him up onto me. He screamed out as his back slapped against my chest and he impaled himself down onto my still raging cock. His skin was hot and wet, spattered with carpet lint and dirt particles, the once smooth surface of his flesh now a testament to my assault on his tender body. I kept up the rhythm still as I held him to me tightly. In and out, up and down, his grunts and groans spewing forth from his lips as his small form rose and fell upon my flesh. Again and again I invaded him, taking him, spoiling him so that the pain in his soul would find release-if only for now.

Sensing my approaching orgasm I lifted us both off the ground and without leaving his body I managed to spin him around to face me as I lowered him onto a large leather sofa. The cool leather sizzled as it made contact with his fiery skin and I knew I would not last another minute.

Look at me,” I ordered, his eyes already rolling back into his head, “LOOK AT ME SLAVE!” I barked grabbing his face in my hands.

Oh yes master,” his eyes shot back into focus, “is it time for you to breed me master?”

Yes slave,” I smiled, “It is time for you to accept my medicine and heal yourself.

 My head flew back as the tidal wave formed in my toes first and then forced its way up my legs, into my bowels, and out through my male sex. I exploded deep into the young boy’s insides and he sang out at the first sensing of my “medicine” filling him. I caught a glimpse of his own rigid prick jerking and spasming as the walls of his tunnel trembled with my own orgasm.  He clawed into the leather beside and beneath him as his body writhed below me. Such a violent hunger, I thought as I struggled to catch my own breath

Let it all in my angel,” I spoke now soothingly to my beloved boy, “let my medicine fill you up and take away all of your pain.”

Oh yes my master,” he cooed, “it’s all leaving me now…all of the poison is leaving my body.”

He melted into me as I lay there on the leather sofa, weakened and spent from our powerful session. His breathing now deep and slow he found sleep. I ran my fingers through his hair brushing away various pieces of lint and debris from the floor that had matted into his beautiful auburn locks. My eyes and then my hands trailed down his chest, first circling each of his tiny brown nipples before descending lower to rest upon his tender belly. He was not a fat child, no you wouldn’t say that at all, but he did carry a healthy supply of baby fat on his 10 year old frame. My exploring hand descended further still until I had taken his small cocklett in between my thumb and middle finger making sure only to squeeze and roll it around gently as he slept. This was a critical time in our treatment session. My angel would need his rest to recover from the massive assault on his senses and his body so that he would be well able to rejoin his current ‘handlers’ , as I called them, in just under an hour.  He wasn’t too raw down there from being ground into the carpet during our session but I would apply the salve nonetheless. I gently lifted his sleeping body off of mine and laid him down on the sofa. I didn’t bother dressing as I knew he liked to look over my naked form when he awoke. I retrieved the ointment from my desk and kneeled down next to him. A taste before the medicine perhaps?, I pondered, Oh yes, definitely a taste.

I took his small penis into my mouth and swirled my tongue around his reddened glans. His body twitched and he moaned in his sleep under the ministrations. I loved the taste of his cock-salty, sweet, and velvety smooth. There would be no sweet reward were I to continue, no he was far too young for that, but I would settle instead for the deep growls, shakes, and shutters that soon came as his dry climax rocked him. He awoke as he usually did as his body recovered from another, less traumatic, assault on his sexual senses. His smile and soft eyes told me that our treatment had taken hold and that the pain within him was gone again, for now at least.

Case History

Jonathan Michael Bailey had been brought to my attention by the local Department of Social Services as another foster child trauma case about two and a half months ago. He was on his sixth foster placement at that time and his explosive anger and violent acting out had reached dangerous levels for both his caregivers and the other children in the different homes, but also for himself as his regard for potential harm in situations had all but disappeared. In the first two weeks of treating him he was moved another three times.

I had been engaging young boys in my “special” treatments for many years now and had always found great success, but only with the right type of boy. Not a ‘looks’ thing mind you but these boys were all victims of intense trauma and loss and had fallen into patterns of severe aggression. My particular therapy style, one that I’m certain would turn the clinical community on its ear and create a global outcry, involved helping these boys to manifest their trauma and loss into a specific somatic symptom or set of symptoms that we could address in session through targeted sexually based treatment. For instance, Jonathan Michael Bailey had been the sole survivor in the massacre of his family. Jonathan’s parents ran a meth lab out of the family home and had fallen on hard times as many drug dealers due. They had stolen from a rival dealer and as a result they were all executed. Jonathan had been hiding in a closet and had not been seen however he was injured in the incident as his mother had backed up into the closet door as she pleaded for her life and while most of the shotgun spray was spent between the 12 inch hole bored out of her torso and the splintered closet door, a few stray pellets managed to tear through his right arm. The door had collapsed on top of him and poor Jonathan had to lay there in silent horror, in a pool of his own mother for two hours before he was located, still unable to make a sound, by police.

In Jonathan’s treatment, his trauma was focused cognitively into an unreachable “itching”, if you will, inside of his rectum that could only be stopped by the special medicine I would inject into him through our sex. You have to understand that his trauma was severe and the resulting nightmares and waking terror that he experienced prior to treatment was unbearable and resulted in his extreme aggression and violent behavior. For Jonathan, the ability to channel all of this into a set of physical symptoms that could be “treated” was more understandable and relatable as he was only 10 years old and abstract process oriented therapy did nothing for him. His mind didn’t understand associating feelings and processing the abstract… but he did understand putting a Band-Aid on a cut or the concrete concept of treating a broken leg. The need to receive the medicine through anal sex specifically resulted from two main motivators: 1. In order to be believable in his mind that the symptoms could be treated and more importantly that this was the only way his trauma could express itself in symptoms, his body needed to be elevated to a state of neural and tactile overload capable of creating intense mind-body fusion, and 2. Because I love to fuck young boy pussy.

Jonathan did not resist my suggested treatment at all when he first came to see me. His experiences with symptoms of nightmares, depression, anxiety, and rage were so intense that he was on the verge of taking his own life. My treatment took all of those symptoms and focused them all into a single somatic experience that while torturous, could be abated. In his case, the use of the Master-Slave role play was his idea as he was very interested in the Barbarian Tales and therefore it was more real to him. At first our sessions occurred twice a week, but over time we only needed to give him the specific “intense” treatment every other week. The other sessions were not wasted though…we dealt with feelings and emotions, adjustment issues and his goals for the future, much the same as you would see done in any typical therapeutic environment. Of course, I would be remiss in telling you his story if I failed to note that during those other sessions we would still engage in love making. Jonathan loved to suck my cock and I loved to explore his whole body. The main difference between the sessions was that the non-intense treatments were focus more on love making then on addressing the trauma. Jonathan loved to be held and to be made love to, even anally, through slow and passionate embrace.

Jonathan was of course an inexperienced lover, but through time and training he had been able to open himself up to all kinds of exploration. Unlike some of my other patients, Jonathan was not a fan of being put on film and therefore my sessions with him were taped via the hidden camera system employed in my office. Jonathan was however quite fond of performing and would often treat me to a very seductive strip tease and lap dance before insisting that I lay down with him. Jonathan’s favorite position called for me to spoon against him and slowly work my hard meat into his cunt. Jonathan had a knack for always getting his boy pussy wet with anticipation before I would even have to grab for lube. I would regale him with observations on his beauty and the way he made me feel as I long fucked his tender tunnel. Jonathan could never get enough of being told he was beautiful; truth be told he just needed to hear anything associated with his name that wasn’t hurtful or blaming. Lovemaking with this sweet boy was heavenly and I cherished our times together both passionate and animal. His little boy’s meat was nothing to write home about, a smallish 2 inches of cut cocklett that proudly stood out from his body at a 45◦ angle when it reached its full 3.5 inch state of arousal. No thicker than a man’s ring finger but still a proud specimen of boy-flesh nonetheless. He had a decent size sac which would one day play host to what I am sure would be a healthy set of balls but for now just concealed two small marbles. And there, just below his loose sac, at the end of a taut red wrinkle, lay the most perfect rosebud I had ever seen. Jonathan’s pussy was by far the most luscious boy-hole I had ever come across… and I had certainly seen my share. Always clean and always wet, his pink wrinkled opening beckoned you closer seducing you with its promise of cock suffocating tightness and stifling heat. To press your lips against his most secret place was to taste heaven. To be inside of Jonathan was to be one with him as there was no space in between. With every thrust the invading cock was treated to a rippled massage of spasming muscles. Sometimes, when I took him on his back, he would reach for my chest and claw at my flesh as I pounded into his young body. Inevitably he would pierce my skin and on more than one occasion we would pull away with two small handfuls of my chest hair.

While his session work was critical, Jonathan preferred the off times when we would simply hold each other and make love at a slow and passionate pace. He loved to get and to give sensual massage and he learned quickly how to use his hands to kneed my flesh and soothe my aching muscles. His preference was to lie on his back while I slowly massaged his chest and stomach. Lovingly and with great care I would caress the soft skin of his belly and then work the tougher flesh of his chest and arms. We would always end those times in a soft embrace, tongues massaging each other as our mouths remained closely locked. I loved running my fingers through his hair as we kissed and the feeling of his tongue vibrating in my mouth as he moaned.

In total my time with Jonathan lasted the better part of four years. I was able to see him into puberty and be the first to taste the salty sweetness of his first cum. By the time he was 13 he had been successfully adopted and I had been present at the hearing to finalize his placement with his new family. It was a beautiful time for him and I beamed with pride as I watched his dreams of a forever family come true.

For the final year of our session work I devoted our time to passing the torch to his new adoptive father. Jonathan had kept me abreast of their mutual seduction throughout the adoption process and I was pleased to be the one to bring them together finally in my office. Jonathan’s new father of course denied his advances on the child at first but was soon able to relax after watching me bed him right in front of his eyes. His brow drenched in sweat and his hands shaking as my long cock was swallowed whole by his son’s hungry throat. He lost all remaining resistance the second I entered him from behind. Jonathan’s father nearly fell out of his chair when my cock pierced his ring and plunged deep within him. He rose to his feet and tore of his pants and boxers allowing his short but thick cock to stab straight out into the free air. Jonathan wasted no time in engulfing his new father’s meat in his hot teenage mouth and in that moment their bond was sealed forever. My thrusts resulted in Jonathan stretching his mouth to its limits and taking his father in all the way ‘till his small nose disappeared into his father’s thick bush. His father grunted and shook as his body experienced pleasures long denied him. It was a sight of pure beauty and I reveled in the privilege of the moment. I had felt the boy from the inside for more than three years now but that day it was as if I was in unexplored land. The ridges of his tunnel were as new and every nerve ending in my man cock was on fire. I rose to my feet, Jonathan still impaled on my rod and met his father eye to eye. He was drunk with lust and seemed to subconsciously keep rhythm in his son’s throat. I reached out and took his hands in mine and together we pulled each other close with every thrust. Our bodies were as one in fluid motion with Jonathan’s serving as a sexual conduit between us. I could feel my orgasm building and by the intense twisting of his face I could tell my angel’s new father was experiencing the same fate. We screamed out in unison as our respective seed poured forth from our bodies and filled both mouth and ass. Jonathan cried out at the filling of his holes and his body answered with its own deep rooted climax. Now able to produce a proper climax the young teen’s cock spewed forth glob after luscious glob of boy butter onto the carpet beneath him. We all collapsed into a pile of heaving flesh on the floor and stayed that way for nearly an hour before rising.

Slowly over the remainder of the year I passed on the responsibility of Jonathan’s treatments onto his father. The two of them had developed a passionate routine of daily play which allowed Jonathan all the opportunity he needed to deal with his needs. Our last session together was spent in much the same way as the first time we had ever included his father. We plugged him at both ends for nearly an hour before three violent climaxes wasted us all.

Jonathan and I remained in close contact over the years and he actually returned to my practice many times to aid me in treating other patients. But that is for another time...


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