This story happened a couple of months ago. I recently discovered nifty and thought you might enjoy me sharing the story.

I am Matthew, an 11 year old Irish boy, and have been told I am very mature for my age. I have been wanking for as long as I can remember, but when I was nine I had my first ejaculation. I had no idea what was happening to me, I thought something was wrong with my weiner, and ran to my mum to show her that strange stuff that came out of my penis.

My mum was shocked, and I really thought something was seriously wrong with me, especially because she told me to clean up and wait until my dad got home. That usualy means I'm in trouble. But usualy she would tell me to go to my room, and she didn't do that this time.

By the time my dad got home, I was expecting to be grounded for ever. Or at least until I died, which I thought would be soon, what with my penis acting so strangly.

I was in my room anyway when my dad got home, awaiting the verdict. I was surprised when he came in my room with a big smile on his face. I was confused, but immediately knew I was in no trouble when he said: "Hi Tiger". When I am in trouble, he would have addressed me by my full name.

"I was just told you're becoming a man now," he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"The stuff coming out of your penis," he replied.

I was still confused.

"Does that mean there's nothing wrong with me?"

"Hell no," he said, "You're just a bit early."

"Early?" I asked.

My dad then explained to me what the stuff that came out of my penis was, and what it was used for. And he told young boys don't have sperm yet, and he got it when he was 13, and me getting it being 9 was very early but not bad at all.

I was relieved and wanked even more. Cleaning up afterwards was not necessary before, but I didn't mind, and sometimes even tasted it.

I soon was wanking everywhere, leaving my mark, like a tiger marks his territory. I loved wanking in places where you could get caught. I put holes in my pockets, so I could wank while sitting at my school bench.

I wanked on busses all the time, sometimes using the hole in my pocket, sometimes just pulling my cock out and enjoying the ride. I would go to the back seat and just wank away.

I was doing exactly that on an empty bus a couple of months ago, I even had my pants pulled down to my knees, when the bus suddenly stopped. There was no bus stop or traffic lights, and just as I was wondering why, I saw the bus driver coming up the stairs. I had enough time to pull up my pants, but my dick was still exposed and I only could cover it with my two hands before he asked me : "I've been watching you on the CCTV, so you are the guy putting graffiti on my bus?"

"I don't do graffiti," I told him

"I could see your hands moving, behing the couch, so what were you doing?" he asked me.

I didn't answer him.

"What you got behind your hands?" he asked.

When I didn't reply again, he suddenly pulled my hands away, exposing my hardon.

He told me he had to report me, I begged him not to, but he insisted, asked my name, and I gave him a fake name. Then he told me I was on CCTV and if I gave a fake name they would find out anyway. I insisted it was my real name, and he went back down.

He only drove for maybe 20 seconds before he stopped the bus and came up the stairs again.

"Listen," he said, "I will not report you if you can help me with my problem." While he said that, he was touching his groin. I didn't know what he meant and told him so, and he eplained that he got a hardon because of my 'behaviour' and I should suck him off.

Although I was scared of being reported, I refused. He then told me he would wank himself to get rid of his 'problem' but he would need to finish his round in time and in order to cum quickly, he should have my dick up his mouth. This seems like a good deal in order not to get reported, so I agreed. He pulled down his and my trousers, got down on his knees and sucked me while wanking himself. It was such a great and new feeling that I came within seconds. Coming in his mouth was very nice, but he kept on sucking me until he came, and my dick was very sensitive and that was not really nice.

He came a bit later, still sucking my cock, and the sensitivity had gone, he kept on sucking it until I came again.

This was so fucking great that I wondered why pedophiles were getting such a hard time. Any guy can suck my cock anytime!

I saw the same driver again several times, but we were never alone again on the bus. After some time he gave me his msn details instead of a ticket.

More about that later! :-)