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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 12 - Sturdy Fences Make Good Neighbors

 On Monday, I called around to several different places to check the zoning laws, building codes, and other relevant information.  I found out about the construction permits that were necessary, but I wanted to make sure we were in total compliance with all of the applicable rules, regulations, and laws.  I had a feeling the neighbor was going to complain about what we were doing, so I wanted to make sure that I'd covered all of the bases.  Once I was convinced we were good to go, we were finally ready to build our 'Great Wall' to keep the peace.

When Brad arrived home later, I told him the good news and then we set out to pick up my new car.  As soon as I received the required paperwork from the salesperson, I drove the car off the lot and followed Brad over to the Home Depot to place the order for the materials we needed for our project.  After Brad got the clerk to agree to have everything delivered on Thursday, we went to purchase a couple of items that we'd take home with us now.  We picked up a post hole digger and a can of white spray paint to mark where the posts would go, and then I followed Brad back to the house, since I didn't know my way around the area yet. 

When we pulled in the driveway, the kids raced out to see my new car, followed by their mother.  Since Reid wanted me to take him for a ride in it, I told Pam, Evan, and Ashley to hop in the back and I'd take them all for a short spin.  Brad opted to stay home so he could change, relax, and make sure dinner didn't burn, since Pam had left it cooking when she came outside. 

When we returned home twenty minutes later, I pulled into the driveway again, pleased that it was large enough to park three vehicles.  After we ate dinner together, Pam sent the kids off to finish their homework before getting ready for bed.  While they were doing that, I went to work on the story and kept at it until Reid showed up to sleep with me.  He took his shower upstairs this time, since I'd warned him that we wouldn't shower together or fool around when he had school the next day.  He wasn't happy about that, but I knew we didn't have enough time to do those things if he had homework to finish up first, and then still get a decent night's rest. 

Instead, we merely slid under the covers and cuddled together.  It almost sounded as if Reid was purring as I held him in my arms, so I knew he wasn't too upset.  I was happy to do this with him, seeing he claimed he slept better and had more energy when he woke up, but I enjoyed it too and thought I slept better as well. 

During the day on Tuesday, I spent the entire time working on the manuscript, but I stopped when the kids got home from school.  I spent some time with them first, but after Brad arrived home and he'd changed, we went outside to measure and mark were the main support posts would go.  We also had to make sure the fence was constructed entirely on Brad's property, so we connected a string to the markers the surveyor had placed in the ground on that side of the lot when he updated the survey before Brad closed on the property. 

We then took the can of white paint along and sprayed a circle on the grass to mark where the various posts would go, making sure they were four feet (1.2 m) apart.  Once again, we spotted the neighbor secretly watching what we were up to and ensuring we didn't accidentally wander into his yard.  When we finished doing that we went inside, because it was all we'd planned to do for the night. 

Reid showed up a short time later and wanted me to help him with something.  His science class was studying Newton's Three Laws of Motion and he wanted me to explain them to him so he could understand them.  He knew that I'd studied physics in college and felt I'd be the best person to assist him with this problem.  Happily, I agreed and worked with him until he felt confident that he understood the material. 

After thanking me for my help, he went upstairs to shower and get ready for bed, and then he returned to sleep with me again.  After we got in bed, he spooned back into me so I could wrap my arm around him, because he said he liked it when we slept that way.  He said it was better than when I was lying on my back with my arm around his shoulder and his head on my chest.  I certainly didn't have a problem doing this either, so that's how we cuddled together and fell asleep. 

Wednesday during the day, I figured I'd get a head start and went out to dig the holes for the various posts.  I grabbed the post hole digger and headed out to the backyard and quickly got started.  I had to dig down about two feet (0.6 m), so I took a tape measure along to verify that I had dug deep enough.  I'd already finished the first two holes and was working on the third when the neighbor came over to confront me. 

"Whacha doing?" he immediately wanted to know. 

"I'm working in OUR yard, not that it's any of your business," I snapped, since I saw no reason to be polite.  He certainly hadn't shown us any civility or consideration the other day. 

"Kinda touchy, aren't ya?" 

"No more than you were the other day when you were screaming at the children!"  He made a face and then turned and walked away, so I went back to finishing my task.  When I'd completed that task, I showered before the others arrived home, so we were now set to start the project once the materials were delivered. 

Reid came over to me as soon as he walked through the door.  "I'm glad you helped me with Newton's laws last night, because we had a surprise quiz about them today." 

"So how do you think you did?" 

"Pretty good.  The teacher asked ten questions about the laws and I think I got them all right." 

"Great!  I'm glad to hear that." 

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful until Reid came down to spend the night with me again.  He'd already showered and was in a really good mood, and after we got in bed he rolled over on top of me, planted his mouth over mine, and kissed me passionately. 

"What's this about?" I asked when he pulled away.  I was slightly confused, seeing he'd agreed we wouldn't do anything sexual on school nights. 

"It's just to thank you for helping me with my homework last night.  If you didn't do that, I might have flunked the quiz today."

"You're welcome, and thank you for that very special kiss."

He then spooned with me for the rest of the night and we both slept very peacefully. 

I spent Thursday morning working on my manuscript again, but in the afternoon I stopped when the truck arrived to deliver the materials for the fence.  The lumber was all pressure treated, since it was going to be exposed to the elements, but there were other items we'd ordered as well.  When it was all unloaded and stacked in the driveway, I went back inside and returned to my writing.  I did that until the others arrived home and then I spent some time with them. 

After dinner, Brad and I went outside and began working on the fence.  We carried out the 4x4 posts first, since we wanted to set as many of those into place as we could tonight.  Each one was eight feet (2.4 m) tall, so the first two feet (0.6 m) could be placed underground and the other six feet (1.8 m) would extend above the surface and be used to anchor the panels that would make up the fence. 

Once each post was in place, we filled the hole in with cement to support and stabilize it.  We were using Quikrete, since we knew that would set faster, and Brad went to get some odd pieces of lumber that we could use to support the post until the cement hardened.  As soon as we felt the first post was set, we moved over to the second hole and repeated the process. 

While we were working, the neighbor came charging in our direction.  "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he screamed, his face bright red and the veins in his neck bulging.

"We're putting up a fence to ensure our kids or their toys don't end up in your yard, seeing it upset you so much when it happened the other day," Brad responded. 

"You can't put up a fence.  That will ruin the view." 

"We certainly can, and we'll be putting up the fence because I don't want you around my children.  You not only scared them, but I was afraid you might hurt them as well, so this was the best solution to prevent further problems." 

"I won't allow you to do this!" 

"You don't have a choice, seeing it's on my property." 

"Then I'll call and report it.  I'll make sure it's torn down." 

"Good luck with that," I chimed in.  "I've checked all of the various laws and regulations regarding this to make sure everything was in order.  Then, I procured the necessary permits so it's all perfectly legal." 

"I'm not going to let you get away with this.  I'll tear it down myself if I have to." 

"If you try to do anything to it, I will call the police to have you arrested and charged with as many crimes as they can think of for the situation.  I'm sorry, but you started this the other day when you began screaming at my children like some kind of raving maniac."

"I'm not going to let you get away with this!" 

"You have no choice," I added.  "I made certain that we crossed our t's and dotted our i's, because I was afraid you might try to do something like this." 

"He seems to be the homeowner," he said, indicating Brad, "so who in the hell are you?"

"He's my brother-in-law and is living here too." 

"I don't care who he is.  I'm not going to take this lying down!"  He then stormed off and disappeared into his house, slamming the door behind him. 

We finished putting up the second post and installed the third one as well before the light began to fade.  We then called it a night and agreed to put up the rest of the posts the following evening before going inside for the night.   

When Reid came down to join me later, I had some bad news to break to him.  "You can stay in my room if you want, but you'd probably be better off sleeping in your own room tonight.  I won't be going to sleep, because I'm afraid the old guy next door will try to mess up what your dad and I just worked on." 

"So you're not going to sleep at all?" 

"Not until it's light outside.  I assume that if he plans on doing something, he'll do it in the dark when he doesn't think he'll be noticed.  This way I'll be able to prevent that from happening." 

"But what if he waits and does it tomorrow, after you finally go to sleep?"

"Once the sun is up, I'll set up my video camera to record everything that happens.  That way if he does something I'll have proof to show the cops."

"I guess, but it won't be the same not being able to sleep with you.  I hope I get enough rest now."

I realized he had said that to make me feel bad and was hoping I'd give in, but I had a feeling our neighbor was going to try something later.  For that reason, I planned on sitting outside and keeping my eyes open to see if I was correct.  I changed into some dark clothing to make it harder for anyone to spot me, sat down in one of the lawn chairs, and waited. 

I was facing the posts we'd erected earlier, and shortly after midnight I noticed the old man coming out of his house.  I watched as he started walking toward our handiwork, and that's when I decided to clear my throat to signal I was there, hoping to prevent anything from happening.  As soon as he realized he was being observed, he spun around, snorted in disgust, and entered his house again, slamming the door behind him.  I was pretty sure I'd just prevented him from vandalizing our project.

I might have dozed off from time to time during the night, but it would have been difficult to tell from any distance, unless I happened to snore.  My presence was enough to prevent anything else from happening, though, because as the sun started to rise in the east I could see everything appeared the same as we'd left it earlier. 

I set up my video camera before I jumped into bed, but I doubted he would try anything during the day.  First of all, he didn't know if it had been Brad or me who'd been outside when I caught him earlier, or if we might have even been taking turns guarding our handiwork.  Now, he'd see my car in the driveway and know I was home, possibly still watching the area, so I felt he wouldn't take the chance again. 

I didn't wake up until it was nearly time for the others to arrive home and quickly checked to make sure our handiwork was still untouched.  I also scanned the recording quickly to see if he'd even gone out there, and when I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, I took a quick shower before the others got home.  I'd certainly wasted most of Friday by doing this, but I felt it was well worth the effort. 

After dinner, Brad and I went outside to check the first three posts, and once we were convinced they were all in good shape, we took down the extra supports and prepared to install the others.  Reid came out and wanted to know if he could help, and since he didn't have school the following day, I told him he could paint the first three posts.  I then went to retrieve a couple of the cans of exterior white paint we had purchased that had primer mixed with it, along with the paint tray and roller to help him get started.  While he was doing that, Brad and I began to set up the other posts. 

By the time we went inside, Reid had finished his painting and Brad and I had finished putting up the remaining posts.  When I announced to Reid that I was going to sit up for a while again, he said he wanted to join me.  Since he didn't have school in the morning, I agreed to let him stay with me.  We merely went inside and slipped on something dark to make it harder to be spotted.

Once the sun was down, we took two of the lawn chairs and placed them near the first post, where we'd be able to see everything, thanks to the street light.  It was also a different spot from where I'd sat the previous night, so the neighbor wouldn't be looking for us there. 

"We can take turns sleeping, if you want," Reid suggested. 

"Yeah, that would be good, but just keep the noise down.  I don't want him to hear us and know we're out here.  If you happen to see him while I'm napping, I want you to wake me.  I don't want you trying to confront him."

Reid agreed and we sat in silence, while waiting to see if the neighbor tried anything tonight.  Reid dozed off first, leaning against me and resting his head on my shoulder.  I let him sleep until sometime between two and three in the morning before I woke him up.  I merely reminded him to wake me if he spotted anything, before I tried to get some rest too. 

As soon the sun came up and we saw signs that Brad and Pam were moving about in the house, we went inside and joined them.  They seemed surprised that we'd stayed up all night, since neither Reid nor I had mentioned that I'd done it the previous night too.  Now that he knew how worried I was, Brad offered to keep an eye on things for a while, so Reid and I thanked him before heading to my bedroom to get a little more shuteye. 

We awoke a couple of hours later and discovered that Brad had painted the remaining posts.  He was currently marking a stick that we could use to ensure that the joist hangers were all placed at the same height, and then we went out to install them on the first three poles.  When that was done, we asked Reid to start carrying out the 2x4 crossbeams, which were four feet (1.2 m) long, so we could see if they might need to be trimmed to fit into the joist holders.  Brad also marked them 1, 2, or 3, so he'd know if it was for the top, middle, or bottom support, and as soon as those were set, we carried them back to the driveway. 

We then made a template that could be used to cut out the triangular top of the 1x4 upright slats to make it a true picket fence.  I used a pencil to trace the template at the top of each slat, while Brad cut along those marks using a circular saw.  Reid would then take the slats from his father and stack them into piles, meaning we had a fairly efficient assembly line set up, so the process went quite quickly. 

As soon as the last one had been taken care of, we arranged the crossbeams on the driveway so we could assemble the first panel.  We utilized the same stick that we'd used to fasten the joist holders on the posts, to make sure they would line up.  The bottom of the first crossbeam would be about six inches (15 cm) off the ground, the middle crossbeam would be about three feet (91 cm) above that, and the top of the last one would be about six inches from the top of the fence.  As soon as that was taken care of, we laid out the slats to see if any of them would need to be trimmed.   Normally the slats would have been spaced about an inch (2.5 cm) apart, but we determined it would be best if we placed them closer together.  The only gaps in this fence would be between the end slats and post, due to the joist hangers. 

Once we were satisfied that everything looked good, we nailed the two slats on either end, and then we temporarily removed the remaining slats so we could carry the panel out to ensure it fit properly.  Once we were satisfied there were no problems, we carried it back to the driveway, added the remaining slats, nailed them in place, and prepared to have it painted.  Reid volunteered to do that job, so while he was busy with the paint roller, Brad and I got busy making the next panel. 

As soon as the various panels were painted, we left them out to dry.  There was nothing more we could do, because the paint on the remaining posts still had to dry as well, so we left the rest of the job until Sunday.  We then decided to go inside to clean up and do whatever we wanted for the rest of the day. 

As soon as we had all showered and changed, Brad made a suggestion.  "I feel bad that you stayed awake the past couple of nights so our neighbor wouldn't be able to sabotage our efforts, but I think I've come up with an idea so you won't have to do that again.  I've discovered that Home Deport carries several choices for home surveillance systems, and since I wanted to do that anyway, we're going to go over there and check them out. 

Since Reid wanted to join us, the three of us hopped into my car and headed over to Home Depot again.  I figured that doing the driving would be a good way to start learning my way around the area, as Brad gave me directions on how to get there.  Once I'd parked, we went inside and began to look around. 

After checking out several different systems, we decided to get one that came with eight cameras.  After purchasing it, we took the system home and decided where we were going to place the various non-blinking eyes.  The first one was placed on top of the first post, so it could monitor the entire fence.  The second was placed on the outside corner of my apartment, so it could observe the section of the fence running along the backyard.  We placed another so it could observe if anyone was trying to break into the exterior entrance to my apartment, while we placed another on the front corner of the house to keep track of anything happening on the section of the fence that was closest to the street. 

Once those were installed, we placed two others to monitor the front of the house, including the front door, and then we placed another to overlook the rear entrance into the main house.  The final camera was installed on the front corner of the house and focused on the mailbox.  Once those were all in place we felt safer, but we also knew that the neighbor wouldn't be able to try anything without getting caught.  

After dinner, we all kind of chilled out for the rest of the night, feeling confident that we'd averted any future problems.  None of us had happened to notice the neighbor at any point while we were putting the cameras in place, so we had no way of knowing if he was aware of what we'd done.  Hopefully it wouldn't matter and we'd never find out, unless he attempted something stupid. 

When we turned in later we didn't need to shower, since we'd done that earlier, so Reid wanted us to suck each other off.  Since he didn't have school the next day I agreed, much to his delight.  He seemed to really enjoy oral sex, and I was more than happy to accommodate him, so we quickly stripped out of our clothes and I was ready to go to work on him. 

Surprisingly, Reid stopped me, because he wanted to kiss for a while first and I was happy to oblige him.  After making out with him for several minutes, I moved on to his ears and neck, slowly driving him crazy in the process.  Then, I proceeded to his nipples so I could tease and nurse on the tiny nubs for a while, before I moved down his chest, heading toward his groin.  Once there, I attacked his scrotum, nipping and sucking at that area for a brief time, before moving up to his erect boyhood. 

Reid moaned as I licked the shaft, and he released a little yip when I lowered my head over his steely rod.  As I ran my lips and tongue up and down his erection, Reid began to moan and pant, showing he truly enjoyed my efforts.  His hips also began to bounce up and down on the mattress, as he instinctively pumped his turgid member back and forth in my mouth, reveling in the feelings coursing through his frame. 

After a hectic workout, his body tensed just before he released his tasty seed into my throat.  I relished every delightful spurt until he'd finished squirting, and then I sucked on him some more to retrieve the last of his sweet nectar.  As soon as he was totally drained, I let him enjoy his post orgasmic bliss. 

When he recovered, he thanked me and said he wanted to return the favor, so I didn't argue.  He quickly repeated the same steps I'd performed on him, although it took him considerably longer to achieve the same results.  I was surprised that he never gave up and continued to work on me with his mouth, since I'd thought he would have quit long before I reached orgasm.  He was a trooper, though, and stuck with it until he received his well earned reward. 

As I was recovering from that wonderful release, Reid began to speak.  "Did I do ok this time?  I didn't give up even when my jaw started to ache, so I hope you liked it." 

"You did great and you're improving all the time." 

"Thanks, I liked what you did to me too, but I wish you'd used your finger in my butt again." 

"Sorry, I forgot about doing that, but I'll make sure to do it the next time." 

"Good, cuz I really liked that too." 

I had no idea why it hadn't occurred to me, but somehow it had slipped my mind.  I wouldn't, however, forget to do it from now on, seeing he seemed to enjoy it so much. 

Now that we were both satisfied, we spooned together on the bed and before long I could hear the gentle rhythm of his breathing, which let me know he'd fallen asleep.  It didn't take very long before I'd joined him in the Land of Nod. 

As soon as we could on Sunday, we got up and prepared to finish up working on the fence.  First, we installed the two panels that we had built the previous day, and we were amazed that the process went so smoothly.  Before long both panels were in place and secure, so we got ready to return to the driveway to work on the next two panels.  Prior to that happening, however, the neighbor came charging out his house again and we could tell that there was smoke coming out of his ears.

"This is even worse and uglier than I first imagined," he shouted as he drew closer.  "I want you to take it down immediately."  

"That's not going to happen," Brad replied looking the man straight in the eye.  "It was your outburst that led me to put this up and I'm not taking it down as long as I'm worried about what you might do to my children." 

"I won't do anything to them, as long as they stay out of my yard." 

"The only way I can make sure that will happen is by putting up this fence.  Therefore you're stuck with it.  At least we installed it with the nicer side facing your property." 

"It's still an eyesore and spoils the view." 

"Maybe if you'd been nicer then this wouldn't have happened, but now you'll have to live with the results of your unyielding and unfriendly behavior." 

"I'll see to it that it comes down one way or another, even if I have to take you to court." 

"Good luck with that, because we checked out everything before we began this project and it's done completely by the book." 

"You won't get away with this," he added shaking his fist before walking away.  Once he was gone, the three of us got back to work. 

We followed the same procedure that we had used the previous day and were soon ready to see if the next panel would fit into place.  As soon as we were sure it didn't need to be trimmed, we took it back, added the remaining slats, and then we let Reid paint it while Brad and I started work on the next panel.  Before dinner was ready, we all completed constructing the last of the panels and began putting the first one's we'd built today into place.  The last couple we had to leave until after we'd eaten, but we finished it off before we went to bed, content that the fence was now up.  The only thing left to do was to paint the side of the fence facing our property and I'd do that during the week. 

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