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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 16 - The Calm After the Storm

When Brad and I were ready to set off for Home Depot again, both Reid and Evan wanted to go with us.  After Brad and I looked at each other, we nodded almost imperceptibly to let the other one know we thought it would be alright. 

"Ok, but behave or I'll make you wait in the Highlander," Brad confirmed.

After both boys agreed, we set out to pick up the items we'd need to repair the fence.  Evan and Reid followed us around as we retrieved the various items, and even helped us carry it all out to the Highlander after we'd gone through the checkout.  They also helped us unload it when we got to the house, so we thanked them as we carried the new post out to the backyard. 

Once we'd set it in the ground and propped it up with braces, Brad and I mixed the Quikrete and poured it around the base of the pole.  Then, we left it to harden. 

"Do you want me to paint the post?" Reid asked almost as soon as we'd finished. 

"You'll have to wait until tomorrow.  We want the cement to harden first," his father replied. 

"You can paint it in the morning, and hopefully it will be dry enough to add the joist hangers later," I added. 

"K, but what are we going to do now?"

"Oh, I'm sure we'll think of something." 

Evan didn't hesitate and went inside to watch his Saturday morning shows on TV, while Reid followed me to my apartment.  When we got there, I decided to ask him a question. 

"Did you find out anything more about the writing club?" 

"Yeah, it meets on Wednesday after school."

"Great, so what time do you want me to pick you up?"

"Uh, 4:00 in front of the school."

"Ok, I'll be there then, but what do you want to do now?" 

"Can we go for a walk?  Only us." 

"Sure, just give me a minute to let your mom and dad know what we're doing." 


After I told Brad and Pam, Reid and I left the house through the door in my apartment so his siblings wouldn't notice us leaving.  I let Reid decide where we were going and followed him as we left the neighborhood.  We were still in a residential area, just a different one than where we lived, so I decided to ask where he was taking us. 

"Do you have a specific destination in mind?" 

"Nah, I just like being alone with you." 

"So what made you come this way?" 

"I don't know.  I just wanted to get away from the house and everything that's been going on there."

"Do you mean with the fence?" 

"Yeah, that and other stuff." 

"What other stuff?"  He stopped, looked up at me, and then swallowed hard a couple of times before he answered. 

"I'm afraid Evan is gonna want to keep doin' stuff with you too and cuttin' into our time together." 

"I don't think it will get that bad.  He just finds me a novelty now and wants to make sure you're not getting more than he is."

"But he's already messin' with us showering together, and today he wanted to go with us to the Home Depot." 

"First of all, you agreed to the shower bit, so are you changing your mind now?" 

"No, cuz it gives me more time with you too." 

"And earlier today, he might have wanted to go to be with your dad, not me.  That's something most boys would want to do."

"Yeah, but he wanted to help when we pulled that thing out of the ground last night too." 

"Of course.  All boys like helping when you're demolishing or building something, so he's just doing what comes natural to him, kind of like what you were doing." 

"I was doing it so I could be with you." 

"I know, but what I'm talking about is what comes natural to you because you're gay and have a crush on me."  My comment caused Reid to blush. 

"Ok, maybe you're right about that, cuz it's why I want to spend time with you alone." 

"Just don't make a big deal out of what Evan does and I'm sure he'll soon tire of being with me so much.  Before long he'll start making friends on his own, once he has a chance to see who else lives in the area, and then he'll want to spend time with them, not me." 

"I hope that's what he does."

"Give him a chance, because we haven't lived here very long." 

"K.  I'll try." 

It was a lovely fall day, so Reid and I continued to talk as we strolled along, making the time pass by quickly.  Seeing we were preoccupied with our discussion, we ended up walking much farther than we'd first anticipated.  I didn't recognize our current location, but Reid assured me he was somewhat familiar with the area from riding the bus.  He then advised me that he was going to take a slightly different route to get home, one that he felt would be quicker.  Along the way, we were stopped by someone Reid knew. 

"Hey, is this your dad?" the boy asked. 

"No, this is my Uncle Quinn," he answered, although he didn't bother to introduce me to the boy. 

"Whatcha doing with him?" 

"He lives with us.  He's a writer and is making me a character in his new book, so we were just taking a walk so we could talk about it." 

"Oh, that sounds neat."   

"It is, and I can't wait for him to finish."

"Yeah, I bet.  Well, you seem busy and I should be getting home, so I'll see you around," he said before continuing on his way. 

"Who was that?" I asked once the boy disappeared.  I was surprised that neither of them had offered the information. 

"I don't know his name, but he goes to my school.  He's not in any of my classes, but I've seen him in the cafeteria, halls, and library before, and we usually nod at each other."

"He seemed pretty direct for not knowing you very well." 

"Yeah, some guys at school are like that." 

"So you don't think he came over to talk because he wanted to get to know you better?  Maybe even spend a little time with you?" 

"Nah, I think he was probably just being nosy."

"If you say so.  However, it appeared to me that he came up to you for a reason, but then decided not to interfere when you told him we were working on the story.  Do you ride the same bus?"

"Nope, it's just that our bus goes through here on the way to school, and sometimes the bus driver goes different ways through here to avoid traffic.  That's why I know how to get around." 

"I see." 

We finished our walk and wound up back at the house again, so
Reid was correct about knowing his way around.  Shortly after we got inside, Pam called everyone for lunch.  Seeing neither Evan nor Ashley asked where we'd gone, I assumed they hadn't realized we'd left the house for a while.  In fact, Ashley even came up with an idea about what we could do next. 

"Will you play kickball with us in the backyard after we're done eating?"

"We don't have the right kinda ball," Evan countered. 

"We can use the soccer ball instead," she responded.  "It will be fun.  Mom, Dad, and me will play against you, Reid, and Uncle Quinn." 

The boys seemed to like the idea and the team they'd be on, so they quickly agreed to her proposal, but it took Ashley a little longer to convince her parents to play.  When her mom and dad finally relented, Brad grabbed some old rags that we could use as bases and we went outside to play. 

I think most of us did our best to keep from kicking the ball toward the fence, but Evan didn't have the same amount of control that we did.  When one of his kicks went in that direction, the rest of us held our breath thinking it was going into the neighbor's yard.  Luckily, the ball hit the top of the fence and bounced back, landing in our yard instead. 

We ended up playing with the kids for over an hour, so we were all a little tired when we decided to call it quits.  The kids were all laughing and joking around as we walked back to the house. 

"That was fun," Evan observed. 

"Yeah, but I had to do most of the running, since you and Uncle Quinn were too slow gettin' to the ball after it was kicked," Reid retorted. 

"I got short legs," Evan countered, trying to rationalize. 

"And Uncle Quinn is getting old," Ashley teased, "just like Mom and Dad." 

"You'd better watch who your calling old, young lady, if you want any Christmas presents this year," her mother warned.  "It's only a couple of months away, so you'd better watch what you're saying about us." 

We all knew Pam's threats weren't serious, so the kids acted as if they hadn't heard her. 

"It was just for fun anyway, so we should do it again sometime," Reid suggested. 

"You mean you don't mind playing with us old geezers using our canes to get around?" I shot back, causing him to grin. 

"As long as you don't try tripping any of us with your canes," he replied as he raced toward the backdoor. 

After dinner, I went to see how the cement was doing and was amazed that it was setting more quickly than I expected.  I guess that's why they call it Quikrete.  Therefore, I was able to take down the temporary supports so Reid could paint it, which put us well ahead of schedule. 

Once Reid finished that task, it was time for me to bathe Evan.  However, since his parents had given him permission to shower with Reid and me instead, I told both boys to go to their rooms first and get something to put on afterward.  When they showed up at my apartment a few minutes later, I had them undress and then we all climbed into the shower. 

I washed Evan first, and then Reid, so now they were ready to wash me.  Evan had been working on my legs, while Reid was washing my upper body, when Evan suddenly grabbed my penis. 

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" I asked reflexively.

"You wash my wiener and Reid's wiener, so I was gonna wash your wiener." 

I glanced at Reid and he was doing his best to keep from laughing.  What I was hoping was that he'd give me an idea about whether he thought I should allow this, but he wasn't much help, so I made a quick determination. 

"Evan, it's one thing when an adult does it when helping someone younger get clean, but it's not something a child should be doing to the adult.  I'm afraid your parents might stop you from showering with us if they knew you were doing this." 

"That's not fair!  I like touching your big wiener."

"I know, but I think it's best you stop for now, before it causes any problems." 

He certainly wasn't happy, but he let go of my penis.  Although Reid had thought it funny at first, he appeared relieved when I made Evan stop, so it seemed as if I'd avoided a problem with him later as well. 

Once we finished, we dried off and got dressed again, before we went out to see what the others were doing.  Seeing it was Saturday night, the kids were allowed to stay up a little later than usual, so we went to see what was on TV.  We watched a couple of shows together, but there was nothing on that we all wanted to watch, so Pam eventually decided to send the kids to bed. 

"Can I sleep with you, Unka Quinn?" Evan asked when I said goodnight to him.  Pam looked at me totally flummoxed. 

"Maybe when you're on vacation," I offered, hoping that would suffice.  "Besides, I'm going to stay up for a while longer."  Pam smiled at me weakly.

"So I can't do it tonight?" 

"No, we'll wait until you're on vacation."

He wasn't happy, but he headed up to his room with his mother.  Reid also went up to his room until he thought Evan was asleep, because he didn't want his brother to figure out he was sleeping with me. 

When Pam came back downstairs, I was in watching a football game with Brad, so she waited until a commercial came on to speak with me.  "So Evan not only wants to shower with you and Reid, but now he wants to sleep with you too?" 

"I don't think he knows Reid sleeps with me, but his request surprised me as well.  I hadn't seen it coming."

"Don't make a big deal out of it," Brad chimed in.  "All kids like to sleep over at different places.  Seeing we don't live close to our parents and the kids aren't able to sleep over with them, I think Quinn became the next logical choice." 

"Maybe, but I still feel like I'm losing both my sons,"

"I'm just the current alternative to hanging out with Mom and Dad," I stated.  "Eventually, all kids get to that point, but it's just a temporary thing.  Once he gets tired of me, he'll want to spend time with you again." 

"But that could take years," she countered. 

"Don't worry.  I won't let that happen," I said to alleviate her concerns. 

A little while later, Reid returned and watched the game with us until it ended.  Then, he practically dragged me to the apartment.  As soon as he'd closed and locked the door, he attacked my lips and kissed me passionately. 

"I thought Evan was going to ruin it for us tonight," he said as soon as he pulled away. 

"He didn't know that.  He just wanted to try something different." 

"Like when he held your dick in the shower," Reid added before he burst out laughing. 

"Yes, that too." 

"So do you think he's gay too?"

"No, he's just curious.  All boys his age are curious about the differences and what will happen to their bodies when they get older, so I think he just wanted to see what it would be like to touch a larger penis."

"I thought it was funny, though.  But if you'd let us, then we can both wash you all over." 

"I'm not sure that would be such a good idea.  Your parents might object if they knew he was doing that, but you'd also be tempted to do more than just wash that part of me." 

"Yeah, maybe, but I don't think Mom and Dad would mind.  They know you're in the shower with us, so they know Evan sees us both naked." 

"Seeing and touching are two different things."

"Yeah, maybe, so can we do something now?" 

"Sure.  What did you have in mind?" 

"The same as you did last time." 

"So you want me to rim you again?" 

"What's that?"

"It's when I use my tongue on your butt hole." 

"So that's what rim means?" 

"Yes, rimming is when you do that." 

"Then I want you to rim me."

I slowly removed his clothing, and as I uncovered each area, I paid attention to it with my lips and tongue.  Reid was squirming and making all sorts of little noises while I did this, until we were lying in bed.  Then, I lifted his legs to do what he wanted. 

"I didn't think it would feel this good," he gasped in between pants.  "I don't know why, but I really like it when you play with my butt."  I suddenly wondered if this meant he was a natural born bottom. 

After I'd run my tongue all around that area, I penetrated his inner sanctum with my oral muscle.  This caused Reid to moan and squirm below me until I began moving up his perineum, as I made my way to his scrotum. 

"Put your finger in there now," he urged.  "Just slide it in and out until you start sucking me, and then you can rub my prostate." 

"Ok, and I'm glad you said it correctly this time." 

"I learn fast.  Did you forget I'm in the Advanced Classes?" 

"It looks like you're in the Advance Class in Sex Ed too."  My comment caused Reid to burst out laughing.  

"Yep, I guess I am."

When I finished nipping, tugging, and sucking on his scrotum, I worked my way up his steely rod and engulfed it with my mouth.  Since I already had my finger in his butt, I began to stroke his prostate next, which caused him to squirm, moan, and coo in appreciation.  It didn't take very long after that before his juices started to rise up his shaft and then exploded into my mouth.  As soon as he was completely drained, he returned the favor and did the same things to me, and then we cuddled together and fell asleep. 

After breakfast on Sunday morning, we went out to see if the post was dry yet.  The paint was still a little tacky, so we opted to wait until after lunch before we fastened the joist hangers and put the panel back in place. 

When we went inside again, Reid asked a favor.  "Will you pick me up from school on Friday?" 

"Why do you want me to do that?" 

"We're having a pep rally during the last period and then our Middle School football team has a game.  I thought I'd stay to watch them play with a group of my friends." 

"What time will the game end?"

"It starts at 4:00, so it will be over by 6:00." 

"Your parents will be home by then." 

"Yeah, so you can leave Evan and Ashley here when you pick me up." 

"Did you run this by your mom and dad first?" 

"Yeah, they said it would be alright for me to go if you agreed to pick me up afterward." 

"Ok, and I'm glad to see you doing something like that with boys your age." 

"Yeah, I figured you would." 

We then spent time with the kids for the rest of the morning, just talking and playing games with them, but after lunch Brad, Reid, and I went out to finish working on the fence.  After attaching the new joist holders, the three of us carried the panel and put it in place.  Once it was hung and the fence was complete again, we began speculating about a few things. 

"The old guy tried to cut this down and ended up doing more harm to himself than to the fence," Brad noted. 

"Is he still in jail?" Reid followed, as he looked between his father and me. 

"As far as we know.  I haven't seen any sign of him around here since he was arrested." I answered. 

"Then he did it for nothing," Reid observed. 

"He believed he was making a point, but he didn't fully consider the potential consequences," I explained.  "I feel sorry for him and hope he comes out of this without too many problems, legal or otherwise.  I also pray this serves as an example to you about looking before you leap." 

"Does that mean you want me to think things through before I do something?" 

"That's exactly what I mean."

The rest of the day went as it normally would, until it was time to turn in.  Seeing there was school the following day, Evan didn't shower with us, and Reid and I didn't do anything sexual.  He merely cuddled with me in bed, as content as a purring kitten.

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