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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 17 - Surprise! 

The following week went fairly uneventful.  The first thing out of the ordinary that happened was when I picked Reid up from school on Wednesday, after he'd stayed for the writing club.  Evan and Ashley were sitting in the back seat as we pulled up in front of school, and we all noticed that Reid was nowhere in sight. 

"Do you want me to go find him?" Ashley asked, since I didn't know my way around the school and she did. 

"No, let's give him a few more minutes.  Maybe the club ran longer than normal." 

We sat there for another ten minutes before Reid came running out the door.  After he'd climbed in the front seat and buckled in, he looked at me and spoke.

"Sorry.  I stayed to talk with a couple of other people who were there.  I was hoping I could find someone to work with, kinda like you did with Dad." 

"That's interesting, but just make sure it's someone who looks at things the same way you do.  You don't want to spend all your time arguing over ideas that you want to include, but it would also be best if he was working in a different medium, like your dad and I did." 

"Yeah, I know, but I'm kinda excited about doing this now." 

"I'm glad to hear that and you're getting an earlier start than your dad and I did." 

"Why?  When did you guys start?" 

"It wasn't until our freshman year in high school."

"Oh, so I'm a year ahead of you?" 

"At least when it comes to starting your writing."

After we arrived home, we got back to our normal routine again.  Now that the neighbor was no longer a problem, and seeing I was home all day alone, I got plenty of writing done.  I was surprised that Reid hadn't asked if I'd got any more done, but I guess rebuilding the fence, the writing club, and going to the football game had given him more than enough to think about.  That was good, though, because now I'd be able to surprise and impress him when he finally asked. 

I was amazed that Brad and Pam got home earlier than normal on Friday night, but they merely told me they'd asked to leave early because they were anxious to start the weekend.  I could relate to that, so I got ready to go get Reid at school. 

When I drove up to the front of the school, Reid was already waiting for me.  He hopped in the car and buckled up quickly, but he didn't say anything, so I decided to prod him. 

"So how was the game?" 

"It was good and our team won.  I'm just in a hurry to get home." 

"Do you have something planned?" 

"Nah, I just have to pee.  The school was locked already and I  didn't want to go back to use the toilet at the field." 

"Ok, I'll drive as fast as I can then." 

When we reached the house, I pulled into the driveway and parked, and Reid jumped out and raced to the house before I'd turned off the ignition.  I guess he really did have to pee. 

I took a more leisurely approach and took a casual stroll to the front door.  When I walked inside, I was startled. 

"Surprise!  Happy Birthday!" everyone yelled.  It was only Pam, Brad, Reid, Ashley, and Evan, but it sounded as if there were thirty or forty people greeting me. 

"What's going on?" I asked, standing like a deer caught in the headlights. 

"You didn't think we'd forget your birthday, did you?" Brad said as he came over to give me a hug.  "Happy Birthday, old buddy.  This year we can celebrate it on the actual day, and we don't have to travel to see you either." 

"Are we the first to wish you Happy Birthday?" Reid followed, as he hugged me too. 

"No, my mom and dad called earlier to do that.  They also said my gift was on the way." 

"Then this must be from them," Pam said as she held out a package.  "UPS delivered it shortly after you left to get Reid." 

"Wait, was Reid's staying for the football game just a scheme to get me out of the house?" 

"Nah, I wanted to see the game too, but it gave Mom and Dad time to get Evan and Ashley ready to go out for dinner." 

"Yes, we're taking you out to eat, so go change," Brad directed.  "The restaurant is casual, but I think your attire is even too casual for them."  I guess my shorts and tank top weren't good enough. 

"And you didn't have to pee?" I asked while looking at Reid. 

"Nah, I just wanted you to get here quick so we could go eat." 

"Ok, I'll go change then, but you don't need to do this." 

"Yes, we do," Pam insisted.  "It's the way we always celebrate your birthday, but I also don't feel like cooking, so hurry up." 

"Yes, ma'am," I answered, as I hurried off to my bedroom.  Reid followed me, because he wanted to talk while I was changing. 

"So, were you surprised?" 

"Yes, very surprised." 

"Good, because I thought you might have figured it out when I asked you to pick me up from school on your birthday." 

"No, it never even dawned on me.  I was just happy to see you doing something with kids your own age." 

"I do a lot with them, but I'd still rather be with you." 

"Well, now it's time to do something with your family," I said as I finished dressing and urged him to leave the apartment. 

We then loaded into the Highlander and took off.  "Where are we going?" I asked. 

"We know you like the Red Lobster, so we're going there," Brad replied. 

"But will the kids be able to find something to eat there?"

"Yes, they have several things the kids will enjoy, so don't worry," Pam answered.  "And don't be afraid to order the surf and turf either.  I think that's what Brad and I are going to have." 

"Me too," Reid quickly added. 

"What's that?" Ashley asked from the third seat.  

"It's a lobster tail and steak," her mother replied. 

"Lobster!  Sounds yucky," she responded. 

"NO, it's really good," Reid countered.  "If you want, I'll let you try some of mine." 

"I don't know," she answered, making a face.  I only noticed this because I had turned to look at her during the conversation. 

When we pulled into the parking lot a few minutes later, we quickly got out of the Highlander and headed inside.  We had to wait a few minutes until they had a table for six, but then we were led into the dining area, seated, and given menus. 

It didn't take very long before the four of us had decided on the New York Strip Steak and Rock Lobster tail, while Pam ordered Macaroni and Cheese and Chicken Finger meals for Evan and Ashley to split, so they'd both have some of each. 

I had to admit the meal was wonderful and we all enjoyed what we'd ordered, although Reid's eyes were way bigger than his belly.  Even though he gave Ashley some of his lobster tail to try, which she enjoyed after dipping it in the melted butter, he still had to ask for a doggy bag to take home what he wanted to save for later. 

I assumed we weren't ordering dessert because we were all full, but I found out my assumption was incorrect when we reached the house.  As we walked through the door, I thanked them for the wonderful evening and excellent dinner, while planning to slip into my apartment and relax.  Before I had a chance to get away, however, they made another announcement. 

"Hey, we're not done yet," Brad told me when I turned to leave.  "Pam picked up a cake for you on the way home.  Let's go out to the dining room so we can sing to him and he can blow out the candles before we each have a piece." 

"Ummm, can we skip the singing.  I'd rather not attract all the dogs in the neighborhood, because they could keep us awake all night." 

"Very funny, but you're not getting out of this," Brad replied, as he guided me toward the dining room. 

Once we were all standing around the table, Pam lit the candles on the cake first, and then Brad turned off the lights.  I thought we could have done just as well with fewer candles, but I blew them all out after they sang Happy Birthday to me.  Then, Pam cut the cake and gave everyone a piece, with mine being the largest. 

After I'd devoured my slice, they gave me several presents that I had to open next.  After I saw what they'd given me, I thanked them for the wonderful evening and the thoughtful presents.  I was now ready to go to my apartment, and seeing we were done, Pam tried to rush Evan and Ashley upstairs to bed, but Evan balked. 

"I'm 'posed to shower with Unka Quinn." 

"Why don't you give him a break tonight, seeing it's his birthday?"  Instead, Evan looked at me and pleaded. 

"Pweeze, Unka Quinn." 

"Sure, I'm gonna shower before bed anyway, so he can shower with me if he wants." 

"If it's ok with you," she said as she took Ashley up for her bath. 

I also sent the boys upstairs to get something to wear after their shower, since they weren't comfortable going back to their room with only a towel wrapped around them.  When they returned, I led them to my apartment.

"Thanks for lettin' me do this," Evan said as we went inside. 

"You're welcome, little buddy.  I know how you like to shower with us, so I didn't want you to lose out."

"I'm glad." 

We then began to strip and Reid went to start the water before Evan and I got there.  As soon as we arrived, we all stepped into the shower together and I began to wash the two boys, doing Evan first. 

"I like takin' a shower with you and Reid." 

"Cuz you like seein' us naked," Reid countered. 

"Yeah, but I like it cuz it's fun too." 

"I'm just glad you enjoy doing this," I assured him. 

As soon as I'd washed both of them, they began to wash me too.  Evan was much better about not grabbing my penis this time, but he washed all around it and his hands got as close as he dared.  Then, he looked up at me and grinned, but neither of us said anything. 

When they finished working on me, I turned off the water and dried both of them off.  "How come you dry Reid too?  He's big and can do it himself," Evan pointed out. 

"You could dry yourself too, but I dry you off, don't I?  I do it for Reid because he likes having me do it as much as you do." 

"Ok.  I guess it's alright then."

"I'm glad you agree." 

Once they both got dressed, they headed up to their rooms, although I knew Reid wouldn't be staying there for very long.  When he came back, he was carrying the clothes he was going to wear the next day. 

"I wish I could just stay down here after my shower.  It seems silly going back to my room every night after we finish." 

"I agree, but if Evan knew you're staying with me every night, then he might want to stay here with us too.  He's already said he wants to do sleep with me." 

"Yeah, ok, but it still seems silly that I have to do this." 

"I know, but bear with me on this.  We can't let Evan or Ashley know what you've been doing, or your parents might not want you staying with me every night." 

"K, cuz I don't want that to happen, but now it's time for some fun." 

Reid then turned around and locked the door leading to the main house before pushing me toward the bedroom.  Once we were there, he set down his clothes and then began kissing me more aggressively than usual.  Our tongues dueled for the next few minutes, as his hands held my head to make sure I didn't pull away, because he wanted to control how long we did this.  When he finally ended the kiss and released my head, he began to remove the clothes I'd put on after our shower. 

"I know I wished you Happy Birthday when I was with everyone else, but now I wanna give you my gift.  I'm gonna show you how much I love you and make you feel really good, because then you'll always want to do this with me."

I started to speak, but Reid placed his fingers against my lips.  "No, don't say anything and just let me do this.  This will be my present to you, because I want to do more than just tell you how much I love you and appreciate everything you do for me, I want you to feel it too."

Since he didn't want me to say anything, I remained quiet.  After he finished his little rant, he removed my boxers and left me totally naked, and then he pushed me backward until I fell on the bed.  Even though my legs were hanging off the mattress, from my knees on down, it didn't stop Reid from jumping on the bed next to me and attacking my mouth again. 

As he kissed me, he also straddled my body, but he hadn't bothered to remove his own clothes.  This puzzled me slightly, but since he was kissing my lips, as well as the rest of my face, I simply enjoyed the attention.  Eventually, he moved down and kissed my neck, before he slid even lower and attacked my breasts.  He was acting like a human vacuum cleaner as his lips surrounded my nipple and he began to suckle like a newborn baby getting its first meal from its mother's teat.  He only stopped long enough to flip his tongue against the tiny nub, and then he went back to sucking on my breast. 

He eventually moved over to the other side and repeated the same process, and then he kissed his way down my chest until he reached my navel.  He played a little game at that point, because he wanted to see if he could make me squirm and giggle, like I usually did to him, but he didn't get the type of reaction he was looking for.  It didn't seem to bother him, though, but after he finished doing that, he asked me to move up on the bed, so my head was on the pillow. 

As soon as I'd repositioned myself, Reid scrambled between my legs, make me believe he was going to attack my piece de resistance, but he surprised me yet again.  Instead of zeroing in on my scrotum or penis, he placed his hands under my knees and tried to lift my legs.  It was easy to tell what he was trying to accomplish, so I did it for him.  Once my legs were pulled to my chest, Reid dropped down and placed his head at my backdoor. 

Without any hesitation this time, he flicked out his tongue and ran it all around my puckered entrance.  I was surprised that he had taken to this as well as he had, because it was generally something that takes time to adapt to, but Reid was going at it like a man possessed.  After a minute or two or focusing entirely upon the exterior, I felt his tongue pushing at the sphincter and trying to gain entry.  I immediately relaxed to make it easier for him, and before long he'd penetrated the resilient ring.  Then, he used his tongue and flicked it back and forth, as he aggressively continued his efforts. 

When he finally felt satisfied, Reid lifted up and began to attack my scrotum next, as he nipped, tugged, and sucked on the sensitive sac and watery orbs contained within.  He did that for a couple of minutes before he moved up to my penis, which was already firm and leaking profusely.  After running his tongue up and down its length, as he lapped up all the seminal fluids, he zeroed in on the bulbous head.  After toying with the helmet for a few exquisite moments, he opened his mouth, swallowed the top half of my penis, and began to bob up and down on it. 

He must have wet his finger before his mouth totally engulfed my penis, because he was now pressing it against the guardian and trying to gain entrance.  I relaxed and made it easier for him, and after his finger slipped inside, he frantically began searching for my walnut sized button.  Once he located it, he began to massage it with the tip of his finger, moving me closer to my release.  The dual stimulation of his lips and finger moved me closer to my orgasm much faster than normally would have been the case, so before long I was erupting into his mouth. 

Reid drank down my offering as quickly as he could, although some of it still escaped from his lips and fell back onto my groin.  He never stopped or slowed down, though, as he gamely did his best to swallow the entire load.  When I'd finished shooting, Reid lifted his head and smiled at me, as droplets of cum dripped down his chin.  I motioned for him to move closer, which he did, and then I used my finger to wipe up the excess so I could offer it to him.  Without a second thought, he swallowed my finger just like he'd done with my penis, and licked away the remnants.  Then he grinned at me again and spoke. 

"Did you enjoy that?"

"Totally.  You drained me completely and did a wonderful job."

"I'm glad you liked it, because I wanted it to be the best present I could ever give you." 

"It certainly was, and now it's my chance to return the favor." 

"No!  This was for your birthday, not mine.  Tonight is all about you, not me." 

"But I know you and you need to get off too.  Besides, I'll enjoy doing this nearly as much as I just enjoyed what you did to me, so it will be like you're giving me a second present, because I really want to do this."  Reid had to think about this for a minute before he responded. 

"So you want to do this because you want to, and not cuz you think you have to?" 


"I guess I can't say 'no' then, if it's your birthday wish, so ok." 

Now that he agreed, I pulled him to me and gave him a big hug.  Then, I kissed him as aggressively as he'd done to me.  Reid immediately got into this again and wrapped his arms around my neck, as he gave me a hug at the same time.  Before long, I slowly began to remove the clothes he'd put on to return to his room, and then I began to kiss him again. 

Eventually, I kissed my way across his cheek until I reached his ear, so I could pay attention to it as well, since I knew he enjoyed it.  After doing that for a couple of minutes, I moved down to his neck and nibbled, kissed, and sucked on it for a brief time as I slowly moved across to his other ear.  I then paid the same amount of attention to the other side, before lowering my head down to his chest so I could begin working on his nipples.  I flicked my tongue at the tiny nub and toyed with it for a while, and then I lowered my face and nursed on it for a brief time before I moved over to do the same thing with the other one.  I had Reid squirming and panting below me as I did this and the wonderful sensations coursed through his frame. 

After I finished working on his nipples, I kissed my way down his chest until I reached his belly button.  I then used my tongue to lick around that tiny depression before flicking it inside, causing Reid to squirm and giggle.  He is so sensitive when it comes to that area of his body that I never pass up a chance to hear him laugh as I flick my tongue in and out of his navel. 

When I felt that I'd tortured him enough, I got up, moved between his legs, and lifted them into the air, exposing his pucker.  Since Reid knew what was coming next, he was already wiggling in anticipation as I lowered my face and stuck out my tongue.  I heard him release a big 'ahhh' when my tongue came into contact with his flesh, and then he began to moan as I ran it all around the exterior of the opening. 

Thinking that I had done that for long enough, I pushed my oral muscle against the ring and added a little more pressure to gain entry.  Reid relaxed more quickly this time, since he knew what was coming, and I was able to penetrate him more easily.  Reid then began thrusting his butt in my direction, as his way of urging me to continue, but he was also moaning and purring in appreciation.  I did this for a couple more minutes, and then I moved upward until I reached his scrotum. 

I toyed with that area for a few minutes, gently nipping and tugging at the fleshy sac, while also tenderly sucking on the sensitive nuggets inside.  Reid was cooing and panting as I attacked this area, but then he began to moan as I licked my way up his penis, until I eventually lowered my mouth over the glans.  I actually heard Reid gasp as my lips closed around his shaft and my head began to raise and lower over his boyhood.  At the same time, I slid my finger into his anal opening, as I searched out the leathery button that brought him so much pleasure. 

As I began the dual stimulation, Reid's hips began to bounce up and down on the bed, as the instincts ingrained in his genetic code took over.  This continued for a couple of minutes of pure ecstasy for him, until the inevitable moment of reckoning arrived.  At that time his body stiffened, I heard him grunt 'unh, unh, unh', and then he rammed his penis as far into my throat as he could, before he released his sweet, creamy nectar from the gods.  I sucked on him until I'd drained every drop of his precious offering, and then I released his penis and let it fall, with a 'plop', on his abdomen. 

Reid lay spent and motionless for a brief time, but then he sat up abruptly and wrapped his arms around my neck.  "You always make me feel so special and so incredibly good.  Thank you for doing that, even though it was your birthday." 

"You're welcome, but I enjoyed doing it to you as much as you enjoyed having it done to you, so it was like getting another present." 

Reid hugged me again and then we agreed we were ready to go to sleep.  We freshened up quickly first and prepared for bed, before we spooned together, with my arm draped over his side in an embrace that I would continue until we awoke the next morning.  What a lovely birthday it had been.

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