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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 20 - Thanksgiving Weekend

On the day after Thanksgiving, no one wanted to go out and fight the massive crowds trying to save a buck on Black Friday, so we stayed home instead.  We spent the morning decorating the house for Christmas, starting with Brad and me assembling their elaborate and very realistic artificial tree.  They originally bought it because Evan and Ashley had experienced allergic reactions to having a real tree in the house, but this actually worked out better for everyone.  Now, they were able to put it up earlier, didn't have to water it, and there was less of a mess when taking it down.  Once it was up, Pam, Ashley, and Evan decorated the tree, as well as setting up the other decorations inside, while Brad, Reid, and I worked on the exterior of the house. 

First, Brad and I took turns climbing the ladder to hang the Christmas lights around the eaves, while the other untangled the next strand and Reid steadied the ladder.  At noon Pam called us in for lunch, and I was surprised when we didn't have leftovers.  She was saving those for dinner. 

After we finished eating, the three of us went outside again to finish up with the lights and to set up the other decorations, which included a lighted Nativity and an inflatable Santa and snowman.  While we were doing that, Pam and the little ones finished up indoors.  We were all done with everything by 4:00, so we spent the rest of the day with the kids. 

We started off with another kickball game, and while we were playing I noticed that the old guy still wasn't around.  This made me wonder how his wife was handling being alone, and then I had another thought.  I wasn't sure if they had any children or if there might be other relatives living close by, but I hoped she had someplace to go for the holiday and hadn't spent it alone. 

After the kickball game, we went inside and washed up for dinner.  It didn't take long to prepare it, since we were having leftovers, and then after we finished eating, we agreed to watch a movie next.  After checking the listings, it turned out we had a choice.  One channel was playing Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory with Gene Wilder, while another was showing Home Alone.  After talking it over with the kids, they wanted to watch Home Alone, so that's what we did.  We sat through two hours of watching Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) outsmart two burglars (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern).  We all had a few good laughs before it ended, even though we'd seen it before, and then it was time for the kids to get ready for bed. 

Of course, Evan wanted to shower with us again, and we had no problems with that.  However, when he asked if he could sleep with me too, I told him to run upstairs and get his cloths while I thought about it.  As soon as he left, I turned to Reid next. 

"I was going to tell him 'no', but I wanted to see what you thought first, since I'm pretty sure what you have in mind for later."

"Yeah, I don't want to be mean to him, but I usually only get to do stuff with you on the weekend, so it would be better if he sleeps in his own room." 

"I know, so I'll just tell him not tonight.  I'll explain that I want to write before I go to sleep and I'll probably be up for a couple more hours, so he wouldn't actually be sleeping with me for very long.  Besides, I promised your parents that I'd watch Evan and Ashley tomorrow so they could do some shopping alone, so he'll be spending time with me then." 

"Yeah, that should work." 

"But it also means that you'll have to go to your room after we shower and wait until he falls asleep before you return." 

"I know, but then we'll still be able to do something.  Won't we?"  I merely nodded in agreement.

Evan was coming downstairs at that moment, so Reid decided that he would merely put on the same clothes after we showered and then change up in his room afterward.  This way it wouldn't hold his brother up and we wouldn't have to hear him complain again.  That's why Reid rushed into my apartment and started to get undressed before Evan got all the way there. 

When Evan finally reached me, I led him inside and shut the door, and when we reached the bedroom we began to strip.  Reid had already gone ahead to turn on the water, so we joined him just as soon as we were done. 

"So can I sleep with you tonight again, Unka Quinn?"

"First, I want to work with you on saying my name correctly.  Let's break the word down into parts.  Say 'un'."  I then made him repeat it a few times.  "Now say 'cul'."  I made him repeat this even more times than he'd done with 'un'.  "Now put those two parts together."

It took a few times before he was able to do it smoothly, because he hesitated between the two syllables on his initial attempts.  After continuing to practice, he finally seemed to have it down.  "Now just remember to say it that way from now on." 

By the time he was saying it correctly, I'd finished washing him and Reid, so now they took their turn washing me.  While they were doing that, I told Evan my decision and the reason for it.  He obviously wasn't happy, but he asked me to do something instead. 

"Will you come with me to my room and tuck me in then?" 

"Sure thing, little buddy.  I'd be happy to do that for you.  I would have let you sleep with me, but it's just that I haven't had much chance to write while you've all been home from school.  I've been spending all my time with the three of you, rather than getting any writing done." 

"I know, so when can I sleep with you?"

"I'm not sure, but we'll figure something out.  It may come down to you having to choose between whether you want me to do things with you during the day, or if you'd prefer to sleep with me at night."

"I want to do things with you during the day.  That's more fun." 

"Ok, so I'll find another time when you can sleep with me again.  Over Christmas break for sure." 

"K, I'll wait then." 

By this time they'd finished washing me too, even though Evan had kept stopping to talk to me, so I turned off the water, dried all of us off, and helped Evan put on his pajamas.  Then, I walked him upstairs and tucked him in. 

Reid had walked upstairs with us, but once he saw that Evan was busy with me, he snuck back down to my apartment.  When I got to my bedroom, he was naked again and laying on the mattress. 

"K, get undressed and lets get started," he barked out after I'd walked through the bedroom door. 

I told you he could be quite aggressive, but this time I bit my tongue and didn't reflexively respond 'yes, sir', since I knew how much it bugged him.  Instead, I simply did as he asked. 

I repeated all the steps that I'd performed on him Thanksgiving night, and then he did the same to me.  He was just as excited and pleased with it as he had been the previous evening, and then we cuddled together, ready to sleep. 

"I wish we could do this forever," he whispered as he was getting comfortable. 

"Who knows?  Maybe we can," I responded, causing Reid to roll over and face me again. 

"I hope we can," he concurred as he kissed me one more time. 

"We'll do our best then."

After hearing my reply, Reid rolled back to his original position and spooned into me again.  I then placed my arm over his side, gave him one final squeeze, and kissed him on the cheek. 

"Sweet dreams, my darling boy."  I know I had sweet dreams that night, so I hoped he did too.

After consuming a fairly big breakfast with everyone the following morning, Brad and Pam said goodbye to the rest of us and took off to do some Christmas shopping.  None of the kids seemed bothered that they weren't able to go with them, since they knew their parents would be buying things for them.  While they were gone, I asked the kids what they wanted to do next. 

"Let's watch a DVD," Evan suggested. 

"Nah, let's play kickball instead," Ashley offered. 

"It was tough enough with three people on a team, but it would be even harder with only two on each side, but I guess we could try," I pointed out. 

"Let's go for a walk instead," Reid proposed. 

"I'll tell you what, since you're parents will be gone for a long time, why don't we do all three.  Seeing that kickball will be the most difficult, we'll do that last, and if we take a walk first, then we can watch a DVD after we get back to give us a chance to rest up.  How does that sound?" 

"Yeah, let's do that then," they all agreed. 

I let Reid lead us again when we started out on our walk, but this time he took us in the opposite direction from our previous walk.  We hadn't gone very far when we heard a child's voice. 

"Evan!" it screamed, causing all of us to stop, turn, and look in that direction. 

"Eric?" Evan asked, slightly uncertain.  "Do you live here?"

"Yep.  Where do you live?" 

"Just back there," he answered, pointing in the direction we'd just come.

"Is it very far?" 


"Actually, it's just a couple of blocks from here," I added to clarify things. 

"Really.  Then maybe we can start playing together," Eric suggested. 

"Yeah, I'd like that." 

At that moment Eric's mom came out of the house to see who her son was talking too.  "Eric, do you know those people?" 

"Yes, Mom.  This is Evan.  He's in my class."  Satisfied she came over to speak with us. 

"Oh, it's so nice to meet you," she said as she was walking up to us.  "I'm Eric's mother, Amada VanPatten." 

I then introduced myself and the other kids.  We quickly got acquainted and I offered to exchange phone numbers with her, so we pulled out our phones and entered the information.  Then, I told her our address. 

"It's so nice to meet all of you, and I'm sure we can arrange something so the boys can play together from time to time." 

"I'm sure they'd both like that," I said, since both boys had huge smiles on their faces and were shifting their weight from leg to leg, dancing in place from excitement. 

After we said goodbye to them, we continued our walk.  A few minutes later I made eye contact with Reid and winked at him.  I hoped he understood that it was to confirm my earlier statement about Evan making a friend who lived nearby and then spending time with him, so he wouldn't be as interested in spending time with us. 

"I wish I could find someone I knew around here, so I'd have a girl to play with," Ashley whined, knowing Evan might have someone to do things with now.  It also let us know that she might be tired of constantly being surrounded by males. 

"You still might," I told her encouragingly.  "They just might not have been outside when we walked past today, but it doesn't mean there aren't any girls around."  That comment produced a weak smile from her, as she considered the possibility. 

We finished our walk, and as soon as we got back to the house, the kids quickly chose the DVD they wanted to watch next.  It was Madagascar.  Reid wasn't exactly thrilled by the choice, but he agreed to watch it too, although only after I'd promised Evan and Ashley that I'd watch it with them.  Therefore, we all plopped down on the sofa together and started the movie. 

I hadn't seen this film before and quickly discovered it was not only cute, but it was also quite entertaining.  I believe we all enjoyed it, although I think Reid found leaning against me the entire time was the best part of the experience. 

After having a quick bite to eat, we went out to the backyard to play kickball next.  To make the teams fair, Evan was with me, with Ashley and Reid on the other side.  This turned out to be something else that Reid wasn't happy about, but he sucked it up and played hard.  In fact, I think his sole goal was to make sure he beat me, which they did. 

After we went back inside, I was mildly surprised that Brad and Pam hadn't arrived home yet.  Either they were totally engrossed in the shopping, going at a snails pace because of the crowds, or just taking their time to make sure they got the perfect presents at the best prices. 

At this point, I told the kids they were on their own, and I went out to start working on dinner.  I figured Pam would be exhausted after walking around and shopping all day, so I'd take this burden from her.  Just after I began, Reid came out to see if he could help, primarily because he wanted to be with me. 

"You might have been right about Evan.  I hope he and Eric spend lots of time together so he'll quit bugging us."

"That's a definite possibility." 

We continued chatting and I assigned him fairly easy tasks to perform so he could assist me.  We were still busy doing that when Brad and Pam returned home.  Amazingly, they weren't carrying any packages when they entered. 

"Didn't you buy anything?" the kids demanded. 

"Yes, but we're going to leave everything in the Highlander until you're all in bed and asleep," Brad answered.  "We didn't want you to see where we hide things, because that way you won't be as tempted to snoop around."  

"Quinn, do I smell something cooking?" Pam asked next, switching subjects. 

"Yes, I've got dinner going, because I didn't think you'd want to cook after shopping all day." 

"How sweet and thoughtful of you.  Did Reid help?" 

"Yep, I did," he responded proudly. 

"Yes, he's getting to be very capable in the kitchen.  He even helped me fix lunch for everyone." 

"Then maybe he did get those genes," Pam joked.  However, everyone else looked a bit confused, but neither of us offered an explanation about her comment. 

"Why don't you two go sit down and relax for a while, and I'll call you when dinner's ready," I suggested to distract the others from thinking about Pam's previous statement. 

"That sounds like an excellent idea," Brad concurred.  "I'm not fond of spending my day shopping, so I'll fix myself a stiff drink and take it easy until we eat.  Can I fix you a drink too, Quinn?"

"Sure, but not too strong.  I'll enjoy it while I'm finishing up in here." 

"Mommy, I saw one of my friends today!" Evan offered next.  "He doesn't live very far from here." 

"That's nice, honey," she replied and then looked up at me after saying this.  Figuring out what she wanted, I gave her the details about meeting Eric and his mother.  "Maybe we can arrange for you boys to get together sometime then." 

"Yay!  Maybe he can stay over with me too!" 

"We'll talk about that later, because I'd like to meet him first."  That seemed to be enough to satisfy Evan, so the kids went on to tell her about the other things we'd done while they were gone. 

After dinner, we spent the rest of the night with the kids, watching holiday programs on TV.  When it was time for them to get ready for bed, Evan showered with us again, and during the shower he had plenty to say. 

"If Eric stays over with me, can we shower with you, Uncle Quinn?" 

"First of all, I want to congratulate for saying my name correctly this time.  Now, as far as Eric goes, that wouldn't be a good idea.  I'd imagine his parents would become very upset if they found out he was showering with an adult man they'd just met." 

"K, but I want to take a bath with him, so would you wash us?  I don't think he'd want my mommy to see him with nothin' on.  I wouldn't want his mommy to give me a bath." 

"I might be able to do that, but let's wait until his parents agree to let him stay over first." 


Evan must have still been thinking about Eric when we finished up, because he never asked to sleep with me that night.  Instead, after I'd dried us off and helped him put on his pajamas, I walked Evan up to his room and tucked him in.  His mother was just coming over to do the same thing as I was leaving, so she thanked me and went inside to say goodnight to her son. 

After spending some time with Reid, I asked him to wait in my apartment while I went to talk something over with his parents.  He did as I asked, so I went out and got a conversation started with Brad and Pam. 

"Would you mind if I took all three kids out shopping tomorrow.  I want them to walk with me through a bunch of different stores so I can see what types of things catch their attention.  I'm not going to buy anything right then, but it will give me an idea about the items they might enjoy." 

"We don't have a problem with you doing that, but we'd let you look at their Christmas lists if you want, because that would be a lot easier," Brad reasoned. 

"I know, but I don't want to choose something you might wish to get them.  As soon as I make up my list using the ideas I get from them, then I'll look at their Christmas lists to see if those items are there too.  If they are, I'll ask if you two bought that item already or if you're planning to get it for them.  That way, I'll whittle down my list too." 

"That's fine with us," Pam added.  "If they're with you, then I'll be able to get a lot more done around the house, so you definitely have my approval." 

Now that this had been cleared up, I said goodnight to them and went back to join Reid.  He was already naked and waiting for me, impatient to get started.  I didn't have a problem doing what he wanted, and we were soon going through the same motions that we had performed on each other the previous evening.  It proved to be just as rewarding and satisfying too, so we were both very content as we cuddled together in bed and fell asleep. 

The following morning after we ate breakfast with the family, I loaded the kids into my car and headed toward he mall.  "Are you gonna buy stuff for us?" 

"Not today, but I wanted to walk around and get some ideas for later.  I don't want you kids with me when I buy things for you, so I'll do that one day while you're in school."

"So why did you want us to come with you?" 

"I thought you could help give me ideas for what I might buy your mom and dad.  If you see something they might like, then point it out to me."

"Ok," they chorused back. 

For the next couple of hours, I led them through several stores and took them through nearly every department, including the boys and girls departments, as well as toys.  I think they got the message about what I was actually up to, because I soon began to hear comments such as "I like this," "I wouldn't mind having that," or "This is really neat!" 

We were just walking out of another store when an older teen moved in front of us, looked between Reid and me, and then spoke.  "Hey, I know you guys.  I saw you in the car at the stop sign."

"Yes, you did," I quickly responded, not giving him time to say more, "but you misinterpreted what you saw that day.  He's my nephew and was merely tired after the football game, so he was leaning against me out of exhaustion." 

"Yeah, right," the boys scoffed.

"He is our uncle, and this is my brother and sister," Reid quickly chimed in.   

"Yeah, and we love Uncle Quinn," Evan and Ashley said at nearly the same time. 

Suddenly, the boys didn't look quite as sure of himself, so I took the opportunity to drag the kids off to the next store.  The teen remained standing where he was and merely followed us with his eyes, but thankfully he didn't say anything else.  Hopefully, we'd put enough doubt in his mind so he wouldn't follow us and try to cause a problem. 

"Who was that boy?" Ashley asked after we'd entered the store. 

"Just someone we saw one night in the car," I answered. 

"So he doesn't really know you?" she followed. 

"No, he may have recognized us, but he certainly doesn't know us," I confirmed. 

"He looked mean," Evan observed, as he remarked about the scowl on the boy's face. 

"Yes, he didn't look or sound very friendly, but hopefully he'll leave us alone and we won't see him again."

I then quickly pointed at something I spotted on a display and commented about it, to distract the kids and get them to forget about that unfortunate encounter.  Luckily, the teen hadn't said anything really bad or made any accusations the kids might have questioned, so I was able to avoid giving any further explanations. 

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