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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 22 - Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

I called Amanda shortly after noon on Saturday to see when she wanted me to pick up the kids.  "They're having such a wonderful time playing with each other that I hate to bring it to an end," she explained.  "Would 6:00 be ok with you?" 

"Yes, that would be fine.  Since it gets dark earlier now, I'll drive down to pick them up this time." 

"Ok, I'll see you then." 

Both Brad and Pam offered to pick the kids up so I wouldn't have to, but I told them I didn't mind.  Besides, Pam was busy fixing dinner and Brad was more interested in the football game than I was, since none of my teams were playing.  Although Reid hadn't told me directly what he was doing, he said he had a few things to take care of and had gone up to his room.  I was under the impression it involved his Christmas presents for everyone, so he wasn't currently with me, which left me in the best position to do this. 

When I got to the Van Patten's house, Amanda invited me in.  "Bob's not here, as usual, but I wanted to talk to you before I called the kids.  When I went to give the boys a bath, Evan didn't want me to do it.  He said he was too old for a girl to be giving him a bath, so I asked him if his mom did it for him.  That's when he told me that you either gave him his bath or he would shower with you." 

"Yes, that's true, so I hope it didn't create a problem for you."  I was getting nervous and wondered where this conversation was going. 

"No, not at all.  I've been expecting Eric to get to that point soon, so it didn't come as a surprise at all.  I just wanted to let you know that I'm fine if you give Eric a bath too, or even if you let him shower with you.  I think it would be good for him to see that a man can do those things for his son or nephew." 

"I appreciate you being so open-minded, because Evan has asked if I'd let them shower with me when Eric stayed over." 

"I'd definitely appreciate it if you would do that with them, since Bob would never even consider giving him a bath.  I think it would be good for Eric to see that some men aren't like his dad.  Don't take this the wrong way, because Bob is a wonderful provider, but he's not a hands-on type of father.  He's also gone a lot, because he's involved in so many other things." 

"I was just worried about what you or your husband might think if you knew that I bathed Eric.  Even worse, I didn't know what you'd imagine if I let the boys shower with me and Eric saw me naked?" 

"It seems that Pam and Brad both trust you, so I do too.  And if you are worried about things like that, you don't have to be.  Eric would never tell his father he'd done anything like that, and I've already given you my approval, so there won't be a problem." 

"I really appreciate this, and I know it will make Evan very happy too." 

"I could tell, because he seems to like doing those things with you.  I think I also overheard him and Eric doing a little show and tell after I'd put them to bed." 

"Typical boys." 

"Oh, it's not just boys.  Ashley and Rylee took a shower together too.  I stayed in the bathroom with them, but I let them wash each other and they did much the same thing." 

"That's good to know, and I'm glad Ashley has another girl to do those things with.  Other than her mother, she's always been surrounded by males." 

"Yes, both of my children have been looking for others of the same gender to spend time with, because they've only had each other."

"Then this should work out just fine." 

Amanda then went to tell the kids to get their things, because I was waiting to take them home.  I could hear the kids grumbling that they didn't want to leave yet, but she and I both told them they'd have more time together the following weekend, when Eric and Rylee stayed with us.  That seemed to suffice, so they got their overnight bags and came down to leave with me. 

It was a short ride to the house, and the kids spent the entire time telling me how much fun they'd had and what they'd done while they were there.  It seemed as if they had all hit it off, so it looked as if these friendships would take care of our problem about them wanting to have someone their age or gender to play with. 

Evan and Ashley also told their mother about their visit after they went inside, and she was smiling as she listened to them.  I think they knew better than to bother their father while he was watching a football game, so they settled for their mother and me instead. 

After they finished, I stuck around to chat with Pam too.  Once the kids had left the room, I told her the things that Amanda had said to me as well. 

"I'm glad to hear that, but it really doesn't surprise me.  In the short time I spent with Amanda when she was here, I got the impression that her husband had become an absentee father and didn't spend much time with the family.  I think she might see you as a positive role model for her son." 

"I wonder if she'd still feel that way if she knew I was gay?" 

"I can't say for certain, but I have a feeling it probably wouldn't bother her in the slightest.  I think she's more worried about the negative impact her husband is having on her son by not doing things with Eric." 

"I certainly hope you're right about this." 

After dinner, Reid and Evan went with Brad and me to watch the football game.  I wasn't sure what Ashley and Pam were up to, but they must have found something they could do together, since we didn't see them for quite a while.  Possibly it was just girl-talk about the weekend, so Ashley could share the things she didn't want us guys to hear. 

When Evan and Reid went with me to take their shower later, Evan had plenty to tell me.  "I wouldn't let Eric's mommy give me a bath, but she wasn't mad.  Then, me and Eric showed each other our wieners when we were in bed." 

"I'm glad that worked out for you then."

"I wish Eric could take a shower with us, but you can still give us a bath." 

"Actually, Eric's mother already told me that you didn't want her to give you a bath.  She also said you told her that I bathed you or you took a shower with me, so she gave me permission to do that with Eric too." 

"So we can all shower together?" 

"Yes, that's what she said, but don't tell anyone else that we're doing this."

"Ok, I won't."  

"So there will be four of us in your shower?" Reid followed, and I could tell he was trying to imagine what it would be like.  "Will we all fit?" 

"It might be a little crowded, but I think we can manage, unless you'd rather wait until I finish washing the younger boys." 

"No, I'll try it.  If it's not too bad, then I'll do it with all of you whenever Eric's is here." 

"I'm glad you got his mommy to say it was ok," Evan added. 

"Actually, I think it was you that convinced her when you told her I did those things with you."  Evan's face was glowing when he realized he might have made it possible for all of us to shower together. 

When we finished, I took Evan to his room and put him in bed, and he made one final comment before I left.  "Thank you, Uncle Quinn.  I'm glad you're gonna shower with me and Eric." 

"You're welcome, little buddy, and I hope everything goes well." 

I then returned to my apartment, where Reid was already waiting for me.  After we were alone, I decided to clarify something.  "I'm surprised you agreed to shower with us when Eric was here." 

"Why?  I don't mind.  I think it will be interesting to see how he compares to Evan and what I remember looking like at that age." 

"I take it you're referring to penis size?"  Reid blushed slightly. 

"Yeah, but I just want to see if there's any difference." 

"I didn't think you were interested in younger boys." 

"Not to do stuff with, but I don't mind checkin' them out.  I do that with the other boys at school too, like in the boys room and locker room, but it doesn't mean I want to do stuff with them.  I only want to do that with you."

"I wasn't complaining.  I was just trying to find out if maybe you'd changed your mind." 

"No way!  I want us to be together always.  I love you, Uncle Quinn, and that will never change." 

"I love you too, and I wouldn't mind if we stayed together either, but because you're so young I'll leave you an out, if you ever want to take it." 

"What do you mean?" 

"I mean that if you decide later that you'd rather try being with someone closer to your own age, then I'll do my best to understand and not make a big deal about it." 

"It won't ever happen.  I promise.  Well, maybe I'd fool around with them a little, but that's all!" 

"That would be fine too." 

Once we finished our discussion, Reid attacked me like an animal in heat.  He was all over me, kissing and pawing at every part of my body, so it made me wonder if he was trying to prove how much he wanted to be with me.  I didn't have a problem with it, though, but tonight he never let up and took care of me first, instead of the other way around.  Once I'd enjoyed my release, I took a more leisurely approach with him.  I did this for two reasons: first to allow his body time to calm down a bit, but also to remind him that sex could be slow and gentle too. 

I didn't do anything different tonight and focused on the things I knew he liked.  That included kissing, rimming, fingering, and sucking, and I was surprised that he was able to last nearly as long as he normally would have, seeing he'd worked on me first.  Maybe it was because I'd given him a little time to calm down before I started, although it was possible his sexual stamina was improving as well.  Anyway, once he fed me his tasty boy-cream, we cuddled together and fell asleep, content in each other's embrace. 

Sunday proved to be a pretty laid back day, since the kids were all very happy and focused on different things.  We were also looking forward to the upcoming the week, because Evan and Ashley were going to be involved in the Holiday Concerts at their schools.  Reid wouldn't be taking part, though, because the seventh and eighth graders were only involved if they were part of the chorus, band, or orchestra, and Reid had never signed up for any of those things.  In addition to the concerts, Evan and Ashley were eagerly anticipating having Eric and Rylee staying with us on the weekend.  They were excited about Christmas too, which was just two weeks away. 

After dinner, I checked with Brad and Pam to make sure we were all on the same page when it came to the upcoming week.  I explained that I'd be out doing some shopping during the day, but I'd be joining them for Evan's concert on Tuesday, and Ashley's concert on Wednesday.  Then, we'd be having Eric and Rylee from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, and I'd help out with them too.  Once that had been confirmed, we spent the rest of our time with the kids. 

Nothing much happened on Monday, but I was quite busy on Tuesday.  After doing some more Christmas shopping, I retuned home and made sure Evan's things were laid out for the concert.  I did this because I knew we'd have to rush through dinner after Brad and Pam got home from work, and then one of us would have to help Evan get ready for the concert.  Either Pam or I would take him upstairs to wash his face, comb his hair, and help him get dressed after the meal, before hopping into the Highlander and heading to school. 

Seeing Evan and Eric were in the same class, we ran into Amanda and Rylee when we dropped him off at his classroom.  Rylee, however, would also be performing, so she had to go to her classroom too.  She was a year younger than Ashley, so she was only in fourth grade and still attending the elementary  school.  As soon as both of her kids were where they belonged,  Amanda came out and sat down with the rest of us to watch the various grades perform. 

Each class performed very well, although the younger grades were the cutest, because they were also the ones who did things that weren't expected.  They were more likely to wave or say 'hi' to their parents before they sang, while a few of them also made faces or covered their ears when someone next to them was shouting, rather than singing.  A couple of little boys obviously had to use the toilet when they were performing, because they were holding themselves and dancing in place, trying to last until the song ended.  It was a cute and entertaining evening. 

The following night was just as hectic, because it was Ashley's turn to be in the spotlight.  After she went off to be with her classmates, the rest of us found seats so we'd be able to see her fairly well.  Her group led off the concert, and once they were done, we sat through the rest of the evening watching the older kids perform.  I had to admit that each of those groups did fairly well, especially the band, but the orchestra sometimes sounded more like a cat fight than a musical selection. 

It took a while for us to locate Ashley when the concert ended, seeing there were so many parents trying to find their children, but once she joined us, we quickly headed home.  Now, there was only one more day before Eric and Rylee would be joining us. 

Thursday proved to be fairly routine and quite uneventful too.  After dinner that night, we merely watched a couple holiday themed programs with the kids, as we attempted to keep them calm until the weekend. 

Amanda dropped Eric and Rylee off shortly after they got home from school on Friday, much to Evan and Ashley's delight.  The two pairs quickly disappeared, as they went off to Evan and Ashley's bedrooms to play and drop off the things Eric and Rylee had brought with them, so Reid and I left them alone.  Since we weren't sure about what Eric and Rylee liked to eat, Pam and I had decided to order pizza for dinner, since all kids liked that.  I'd also made a salad, and we had several different dressings for them to choose from, but I also had a couple of other backup plans, just in case. 

Shortly after Brad and Pam arrived home, we called everyone down to eat.  I'd previously phoned in the pizza order and told them when I wanted it delivered.  Then, while we were eating, we asked Eric and Rylee about the different kinds of foods they liked, so we'd know what we could fix whenever they were with us.  They were quite talkative, so we learned a great deal from them, and dinner was a success for more than just what we ate. 

As soon as we got up from the table, the kids wanted to see what was on TV.  We quickly found a holiday program that they all agreed to watch, and then we found another one after that, so they all seemed fairly happy.  When the last show ended, it was time for them to get ready for bed, so Pam took the girls up with her and left me with the boys.  Eric and Evan went up to Evan's room to get their things first, but soon returned to my apartment, so we could take our shower together. 

"I can't wait to do this," Eric squealed with excitement.  "I've never taken a shower before, but I've never done anything like this with anybody else." 

"So you've never taken a bath with someone else?" Evan asked as he looked at Eric. 

"No, never, and I've never seen anyone older without his clothes on.  The only other wiener I ever saw was yours." 

"I'm glad you're looking forward to this, and your mother said it was ok for us to do it, but you shouldn't tell anyone else about showering with us," I suggested.  "They might think it's wrong for a boy to shower with a man." 

"That's silly, but I won't say nuttin'," he agreed. 

Since that was settled, we all started getting undressed.  As soon as Eric and Evan had taken off their clothes, they checked each other out again and groped each other's genitals playfully.  They then explained they hadn't been able to see each other's penis very well the previous weekend, since the light was already off in Eric's bedroom, so they made up for it now.  As soon as they finished doing that, Eric focused on Reid and me.  He was like a kid in a candy store as he inspected our equipment, and his mouth was hanging open in amazement. 

"They've got really big wieners, huh Eric," Evan commented, since Eric seemed to be unable to speak. 

"Uh huh," was all he was barely able to reply.  "And they got hair around them too." 

"Uncle Quinn says that will happen to us too, when we get as old as Reid." 

"Goody," Eric responded.

"Ok, it's time to head to the shower.   Reid, will you please go start the water for us?" 

"Yeah, sure," Reid offered, after he finished checking Eric out too. 

When we got to the shower, I washed Evan first, so Eric could see exactly what I was doing, and then I washed him too.  He didn't seem to have a problem with anything I did, and then he and Evan wanted to help me wash Reid next.  I let them do the front, while I washed Reid's backside, but I wasn't really paying attention to what they were doing.  I figured Reid would let me know if they did something he didn't like. 

As soon as they finished with Reid, they all wanted to wash me next.  Seeing I was taller than Reid, I told Eric and Evan that they could do the bottom half, while Reid did the top.  They agreed, so Evan chose to wash my butt and the back of my legs, while Eric did the front.  I was thoroughly enjoying Reid washing around my nipples, when I realized someone was stroking my penis.  I looked down and discovered it was Eric who was doing it. 

"Uh, maybe you should skip that part," I suggested. 

"Why?  You washed my wiener." 

"Yes, but I'm not sure this is something you should be doing." 

"I washed Reid's wiener and he didn't say nuttin," Eric objected.  This caused me to look at Reid and he merely nodded his head.  "It was fun and his wiener started getting stiff." 

I was somewhat flabbergasted by his comment and didn't immediately realize that he continued to wash my penis while we'd been talking.  I quickly thought back to my conversation with his mother, and since she didn't have a problem with him showering with me, I was hoping this wouldn't bother her either, but I offered Eric a warning. 

"Just don't tell anyone you did this to Reid or me then.  Ok?" 

"Yeah, I won't say nuttin." 

However, I soon advised the boys I was clean enough so they could stop, and then I quickly rinsed, turned off the water, and we all stepped out of the shower.  Reid dried himself this time, while I dried the other two, and then I quickly dried myself. 

"That was fun," Eric stated, his face radiant.  "I can't wait to do it again." 

"We'll do it tomorrow too," Evan quickly confirmed.  Reid and I merely glanced at each other, slowly shaking our heads in amazement.

Once we left the bathroom, I helped Eric and Evan put on their pajamas, and then I tossed something on so I could take them up to Evan's room.  After I tucked them in Evan's bed, I kissed Evan on the forehead and wished them both sweet dreams. 

"Hey, how about me?" Eric challenged as I got ready to leave. 

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused. 

"You kissed Evan, but not me." 

"I wasn't sure you'd want me to do that." 

"Yeah, I want you to do the same things to me that you do with him." 

"Ok," I agreed, as I bent down and kissed him on the forehead too. 

"Yeah, I like that," he quipped as he smiled broadly.  All I could think of was that this was something else his father never did with him, although Eric would have liked him to. 

When I returned to my apartment, Reid was waiting for me.  I hadn't noticed that he didn't walk upstairs with us, since I was so focused on the two younger boys, so I hoped they hadn't noticed either.  I didn't want this to turn into a problem or a major issue, but I supposed I could always tell them that Reid just waited to talk to me, if either of them asked.  However, I had a few questions for Reid too. 

"Why didn't you say something when Eric started washing your penis?" 

"I didn't mind, and I could see he liked doin' it, like Evan that first time when he grabbed your dick." 

"So he only washed it?" 

"Mostly, but he kinda ran his hand up and down it a few times too, and that's when it started getting hard." 

"So he caused you to have an erection?" 

"It didn't get that hard, only part way." 

"Ok.  I'll keep a closer eye on him tomorrow then, but hopefully he'll keep his word and not tell anyone else about this.  I don't think his mom would make a big deal about it, since she agreed to let him shower with us, but I don't know his dad and would prefer not to have a problem with him or anyone else." 

"Yeah, but I could tell Eric was only being curious.  I think it was the first dick he'd seen or touched, besides Evan's and his own." 

"Yes, he said something like that, but we still have to be very careful." 

"Yeah, I know, but he was really cute in there.  His dick is a little smaller than Evan's, but it's just as cute." 

"Yes, other than being a tad smaller, they're almost identical, since he's circumcised as well.  Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if they're the same age, although I assume they are since they're in the same class, but his sister is a year younger than Ashley.  I guess I'll have to remember to ask him about that tomorrow." 

"I'm pretty sure they're the same age, but you can still check."

"I'm glad I have your approval," I joked. 

"Very funny, but now you have my approval to get started doin' stuff with me." 

He wasn't very subtle, but I took my cue and began to make out with him.  He was more passionate tonight, rather than aggressive, but he was also aroused more easily too.  I wasn't sure if that was partially due to Eric having played with his penis earlier or if it might be because Reid had also been able to check him out as well.  Then again, it might have been a combination of those things, along with what I was doing to him at the time.  No matter what caused it, he ejaculated a lot sooner than he normally would have that evening, and then he went to work on me. 

As soon as he got me off too, we cuddled together and eventually drifted off to sleep, although it took me a little longer than it took Reid.  As I lay there, I couldn't help but wonder what the rest of the weekend was going to be like. 

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