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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 23 - An Interesting Weekend

After we had breakfast with the kids on Saturday morning, we let them go watch their shows on TV next.  While they were doing that, I decided to chat with Pam. 

"So how did things go with the girls last night?" 

"Not exactly the way I expected.  They insisted on taking a shower together and washing each other, after explaining that's what they did when they were at Rylee's house.  Rylee may be a year younger than Ashley, but she's just as mature and curious.  I couldn't see what they were doing behind the shower curtain, but from the sounds of things, I believe they were feeling each other up." 

"What makes you say that?"

"I could hear them whispering things like, 'spread your legs',

'yeah, there', 'that tickles', and they were constantly giggling.  How did it go with the boys?" 

"About the same.  They were just as curious and hands-on as it appears the girls were." 

"Yes, I guess it's all part of being that age.  I just hope they're all satisfied now, so they don't feel they have to investigate with others too."

"I'm not sure they'll ever be satisfied, even when they're older."  Pam just shook her head as she thought about it.

The kids' programs lasted until lunchtime, and then after we ate I had to figure out what I was going to do to keep them happy and occupied next.  That's when I had an idea. 

"How would you kids like to play kickball?" 

"Yeah!" they all chorused in confirmation. 

I then quickly asked Pam and Brad if they would like to join us, and they agreed.  Brad then set out the rags we used for bases, while Ashley went to get the soccer ball.  Then, we split up each pair of kids, along with Brad, Pam, Reid, and me.  Before we started, however, I offered them a word of advice. 

"Please try not to kick the ball toward the fence, because we've had some problems with our neighbor.  If the ball goes over the fence and into his yard, the game will stop, because we can't go after it and we don't have another ball." 

"K," Eric and Rylee agreed, as the other three were nodding their heads in agreement with what I'd just said. 

We played for nearly an hour and had a really good time, but this time none of the kicks came close to going over the fence, like the last time we played.  A few hit the fence lower down, but that wasn't a problem, although each time it happened we reminded the kids to try and keep the ball from going in that direction. 

When we were done, we went inside to get a drink, and then the kids went outside again, while I stayed behind to chat with Brad and Pam.  I then discussed an idea I had with them, which had nothing to do with the kids.  I also told them I didn't know if it would actually happen, but I wanted to know what they thought, just in case.  They then stayed inside while I went outside to play more games with the kids. 

First, I organized a game of tag, and after we'd done that for a while, I taught them how to play Red Light, Green Light.  After we finished that game, we played Simon Says next.  I made the actions that Simon said very physical, like "Simon says run in place... do sit ups... do jumping jacks... or jump up and down," to help tire them out.  When we finished, we went inside to catch our breath, and then Rylee and Eric went up to Ashley and Evan's bedrooms to play.  They'd initially wanted to watch TV, but since Brad was watching a football game, I talked them into playing in the bedrooms instead. 

By the time we finished dinner, the football game was over, so we offered to put a DVD in for them to watch next.  They all agreed on Zootopia, so Pam and I sat down to watch it with them, while Brad opted to go work on his screenplay instead. 

Zootopia was cute and the kids enjoyed it, so I thought they'd chosen wisely.  Now that it was over, it was time to get them ready for bed, so as Pam was taking Ashley and Rylee upstairs, I sent Evan and Eric up to get their pajamas.  When they returned, Reid had already gone to start the water, so I asked Eric some questions as he was getting undressed. 

"Eric, how old are?" 

"Seven, the same as Evan." 

"When's your birthday?" 


"Ah, so you're a couple of months younger than Evan." 

"Yeah, I guess so." 

By that time the three of us had finished undressing, so we went to join Reid.  Once we were all in the shower, Reid offered a suggestion. 

"Uncle Quinn, you can wash Evan and I'll wash Eric this time." 

I looked at Eric before I answered.  "Is that ok with you?" 

"Yeah.  I washed him, so he can wash me too." 

Since no one had a problem with this, it's what we did.  When we finished with the two younger boys, we all went to work on Reid, but this time I watched what the little ones were doing.  As he had done the night before, Eric quickly latched onto Reid's penis again, but after a minute Evan had something to say. 

"Hey, you washed him there last night, so let me do it this time." 

"You can do it when I'm not here, so let me do it now." 

Evan looked up at his brother and spoke again.  "Will you let me wash you there the next time we shower together?" 

"Yeah, I guess it would be ok." 

That seemed to placate Evan, so he continued washing the back of Reid's legs and his butt, while I washed the upper half.  A minute later, I noticed that Eric was still washing Reid's penis, so I spoke up. 

"I think that's clean enough, so now you can move down and wash his legs."  Eric looked up and gave me a sheepish grin, before he did as I'd asked. 

When we finished cleaning Reid, the boys began on me.  Just like he'd done with Reid, Eric zeroed in on my penis and began to wash it.  While he was doing that, Evan spoke up again. 

"Uncle Quinn, since you're lettin' Eric do that, can I wash you there next time?" 

"I suppose that would be alright, but remember that I don't want you talking about doing it, and you can't tell anyone else." 

"Ok," he replied, as he flashed me a huge, shit-eating grin.  He was thrilled that he would finally be getting his way. 

Once the boys finished washing me, I turned off the water and we got out of the shower.  After I'd dried everyone, including myself, I helped Eric and Evan put on their PJs.  Then, I took them upstairs and tucked them in Evan's bed. 

"How come Reid didn't come up with us?" Evan wanted to know. 

"He said he was going to wipe up the extra water off the bathroom floor first," I answered, thinking quickly on my feet. 

"Oh, ok." 

I then kissed both boys on the forehead and wished them sweet dreams. 

"Thanks for lettin' me do all this stuff, Uncle Quinn," Eric said as I was leaving. 

"Hey, he's not your uncle," Evan corrected.

"It's ok, and he can call me that too, as long as his parents don't mind.  And you're welcome, sport.  I'm glad you're having a good time while you're here."

"Yeah, I am." 

After I shut Evan's bedroom door, I went down to my apartment to be with Reid.  When I walked into the bedroom, he was laying on the bed with his erection pointing toward the ceiling.  When I stared at it, he explained.

"It's been like that since Eric played with it.  He sure likes to grab a hold of it."

"Yes, since he's the only boy in the family and his father doesn't do much with him, he has a fascination with our penises.  Of course, I guess that might be true of any boy, since Evan is the same way." 

"And me too.  That's why I wanted to wash Eric tonight.  Hey, did you find out how old he is?" 

"Yes, and he's just a couple of months younger than your brother." 

"That's kinda what I thought.  He's cute, though, and lots of fun, so I can see why Evan likes him." 

"And now you wish he had an older brother your age, right?" I teased. 

"Maybe, cuz I guess I wouldn't mind playin' with his dick too, but I'd still want to do this with you." 

"I really think you should try a few things with other boys your age, just so you know what it's like."

"You mean you don't want to do this with me any more?"  He looked panicked. 

"No, I'll always want to do this with you, but I still think you should spend some time with others too.  Isn't there anyone you might like to do it with?" 

"I don't know.  I guess there might be a few guys at school that I wouldn't mind messin' around with." 

"How about any of your friends I met?"

"Yeah, they're all sorta hot, but I'm not sure if they'd want to do those things with me.  We've all seen each other's dicks before, when we've stood next to each other at the urinals at school, but I don't know if any of them are gay." 

"Do they have girlfriends?" 

"I think they've all gone out with girls, but I don't think any of them has a girl he's seeing right now." 

"Maybe you should joke around a little and see how they respond." 

"Like how?"

"Maybe next time you guys are joking about sex or someone being 'hot', you could say something like, 'now you've got me all worked up, so which one of you is going to take care of my problem?'  One of them might say something like, 'I will, if you help me', but if they start saying 'no way!' or 'hey, I'm not gay', then you'll know."

"Yeah, I could do that.  Hey!  What if I invite them here to spend the night, you know one at a time, and then you could help me do that?" 

"First of all, I don't think I should be involved, because I don't want them to become suspicious about what we're doing."

"Well, they all like you, so what if I just tell them you're gay so I can see how they react?" 

"Look, I don't hide the fact that I'm gay, but I don't go around broadcasting it either.  Knowing that I'm gay might make them wonder why you're spending so much time with me." 

"I don't think they'd mind.  I've even thought maybe I'd tell them I'm gay, because I don't think it would make a difference to any of them." 

"You can try that if you want, but just be careful.  Telling the wrong person could have serious consequences." 

"Then maybe I'll just ask them about one of the other guys we see around school.  I'll say something like, 'he acts really gay', and then I'll ask what they think of him."

"That might work.  Just be careful about how you word things." 


Even though our conversation had taken a while, we still had time for sex, so we began to make out after we'd finished.  Reid didn't have school in the morning, and didn't even have to get up by any specific time, so I felt we'd be safe.  If the others got up before he did and began knocking on the apartment door, then Reid could just put on the clothes he wore yesterday and go out in the yard.  Once he was outside, he could pretend that he'd been up for a while and went out for some fresh air or to think. 

As I was getting ready to rim him, Reid made another comment.  "I hope you haven't forgotten about your promise that we'd do something different before the end of the year.  It's getting awfully close to it now." 

"I know, and I haven't forgotten."

"Good, cuz I'm ready to try something different." 

"I promise we'll do it soon, just not tonight." 

That seemed to placate him, along with my tongue, so before long he was squirming and moaning as I brought him pleasure.  

After we'd taken care of each other's needs, I cuddled with him and prepared to sleep.  "This is much better than having a teddy bear," I joked, mainly to see his reaction. 

"Yeah, way better, cuz I sleep really good when you hold me like this."  I gave him an extra little squeeze and kissed the back of his neck to let him know I agreed. 

I couldn't believe that Reid and I awoke before the other kids the next morning, so I felt they must have stayed up late fooling around too.  I just wondered what they might have been up to and how involved things might have gotten. 

After we finished breakfast, the four younger ones went off to watch TV.  They didn't even ask if we were going to do anything, so I felt they must still be slightly tired.  I left them alone and went to my apartment to write instead.  I had just turned on the laptop when Reid came in to see what I was doing. 

"So you're just gonna write?" he asked as he stared at me. 

"I thought you wanted me to get this done?  Besides, don't you have homework you should be doing?" 

"Yeah, I want you to finish the book, and I have a little homework to finish, but I wanted to spend some time with you too." 

"Why don't you go finish your homework, and then when you're done you can come back here and I'll stop working for a while." 

"Can I bring my homework down here and do it?"

"As long as you don't pester me until you're finished, because I have an idea that I want to write down before I forget." 

"What is it?" 

"You can see it when I'm done, so just get your homework and get busy." 


He headed to his room, grabbed his backpack, and carried it to my apartment.  He then settled down to work on his homework, as I typed away on the laptop.  We didn't speak again until he told me he was going out to get a drink and asked if I wanted anything.  I had him grab a drink for me too, and then we both went back to work. 

We were still doing that when there was a knock on the apartment door, so I stopped briefly to tell the person to come in.  It was Pam. 

"Lunch is ready," she announced as she glanced at what Reid and I were doing. 

"Thanks, we'll be right out."  After she left, I grabbed my phone and made a quick call.  "Amanda, it's Quinn.  I just wanted to see when you wanted me to bring the kids home."

"Anytime between now and dinner would be fine." 

"Ok.  We're going to have lunch now, and I was thinking about doing something with them after we finished, so I'll bring them back when we're done." 

"That will be fine." 

As soon as I hung up, Reid and I went out to join the others.  As we were eating, I asked the kids a question. 

"How would you guys like to go to the park after you've finished eating?" 

The four younger ones seemed excited about doing that, but Reid's response was almost nonexistent.  I knew he wanted to spend some time with me alone, but we could do that when we returned, so I decided to say something to Brad and Pam next. 

"Would you two like to join us?" 

"I'd rather watch the football game.  It's going to start pretty soon," Brad replied. 

"And I have things to do around here, if you think you could handle them on your own," Pam answered. 

"Sure.  That's not a problem." 

"Then take the Highlander," Brad offered as he tossed me the key.  "There's too many to take in your car." 

"Thanks.  I hadn't thought about that." 

As soon as we were done, I sent the kids to grab a jacket, since it was chilly outside.  After the other four had left, Reid looked at me and spoke.  "I thought we were gonna spend time together." 

"We can, after we get back.  So do you want to go with us, because you can help me with them." 

"Yeah, I'll go with you too." 

He then raced off to get a jacket as well, while I retrieved mine from my apartment.  As soon as we were set, I helped them into the Highlander and we took off.  It was a sunny day and fairly nice out, except it was slightly chilly, but I knew the kids would still have a good time. 

Once we got there, Reid and I pushed the four younger ones on the swings first, and then we sat on the opposite side of a teeter-totter as we went up and down with one of the pairs.  When we stopped doing that, we spun them around on the manual merry-go-round next.  After they got bored with spinning in circles, I watched as all of the kids climbed about on one of the activity centers that had been constructed to resemble a castle.  They actually did that for a lot longer than I'd first suspected, but it appeared as if Reid had them playing out some sort of fantasy game.  Whatever it was, they were cute to watch, so I enjoyed myself too. 

When they finally got tired of doing that, they came over to me and said they were ready to leave.  Once they were in the Highlander, I made an announcement.  "When we get back to the house, I want Eric and Rylee to pack up their things so I can take them home." 

"Do we have to go already?" Eric whined, visibly upset. 

"I spoke with your mother just before lunch and told her I'd bring you back before it was time for dinner." 

"But it's not even dark yet," Rylee pointed out.  I glanced at my watch and noticed that it was only 2:30. 

"Ok, if you want to play up in Evan and Ashley's rooms or out in the backyard, then I'll let you stay a little longer.  You can't watch TV or a DVD, though, because their father is watching a football game.  If you're satisfied with what I just said, then I'll give you another couple of hours."

The four younger ones quickly agreed that would be fine, so I merely asked them to put their things together first, so I wouldn't have to wait for them to do it when it was time to leave.  They agreed they would do that too, so Reid and I went to my apartment to finish what we'd been working on earlier. 

"Goin' to the park was pretty fun," he said once I'd shut the door behind us. 

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.  Did you have the other kids doing something when you were all on the activity center?" 

"Yeah, since it looked like a castle, I told them I was the king and Evan and Eric were knights.  They went out with me to kill a dragon, and when we got back we discovered Ashley and Rylee had been kidnapped by another king.  He had taken them back to his castle to marry his sons, so we had to rescue them." 

"It looked as if you were all having fun." 

"Yeah, I did, and I think they did too." 

"I'm glad, and I want you to know that I really appreciated your help.  I also want to thank you for doing those things with them." 

"Thanks, but I had fun too."

Reid then returned to his homework, while I went back to work on the story.  He finished before I did, so he waited until I was ready.  Since I'd promised to spend some time with him alone, I wrapped an arm around him while I answered his questions about what I'd just written, and then I made out with him briefly until it was time to take Eric and Rylee home. 

I discovered they were still up in the bedrooms, so I went upstairs to tell them it was time to go.  They didn't complain this time and merely collected their things, and then I walked them home.  I'd opted to do this, because it wasn't dark yet and they only lived a couple of blocks away.  The other three walked with us, because Evan and Ashley wanted to spend a little more time with their friends, and Reid didn't want me to go without him. 

When we reached their house, Amanda greeted us and wanted to talk briefly.  "Did they behave themselves?" 

"Yes, they did, and I think they had a good time too."  Eric and Rylee were nodding to show they agreed with what I'd just said.

"I'm so glad they have someone close by to play with, because now I don't have to listen to them complain that there's nothing to do.  Now, they just whine about when they can get together with Evan and Ashley again."  She laughed after saying this.  

"Yes, it's hard to keep these kids satisfied," I joked, which earned me some very nasty looks from those I was talking about. 

"Nuht uh," Evan disagreed. 

"We just like being together.  That's all," Ashley added. 

"Yeah," Eric and Rylee chimed in. 

"Ok, but now it's time for us to get back before it gets dark," I said to end the discussion and get my three moving. 

We then said goodbye to the Van Pattens and walked home, with the kids content for a little while longer.

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