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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 28 - The Start of Another Year

I woke up first on New Year's Day and went out to clean up the mess from the night before.  I wanted the house to look good when Brad and Pam returned and didn't want them to think that I'd let the kids run wild.  I'd been working for a little over a half hour when Reid came out wiping the sleep from his eyes. 

"I wondered where you went to." 

"I'm just trying to clean up after last night.  You guys set off a lot of party poppers." 

"Yes, that was fun," he said with a grin.  "I enjoyed later too." 

"I'm glad to hear that.  And you're not having any problems this morning, are you?" 

"Nope.  I just woke up when I realized you weren't in bed." 

"I mean you're not walking funny this morning, are you?" 

"No, everything's fine.  That wasn't so bad after I got used to it." 

"Ok, I just wanted to make sure." 

"So you're the only one up?" 

"Yes, the other four must still be worn out from staying up so late.  And you might want to put something on before they come down." 

Suddenly, Reid realized he was naked.  I hadn't said anything at first, since we were the only ones up and I hadn't heard anyone moving around upstairs, but now he blushed and gave me a sheepish grin. 

"I'm glad the girls are still asleep.  It wouldn't have been a problem with Evan and Eric, but I wouldn't want the girls to see me like this." 

"Then either go back to bed or put something on." 

"Are you coming back to bed?"  


"Then I'll get dressed.  It's not the same when you're not there." 

He left and then returned a couple of minutes later.  I was just about finished, but he helped me take care of the last of the mess.  At that moment I heard footsteps on the stairs and looked up to see the two girls coming down in their pajamas.  When Reid saw them he blushed again. 

"Guess I just made it," he stated in a whisper. 

"Yes, just BARE-ly."

Since the girls were down and ready to eat, I sent Reid up to see if the other two were getting up or if they were still sound asleep.  When he came back he said they were playing in Evan's room, but then he winked and grinned.  I think that meant they were playing with each other.  However, they came down a few minutes later as I was fixing pancakes for everyone, along with grilling some sausage links and making scrambled eggs.  I felt that would be filling, seeing it had been quite a while since we'd last eaten, as well as something I knew the kids would enjoy. 

Reid helped out and poured each of us a glass of juice, but he also poured a glass of milk for all of the others and himself.  He also carried the butter and maple syrup into the dining room, before coming back to carry the individual plates, as soon as I put a pancake, sausage link, and scoop of eggs on it.  It was quite a production line, and then Reid sat down to eat too. 

I was already making extra pancakes, because I knew some of the kids would want another, and after I fixed my plate, I put the extra pancakes, additional sausages, and remaining scrambled eggs on a platter.  I then carried my plate and the platter into the dining room with me and asked if anyone wanted more.  If they did, I asked what they wanted and put it on their plate, and then we all ate.  Reid even rushed out to the kitchen to pour me a cup of coffee, since I didn't have another hand to carry it in too when I brought in my plate and the platter. 

After we'd all finished eating, they helped me carry the dirty dishes out to the kitchen so I could rinse them off and place them in the dishwasher.  As soon as that had been taken care of, I suggested we go to the family room and watch the parade.  The girls sprawled on the floor and laid on their bellies, so I sat down on the sofa.  Eric and Evan quickly sat down beside me, leaving Reid looking dejected and puzzled.  After a few seconds, he figured out a solution. 

"Evan, sit on Uncle Quinn's lap so I can sit where you are."  Evan didn't have a problem with his suggestion and quickly did what his brother asked. 

"Thank you for last night," Evan said after he got comfortable.  "That was fun." 

Suddenly, the others began to chime in too, saying they were glad we celebrated the New Year for all those other places as well, seeing they got tired and went to bed before it was New Year's Day here. 

"Can we keep our hats and the other stuff?" Eric followed. 

"Sure thing.  I don't need them.  The hats and tiaras, along with the horns and noisemakers are yours.  I think we used up all of the party poppers, though, and I'll keep the LCR and Don't Break the Ice in case you want to play them again when you're here." 

The kids seemed satisfied with my response, so we went back to enjoying the parade.  We watched it for a couple of hours, with the kids still in their PJs, but then I sent them to get dressed.  I called Amanda while they were changing to see when she wanted her kids back. 

"First, I want to thank you again for last night.  Bob and I had a wonderful time at his club and we owe it all to you.  I hope everything went fine with the kids." 

"Yes, they were great, and I think they all had a good time.  Is there any special time when you'd like them back?" 

"You can send them home whenever you want, because I'm sure you're tired of them by now." 

"Not really, but I'll see what they say.  Brad and Pam aren't home yet, but I'm sure Brad will be watching football all afternoon, so their options will be limited, but they might still want to stay and play for a while longer." 

"If you don't mind, that's fine with me.  If Brad and Pam get back and would prefer to just be with the family, you can send them home then too."   

"I'll give you a call when we're on the way."

The kids were all in the family room again when I returned, so I explained to them about the TV and football games, and then I asked what they wanted to do. 

"We want to stay and play some more," Rylee answered, with the others all nodding or saying 'yeah' in agreement. 

"Do you want to play the games from last night or do something else?" 

"We'll play up in my room," Ashley replied. 

"And we'll play in Evan's room," Eric quickly added. 

"Ok, that's fine with me." 

Those four then headed upstairs, as Reid grabbed my arm to get my attention.  "And I'll stay with you and will do whatever you want." 

"I'm not sure what you mean by that, but we can't do what you might be hoping for.  I expect your mom and dad will be home soon, and I'm sure they'll come looking for me, but I also want to be available if the other kids need me for something." 

"Ok, later then.  Can we do the same thing tonight?" 

"Do you think you'll want to do that again so quickly?"

"Yeah.  That way I'll get ready for you sooner." 

"We're going to take our time before we're ready to do that, so don't go getting your hopes up.  I'm not going to rush it just to make you happy.  We'll do it eventually, but only when I think you're ready." 

"Ok, but I don't want to wait too long."

Reid and I then went to watch the football pre-game show, to see what the pundits were saying about the various teams, including who they thought would win.  We felt it would give us an edge for when Brad got home, because we liked to root for opposing teams.  This way, we might have an 'in' for picking the winners. 

Brad and Pam arrived home around 1:00 and were all smiles as they walked through the door. 

"Sorry for getting here so late.  We stayed up quite late and had a great time, so we slept in.  We also went out for breakfast before coming home, so I hope you don't think we took advantage of you." 

"No, in fact you got here at just about the time I'd expected." 

"How did last night go with the kids?" Pam followed. 

"They were great and I think they all had fun.  At least that's what they said this morning."  I then gave her a brief recounting of the things we did. 

"Wow, you went all out." 

"I figured they wouldn't all last until midnight, so I wanted to make sure they got a chance to celebrate before they went to sleep." 

"Are they still sleeping?" 

"No, they're playing in their rooms.  We've already had breakfast and watched the parade." 

"Then I'll relieve you of any other duties for the rest of the day.  I'll take care of lunch and dinner, and I was going to clean the house too, but it looks great.  Are you sure you partied here last night?"

"You'll see when you go to put something in the trash.  It's filled with what came out of the party poppers, and we set them off a few different times last night." 

"Then I'm surprised the house looks this good." 

"Thank Reid for helping me clean up this morning."

"I'm still amazed that you've been able to get him to do so many things like that with you, which has turned out to be another unexpected plus of having you living here.  I thought you were just coming to help us keep him safe from predators, but you've done so much more for him, and for us." 

"It's mostly his doing, because he does those things so he can be near me.  I'm just taking advantage of that fact by getting him to help with the cooking and cleaning."

"Whatever you're doing, keep it up.  I approve wholeheartedly."

Once we finished talking, I went to watch the football games.  Reid had stayed in the family room when I came out to speak with his parents, and then Brad left Pam and I started talking about what I'd done with the kids the previous evening.  I'd already convinced Pam to have a small, late lunch since we ate breakfast quite late, and she agreed to wait until it was nearly halftime of the first game before she got things started. 

The four other kids played up in the bedrooms until Pam called them down for lunch during the break in the first game.  It was just grilled cheese sandwiches, along with the left over potato chips and crunchy Cheetos from the previous night, but we were all fine with that.  While we were eating, I asked the kids if they were ready to go home. 

"Can't we stay a little longer?" Eric whined. 

"I think your parents would like to see you too," I responded. 

"Just a little longer.  Please."  

"I'll call your mother and tell her I'll bring you home in an hour, but that's it.  Ok?" 

"Yeah, I guess," he relented. 

After we finished eating, the kids went back to their rooms, and I began to wonder what they were doing up there.  Were they just playing with the toys, or were they spending the time playing with each other in ways their parents might not approve of?  I wasn't going to check, and I hoped Pam wouldn't either. 

I called Amanda and told her I'd bring the kids home after the first football game ended, which would probably be in a little more than an hour, but I knew the kids wouldn't mind.  Amanda said that would be fine too, so it's what I planned on doing. 

After Brad, Reid, and I finished watching the game, I went upstairs to get the kids.  Evan and Ashley wanted to go with me when I walked Eric and Rylee home, but Reid said he was going to stay at the house.  I think this surprised Brad, because Reid always wanted to be with me, although I didn't mind.  I just walked the kids home and spoke briefly with Amanda. 

"So did you have a good time?" she asked her kids when they walked through the door. 

"Yeah, we had lots of fun," Eric told her. 

"We celebrated the New Year all around the world," Ashley added. 

"Not quite, but we did celebrate most of the time zones from Europe and locations west, so we celebrated at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00 before Eric and Evan became too tired to continue, but Rylee and Ashley made it until 11:00.  Reid was the only one who made it all the way to midnight with me."  I just didn't tell her that we did our celebrating in bed. 

"We had pizza and grapes," Eric stated. 

"And we play LCR and Don't Break the Ice," Rylee added. 

I then had to explain to Amanda about the grapes, because that sounded like a strange combination with the pizza.  I also had to describe what LCR was, since she knew about Don't Break the Ice.  When I finished, she thanked me again, as did her children, and then Evan, Ashley, and I walked home. 

I spent the rest of the day taking it easy and watching football with Reid and Brad.  We only stopped long enough to have dinner during one of the other halftimes, and when we returned after we ate, Evan came with us.  He asked to sit on my lap and leaned his head against my chest.  It didn't take long before I figured out that he wasn't really into the football games and merely wanted to be held. 

"Last night was really fun," he said as he was getting settled. 

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." 

"Yeah, I did." 

Brad looked over and merely shook his head, because once again both of his sons were with me.  I don't think it really bothered him, it just amazed him.  He had expected Reid to spend most of his time with me, but he was just surprised about Evan.  I was expecting him to ask me about it the next time we were alone. 

During the halftime of the next game, I took the boys to shower.  I sent Evan up to get his PJs first, and then he came back to join his brother and me.  He forgot to shut the door to my apartment after he returned and started to undress with it wide open.  Pam happened to walk by and noticed. 

"Woo hoo!" she teased. 

Evan was still in his underwear, but he got the message and ran over to close the door before joining Reid and me in the bathroom. 

"Mommy almost saw me with nuttin on," he told us, blushing. 

"How did she do that?" Reid asked. 

"I forgot to shut Uncle Quinn's door and started taking my clothes off." 

"That wasn't too smart," Reid teased. 

"I was in a hurry." 

"Haste makes waste," I added, and both boys looked at me, so I knew they didn't understand what I meant.  "It means that when you try to do things too fast, then you generally make mistakes.  Evan was in such a hurry that his mother, and possibly even Ashley, could have seen him completely naked.  That's why it's usually best to take your time and do things correctly." 

"Yeah, I'll do that from now on," Evan agreed as he reflected upon what had nearly happened.  "I was gonna take my underpants off when I heard Mommy's voice." 

"So you weren't facing the door?" Reid asked. 


"Then she would have only seen your butt." 

"But I didn't want her to see nuttin." 

"Then be more careful in the future," I warned. 

"I will."

 We then hurried up and took our shower.  After I'd helped Evan put on his pajamas, Reid and I put on clean underwear and then put on the clothes we'd been wearing.  Once we were dressed, we went back to the family room to watch the rest of the game, and Evan wanted to sit on my lap again. 

"Should I just sign the adoption papers?" Brad teased when that happened. 

"I don't think they want to leave you, and this is just his way of thanking me for last night." 

"I think it's more than that, but I'm glad he's close to you too.  I think having you here has been good for both of them, since we are different in some ways." 

I wasn't sure if he meant our sexual orientation or if he was talking about things in general, but I merely nodded and went back to watching the game.  When it ended, Evan wanted me to take him up to his bedroom and tuck him in.  After kissing him on the forehead and wishing him sweet dreams, I returned to watch the final football game with Reid and Brad. 

I was expecting Brad to say something when I returned, but that never happened.  I was surprised, since I thought he'd mention about Evan asking me to tuck him in, but it didn't seem to bother him.  Maybe it was something Brad wasn't interested in doing and one of the differences he'd referred to earlier. 

When the game ended, Reid and I said goodnight to his father as we headed to my apartment.  Once inside, I locked the door before we entered the bedroom.  As soon as we reached there, Reid reminded me about what he expected. 

"I want to do what we did last night, with the new dildo." 

"Are you sure you want to do that again?  We can always take turns and alternate using the two dildos." 

"No, I want to use the bigger one.  That will get me ready faster to do it with you." 

"As I said before, I'm not going to rush it, regardless of whether or not we alternate between the two.  So you still want to use the new one?" 

"Yes, I'm sure." 

Once we got undressed, I did exactly the same things that I'd done to him the previous night, except this time it went a little faster.  Reid didn't seem to have as much problem this time as it entered him, so I didn't have to stop as often or spend as much time letting him adjust.  I was surprised that he was taking to this as well as he was, but he seemed to be determined.  I just hoped he wasn't pushing himself too hard or too quickly. 

As soon as it was completely inside him, I slid it back and forth several times, and then I flicked on the vibrator.  It brought a huge grin to Reid's face, since it stimulated the entire area, including his prostate.  He was moaning and sighing as I left that in him while sucking him off, so it didn't take long before he was blasting his load into my mouth. 

After I'd removed the dildo and given him time to recuperate from his orgasm, he was eager to help me get off as well.  He was always thoughtful and considerate when it came to that, and it always left me wondering.  Was he merely trying to return the favor, or did he enjoyed doing it to me as much as he enjoyed having it done to him.  I guess in the end it really didn't matter why he did it, because the results were the same.  After I got him off, he was always willing to do the same for me. 

Once we had each enjoyed a release, we cuddled together and prepared to sleep.  It had been a wonderful New Year and one I looked forward to repeating with him in the future.  What better way was there to ring in the New Year than spending an intimate evening, or should I say evenings, with the one you love?

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