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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 33 - Interesting Times

When Reid returned home on Saturday, after spending the night with Chad, I eventually asked him to come to my apartment so I could discover how he'd made out.  "Well, how did it go?  Did you have a good time?" 

"Yeah, it was fun, but I would have rather been here with you."

"So what happened?  Did Chad ask you about us again?" 

"Nah, and I think I convinced him that we aren't doin' nothin', cuz I did like you said when I sucked him off." 

"What do you mean?" 

"We didn't do nothin' at first, because we spent time with his parents until we went to bed.  We were gonna sleep together in his bedroom, but as soon as he closed the door and locked it, we both took off all of our clothes.  We only jerked each other at first, and then we both went to take a shower, but not together.  Later, after we were in bed, he asked if I wanted to try suckin' each other's dicks. 

I tried to make him think I didn't want to do it, but I gave in after he said he'd do it to me, if I did it to him.  I went first and did like you told me.  I gagged when I first took his penis in my mouth, and then I let my teeth rub against the skin.  He complained, but he wasn't very good at it either, so I guess he hadn't done it before.  Even though I did a little better the next time, cuz we did it again in the morning, I'm pretty sure he doesn't think I'd ever done it with you." 

"That's good, and I'm glad you had a good time." 

"Yeah, it was kinda fun, but I'd still rather just do that stuff with you." 

"And we will, but you can still try it with others once in a while too.  So do you think you and Chad will get together again?" 

"Yeah, he asked me if he could stay over here sometime, so I told him I'd ask.  I told him I thought it would be alright, but I'd have to get permission first." 

"I'm sure your parents will be happy to agree." 

"I know, but I wish we could both spend the weekend with you.  I'm pretty sure Chad would probably like that too." 

"Even if that's true, we can't let him know I'm involved with you.  If he were to tell anyone else, we could all be in trouble.  I'd get hauled off to prison and your parents would lose custody of you kids.  You'd be placed in foster care, and then none of us would be happy." 

"I know, but I still wish we could do that." 

"Just forget about it, because it can never happen."

"Yeah, I know, but it would be nice." 

"It would be better if you didn't think about it again."

Once that had been cleared up, he wanted to know if we could do something, but I explained that I'd promised his father I'd give him a hand with some yard work.  I told Reid we could do what he wanted tonight instead, and after he finally accepted that, he asked what I did while he was gone. 

"Did you miss me because you had to sleep alone?"

"I missed you, but Evan slept with me.  I think he figured it was a good time to ask, since you were gone and Eric wasn't here." 

"Evan slept with you?  Did you cuddle with him too?" 

"I did, but not the same way I do with you.  He merely laid beside me and I put my arm over his chest." 

"Did you do anything else with him?" 

"Are you jealous because I let your brother sleep with me?" 

"Maybe, so did you do anything else?" 

"Why should I tell you, even if I did?  I'm sure you wouldn't want me to tell others about what we do." 

"That's different.  So did you do anything else with him?"

"Since Eric wasn't here to do it, he asked me to rub his penis." 

"And did you do it?" 

"I told him no at first, but he's like you and wouldn't take no for an answer.  I ended up doing it for him, but I told him it would be the only time." 

"Man, I'm not goin' away again.  I didn't think my brother would try to take my place, but I didn't think you'd let him either." 

"I didn't let him replace you, but I did more than I'd planned on doing with him.  I don't want you to make a big deal out of this, however, because even though I like Evan, I don't have the same feelings for him that I have for you." 

"Does that mean you love me and don't love him?" 

"No, I love both of you, but in different ways.  I love him like a nephew, but I love you like a..." 

"Boyfriend," Reid finished for me. 

"Yes, I guess that's one way of putting it." 

"Ok, then I'm not mad, as long as you love me more." 

That seemed to end our discussion, so I went out to see if Brad was ready to begin working on the lawn.  Reid joined us, which helped us finish sooner, so Brad was happy about that too.  When we finished, Reid and I went in to shower, since we had both gotten dirty in the process.  Reid seemed to be in a much better mood as we washed each other, and he quickly let me know he had something else in mind. 

"Can we do something now?"

"I suppose we can, if that's what you want.  How about I suck you off in here?" 

"Ok, and then I'll do it to you." 

Since the State of California was still experiencing a severe drought, I turned off the water first, before we did anything.  When we finished, we rinsed our bodies again, before drying off. 

Once we were dressed, we went out to join the rest of the family.  Brad was in the kitchen talking to Pam, but I didn't see the other two kids around.  I figured they must be in the family room or up in their bedrooms, so I approached Brad and Pam. 

"Can we help with anything else?"

"No, everything is under control," Pam replied. 

"So you two can hole up in your apartment until dinner, if you want," Brad added. 

"We were trying to be sociable," I quipped, "but if you don't want our company..." 

Pam giggled, before offering an explanation.  "We just felt Reid would want to be alone with you for a while, since he wasn't home last night."

"We appreciate that, but we already spent some time alone, both before and after we helped Brad."

"And they did a good job helping me too!" Brad added. 

"I never doubted that," Pam confirmed. 

"Since I've finished the new book and sent it off to my agent, I'm kind of at a loss for something to keep me occupied." 

"And Reid doesn't have any suggestions about that?" Pam asked with a smirk as she glanced at her son. 

"Yeah, he could start a new story about Reed and his father in Egypt," Reid offered as he nudged me. 

"It's not exactly what I expected him to come up with, but I guess that would work too," Pam teased. 

"But I told Reid I wouldn't even consider doing that until I saw how this book sold.  It would be foolish to do it, if no one was buying the first book." 

"I'm sure it will sell just as well as the others," Brad confirmed, "but I can see why you might want to wait." 

"That was my plan, but someone else doesn't want me to wait that long," I added as I jokingly tilted my head a couple of times in Reid's direction. 

"I know people will like it, because I did, so you shouldn't wait," he responded. 

"But you liked it because you were in it, kind of."

"Yeah, but it was still good, and that way they'll be able to buy your next book even sooner." 

"I know, but I still want to wait to see how this one sells first." 

"K, but then it will take longer before the next one comes out." 

"I think my readers and I will be able to survive until then."

Since this had been settled, I told Reid I wanted to talk to his parents alone for a few minutes.  He wasn't happy about it and wanted to know why he couldn't stay, and I merely told him it was private.  He slunk away, visibly upset, but he left us alone.

"Since the book is done, I wanted to go over some ideas I had about what I could do with the kids over spring break." 

For the next several minutes, I outlined some activities I had in mind and asked what they thought about them.  They were agreeable to just about everything, but they offered a few warnings and suggestions too, whenever they felt there might be a problem.  As soon as we finished our discussion, I went to find Reid again. 

"I don't understand why you made me leave," he complained. 

"Because you don't need to know everything that's going on.  Sometimes there are things your mom, dad, and I want to talk about without you listening in." 

"But I didn't think we had any secrets from each other." 

"Does that mean you tell me EVERYTHING you and your friends do and talk about?" 

"Most of it." 

"And you know most of the things I talk to your parents about, but there are a few things we choose not to confide in each other." 

"Ok, I guess I understand, but I still don't like it." 

"Then just learn to live with it."

He still wasn't happy about this, but he followed me back to my apartment.  Once we were inside, he told me something else. 

"Mom and Dad said it was ok for Chad to stay over on Friday night."

"Isn't that the start of your Spring Break?"

"Yeah, but he's only staying one night." 

"Ok, so I guess that means I'll only be showering with Evan then."

"You can shower with Chad and me too." 

"Not if we don't want Chad to start wondering about us again." 

"Oh, yeah.  I guess I forgot about that." 

"It's a good thing I didn't then." 

"Damn.  That means we won't be able to do anything again." 

"You'll be doing it with Chad, and we can do something on Saturday.  In fact, since you don't have school that week..." 

"Then we can do something EVERY night!" he nearly shouted, cutting me off. 

"I was going to say we can do something to make up for Friday, but we'll work something out."

"Let's do something every night.  Please." 

"We'll see how things go, but I'm not promising anything." 

"Maybe I'll have to ask Chad to stay over on the nights you don't want to do anything with me." 

"That's not a bad idea, so why don't you do that?" I added, tongue-in-cheek. 

"You know I'd rather do it with you." 

"But doing it with Chad would take me off the hook." 

"I'm beginning to wonder if you love me anymore.  First, you did some stuff with Evan while I was gone, and now you want me to do stuff with Chad instead of you." 

"That's not exactly what I said.  I just said you could ask Chad to help you out when we weren't doing anything." 

"Same thing."

"No, it's not, and I still love you and want to do those things with you, but I'm not as young as you are, so sometimes my body doesn't want to cooperate." 

"Then you need to get in better shape, because I plan on tiring you out every chance I get, especially after you start making love to me." 

"I'll do my best."

"Starting with tonight, unless you want to do it now." 

"I didn't see your brother and sister around, so I don't know what they're up to and they could start knocking on my door at any moment." 

"We can stop if they do." 

"And how would we explain about being naked?" 

"We can get dressed first." 

"That won't necessarily be easy to do, depending on what we're engaged in at the time.  And even if we do get dressed, it will take time, so how do we explain why it took us so long?" 

"Ok, we'll do it after we shower then." 

"And after I put Evan in bed." 

"So he's going to shower with us again?" 

"Doesn't he always shower with us on Friday and Saturday nights?" 

"Yeah, so I guess it means you'll be showering with him when Chad's here too?" 


"And does that mean he'll be showering with us all that week, since we don't have school?"  

"It depends on if he asks.  I won't mention it if he doesn't, but if he does it will be hard to tell him 'no', especially if I'm showering with you." 

"As long as he doesn't sleep with us too." 

"If he does, it will only be for one night." 

"Then let him sleep with you when Chad's here.  That way he won't be able to hear what we're doing, but just don't do nothing with him again." 

"You just used another double negative.  Look!  I told you I don't plan on doing anything with him again.  I told him it would just be that one time." 

"K, cuz I don't want him to start asking to spend more time with you." 

"Don't worry.  You'll always get most of my attention." 

"How about all of it?" 

"I can't ignore everyone else, because that would be impolite, so let's leave it that you'll get most of my attention." 

"Ok, if that's the best you can do." 

I figured he'd said that just to make me feel guilty, and it worked to an extent.  However, I realized I wouldn't be able to do everything he wanted, but I'd give into him as much as possible.

Just as I suspected, there was a knock on my apartment door, so I went over to see who was there.  It was Evan and Ashley. 

"Whatcha doin'?" Evan asked as soon as he saw me. 

"Reid and I were just talking about my new story.  What have you been up to?" 

"We was playin' in our rooms, but Mommy said to come tell you dinner is almost ready." 

"Wow, is it that late already?" 

"Yep, it is." 

"Ok, we'll be right out then." 

Evan and Ashley left, so I turned toward Reid and spoke.  "I can't believe it's that late already." 

"Yeah, I guess we worked longer helping Dad than we realized." 

"It seems that way, doesn't it.  Let's go out and join the others then." 

"Yeah, ok." 

During dinner, Evan and Ashley kept glancing at each other, so I knew something was up.  About halfway through the meal, I finally discovered what it was. 

"Will you guys play games with us after we eat?" Evan began. 

"Yeah, we thought it would be fun to do that," Ashley agreed. 

"What types of games did you have in mind?" Pam wanted to know. 

"We thought we could play the games we played on New Year's Eve," Ashley answered.  "You still have those, don't you Uncle Quinn?" 

"If you mean LCR and Don't Break the Ice, I do." 

"Yeah, those games," Evan confirmed. 

"What's LCR?" Brad followed, looking confused. 

"It's a fairly simple game called Left, Center, Right," I answered.  "We can explain it as we go along, but I'm sure you'll catch on quickly." 

"Ok, I'm game then," Brad agreed. 

"And we can sit adult-child around the table," I suggested.  "That will make it more fun." 

"Then I'm sitting next to Uncle Quinn," Reid immediately stated. 

"Me too," Evan chimed in. 

Since they spoke up first, we sat around the table in the following order, Reid, me, Evan, Brad, Ashley, and Pam.  Everyone seemed fine with that arrangement, as we started to play LCR first. 

The game was fun and Brad and Pam caught on quickly, as I'd expected, but due to the fact that winning depended on the roll of the dice, Evan won the first game.  He was thrilled and his little chest swelled out with pride, as he looked at each of the rest of us and savored his victory. 

We played again and this time Pam won, but she didn't have a similar reaction to winning.  However, Evan didn't like the fact that he hadn't won again and seemed to be pouting, so we decided to change games. 

"Let's play the next game in teams.  That way we can all play," Ashley suggested.  "Each team can have one person play the first time around, and if no one breaks the ice, then the other person can go the next time." 

We all agreed that sounded like a good idea, so we began.  The teams were Evan and Brad, Ashley and Pam, and Reid and me, because he wasn't about to allow either of his siblings to be my partner.  Evan and Brad lost the first round, with Evan making the fatal mistake, so the rest of us faced off to determine the winner.  This time Pam chose the wrong cube to knock out, so Reid and I were declared the winners, but we were immediately challenged to a rematch. 

During the new game, I was the one who miscalculated and picked the wrong cube, so Reid and I were eliminated.  In their attempt to determine a winner, the others played again, but this time it was Brad who dislodged the wrong cube, making Ashley and Pam the overall victors.  Once that game ended, it was time for the kids to get ready for bed. 

Of course, Evan and Reid went with me, and Brad made sure I noticed what he was doing as he raised and lowered his eyebrows in rapid succession several times.  That innocuous signal was obviously meant to let me know he thought Evan was becoming attached to me too.  I merely felt Evan was adhering to the routine we had established and thought Brad was making too much out of the fact that Evan had also wanted to sit beside me during the games.  But then Brad did something else to let me know it didn't matter what I thought.

As his sons were heading toward my apartment, he held up two fingers to let me know that he felt Evan was attaching himself to me as well.  I didn't get the impression that he believed this meant Evan was going to turn out to be gay too, just that he might want to mess around a little, as many boys seem to do while growing up.  Instead of dwelling on this further, I hurried to catch up with the boys so we could take our shower together. 

To my great surprise, Evan boned up this time while I was washing his genitals.  I felt it might be an unconscious reaction to what I'd done with him on Friday night, and that thought was confirmed when he looked up and smiled at me.  It let me know he was well aware of what was happening and it was an intended reaction.  I also noticed Reid was glaring at me when he saw what was happening, which let me know he wasn't amused and didn't want me to take it further.  Therefore, I moved on and continued washing the rest of Evan's body. 

I washed Reid next, much to his relief, and then the two boys washed me.  Evan spent a little longer than usual while washing my penis this time, similar to what Eric had done at first, but when I cleared my throat he moved on to another part of my body.  When they finished, I turned off the water and we got out so I could dry everyone off.  Then I helped Evan put on his PJs, before I put something on too, and then I followed him up to his room so I could tuck him in. 

Reid had also gotten dressed and went up with us, but I was convinced he did this to make sure I didn't do anything else with his brother, and not that he wanted Evan to see him go to his room.  I tucked Evan in quickly, kissed him on the forehead, wished him sweet dreams, and then left his bedroom.  As I shut the door behind me I found Reid at my side, waiting to return to my apartment with me. 

As soon as I shut and locked the apartment door, Reid spoke up.  "I thought you were gonna jerk him off again." 

"No, I told you it was only a one time occurrence and wouldn't be repeated." 

"But he got a boner when you washed him.  That's never happened before." 

"It has happened before, but only a few times.  I think it occurred this time because he was hoping I'd do something with him, but I didn't.  He didn't say anything when I was tucking him in, but I could tell he was disappointed." 

"Well, I'm glad you didn't do anything with him, but now it's time for you to help me out." 

"Do you think that's fair?"

"Yes, because Mom and Dad asked you to move here for me, not for him." 

"What if they thought it was alright for me to do something with Evan?" 

"They won't, but don't ask them either.  I want you all to myself." 

"Even if I were to do a few things with him, it wouldn't mean I loved you less." 

"Maybe not, but I'd feel better knowing you were only doing those things with me." 

"But didn't you hint that you hoped maybe I'd do something with both you and Chad when he stayed over." 

"Maybe, but that's different.  We'd all be doing it together." 

"You could do something with Evan and me too." 

"It's not the same thing.  He's my brother." 

"So this all boils down to the fact that you're jealous of your little brother."

"I don't want to be, but I can't help it, so just promise that you won't do anything more with him." 

"The only thing I'll promise is that I'll never love you any less, no matter what else happens.  I love you, Reid.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you, regardless of the age difference.  I hope we'll always be together, but I want us to be close to every member of your family too, so just focus on that.  Even though I don't plan on doing more with Evan, if it becomes a choice between doing it or taking the chance that he might ask others instead, not just Eric, then I'll help him out too.  I hope you can understand it's the same logic that prompted your parents to invite me here to do this for you." 

"So you think I'm being selfish?"

"Maybe a little.  I can understand how you feel, but I want you to know I won't do more with Evan, unless it is to protect him.  If that's the case, then I hope you'll accept my reasoning and not make a big deal out of it, because I'm willing to do whatever's necessary to protect all of the members of your family.  They're my family too, only not by blood." 

"Ok.  I'll try to be better about this then.  Now, are we going to do something?"

"Yes, we are."

I then proceeded to follow the same routine we had followed previously.  I started off with the newest dildo first, working it in and out of his rectum for a while, before repeatedly withdrawing and then reinserting it.  In fact, I was impressed with the ease with which he was handling it this time and made a decision.  When I bought the dildos, I'd purchased another one that was comparable to my penis' size, and I thought he might be ready for that one now.  Since he'd adjusted so well to the one's we'd been using, I was planning on using it with him over spring break. 

When I finished what we'd been doing, I used the larger of the vibrating dildos on him next, while I sucked him off.  I aimed it at his prostate again, for maximum effect, and before long he was filling my mouth with his tasty boy seed.  As soon as he was completely drained, I gave him time to enjoy the lingering effects of his release, and then he returned the favor. 

After I'd orgasmed too, I cuddled with Reid as we fell asleep.  We slept extremely well that night and awoke refreshed and content in the morning, ready to start another day.

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