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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 4 - Getting to Know You

 After we got back from the park, I sat down with the family to have a quick lunch, and then Brad, Reid, and I went out to the backyard to chat about my stories.  The other kids opted to watch the Disney channel instead, while Pam told us she had other things to do and wasn't going to join us.  I didn't feel too badly about this, though, and just figured science fiction wasn't her thing. 

"So can I go to Barnes and Nobles or log into Amazon and find your book?" Brad asked, once we sat down on the lawn chairs. 

"You could, and you'd probably be able to find the first book, but it won't be necessary.  I've already promised Reid that I'd send him a copy of both books, inscribed with a personal message and my autograph.  I also have both manuscripts stored on my laptop, if you're in a hurry."  

"Yeah, I want to do that!" Reid shouted.

"All I'll need is a flash drive that I can copy both files to for you.  Then, you'll be able to access them immediately." 

"Cool," Reid sighed as a dreamy expression crossed his face.

"It will be just like old times, especially once you're living with us, and I can't wait for that to happen!" Brad enthused.  He was nearly as excited as his son about the way things were working out.  "It's too bad Chuck isn't around, because I'm going to need someone to prepare the story boards so I can pitch the idea to the big wigs." 

"Who's Chuck?" Reid wanted to know, since he had no idea who his dad was referring to. 

"Chuck's an old friend of mine," I answered.  "When I was in high school I used to write graphic novels and Chuck would draw the illustrations for me.  We were a quite a team." 

"And then when I wrote my script, I would often use those illustrations to help me understand and describe the action better," Brad chipped in. 

"So a graphic novel is like a comic book then?" Reid followed, in an attempt to understand the term. 

"Basically, but there are very distinct differences with the way I did things," I explained.  "A comic book or typical graphic novel uses special 'speech balloons' or 'speech bubbles' to show what the characters are saying.  The way I did it, though, the text was written in story form, but I added a drawing to each page to depict what was happening in that section."

"Oh, ok.  I get it now," Reid confirmed.  "Do you still have the graphic novels you wrote?" 

"Actually, I do," I confessed, surmising what he was thinking.  "I have them stored away at home, so when I move here I'll take them out and let you see them, if you want.  In fact, we can even scan them into the computer so you can have copies of them too, if you find one or more interesting." 

"Yeah, that would be great!" Reid squealed in delight. 

We spent quite a bit more time talking about this some more, and Brad eventually told me he'd see if he could get someone from work to do the storyboards for him when he was ready.  That wouldn't be for a while, though, because he'd have to read the stories first, but he could possibly get someone working on the story boards while he was working on the scripts.  I told him that would be fine with me and I'd answer any of his questions as they arose. 

After I copied the manuscripts onto the flash drive Brad had provided, Reid teased his dad to download the files onto his laptop so he could have a copy.  After Brad asked if I had a problem with him doing that, I told him 'no' and they quickly headed off to transfer the material to their laptops so they could start reading the first story.  While they were doing that, I went inside and sat down to chat with Pam. 

"I want you to be honest with me.  How do you really feel about buying a new house and having to move?  Are you ok with the idea, or were you railroaded into doing this?"  I was concerned how she felt about this and became slightly worried when she hesitated and didn't respond to my question for a few moments.  Later, I realized she'd merely hesitated so she could mentally prepare what she wanted to say. 

"I'll admit that I was initially only considering the idea for Reid's sake and to make him happy.  I'd do anything to keep him safe, especially when it comes to preventing him from getting involved with people who might end up hurting him.  The thing is that after thinking about this more carefully, I understood it would be good for the entire family as well." 

"Really?  What do you mean by that?"  I was seeking a more complete explanation about why she'd said this. 

"Well, I'm sure you've noticed that we're a little crowded here.  When we have friends or family come to visit there's really no place for them to stay, so we end up having to rearrange things to cram everyone in.  It happens more often than you'd think too, because we live so far away from our old friends and families.  When they come to visit they usually want to stay for a while, and that generally creates a problem.  You may have noticed that the kids' bedrooms are on the small side, which means it gets kind of crowded when the boys have to double up.  It's also very cramped for the couples that visit and have to use one of those rooms." 

"I can see where that would be a problem, and it'll become even more so as the kids get older."

"Exactly!  The two houses we're considering not only have larger rooms, but they also have a fifth bedroom, not counting the one you'll be using.  This will give us a little more flexibility, and even though I don't plan on having another child, you never know when an accident might happen."  She giggled nervously after adding this last comment and started to blush slightly. 

"Yes, I suppose if that were to happen then you'd be right back where you started from."  

"Not quite.  If we were using all of the bedrooms and had guests visit, we'd be able to send Reid down to stay with you, so the guests could use his room.  If they also had children, as some do, one of the boys would be able to stay with Evan and one of the girls with Ashley, since their rooms would now be large enough to accommodate them.  We'll also have Reid's room, if he staying with you, but we also have a couple of cots available to set up if they're needed, so this will be much better." 

"And Reid will be welcome to stay with me whenever you find it necessary."

"If he doesn't try to move in with you permanently and you end up with more than you bargained for.  To be honest, I suspect he's going to want to stay with you more often than just when we have company, so be prepared."  After saying this she began to laugh, but I could actually see Reid trying to do something like this. 

"Yes, I guess you will have more options at a new place," I confirmed, as I wondered how Brad and Pam would react if Reid wanted to stay with me on a regular basis.  "So you're satisfied with the two places that we've ranked first and second?"

"Yes, they were my top two choices and in that same order too.  I'm hoping we get the first one, though, because I really like the kitchen better.  I also like the idea that we'll all be in the same house and Reid won't constantly be running outside to spend time with you." 

"I agree and feel it will be more convenient too, seeing the apartment is attached to the house and not a separate structure.  I also like that it has a door leading outside, so I won't have to traipse through the house whenever I want to go out for some fresh air or go somewhere.  I also like the fact it has a door connecting me to the main house, so I can visit you guys no matter what the weather is like." 

"Precisely," she agreed, which seemed to end our conversation. 

Now that I was convinced Pam hadn't been forced into this, I went to see how Brad and Reid were doing with my story.  I wanted to hear their comments and see if they had questions about anything. 

"I really like this so far," Brad stated after he looked up when I entered the room.  "It has an 'Indiana Jones' feel to it, with a touch of 'Star Wars', 'Star Trek', and 'Stargate' thrown in for good measure." 

"So you don't think it's too far out there or will be too difficult to turn into a movie?" I pressed, looking for his honest take on it. 

"Hell, no!" he shot back, almost jumping out of his chair as he answered.  "Since you've used various sites from the earth's past, we'll be able to focus on those locations and it will give the viewers something they can truly relate to.  I think it's brilliant." 

"I'm glad you approve," I stated, relieved.  "I think I'll go over to see what Reid thinks about it too." 

Brad merely nodded and turned back to the screen again as I left the room and went looking for Reid.  He was in his room and so absorbed in reading that he almost didn't notice me enter. 

"This is super!  I love it," he enthused as he began bouncing up and down on the bed.  "I hope the other story is this good too, because I can't wait to read that one either." 

"I'm glad you approve," I stated, feeling wonderful that they were both enthusiastic about my first story. 

"I really like this a lot, but can you put me in your next story somehow?  Maybe you could even make me a character that does something important," he added, looking hopeful. 

"I'm pretty sure I can work you into it somehow," I replied as I grinned at him.  "In fact, maybe we can even brainstorm some ideas and see which ones you like best." 

"That would be so cool!" he gushed, as he hopped off the bed and raced over to me.  He then threw his arms around my chest and gave me a big squeeze, before looking up and speaking again.  "I'm so glad my mom and dad asked you to move in with us and they're going to let you do stuff with me.  I really love you, Uncle Quinn." 

That was the first time Reid had used the 'L' word with me since he'd found out why I was there.  I could tell he really meant it too, but I wasn't going to delude myself into thinking he was 'in love' with me.  However, it was enough to know that he loved me like he loved his mom, dad, and siblings, which was as much as I could hope for. 

"I love you too, little man," I replied, with the words coming directly from my heart.  "I didn't mean to interrupt anything and just wanted to see how you were doing.  Go back to reading and I'll catch up with you again later." 

"Ok, Uncle Quinn.  I'd really like to spend more time with you, but I want to read this too.  You aren't mad, are you?" 

"No, not at all.  When your reading my stories, you're kind of spending time with me too."  He flashed me a huge grin when I said this, because it had obviously made him feel better. 

After dinner, Brad and Reid decided to read some more, so Pam and I spent the time with Evan and Ashley.  Evan even asked if I'd give him his bath later, and when I looked over at Pam she merely nodded in agreement, since it would be one less chore for her to perform. 

Evan was thrilled that I was going to do this for him, and seeing him naked in the tub made me feel as if I were bathing Reid when he was younger, since they had so many features that were alike.  It also made me wonder if Evan might eventually turn out to be gay as well. 

I was very good and didn't do anything other than wash Evan, although we fooled around a bit too and splashed each other, but nothing more than that.  I even asked his permission first before I cleaned his 'private' areas.  He merely nodded his head without giving it a second thought, and after I dried him off we exited the bathroom and headed across the hall to his bedroom.  Reid was just coming down the hallway as we reached Evan's door. 

"What are you doing?" he asked, as he glanced between me and his brother, who was clad only in a towel. 

"Evan asked me to give him a bath and your mother agreed it would be alright, so we're just finishing up," I answered as Evan entered his room.  "Now, I'm going to help him get ready for bed." 

I wasn't sure if Reid was going to be upset with me for doing this, but an evil grin appeared on his face instead.  Did that mean I was in trouble and he had thought of a way to get even with me, or did he have something else in mind? 

"Just come to my room when you're done," he stated, as he went in to use the bathroom.

Seeing Reid had moved on, I entered Evan's room.  As soon as I walked through the door, Evan told me I was supposed to get something out of the dresser for him to wear to bed.  He said his mother always did it for him, so he felt I should do it too.  It took a few seconds before I located the correct drawer, and then I helped him get dressed, before he asked me tuck him in.  As soon as he was settled under the covers, I bid him pleasant dreams, kissed him on the forehead, turned off the light, and shut the door on the way out.  I then walked over to Reid's room, while still wondering how he was going to react to what I'd done with his brother. 

"Since you gave Evan a bath, can we shower together so you can wash me too?" he asked, which explained the evil grin I'd noticed on his face earlier. 

"I suppose we could do that if you wanted.  I doubt your parents would object to the idea, considering what they've already agreed to let us do."

"Yep, that's what I want to do then, but only after you jerk me off," he added with a smirk. 

"Oh, making demands now, are ya?"  I eyed him suspiciously and wondered how far he was prepared to take this. 

"Yep, so shut the door and lock it!" he instructed as he hurriedly removed his clothes. 

"Yes, your majesty.  Is there anything else your poor, humble servant can do for you?" I followed, raising my eyebrows up and down as I looked at the naked boy in front of me. 

"Cut it out," he snapped back irritated, but not angry.  "I don't want to you to think I'm giving you orders like I was the king, or even your dad.  I just want to be able to talk to you about what I want and then have you agree to help me with it because you want to, and because you love me." 

"I do love you, Reid, but hearing you bark out 'only after you jerk me off' didn't exactly sound like a suggestion," I offered, as he sheepishly looked me in the face. "Neither did 'so shut the door and lock it'."

"Yeah, ok.  I guess that did sound kind of bossy, didn't it?  I'm sorry about that, but I really enjoyed it when you did it to me last night and wanted you to do it again.  I just thought if we did it before we got in the shower, then we could clean up the mess in there." 

"Ok, I can see your point, but I'll do you one better," I countered, which caused him to look at me oddly.  "What if I jerk you off in the shower instead, so there won't be any mess to begin with." 

His face lit up like a giant spotlight as he hurriedly grabbed my hand and attempted to drag me out of the room.  However, I felt I needed to point something out to him first.  "I think you might be forgetting something," I offered, which caused Reid to stop and look at me strangely.  "Or do you enjoy parading down the hall naked?" 

Reid suddenly glanced down and blushed.  "I guess I forgot I didn't have nothin' on." 

"Just throw on your briefs and I'll strip down to my boxers so we can head to the bathroom."  

He scrambled to find where he'd tossed his underwear, and once he'd put them on, I was ready too.  We then walked down the hall to the bathroom, and as I was shutting and locking the door, Reid turned on the water and adjusted the temperature.  He then lowered his briefs and stepped into the shower before turning toward me. 

"I've been waiting to see that for a long time," he announced as he stared at my groin.  It never dawned on me that he hadn't seen me naked before.

As he continued to ogle my equipment, I stepped into the shower behind him, pulled the curtain closed, and began to wash his body, since that was what he'd requested in the first place.  I carefully cleaned every square inch of his body, starting with his back and then working my way around to the other side.  When I finished, I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his already turgid cock, which caused him to sigh contentedly.  Then, he began to moan as I began to stroke it, before leaning back against me and resting his head on my chest.   

Just as had happened the previous night, Reid only lasted a couple of minutes before his body stiffened and his penis erupted in a handful of volleys of his thin, clear ejaculate.  I wrapped my arms around his chest after he'd orgasmed, since I was afraid he was going to collapse, and then I held onto him until I was sure he could stand on his own again. 

"Man, that was even better than last night," he sighed as he turned around to give me a hug.  "Now, it's my turn to wash you."

I couldn't very well deny him the chance to return the favor, so I let him to wash me next.  He started out just as I had, washing my back and then moving around to the front.  When he felt I was sufficiently clean, he gently reached down, wrapped his hand around my penis, and tenderly began to stroke it.  He'd only pumped it a couple of times when I reached out, grabbed his wrist, and made him stop. 

"What's the matter?  Was I doing something wrong?" he asked, sounding panicked. 

"No, you weren't doing anything wrong, it's just that I'm not sure if I should be allowing you to do this yet," I offered, as he looked at me with his eyes wide open. 

"Please.  It's not fair if I can't do it to you too," he whined, trying to convince me.  "Isn't that why my mom and dad agreed to let us do stuff, so I could do it to you too?"  I thought about this briefly.

"Yes, I suppose you're right," I concurred after I'd given it a little more thought.  "Ok, if that's what you want to do, then I won't stop you again." 

As soon as I finished saying this, he started yanking on my penis again, but this time much more forcefully.  "Hey, take it easy with that.  I don't want you pulling it off." 

"Oops, sorry," he apologized as he toned down his effort and proceeded more gently. 

I had to admit it actually felt good and I'd forgotten how wonderful it was to have someone you cared about giving you so much pleasure.  I lasted considerably longer than Reid had and I think his arm was beginning to tire or possibly even cramp up, because he kept pausing and flexing his fingers. 

"What's wrong?" I asked the next time he did it. 

"Do you usually take this long to shoot your stuff?" he breathed in my ear. 

"Yep, sometimes longer," I confirmed, and then I heard him gasp and suck in air. 

"Really?  How come I shoot a lot faster then?"

"It's because you're young, horny, and have a hair trigger," I replied, trying not to laugh.  "You're merely focused on the end result, when you finally cum, but someday you'll learn there's more to the journey than just reaching the destination." 

"What's that supposed to mean?" he demanded, sounding frustrated. 

"I can't explain it now, because I have my needs too, but I'll tell you more in due time.  If you want, I can finish it this time."

"No, I want to do it!" he blurted out, as his hand started moving again.  "I can do it.  Really." 

"Ok, but let me know if you want me to lend a hand," I added, using a play on words. 

However, Reid was determined to finish this and continued until I finally spewed my load.  He even gasped when he saw how much semen I'd produced. 

"Dang, do you shoot that much all the time?"  He looked at me amazed. 

"Yes, I do, but it's pretty typical for most adults.  You will most likely start producing more as you mature, so don't worry about it or think something's wrong with you." 

"Whew!  I'm glad you told me that, because I was beginning to wonder," Reid confessed, looking relieved. 

Now that I'd cleared this up for him, we finished our shower, brushed our teeth, and returned to his bedroom.  Since he made no move to go join Evan, it was pretty clear that he was planning on sleeping with me again. 

"Can I just sleep like this?" he asked as he let his towel drop to the floor. 

"Why?  We've already done all we're going to do for now," I pointed out, as I wondered why he'd asked. 

"I know, but I just want to sleep this way with you.  It seems like a neat thing to do and more grown up.  You can even play with my dick some more if you want." 

"So you just want to sleep naked because you're hoping I'll play with your penis some more?"  I waited to see his reaction and hear his response. 

"No, it's not that!" he blurted out, and then he looked as if he was scared that he'd done something wrong.  "It's just that I've never done this before and it seemed like it would be fun to try." 

"I guess you can do it if you want to, but it doesn't mean that I'm going to fondle your penis again."  He accepted this without further comment. 

After we got in bed, Reid cuddled up against me and I felt his penis resting against my thigh.  He instinctively began to hump my leg like a horny dog and started to bone up again, but I opted to ignore his actions and not say anything.  He stopped doing it a minute later and his erection went down as soon as he started to drift off to sleep.  As his breathing evened out, I rolled in his direction and kissed him on the forehead, while wondering if I was actually biting off more than I could chew.  Maybe that's a poor choice of words in this instance, but never having really dealt with someone so young in an adult situation like this before, I wondered if I was getting in over my head.  Ok, maybe that was another poor choice of words, but I think you know what I mean.



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