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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 49 - Unusual Situations.

On Wednesday, Amanda and I took the kids to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.  We spent the day there checking out all of the exhibits, and even though we talked to the kids as we wandered through the various exhibits, they were far too excited to say very much.  Their heads were swiveling from side-to-side as they checked out all the various items on display, so on the way home we decided to ask them what they liked the best. 

"I liked the dinosaurs," Evan replied quickly.  "They were way bigger than us, and some were even bigger than our house.  Some also had teeth as big as me." 

"I liked the dinosaurs too, but I also liked the spiders," Eric offered next.  "There were so many different kinds and they were all different sizes.  It was really fun watching what each one was like." 

"The spiders were yucky, and so were the insects," Rylee challenged.  "I didn't like any of them and don't know how you can like them.  I liked the butterflies the best.  Some of them were really beautiful and they are so graceful when they fly around." 

"I liked the butterflies too," Ashley agreed, "but I liked the birds the best.  I also thought it was interesting that the Egyptians turned animals into mummies too.  I know the cats and birds were prolly their pets, but why would they want to do that to a crocodile?" 

"It's because they had a deep respect for the crocodile.  How about you, Reid.  What did you like?" I asked. 

"I thought the African and North American mammal displays were the most interesting.  We learned in school that some of those animals might go extinct soon, so someday people may only be able to see pictures of them or their skeletons, kinda like we saw with the dinosaurs.  It's sad, because hunters are killing elephants for the ivory in their tusks, but a lot of other mammals could go extinct too because people keep taking over the land they live on, and also because the world is getting warmer.  That could be really bad for animals like the polar bears, walruses, and even penguins." 

"Yes, I agree, and that's why people should do something about it before those animals totally disappear."

"I'm glad to see that you all seemed to enjoy visiting there and found it interesting," Amanda added. 

We continued talking about our trip the rest of the way home, and after we dropped the Van Pattens off, we just barely beat Brad and Pam back to the house. 

"I'm sorry that I don't have dinner ready, but we got back a lot later than I expected," I apologized.

"That's ok.  Why don't I give you hand fixing something," Pam offered, before turning to speak with the kids.  "So did you have a good time today?"  

"Yes!" they all replied. 

"There were some really neat things there, like dinosaurs," Evan blurted out. 

"But I liked the birds and butterflies best.  They were really pretty," Ashley added.

"I'm glad we went there, cuz it helped me better understand some of the things I learned about in school," Reid added. 

Pam and I then whipped up a quick and simple dinner, and while we were eating the kids told their parents more about our outing.  When we finished our meal, Brad asked to speak with me alone, much to Reid's dismay.  I told Reid I'd catch up with him after I was done talking to his dad, and he reluctantly left the dining room. 

"I want to talk to you about a couple of things," Brad began.  "First, I just wanted to let you know that the screen tests for the various roles in the movie have begun.  As soon as those are completed, the director will start making his selections for who he wants to cast in the various roles." 

"That's good news and I'm glad to hear things are moving along so well.  So what else did you want to speak to me about?" 

"The second thing is about Reid.  Now that you two have become intimate, I hope it doesn't mean it's all you're going to be doing from now on.  He's still quite young and Pam and I would prefer if you two didn't become like a couple of newlyweds and spend all of your time hopping in and out of bed." 

"No, I intend to put limits on that aspect of our relationship.  If it were up to Reid, we'd be doing it every night, possibly even a couple times a day on the weekend, but I don't plan on letting him get away with that.  He'll probably still want me to help him get off on a daily basis, and come to think of it we were like that at his age too, but we'll only make love to each other on the weekend.  That doesn't mean the entire weekend or every weekend, and I'll do my best to keep him to that arrangement.  I appreciate how understanding you and Pam have been about all of this, but I know it doesn't mean that we have carte blanche and can do whatever we want.  I understand that you still want to maintain some sort of limits on what we do, so I'll help with that." 

"I'm glad to hear you say that.  Pam and I talked it over after we realized you'd crossed the final barrier with him, and what we just discussed was pretty much what we were worried about.  I'm glad to hear that you're being mature about this and will set limits on Reid concerning the frequency of those encounters."

"Absolutely.  I realized from the start that I'd assumed a great deal of responsibility when I agreed to your proposal.  Although we had your approval, I also understood there were limits on what we could do.  I will certainly abide by your wishes and keep our activities under control, because I appreciate the great honor you and Pam have shown me by trusting me with your son."

"I'm certain Pam will be very relieved when I inform her about our conversation.  I want to thank you for being understanding and cooperative, but that's part of the reason I wanted you to do this, because I knew I could totally trust you with him." 

I went looking for Reid after Brad and I finished talking, but he wasn't in the family room, as I'd expected.  I also glanced in the living room, since Brad and I had our chat in the dining room, but he wasn't there either.  Seeing he wasn't in any of those places, I went to my apartment next and found him watching TV. 

"So what did Dad want to talk to you about?" Reid demanded when he saw me. 

"He wanted to give me an update on how things were going with the movie." 

"And I couldn't stay for that?"  

"The studio doesn't want the information to accidentally leak out yet, so they've asked everyone to only share the details with those who are part of the process.  Since your dad wrote the screenplay based on my story, we're both part of the process, but unfortunately, you aren't."

"Yeah, whatever."

"So what do you say about going out and spending some time with the rest of the family?" 

"I'd rather we just stay here and do something." 

"Reid, you've still got to spend some time with your parents.  After all, it is summer vacation and it's not like you have to get ready for school or have homework to do." 

"Yeah, I know, so does it mean we're goin' to the family room now?" 

"I suspect that's where everyone else is." 

"Ok, let's go then, cuz I want to come back here as soon as we can." 

"Reid, before we do, I've got something to discuss with you too.  Just because I've made love to you now, it doesn't mean we're going to do it every night.  I think we'll limit it to the weekends, when we have more time to enjoy it -- especially after school starts up again." 

"Why can't we do it more than that?  I love it when you make love to me." 

"I know, but we just won't do it all the time.  We can still do the other stuff, but we'll limit how often we make love.  I suggest that you can make love to me on either Friday or Saturday night, and then I'll make love to you on the other night.  How does that sound?" 

"If we're only going to do it on those two nights, I'd rather you just do it to me both times.  So will you do that?" 

"I'd rather we alternate."

"I don't.  I like it better when you do it to me."

"Reid, you're lucky your parents are letting us do it at all, so let's not push it.  I think they've both figured out that we've already done it, and even though they haven't had a problem with it, I think it's best that we not push their good will." 

"How do they know we've done it?  Did you tell them?"

"No, your dad mentioned something about your starry-eyed expressions the day after we did it, and he also said you seemed to be walking funny." 

"I wasn't, was I?" 

"Let's just say that you're legs weren't quite as close together while you were walking or when you were sitting the next day." 

"Damn!  I didn't realize that." 

"Yes, and even though they've given us some leeway on doing these things, I'm convinced they will change their minds and possibly put a halt to it if we take advantage of the situation." 

"You really think so?" 

"I absolutely do."

"Ok, then we'll do it your way.  I'd rather do that then have them tell us to stop, cuz I know you would, if they told you that."

"You're right, I would.  I gave them my promise from the start that I wouldn't take advantage of the situation or harm you in any way, and I plan to keep my word." 

"I don't like it, but I'll do what you want."

Now that we had this settled, we went out to spend time with the family.  As we suspected, they were watching TV, but we talked about different things during the commercials too.  As soon as we were ready to call it a night, Evan let us know that he was going to go get his jammies so he could shower with us.  Brad merely shook his head and grinned as he watched his son race out of the room, and then Reid and I said goodnight to him, Pam, and Ashley before we went to my apartment.

When Evan joined us, we took our shower quickly and then I sent him upstairs so his mother could tuck him in.  As soon as Reid and I were alone, he said he'd be happy if I just rimmed him and sucked him off this time.  He didn't even want me to use the dildos on him, but he wasn't insistent about doing the same thing to me, after I'd done it to him.  I had no problem with this, so I agreed. 

I thought Reid would act disappointed because we weren't going to make love, but he seemed to be more than satisfied with what we were doing.  I know he really enjoyed being rimmed, because it was totally different than using a dildo or actually making love, and as long as he enjoyed it, I was happy to oblige him. 

After I'd also sucked him off and he'd enjoyed his release, he made a comment.  "I would have preferred having you make love to me, but this is definitely a lot better than jerking off." 

"I'm glad you're satisfied with this." 

After Reid had returned the favor, we cuddled together on the bed and fell asleep, content in each other's arms. 

The next morning when I went to get dressed, I suddenly became aware of something.  I'm not exactly sure when or how it happened, but even though I'd told Reid that he was to keep all of his things in his room, that's not what was happening.  I was finding more and more of his clothing in my closet or in my dresser drawers, but I didn't think Reid was doing this.  I suspect Pam might have been putting some of his things in here after she did the laundry.  If that was the case, I certainly couldn't blame Reid or be upset with him about this, so I'll ask Pam about it when I get the chance. 

Both Thursday and Friday were fairly uneventful.  On Thursday, Evan and Ashley spent the day with Amanda and her kids, and then on Friday Eric and Rylee spent the day with us.  No one was staying over at either place this weekend, though, because Amanda and I had reached an agreement.  Saturday was July 1st and there would be special events going on in preparation for the Fourth, and they would also be joining us for a cookout on Sunday.  We decided to do this on the weekend so we'd have Saturday to get ready for it.  Besides, Tuesday would be full of other events that we wanted to attend. 

After our shower with Evan on Friday evening and I'd tucked him into bed, I kept my promise to Reid and gave him the choice of who was going to make love to whom.  He had a tough time choosing, seeing he really wanted me to make love to him both nights, but he settled on doing it to me first.  For some reason, he thought it would be better if I did it to him the following night, so I agreed and asked which position he wanted us to use. 

He said he wanted me on my back so he could see my face when he was doing it, so I propped a pillow under my butt to make it easier for him.  I also told him that he could masturbate me at the same time, if he wanted, but he said he preferred to suck me off afterward instead.  That was fine with me too, so after he filled me with his seed, he began nodding up and down on my penis until I ejaculated in his mouth.  Now that we were both satisfied, we cleaned up quickly and then cuddled together as we fell asleep.   

Saturday morning we all got up early and had breakfast together first, before changing into shorts, short-sleeve shirts, and athletic shoes for what we had planned next.  Once we were all ready, we hopped in the Highlander and drove over to pick up Amanda and her kids next.  We were all going to take part in the Independence Day Walk/Run for Cancer, which was set to take place over a 5K course.  Seeing it was also a fundraising event, Brad and Pam gave Evan and Ashley fifty dollars each to turn in at the sign-in, but the kids also added some of their own money too.  I offered to take financial responsibility and do the same thing with Reid, and they both thanked me for doing this.  Since Brad, Pam, and I were going to walk with them, we agreed that we'd each donate one hundred dollars when signing up, seeing it was all going to a very good cause. 

I wasn't sure how Amanda handled it with her kids, but once we had all completed the registration process, we got ready to walk the course together.  We took turns chatting with each other along the way and kept up a good steady pace, so it proved to be quite an invigorating, yet somewhat tiring event. 

We were all hot and sweaty by the time we finished, so we found a shady spot to sit and cool down before heading home.  We thought it would be better to do it this way, rather than getting into the Highlander in our present condition.  We also hoped it would prevent us from having to drive with the windows down on the way back.  It worked out fairly well, because we weren't too aromatic in the air conditioned SUV on the way home.   When we dropped Amanda and the kids off at their house, we said goodbye and reminded them we'd see them all again the following afternoon. 

When we got to the house, we took it easy for a while before sitting down to a hastily prepared lunch.  After we finished eating, Brad, Pam, and I started getting ready for the cookout, because we wanted to make sure everything was set for the following day.  Of course, Reid remained by my side and helped me with everything I was doing, and Brad and Pam both smiled when they saw what he was up to. 

When we finished with everything, we were even more tired and hungry than before, so we decided to pick something up, rather than fix a meal.  We agreed to have subs for dinner, so after we found out what everyone wanted, Brad, Reid, and I went to pick them up.  When we got back and had finished our meal, we agreed to watch the movie The Patriot next, which went along with the holiday theme and was being shown on one of the networks.

As soon as the movie ended, Evan went to get his PJs so he could shower with us again.  While I was washing him, Evan asked a question.  "Can I sleep with you tonight?" 

I knew I couldn't allow him to do this, because of my promise to Reid, so I had to think up an excuse on the spur of the moment.  "I'm not used to walking as much as we did earlier, so I'm afraid my muscles are going to be aching and might even spasm all night.  That means I'll be moving around a lot, and possibly even getting up every now and then to stretch the muscles out, so what if you sleep with me tomorrow night instead?" 

"Ok, as long as I get to do it." 

Once he was in his pajamas, I took him up to his room so I could tuck him in, since I'd agreed to do it for him on the weekend.  When I got back, Reid was grinning. 

"That was pretty fast thinking.  I'm really glad you were able to talk him out of sleeping with you tonight, cuz I'm looking forward to you making love to me." 

"I know, and that's why I told him he could sleep with me tomorrow night instead."

As we got ready to do this, I was a little concerned, because I hadn't even used a dildo on him since I'd made love to him twice on Monday.  To make certain he was ready for this, I used my fingers to stretch him out while I was lubing him up.  I was also going to take my time and be very gentle when I entered him, for the same reason.  Seeing I knew Reid was often impatient and might try to impale himself on my penis, I decided to do it with us both lying on our sides on the mattress.  I'd enter him from behind, and I felt this way he'd have very little leverage to push back into me, but I would also place my hands on his hips so I'd have more control.  I even asked him to lay the towel he'd used after our shower on the bed in front of him to keep from messing up the sheets. 

I eased into him slowly and listened to Reid moan and coo the entire time.  Once I was all the way inside him, I paused briefly and gave him time to adjust, but he soon began to urge me to get started.  When that happened, I rolled him over onto his belly so he was laying on the towel, and lifted his hips slightly off the mattress.  Then, I started to slowly rock back and forth, as my penis slid in and out of his rectum.  Reid was really getting into this now and began thrusting his butt backward to meet my forward thrusts, and then he'd pull away again as I withdrew.  He certainly wasn't a passive partner, no matter what sexual activity we were engaged in. 

After carrying on like this for many minutes, I began to feel

Reid's body stiffen and wasn't sure why it was happening.  I wasn't masturbating him at the time, so that wasn't the reason, but then I heard him grunt and felt his intestines spasm around my penis, so I knew he was ejaculating nonetheless.  I guess my penis must have been stroking his prostate while we were making love, and that proved to be more than sufficient to get him off. 

As soon as he recuperated and realized what had happened, he spoke.  "Damn, that's never happened before.  I cummed and didn't even touch my dick." 

"Since it's such a tight fit inside you, I guess my penis must have rubbed against your prostate enough to make you have an orgasm." 

"I guess so, but that was strange.  It felt incredible, but it was still strange." 

"I'm not sure if it will happen again, because it didn't the first two times, but it might have had something to do with not using the dildo on you first tonight." 

"Then I don't want to use it next time either." 

Seeing we'd both gotten our rocks off, we cleaned up quickly and then turned in.  Tomorrow would be another long day, so we would need all the rest we could get. 

After having breakfast with the family, we made sure everything was ready for the cookout, because the Van Pattens were going to be joining us at noon.  We'd originally invited Chad and his parents too, but they'd already made other plans and declined.  It was a shame, since I thought it would be a good opportunity to get to know Chad's parents better as well, but maybe we could do it on Labor Day weekend instead. 

To my surprise, Amanda had told us that Bob would also be coming with them, so it would give the rest of us a chance to get to know him as well.  Evan and Ashley had spent some time with him when they'd stayed over before, but I was excited to finally meet him and discover what he was like. 

They showed up just before noon, since we told them we'd have hamburgers, hot dogs, and Italian sausage with peppers and onions for lunch.  Later, Brad would grill steaks and chicken breasts for dinner, since we were planning on making this an all day event.  I was intrigued when Amanda introduced us. 

"This is my husband, Bob.  And Bob, this is Brad, Pam, Reid, and Quinn." 

"I'm glad to finally meet all of you, since I've heard my wife and the kids talk about each of you often." 

I was a little surprised when I saw Bob for the first time.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but he was only about 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m) tall, and he didn't weigh very much either.  My initial impression was that he'd been the overly studious type in school, possibly even a nerd, but I knew he had some sort of important job, because he was always traveling for work. 

"It's nice to finally get to meet you too," Brad agreed. 

"I'm not around a lot, due to my job, so it's really nice to be able to do something like this and to spend time with all of you." 

"We're glad you were free," Pam confirmed.  "So what exactly is your job?" 

"I'm the regional manager for the Denny's Restaurant chain.  That means whenever there's a problem at one of my locations, I have to go there and stay until the issue is resolved." 

"What sort of problems?" Brad followed. 

"Any major problem, whether it has to do with a customer or the operation in general.  If a store gets a really low score on a health inspection, or has three borderline scores in a row, I have to go with my training supervisor so we can retrain and shape up the crew." 

"Does it take very long to do that?" I wondered. 

"Problems with a customer or an incident at one of the locations can usually be handled in a day or two.  The company prefers that I deal with those issues directly, rather than leaving it up to the manger at each location, in order to maintain a consistent approach.  When it comes to issues on health inspections, that can take several days or up to a few weeks to get the restaurant back in line and following company policy." 

"Now I understand why you're gone so often," I confessed. 

"It pays well and I've got great benefits, but I've had to sacrifice family time along the way.  It's unfortunate that so many good paying jobs make you choose between the two." 

"Yes, that is unfortunate." 

In between lunch and dinner, the kids talked us into playing some games with them.  We started out playing kickball, since the kids wanted the two families to compete against each other, but it also posed a problem.  There were six on our side and only four on theirs, but we quickly worked something out.  Since Reid didn't want us to be split up, we offered to play for both teams.  I'd pitch and Reid would be the catcher, so there would be six fielders, but only four kickers on each side. 

It was a fun game and everyone seemed to have a good time, and I don't think anyone cared who won, because I don't believe anyone kept score.  After we finished doing that, the kids wanted to play Four Square next, so we had to move all of the vehicles out on the street.  We let the four youngest start, and then the rest of us came in whenever a square opened up.  I think Amanda and Bob enjoyed doing this with the kids too, so we'd all worked up a healthy appetite again when it was time for dinner. 

The Van Pattens left about an hour after we'd eaten our second meal, and they thanked us and promised to have us over for a cookout in the future.  Once they'd gone home, the rest of us cleaned up the mess and carried everything inside.  When that had been taken care of, we rested for a brief time before I took the boys for their shower.  Before we left, Evan announced to his parents that he was going to sleep with me tonight, and I just nodded to let them know I'd agreed to this.  Brad and Pam merely chuckled and shook their heads in response.

When Evan went to get his pajamas, Reid told me we could just rim and suck each other off after Evan was asleep.  I agreed, and we began to undress. 

As I washed Evan, it was easy to tell how excited he was about doing this, because he couldn't seem to stand still.  I didn't think it was because I was unintentionally tickling him or doing anything different, but he seemed to be looking forward to this more than usual. 

"Thank you for letting me sleep with you tonight," he said as we were getting into bed. 

"Yeah, I want to thank you too," Reid chimed in, supposedly to make Evan believe this wasn't usual for him either. 

Once we were all in bed, the boys cuddled against me, and then Reid and I waited for Evan to fall asleep.  As soon as I felt it was safe, I told Reid to get out of bed and head into the living room.  We went to the far side of the sofa again, before we got started.  I rimmed Reid first, and then I started to suck him off.  I'd only been doing it for a minute when I heard a voice. 

"Uncle Quinn, what are you doing to Reid?" 

I looked up and saw Evan peering over the back of the sofa and getting an eyeful of what was taking place. 

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