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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 50 - Getting Ready for Independence Day.

I was shocked when I looked up and saw Evan staring at us from the other side of the sofa.  Even though Reid and I only turned on a small lamp whenever we did this, I wondered how long Evan had been there and how much he'd observed.  It was obvious he could see Reid's saliva coated erect penis glistening in the limited light, so I attempted to distract him.

"I thought you were sleeping," I stated. 

"I woke up cuz I had to pee.  I forgot to do it before I went to bed." 

"So have you peed yet?"

"No, I heard a noise when I was going there and wanted to see what was making it." 

Reid had been moaning while I'd been taking care of his needs, as he usually did, but I didn't think he'd been any louder than in the past.  Apparently, he kept his moaning low enough for when Evan was asleep, although not quiet enough for when he was awake.

"Then go to the bathroom and I'll explain everything to you when you get back." 

As soon as he disappeared, Reid turned toward me and spoke.  "Let me tell him what we were doin'.  I think I can explain it so he'll understand, cuz sometimes you go into too much detail and it gets confusing." 

"I prefer to use each opportunity to inform you boys about the things you'll need to know, but I didn't realize that doing so made it confusing.  If you want to do this, then go ahead." 

Evan returned a minute later and marched right up to us.  "So what were you doin'?"  

"Evan, do you remember when you had me rub your wiener?"  Evan immediately nodded in response.  "Well, Uncle Quinn was doing the same thing to me, but he was using his mouth to do it, instead of his hand."

Evan thought about this for a few seconds before he responded.  "Didn't his teeth hurt your wiener?" 

Reid giggled.  "No, he doesn't use his teeth, just his lips and tongue." 

"So it feels good then?"

"Yep, it does." 

"Uncle Quinn, will you do it to me so I can see how it feels?"

Now, it was my turn to stare at him in disbelief.  I knew I couldn't refuse him, though, since he'd caught me doing it with his brother.  "If I do it for you, will you go back to bed and let me finish up with your brother?" 

"Yeah, I just want to see what it's like.  I even put some water on my wiener so it won't taste like pee."  He'd apparently assumed I was going to give in even before he'd asked. 

"Ok, lay down on the sofa and I'll get started." 

Evan quickly tugged down his pajama bottoms and hopped on the sofa.  He had a slight grin on his face as he waited for me to get started, so I didn't disappoint him.  I bent forward, extended my tongue and began to lick his scrotum and miniature penis. 

"It feels like I'm being licked by a really friendly doggy," he said between giggles.

"So you've had a dog lick you there before?" Reid followed. 

"No, silly.  The doggy just licked my face and arms." 

I continued working on him while they were talking, and his penis had firmed up during their conversation, so I lowered my mouth over it.  There really wasn't enough to bob up and down on, but I continued to use my tongue and added suction. 

"It tickles, but it feels good too." 

I continued working on him for a couple of minutes, and then I stopped.  "So what did you think of it?" 

"It was fun and it made me feel good.  I'm gonna try it with Eric when he stays over again." 

"Just be careful and don't let your teeth scrape against his wiener," Reid warned.  "Just lick and suck on it like it's a lollipop or a Popsicle, but don't bite it."  The last comment caused Evan to laugh hysterically. 

"I wouldn't do that.  I like his wiener and wouldn't bite it off."

"Ok, are you satisfied now?" I asked, thinking I could send him back to bed.  However, Evan had a question.

"When I do this with Eric, are we s'posed to do it until we get the tingles in our bellies, like we do when we rub each other's wieners?" 

"Yes, that's what supposed to happen," I agreed.  "Now, go get back in bed and go to sleep.  We'll join you just as soon as I take care of Reid." 

"K," he said as he hopped off the couch and pulled up his pajama bottoms.  "Thanks for doin' that for me." 

"You're welcome.  Goodnight and sweet dreams." 

After Evan took off, Reid turned to me and spoke.  "That was scary, cuz I wasn't sure how he was goin' to react." 

"I know, but I hope it was enough to satisfy him.  I will have a chat with him about being careful if he tries doing it with Eric, because I don't want them to get caught.  It would be one thing if someone discovered they were fondling one another, because that would be considered fairly normal.  But if they were caught doing this, then that person might conclude that someone had taught them about oral sex, and then they might try to figure out who was responsible."

"Yeah, I hadn't thought about that."

I finished getting Reid off, and he orgasmed slightly quicker than normal.  I suppose that watching me do it to his brother had turned him on and prompted a quicker response from him.  However, I didn't let him return the favor, since I didn't want Evan to come out and catch us again. 

As soon as we finished, we went back and crawled into bed with Evan.  I didn't fall asleep right away, because I was thinking about what I was going to say to Evan in the morning, since I had to tell him about being careful if he did this with Eric.  I must have eventually fallen asleep, though, because I found myself waking up between the two boys in the morning. 

Once they were awake too, I decided to take a few seconds to give Evan a warning.  "Evan, just like everything else, you've got to keep what we did last night a secret."

"Yeah, I know."

"And I only want you to do that with Eric when you're at our house.  I don't want you doing it when you're there, because I don't want you getting caught.  You can still do the other stuff, but if you were caught doing it with your mouth then we might all end up getting in trouble."


"Because it's not something people would figure boys your age would know about or do on their own.  They would feel that someone had to teach you about doing it, so they'd probably think it was either me or Reid that taught you.  Since you and Eric are so young, that could cause us big trouble." 

"K, we'll only do it here then.  I promise."

"Thank you."

While I'd been thinking about Evan and Eric doing this, I almost forgot that it was my turn to watch all of the kids today.  It also made me wonder if Evan was going to tell Eric about what we'd done when he came over.  I didn't want to bring the subject up first, because it was possible that Evan wouldn't say anything until Eric stayed over, but I would keep my eye on them so I could see what they were up to. 

The kids all ran off to watch their morning shows first, so nothing unusual happened until after we finished eating lunch.  After the girls had gone off to do their own thing, Evan and Eric walked up to me.  "Can we go to your bedroom so you can show Eric what we did.  He won't let me do it to him, cuz he's afraid I'll bite his wiener." 

I didn't want to talk about this where the girls might overhear our conversation, because they could show up at any second.  Therefore, I decided to do what they wanted.  "Ok, go to my bedroom and I'll be there in a few seconds.  I just want to let Reid know where I'll be." 

They were fine with that and raced off to my apartment, while I went to tell Reid.  "I think I need to talk to Evan and Eric about this, because Evan just told me Eric won't try it, since he's afraid Evan will bite his penis." 

Reid laughed.  "I probably would have thought that too, when I was their age, so go ahead." 

When I got to my bedroom, both boys were sitting on the bed waiting for me.  The minute I walked into the room, Evan jumped down to speak.  "Will you do it to me first, so Eric will see that it's safe and fun?"

"If he doesn't want to do it, I don't think you should be forcing him into it." 

"I'm not forcing him.  I just want him to see what I'm talkin' about so he can decide if he wants to do it too." 

"Yeah, I might try it, but I just want to see what he's talkin' about first," Eric added. 

"See, so you got to show him by doin' it to me first," Evan concurred.

"I can't be teaching Eric about this stuff.  I know your parents would understand if they found out, but I'm not so sure Eric's parents would."

"But I won't tell them about it," Eric stated in an attempt to convince me. "Please, I just want to see what Evan's talkin' about."

I was conflicted.  I didn't want to do this, but since he already knew about it, I was afraid of how it might work out without my assistance, so I agreed.  Evan immediately lowered his pants and briefs and hopped onto the bed. 

"Show him it's ok, Uncle Quinn." 

I began just as I had the previous night and licked Evan's scrotum and miniature shaft first.  As soon as he was erect, I placed my mouth over it and added suction.  Evan was oohing and ahhing as I did this. 

"So you like it?" Eric asked him. 

"Yeah, it feels good."

"Uncle Quinn, I want you to do it to me now," Eric announced.   

"Eric, I'm not sure I should be doing this with you." 

"Please, I won't tell nobody."

"But what if you and Evan get caught later?  How will you explain how you found out about doing this?" 

He thought about this for a few seconds before he answered.  "What if I tell them that me and Evan peeked into Reid's room and saw him doing it with his friend?" 

"I suppose that would work, but I'm just not sure Reid would be happy with you telling someone else that's how you found out about oral sex." 

"I won't do it unless somebody finds out we're doin' it." 

I felt that would do, but I wanted to talk it over with Reid first.  "Ok, but let me see if it's ok with Reid before I agree to this.  I'll be right back."  

I went out and found Reid so I could explain the situation to him.  He thought about it for a few moments before he answered.  "I guess it would be ok, since I've been telling people that I'm gay anyway.  I'm just not sure if Chad has told anyone yet."  

"I'll tell the boys not to use his name, and then the others can try to figure out who the other boy might be.  The thing is, he'll only tell someone if they get caught."

"Ok, then go ahead." 

When I got back to my bedroom, Eric was already laying beside Evan on the mattress, with his pants and briefs around this knees.  "I told him to get ready, cuz I knew Reid would say it was ok," Evan explained. 

I merely shook my head and leaned down to get started.  I did exactly the same thing I'd done to Evan earlier, and Eric giggled when I first started.  "It tickles." 

"Yeah, it did to me too," Evan agreed. 

However, by the time I had his penis in my mouth and was sucking on it, he began moaning and started to enjoy it too.  I only did it for a brief time, so he'd know what it was like, and then I pulled off his penis.  "Ok, now you know what Evan wants to do with you, so I think that's enough for me."  

"K, I'll do it with Evan now then," Eric agreed, making Evan happy.  I left them alone because it sounded as if they wanted to try it now, so I went out to find Reid again. 

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, except that Eric and Evan thanked me when they rejoined us later.  They said they had fun doing it and would probably try it again, so I just told them to be careful and not get caught.  I also suggested that they only do this when they were here, and they both agreed before going off to play. 

That night when Evan showered with us, he thanked me again.  "I'm glad you showed Eric what it was like, cuz now he wants to do it with me too." 

"I'm happy it worked out for you." 

After we finished our shower, I sent him upstairs so his mother could tuck him in, and then I explained something to Reid.  "It looks like we won't be able to do anything when Evan sleeps with us again." 

"But he's already seen most of what we do, so we just won't make love if he wants to sleep with us again.  Or you can just tell him he can't sleep with us any more." 

"I don't want to prevent him from sleeping with us from time to time, so we'll have to figure something out.  He also hasn't seen me rim you either, and I'm not sure if he'd react very well to it if he were to walk in while we were doing that." 

"Ok, then we'll just suck each other off when he sleeps with us.  That will be enough for me, as long as you don't let him sleep with us very often." 

Once this had been cleared up, we took care of each other once again before we settled in to sleep. 

When we woke up Tuesday morning, even Brad and Pam were home, because it was the actual Fourth of July holiday.  There was going to be a lot going on today, so we'd all agreed to sleep in this morning and then have a late breakfast.  Once we were finished, we started getting ready so we could go watch the Palisades Americanism Parade.  It was billed as an old fashion Independence Day parade, so I couldn't wait to see what it was like. 

I helped Pam pack a cooler to take with us, because we were going to spend the afternoon at a park after the parade, and we'd have lunch there.  We decided to do this because we were going to stick around and watch the fireworks display later, since that has become such an integral part of celebrating the birth of our country. 

We left the house well before the parade was scheduled to begin, because we wanted to get there early enough to find a place to park and a good spot along the parade route.  We also took some lawn chairs with us so we wouldn't have to stand the entire time, but it would also make it easier for those behind us to see the parade too. 

About ten minutes before the parade was scheduled to get underway, a small group of skydivers parachuted down, and along the way one of the men unfurled a large American flag.  That caused the crowd to cheer and get into the spirit, as we heard the first of the bands begin to play. 

The parade lived up to its billing and proved to be quite entertaining.  One of the requirements for being part of the parade was that all participants must be in a uniform, costume, or other appropriate attire, so there was plenty of interesting things to look at.  The parade had numerous bands, some from high schools, colleges, and various military groups, but they were all very good.  There were also quite a few floats and many different types of vehicles, along with various other groups marching too.  Some of the groups even stopped along the way so they could perform a set routine, and we all enjoyed watching them do that.  The kids seemed to enjoy the entire parade, and when it was over we headed over to the park next. 

Seeing it was nearly 5:00 now, and it had been quite a while since we'd eaten, we did that first.  We'd packed sandwiches, drinks, and small bags of munchies to eat, along with cupcakes for dessert.  After we'd spread out the blanket that we'd brought to sit on, we had an old fashion picnic.    

As soon as we finished our meal, Evan and Ashley started teasing to go play on the playground equipment, so Brad and Pam took them to do that for a while.  After they left, Reid and I decided to take a walk around the park so we could check it out.  It was a typical small park and there wasn't a lot to see, but the walk was enjoyable and we got to investigate who else was there.  It also gave Reid a chance to be alone with me, which made him happy. 

After we returned to our picnic spot, and the other two had grown tired of playing on the swings and other equipment, we sat around and talked while we waited for it to get dark.  Some of the other people started setting off firecrackers, as well as slightly larger explosive devices in the interim, possibly to get in the mood.  However, once the sun had set and the first of the fireworks had exploded in the air above us, all eyes were glued on the heavens. 

It was an impressive show, with a wide variety of fireworks being rocketed into the nighttime sky, and there was a massive finale to end this wonderful day of celebration.  When it was over, we picked up everything and took it back to the SUV, ready to go home.  When we got there, we hurried to take our showers next, because it was getting quite late. 

After we'd washed up and I'd tucked Evan in bed, I returned to the bedroom and found Reid was barely able to keep his eyes open.  Seeing he was so tired, I felt he'd be willing to skip our usual nightly routine, so I crawled into bed beside him and cuddled as we fell asleep. 

Since we had such a busy Tuesday, and I knew the Van Pattens had done something similar, Amanda and I agreed to skip our Wednesday trip with the kids.  She offered to watch them instead, since the previous day would have been her normal turn, so I walked Evan and Ashley over to their house to spend the day. 

When I got back, I decided to use my time working on my next story, since I'd been distracted from doing it by other things, such as the camping trip and watching the kids.  Reid didn't have a problem with this either, since he wanted me to finish it too, but mainly because it was a continuation of the story about his character.  However, he also said he thought I should do something with him first, since we hadn't done anything the night before, but I told him I'd make it up to him tonight instead. 

I didn't even take a break for lunch and Reid didn't bother me and merely fixed himself something to eat.  I was still working on the story when Amanda brought Evan and Ashley home, so I took that as my cue to stop and begin fixing dinner. 


Brad and Pam looked beat by the time they arrived home, so I figured that they hadn't gotten much sleep the night before.  After we ate, I told them to take it easy for the rest of the night and possibly even go to bed early, and I'd take care of everything else.  They thought it sounded like a very good idea and thanked me for the offer, but they spent a little time with the kids first, before turning in early. 

I knew Ashley was able to take care of herself, but after I showered with the boys I went over to tuck her in after I'd done the same with Evan.  She thanked me and said she liked it when I did this for her too, so I kissed her on the forehead and wished her sweet dreams. 

Seeing I'd told Reid I'd make it up to him tonight, I decided I would make love to him, even if it wasn't the weekend yet.  Reid was thrilled when I told him this, so I had him lay across the bed, with his butt slightly overhanging the side of the mattress, and slowly entered him.  He immediately began to moan and sigh, which let me know he was enjoying this, not that I had any doubts he would. 

I eased in and out of him for a couple of minutes before I reached down and began to masturbate him too.  I stroked his penis at the same rhythm that my penis was sliding in and out of his backside, and this presented a slight problem for him.  He wasn't sure if he should thrust back into my penis, or thrust upward into my hand, because it would be difficult to do both at the same time.  Eventually, he merely opted to lay there and enjoy what I was doing to him. 

After a few more minutes had passed, I could sense he was getting close.  His body was beginning to stiffen, his penis was swelling slightly, and his testicles were drawing closer to his body.  I tried to concentrate on what I was doing so we would ejaculate at nearly the same time, but he beat me to the finish line.  As strands of his boy juices were catapulting from the tiny slit in his helmet, his intestines were also contracting, which brought me closer to the edge.  In fact, it caused me to orgasm before the last of his semen had oozed out onto his belly, as I filled him with my ejaculate too. 

As soon as the powerful ripples of my orgasm had begun to fade, I bent forward and kissed him, and then I suggested that we go shower again and clean up.  He agreed, so we made our way back to the bathroom, and while I was adjusting the temp of the water, he sat on the toilet and emptied my semen from his bowels.  As soon as he finished doing that, we jumped into the shower and washed each other again. 

"Thank you.  That was definitely worth not doing anything last night."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, so let's finished up and get some sleep." 

He agreed, and before long we were in bed cuddling together, as we closed our eyes and prepared to sleep.


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