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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 51 - A Busy Summer 1.

Even though Brad and Pam's anniversary was still over a month away, I thought it was the appropriate time to start making a few plans.  Therefore, I asked to speak with them alone, so I could offer a suggestion. 

"Have you two considered going away for your anniversary?  I think it would be nice if you were able to spend some time celebrating it alone with each other."

"But August 8th falls on a Tuesday this year," Brad countered. 

"I'm impressed that you knew this already, without having to look it up on a calendar," Pam teased.  "In fact, I'm amazed that you even remembered the date at all."

"Come on, I wouldn't forget that.  It's one of the most important days of my life, along with the kids' birthdays." 

"How sweet," Pam responded, and then she gave Brad a kiss. 

When they pulled apart, I spoke again.  "I was thinking you could go away the weekend before, seeing Evan and Ashley will be staying with the Van Pattens that weekend." 

"That sounds like a wonderful idea," Pam agreed.  "We'll talk it over and see what we can come up with.  You know, this is the best present you could have given us.  You're a pretty special guy and I'm glad Brad asked you to come live with us.  I know you will take good care of Reid while we're gone, and with Amanda watching the other two, we won't have to worry about a thing." 

"I think you've got that backward," I replied, causing a puzzled expression to form on her face.  "I think Reid will be taking good care of me while you're gone."  She laughed as she walked away.

I was thrilled that they were considering going away for a couple of days, because I felt it was important that they have some time to celebrate their special day alone.  When I informed Reid about what would be happening that weekend, a huge grin formed on his face. 

"Great!  Evan and Ashley won't be here to bug us, and neither will Mom and Dad, so we can do whatever we want." 

"Within reason," I warned. 

"And we can make love whenever we want and not worry about a thing, cuz no one else will be here." 

"That doesn't mean it's all we'll be doing that weekend, so don't think you can get carried away." 

"I won't."  

Seeing this had been taken care of, I went back to focusing on the current situation.  Since it was Eric and Rylee's turn to stay with us, I had a few concerns.  After the little show and tell I had with Evan and Eric the last time, I didn't know what to expect while Eric was here.  Reid was going to be staying with Chad again, so I'd be here to deal with the younger boys alone.  Would they try to talk me into doing something with them again, or had the situation been taken care of? 

I was somewhat surprised that Eric and Evan only asked to shower with me on Friday night, and then I took them up to Evan's room and tucked them into bed.  I was fairly certain they were going to do something after I left, but as long as it didn't include me and they were careful and didn't get caught, I was fine was that. 

On Saturday, Eric and Evan spent most of the day together and didn't bother me.  They spent quite a bit of time playing in Evan's room, so I suspected they were having fun sucking on each other's 'wieners' and didn't need any help from me.  That changed when we were showering together Saturday night.  As I was washing Eric, he asked a question.   

"Can we sleep with you tonight?" 

I immediately wondered if they had a hidden agenda, but I'd deal with that later.  "Sure, as long as it's ok with Evan's mom and dad." 

"I'll ask as soon as I put my jammies on," Evan agreed. 

I finished washing and drying both boys, and then I helped them get into their pajamas.  As soon as he was dressed, Evan bolted out of the room so he could find his mom and dad.  He returned a couple of minutes later, nearly out of breath. 

"They said it was ok, as long as Uncle Quinn agreed." 

"Then let's go get in bed." 

I was amazed that neither of them asked me to do anything with them.  Instead, they both cuddled up against me, since there was one on either side, and before long I heard their gentle breathing, which told me they'd both fallen asleep.  Satisfied, yet slightly confused, I allowed myself to drift off too.  All in all, it was a very peaceful and restful night.

The rest of the weekend passed by quickly, and when Reid got home he convinced me to tell him where we were going on Wednesday.  After he knew what we were planning, he asked if Chad could come with us.  He said he'd mentioned that we were taking these trips when he was staying over this past weekend, and Chad asked if he could go with us sometime.  Chad's father said it would be fine with him, as long as Amanda and I didn't feel Chad would be intruding.  He also agreed to send Chad with enough money to pay his own way. 

I didn't feel that Amanda would have a problem with Chad joining us, so I told Reid to go ahead and invite him to go with us on Wednesday.  Since we'd be leaving early in the morning, I suggested that Chad should probably spend Tuesday night with us.  That was fine with both boys, because they felt it meant we could all fool around before we went to sleep.  I was all right with that too, so Chad walked to our place on Tuesday afternoon, carrying his overnight bag. 

"Thanks for letting me stay over so I can go with you tomorrow." 

"You should know you're always welcome." 

"Yeah, but I still wanted to thank you."

We showered early that night, because I warned the kids that I'd be getting them up at 5:00, but Reid and Chad still wanted to fool around before we went to sleep.  Therefore, I agreed to suck them off while using the dildos on them, and then they took care of me after they'd each enjoyed their release.  We all went to sleep after that and experienced a rather pleasurable night's sleep. 

I got the kids up early and fed them quickly, because we were going to take the train to San Diego to visit the zoo.  This turned out to be a double treat for the younger group, because they had never ridden on a train before, so they spent a lot of time looking around the train car and staring out the windows. 

When we got to the zoo, I decided to splurge and treated everyone to an 'Inside Look Surprise Tour'.  Amanda tried to discourage me from doing this, saying "it's too expensive," but I insisted it was something I wanted to do.  She finally relented and I used my credit card to pay the required fee.

A female guide took us around on a large cart, which looked like an elongated golf cart with several seats.  During the two-hour tour we were allowed to visit what the guide referred to as 'off-exhibit' areas and got a behind the scenes look at the employees duties when taking care of the animals.  We got to feed a few of the animals too, including a pair of giraffes, and we also made a brief stop to see the giant pandas.  As far as I was concerned, it was well worth the cost. 

After the tour ended, we grabbed something to eat, and then we did a normal tour of the zoo on foot.  We spent a great deal of time checking out the various animal exhibits, and I had to admit I was very impressed.  It was one of the nicest zoos I'd ever visited and it gave the kids a new perspective on some of the animals they were already familiar with. 

"Hey, a zebra is just a striped horse," Evan announced, somewhat surprised. 

"And I didn't know a sloth was that big," Rylee stated.  "I thought they would be more like squirrels." 

"I thought the pandas were really cute," Ashley stated.  "They looked like big stuffed animals, and the smaller ones were playful too."

"I liked the elephants," Eric added.  "They're big, but not nearly as big as dinosaurs, but do you think they can really paint?"

"Yes, to some extent," I answered.  "They might not produce any great works of art, but they are able to hold the brushes with their trunks and then use them on the canvas, or whatever else they're painting on." 

"I was impressed with the polar bears," Reid confessed.  "Other types of bears are big, but polar bears are massive.  I pity anyone who runs into one of those out in the wild."  I had to agree.

"How about you, Chad?"  He hadn't said anything yet, and I was wondering if he thought he couldn't offer his own thoughts.

"I knew the giraffes had long necks, but I didn't realize how long, but I was really fascinated with their tongues.  When we were feeding them, they used their tongue to reach out and grab the food from us, almost like they were using a hand." 

"It's closer to what the elephants do with their trunks, but I'm sure you must have been surprised when it happened."

It turned out to be a long and tiring day, and by late afternoon we were back on the train heading home.  "Thanks for taking us," Ashley told Amanda and me on the way back.  "That was fun." 

"Yeah, it was," the others agreed. 

After we returned to the station, we quickly got off the train and loaded into the SUV.  We dropped Amanda and her kids off at their house first, and then I took Chad home next.  When the rest of us got to the house, we had a late dinner with their parents, and the kids spent the entire meal telling their mom and dad about the trip.  I could tell they had really enjoyed their time at the zoo, so I was glad we had taken them there. 

Since we'd gotten home so late, it wasn't very long after we'd eaten that it was time to shower and get ready for bed.  Evan and Reid went with me again, and after we'd finished washing each other, I sent Evan up to his room.  Once he was gone, Reid and I got into bed and merely went to sleep, because it had been a long and draining day. 

Eric and Rylee came over to spend Thursday with us, and then I took Evan and Ashley over to spend Friday with Amanda and the other pair.  I had them take their things with them, since they'd be spending the weekend as well, while I was hoping to spend most of the time working on my story.  Reid, however, had other ideas and wanted some of my attention too. 

"Can we do something before Chad gets here and Mom and Dad come home?"  It had slipped my mind that Chad was going to be spending the weekend with us. 

"So you want to do that now, instead of later with Chad?" 

"I want to make love now, but I'm sure Chad would enjoy doing something with us later."

"That may be, but why don't you two just do it with each other." 

"We'd rather have you do it with us."

"Are you trying to wear me out?"  I was merely joking, but Reid took the question seriously. 

"No, but I really enjoy it when we make love.  So can we do that now and then do something with Chad later?"  I took a few seconds before I answered, because I wanted to watch him squirm for a few seconds first. 

"Ok, I suppose that will be alright," I answered after I saw he was beginning to grow impatient.

Reid immediately leaped in the air, and then he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the bedroom.  As soon as we got there, I had another question for him.  "So who's doing what this time?" 

"I want you to make love to me," he answered without hesitation.  "You know I like that best." 

"Yes, I do, but I didn't want to assume anything." 

After saying that, I pulled him against me and placed my mouth over his.  I think I'd surprised him momentarily, since he hadn't expected me to do this quite so quickly, but he soon got into it and we began to duel with our tongues.  We only parted briefly from time to time so I could remove his clothing, and once he was completely naked, I guided him to the bed and lowered him onto the mattress. 

For the next several minutes, Reid was my canvas and I was the artist placing delicate strokes to create my work of love.  Reid was squirming, gasping, and sighing as I worked my way along his body and used my tongue to paint him with my saliva.  He may have been the only one aware of the masterpiece I was creating, but I could tell by his movements and the little noises he was making that he loved it. 

After I'd rimmed him, I got off the bed and removed my clothes too, and then I laid down on the bed beside him.  He knew what that meant and rapidly began working on me, duplicating nearly everything I'd done to him.  Once he finished, I lubed up his rectum and my penis before explaining how we would proceed this time. 

"I'm going to let you take charge and control the action." 

"But I want you to make love to me!" 

"I will, but you'll be the one in control and setting the pace." 

"I don't understand." 

"We're going to do something a little different this time, so the first thing I want you to do is to stand up on the mattress and place your feet on either side of my hips."  He looked puzzled, but did as I'd requested.  "Now, you're going to squat down and sit on my penis." 

"Oh, I see.  Like sitting on the seat on my bike." 

"It will be more like you're going to ride a bucking bronco at the rodeo," I teased, causing him to giggle. 

He immediately began to lower his body over my midsection, and I held my penis so it was pointing at his hole.  He didn't hesitate and started to sit on it, but I was worried that he was trying to do it too quickly.  He didn't seem to be having any trouble accepting it into this body, though, and as soon as his butt touched my groin, he started to bounce up and down on it. 

"Yee-haa!" I quipped, as I bucked upward to meet his downward movements. 

"Very funny," he scoffed, giving me a dirty look. 

We continued doing this for several minutes before he made a comment.  "This is really hard on my legs and they're getting sore." 

"Then rather than squatting down on it, get on you knees and sit on it instead.  You can bounce up and down on it that way and it shouldn't be so hard on the muscles in your legs."

He did as I suggested and started raising and lowering his body, while I continued thrusting my hips to meet him part way.  We continued like that for a few more minutes, and then I could feel the juices starting to boil in my loins.  I knew this meant I was approaching the finish line, so I placed a hand on each of his hips and took control of the action. 

I gradually increased the pace until I was jackhammering into his backside, and before long my penis erupted and I filled Reid's bowels with my love juices.  After several powerful spurts, I began to settle down, completely drained.  A few seconds later, I heard Reid's voice. 

"Hey, I didn't cum this time,"  He whined, sounding more than a little disappointed. 

"I told you it probably wouldn't happen every time we made love," I offered.  "But don't worry, I'll help you get off now."

"I know, but it's so much better when I cum while you're making love to me.  That's when I know we're truly one." 

"We still are, but there are other factors involved with making you cum that way, besides the fact that we love each other.  It may have also been that you just weren't used to doing it this way."

"I hope that's all it was."  

As soon we finished our discussion, I got into position to suck him off.  I would have masturbated him while we were making love, if I'd known in advance that he wasn't going to ejaculate during our coupling.  But I didn't want to ruin it for him if he orgasmed without my help, so now I'd have to make it up to him. 

I worked on his penis and did my best to make this the most memorable blowjob I'd ever given him.  I knew it wouldn't totally compensate for his disappointment about not being able to cum while we were making love, but it would have to do.  I continued to bob my head up and down on his stiff rod, adding suction as I made love to it with my lips and tongue.  After he'd orgasmed too, we cuddled together for a few more minutes and just enjoyed the closeness, before we got out of bed and cleaned up.

Later, after Chad arrived and we'd spent some time with Brad and Pam; Reid, Chad, and I went to my bedroom.  The boys wanted to do something first, so I asked what they had in mind.  We'd done many different things together, so I wasn't sure what they might want to do this time.  I'm afraid I was left with my mouth hanging open when Reid made his suggestion. 

"How about I fuck you and Chad can do it to me at the same time?  Then, we'll suck you off later, after we're done." 

"You mean Uncle Quinn will let you do that to him?" 

"I don't know, that's why I'm asking," Reid answered.  "So what do you think?  Can we do that?"  I made it look like I had to think about it before I answered. 

"It certainly won't be the first time I've had someone's penis in my butt, so I suppose it would be all right." 

I sucked both boys briefly to get them hard, and then I lubed up myself and Reid while he and Chad slipped on condoms and added some lube to them too.  Once we were ready, I got on all fours on the bed and Reid got behind me.  After he'd inserted his penis in me, Chad got behind him and slipped his dick into Reid's chute as well.  Now that we were set, the boys started to thrust back and forth, but it wasn't working out like they'd expected. 

Since it was the first time we'd done it this way, it took them a while to figure out that the person in the middle needed to control the action.  First, Reid would thrust into me, while also pulling off of Chad's dick, and then he would backup and impale himself on Chad's penis again as he was withdrawing from me.  Once they figured this out and got their rhythm down, it didn't take very long for both boys to cum.  Then, they joined forces and worked on me next, with Chad sucking me off as Reid worked on my nipples.  After I'd enjoyed my release too, we went to take our shower, and then we cuddled together in bed, content in each other's embrace. 

On Saturday night, the boys wanted to do basically the same thing we'd done the day before, only this time Chad would fuck me, while Reid was fucking him.  It went a little smoother this time, since the boys had a better idea about how it should work, and Chad controlled the action.  After they both shot their loads, Reid sucked me off as Chad nursed on my tits, and then we showered before cuddling together in bed. 

The next few days seemed to fly by, and it was soon time for our next trip.  This time Amanda and I decided to take the kids to visit Ripley's Believe It or Not! Hollywood Museum, and we invited Chad to go with us again.  However, this time he didn't spend the night and I merely picked him up at his house in the morning.

When we reached our destination, we quickly discovered there were two floors and eleven themed exhibit galleries in what they referred to as the 'Odditorium'.  Over the course of the day, we saw many strange and interesting sights as we made our way through the various exhibits.  When we had seen everything, I asked the kids what they liked the best. 

"The shrunken heads," Eric blurted out without hesitation.  "I still can't believe they were real." 

"They definitely were," I confirmed. 

"But how do they get a real head to be that small?"

"First, they have to remove the skull and then they boil the rest.  After that, they fill the empty flesh with something small, like sand or sawdust, to help it keep its shape." 

"Oh, ok.  I think I see now."

"I liked when we saw the picture of Michael Jackson," Ashley followed.  "I just couldn't believe it was made out of candy." 

"I liked the big robot best," Rylee said next.  She was referring to the 12-foot tall robot that had been made from scrap car parts. 

"I liked the Vampire Killing Kit," Evan chimed in.  "They could have used that in the Twilight movies." 

"I liked the Star Wars gallery," Reid stated next.  "I thought it was really neat to be able to see all of that stuff close up."

"Yes, I found it interesting too," I agreed.  "What did you like, Chad?" 

"I was blown away by two different things.  The first was the two-headed calf.  It was really weird looking, and I wonder how it decided which head would do the eating.  The other thing was the replica of the world's tallest man.  Damn, he was eight feet eleven inches (2.72 m) tall and I just barely came up to his waist." 

"Yes, those were both very unusual exhibits," I agreed. 

Once the others had moved away from us, Chad whispered to Reid and me.  "I wonder how big his dick was?  It must have been huge!"  His comment cause Reid and me to shake our heads and smile. 

There were also numerous interactive displays and games the kids were able to play with, so we ended up spending the better part of the day there.  When we had seen and done everything they wanted, we headed home.  Once again, our three told their parents all about the trip, and they were all still slightly wound up as they were heading to bed.  I just hoped it wouldn't take very long before they finally fell asleep. 

On Thursday night, I decided to press Brad and Pam after dinner to see what arrangements they'd made for their weekend away.  "So, have you made plans yet?" 

"Yes, we have, and I can hardly wait to do it now," Pam replied.  "We're going to Napa Valley for the weekend.  We'll drive there on Friday, after work, and then we'll spend Saturday touring the wineries. We've already made a reservation so we can have a romantic anniversary dinner on Saturday night, and then we'll come home on Sunday and tell you all about it." 

"That sounds wonderful, and I hope you both have a great time."

"Thanks for allowing us to get away," Brad added.  "I know we're both looking forward to doing this." 

"I hope he doesn't overindulge on the wine and then become unable to enjoy the rest of the night," Pam teased, and I felt she was referring to having sex later. 

"Trust me, you don't have to worry about that," Brad responded.  "I think I'm looking forward to everything as much as you are."  I was glad to hear him say this, and I could tell Pam was too. 

On Saturday, we were invited to the Van Patten's house for a cookout and to celebrate Eric's eighth birthday.  This was one of those weekends that we'd agreed the kids would stay at their own houses, because we felt it would take some of the pressure off of Amanda.  She would have enough to do just getting ready for the party and didn't need any other distractions. 

As it turned out, it was a fun day, and once again Bob was home with his family.  He grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids, and steaks for the adults, and Amanda made French fries and a couple of other dishes to go along with it.  After we finished eating, we took a little time to just sit and talk for a while and let the kids entertain each other.  Later, we had the cake and ice cream and watched Eric open his presents, and then we thanked the Van Pattens for inviting us and returned home. 

While planning our next trip, Amanda and I agreed that since the kids had been so interested in the dinosaurs when we visited the Natural History Museum, we'd do something similar.  This time, we'd take them to see the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum so they could see the remains of more prehistoric animals that once roamed this area.  However, these animals lived long after the dinosaurs, during the Ice Age, and their remains were later discovered in the tar pits, where they'd been encased in that substance for millennia. 

We invited Chad to go with us again, and I still felt badly that we hadn't thought about inviting him when we went to the Natural History Museum.  We merely stopped for him before picking up Amanda and her kids, and then we were on our way. 

Shortly after we entered the museum, the kids got to see the skeletons of several more extinct animals.  This included a California condor, a dire wolf, a giant ground sloth, a Western horse, a wooly mammoth, and a Smilodon (a saber-toothed cat).  We also took the guided 'Excavator Tour' and learned how the excavators and scientists located the fossils and pieced them back together.  We also got an up close look at several areas, which included the Fossil Lab, the Lake Pit, the Observation Pit, and Project 23 - an active dig site where Zed, a Columbian mammoth, was found. 

"So what did you like best about this place?" I asked on the ride home. 

"All the skeletons," Eric answered.  "They let us see how big the animals were."

"I liked the smiley-don with those big teeth best," Evan added.  His comment caused the older kids to giggle over his mispronunciation of Smilodon.    

"I thought it was interesting when we learned how the animals got stuck there," Ashley confessed.  "They said some of them ended up in the tar by accident, because they just wandered into it and got stuck, but then more animals got trapped there when they tried to eat the animals that were stuck." 

"I hope that teaches you to stop and think about what you're going to do before you do it," I countered.  Ashley had to stop and think about what I said for a few seconds before she understood. 

"I liked the movie that showed what it was like when those animals were alive and how the earth was covered in ice," Rylee admitted.  "It was also good to see what the animals really looked like, and not just their bones."  She was referring to the 3-D movie, Titans of the Ice Age. 

"I liked the skeletons too," Chad agreed when I looked at him next.  "The tusks on the mammoth were enormous, and I didn't know there were once camels living around here too." 

"There were, but they were more closely related to the llamas in South American, rather than the camels from Africa or Asia," I explained. 

"And I was amazed when I learned they found all the bones mixed together in the tar and then had to figure out which animal they belonged to and how to put them together," Reid stated next.  "They must have had to go to school for a really long time to be able to figure all that out." 

"Yes, it's a very specialized area and you have to know a lot about the different species and their anatomy," I agreed. 

"They must have a lot more patience than I would, if I tried doing something like that," Amanda confessed. 

"Yes, I doubt I'd be able to do it either," I agreed. 

After we'd dropped the others off and returned home, the kids were eager to tell Brad and Pam about our trip.  It made me feel good to hear what they were saying, because it confirmed that they were truly enjoying these outings. 

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