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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 52 - A Busy Summer 2.

On Wednesday it was time for our next day trip, and this time Amanda and I decided to take the kids to the Aquarium of the Pacific at Long Beach.  We quickly discovered it was an amazing place with 11,000 aquatic animals on exhibit, and I think we saw nearly every one of them during our visit.  We also took the 'Behind the Scenes Tour' and got to see several areas that are not open to most visitors.  We even got to see how much work was involved in running the operation, and learned what the employees have to do when taking care of the various animals.  They took us on a visit to a tropical reef too, and let the kids feed the fish, which they all seemed to enjoy. 

After spending the day there, I once again wanted to find out what everyone liked best.  "So out of everything you saw today, which area was your favorite?"

"The sharks," Evan shouted.  "There were so many different kinds, and one had a really funny looking head." 

"That was the Hammerhead shark," I clarified, as he referred to our stop at Shark Lagoon.

"Yeah, and some of the sharks are really small, but others are really big, and they all have lots of sharp teeth," he added.  "I was kinda scared when they let us reach into the 'shark and ray pool' so we could touch them, but I didn't get bit, so it was fun." 

"I liked the sea otters best," Rylee said next.  "They were fun to watch, 'specially when they dived down in the water.  I also liked watching them play tag with each other or when they floated on their backs."  The otters didn't actually play tag with each other, but their actions made it appear to be what they were doing. 

"I liked the jellyfish," Ashley offered.  "They were beautiful and so graceful in the water.  You could even see right through them.  I was sad when I learned they mostly ended up being food for the other animals when they lived in the oceans." 

"I liked the penguins, but I didn't know there were so many different kinds," Eric chipped in.  "They were all black and white, but they didn't look the same.  Some of them had other colors too, like the ones with yellow on them, and there were some that had stuff sticking out of their skin like feathers.  The tallest ones were as big as me, but the smallest kind only came up to my knee, and it wasn't a baby either." 

"I got a kick out of seeing the seals and sea lions," Chad said next.  "They can be really funny sometimes, and I really liked watching them."

I looked over at Reid, because he hadn't said anything yet.  "Oh, I liked the whales," he added, once he realized I was waiting for him to say something.  "Even the smallest whales are huge, but most of them only eat really small stuff, like plankton.  I was surprised when the guy told us that the Blue Whale, the largest of all the whales, would choke on something the size of an orange.   I got a kick out of hearing the sounds they make too, and I think the guy called it 'whale song'.  I'm just sad that some whale species are still being hunted and might go extinct."

"Yes, it's surprising that whales are still being slaughtered," I agreed.  "I think most people believe the practice of whaling ended in the 1800s, but it's still going strong in some countries." 

I was mildly surprised when Amanda added her observation next.  "I got a kick out of the unusual types of animals, like the sea horses and the things that looked like small dragons.  Even the scientists have trouble explaining how they evolved like they have." 

"Yes, there are a lot of unusual creatures in the ocean, and the ones you mentioned have to be at the top of that list," I agreed. 

After I'd dropped everyone else off, we returned home and sat down to have dinner with their parents.  The kids were busily filling their mom and dad in about their day, in between shoving forkfuls of food into their mouths.  They eagerly told Brad and Pam about the animals they'd seen, and their parents merely smiled and listened to every word.  I could tell they were both pleased watching how the kids were reacting to what Amanda and I have been doing with them, and I could also tell they appreciated our efforts.   

The kids spent Thursday with me too and continued talking about the trip, but eventually they tired of doing that and went off to spend time with each other.  I didn't see much of them after that, except for Reid, but he allowed me some time to work on my story too, so I was grateful.   

That evening after dinner, Brad and Pam got busy packing for their anniversary weekend away.  After they'd placed what they needed in their suitcase, they set it by the front door so they wouldn't forget to take it with them in the morning.  They were going to leave on their trip right after work, and this way they wouldn't have to return home first.  Before we went to bed that night, the kids and I told them to have fun and we all promised to be good.  I think that meant more coming from me than from their children. 

After I dropped Evan and Ashley off with Amanda on Friday morning, since they were spending both the day and weekend there, I returned home.  I didn't see Reid when I first got back, but I didn't give it much thought.  I merely figured he was doing something up in his room, or possibly even using the bathroom, so I went to my apartment to work on my story.  I'd just sat down and had barely gotten started when Reid walked out of my bedroom, totally naked. 

"Wouldn't you rather work on this, instead of your laptop?" he asked as he made seductive movements with his mouth and hips. 

"You said you weren't going to get carried away and we've only been alone for a few minutes."

"I didn't say we couldn't start early, just that I wouldn't get carried away." 

"So if I do this, then you'll let me spend some time working on my story?" 

"Yes, just not all day.  I want to spend time with you too."

Since I was already distracted and his presence was turning me on, I got up and followed him to my bedroom.  As soon as I got near the bed, Reid turned around and began kissing me, while at the same time removing my clothing.  Once I was naked too, I grabbed the lube and guided him onto the bed, as I began to take charge. 

I knew Reid preferred being the bottom and felt it would satisfy him more so he'd leave me alone for a while, so that's what I was planning to do.  I didn't rush it, though, and took my time working on the other areas of his body first, as I started at the top and then worked my way lower.  After kissing his face and neck, I moved down to his chest and began to work my way to his waist.  When I finally reached his midsection, I only worked on that area briefly before moving into position to rim him. 

Reid's sudden sighing made it sound as if he was truly in heaven, once he felt my tongue make contact with his flesh.  I spent quite a bit of time with my tongue either running around his hole or darting in and out of that opening, because I knew how much he enjoyed it.  When I was ready to move on, I quickly lubed both of us up and then prepared to enter him. 

Reid was smiling and practically glowing when my penis made contact with his sphincter.  As soon as the head of my penis penetrated the guardian to the temple, he started moaning and cooing in delight.  I quickly developed a nice steady rhythm, one that we would both enjoy.  Reid was bucking his hips to assist me every time I slid into him, and then he would relax when I withdrew.  He was a very active partner and seemed to love doing this. 

We carried on like that for quite a few minutes, and both of us were starting to work up a sweat.  I was glad no one else was home at the time, because Reid was carrying on like a madman and wailing like a banshee, making more noise than ever before.  Suddenly, his body stiffened and his intestines spasmed around my penis just before several strands of semen jettisoned from the opening at the tip of his dick.  From the expression on his face, I could tell he was thrilled that he'd enjoyed another hands-free ejaculation. 

His release also sent me over the edge, as his internal muscular contractions milked my penis at the same time, and I was soon filling his bowels with my seed.  As soon as we were both completely drained, I collapsed on the bed beside him, and we caught our breath as we reveled in our post-orgasmic bliss.

Once he had time to recover, Reid sat up and turned toward me.  "You did it again!  You made me cum without even touching my dick!" 

"Yes, I noticed that too." 

"Man, I love when it happens.  And I love when you make love to me.  That's my favorite." 

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, because I did too."  I held him for a couple of minutes as we enjoyed the closeness, and then we decided to clean up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. 

I got dressed afterward, but Reid stayed naked.  Even though he let me work on my story, he was never far away and even fixed lunch for both of us without putting anything on.  I have to admit his naked body was more than a little distracting, but somehow I managed to accomplish quite a bit on the story.  However, I would decide about how well I'd done on it later, when I went back to proofread what I had written. 

Reid had previously told Chad that he couldn't come over on Friday night, because he said he would be spending time with his parents before they left on their trip.  I thought Reid was taking a chance doing this and that Chad might get upset later, if he discovered the excuse had been a lie.  However, Reid wanted me all to himself, so he told Chad not to come over until after lunch on Saturday, but he promised we would all mess around the rest of the day. 

Later that night, Reid made love to me before we went to bed.  I thought it would be best if we alternated doing this, but I also promised to make love to him again on Sunday night, after Chad went home.   Reid stayed naked throughout Saturday morning too, and he even talked me into making love to him again before Chad arrived.  He didn't have a hands-free ejaculation this time, so I sucked him off afterward, but we were definitely doing more than I'd first anticipated.  After we showered, Reid finally got dressed and we went out to prepare something to eat. 

Chad showed up just as we finished cleaning up the kitchen.  After he said hello to both of us, he had something else he wanted to tell us.  "I hope you guys are ready to do something, cuz I need to make up for missing out on doing anything last night." 

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that, so what did you have in mind?" Reid asked, still trying to hide his deception. 

"Can we do the same thing we did when I spent the weekend after we went to the zoo?" 

"I take it you mean that you want to have intercourse with me and each other again," I stated to clarify the situation. 

"Yeah, 'cept this time I hope you'll be willing to do it to us too, not just us doing it to you."

"I'm willing to do what we did the last time, but neither of you is ready to handle anything as large as me yet."  I figured Reid was smart enough so he wouldn't try to correct me on this in front of Chad.  "If you're only asking because you're hoping I'll have intercourse with you, then you'd better come up with something else." 

"I was just hoping, but we can do like we did before.  I'll be in the middle first this time, and then Reid can be in the middle tonight, before we go to bed." 

Since this had been agreed to, I took out the lube and condoms so we could get ready.  Once we were set, we got into position and we got started.  Since Chad was in the middle position first, he controlled the action and set the pace.  I took it that he was more than a little horny, because instead of starting out like this was a marathon, he turned it into a sprint.  He was pounding away at my backside and impaling himself on Reid's penis at such a hectic pace that it didn't take him very long to ejaculate.  Reid, on the other hand, wasn't quite ready to cum yet, so Chad had to stay put until Reid had orgasmed as well. 

"See, I told you I needed to make up for not doin' anything last night," Chad confessed.  "I guess you musta done something, though, cuz it took you longer when you fucked me," he added, looking at Reid. 

"Yeah, Uncle Quinn sucked me off, so I wasn't as bad as you." 

"I'll get even with you later, when it's my turn to fuck you," Chad quipped, before we went to clean up. 

That seemed to take care of them temporarily, so they went off to do something else and let me return to my writing.  I did that until I went out to fix dinner, and the boys came looking for me while I was working in the kitchen. 

"After we eat, will you watch a movie with us?" Reid asked.

"I don't know what's on, but I'm sure we can find something," I agreed. 

"We want to do that until we go to your bedroom and have sex again," Chad confirmed. 

"Ok, I guess I can live with that."

When we finished eating, we went to the family room to see what was on.  To our surprise, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was being shown on one of the networks, and even though we'd all seen it before, the boys wanted to watch it again.  We sat on the sofa and got comfortable, with one boy on either side of me, and we waited for the movie to begin.  It had only been on for ten or fifteen minutes when I felt both boys suddenly lean against me, as they rested their heads on my shoulders. 

During the first commercial, Reid went out to get us each a drink, and we sipped on those while we continued watching the screen.  When the movie ended, we went to take a leak first, and then we went into the bedroom and got ready for round two. 

This time Reid was in the middle and he definitely took control.  He started out at a nice easy pace, because he was prepared to enjoy this and make it last.  I had a feeling Chad might get frustrated by the slower pace, but if he wanted to be a great lover he'd have to learn how to delay his urge to orgasm and prolong the love making process. 

I was really enjoying Reid's gentle and loving manner, because he kept bending over and kissing my neck and back as he slid in and out of my backside, but then I heard Chad urge him to go faster.  "Come on.  Pick up the pace." 

"Chad, you've got to learn to enjoy the journey, not just reaching the destination," I offered.  I concluded that he probably didn't understand what I meant, so I was prepared to sit down with him tomorrow so I could explain it to him. 

Eventually, Reid picked up the pace, much to Chad's relief, and before long they were getting ready to make their deposits into the condoms.  >From what I could tell, Chad orgasmed first, and then Reid followed suit a couple of minutes later.  Then, we all collapsed on the bed for a brief time, before we got up to take a shower.  Chad reminded me that I hadn't cum this time, but I told him I was satisfied with what we'd done, since I'd ejaculated earlier. 

After we finished up in the bathroom, none of us put anything on before jumping into bed.  Both boys cuddled against my side and kissed me on the cheek, so I kissed each of them on the forehead before reaching over to turn off the lamp.  We spent the night tangled together, since both boys slept on their sides and draped an arm and leg over my body. 

We slept in late the following morning, and then after breakfast the boys announced they wanted to do something before Chad had to go home.  I offered to suck them off and use the dildos on them this time and they agreed, but only if they could help me get off too.  After I consented, we got started. 

I worked on Chad first, since he still seemed to be extremely horny, and after I got him off, I started working on Reid next.  Rather than wait for me to finish, Chad began sucking on my penis too, so I let him continue while I was busy with Reid.  After Reid shot his load into my mouth, I gave him a few minutes to enjoy the lingering effects of his orgasm.  When he was ready, he merely looked at Chad and shook his head when he saw Chad had started without him.  Undeterred, Reid began kissing me instead, and then a few minutes later I filled Chad's throat with my creamy load. 

We decided to shower after we finished, and then we spent a little more time together before Chad grabbed his gear and headed home.  I didn't go to pick up Evan and Ashley right away, but we were all home when Brad and Pam arrived later.  They appeared quite tired, although they looked very happy, and they assured us they'd had a great time. 

"How was the drive?" I asked.

"It wasn't bad at all," Brad answered. 

"And the weather was beautiful, so it made the drive quite lovely after we got off the highway," Pam added. 

"What did you do on the trip?" Ashley wanted to know. 

"We toured the wineries and drank quite a few different types of wine on Saturday, and that night we had a wonderful and very romantic dinner.  We slept in late this morning and then went to brunch before making the trip back.  Thank you for allowing us to do this." 

"I'm just glad you had a nice time." 

"Better than nice," Brad concurred, while slyly winking to let me know there was a hidden message there.

After I showered with Evan and Reid, I made love to Reid again, since I'd promised to do that for him.  I did it using his favorite position, with him laying on his back, because he liked to watch me for as long as he could, plus it was easier to kiss when we were using this method. 

After I filled him with my man seed and he'd enjoyed another hands-free ejaculation, we went to clean up, and then we got into bed and cuddled together.  I think he was satisfied with the way the weekend went, even though we didn't spend the entire time alone, like he originally wanted.  However, I felt we'd probably had more sex than his mom and dad over the weekend. 

Our final trip with the kids this summer happened on the second Wednesday in August, and once again we included Chad.  This time, we took them to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.  It turned out to be a very hectic day, since there was so much to see and do, and as we were finally getting ready to leave, we decided to ask the kids about this trip. 

"Ok, what did you like the best this time?"   

"I liked the ride, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey," Evan quickly replied.  "It was almost like I was riding on a broomstick with Harry and we were flying all around Hogwarts." 

"And I'm glad you pointed out that we should quiet down and listen when we were getting off the ride," Reid confessed.  "I don't think any of us would have heard the potions professor giving a lecture behind the door if you hadn't told us about it."

"I liked that ride too, but I liked the Flight of the Hippogriff better," Eric followed.  That was a roller coaster ride that circled around the pumpkin patch and zipped by Hagrid's hut. 

"I enjoyed hearing the Frog Choir," Rylee added.  "It was neat listening to the Hogwarts' students sing with their croaking frogs."

"I liked the Hogwarts Spirit Rally best," Ashley confirmed.  "It was fun cheering on the students who were competing in the Triwizard Tournament."

"I thought most of it was pretty neat too," Reid finished, "but some of it was kinda childish." 

"Yeah, I agree with Reid," Chad added, "but I really enjoyed the rides." 

"Ah, yes.  I forgot you two are sophisticated high schoolers now," I teased in response.  My comment caused Chad to make a face, while Reid gave me a playful punch in the arm. 

"What about when we went to Hogsmeade?  What did you like there?" Amanda asked next. 

"I liked the cello that was playing itself," Rylee answered.  That was in the window of Dominic Maestro's Music Shop. 

"I liked the cat made out of measrin' tape.  Its tail even moved," Eric offered.  We saw that in Gladrags Wizardwear. 

"I liked the Sword of Gryffindor," Evan stated.  It was hanging in a frame on the wall of Filch's Emporium. 

"When I used the bathroom, I heard someone complaining and crying," Ashley confessed.  "I was kinda scared at first, and then I realized it was just Moaning Myrtle." 

"Well, I got a kick out of the owl that kept coming out of the Owlery," Amanda added.   "It reminded me of a cuckoo popping out of a clock."

"Yeah, I thought the same thing," I agreed. 

"When we stopped at the Three Broomsticks to eat, did any of you notice the talking heads in the Hogshead Pub?" Reid wanted to know. 

"I did.  I think those were the same heads that were in the movie The Prisoner of Azkaban," Ashley concurred. 

"And they were kinda gross looking," Eric added while making a face. 

"Yeah, they looked like hunting trophies hanging on the wall," Rylee pointed out. 

"The things on the pig's face looked like white hooks," Evan observed. 

"That was a boar's head and those were its tusks," I explained.  "They were curved like hooks, though."  

"I liked drinking the mug of Butterbeer," Chad offered.  "But I don't think it had any alcohol in it." 

"No, there wasn't, or you wouldn't have been able to have it," I confirmed. 

"Then why do they call it ButterBEER?" he challenged. 

"I guess it's like root beer or birch beer, but it doesn't mean it's alcoholic," I answered.  He merely shook his head in response.

Since no one said anything else, Amanda posed another question.  "What about Diagon Alley?  What did you like there?"

"I liked riding on the Hogwarts Express from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley," Rylee began.  "It was a lot more fun than when we rode on the train to get to the zoo." 

"I liked watching Kreacher peeking out the window at us," Evan said next.  That happened at the Black residence at 12 Grimmauld Place. 

"I liked it when we looked inside the back of the Night Bus and saw all the beds the riders got to sleep on," Ashley added.  "I'd like to try riding like that." 

"I preferred going to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes," Reid stated.  "Did any of you notice that if you looked up at the second floor balcony you could see Dolores Umbridge, that miserable old bat, standing there?"  A couple of them agreed they had.

"I got a kick out of watching each of you picking out a wand at Olivanders," Amanda chimed in. 

"Actually, the wand selects the wizard," I corrected.  "But I thought it was nice that they gave each of you a free map with the wand." 

"And when we held the maps under the black light in Knockturn Alley, a bunch of little figures popped out.  That was pretty neat too," Reid admitted. 

"I like the Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts ride," Chad offered.  "I think it was the best ride there." 

"I'm surprised none of you mentioned the goblin at the Money Exchange in Carkitt Market," Amanda pointed out. 

"Oh, yeah.  That was pretty neat too," Ashley agreed. 

"Yeah, the goblin answered every question that someone asked him," Rylee added. 

"He looked mean, though," Eric observed.

"I think all goblins look that way," Evan stated.  "I think it's just the way they're born." 

"Well, it sounds as if you all enjoyed your time here, so I'm glad we came," I concluded.  "Now, it's time to get you all home and ready for bed." 

That caused a few groans, but it wasn't too bad, because they were all tired from walking around.  They'd had fun, though, and came home with a souvenir wand, so I don't think any of them were about to complain. 

In fact, it turned out that Reid was so tired that he decided he wasn't up to doing anything sexual tonight.  After we took our shower, he even asked if he and Evan could sleep with me.  I knew he did this for Evan's sake, but I suspect he felt it would also kill two birds with one stone, in a manner of speaking.  Not only would it make Evan happy, but we also wouldn't have to worry about getting caught doing anything either, since Reid didn't feel up to it anyway.  Therefore, I got into bed and the two boys crawled in on either side of me.  Eventually, they cuddled against me, which made me feel truly loved and appreciated. 

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