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            Chance of a Lifetime

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 53 - Our First Year Comes to an End.

School started the following week, and Reid had to go the day before the other kids so he could attend Freshman Orientation at the high school.  This meant I'd be home alone during the day for the most part, so I'd have plenty of time to concentrate on my writing again. 

Ashley was excited because Rylee was attending the middle school this year, although Rylee was still a grade behind her, in fifth grade.  Evan and Eric were both in third grade, but they had been assigned to different classes, much to their dismay.  We'd also agreed to allow the kids to continue alternating weekends between the two houses, as long as they didn't get behind on their schoolwork.  This way they'd still get to spend time together, but it also gave them another reason to do well in their classes, so things were going fairly well. 

As Labor Day weekend approached, I was busy helping Brad and Pam plan our last cookout of the summer.  Not only were the Van Pattens going to attend, but Chad and his parents had agreed to come as well, and I think we were all looking forward to meeting his mom and dad. 

Besides being a holiday cookout, it was also serving, at least in my mind, as my first anniversary party.  It had been just over a year ago, near the end of August, that I moved here permanently and made my home with Brad, Pam, and the kids.  Now, I believe they consider me an integral part of the family, as well as Reid's mentor and lover. 

A lot happened during that first year, especially when I think back and realize I was almost scared about even touching Reid at first.  I often wonder if anything would have occurred if Brad hadn't suggested that I masturbate Reid.  Would I have ever gotten up the courage to do anything with him if Brad hadn't given me that piece of advice?  I imagine I would have eventually, since Reid was doing everything in his power to entice me, but would we have gotten to this point where we were making love to each other?  I also realize we probably could have done it sooner, but I was trying to honor Brad and Pam's wishes that I not move too fast.  I believe everyone is happy with the way it's worked out though, especially Reid, and I look forward to spending many more years with him. 

I sometimes forget that Reid's in high school now, because he still appears younger than all of his friends.  When we were on the camping trip that fact became even more obvious to me than before.  For example, not only did the other boys have the clear signs of a budding moustache and the start of a happy trail, but Jeremy also was showing the early stages of chest hair.  The only one beside Reid that wasn't showing the advancing signs of maturing was Chad, but he was still well ahead of Reid in that department.  Maybe Reid would always be one of those guys who looked much younger than his age, kind of like Dick Clark.  Dick only started to show his age at the very end of his life. 

I can't say that's a bad thing, though, especially if you consider my predilection for younger partners.  I can't help but worry, though, that someday Reid's preferences might change, but he keeps insisting that he wants us to be together forever.  I hope that's the way it always remains.  

Anyway, getting back to the cookout, we held it on Sunday so we'd have Saturday to prepare everything.  We'd also be able to rest up on Monday, since nearly everyone would have to go to work or school the next day.  It would also give them a chance to make separate plans for the Monday holiday, so they could do something with their other friends as well. 

The Van Pattens showed up just before 1:00, because we told everyone we'd have a late lunch at 1:30.  We did that because we weren't sure if Chad's family went to church and we didn't want them declining our invitation because it conflicted with their services.  They showed up a few minutes after 1:00, and Chad started the introductions. 

"Mom, Dad, this is Reid's mom and dad, and this is his Uncle Quinn." 

"We're glad to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers," Brad stated as he reached out to shake hands with Chad's father.  "I'm Brad."

"And I'm Pam." 

"Please call me Al." 

And I'm Debbie.  Thank you for inviting us today." 

"You're welcome," Pam said, "and we're glad you could join us."

"I'm glad to meet you too," I chimed in as I shook Al's hand.  "And Chad's already indirectly told you my name is Quinn." 

"Yes, Chad talks about you a lot, and thank you for taking him on the camping trip with you and his other friends," Al replied.  "From what I've heard, they all had a great time." 

"And I did too." 

"And thank you for taking him on the weekly trips with you too.  He seems to enjoy those as well." 

"I'm glad, and I'll introduce you both to Amanda, because she goes with us on those trips too."

"Brad and Pam, we'd also like to thank you for letting Chad stay here so often.  It seems that he and Reid have become really good friends," Debbie added. 

"We enjoy his company and he's never a problem," Pam replied.  "And thank you for letting Reid spend time with you too." 

"We enjoy his visits as well," Debbie confirmed.  "He's very polite and a pleasure to have around.  He and Chad get along really well, so we're happy to let them spend time together." 

The boys were listening to all of this, and although they were grinning slightly, they were also acting embarrassed that their parents were carrying on in this manner. 

Brad and Pam then took Debbie and Al so they could introduce them to everyone else.  As soon as they left, Chad and Reid came up to me. 

"I'm glad they all got to meet each other, but why do they have to talk about us?" Chad asked.  "Couldn't they just say hello and leave it at that?"

"Well, you boys are the reason we're all together today," I answered.  "Therefore, it might have seemed rude if they didn't say something to that effect." 

"I hope they don't talk about us all day," Reid added.  "I don't want Mom and Dad to slip and tell them that me and Chad sleep with you.  Chad hasn't told his parents anything like that." 

"I doubt your mom and dad will say anything about the sleeping arrangements, since they don't want to create any problems either," I confirmed.  "Chad, do your parents have any idea that you're attracted to boys?" 

"I don't think so, cuz I've gone out with girls before, but I've just never had a girlfriend." 

"Have you decided whether you're gay or bi?" 

"If I'm being honest, I'm probably gay.  I just went out with the girls so I wouldn't get picked on.  I kissed a couple of the girls, but it was more like a kiss I give my mom, not like I kiss you guys.  I really like the things we do and don't think I could ever do anything like that with a girl."  

"How would your parents react if they knew you were gay?" 

"I'm not sure.  I've never heard them say anything about gays or make jokes about them, but they don't have any gay friends that I know of." 

"Maybe they just haven't met a gay person yet, at least not that they knew was gay.  I mean they've met me now, but they have no idea that I'm gay." 

"I guess they're pretty accepting of most people, cuz as far as I know they don't have any enemies.  I just don't know how they'd react if they knew about me and Reid."

"Even if they are accepting of you guys, they might not be so accepting if they knew I was involved with you boys.  I guess I should have asked these questions before I let you and Reid drag me into doing these things with you." 

"Don't worry.  We won't ever tell them about you.  We both like you too much and appreciate what you've done for us.  You're not forcing us to do anything we don't want to do, and you're teaching us stuff so we'll know what we're doin' when we get with someone else."

"I'm glad to hear you say that.  Now, let's go have a good time with everyone else." 

When we rejoined the others, Brad already had the grill going, so I decided to help Pam bring out the other things.  Reid and Chad followed us and offered to lend a hand as we began carrying everything out to the picnic tables.  During the previous week, Brad had purchased a second picnic table and had it delivered, because he knew we'd need more room for everyone.  I was impressed that he'd thought ahead and done this, because it wasn't something the old Brad would have thought of. 

I was also surprised when I noticed what he had on the grill.  In addition to the hamburgers and hot dogs that the kids seem to prefer, he was also grilling steak, and the chicken breasts that Pam had marinated in barbeque sauce.  Having those items was fairly normal, but this time Brad had cut the steaks and chicken breasts in half before putting them on the grill, so I decided to ask him why he'd done that.

"It's so people can try one of each, if they want.  They can always have two of their favorites, but I knew the women wouldn't take both, because they wouldn't want to waste what they couldn't eat." 

I was impressed that he'd thought this out too, but I also noticed he had a cooler filled with extra meat sitting next to the grill, so he could make certain everyone got whatever they wanted. 

As before, Pam made a large potato salad and a large macaroni salad, but she'd also prepared a large green salad that she'd added oil and vinegar to.  I was sure everyone would find a variety of things they liked, and there was enough to satisfy the entire group. 

I had just gone inside to refill one of the other coolers with drinks when I realized Debbie had followed me into the house.  "Would you please direct me to the bathroom," she stated when I turned to face her. 

"Certainly," I agreed, before explaining how to get there. 

"Before I go, I'd just like to ask you a question," she added, which caused me to become suspicious and concerned.  "Do you think Reid and Chad are more than just friends?" 

"Are you asking if they might be romantically attracted to each other?" 

"Something like that." 

"Not as far as I know, but would it bother you if they were?" 

"No, but I'm curious about their relationship.  Chad has been friends with other boys before, but they've never spent quite as much time together or stayed over so often at each other's house." 

"I know they're good friends and feel close to each other, so does that bother you?"

"As I said, I'm just curious.  Don't get me wrong, because Al and I would never make a big deal out of it if they were closer than just friends, but it's just that we've been wondering about Chad for quite some time now.  He's never expressed more than a passing interest in girls, and we suspect that Simon, one of his other friends, might be gay."  I'd suspected that as well, but I wasn't about to tell her.  "I guess we're just trying to prepare ourselves so we won't overreact if it turns out to be the case with Chad." 

"So I take it you wouldn't throw him out of the house or do anything drastic?" 

"Never.  He's our son and we'll always love him, but we just want to know.  That way we can avoid doing anything that might hurt him emotionally or scar him psychologically." 

"I think he's pretty well adjusted for a teenager, no matter his sexual orientation.  However, I'm happy to hear you wouldn't do anything to harm him in any way, because that would probably hurt Reid too.  By the way, why are you asking me these questions, instead of his parents." 

"From the way both boys talk about you, I figured you'd know more about him and Reid than the rest of us.  They both seem to like and trust you, so I just felt you might be able to give me the answers to my questions." 

"I appreciate your concerns for both boys and I promise I'll do whatever I can to help your son.  Reid and I have been close for years now, so when his parents suggested I come live with them, I jumped at the chance.  You see, I'm a writer and can work from home, so I'm available to take care of the kids when Brad and Pam are at work.  I've become very close to all three children, as well as their friends, so it didn't surprise me when Chad started hanging around me too.  I'm sure Reid probably had something to do with it and was most likely encouraging Chad as well.  If you ever think I'm overstepping any boundaries, please let me know and I'll back off." 

"No, we're glad Chad has another adult to confide in, because you know that sometimes the parent-child relationship can become a bit strained during the teenage years.  That hasn't happened yet, but if it does, it's nice to know he has someone else he trusts and can go to for help or advice." 

"I'm pleased you feel that way, and I'm glad we had this chance to talk." 

Debbie then went to use the toilet while I refilled the drink cooler.  When I carried it outside, I was immediately attacked by some thirsty young people.  "I wondered where that went to," Evan greeted me.  "Me and Eric have been looking all over for it." 

"And now you've found it.  I just had to refill it, because there was hardly anything left." 

"Ok.  Thank you." 

After that, I moved off to one side to do some thinking.  I was encouraged by my chat with Debbie and felt that she and Al would never turn on their son.  Now, I wondered if I should tell Chad about my discussion with his mother.  Would he be upset that we'd talked about him behind his back?  Would he be upset that his parents already suspected he might be gay?  Or would he be relieved that they would accept him as he is?  I'd have to give this some more thought, though, before I'm able to decide if I want to tell him about my conversation with his mother. 

As I was contemplating this line of thought, the younger kids came over to speak with me.  "We want to play Four Square," Ashley stated.  "Will you help us get ready to do that?" 

"I'll ask the others to move their cars out on the street so you can use the playing area.  I'm just not sure if any of the adults will want to play." 

"That's ok.  With Reid and Chad there are six of us, and we think that's enough." 

"Ok, let me ask the drivers to move their cars then."  I walked over to where the rest of the adults were chatting.  "Excuse me, but the kids would like to play Four Square, but the playing area is laid out on the driveway.  If the drivers would please move their vehicles out along the street, then the kids will be able to play." 

No one had a problem with doing this, so before long the kids were able to start their game.  The adults stood around and watched for a while before going back to the picnic tables to continue chatting. 

"I remember playing that when I was younger," Al stated.  "I didn't realize kids still played it." 

"Reid said he remembered playing it before," I replied, "either in elementary school or at camp, but I basically introduced the rest of them to the game.  I set it up so we could play it at one of our other cookouts." 

"No wonder the kids all seem to like you," Al added.  "You're good with them and they all seem to look to you to guide them." 

"Yes, my kids adore Quinn," Amanda chimed in.  "As you know, since Chad has gone with us, Quinn and I have been taking the children on day trips throughout the summer, and I enjoy watching them interact with Quinn." 

"And he took the older group camping too," Debbie added. 

"I did that after the boys told me about Jeremy's dad and that he had ALS," I explained.  "They also said he wouldn't be able to take Jeremy camping this year, so I just wanted to make sure that Jeremy didn't lose out.  I also felt it would distract him from focusing on his father's illness for a few days."

"That was very understanding and courageous of you," Al joked.  "I'm not sure I would have been willing to take five teenagers camping, at least not without another adult to give me a hand." 

"They were absolutely no trouble at all.  In fact, I enjoyed my time with them and got a chance to swim, canoe, and hike as well." 

"You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din!" Al followed, quoting the final line from Kipling's famous poem.

"I'm impressed.  As a writer I'm always pleased when I hear someone else quoting one of my illustrious predecessors." 

"You're a writer?" 

"Yes.  I mentioned it to your wife earlier, I've written and published three books so far.  I'm currently working on a fourth.  And Brad has written a couple of screenplays too." 

"One of them was based on Quinn's first book," Brad clarified.

"So is it going to be turned into a movie?" Debbie wondered. 

"It's in the pipeline now, so we'll see what happens,"  Brad stated.  He obviously didn't want to give away any more information, but I was surprised he'd even said that much. 

"It's turning out that Chad has apparently made some rather impressive friends," Al added. 

"No, just a couple of guys who got lucky and caught a few breaks," I replied.   

"Oh, I believe a little talent must have been involved too," Al countered.  

Brad and I thanked him for his kind words and we all spent a couple more hours together before the others got ready to leave. 

"Thank you for inviting us again," Bob stated.  "I think we'll plan on throwing a Christmas party for everyone this year, so you'll all be invited." 

"That sounds very nice," Pam agreed. 

"And maybe we can think of something we can do that you'd all enjoy as well," Al offered.  "We'd also like to thank you for the great meal and wonderful company.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you." 

"We enjoyed it as well and thank you all for coming," Pam concurred.

I think Chad was hoping he could stay over, but his father told him they had other plans for the following day and he wanted Chad to be with them.  I think Reid was glad it worked out that way, because he was hoping we could make love tonight, since there was no school tomorrow. 

After we helped carry everything inside, put things away, and cleaned up the mess, we sat down to take a breather.  The kids were busy telling us how much fun they'd had and thanked us for doing this for them, so it was well worth the expense, effort, and time we'd put into doing it. 

Later, when Evan and Reid were ready to take their shower, I sent them ahead while I stayed to talk to their parents.  "I think today went well." 

"Yes, and I'm glad we finally got to meet Chad's parents," Brad confessed. 

"They seemed like very nice people," Pam added.  "I'm glad they're like that, since Chad spends so much time here and we let Reid go to their house too." 

"Yes, it has worked out very nicely and I have a feeling we'll all be getting together again in the future," I agreed.  "Do you have any plans for tomorrow?" 

"No, I thought we'd just have a nice relaxing day at home with the family," Brad replied.

"Ok, I just wanted to make sure.  I better get going or your sons might run out here naked to get me." 

"Oh, I'd love to see that, since Ashley's already gone upstairs," Pam teased. 

"I'm sure they'd be mortified," I responded before laughing and taking off for my apartment. 

After I'd washed both boys and they'd washed me, I sent Evan upstairs so his mother could tuck him in.  As soon as he left, Reid told me what he wanted. 

"Since there's no school tomorrow, will you make love to me again tonight?" 

I made it appear as if I had to think about this first, before I answered.  "I suppose I might be able to force myself into doing that with you." 

"Force yourself?  You have to force yourself to make love to me?" 

I couldn't put him through this any longer.  "No, I was just teasing you.  I'd be happy to do that with you." 

"That's more like it, so let's get started." 

As soon as he said that, Reid jumped on the bed and waited for me to join him.  I didn't hesitate and laid down beside him, ready to get started.  As I lowered my head and placed my lips over his, his mouth opened slightly and his tongue darted out to meet mine.  He's extremely passionate and was more than eager to participate, so we spent the next few minutes kissing. 

After we'd done that for a few minutes, I worked my way over to his ear and ran my tongue around the fleshy exterior, before I used my oral muscle to dart around the surface, and then I sucked on his earlobe.  As soon as I repeated my efforts on the other ear, I lowered my head down to his neck and kissed and nibbled on that sensitive area next.  Reid began to squirm about and sigh as I did this, which let me know he was enjoying the sensations it was causing. 

When I felt I'd spent a sufficient amount of time doing those things, I tweaked both of his nipples with my fingers next, before lowering my face and paid attention to those tiny nubs with my mouth.  I used my tongue to tease the protrusions briefly, before I began sucking on them next.  I then started to lick and kiss my way down the center of his chest, and when I reached his navel, I let my tongue dart in, out, and around that tiny crevice before moving even lower. 

When I reached his groin, I moved between his legs and started to lick his scrotum next.  After doing that for a brief time, I licked my way up his erect shaft and sucked on it for a few moments, but I wasn't ready to get him off just yet.  Instead, I lifted his legs and rimmed him instead, because I knew it was one of Reid's favorite methods of foreplay. 

Reid immediately began to squirm, wiggle, ooh and aah as my tongue glided around and then darted in and out of his opening.  After I'd done that for a few minutes, I lubed up his hole and my penis next, as I got ready to do what he wanted.  Reid was looking down and smiling as he waited for it to happen, because he was eager for us to make love. 

Gradually, I added enough pressure to penetrate the stubborn guardian to his secret chamber, but this had become easier over time.  His body was gradually growing accustomed to my frequent entry, and Reid seemed to enjoy it even more every time we did this.  Slowly, I slid inside him, until my penis was completely nestled in his bowels, and then I began to withdraw it before thrusting back in again, a process I repeated over and over. 

As usual, Reid responded to what I was doing and attempted to mirror every move I made.  He would slide toward me when I thrust into him, and then he would pull away as I withdrew.  As I've said before, he's never a passive partner. 

We continued this frantic pace for several minutes, as the friction of my penis sliding back and forth in his tight tunnel brought me closer and closer to release.  Eventually, as I drew closer to the point of no return, I quickened my pace and slammed into his butt faster and harder.  Without warning, Reid's body suddenly tensed up as thin ropes of semen spurted from his penis, as he had another hands-free orgasm.  Since he'd had so many of these, I was beginning to wonder if there was a mental component to it as well, which made him more prone to having this type of release.  Or did he merely have an extremely sensitive prostate?

His orgasm brought me over the brink too, so I thrust into him one more time and released my first volley of man seed.  Then, I pumped into him a few more times, with each one eliciting an additional spurt of semen from my shaft.  As soon as I was completely drained, I lowered my body and lay beside him, and as I did, my penis was pulled from its warm and comfortable home. 

We laid there for a brief time, as I enjoyed the wonderful feelings that were radiating throughout my frame from the powerful release.  And since Reid had enjoyed his release too and had a chance to luxuriate in the afterglow of his orgasm, we decided to go to the bathroom and clean up.  As I was adjusting the temp on the water, Reid sat on the toilet and released my seed into the bowl, and then we washed off quickly before getting back into bed.  He kissed me on the cheek before cuddling against me. 

"I love you more and more every time we do this," he whispered.  "Especially when I cum while you're making love to me."

"I love you too, sweetie, and I'm glad you enjoyed it too," I whispered in reply, and then we closed our eyes and prepared to sleep.  

This was only the end of our first year together, and I could only imagine how much better it was going to get.


The End.

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