Changes Journal
by Ashley Hardric ©2005

    This is a work of fiction.  That means it is not true.  Didn’t happen.  It’s a figment. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  The author does not condone sex with boys; he just writes fantasies about it.  Further, sex in reality requires caution and protection, but my characters won’t catch any bad bugs unless I write them in.  Be safe and legal in the real world, and enjoy the story only if you are of age and location to legally do so.

    **This story is the property of the author and may not be reproduced in any form whatsoever without his permission.**


Aaron Kleebach
Health per.4th
Sex Ed Journel

April 15 Friday. 
After school today Robbie and I were hanging out in my room and we decided to measure ourselves because Mr. Cox said we should put it our journels.  To see how much we grow over the marking period.

My penis is 4  and 3/8 inches long and 1 and 1/2 inches across when its hard.  When its soft it is between 2 inches and 3 and 1/2 inches long and 1 inch across.  When I get out of the shower its longer than when I get out of the swimming pool.  And my balls hang lower too.    After I take a bath I mean.  My balls are hard to measure, but think there about 2 inches long. 

Robbies penis is 5 inches long and 1 and 1/4 inch wide when it’s hard.  But when it’s soft its only 2 and a half inches long after a shower and 2 inches after swimming.  And his balls are about the same size as mine.

I am 5 feet 1 inch and Robbie is four feet 11 inches.  I wiegh 101 pounds and Robbie wieghs 83.  My chest is 27 and my waste is 24.  Robbie’s chest is 24 and his waste is 22.  He’s so skinny!  It’s funny because he’s 13 and a half and I still 12.  I have a lot of hairs around where my penis starts, too many to count about a half inch above and on both sides.  There strait and real dark brown, darker that my regular hair.  And some lighter ones on my leg from my ankles to my knees.  Robbie has fuzz around his penis and on his upper lip to.  But not on his legs.  I don’t have any hair on my face yet.  Except for the kind that my mom calls peach fuzz.  Robbie’s penis fuzz is real light brown the same as his regular hair but longer than peach fuzz.

I was telling him about what happened in Mr. Harden’s class.  He got hard again while I was telling him about how I got hard and how I squirted the white gooey stuff and all.  And so he pulls out his dick and he goes “show me how you were rubbing it.”  So I do.  I take his dick in my hand and I rub it like I do my own, only now my dick is hard too, so I have to stop and take mine out too and I tell him to rub mine like I’m rubbing his and so he does. 

So were both rubbing each others’ dicks and mine feels really good and it starts going balistic again like when I was with Mr. Harden and all of the sudden it starts squirting the white goo again and then Robbie yells OMIGOD and his dick starts squirting the white stuff too, and we’re both like covered with the stuff and then the squirting stops and we’re both out of breath and we’re still holding each other’s dicks and we both sorta fall back onto my bed. 

It was way cool.  IT was the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me, cooler even than when I broke 200 in my saturday bowling league.  Well, except for with Mr. Harden.  I looked at Robbie and he had the stuff on his shirt and some was even on his face, he had squirted that far!  “What do we do with this stuff?” he asked me, and I said I dind’t know but Mr. Harden had wiped it off with my boxers, so maybe we should do that.  So we used Robbies boxers cuz he’d been waring them for a couple of days and they were already dirty and then he put them back on and we put our clothes back on and we said we should do it again and I told Robbie he should write about it in his SExEd journle too and he said he would.  He said I could read his if he could read mine so we’re gonna trade.  I can’t wait to see what he writes.  I hope he thinks it was as cool as I think it was.


Robbie Townsend
Health Class, period 4
Changes Journal

April 18, 2005, Monday.  Aaron and I read each other’s journals.  Man, that was so hot!  That dude has some serious sex on his brain.  Not that I don’t, hehe.  He sure can’t spell, though.  I better show him how to use the spell check. 

He showed me how to jerk off Friday, which I had heard about from some eighth graders but never tried.  It was awesome, the neatest thing I’ve ever felt.  Messy, too.  We squirted semen all over ourselves.  Aaron told me to use my boxer shorts to clean us up, and I did, and today they have yellowish stains all over.  I hid them in my desk drawer until I can wash them myself.  I hope my mom doesn’t find them.

Aaron has more hair growing on his groin than I do, but I have some.  Mine is softer than his, more like darker peach fuzz, more like what I think is starting to grow on my upper lip.  I wonder if I’ll need to start shaving pretty soon.  I wonder if making semen will make my pubic hair grow faster?  The eighth graders who told me about jerking off said they like to rub the spunk (that’s what they called semen) into their skin, like skin lotion.  I think I’ll try that.

When Aaron gets hard, his penis sticks straight up, tight against his tummy.  But mine sticks out at about a 30 degree angle and it’s totally straight.  It’s about five inches long, longer than Aaron’s but not as thick.  But when it’s soft, it’s only about half as long, shorter than Aaron’s.  I wonder how big it will get when I grow up?  My dad’s is huge.  I haven’t seen him naked recently, but you can see it under his pants, and it goes nearly half way to his knees.

Aaron and I measured ourselves the other day because Mr. Cox said we should start keeping a record of our growth.  I made a chart of both our sizes (we’re comparing how fast we grow.)
I am so skinny.  I wonder if I’ll ever grow muscles?  My penis sure is growing, though!


Height weight
penis long
penis wide

4' 11"
2-2.5 / 5"

2-3.5 / 4.4"


Robbie Townsend
Health Class, period 4
Changes Journal

April 20, 2005, Wednesday. 

    Today after school I was home alone, because Mom works late on Wednesday.  I decided to jerk off again, and it was kind of hot in my room, so I took off my shirt and just kept my gym shorts on.  Before I finished, Zach the paperboy came to the door to collect.  When I saw it was just him, I went to the door without bothering to put my shirt on.  I’ve known Zach since we were on the PeeWee swim team in elementary school, so we’ve seen each other mostly naked alot.  I was still hard, since I hadn’t finished jerking off, and I guess it was pretty obvious in my shorts, because Zach noticed right away.  “Nice stiffie, dude,” he said to me.  Then I told him my mom wasn’t home and I didn’t have any money for him, and he said to me that if I did something nice for him, I could skip a week’s bill.  So I said “OK, what?” And he said “Suck me, dude.”  He had a stiffie of his own, and he just pushed his shorts down and let it stand straight up.  Man!  He sure has changed since PeeWee swimming!  He’s only a year older than me, but he’s already got all this hair, it’s like a carpet or something all around his penis and then it goes up along a line to his belly button.  And his legs have a huge amount of hair, too.  And his penis must be at least seven inches BEYOND all the pubic hair.  I just stared for awhile, until he said, “Are you gonna suck it or study it all day?”  So I said, “I’ll suck it.”  I mean, Aaron and I have sucked each other lots of times, so why not Zach?
    I knelt down and took it in my hands and then put it in my mouth, and practically before I even started sucking or licking, Zach was shooting his semen into my mouth.  It came so fast that I couldn’t swallow it all, and a lot leaked out.  And while he was shooting into my mouth, my own penis started shooting into my shorts, and I wasn’t even holding on to it anymore.  Man, that was truly wicked.  I can’t wait to tell Aarom.  I want to try it with him, now that we both shoot spunk.


Aaron Kleebach
Health Journal
Pr. 4   

April 21 Thrusday. 

Robbie told me something very kewl that happened yesterday.  He was home alone cuz his mom don’t get home until like 6;00 on Tuesday so he was playing by himself (well he was playing with himself, hehe) and he just had his boxers on and Zach the paper boy came to collect.  So robbie sees who it is and comes to the door the way he is.  So Zack sees him with hardly any cloths on and he sees that Robbie is hard, so he gets hard too and then he comes in and tells Robbie he doesn’t have to pay for the paper if he does something nice for him.  So Robbie goes What? and Zack goes Suck my cock and he pulls his out of his shorts.  So Robbie goes, OK and he sucks on Zachs’ cock for a coulpe of seconds and then Zach’s cock shoots the white stuff into Robbie’s mouth and all over his face and Zach says, Thanks man, and he says, lets do it again tomorrow, OK? and Robbie says OK.  Zack leaves and Robbie rubs the white stuff on his dick and then he shoots some of his own and then he wipes it up with his boxers again and gets dressed before his mom gets home.  So tomorrow we’re both going to wait for Zack.