Changes Journal
by Ashley Hardric ©2005

    This is a work of fiction.  That means it is not true.  Didn’t happen.  It’s a figment. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  The author does not condone sex with or between boys; he just writes fantasies about it.  Further, sex in reality requires caution and protection, but my characters won’t catch any bad bugs unless I write them in.  Be safe and legal in the real world, and enjoy the story only if you are of age and location to do so legally.

    **This story is the property of the author and may not be reproduced elsewhere (i.e. other than Nifty Archive)  without his permission.**

Robbie Townsend
Health Class, period 4
Changes Journal

May 13, 2005, Friday.

Aaron and I measured ourselves again.  We’re both getting bigger, but he has not caught up to me yet.  I am 5 and a quarter inches long now when I’m erect, and about 4 inches soft.  My testicles are getting bigger, too, although they’re harder to measure.  As near as we can figure, mine are about 2 inches long, and Aaron’s are about a quarter inch bigger.

While we were measuring each other, I noticed something different.  As Aaron was using his mom’s measuring tape to measure my hardon, which felt really nice, some clear liquid started to ooze out of my penis.  It wasn’t semen, because I had not cum yet.  It wasn’t urine, either.  We touched it, and it was real slippery.  Aaron licked it and said it didn’t have much taste at all.  But it kept oozing out, and it was really slippery, so Aaron started just rubbing it around the head of my cock with his fingers, and then he licked me some more.  Then he stopped and told me to suck him, which I was cool with.  So we lie down on his bed on our sides so that we can both suck each other’s cock, and we’re both sucking and it feels incredible, and then I had a really strong orgasm and my cum squirted harder and faster than it ever has before.  And then he did the same thing in my mouth, like a water cannon or something was blasting into my mouth.  There was so much, so fast, I couldn’t keep it in my mouth, and I made kind of a mess.  Good thing he didn’t have any pants on!

Height weight
penis long
penis wide

4' 11"
2.5-3.5 / 5.25"

2.5-3.5 / 4.75"


AAron Kleebach
Healht pr. 4
Change Journal

May 16 Monday

Me and Robbie decided to see which other teachers we could suck.  We decided to start with Mr. Hardric.  Because he has a free period when we are in study hall.  Hes’ a kewl guy and he likes us.  Alot of times we go to his room and he lets us play games with him on his computer.  So we got passes from study hall to go see him. But before we went to his room we went to the boys room and took off our boxers and stuck them thru a loop in our bookbags.  So you could see what they were.  And you could see the stains from the semens.  We both had on our basketball shorts so when we get hard we stick out and its really kewl. 

So we went to his room and he was doing something on his computer and we go Can you show us something on your computer? And he goes, Sure.  And we put our book bags on his desk so he sees the boxers.  And then we go stand beside his chair, me on one side and Robbie on the other, and we’re both all hard and everything and then Robbie leans across Mr Hardric to point to something on the screen but he can’t reach so Mr Hardric moves his chair out a little bit and Robbie just climbs onto his lap and sits on his leg.  Then I do the same thing, except I’m facing Mr. Hardric and Robbie is leaning his back against his chest.  robbie grabs Mr. Hardric’s hand and pulls it around his waste onto his penis which is sticking up under his shorts and I unzip Mr. H's pants and I’m surprized to see that he is not wearing underwear either so his penis pokes right through his fly when I unzip him.  And then I bend down and kiss the tip of it, and there's this clear stuff on the end like Robbie got the other day and I lick it off and then I start sucking on it.  I can see out of the corner of my eye that Robbiehas his shorts down, and his penis is sticking up and Mr. H is holding it in his hand.  I keep on sucking on him and I'm watching Robbies penis at the same time, and then Robbie starts shooting the seamens from his penis and then Mr. H starts shooting too and I get so much in my mouth it makes me gag and cough and some of it comes out my nose and then he stops. 

Mr. H pulls me up onto his lap next to Robbie and he hugs us both and kisses us too.  Then while we sat on his lap he pulls my waistband down and starts jerking me and in like 30 seconds I'm shooting the seamens too and it goes all over my shirt.  And then he pulls my shirt up and wipes my mouth and chin with it and he wipes his other hand that he jerked Robbie with.  My shirt's all wet and there's seamens all over it and Robbies too, but its a gray one so it doesn't show too bad.  It smells kinda funny though.

Were gonna do Mr. Cox tomorrow.