Don’t kid yourself.... Adolescent boys know

exactly what they’re doing!


A. Richard Hunter

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Chapter One

Don’t ask me why, because I couldn’t tell you. But, for some unfathomable reason, at the age of just nineteen, I had been offered the job of Assistant Manager of a local convenience store, part of a tri-state chain. I had simply been applying for a job - any job - and the Regional Manager said he was impressed by my neat block-style printing on the application and the way I had presented myself. Maybe my just completed 2-year stint in the Army had something to do with it. Maybe it had made me stand up straight and tall. Who knows.

But, here I was. Managing the QuickShop store, not too far across town from my home, during the second shift - from 3pm to 11pm. We were not a 24-hour store so I closed the store at the end of my shift and Bob, the General Manager of the store, opened it at 7am. We worked 7 days a week unless we could find someone from another store to cover for us and give us some time off. It was not exactly a great job and it was exhausting, but the pay was pretty good for a nineteen year old and the job did have it’s benefits.

The primary benefit, for me at least, was that the store was close to schools and several tracts of homes. This was good for business of course, and for my wallet since I got a cut of the net profits of the store, but it also meant a steady stream of adolescent and teenaged customers coming and going from the store as well as groups of these same youths hanging around outside the store.

I have found that if you treat young people with respect, they respond positively. By the time they reach adolescence, they fully believe they are grown and capable of making their own choices and any adult who talks down to them, or is dismissive or critical of them, will not garner their respect and will, most likely, earn their antagonism. The QuickShop chain had a problem with young people making messes in front of their stores and scrawling graffiti on the exterior walls, but I never had that problem at my store and I chose to believe it was because I befriended the kids that came around and treated them the way I remembered wanting to be treated when I was their age.

My efforts spurred the Regional Manager to initiate a program of training for all store managers throughout the Phoenix area, showing them how to interact with young people so as to avoid creating animosities that would result in shoplifting, vandalism and other problems. It worked at about three quarters of the stores in the region but there were still some old time managers who were too crusty to see the value of the program and just couldn’t make the change. Nonetheless, I received recognition from the company for what I accomplished and was credited with being the inspiration for the training program that saved the company tens of thousands of dollars a year on cleanup and repairs.

That was all well and good. But the best part was that I was given a significant bonus and a raise in pay that allowed me to buy my own place to live and get out of my parents house. Not that my parents were bad or anything, but it was confining to live at home at nineteen, especially when you had certain needs that your parents would not understand. In 1970, a nice little 3&2 tract house could be had for about eighteen thousand if you didn’t choose one of the more expensive builders such as Hallmark Homes. With the five thousand dollar bonus and another three thousand I had saved during my stint in the Army and since starting this job, I was able to buy a nice home and keep my mortgage payments low so that I wasn’t limiting my disposable cash and cutting into my ability to spend as I chose.

After moving in and getting settled, buying some necessary furniture to go along with what my folks had given me to get me started, I was ready to be a swinging bachelor. There was only one problem. I was kind of shy in social situations so I had only a few childhood friends and no means for making new ones - especially the kind that I wanted.

Working the second shift at the store meant that I was always around when the kids came by on their way home from school or when they were just hanging out to get away from home. This gave me an opportunity to get to know a lot of the boys that seemed to make the store their ‘hangout central’ during weekday afternoons. Of course, I had my favorites that I gave special attention to, but I treated all the boys well and never gave any of them cause to feel slighted or to suspect that I was especially interested in someone else.

One of the boys that I was partial to was a little thirteen year old by the name of Charlie. He was small built, thin with a tiny waist, about five foot four inches in height, with dark blonde hair that was streaked with lighter stripes from his time in the sun. His hair usually was a bit long and disheveled and hung over his ears a bit and was constantly falling in his face and needing to be brushed back. He was lightly tanned on his smooth arms, face and neck, and had an adorably cute face that just made you want to kiss him every time you saw him. He exuded an air of masculinity in spite of his small stature and seemed to project a latent sexuality that just grabbed you by the balls when he came into your presence.

For the past several months since I had first met Charlie, I would see him almost daily as he was on his way home from middle school, being in the eighth grade and, as I learned, a member of the baseball team. He was always dressed in either a T-shirt or button front shirt with a pair of Wrangler blue denims and white tennis shoes. The denims were a fairly snug fit and he had the cutest and roundest little rear end that I had ever seen, with slim, coltish legs and small hips and the most pleasing little bulge at the juncture of his legs.

Charlie and I became friendly and he once told me he liked talking to me because I treated him like a little brother and he especially liked that because he had no siblings. He shared with me his scores at school on tests, his grades, his performance in the previous day’s baseball game against a cross-town rival school, and other things that an adolescent would naturally share with an older brother. I shared some of my high school experiences with him, told him about joining the Army out of high school and what it had been like. I even lied a little about my conquests with girlfriends in order to enhance my reputation and avoid any embarrassing questions that might pop into his cute little head. He seemed to especially like hearing about my sexual conquests and repeatedly peppered me with requests for more such stories.

As summer rolled around and the temperatures began climbing into the low hundreds, school was over for the school year and I began seeing the boys who had been regulars after school coming around dressed much more casually than before. With the heat it was reasonable and expected that they would wear less, and less is what they wore. There were almost heart stopping moments when one of my favorite boys would roll in through the wide doors of the store on a skateboard wearing nothing but a pair of gym shorts and tennis shoes, displaying their athletically slim, tanned legs and bare upper body for my delighted examination.

The most spectacular moment arrived, however, the first time that Charlie came by the store in his summer garb. He was wearing an old pair of faded blue denims that were at least a couple of sizes too small, had been cutoff about one or one and a half inches below the crotch, and appeared as though he had taken sandpaper and ‘sanded’ the crotch until it appeared white, threadbare and almost paper thin. He wore no shirt and it was obvious that the tan I had seen on his arms before extended to all of the skin that was now newly visible. As he walked down the aisle away from the counter where I stood, the seam of the denims sank deep between his two small ass cheeks, separating and defining them, the tight jeans clearly leaving little to the imagination. I felt the small twitch of arousal as I stared after him, then quickly turned my attention elsewhere before I became obvious.

Charlie returned to the counter with a can of Coke and dropped a quarter on the counter. I pushed it back toward him. “On the house, today, Charlie. We’ll call it a big brother’s reward for doing well in school this year, okay?”

Charlie grinned at me and the look seemed to hold lots of meaning that I wasn’t yet able to understand. I had thought he seemed to be a little embarrassed, when he first entered the store, perhaps because of being dressed so sexily and wondering what I would think. But, now, he seemed more at ease, and even delighted at the special recognition I had given him. He looked so cute I just wanted to take him in my arms and hug him tight.

A few days later he returned to the store, again shirtless, but this time wearing loose fitting long denims that hung low on his hips. So low that I couldn’t help looking at his belly wondering where his pubic hair was. As he approached the counter with a package of donuts and a Coke, my eyes were glued to his belly, trying to see beyond the waist of his low hanging denims.

“Whatcha lookin’ at Dave?”

The question snapped me out of my daze. I hadn’t even been consciously aware that I was so blatantly staring at him until he asked. “Nothing. Just off in a daze I guess. That’s it for you today?”

As Charlie placed his money on the counter, he gave me a strange little look. “For now. I may be back a little later. My mom is going over to spend the night with my grandmom because she’s not feeling well so I’ll be home alone. So I may just come and hang out with you for awhile, if that’s okay.”

“Sure, kiddo. Glad to have you.”

Charlie flashed his familiar thousand watt smile then turned and left the store as I watched him go and fantasized about his pants slipping off his hips and showing me the cute little ass and boy treasures that were hidden.

From about four o’clock on, the store seemed especially slow with only a couple of people coming in between four and six. I spent the time sitting behind the counter perusing the latest issues of Sixteen and Tiger Beat and looking at the pictures of David Cassidy and other teen idols that were pleasing to the eyes. It was about six thirty when I heard the wheels of a skateboard coming down the walk and shoved the magazine under the counter.

Charlie rolled into the store and up to the counter and I rose to my feet. I was disappointed that he was no longer wearing those low hanging denims but satisfied that he was wearing the too-tight and too-short cutoffs from his first summer day. I even imagined I could see a nice bulge to the left of the seam and almost protruding from the short leg of the cutoffs.

“Hi, Dave.” He seemed embarrassed again. His face was a little red in the cheeks and he had trouble looking me in the eye and seemed to be continually glancing down at the front of him.

“How are ya Charlie?” I followed his eyes and noticed that the top button on his shorts was undone. I wondered if that was intentional or if it had just popped loose because the pants were so tight. “You want a Coke?”

“Sure!” Charlie grinned wide and headed for the cooler. As he bent over to grab a bottle of soda, I noticed the back seam of his shorts spread open revealing the white of his briefs. I looked away as he straightened up and came back to the counter.

“Charlie, did you know your pants are ripped in the back? When you bent over just now you flashed a big display of your underpants.”

“Really? Where?” He was wrenching himself around as if trying to see while running his fingers over the material in an attempt to find the offending opening. I came around the counter and placed my finger on the seam where it was split, the first time I had ever touched Charlie, and being in such a personal place as it was caused my dick to twitch. Charlie jumped a little but didn’t pull away and brush my hand off. I took hold of his hand and guided his index finger to the spot and helped him worm it thorough the split so he could tell there really was a tear in the material.

“Shit! I hope nobody else noticed while I was coming over here. What should I do?”

He didn’t seem especially panicked about the split in the cutoffs even though he seemed to be trying to make me think so. I thought for a moment and then looked at him with a look of sudden inspiration. “We sell little mending kits here. If you want, I’ll just sew up the split for you. I got pretty good at mending things in the Army.”

Charlie looked at me with concern. “What if you stick my butt with the needle?”

“I’m not going to sew them up while you’re wearing them. You’ll have to go in the back room and take them off and then I’ll sit here behind the counter and sew them up and then bring them back to you when I’m finished.”

Again, Charlie gave me one of his questioning looks but then agreed and headed for the back room with me close behind. I stood quietly, watching intently, as Charlie turned his back to me and lowered the zipper on the cutoffs and dropped them at his ankles. He bent over to pick them up and I almost drooled over the site of his pretty little ass pressed tightly against the white cotton material of his briefs. I could tell by the red and blue stripe that they were JC Penny brand boys briefs and they were well fitted and showing every curve including the little dimples on the sides of each cheek. As he picked them up, he turned toward me, holding the cutoffs out to me, his other hand almost covering the lump at the front of his briefs, but not enough to keep me from seeing the shape of his penis bent downward over two small balls.

I took the cutoffs and quickly retreated to my place behind the counter with one of the small inexpensive sewing kits. I threaded the needle with white thread and knotted it at the end and began a careful stitch along the thread line of the seam over the torn section. I made small stitches and then went back over the repair a second time. Given the tightness of the fit of the cutoffs, I figured there would be an extraordinary strain placed on the thread and decided to make certain it would hold, if only for awhile.

Finished with my task, I took the cutoffs and headed for the back room. Charlie was sitting on a stack of boxes that contained bags of white flour and jumped up nervously as I entered the backroom. He darted around behind the boxes, concealing himself from me. Apparently he had been having naughty thoughts as he sat waiting because as he scampered around behind the boxes, I noticed that the front of his briefs was bulging ominously with at least three quarters of a hardon. I quickly handed Charlie his shorts and returned to the front of the store away from the sore temptation the boy presented, so that I could evaluate what was going on.

When Charlie came out from the back room, he was flushed with a look of embarrassment but seemed to be trying to hide it. A quick glance revealed that he was still in a state of partial arousal as evidenced by the pronounced bulge and the slightest flash of white briefs poking out of the leg opening. I made a point not to stare because if he became too uncomfortable I knew he’d suddenly take off for home like a skittish colt.

“Thanks, Dave. You think it will hold?”

“Sure. I double stitched it. Those cutoffs are pretty tight but the mend should last. In fact, it would be more likely that the would rip out somewhere else than where I mended them.”

Charlie blushed again. “I know they’re tight but they’re my favorites. I’ve been wearing them for a couple of years because mom won’t let me cut off any other of my pants. She says it’s wasteful.”

“You want to sit down behind the counter for awhile? I’ve got some new comics you can look at.”

“Sure.” Charlie beamed at me and dragged a milk crate around to my right, sitting at an angle to me. I pulled a box of new magazines and comics that had come in earlier in the day that, sooner or later, I would put up on the racks. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to Charlie for a few moments as I had to stand up and help a customer that came in for a slushee drink and pack of smokes. When I sat back down, I was surprised that Charlie was looking at a men’s muscle magazine and had the latest issue of Tiger Beat sitting on his knees, apparently next in line for his attention.

Sitting quietly and saying nothing, I allowed Charlie to look through his magazines. He seemed so intensely focused on the muscle mag that he didn’t notice that I left the counter and moved around the store, winding up standing outside of the counter space and directly behind him. He had been staring at the one page for quite a long time and I was interested what had his attention. I almost coughed from the surprise as I looked at the twin facing photographs of a man, perhaps twenty or twenty one, wearing the tiniest of posing straps, the one picture showing a view from the front and a very bulging crotch, the other a photo from behind revealing two firmly sculpted ass cheeks.

I quietly and unobtrusively returned to my crate to sit and slowly glanced over at Charlie, still immersed in his magazine. I let my eyes scan down and fall on his crotch and smiled to myself on realizing that he was totally hard. His dick was folded down in his briefs and, as such, was pushing out against his shorts creating a sizeable bulge. More telling, however, was that his dick, encased in his white briefs, had emerged from the leg of his shorts a full inch and the briefs had a round spot where his dick was obviously leaking pre-cum. My little Charlie was apparently at that adolescent stage at which he had an interest in other guys, though it would probably pass in a couple of years.

I continued to sit quietly, content simply to sit and look at Charlie. I took the time to look him over slowly and carefully, not concerned at being caught staring as in the past. His arms were lightly muscled, evidence of his adolescent athletic activities, with not the slightest sign of any small hairs on the nicely tanned skin. His shoulders were rounded in a way that told me he could deliver a fairly good swing of the bat when he had a mind to. His chest was slightly defined by the ridge of muscle down the center and out to each side, then angling up under his armpits. His stomach was flat, no six pack evident, but I was certain it would appear in time. He had a small navel, not really an innie nor an outtie since it seemed almost flush with the rest of his stomach. His legs were what dreams were made of, longish, slender, firm and sturdy but not yet displaying any bulging muscle. In short, Charlie, on the overall, was a dreamboy.

Charlie finally closed the magazine and looked up, flushed in the face, and placed the magazine in his lap, apparently having become aware of his erection and wanting to conceal it. I made no attempt to conceal the bulge that had sprouted strongly between my own legs from looking at him and watching his advancing arousal. If Charlie noticed, he gave no indication.

“I better get home. Mom said she would call to check up on me and she’ll freak if I’m not there.” He rose, turning away from me to conceal his erection, and set the magazines down on the crate. As much as he tried, he could get out from behind the counter without passing by me in a way that gave me a full view of the bulging flesh behind his denims.

“Okay, we’ll see you whenever, Charlie.”

“I’ll be here again tomorrow night. Mom will be staying at grandmom’s again only this time I’ll tell her I’m going to be with friends so I don’t have to worry about getting home by seven or eight. Okay?”

I winked at him. “You bet.” I watched him leave, obviously struggling to walk normally while that hard flesh was pressed against one leg making it necessary to take a short step with the left leg.

Chapter Two

The following evening, Charlie showed up at about seven thirty. I had almost given up on seeing him since he had never been so late arriving before. He was wearing a T-shirt cut off just below his small nipples, and another pair of long pants that were very loose and hung dangerously low on his hips. In fact, this time I could see the beginning of the swell of his sweet little ass and the beginning of the divide between his cheeks. I was afraid to stare too long at the front but what looks I was able to take still did not reveal any pubic hair attempting to sprout above the waist of the denims. I did see the beginnings of his briefs, however, which was more than I had seen the last time he wore the loose denims.

Charlie spent time looking at magazines, focusing intently on the more enticing ones with skimpily clad men, helped me stack some shelves as we talked, and swept the aisles for me. At one point I became aware that he seemed to be limping and assumed he must have gotten aroused again and his cock was painfully cramped along his leg again.

 It was a pleasant evening and when we realized it was eleven o’clock, we were both surprised at how fast the evening had gone. I started locking up and had just closed and locked the big front doors when Charlie limped up to me.

“I think I pulled a muscle in my leg, Dave, when I was lifting those boxes. It really hurts right now.”

“You want me to give you a ride home?”

“Sure. But can you check first to see if my leg is okay?”

This could go in several directions and I decided it would start by going in one very definite direction. “Sure. Let’s go in the backroom. You’ll have to take off your pants and lay down so I can check the muscle.”

I led Charlie to the back room, turning off the lights in the front of the store as we went, and spread a sleeping bag on the floor that the manager had kept there from the time that he was working alone while they were trying to find an Assistant. Charlie unbuttoned the tab at the top of his fly and lowered the zipper, trying to keep his back to me. I had expected he would simply push them to his ankles and then lay down, but he pulled them off completely and then also removed his short T-shirt. Then, he lay himself out on the bag, face down.

“Where does it hurt?”

Charlie pointed to his right leg, just above the bend of the knee and indicated that it continued all the way up to his butt. Then he said he also had pain on the front of the same leg, sort of towards the inside. This was getting interesting and my cock was definitely showing its approval.

I started by gently squeezing his leg in the indicated area and asking him to tell me when I touched a spot that was particularly painful. When he grunted, I began kneading the area and could feel the tightness of the muscle and the gradual relaxation as it responded to my ministrations. When Charlie finally let me know that the pain in that spot had eased off, I told him to roll over and I would take care of the muscle in the front of his leg.

With great hesitation, and a bright red face, Charlie rolled over on his back, clamping his hands over the front of his briefs. I asked him to point to the sore muscle and he removed one hand and indicated the muscle. I began kneading the muscle gently and it, too, began to respond by loosening. As I was near to complete with the manipulation of the muscle, Charlie suddenly sneezed, his hands coming in front of his face as an automatic reflex, leaving his groin open to my view.

Charlie was indeed erect. It appeared that he had about six inches of hard flesh sticking up along his belly from the base, angled slightly to one side, and had discharged a copious amount of pre-cum as his briefs had a large wet spot. His hands came back down quickly and clamped over his center, covering all that I desired to see.

“Charlie, there’s no reason to be embarrassed about having a hardon. It’s natural. At your age it happens all the time without any reason at all. But any time someone is touching you anywhere close to your crotch, it’s only natural that would happen. It doesn’t mean anything and you shouldn’t let it bother you.”

That didn’t seem to assuage Charlie any so I just gently reached out and pried his hands loose and placed his arms at his side. I could see his dick pulsing with his heartbeat and he lay there stiffly, feeling totally exposed and vulnerable.

“You have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. Or ashamed of. Your dick is a lot bigger than most of the other boys your age. I’ll bet on that.” I tentatively reached out and ran my index finger over the length of his hard cock. He sucked in his breath and jerked as I touched him and his cock twitched several times. “That’s a nice cock, Charlie. How many times a day do you jerk off?”

His eyes grew wide. “Dave!” he exclaimed with embarrassment. His hands started to move back to cover himself again and I pressed them back at his sides again.

“Jerking off is natural. Every guy does it and if they say they don’t they’re lying to you. And you would be surprised how many guys - including some of your friends I’ll bet - jerk each other off. Hell, I jerk off every day myself, sometimes more than once. Just depends on how much stimulation I had during the day.”

Charlie looked at me, his wide, innocent eyes boring holes in me. “ jerk off?”

“Sure do.”

“Did YOU jerk off with your friends when you were my age?”

“Yep. And I still do.” It was a well intentioned lie.

Charlie took a quick lungful of air. A soft, breathless exclamation escaped his full lips. “Wow.”

As much as I was not one to start things, I could see that if I didn’t, they wouldn’t get started at all. I reached out slowly and squeezed Charlie’s erection between my thumb and forefinger and stroked up and down three or four times to show him that it was okay. I watched as his hands balled into fists and his legs and stomach tensed, his hips lifting slightly off the floor in reaction.

“See? Nothing wrong with it and nothing to be afraid of. Just be who you are. Be comfortable with yourself and recognize that sex is a part of life. It’s not something to be afraid of. And all that crap that you hear on the schoolyard about it being queer to touch another guy’s dick is a lot of shit. Doing it doesn’t make you gay. Not doing it won’t keep you from being gay. Being gay is determined at birth. Worrying about it too much, though, can really mess you up. If you’re horny, do what makes you feel good and keep doing it until you don’t enjoy it anymore. That’s Dave’s Sex Education class for tonight.”

I sat back and reached over to hand Charlie his denims. I had probably pushed it as far as I could without freaking Charlie out and perhaps bringing some major trouble down on myself. I had a personal objection to the way everyone seemed to put down gay people and treat them as abnormal. I knew that I hadn’t chosen this for myself, I hadn’t been molested, I hadn’t messed around with guys when I was young, yet at about eight years of age I started wanting to see my friends naked and the desires got increasingly stronger as I got older.

Charlie pulled on his pants and zipped up, discreetly adjusting himself in his briefs, and then pulled on his shirt. I knew from the way he had so completely undressed, that he had been signaling that he wanted something to happen, then had started to chicken out when he had to roll over and show off his hardon in his briefs. He was probably afraid that I would reject him.

As I dropped Charlie off at his house, I leaned across the seat and put an arm around his shoulder and gave him a hug, pressing my cheek against his. “Little brother, I’m always here for you about anything. Anytime you need to talk, you just call me.” I handed him a slip of paper with my home telephone number and wished him good night. He seemed to walk lighter as he headed up the driveway to his door.

Surprisingly, the following afternoon, Charlie was back and smiling and happy as usual. He didn’t seem the least bit freaked out by our discussion the previous night nor from my touching his private parts. Again he was wearing his low rider denims only this time they seemed to be intentionally pulled lower than usual. I couldn’t see the waistband of his briefs but I was sure I was seeing a few light brown pubic hairs sneaking up his belly above the top of his denims. It caused me to go instantly erect and now it was my turn to turn away and be embarrassed.

Charlie hung around most of the afternoon, helping with breaking down cartons and stacking back up supplies on shelves in the back room. He finally said he had to leave at six o’clock since his mother was coming home to fix him dinner before going back to his grandmoms. I thanked him for his help as he left and settled down for another slow night. Surprisingly, it got unusually busy shortly after Charlie left and stayed busy for a few hours. The last of the unusual rush of customers was just leaving at about a quarter to ten when Charlie returned, a big beaming smile on his face.

Without invitation, Charlie came around behind the counter and plopped down on ‘his’ milk crate and silently watched me as I finished up with the customers. He was wearing the same thing he had been wearing earlier only he smelled fresher and cleaner than he had when he left.

“You know, if you wear your pants any looser, or lower, you’re going to be waving that rather large dick of yours to everyone in sight.” It was an attempt to gauge his reaction to the prior nights events.

Charlie jumped up and pulled up on the waist of his denims. In doing so, the front of his pants bulged out and I could see right down the front and confirm that he wasn’t wearing underwear. It was shadowy but I could also see that he had a respectable little bush of pubic hair sprouting at the base of his dick, although I was only able to see perhaps half an inch of the shaft.

“My dick isn’t that big, Dave.” He kind of laughed in a way that told me he was trying to be modest but was fishing for me to tell him that he was actually bigger than normal.

“Yes it is, kiddo. You’re already as big as most grown men will ever get. Sure, there will be guys who will be bigger, maybe even a lot bigger, but at thirteen you’re already as big as the average man and bigger than others. You should be proud of your dick.”

Charlie turned his face away, blushing a beet red, and I saw his had quickly adjust the front of his pants as he fought to control his dick’s decision to stand at attention. He sat down again, and sat quietly for a few minutes, finally turning to me with a hopeful expression.



“Could I come over and stay at your place tonight. I really don’t like being home alone all night because there are so many creaks and groans that sound like someone is in the house, and I keep imagining I hear voices and.....I wish I wasn’t such a baby! I just don’t like being home by myself at night.” It all came out in a rush and I could tell it had taken a herculean effort to confess his fears to me and that they were very real fears to him.

“Of course you can. What about your mother?”

“I told her I was going to stay over at a friend’s house.”

“And, do you think you could rub my leg a little again. It’s been hurting today although not as much as yesterday.”

I smiled warmly at Charlie but I was grinning devilishly inside. I saw the planning that had gone into this and understood why he was not wearing underwear today. There would be no inconvenient briefs to get in the way this time. “Sure. Anything you want.” I pulled him to me and gave him a big hug and was pleased when he wrapped his arms around my waist and squeezed back.

Chapter Three

We left the store a little past eleven and were at my house by about eleven thirty. I asked Charlie if he wanted anything to eat, which he declined, or watch television, which he also declined. I realized he was nervous but anxious to have me rub his leg and see what, if anything, would happen. I was equally curious to see how it would go and if he would become overly embarrassed and fearful again once we started what he had initiated.

“Okay, why don’t you get your pants off and lay down on the carpet here and I’ll work my magic on your leg.”

I saw the first jerk of tension as he realized the moment of truth had arrived. I could read his face like a map as he argued internally over removing his denims, knowing he had no underwear on, wondering what my reaction would be. I could see him fading fast, his nerve about to give way before his fear.

“Don’t worry, Charlie. I know you’re not wearing underwear and I’m not going to think anything badly about you because of it. Lot’s of guys don’t wear underwear. It feels good to let everything hang loose sometimes. If you’re nervous, I can help you.” I didn’t want this chance to escape me just because of cold feet. If he decided he didn’t want to do this, that was one thing and I would certainly respect it. But if it was just a case of nerves keeping him from doing something he really wanted to do, then I wanted to help him get past this critical moment.

I stepped up in front of him and placed my hands on the waist of his denims. He made no movement to stop me and his big eyes looked up at me with want and trust and I knew this was what he wanted me to do. I unbuttoned the top of his fly and slowly lowered the zipper. I moved slowly to give him every opportunity to change his mind but, from the way his pants were beginning to bulge, it was obvious that there was no turning back.

As I slid the denims down over his slim hips, I gazed at the soft curls of light brown hair that came into view. It was a small rectangular bush of hair, not yet too thick and not tightly curled, that sprouted at the base of his dick and was no more than two inches wide. Next, the shaft of his cock began appearing, a pale fleshy tube that was slender and free of any unsightly blue veins or cords. When I had lowered his pants sufficiently, his now hard cock sprang out, pointing at my chest, a small tear forming at the small slit at the tip of the arrow tipped head, the entire head appearing swollen.

It was definitely a very beautiful cock on a very beautiful and sexy boy. I was sure that it was a little over six inches now that I could see it in the flesh. It was long and slender, straight and consistent in thickness like a piece of pipe, no curves or bends.

Letting his pants drop, I took a quick moment to gaze at the two small balls that hung low between his thighs. They were respectable in size just like everything else and I was certain that they would be better than average when he was fully grown and, if he chose that path, they would make some guy sublimely happy each night as he and Charlie made love together.

That thought made me realize that I was already predicting a destiny for Charlie that might not be his own. I imagined it was because I had become so fond of this boy that I secretly hoped he would be gay and we would be together forever. But, better than ninety percent of boys went through some manner of gay feelings, desires or experimentation, yet only about ten or twelve percent would actually grow up to be gay men. That made the chances very slim that I would have Charlie in my life for the long term. I tried to steel myself in a way that I would be able to let go when the time was right - if it even went anywhere beyond just this one night, which was unlikely.

I steadied Charlie as he stepped out of his pants and then eased him to the ground. He made no attempt to lay face down this time, settling back with his hard cock waving in the air. I could still see the lust, the want, and the trust in his eyes and expression as he lay there, his hands quietly at his sides. I knew that there was really no pain in his leg - it had merely been an excuse to help him start something that he was nervous and afraid of starting without having some excuse to fall back on.

I took the initiative. I reached out and wrapped my hand around the hard pole jutting from his loins. It felt so wonderful in my hand, so soft and warm, yet as hard as steel beneath the skin. I stroked up and down slowly, watching Charlie’s face for any sign of a change of mind, but he lay there peacefully, his eyes half closed, a smile of pure bliss on his sweet lips. I moved my hand a little faster and I saw his eyelashes flutter as the increased tempo had its effect on Charlie’s sensations. I could see his chest rising and falling faster now, his hips beginning to buck on their own in counterpoint to the movement of my hand. I reached out with my other hand and gently grasped his balls and rolled them in my fingers, the soft, hairless sac beginning to pull up tighter to the base of Charlie’s cock. I allowed my hand to graze through his pubic hair, to move caressingly up over his stomach and chest, the tease at the hard little nubs that punctuated each side of his chest.

Charlie’s breathing stopped and his body stiffened, I felt the sudden growth in his young cock and then a pulse ran through his cock and a small white discharge erupted and landed on his stomach, followed by a second and third. I continued to milk Charlie’s cock until I felt his ass settle back on the carpet and his cock began to lose some of its hardness. I released his cock and it settled down on his belly.

Grabbing a few tissues from the box I kept beside the sofa, I gently wiped up the emission from his belly and the residue from his softening cock, then cleaned my hand and threw away the soiled tissues. Charlie continued to lay there, almost as though he had fallen asleep. I knew he was a little overwhelmed, perhaps embarrassed, and hesitant to open his eyes. I sat beside him and just gently stroked his chest and stomach, ran my fingers over his face, waiting for him to regain his comfort level and be able to open his eyes.

It took almost five minutes before Charlie’s eyes opened and I could see the sense of peace they conveyed. There was also something else. Genuine affection. Lust was gone, replaced by peace. Trust was gone, replaced by affection. I looked down as his young cock began to rise again and jumped slightly as his hand snaked into my lap a pressed at my crotch, squeezing my erection.

“Can we go to your bedroom? This time I want to play with your dick.” Charlie’s voice was husky and soft and completely persuasive.

I rose to my feet and took hold of his hand and pulled him up. I led him down the hall to my bedroom and, as soon as we entered, he began to unbutton my shirt, to pull at my belt, to lower my zipper. It was like I had an octopus in my room trying to undress me, so quick and efficient were his movements that it seemed he was everywhere at once.

When finally I stood naked before him, Charlie just stared, seemingly in a daze, until finally following my example he reached out and enclosed my hard cock in his warm palm. “It’s so big,” he whispered.

“Not really, Charlie. It’s very little bigger than yours. Just a little thicker so it looks bigger. But you’re going to be bigger than me when you’re grown.”

Charlie looked at me with disbelief but returned his gaze to my cock that he was slowly stroking. I guided him toward the bed and moved him up until we lay side by side, facing each other. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cute face and the look of complete abandonment to this moment. His hard cock was tapping against my thigh and drew my attention so I looked down. I really didn’t want to just jerk this little angel off, again. I wanted to love him. To really make love to him.

Twisting to a different position, I began to squirm my body lower. I watched his face as flickers of confusion seemed to pass over his expression.

“I want to give you something special, Charlie, to show you how much I care about you. This is something that is reserved only for the very special person that you love. You can continue stroking me if you want after I get into position, okay?”

Charlie nodded and I continued moving around until I was in a classic sixty nine position. Charlie immediately grasped my cock and began stroking again and I stroked his erection a few times before moving my face closer. I could smell the scent of boy about him, the musky remains of his last orgasm, and the distant fragrance of soap. It combined to draw me closer until my lips were pressed against the tip of his cock and I let my tongue swipe over the sensitive head.

Charlie’s reaction was electric. The jolt passed through his entire body and he shuddered as he struggled to regain control of his senses. Not waiting for him to recover, I took his cock into my mouth, all the way to the root, and slowly withdrew, my tongue racing back and forth, up and down and around, the entire time. I remained at the top, swabbing his sensitive cock head unendingly with my tongue and enjoying the way in which he responded with such animated movements and sensuality. It didn’t take long and finally I knew he had reached his apex once more.

I clamped my lips tightly around the shaft of his cock, just below the corona, and received his nectar as it pumped from his balls. Even when Charlie had finished, I found it difficult to let his beautiful cock escape from my lips until he began pulling his hips away from me.

I moved up along side of him. His eyes were glassy and unfocused at first, then suddenly they snapped onto my eyes and I could see the return of affection and the moisture threatening to spill over and run down his cheeks. With a sudden movement, he lurched forward and pressed his lips against my own and wrapped his arms around me. I took him in my arms as well, and pressed my lips back against his in response.

I let my hand drift down his back and over the gorgeous little ass that had first drawn my attention. It was, indeed, one of the eight wonders of the world, the wide crevice and firm, round cheeks that were so exciting just to caress. We remained in a loving embrace for more than an hour, kissing, each exploring the other’s body, and just hugging, until we decided to shower together and refresh ourselves.

That night I spooned up behind my Charlie, my little angel, and slept the peaceful sleep of the blessed. The next morning we made love again, Charlie insisting on making love to me in the same way I had to him. Eventually, Charlie wanted to experience feeling me inside of him and we patiently prepared and practiced so that it would be an enjoyable experience for him.

Our relationship lasted longer than I would have expected. Charlie was almost eighteen and weeks short of graduation from high school when the clock struck and his true nature burst forth. He met a very beautiful and sweet girl that was a female version of him and they dated for two years before he popped the question. They married in June of that year.

We are all considerably older now but Charlie and his family are still special to me and I to them. I’m the Godfather to the kids and Charlie, still considering me like the older brother he never had, taught them all to call me Uncle Dave. Charlie concealed nothing from his family about our relationship and how special it was at the time. As a result, when Charlie’s fourteen year old son was questioning his sexuality and concerned about experimentation, he came to me. With permission of Charlie and his wife, I guided my little angel, Charlie Jr., through two years of exploration until he reached the same crossroad that his father had reached, and fell in love with a girl during his junior year in high school. He also married and chose me to be Godfather to both sons that have resulted thus far.

And, so another generation of little angels come into the world.