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This story is completely fiction, and is not intended for readers under the legal age. This story contains sexual acts between an adult and a youth, and if that offends you please do not continue.


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`Charlie's Week Alone.'



16 Year old Charlie Reinhard stepped out of his coaches truck as he looked at his house with a sense of freedom, "Thanks for the ride coach; yeah I'll be fine, thanks again." The day was late as street lights began to awake, his coach driving away. Charlie walked up the pathway to his front door, his baseball cleats clicking on the bricks below, while the front porch light glared off his white teeth as Charlie smiled from ear to ear, as he was but seconds from a week alone.


Charlie's week had not started the way he had imagined, as he woke to the feeling of cold metal on his cheek, his eyes fluttering open; the light of the room flooding in, striking his senses, Charlie's lips curled in grimace.  Eyes squinting, Charlie wet his dry lips as he tried to move in vain, his head a blur, his world confused. 


Minutes passed before Charlie took stock of his current situation. He knew he was lying face down on some kind of metal table and that his arms were pulled forward above his head, tied at the wrists and pulled tight to each corner of the table.  His legs were hanging off the table with his feet flat on the floor, spread and tied as well. 


The fear setting in, as his body shivered, making Charlie aware of another fact of his current predicament, he was pretty much naked, as all he could feel were the straps of his jock and the socks on his feet.


Charlie looked around as best he could as the fear increased to panic, and his breathing came in large gulps. He looked upon what appeared to him as a standard garage, with shelves and cabinets all around him.  Nothing standing out as something Charlie could use to identify where he was or why he was here.  The cold table hardening his young teen nipples as he unintentionally rubbed them against it, as his arms and legs tested the limits of his confines over and over again. Charlie's only good fortune, at the moment, was that the table he was strapped too was smooth with rolled edges, and outside of the cold, he was comfortable in his bent over position.


After several minutes of silence, Charlie tried his best to calm his breathing and remember back as far as he could; anything to try and piece his current situation together. He was pretty sure it was either Friday night or Saturday, as he recalled he had made it to his after school baseball practice, which ended Friday afternoon, and since it felt like he was still in his jock and what felt like his baseball socks, it was the only conclusion Charlie could make. Of course this was just a guess, as he had no idea how long he had been left in this condition.  His memory was spotted, but what he did remember of the practice was that he was having a good time as usual, more so actually, as this particular Friday was to be Charlie's first taste of freedom. Charlie's parents had felt he was old enough, being two months past his 16th birthday and after much pleading from Charlie, to stay home by himself for the next week, while they traveled back to America for a short vacation. Charlie and his parents had moved to Australia when he was 10 for his father's work, but they still made it back to America at least twice a year.  This revelation quickly turned to even more panicked as he realized no one would miss him until Sunday afternoon of the following week when his parents were expected back. 


Once again Charlie thrashed in his binds trying to free himself, as his anger and fear got the better of him, and the 16 year old began crying. It seemed like an eternity on the cold table, but was probably only a couple of minutes before Charlie had cried himself out.

Charlie tried to calm himself once again as he closed his eyes and went back to the memory of that Friday practice.  He remembered the end of practice and trying to catch his breath from the end of practice wind sprints.  He remembered standing in the dugout getting his bat and glove together as his team mates begged him to throw a party or at least have them come over for a boy's night out.  He remembered walking out to the parking lot to get into Coach Watkins truck, the assistant coach for the team who lived close to Charlie, and who had always given him a ride home.  He remembered the drive home and talking to the coach about the weekend, and not being surprised that the coach already knew about him staying home alone, as coach Watkins told Charlie that his parents had asked him earlier in the week to check in on him and make sure he was alright. He remembered making it to the front door before someone grabbed him and his world went dark. It was here that young Charlie's memory ended. 


Charlie struggled to imagine who would want to do this to him, and what had happened to his coach, as he tried to remember if the coach had left or not before he was taken. Was it someone he knew, perhaps someone from the team who didn't like him? There was Tommy, a player on the team who was mad that Charlie had gotten starting short stop over him, even though everyone knew Charlie was the best skilled player on the team for that spot. Charlie was a late bloomer and still working through puberty, which made him one of the shorter boy's on the team at only 5'-4". His lack of growth had also left him carrying a few more pounds of baby fat than his fellow team mates. Along with his short stature and soft physique Charlie was blessed with a baby face appearance, giving Charlie's overall look to be 2 to 3 years younger than he was. His youthful appearance made you give Charlie a second look as his skill's at baseball stunned you; skills at short stop specifically, that had earned him the starting spot. Because of his skills Charlie was liked by most on the team, as he was a great contributor to their winning success, but he was still the target of many jokes, jokes that were usually about his size, and usually started by Tommy.


Charlie hated the jokes as much as he hated his slightly chubby belly and what the team had termed his J-Lo butt, and if he could he would change things, but every diet he had tried had failed to make any difference. Charlie had always been secretly envious of the other players and their lean frames, which included Tommy. He often watched them, and marveled at their tight stomachs, and the way their uniforms simply hung off them, nothing like his uniform, which was tight in the belly and like spandex around his bubble butt. Charlie was even envious of the taller boys, who were by all rights fatter than him, because they at least had muscle to back it up. Not that Charlie wasn't fit or didn't have muscle; it was just proportionate to his short size.


Charlie kept Tommy as one of his main suspects, but took him out of the number one spot as there seemed to be holes in capability of pulling off such a feat. Holes such as Tommy's intelligence, as he figured Tommy was too dumb to have pulled this off alone, not that he knew who ever had done this was alone, but it figured that way, plus Charlie had been to Tommy's house and his garage was much smaller than this one. Which brought Charlie's mind to the garage and the table he was on, the binds that tied him to it, and the position he was in, bent over and pretty much naked. Was this to be a practical joke or was the persons intent to hurt him, had he hurt coach, where was the person and were they coming back?

Charlie was deep in thought when his body went rigid and attempted to jump off the table, clearly still unable to move, as he let out a small girlish yelp from the sudden touch he felt to his bare back.


"Hello Charles." came a low guttural voice.


Charlie remained tensed from the finger still touching his skin, as he craned his neck to try and see behind him. Unable to look that far back he was left still wondering who his abductor was, and how long had he been there behind him.


"Who, who are you? Why are you doing this? Please, please let me go." Charlie pleaded, as he tried to fight off the next round of tears.


"Who I am is not important Charles. What is important is that I have no intention of setting you free, at least not now; but be assured after we're done, you'll be taken home safe and unharmed." Charlie tried to place the voice, but couldn't as the man was purposefully talking slow and deep, "And you can stop pulling on those binds Charles; you're not getting out of them" The man said as his finger dragged up Charlie's back to his neck, and then up to the top of his head where the man's hand rubbed Charlie's dirty blond buzz cut hair.


"Pa...pleaseeehease, please let me gohohoho." Charlie sniffled, as his eyes watered again.


"You see Charles; I've been watching you since you moved here. I've watched you grow into the fine young man that you are today; I've seen you change from a little boy to a teen, a young teen that has filled out nicely." The man said as his fingers trailed back down Charlie's back. "A young teen who has teased me for years, running around in your summer Speedos, flaunting your perfectly shaped butt," as the man's finger traced the strap on Charlie's jock before pulling it out a bit and letting it snap back into place, eliciting a wince from Charlie. "I've watched you on the field too Charles, standing around in your tight baseball uniform. And Charles, I've seen you stare at the other boy's a bit too long, of course you were probably thinking no one would notice, but I did. And then let's not forget about those nights when you thought you were alone in your room as you pulled down your white briefs and laid upon your bed slowly feeling your hands rub your youthful body, teasing me to no end and of course yourself, before stroking your nice little 4.5" cut cock to a young man's orgasm." Charlie grimaced subconsciously at the reference of his dick being little. "What, it's been about 3 long years now since you've been able to produce cum? Don't you think it's about time for some more grown up underwear Charles? Don't get me wrong though, I do love the tighty whities on you and the way you stretch them out, but they're really for little boys, not a blooming young teen like yourself."


Charlie was caught between pure fear and shock, as the strange man's words hit home. Somehow this man knew all about Charlie, details he thought no one knew.


"Uh, uh how did, did, you know that?"


"I told you Charles, I've been watching you; but that's not what you should be asking me. What you should be asking me is what I want and what you owe me for all those years of cock teasing torment."


"What do you mean, what I owe you? I,I don't owe you anything, I didn't know you were watching me, please let me go?" Charlie said trying to kick and pull himself free, one more time in vain.


Taking a deep breath Charlie gathered the strength to present a front of courage as he yelled at the man, "You had better let me go. You know they're looking for me right now, and you're going to be arrested for this when they find me, which I am sure will be any minute now." Charlie spit out, his own heart not truly believing his empty threat.


"Oh my poor boy, do you think I would wait this long to have our meeting, plan it all out, and not know that your parents are on vacation and aren't due back for a week? But don't worry I have no intention of keeping you that long, you'll be home soon enough, whether you want to or not."


Charlie felt defeated and confused and began grasping for straws, "Why wouldn't I want to go home, and what, what about Coach Watkins what happened to him, he'll come looking for me, right." Charlie was asking more than telling the stranger.


"Well Charles you might find yourself enjoying this too much to want to go home, and as for Coach Watkins, he won't be coming to save you, and that's all you need to know."


Charlie felt the man's hand leave his back as he again craned his neck to see who was behind him, when all of a sudden a light was directed right at his eyes, making it impossible to see anything, before he felt a blind fold placed over his royal blue eyes.


"No, no please take it off, I won't try and look anymore," Charlie said as his whole body shook.


"I did that Charles so that I could make you more comfortable, and yet keeping our relationship at a distance, for now anyways."


Charlie felt the man's hand lift his head as a thin pillow was place beneath it. There was a sudden stillness as Charlie couldn't see, hear or feel the man at all.


A stillness that was suddenly broken by the touch of the man, as Charlie reacted "Oh, shit, stop, don't touch me; stop it please." Charlie begged as the man's rough hand slid between his legs to his jock covered balls and gently rolled them in his palm.


"Now Charles, let's talk openly, you see I would like to have a little question answer session with you in which I'll ask the questions and you'll answer them, quickly and truthfully. And before you give me any answer Charles, you should know that honest answers will be rewarded with pleasure and lies will be dealt with..., well let's just say not so pleasurably. Not that I want to hurt you understand, but it's up to you Charles, so please answer truthfully." The gruff man said as he rolled young Charlie's balls around in his hands, not hard, but hard enough to not be pleasurable, making Charlie cry out.


"Fuck You, oh God stop; PLEASE it hurts!"


Charlie moaned as the man switched from rolling his balls to gently rubbing them, almost tickling them into a pleasurable sensation. "Oh, ah, mmmmm, uuuuuuu, oh, Jesus."


"While I am not a fan of your language, you were honest with me, as I'm sure it did kind of hurt, and as I was honest with you, you're rewarded with pleasure. So now that you understand how this works, let's begin; tell me, what you think about when you stare at those other boys on your team?


"Fuck, I, I don't know, not much really...AHHHH, OK, OK, STOP, FUCK." Charlie screamed as the man grabbed his jewels again slightly harder than the previous time.


"Ok, ok, huh, huh, I'm wondering what they look like, ok, please stop." Charlie moaned even though the man's grip was tight enough to make it hard to breath, let alone talk.


The man released Charlie's balls, but didn't rub them, simply holding them as he asked Charlie to continue.


Charlie was going to ask the man what more he wanted, but he knew that question would only be rewarded with more rough fondling of his balls, when deep down he knew what the man wanted to hear.


"I'm uh, uh, wonderering what thethey loolook like naked." Charlie said through tears, unable to hold them back anymore.


"Charles, I know this is tough for you, as the truth sometimes can be, so I understand the tears, but you still need to answer these questions as complete as you can, I don't want to just know that you think about them naked, I want to know why you think about them naked."


"Cause, I, I wish I looked like the...them."


"Mmmmmm, oh God, oh shit mmmm, uhhhhh, huh, huh, oh, oh." Charlie squirmed, his fingers trying to clench the table as the man moved his hand under the fabric of his jock strap and began rubbing his peach fuzz covered balls, making his 4 " dick plump to its full length, and stretch the pouch of his jock.


"Good job Charles. See how good being honest feels. I want you to remember this pleasure as we move on to other questions."


Amongst the young moaning of the teen, the man continued his questioning, "So Charles, when you're imagining these boys naked, the ones you wished you looked like, does it turn you on, and does your little teen cock get hard?"


Embarrassed and whispering, but without hesitation Charlie answered a muffled, "Yehessss," into the clean smelling pillow.


"Good." The man said moving his hand from Charlie's smooth balls to his rigid little staff.


"Ohhhh, mmmmmmm." Charlie moaned through clenched teeth. His body was a mix of emotions and feelings such as fear, anger, confusion, pain, and now an uncontrolled pleasure, the likes of which he had never felt before. He was scared of the man, scared of what was happening to him, scared of what was going to happen to him, but unable to deny the feelings the strange man was bringing his cock.


"You really do have a perfect body Charles. Your smooth, lightly sun touched skin, except for the pale white area hidden from the sun by your swim trunks, so pure. The way your chest shows the signs of beginning muscle, but your belly is still soft like a boy much younger. Your cute little teen feet, encased in your calf high white baseball socks, so damn sexy. And then to cap it all off, your round bubbly toosh, wonderfully bordered by the straps of your jock, mmm...mmm so good. You're a wet dream Charles, do you know that? While you're looking at other boys, wishing you were them, everyone else is staring at you, dreaming of you, dreaming they could be close to you, to see your smile, hear you laugh, smell your teen smell, touch your youth." The man said as he placed a gentle kiss on Charlie's back.


Charlie blushed hearing the soft spoken words from the man. He was taken aback by the compliments, as he had never imagined anyone would think he was cute, especially the features that always bothered Charlie the most.


"Do you mean it, do you really think I'm...uh...cute." Charlie asked as his cheeks blushed.


The man was smiling from ear to ear with the knowledge he was getting to Charles, breaking down his defenses, which is what the man wanted; but it didn't make anything he had said any less true.


"I told you Charles, if you are honest with me, then I will be honest with you; so yes I meant it, all of it Charles, you're amazingly beautiful, a prince in a world of common peasants, and now that you're of age, you're a God, and you don't even know it."


Charlie blushed again, as his lips curled into the first smile since awaking from the darkness. Sixteen is the age of sexual consent in Australia, a fact that never really occurred to Charlie when his birthday hit, as he wasn't dating anyone, as a matter of fact he had yet to have his first serious relationship with either a girl or a boy. That fact did not go unnoticed by his mother.


The strange man removed his hand from Charlie's pulsing cock, as he knew he was making progress with the boy, but if the boy unexpectedly lost his load, as teen boys do, it would make working with the boy much more difficult, as he had a lot more he wanted to do with the young Charles.


"Alright Charles, this is a simple yes or no question; I am going to assume you've never touched another person, be it a boy, girl, or man, and nor have you ever been touched by a boy, girl, or man, is this a correct assumption?"


No longer crying, Charlie quickly answered, as this question was easy. "Yes that's correct."


"Good." said the man as he kissed just above the thick waist band of Charlie's jock strap, both hands moving to the boy's smooth thighs, rubbing them gently.


"So when you're in your room Charles, and you've stripped yourself naked and you're touching yourself, teasing yourself, are you imagining those same naked boys?"


Charlie waited for a second before replying. He knew the answer was yes, but was afraid to admit it to the strange man, not afraid of what he would do, but afraid of what he would think, afraid of being labeled weird or possibly even gay, as Charlie knew each name came with endless ridicule at his school. But Charlie also knew the man had somehow seen into his room when he had jerked off, as he knew when Charlie had started too produced cum three years ago, and the briefs he wore. Briefs he wore only in private, as his mother didn't even know about them. Not that it mattered, but Charlie knew the briefs were for younger boys, he just wore them to try and make his butt look smaller, like the boy's he idolized. Regardless, Charlie had to assume the man knew all about him, if he had known that much information.


"Yes, but please don't tell anyone, please." Charlie begged.


"I promise young man not to tell anyone of what we say or do here," the man said, followed by a little laugh.


It clicked to Charlie once the man laughed at the silliness of his request, as clearly this man could never speak of what was said or done with Charlie, or he would surely be arrested.


Charlie was snapped out of his thinking by the man's continued kissing which was trailing from his lower back and had just passed the thick elastic band of his jock strap.


"Wha..what are you, um, a doing, ahh, Jesus, mmmmm." Charlie moaned as the man's lips tickled the skin on his butt, skin that usually only knew the feeling of tight cotton fabric pressed against it.


"I'm giving you your reward Charles." The man said as his lips kissed and nipped at the 16 year olds tight unblemished butt.


The man stopped his kissing of the young teens back side for just a second as he asked his next question, "Tell me Charles, when you fantasize about these naked boys, what are they doing that makes you want to touch yourself, or what is it you're doing to them?"


Charlie didn't want to admit to himself that the man's actions were now pleasurable, more than just pleasurable, desirable, but his body couldn't avoid the truth. Charlie no longer wanted the man to stop, to the contrary, he now wanted nothing more for the man to continue; and for that he would tell the man anything he wanted to hear.


"I, huh, um sometimes, uh, well sometimes, I'm sucking them, and sometimes they're a sucking me. Huh, huh. Uh keep kissing me please."


The man stood up and slowly grabbed Charlie's balls, "Is that all Charles?"


"What do you mean?"


"You know what I mean Charles."


"Ok, ok, ok, I, a, imagine it all, you know them, um, you know, shit, ah having sex with me, and everything."


The man dropped to his knees again, kissing the boys butt, working towards his tight little pink hole. Charlie was moaning as the man's tongue got closer to his virgin hole, never touching it just circling it. The man wanted to chuckle as he could feel Charlie trying to move his butt to get the man's tongue to touch his hole, but he purposefully avoided it the best he could.


The man stopped tonguing Charlie and stood up removing his own jock strap, allowing his 7 " thick cock to spring free. The man stood 6'2" tall, with broad shoulders and a solid chest. His body covered by a thick patch of dark black hair.


Stepping closer to Charlie, the man once again dropped to a knee, "last question Charles, and then the fun ok?'


"Um, oh, Ok."


"Now I know what you're thinking about when you're staring at those other boys, and when you're alone, but what I also want to know is what you're thinking about when you're looking at the coaches? And yes Charles I know you look at the coaches too. So what are thinking about, are you thinking the same things you think about when you're looking at the boys?"


Charlie gulped, and then sucked in hard as he felt the man's tongue swipe slowly across his wrinkle lips, "Yehess."


"Yes what Charles, you're going to have to be a bit more specific than just that. I want you to tell me what you're thinking when you stare at those men?"


"I, I'm wondering if their bodies are like my dads, which is hairy all over, and, and then I'm a wondering how big their dicks arrrrrrrrrrre..."


"And...Charles you need to tell me everything, what about their dicks?" the man said as he continued to pleasure the boy.


"I, I wonder if they're like mine only bigger, and, and if I could get one in my mouth, or in my butt, and if it would hurt, or how it would feel." Charlie spit out quickly as the man's tongue swiped repeatedly over his hole.


"Very good Charles, very good indeed."


Charlie felt the man's hands slide down the back of his smooth thighs, to the top of his sock covered calves. Charlie's desire for pleasure drove him to try and spread his legs further, but the restraints were too tight to move.


The man noticed Charlie's efforts and knew the boy was his to do with as he pleased, and would more than likely give the man anything he wanted to keep the pleasurable feeling going. So while his tongue danced on the youths rosy lips, his hands moved to the boy's ankles and began unbuckling the leather ankle restraints.


Charlie felt the man releasing his ankles from their restraints, but he knew it was not to let him go. Regardless of the man's intent though, there was still a rush of adrenaline as Charlie knew he was closer to freedom, even if he was questioning how badly he now wanted that freedom, as the man had said he might. With the ankle cuffs off, Charlie took a second to move his legs and get the kinks out, before he felt the man's hands on his waist, pushing his fingers in between the large elastic band of his jock and his youthful flesh. Pulling the jock down to Charlie's ankles and then off, he now had the boy naked except for his socks. The socks a fetish of the man's, and something he loved to see boys wear.


"Ohh, uhhhh, mmmmmm, shit, shit, mmmmmm." Charlie moaned as the man spread his legs again and began tonguing viscously at his hole, attacking it with a sloppy wet force new to Charlie.


The man let his saliva flow from his mouth, down his tongue and all over the boy's tight anal ring, making it dripping wet as he feverishly tongued the boy. From the boys moaning he was clearly enjoying himself, but his innocence and inexperience in sex was keeping him from relaxing and truly enjoying it. Charlie loved the feelings he was receiving from the man, but was subconsciously clenching his hole as tight as he could get it. It wasn't until the man began stroking Charlie's naked prick again that his focus wavered and his anal ring loosened enough for the man to penetrate him.


"Ahhhhh, Oh God, Holy shit mmmmmmm, please, Oh my God, mmmmmm." Charlie moaned an uncontrolled moan as waves and waves of pleasure crashed down on Charlie.


The man was driven by Charlie's moans, and drove his tongue into the boy with more vigor as he opened the little boy's tight hole. Lapping, plunging, and digging its way deeper and deeper into Charlie, as he gave the boy his first rim job. The restraints on Charlie's wrists that earlier stopped his escape, now were stopping him from sinking lower on the man's tongue, as it brought him the greatest pleasure he could have ever imagined.


On the floor the kneeling man picked up the bottle of lube where he had left it and poured some into his hands as he continued to tongue the boy. The man no longer needed to hold Charlie's legs apart as Charlie himself was spreading them to receive as much pleasure as he could. The man stopped his rimming and slowly ran a lubed finger over the warm wet hole, still holding onto its intact cheery for dear life.


"Oh Jesus, are you going to fuck me, what is that, Jesus, wait, wait."


Charlie thrashed a bit as the man slowly shoved his finger into him, "Yes Charles I am going to fuck you...but not yet, this is just my finger." As the man stood up, kissing Charlie's back.


Charlie was not ignorant to the fact that he had just confessed to a strange man about his erotic dreams with men and boys, and that he was naked and bent over in a position that would only suggest sex. So it was no surprise when the man informed Charlie of his intentions. It just made it more a reality by the man's touch as to what he intended to do, and once again Charlie was scared.


"Please don't mister, please don't do this, I don't want to be fucked, please, mmmmmmmmm, rrrrr, stop it." Charlie moaned as he felt the knuckle of the man's hand indicating the first finger was all the way in.


"Now Charles, you just told me you dreamt of men having sex with you, that you would jerk off to it, so I know you don't want me to stop, you're just afraid that's going to hurt, and that's a normal fear. Truth be told it might hurt a bit at first, but we'll go nice and slow, and then I just know you'll love it."


"No, I don't want this; I mean not like this, this isn't how I imagined it, please." Charlie's tone of voice sounding more of despair than of anger, as he made his plea to the man.


"Well now that seems more like the truth Charles. But you see, this isn't just about you, this is about me and you, getting what we need, what we deserve. I know I deserve some of your sweet ass for all those years of teasing. And I know you need to feel a real man in you. However, I did tell you that I wouldn't hurt you and up to now I have kept my word, as I believe you would agree, I mean haven't I have brought you quite a bit of pleasure?" The man said as he picked up the pace on the plunging finger, and then reached forward and stroked Charlie's hard teen cock. "You don't need to answer that Charles, because it's hard to deny this isn't it," he said squeezing Charlie's dick for emphasis.


"Yes, but please, please, ahhhhhh, mmmmmmm." Charlie moaned as his body jumped forward on to the tips of his toes, as the man added a second finger.


The man ignored Charlie's pleading, which was a mix of moans and sighs as he slowly opened Charlie up, occasionally rubbing Charlie's prostate, but purposefully avoiding pushing Charlie to the point of no return, he wanted to save that for later.


At three fingers deep, the man had Charlie panting and whimpering like a puppy begging for more, as he felt Charlie pushing back with his teen bubble butt. The man knew Charlie would squeal and complain when he started to fuck him with his engorged fuck tube that he had to decide how the next move would happen. He had told the young teen he didn't want to hurt him, but there was just no easy way to do this. With his decision made and noticing that his fingering had loosened Charlie up nicely, as the boys hole dripping with lube, he moved in a series of quick steps as he put his plan into action, and removed his fingers, aligned his cum dripping 7 " cock and impaled the boy to the hilt, mashing his course black bush into the hairless toosh of the teen.


Charlie's head snapped back, as the man's sudden move was so fast that Charlie didn't have time to react to anything except the current throbbing pain in his ass, as his 16 year old boy cherry was popped.


"Oh GOD, Take it out, take it out, Owwww, Jesus, huh, huh, Pleheasssse. Oh God, it hurts," Charlie cried.


"I am sorry Charles, there was just no other way, but I promise I will wait here until you get accustomed to my size."


Charlie tried to pull himself up the table, to remove the man's hard dick from his tight hole, but with the man's hands on his hips, it only made the man's dick move back and forth in him. Giving up on pulling, Charlie's ring began clenching and releasing in a series of movements to try and push the invading monster out of him, as he gritted his teeth in efforts to deal with the throbbing pain centered in his young teen butt.


The throbbing sensation, quite present in Charlie's mind, but not the worst discomfort he had ever felt, seemed to be getting less and less painful as time passed. The man doing as he said he would, and remained still in Charlie, giving Charlie time to adjust and breath. The man leaned over onto Charlie's back and began stroking Charlie's exposed almost hairless arm pits and chest, with a slow even pressure in his palms that was meant to be warming and not ticklish.


"You feel better than I could have imagined. You really are a gift from the heavens Charles. I could stay here forever, kissing your sweet youthful skin, smelling your young teen boy scent, mmmm, being inside you like this, but I so want to make love to you Charles, but I won't do that if you don't say it's ok." The man said as he kissed Charlie's neck.


Charlie was a loss for words, he didn't want to have his first time with sex to be like this, but the man was already inside him. Charlie knew the man had no intent of just standing there or stopping with his dick in him; and figured the man just wanted to hear Charlie say it was ok. An idea that bothered Charlie as he didn't want to give the man that pleasure, but what choice did he have, he thought, as the throbbing subsided, and his future de-flowering unavoidable.


"Please go slow." Charlie whispered.


"I will Charles, I'll do it however you want it, but you need to tell me what you want, I won't start until you tell me."


Charlie bit his lower lip before answering him, "I, I want it, sex, I mean, ah, um, I want you to have sex with me."


"Good Charles, now tell me you're sorry for being so damn cute and teasing me, and that you want me to fuck you."


Charlie was burning with emotions, as his hole squeezed on the man's hot cock, "I'm, huh, sorry for being so cute and teasing you, ah, please, please fuck me." Charlie said as he bit the pillow.


The man kissed Charlie's back before slowly pulling his cock back about an inch and then pushing it back in, and then repeating the process, and inch or so further on each pull back.


"Mmmm, ohhhh, uhhhhhhhh, mmmmmm" Charlie moaned with every pull and push of the man's dick. A moan not derived from pain, but something else, a growing tingle, a sensation of building pleasure.


The man was pulling his dick all the way back to the crown of his mushroom tip and then pushing completely back in at a gentle rhythm, as he felt Charlie's hole relax and his moaning turned into purrs of enjoyment.


"Is it what you imagined Charles, are you ready for your first fuck?"


"Yehesssss, please, do it, ohhhhhh harder."


The man picked up the pace, slapping his swinging ball sack into the pale white skin of Charlie's butt, creating a sound that echoed through the garage, along with the animalistic sounds coming from both men.


With each thrust Charlie was driven to the tips of his toes, and with each retreat Charlie pulled tight the ropes that held his arms trying to keep the man's dick in him. The man had not lied, this did feel good, better than good, it felt great, amazing even, and Charlie couldn't deny it.


The man continued to pump his cock into Charlie's hole for near 15 minutes before the repeated massaging of Charlie's boy button got the better of him.


"Oh God, oh no, shit, shit, uhhhhggggg, mmmm, fuck, I can't stop it, I'm gona cum, oh God, shit shit, Oh fuck, uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhh, uhhhh, uhhh, mmmmmm." Charlie screamed has his 16 year old pole shot forth his young seed, making an audible splash as it landed on the concrete floor below.


The man felt young Charles's hole clenching around his dick as it went through its orgasmic spasm. The combination of his youthful appearance as he experienced such a heavy orgasm and his tight hole clenching down on him was too much as the man grabbed Charlie's hips and drove his cock into the young moaning boy , unloading seven heavy shots of man seed.

Charlie knew the man was cumming, as he felt his insides flooded with hot semen.


As the final spurts were pumped into him, it had all become too much and Charlie blacked out.


The man realizing the boy was out, whispered to him anyway, "Sweet Charles you've paid your debt to me, and now it's time to go home. In the morning you'll awake in your bed and wonder if this ever happened. You'll eventually realize that it did, but you should be comforted in knowing that no one but you and I will ever know it happened. And you'll be at peace because you now know what you have been imagining for years, how good it feels to be with a man."


"And when you're ready to do this again Charles, I'll be here, as I am always watching.


Charlie's eyes flickered as the sun shined through the blinds of his bedroom window. He rolled to his back staring at the ceiling, wondering what had happened to him. Was it all a dream, was the man just a result of all his nights imagining being with a man? Charlie threw back the covers to reveal he was sleeping in his baseball uniform, and he quickly knew it hadn't been a dream. Looking down he saw a small note that had been pinned to his shirt, and removed it.


Dear Charles,

Thank you for the wonderful evening, you were more than I had expected, you were beautiful and amazing. You should never doubt yourself Charles; you have so much more than those other boys, and one day I hope you see just how special you are.

I hope someday soon you will be able to overlook the anger and resentment you have for me, and focus on the pleasure this weekend brought you. Until then know that I'll be watching you, waiting for you to find me.

Your Friend,

P.S. I kept your jock as a reminder of the special time we had.


Charlie looked down and lifted the waist line of his baseball pants and observed as the letter had stated, that he was indeed naked under his pants. He laid his head back down on his pillow as he closed his eyes and remember his time on the table, and the touch of the man. The sudden ringing of the phone snapped Charlie from his dream as he reached for the phone by his bed.


"Oh hi coach, yeah everything's fine, what, did I have a good time? Oh for my first night on my own, um... Yeah I kind of did. Ok talk to you soon, and I will, thanks coach...Oh wait coach do you have a garage?"


Charlie sat there for a second before he sprung from the bed and walked to his second story bedroom window, pulling the blinds open. Standing there staring out at all of the houses, thinking about his first night alone of his long awaited freedom and how it turned out, and what he would do with the rest of his week alone. The man's note echoed in his head, as Charlie smiled and his hand drifted to his belt buckle releasing it, letting his pants fall to the floor, his 4" rod springing to life. Gripping his cock, as his lips curled into a smile, he stroked it a couple times to the thought, he really wasn't alone, someone was always watching.