CHAS by Nigel

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Chas - Charlie Watson - had been the last boy I had slippered at school and how long ago was that ?  Twenty years ?  Was it that long ago ?  But it was definitely him, no doubt of that.  Sure he'd changed but not enough for me to fail to recognise him.  The sixteen year old lad had aged but not beyond a minimum years could bring, truly he hadn't changed much at all.  I watched him flick a key fob as he walked away and heard the clunk as his vehicle locked itself.  He didn't see me and began to talk on his mobile phone.  I couldn't help but lower my eyes to look at the backside I had in another life spanked so many, many times.  How many was it ?  Six I think.

Yes, it had been six times and the last had been six of the best !  I remembered that last time well, I had been angry and whacked the slipper into his backside with every ounce of strength I could muster.  It must have hurt him and he was the last lad I ever slippered.

Until the government bowed to the dictates of an interfering liberal European Union corporal punishment was standard in British schools.  It was quick, effective and worked !  The cane had been used since the eighteenth century and never did anyone any harm when applied to a deserving backside.  In our school it was used with gusto by both headmaster and deputy.  As a housemaster I was also authorised to cane boys but I preferred the slipper.  To explain to my readers from outside Great Britain the slipper wasn't truly a slipper at all but a tennis shoe gripped by the heel and whacked into a behind so the sole made contact with the backside.  It made a resounding crack and stung, believe me I know I was slippered myself at school. Yes the slipper was excellent for dealing with day-to-day schoolboy peccadilloes. But to continue with my story.

That final whacking of Chas Watson took place shortly before the end of his last term at the school, also my last term as I left the profession to try my hand in the new up and coming computer industry.  A year later and corporal punishment was phased out of English schools as the government abolished discipline in education.

Chas had been driving a small white van which had his name sign-written down the side: C Watson Painter and Decorator.  it also gave a mobile phone number. I wrote it down.

I had like Chas and thought I would give him a call later, there was no shortage of painting and decorating he could do about my house.  I was so busy with my flourishing web design business that I simply did not have time for DIY and besides it would be good to catch up with Chas.  It was two days later when I called him, the phone went into voicemail.  "Hi,"  I coughed to clear my throat. "I wonder if you could give me an estimate for some work."  I gave my name and phone number.

Chas called back later. "Mr Dean ?"


"You're not the same Mr Dean who taught at Lucas High School by any chance ?"


"Wow ! Sir !  Hello Sir !  It's Chas Watson, do you remember me ?"

I tried to sound surprised and mask the fact that I knew perfectly well who I was calling.  "Of course, I was your housemaster.  how are you ?"

"And you slippered my arse a few times,"  he laughed.

"Indeed I did."

"So what kind of work are you looking to have done ?"

I told him and we arranged that Chas would call round that evening, measure up and give me a price.  "I'll give you a special discount Sir."

"Thanks but there's no need to."

"For the best teacher in the school there is !  I'll see you later."

I was genuinely looking forward to seeing him.  When I first gave up teaching I couldn't go anywhere without bumping into an ex pupil, we would stop pass the time of day and I was always genuinely interested to learn what they were up to.  When the local paper was delivered each week I would check the marriage pictures and smile when I saw my old boys launching into holy wedlock, I hoped they would fare better than I had in that department.  A lump always came to my throat when I saw one of them proudly announcing his fatherhood in the births columns.  Something I had never had, nor now ever would, enjoy for myself.  Lately any such meetings or listings had declined to near zero, time had moved on and it was so long since I had been in the classroom that the generations had widened leaving me behind.  I was, therefore, so pleased when I had first seen Chas and would enjoy catching up with him later that day.  Chas would be thirty-six now, twenty years had passed since I had last seen him.  Twenty years since I had slippered him.  And twenty years since he had last seen me, I was fifty-five years old now. Old being the operative word !

Chas arrived bang on time, that was something that had changed - as I recalled he was never punctual at school.

"So good to see you Sir,"  He beamed holding out his hand.  "Are you well ?"

"Very well, and you ?"

"Can not complain.  And Mrs Dean is she well ?"

"I've no idea, I haven't seen her in years."

Chas looked embarrassed and apologetic.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Don't be, the judge who issued the decree absolute is on my Christmas card list.  What about you, are you married ?"

It was now my turn to be embarrassed.  "Hardly Sir, I bat for the other side.  I'm gay."

I blushed, not only because of his answer but also knowing that was the reason my wife had left me.  I too am gay.  I hadn't realised when I had known him at school that Chas was gay, it had not occurred to me. I wondered if I should smile and tell him now of my sexuality but didn't and instead wondered if he already knew.

"Nobody else in your life then Sir ?"  He continued.

"Do stop calling me Sir. And sadly no. When you get to my age sex is something constantly on one's mind but seldom on the agenda."

Chas laughed and smiled, "You can't be t hat old surely."

"Do the maths, it's twenty years since I left teaching and I was thirty-five at the time."

I showed him the rooms I wanted decorating, Chas offered a price and I accepted.  We shook hands to seal the deal.

"Can I offer you a beer, I've got some cans in the fridge."

"That would be great but just the one, I'm driving."

We cracked out the cans and raised them to toast one another.

"Your good health,"  I said.

"And to yours.  And to remembering the good old days of school."

That one can turned into two and then into three.  "I thought you were driving ?"

"I'll take a taxi.  Hey Sir do you remember how many times you slippered me at school ?"  As he raised his can to drink both of Chas's eyes looked round the metal cylinder and into my own.


"Seven actually Sir.  Nineteen whacks in all over seven different occasions.  I remember them all."

I have to confess I do not, I was sure there had been just six slipperings but I did remember the final time and how I had given Chas six of he very, very best. "Don't call me Sir, the name's Nigel."

"Sorry Si...Nigel."  he winked an eye.  "Did you ever wonder why I was always in trouble ?  Why you had to slipper my arse so many times ?"

"Adolescent high spirits."


"Then what ?"

"Would I mind if I told you something ?"

"Go ahead."

"You won't be angry ?"

"No."  I shook my head.

"I got into trouble deliberately so that you would slipper me."

I looked puzzled.

"I wanted you to slipper me."

"What ever for ?"

Chas drained the can, tipping it back and tilting his head to swallow the last drop.  "Perhaps we should have another one of these.  I need a little more courage before I tell you and you may need a drink when I do."

"You're drunk,"  I smiled.

"Believe me I am as sober as a judge but I will get a taxi home, I'm a good boy these days."

I produced two further cans.  Chas swallowed half of the can and put it down on the small coffee table.

"It was a turn on.  I fancied you and it was a turn on to be slippered by you."

I may be gay but administering punishment to a boy at school was a duty that went with the job, there was never even the slightest thought of anything sexual about it and I had never considered that a lad may derive something sexual form having his arse whacked.  I was slightly shocked by what Chas had said but greatly shocked that I was now finding his words sexually arousing.  My mind was still focusing on the act of slippering but moved slowly to his explaining that he had fancied me.

"Does that shock you ?"  Chas said.

"No," I lied.

"Every time you slippered me,"  he continued, "I'd go home, examine my backside in a mirror and have a wank."

His words were sending shivers of excitement through me and I fought not to picture in my mind the scenes he was describing.

"I used to fantasise that you would one day slipper me in my underpants or even bare arsed."

"That wouldn't have been proper,"  I said quietly.  My mouth was dry and the words croaked out.

"Remember Wiffer, Mr Smith ? He slippered boys bare arsed."

"Rick Smith, known as Wiffer to both boys and colleagues, taught PE at school.

"In games lessons,"  Chas explained, "he's tell us to drop our shorts, bend over and then he'd slipper us bare arsed.  He never slippered me though, no teacher but you ever did."

"You deliberately got into trouble so I would slipper you ?"  It was incredible.

"That's it, all carefully planned.  I don't smoke, never have, but you caught m e lighting up three times."

My heart was banging against my ribs as I found the words.  "You had a crush on me ?"

"Kinds have crushes on their teachers every day of the week so why shouldn't a gay kid have a crush on a gay teacher.  Statistics say one in ten guys are gay so one in ten schoolboy crushes are also gay crushes.  You are gay aren't you Sir ?"

I nodded.

Chas finished the beer.  "And the thing is after meeting you again I realise I still fancy you !"

"But I'm fifty-five years old !"

"And I'm thirty-six, that makes us both consenting adults.  You were the best teacher I ever had and I've never stopped thinking about you.  I'd like to realise an ambition I've held since I was at school, would you like to revise your agenda ?"

"Agenda ?"

"You said sex was seldom on your agenda, if you'll let me Sir I'd like to place it at the top of your agenda !"

Chas stood up and walked in front of me, he hooked a finger into the open neck of my shirt, peeled it forwards slightly and peered in.  "I always guessed you had a hairy chest, I was right."

God what was happening ?  It had been a long time since I had enjoyed sex with another man, I could remember the event well enough but didn't have a clue just how long ago it was.  What was happening ?  I was about to have sex, that was what was happening !  I may have been coasting through the years twixt middle and old age but the events unfolding catapulted me back to a youth I had long forgotten.  Adrenaline surged through me, every nerve pulsed with excitement and my skin tingled as if millions of microscopic lightening bolts were striking it.  Chas's fingers opened the front of my shirt and twisted themselves through the hairs on my chest.

"So manly,"  he said. "God how I have dreamed of this moment."

Stopping for a brief moment Chas lifted his own shirt up and over his head before continuing to caress me.  Chas's chest was quite smooth although a thin line of dark hair descended from his navel to disappear under the waist of his trousers.  I was aroused, cock bursting to escape the confines of my underpants but I would wait and savor each separate micro second of this experience.  The index finger of my right hand slowly traced down that navel hair line until it reached the point where matters were hidden beneath Chas's jeans.  Flattening out with fellow digits my finger slid beneath the clothing and gently pushed a way under the elastic top of my friend's underpants. Chas sighed then quickly unbuttoned the jeans to allow them to fall silently onto the floor.

My hand continued its voyage of discovery finding a hard cock.  I stroked it enjoying the warmth it gave off.  My own manhood was stiffer than I had known it to be in many, many a year.  My palm slid round and was joined by my other hand to rest one on each of Chas's bum cheeks.  These were the very cheeks I had spanked two decades ago.  How firm they felt, how manly and round.

Chas was releasing my own trousers and I let out a loud inner squeal of delight as I became naked before him.

"God how I have dreamed of this moment," Chas said again.

For me it was beyond even the wildest of my dreams.  I turned my friend round so I could admire his beautiful behind.  Of course there was no sign after such a long, long time of the work my slipper had done.  I wish there had been and in my mind I pictured the bruised imprint of a size nine tennis shoe.  I knelt down and gently planted a kiss on each cheek. A flavor of special delight permeated through my lips and sent exploding arrows through my taste buds.

Standing up I turned Chas round and was soon kissing him on the lips, my tongue probing deep into his mouth.  He pulled us together, our naked bodies contouring with one another.  My cock rested against his as our separate manhoods introduced themselves teasing the rest of our bodies with what lay instore.  Deep inside my chest a heart thumped with a rapid heavy beat, it pushed into Chas where it combined with his own and echoed back into me.  Eventually Chas released his grip and turned to face away from me.  His hands slipped down, fingers between his buttocks opening the way.

"Take me," he said.

I was soon inside him and thrashing my groin against his firm buttocks with a force equal to the strength with which I had beat the slipper into him.  The slap of my naked flesh against his was reminiscent of the crack that slipper had once made on those same cheeks. My cock was growing larger with each and every thrust, deeper and deeper inside I went.  My balls were on fire igniting a touch paper which would lead to an explosion of molten lava inside my friend.  He cried out in joy and pinched his buttocks tightly holding me there.

In time he released that hold and I was kneeling before Chas kissing first his left and then his right groin.  My tongue tickled his balls then kissed its way up the shaft of his cock to peck an immense expression of sensual bliss on the top of its head.  It was centuries since I had tasted man-juice but such nectar could never be forgotten.  I took the whole length into my mouth, closed my lips tightly and sucked out all the air from my lungs.  Breathing in again my tongue furiously made love to Chas's cock assisted in every movement by rapid and co-ordinated lip movements.  My friend was again sighing with delight and began pushing himself to and fro in a synchronised rhythm and aiding my work.

I never would have thought such pleasure was possible.  Everything was surreal.  Who would have, who ever could have, dared to think back in my days as a teacher that this could happen ?  Now in the dawn of old age I had discovered a sexual energy that would outrank a guy half my age.

I could sense things were coming to a climax after which there would be an end to this particular blissful epoch of time.  But could there be more ?  Would there be other times like this ?  I hoped so, god I hoped so.  After all Chas would be coming back to do the work in the house, I'd have the entire property decorated inside and out.

Chas's body tensed and I slowed to allow him to explode within my mouth.  As his cock twitched inside me I swallowed each ejaculation drinking ever deeper the elixir he was giving.  And then it was over.

We both fell back into two chairs and reflected on what had just happened.

"You were fantastic,"  Chas said.

"Thank you,"  I was short of breath and my heart was working overtime to pump oxygen round my body, I had used a week's energy in the space of less than an hour.  "You were pretty fantastic yourself."

As I recovered from my exertions I was aware that Chas was running his eyes over my still naked body.  I had once been good looking, quite fit and even athletic but now the years had taken their unfair toll.  I wondered what Chas was thinking and hoped he saw me not as I was but how I had been when he first had that teenage crush on me.

The words I need to describe Chas as I looked on him are not coming easily to me.  I could not say that he was stocky nor would it be right to portray is body as that of a rugby player.  He had muscles but he wasn't a bodybuilder.  The years had been kind to him, no sign of a beer-belly and his hair was as dark as it had been when he has been at school.  My own faked a natural colour but in truth it was maintained by vanity and Just for Men hair dye.

"Another beer ?"  I offered

"If I didn't know you better," Chas grinned, "I'd say you were trying to get me drunk and have your wicked way with me."

I tried to think of a reply but could not.  Instead I just went to fetch more beer.

"Thanks," Chas said taking a can.

We were still bollock naked but it was comfortable sharing our nudity. We drank and chatted but I could see that Chas was thinking, I studied his face wondering what he wanted to say and when he would say it.  Eventually I had to wait no longer.

"That's half of my fantasy turned into a reality."

"Half,"  I puzzled.

He smiled and winked an eye. "Do you think you have lost any of your old skill ?"

What was he talking about ?

"Remember how when I was a kid I used to hope you would one day slipper me bare arse ?"

I nodded, he had expressed such thoughts earlier that evening.

"Well my arse is bare now.  Do you have a slipper ?"

I nodded again.  "Yes I think I have."

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