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As with Stevens story (Meeting Steven 001), I based Jason's character on a real boy as well. That isn't his real name, and I haven't, nor am I going to, have sex with him. But his description and demeanor are all 100% accurate.

This is still a boy love story. However things have gotten a bit harder (hint) in this second chapter. But if you are looking for quick relief, this isn't the story for you.

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Chasing Squirrels: Jason Comes Around (002) [M/b]

Read Meeting Steven first!

By me(X).


Jason is a living study in contradictions. Say this but do that, no matter what it is, seems to be his creed. On any given day, he might play the affection starved child, the silly little boy, the aloof cat, or even the hard-core skate punk. I never know what, if anything, he may have in store for me as Bama and I make our daily rounds through the park. Whatever the day's persona he dons, he is always entertaining to watch, as he seemingly bounces chaotically from one moment to the next.

Some days, he will play tag with the younger kids on the jungle gym as if he were still trapped on the elementary school playground. He will laugh, run, jump, crawl, scream and yell... generally being a silly, fun-loving, good-hearted little boy who acts as innocent and playful as a 10-year-old child. If I'm around, he'll often look to me as if to make sure that I won't miss the foolish stunt he is going to attempt next.

On other days he will hang with the teenage pack of skate rats in the more secluded areas of the park. Smoking cig's and weed, cussing, and talking shit (a lot of shit). He acts far to `kewl' to be bothered with the silly little boy games that he was playing just the day, or even hours, before. On those days he portrays the rebellious punk who is always ready and quite willing to head out in search of trouble, not matter the cost, just to relieve his relentless boredom.

Or maybe, if no one else is around, he'll play the seductive tease. His actions suggest he is horny and needs relief... any kind of relief. And he desperately needs someone, anyone who might be willing, to scratch that raging itch for him. Amongst the many other subtle cues he gives, he will even go so far as to put his hand down his pants, for minutes at a time, and fondle himself right in front of me. He'll act as if he isn't aware of what he is doing when I tease him it. Other times he'll grin at me and shrug his shoulders as if to say "So what! It feels good". But he has never, ever, responded to my direct innuendos. He'll pretend that he has no idea what I am implying and that he is totally unaware of anything sexual. Not!

One day he begged me to go get my video camera and film him skateboarding. He desperately wanted me to help him make a video so he could "get sponsored and go Pro". I finally succumbed to his begging and went home to get my gear so we could make him a star. But when I returned he seemed totally uninterested and just wanted to get in my truck and go for a ride. When I told him no, that I would be kidnapping him if I did, he just sat there pouting because he wasn't going to get his way. What did he really want? I'm not sure, but he was playing the horny cherub again that day.

Sometimes, though not often, he'll clearly see Bama and me walking through the park, but he will ignore us as if we were total strangers. He'll continue playing, or punking, dependent upon whom he was hanging with at that moment, and will intentionally avoid any contact with me. He won't even look at me directly, but I can tell that he is watching me with his peripheral vision. The next day we're pals again as if he had no idea he'd blown me off the day before. What-ever!

The lad appears stuck somewhere between the little boy he was, seemingly just moments ago, and the young man he so urgently desires to become. From one day to the next, he will randomly bounce between those many roles as if that morning when he woke, he had rolled the dice to determine his actions and attitude for the coming day. Whatever's-Clever!

Jason is stuck at a major crossroad on his journey towards manhood. Unfortunately for the boy, it seems that there is no one guiding him during his lonely quest. Oddly, he has five older brothers and a father that he lives with. Yet he continues to come to me as if he is in desperate need of adult male attention and I am the one that MUST give it to him. Why is it that a boy, who has so many older male role models in his life, will seek the attention of a complete stranger to satisfy his adolescent needs? I guess, based on my observations and subtle questioning, that no one else will really listen to him or even feign interest in the young lads uninhibited life. How sad is that?

While I don't attempt to tell him what to do as he continuously engages in the juvenile and ever increasingly dangerous pranks he pulls; he won't allow me that level of influence (YET!). I do try to discourage him from the reckless lifestyle he so often chooses. Sometimes he will listen to me and respond as if he might actually use my advice to better his chances of success. Other times he rolls his eyes and plays the tough punk that doesn't need or want any help from me. I never know what I am going to get, or what he may want when (if) he comes to me. But he just keeps right on coming.

I rarely approach an unfamiliar boy. Not in this age of extreme fear and loathing concerning our kind. Luckily for me, I don't have to go to them. For whatever reason, I find a lot of the boys I encounter in life are watching and waiting for any opportunity to engage me. I'm a kid magnet that very few boys are able to resist. I will however, if I think he has potential, make him conscious of my existence in some way. The way I made Jason aware of me that first day I saw him... Well it was quite comical to say the least.

It was just another blustery winter day at the local park I frequent. I'd been sitting at my picnic bench eating lunch and watching Bama, my doggie, run around chasing squirrels back up into the trees. Apparently it is her duty to keep them up in the treetops. And it is a one she eagerly accepts.

That was the first day I laid eyes on the boy as he and a companion were making their way through the park. Since I'd never seen them in my park before, I studied and cataloged them for future reference. It's an involuntary habit I've developed over the years. Good or bad, I don't know. But I have become quite good at it nonetheless. I once saw a mole on the lad's lower back as he bent over causing his t-shirt to ride up. I remember the exact size, shape and color... I wonder if he is even aware its there?

Jason, as I later found out he was called, appeared to be around 10-years-old (MAYBE 11) and was quite cute, in his own way. When I got to know him a few days later, I was informed quite clearly by him that he was "almost 13". (Yeah, in 8-months he didn't say.) The other boy appeared to be around 16, maybe 17, and wore red hair and freckles as opposed to Jason's Black hair and dark skin. Definitely not brothers I thought as I momentarily wondered about the older ones intentions. Hey, it takes one to know one.

While I always notice boys, what really grabbed my attention was that he and his friend were being sneaky about something as they scurried through the park. You know that way boys have about them when they are trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to be sly regarding whatever it is they are about to do. My gaze followed them as they went into some bushes along a path that led to the waterfront.

Hmmm? I wondered what they were up to as I tried to figure out a way to go see for myself what it is they were about to do. I know. I'm a voyeur. But I just can't help myself in situations like that. I like to watch, whatever `it' is.

I quickly finished my lunch and hollered out to Bama to get her attention. When she looked at me, I pointed over towards the trail where the boys had gone.

"That-a-way girl" I told her.

Like always, there was a brief pause as she contemplated my command. Then she got it. She raced off towards the same path the boys had just taken. Good girl, I thought! Bama always seems to give me the excuse I need. I have to go follow her don't I?

As I walked slowly down the trail I could hear a young voice just a little ways ahead as it squeaked out "Hurry, up or were gonna get caught". This is going to be interesting I thought as I recalled some of the games my friends and I used to play in the scrub of the local park when we were young boys. Could it be?


I heard coughing and a moment later the smell of America's number one cash crop filled the air. So that's what they were doing I thought. That was pretty much what I had expected. Though, you never really know what you might find lurking in the wilds beyond the playground.

I once came around a turn on a little used trail behind the local bike jumps to find a ten-year-old boy on his knees blowing a 12-year-old. I was the deer in the headlights as I immediately froze... Oop's, I almost lost my focus. I'll have to tell that story another time.

I followed the trail out into the open where I discovered the boys huddled behind a big boulder attempting to shield themselves from the brisk winter wind. They were facing the other way so they didn't see me as I stood stock-still watching and waiting for their next move. Luckily, Bama must have gone down to the beach because I didn't see her anywhere.

I stood quietly and watched as Jason put a glass pipe to his lips and flick his Bic. He started to inhale while he turned his head back towards me as if to make sure no one was watching them. To late for you I thought as his eyes went wide with fear. Oh jeez, the look on his face was priceless. Absolute panic spread across his cute little mug as he tried to hide the pipe from of my watching eyes. Boys are so funny sometimes... As if it wasn't far too late to hide the evidence.

He choked and began to cough as a huge billow of smoke rose up into the air. The wonderful aroma quickly engulfed me again as I was wondered to myself why I'd given up smoking ganja. Oh yeah, I forgot. It makes me stupid. It sure did smell like good stuff though. Yet another scent I wish I could bottle.

The older boy finally took notice of the stranger in their midst as he followed his friend's gaze to find me watching them get high. `Oh shit' I could see in his defiant teenage eyes as he quickly looked around for an escape route. He, with the younger one quickly following his lead, began to rise up from their crouched positions. Were they actually going to run?

I donned an imposing stance as I whistled for Bama. I couldn't have them think (know) I was spying on them, could I? A second later my girl poked her head up over the rocky breakwater right next to them. As they both turned their heads away from me to find out who else had intruded upon their secret gathering, I gave Bama the hand signal I'd taught her to speak. She instantly let out a sharp woof that nearly scared the life out of the two young boys.

They both recoiled at the sound of Bama's loud bark. The young ones face appeared as terrified as if he'd met a bear on the trail and it was about to attack. I found out later that he was somewhat afraid of dogs. Yeah, I felt pretty bad when he later admitted to me that he'd been as scared, both of going to jail and being bitten, as he ever had been before.

"Put your hands up, you're surrounded!" I said next with a serious look on my face. I admit it. I'm a smart-ass. But I had to see how far I could go with the joke I was playing on them, didn't I? They returned their anxious gaze to me as they slunk back down as if they'd surrendered to me. It was as if they succumbed to the reality that they were in fact surrounded and there was nothing they could do about it.

"Bama come." I called. I'd begun to feel a little guilty about the joke I was playing them. She leaped up the rest of the way and ran right in between them shoving both boys aside as she made her way to me. She really is a good girl, but sometimes her manners are just a wee bit lacking. In this case however, it increased the comedy of the scene ten-fold. Now they were both sitting on their asses in the dirt wearing a look of uncertainty and fear that seemed to be increasing with each second that passed.

As Bama ran up to me I told her "Good doggie, you got `em."

Now they looked like they were going to cry. At least Jason did I thought. The older one might have been a little pissed off. He stared at me with angry, hateful eyes that spoke volumes about what he thought of me. "I wish you were dead" was at the top of his list. Teens can be so pissy at times like these. Can't they take a joke? All right, it seemed it was time to end the charade before it turned ugly.

"I'm just teasing you guys." I said as I winked at them. "But you are going to get busted if you don't quiet down and learn to hide better... Don't they teach you that at school?" I said next hoping it would calm them down some.

They just sat there, seemingly unsure if they could believe me as I wondered if they teach anything real at school anymore? Yes, escape and evasion are as important as math in any society.

They didn't appear to get the joke I'd just made. I began to think that maybe I'd gone just a little to far with them. It was definitely time to get out while I still could.

"Don't get hit by any cars on the way home." I said to them as I called out heel to Bama and made a quick exit back the way I'd come. I hastily headed back up the trail as I laughed to myself about the scene I just witnessed. Or caused... whatever.

I got about twenty feet back into the park when I heard them running up behind me. I was immediately on the defensive I turned to watch them come charging towards me. Even Bama showed her defensive posture as she began to growl at them for approaching us so unexpectedly. The fear I'd seen in Jason's eyes suddenly returned and his demeanor quickly changed as they halted their approach stopping about ten feet away from us.

"Hey, you're not gonna tell on us are you?" Jason asked as his eyes darted between Bama and my own. He still had a bit of fear showing in his face, but not nearly as dire as it had been a few moments ago.

I was going to tell them off for sneaking up on us. But I thought it would have been a bit hypocritical considering what I had just done.

Instead I simply asked him "Whom am I going to tell?"

He just stood there looking intently at me for a second before responding "I don't know."

The look in his eyes made it seem as though he was running through the list of people of whom I could tell. But he wasn't going to give me any ideas if he could help it.

"You have nothing to fear from me." I said as I looked right at Jason and winked at him. "You might want to be a little less obvious though. Next time you might get caught by someone who does care."

His whole body became less tense and the color of his skin, while definitely not white, became a few shades lighter. He was in obvious relief. The older one just continued to stare me down as if he thought I was the biggest asshole in the world. Yeah, fuck you too Red! Not! He's definitely not my type.

With that I called Bama to heel as I turned and walked away from them. I start getting worried after talking to `other peoples children' for more than a few minutes. It's as if invisible eyes, all around me, are watching and waiting for me to make a move. Yes, I'm a paranoid. Aren't we all though?

I heard a squeaky "Thanks dude." as I strode away. That must have been the younger one I thought. At least he's polite.

A few days later they got me back.

I was sitting at a picnic table typing notes on my laptop while Bama was off in the distance challenging another dog in a game of tree the squirrels. I was so intensely focused on the story I was working on that I'd become oblivious to everything else around me. Suddenly, I was brought back to reality by the sound of boys encircling my table as I heard a high-pitched voice shout out "Put your hands up, you're surrounded!" Yeah, I pretty much jumped out of my skin.

Jason, his accomplice from the other day and another older boy I'd never seen quickly sat down at my table and began laughing and high-fiving each other.

"Ha-Ha! We snuck up on you this time!" Jason said next as he squirmed in his seat unable to contain his jubilation.

I glared at Jason while ignoring the other two. His eyes danced with laughter and his little mouth was spread in a boyish smirk that seemingly had lots more to say about the sneak attack he'd just pulled off. Wisely, he held his tongue. He seemed to realize he might have gone just a bit to far with me. Still, the little asshole seemed quite pleased with himself that he had returned the favor.

"Now you gotta smoke a blunt with me so I can get my nerves back" came my terse reply as I continued my staring contest with the young punk. I wasn't serious. But I might as well fuck with them if they were going to fuck with me.

They all had a look on they're faces that was questioning... `Is he for real?' No, but you always have to keep them guessing if you want to be invited to play in boy-land.

Everything else got blurry as I continued to lock eyes with Jason. That was the first time I had taken a close look the pre-pubescent punk. And I really liked what I saw. He was definitely not a classic pretty boy that was for sure. But he had a boyish charm about him that more than made up for his lack of physical beauty.

Yeah, he was definitely a very cute boy, just in his own way. But it was sadly apparent that the cuteness of youth he currently possessed would slowly fade away until he'd only be left with his charm... if he could hold on to that. Oh well, he's good to look at now I thought as I continued my survey of the young urchin.

At the time I still didn't know that he was older than the ten or eleven years I pegged him for... he looked so young and tender. In fact, he looked absolutely delicious as he sat there giggling to himself. He did seem fairly mature in his attitude though. I'd begun to wonder if he was just small for his age.

He was about 4' 8" or so and couldn't have weighed more than 90 lbs soaking wet. He looked part Mexican, maybe Asian, or something. I couldn't make an accurate determination what mix the cute little mutt had in him.

His hair was as black as tar, what little he had of it. It had been shaved to about a half-inch all the way around. Buzz! His eyes had a distinctive oval shape to them, adding yet more mystery to the source of his heritage. And they were as blacker than a moonless night. Quite intriguing I thought... I'd never seen black eyes before.

He had a pretty little mouth with thin red lips that just seemed to be always grinning. It was as if he had a big secret he wasn't going to share with anyone. The little button nose he wore made it evident that white-boy was at least part of his muddled mix. But the rest of him was indefinable. His face was slight rounded with soft cheekbones that barely made themselves known to the world. His chin was just as slight, barely perceptible on the radius of his jaw line that seemingly continued its unaltered curve around his cute face.

He was wore a tattered t-shirt that had writing and doodles all over it. Scribbles and scrawls done with a black sharpie covered nearly every available square inch of his worn-out wearable masterpiece. I noticed, amongst the many other colorful sketches, that there was an ejaculating penis drawn onto his left sleeve. Hmmm. I was going to have come up with something to say about that, but I saved the thought for later when I wouldn't have to worry about what the older punks might think about the lewd comments that were surely going to come flying out of my mouth.

He was sitting right next to me so I could see his shorts too. They were the tightest pair of jean cut-offs I'd ever seen on a boy, at least in real life. They must have been his pants from two years ago. Pretty hot I thought as my eyes followed his thin, hairless legs down to his shoes. Yeah, the boy didn't appear to have one hair on his arms or legs. Huh? I didn't think they came that way. All boys have at least some body hair, don't they?

He wore unmatched, multi colored socks seemingly sprouting out of his tattered DC shoes. The laces didn't go through every eyelet and were broken in at least a few places, being held together in assorted knots that seemed as if they might break apart at any time. What a little thrasher he was. He bore the look of the classic All-American skate punk in every way possible. I wanted to keep him!

The new kid broke the spell I was under. "Can I bum a smoke dude?"

I was a little irritated that they had disturbed my peace and quiet. Well, not with Jason. But the other two could fuck off as far as I was concerned. Yeah, the scrappy little pup had me charmed already. I was just about to tell the unknown teen to go ask his parents for one when I saw that he had a longboard leaning against the bench next to him. That looked like fun.

"If I can ride your longboard." I replied.

"OK" he quickly said as he jumped up and handed the board to me.

Cool! I hadn't ridden in quite a while and it was something I really missed doing. Long-boards seemed to be making a comeback nowadays. Lucky for me, they are definitely safer for old men such as myself.

I turned to Jason and grabbed his knee giving it a gentle squeeze. The feel of the soft skin covering his bony little legs made my head swoon. I looked him right in the eyes while squeezing just a bit harder to make sure I had his attention.

"Nothing is going to happen to my stuff, right?" I said with authority.

He got the message. He nodded his head vigorously as he yelped and reached out grabbing my hand in his to make sure I didn't clamp down any tighter. He didn't appear to be bothered that a strange man had just reached out and touched him somewhat intimately. Rather, he seemed as if he was going to start giggling hysterically as if he were being tickled all over. I wondered how he'd react if I did reach out and tickle his ribs just then. That might be just a bit to far though... at least for now.

I threw my smokes on the table, jumped on the board and began to skate away.

"Can I have one too?" I heard Jason squeak out as I headed off into the park.

Normally I'd say no to someone so young. But it was obvious he was experienced, in all manner of sins. And he was going to watch my stuff for me.

I just shouted out "Whatever!" as I rode away.

Hey I can still do this I thought as I began to feel the rhythm of riding return to me. I'm going to have to get myself a board when I get the chance. I had a pretty good time cruising all over the park as I kept one eye on the laptop that I'd left with the boys. I had a pretty good feeling about Jason. I could probably trust him. But the other two... well, I had my doubts about them.

When I came back they were sitting around the table talking about boy nonsense as if it were the most important matter in the world. Oh the innocence of youth. I wish I could...

My smokes were still on the table so I picked them up, took one out and lit it. I really just wanted to see how many they had taken, but I didn't want to be obvious about it. The pack was almost new, so I could tell that they had only taken three of them. Red must have had one too. And the little fuck didn't even thank me.

As I packed up my stuff preparing to leave, Jason was quite the little smart-ass chatterbox. Apparently, he was surprised that an old man like me didn't fall down and break something while I rode the long-board. He wore a mischievous grin that seemingly dared me to challenge his comments about my age. What a little shit he is I thought to myself. He's got a lot of balls for a hairless preteen boy. I couldn't help but wonder just how big the precious jewels he had hidden in those tight little shorts might actually be.

As usual, my paranoia took over so I said, "see ya around" to them. I looked at Jason and smiled for a brief moment before I turned and left the young punks that had invaded my workspace.

I unexpectedly heard the sound of little footsteps behind me as I called out to Bama with a shrill whistle. I turned my head to find Jason right on my heels.

"Where ya going?" he asked me.

Huh? "Home. Why do you want to know?" I answered him curtly. I was a little annoyed with him. I don't know why... I'd usually be thrilled that a cute boy was following me. It just seemed odd to me for some reason.

He didn't seem to notice my rebuff as he began trotting alongside me. He asked me a half a dozen questions; Who? What? Where? When? Why? He seemingly wanted to know all about me, Bama and anything else he could think up in that childish little mind of his. I was getting real paranoid now. Where he and his friends planning something?

We got to the park boundary and I pretty much blew him off as nicely as possible. "See you later." I told him with finality in my tone.

Obviously he had no fear, or tact. "Um, could I have another smoke?" I heard as I stepped of the curb.

So that's what he was after. At least he wasn't planning on ripping me off. But I hate that part of the game. If I don't give him one, I'm a dick. If I do give him one... Well, either way I'm an asshole. I should have never given him one in the first place.

"No more smokes for children today." I said as I kept walking without looking back.

"Its kewl... maybe next time." I heard as I kept walking away. He said something else too, but I couldn't make it out.

I hadn't see him again for a few days when he unexpectedly plopped down on the grass next to me.

"Hey" was all he said with his young boy squeak.

"Hey" I said right back at him. This could only mean one thing I thought. He wants another smoke.

"Watcha doin" he asked me shyly.

I guessed he was going to beat around the bush a bit first before he got up the nerve to ask me for a cigarette.

"Counting grass blades" I answered offhandedly. I plucked a handful and sprinkled them over his head. "Want to help?" I asked with a snicker.

He responded with his charming giggle as he grabbed a handful of grass and threw it right at my face. He quickly attempted to roll away out of my reach but I grabbed him by his shirttail and pulled him back until he was lying flat on his back at my side.

I held him down with one hand on his chest while I grabbed another handful of grass and said to him "Careful, I might just make you eat some."

I showed him my grin so he'd know I was kidding as my mind turned to thoughts of lust. The feel of his tight little body covered only by his thin t-shirt made me begin to get hard as he squirmed half-heartedly to get away. Good thing I was laying on my stomach.

He clamped his mouth shut as he beamed at me with those incredibly black eyes of his. They were daring me again, yet there was something else hidden beneath in those rich glassy orbs that gazed softly up at me. He liked what I was doing and he was definitely not afraid of me, or my touch. He relaxed his hard little body into the turf as if to accept his fate, whatever it might be.

I brushed the grass seductively across his tender lips a few times before I pulled my hand away from his opening.

"Open up and say ahh." I said to him with a wink.

He just shook his head as his grin continued to grow exponentially.

I was just about to stop teasing him... and holding him down. It probably didn't look very good from an outside perspective. But as I pulled my hand a bit further away, he opened his mouth and wiggled his tongue taunting me. I guess he wasn't quite finished playing the game.

I quickly brought my hand back to his mouth in an effort to stuff the grass into it. Lucky for him, he got it shut just in the knick of time. I was amazed, and glad, that he didn't bite his tongue off as he locked his jaws together so swiftly.

He's going to get it now I thought to myself. "I'll betcha I can get you to open your mouth again." I whispered softly.

He just shook his head again while showing me his playfully defiant eyes. He was daring me yet again as he lay on the ground without making any attempt at escape. He looked so dreamy laying there in my grasp. I'd wished we could be doing this under different circumstances.

To bad for him he had no idea what I was about to do. I let the hand that still rested on his firm chest slip down to his taut little belly and gave it a gentle tickle with just the tips of my fingers. Immediately, every muscle in his body tensed as both his hands reached out to stop me from going any further with my playful torture. He let out a huge yelp before he began to laugh and giggle like the schoolboy he was. His enchanting melody lasted only a millisecond though.

Just as he opened his mouth in response to my tickle, I stuffed the handful off grass right inside his opening before I hastily pulled my fingers out of harms way. He clamped his mouth shut in an effort to avoid the inevitable. But it was far to late!

I released my hold on him and rolled away as he immediately began spewing out the invading blades in short little spurts. The grass, as well as spittle, flew out of his entrance and scattered across his silky smooth cheeks sticking in little clumps all over his adorable little face. He continued spitting as he rolled towards me in an effort to keep the cud from landing on his face any more than it already had.

I laughed out loud as I said to him "You lose!"

I was hoping I hadn't gone to far as I rolled over on my back laughing as I watched him try to extricate the last of the grass that stuck to his tongue. He wasn't having much luck in that position either. Spit and grass flowed off of his tongue and dribbled down onto his chin. Nearly every part of his face had turned wet (and green).

Luckily for me, he didn't appear to be mad. But he wasn't done by a long shot either. He looked over at me with his now sinister black eyes before he pounced and landed right on top of me. He began rubbing his face off all over my own in an effort to rid himself of the goo that covered it. I was so surprised by his actions that by the time I reacted, he had managed to rub his soft, and somewhat slimy, boy cheeks all over mine. As he did it, he managed to drag his wet little lips across mine several times before I felt his slippery little tongue peek out and take several swipes across my chin.

Why he was doing that I had no idea. Perhaps he was trying to scrape the last bits of grass off his tongue. Whatever. Boing! I was pretty stiff before, but now I was approaching the hardness of tempered steel.

As he licked me with his tongue again I quickly opened my mouth and captured it with my teeth. I clamped down gently as I put a hand on either side of his tiny little waist and held him firmly. Holy shit! He was lying on top of me and I had his silky-smooth boy tongue in my mouth. My raging cock was stabbing right into his own too. This game had turned into something else entirely, at least for me. But sadly, he wasn't hard. At least I didn't think so. Oh well, mine was definitely more than enough for the both of us right then.

He immediately went stock still as I continued to hold his tongue prisoner. His eyes were just inches away and locked to mine. Again, they didn't seem to display fear in them. No, they seemed to be saying, "What the fuck do I do now?"

I couldn't speak, obviously. So I hummed out "Enough?" hoping he'd get the gist of my question.

He did. "Umm hmm!" He hummed out in response.

I released my grasp on his tongue as I laid my head back into the grass looking up into those captivating black eyes. I held my hands on his waist as I fought desperately not to follow through with my urge to let them slide a bit lower onto his tight little butt.

He surprised me again. He stayed put laying on top of me as he grinned down at me with a knowing smile for a few more seconds. Then he stunned me. He ground his groin into my steely rod a few times to make it clear that he felt my stiffness. There was no doubt in my mind then that he knew I'd gotten turned on by our little game.

The look on his face changed back to his mischievous grin before he said, "It feels like you lose too!" as he rolled off of me and lay in the grass giggling at my side.

My head was spinning as I wiped the boy slime from my face. That could probably qualify as a first kiss. And he hadn't acted as if he was afraid that my cock had just been poking into his. I wonder if...

He broke my train of thought. "You own me a smoke now. I need to get the taste of grass out of my mouth."

Yeah. Cigarette smoke is going to taste better I thought. But I gave in to his request. I felt a little bad for going as far as I had with him. Sometimes I really need to stop actually doing whatever crazy action my dirty mind seems to come up with.

"OK, but not here." I said to him.

I stood up not even trying to hide my still hard member. Fuck it (hopefully). He already knew anyway. Maybe he'd show an interest?


He just watched me as I adjusted it back into a more manageable position. There was no fear in his eyes still, but they didn't hold the lustful look I was hoping for either. No. They held a look that said, "I know what you want. To bad you're not going to get it."


I let go the idea of inviting him to my house to smoke his cigarette. His face made it perfectly clear that we'd gone just as far as he was willing to go. I reached down and pulled him to his feet before we headed over to the spot where I'd caught him and his crony getting stoned just a few days before.

I watched him as he lit the smoke I gave him. He definitely knew what he was doing. He had a style and an ease of experience about him. Yep, a pro smoker in the making and I was helping him. Guilt, guilt, guilt...

"Why do you want to smoke?" I asked. I might as well begin my interrogation. If he wanted to play with me, he had to put up with my shit.

"I dunno... I like to." Was all he could come up with.

"I did at your age too, but now I need to" I said in response. Not that I had much hope of discouraging him, but I might as well try.

He just looked at me blankly without answering. `So what old man' his eyes seemed to say.

I let it go. "Where would you get smokes if you weren't bumming them off of strangers?" I asked next as I moved on with the grilling.

"Were not strangers, my tongues been in your mouth" was his quick comeback. He was grinning from ear to ear as he awaited my response.

Huh? At least he wasn't freaked out about what had happened.

"OK, we've had our first kiss, but other than that, we're strangers." I said as I winked at him. Hint. Hint.

The look on his face turned sour. He must have hit that lemon flavored part of the smoke he was puffing. He didn't like that I'd called it a kiss one bit. Or maybe it was that I'd implied that it wasn't our last. Either way, he was as grossed out as a young boy can be.

Bummed again!

I just ignored him as I asked again. "Where do you normally get your smokes?"

"Swipe `em from my Dad." He said with a little cockiness on his face.

"What would your Dad do if he caught you?" I asked right back.

"Beat my ass." He stated matter-of-factly. He didn't seem to care though.

Well, this was going nowhere. I changed tactics... Perhaps if we become friends I'll hold more sway with him. And if I stop giving him smokes.

I began asking about him. Who? What? When? Where? Why? I asked them all. And he answered them eagerly. It seemed he liked to talk about himself. What lonely boy doesn't?

One thing that surprised me... He lived across the street from the park, just a few doors down from the little market. For at least a couple of years too! He couldn't actually remember how long though... duh. I'm going to have to get my `Boy-Dar' adjusted I was thinking. How did I miss him all this time?

He was quick in all the responses about his life, quite cheerily in fact. Right up until I subtly asked about his relationship with his dad. He pretty much blew me off as his eyes clouded over with a sadness that made my heart ache. Gulp.

He had to leave shortly after that awkward moment. I watched him as he walked towards his house. The youthful bounce I'd seen earlier in his step wasn't there anymore. Oh man! I felt really bad. I wondered if he'd ever come back to see me after I'd intruded so deeply into his life. I resolved to fix it (and him) if I could.

Nearly every day after that intriguing afternoon, he'd come and talk with me (or not) when he saw me. He'd usually ask for a smoke, though not every time he came to me. I'd only let him have one about every 3rd time he asked... I didn't want it to become the only reason he wanted to spend time with me. Thankfully, he didn't seem all that bothered when I said no. A shrug of his shoulders and he just fell in at my side as we followed wherever Bama lead us while we talked about whatever I could pry out if him.

He'd even gotten over his fear of dogs... at least his fear of Bama. He and my girl would often run around the park playing chase the squirrel as I sat back and watched them. What an adorable site that was. I liked him a lot more when he played the silly boy. His skate punk persona was quite annoying at times.

I learned a lot about him during our almost daily rounds through the park. He was part "Flip" (his word for Philippino) on his Moms side and the rest of him was pure white trash (my words). No wonder he was so small and hairless I thought when I learned of his heritage. It didn't matter to me what how he came to be though. It sure was a cute mix.

He was in the 6th grade this year. He'd been held back for lack of doing his schoolwork the year before... surprise. I hate that they seem so callous about failing school. Its almost pride I sense in boys like him as they talk about their troubled school life. Or at least it doesn't matter to them if they pass. What the fuck is happening nowadays? Is his kind really our future? Not if I can help it. One boy (sometimes two) at a time I was going to sway the tide of ignorance in our all-to-soon to be men. He was going to be a tough nut to crack though. But I made another resolution as I listened to him talk about how lame school is for him. We were going to be doing homework in the park... and we'd be starting soon.

It took a little longer than expected to get him started. And it cost me quite a few smokes as well. But after a month, I had him bringing his schoolwork over (at least a few times a week) to the park where we would sit at my picnic table for a half hour or so arguing playfully as WE completed the assignments.

After two months, I had him practicing his clarinet in the same spot I'd caught him smoking pot. He giggled madly as I sat him down in the same spot and told him to get high on music instead of weed. I really do think he got the point as well. But I doubt he stopped getting stoned.

He only lasted about twenty minutes or so when he played. And he only did it a couple of times a week. But the fact that he'd even, albeit reluctantly, agreed to practice was nothing short of amazing to me.

He would sit on his butt cross-legged leaning back against his boulder with his music sheets propped up against another and play (somewhat) beautiful melodies for me. I could hear him playing from everywhere Bama and I went to in the park. Talk about music soothing the soul. I was in heaven as I listened to his sweet songs.

I hate to be prideful but... I am so fucking awesome at my predisposed post on this planet! Why can't they just accept me? Boys are why I was put here.

I finally got the courage to ask about his dad again. It was under the pretense of asking why his dad hadn't noticed he was hanging out with some strange man. I really did want to know the answer to that as well as try to find a way back onto the subject of their relationship. I could see Dad in their front yard sometimes as Jason and I did school work at our bench. I anxiously awaited the day when he would come storming across the park seeking answers from me... ones that would be very hard to respond to. At least without being completely honest. He never came though. Yet another parent, and surprisingly a Dad, that didn't get involved in his child's life. What the fuck is wrong with all of you? Don't you know how precious they are?

Jason told me flat out. "Don't worry about it. He doesn't care what I do. He's seen me with you and he DIDN'T CARE AT ALL!"

Yeah, he said it just like that. This part was going to be a lot harder to revamp than I thought. He just lowered his eyes and went back to his math problems as if it didn't bother him. It did though, big time. At least I didn't have to worry so much about getting my ass kicked by an enraged father. But what could I do for my new boy?

And so it went for many months. We'd laugh, play, learn and practice. The only thing missing was love. He never let it get that deep. C'est la vie. At least we were friends and he was moving forward, though somewhat slowly, towards something more than the neighborhood had to offer him. If that were all I got out of the deal, I'd be smiling immensely as I lay on my deathbed.


At least he had the brains to not ride his board up to my house so late at night I thought as I watched him carry it the last half block as he and Bama ran up to my front gate and went into the yard.

He was sitting in one of the chairs waiting for me as I caught up to them. My mind was racing again. He'd never been beyond the point he was sitting in right now. Not once did I invite him into my house and not once had he asked permission. His actions and attitude regarding all things sexual made it clear to me that he wasn't quite ready to deal with a man coming onto him. I gave myself no opportunity to step over the line he had drawn.

At least until tonight that is. What the fuck did he mean when he said `It could be fun'? That was his response when I tried warning him off by telling him I only had one bed. Everything about his demeanor tonight was far more risqué than I'd ever seen in him. I began to wonder if he was drunk. He didn't look it, but...

As I unlocked the door I said to him "I'm not sure you are ready to step over this line yet" as I pointed down to the threshold. I was going to give him every opportunity to change his mind about whatever he had planned.

He wasn't even nibbling yet.

"Shut up." He replied as he pushed me through the now open door.

"Its cold out here." He added as he turned and shut the door behind him.

And there he was... a really cute 12-year-old boy wandering around inside my house in the middle of the night. I stood back and watched him as he began his investigation of my home. It only took him about a minute before he found the autographed poster of Tony Hawk riding a half pipe pinned to my wall.

He stopped and stared at it for another full minute before he said in awe "That's sic!"

He turned to me and asked me how I'd gotten him to sign it? He ooh'd and awe'd as he didn't wait for an answer and asked how old the picture was... he'd never seen that one before.

That one is definitely `old-school' I told him. I'd had it for nearly fifteen years. Ouch, that makes me OLD-SCHOOL too.

I explained to him that I used to do film & video production work and I'd been involved in a project that Tony skated in. Yeah, `Tony'... we'd gotten pretty friendly over the few weeks we'd worked on the first shoot. We'd done a few other shoots over the years too, so I'd gotten to know him quite well by the time I quit the business. I still had his business card around somewhere with his e-mail address and cell number written on the back. I'd never had a reason to call or write him since the last shoot, but I kept it anyway... you never know.

The whole time I was explaining it to the boy he stared at the poster as if was the coolest thing he's ever seen. I however, felt the pangs of guilt begin pounding deep in my gut as I told the story.

The only thought going through my mind was my Prince Steven, whom I'd left in his snuggly warm bed not 20 minutes ago. When I had decided earlier this evening that we needed to dress up the walls of the little imps `apartment'. That poster was one of the things I'd decided to give him. What more inspiration could I give the boy than having him wake to see an image of his soon to be hero mounted on his wall? And here I was with Jason, ready and willing if he was, to climb into my bed together.

I pushed my guilt aside as I thought now would be a good time to discuss Stevens moms concerns about their age difference. I sat him down and explained what she'd said. I also told him what I'd said to her in response.

I stuck the tip of my finger right to the center of his chest and pushed with just enough pressure to cause his eyes to go wide. "I told her you are a good kid. Now you have to live up to that. I also told her that I would thump you HARD and REPEATEDLY if you hurt or corrupted her little boy!"

"Get it?" I added as I poked his chest just a little bit harder to emphasize how serious I was.

He just nodded his head meekly.

"Good! That means no smoking ANYTHING in front of him. No cussing, at least as often as you are doing now, and no trouble making while he's with you. And I don't want him hanging out with the older crew either. Unless you guys are actually skating, send him home if you are going to be with them."

He just continued to stare at me while he nodded again. I guess I really had his full attention.

I eased the pressure of my finger from his chest as I softened my voice. "Please just be the silly little boy I know and love when you are with him and not the young punk you pretend to be sometimes. PLEASE do that for me?"

He just nodded his head again as he appeared at a loss for words. He'd never seen me this serious before. I'm not sure if he knew that I had it in me.

I finished by telling him. "You don't have to hang around him if you don't want to. He really likes you though."

That was what finally got him to speak. "No! I really like him. He's pretty cool for an 8-year-old. Plus, he's going to be sic on a skateboard. I can't believe how fast he learns tricks."

He was now looking at me as if I was about to take away a prized toy from him. He seemed to be standing on edge waiting (hoping) that I would say it was OK for him to hang with Steven.

That's interesting I thought as I looked at the boy. I guess he really does like the young urchin. Hopefully he isn't interested in...

"I can still play with him can't I?" He asked breaking my train of thought.

"Yes" I answered. "Just be kewl with my young puppy." I'd said kewl his way to help ease the tension I'd created.

"OK" he replied eagerly.

He seemed more sincere than I'd ever seen him before.

Time for the next issue as I kept going with my requests (demands).

"He might be upset that you are over here tonight. Do you remember how he acted when we ran into you earlier today?"

He immediately shot back at me "He can't be mad just because WE are friends too!"

"No he can't" I replied. "That's what I told him today and that's what I'll tell him again if he forgets. But..." I paused a second trying to find the right words. There were no right words for what I needed to say so I just spit it out. "But you and I being `just friends' isn't why you came over tonight, is it?"

He let his eyes drop to the floor without saying a word. It appeared his brown skin was getting just a little redder.

"Is it?" I repeated insistently.

He just shook he head as he looked back into my eyes.

"Look Jason, I like you a lot. You know that right?"

He nodded his head again. The cat certainly had his tongue all of a sudden. Probably for the best for now I thought.

"I like him a lot too. In fact I love him. I've always wanted a little boy to love, teach and be friends with. Now I have the chance. And I don't want it screwed up because I have a hard time keeping my dick in my pants at the site of my other favorite cute little boy."

He giggled uncontrollably and turned bright red as I finished that last sentence. When he finally got himself under control he responded to my concerns the way any horny boy would.

"He doesn't have to find out. I'm not going to tell him and you better not either." He was glaring into my eyes as he said that last part.

I continued. "You and I are walking a very high tight rope right now. If either of us falls, it could destroy both of our lives. Can you handle it?" I'd reached out and held his chin as I said it. I needed him to look me right in the eyes as he responded to my question.

"I swear," he said as he held up his fist.

"You too!" He demanded in return.

"I swear," I said as I bumped my fist into his.

The mischievous look Jason so often wore returned, however briefly.

I still had one more thing I needed him to do if we were to go any further tonight.

"Jason, I need you to say out loud what EXACTLY it is we aren't going to tell anyone. I believe that you need to be mature enough to talk about it if you are mature enough to do it."

I sat back and watched him as his face turned red again. I was really curious (and hopeful) how he was going to respond to what I'd just said. If he couldn't say it, we weren't going to do it.

As I awaited his response, Mr. Guilt came knocking at my door again. I wondered if I should let Jason know that if he chose to go through with it, Mr. Guilt would most likely be joining us. No. There is no need to introduce them to each other just yet. Jason will soon enough have the pleasure of his company. Fuck off Mr. Guilt. You aren't needed or wanted here. He just kept ringing my bell though as I tried to tune out his nagging presence.

Out of the blue he asks me, "Can I take a shower? I'll answer you when I get out, I promise." He was wearing that mischievous grin again.

"OK" I replied allowing him a brief reprieve from his sentence. I'd give him that much time to work up the courage. I remembered how hard it was to talk about sex stuff; especially with an adult.

"That's probably a good idea." I added. "It's been a few weeks hasn't it?" Sniff-sniff. I wrinkled my nose at him trying to loosen the mood.

"No!" he shouted with mock anger. "I just feel a bit sticky and wanna get cleaned off."

I could tell he knew I was joking with him. And He'd left me another opening so I kept going.

"Sticky, huh? Did you make a few trips to the park restroom today?" As I said it, I put the tip of my thumb and index finger together while waving my hand back and forth in the universal signal that all boys know and LOVE.

He shouted "No!" again as he turned even redder. His eyes quickly dropped down to the floor avoiding mine. That's interesting I thought. I must have not been to far off target with that comment. I was beginning to wonder if he would actually be able to work up the courage to talk about sex, and then have it with me.

OK. I'd had enough of teasing the boy... for now anyway. I took him to the bathroom and gave him everything he needed to complete his decontamination.

As I handed him a fresh towel I looked him in the eyes and said "You make sure and scrub all the important parts, K." While I was just making another joke, mostly anyway, I kept my face serious just to make him wonder.

He got red again and just nodded his head.

Before I finished closing the door, I turned to look at him again and said "And wash any sticky stuff off the shower walls before you get out." I was grinning this time.

He took a swipe at me as he squealed "I'm not gonna do that!"

I quickly shut the door to save myself from his wrath.

As I was walking away I heard the door open and he shouted out to me "I'm gonna save that for later." He giggled and slammed the door shut.

I wondered to myself just how serious I should take that last comment. He'd been making innuendos since I'd found him in the park. And I'd made it clear what I thought was going to happen tonight. Now the 12-year-old was getting naked in my bathroom. Its incredible how quickly life's course can change.

I went to my room, lay down on my bed as I stared off into space wondering how, if at all, I should proceed when he finished. If he came out of the shower and said the magic words... "No one can know that we are going to have sex." Then I was finally going to taste at least some of what I'd been dreaming about the past few months as I leaned over his shoulder helping him correct his math errors. I sure am an evil man sometimes I thought with a shudder.

The thought occurred to me as to what he was going to wear when he got out of the shower. I'd hoped he wasn't going to put his "sticky" clothes back on. Like most preteens, at least the ones who weren't forced to keep fresh on a regular basis, he was often seen wearing the same clothes day after day. Yeah, not much slips past my scrutiny. I wondered what I could come up with that would fit that tiny waist of his. I only had one thing... but it meant far too much to me. Oh well, nothing suited me just fine.

A short while later I heard the shower shut off. A few minutes after that he came into my bedroom wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist.

God he has a sexy little body. Like Steven, he didn't have an ounce of fat on him anywhere. While he wasn't as well proportioned as my 8-year-old rascal, he was definitely nice to look upon. He was probably even nicer to touch.

I watched him as he walked up next to me and stood there for a few moments before speaking softly "Umm... Do you have anything I could wear?" He asked shyly.

I waited for a moment before I replied "Maybe." I let the moment last a bit longer before I reached up and grabbed the bottom of the towel pretending I was going to pull it off of him. "How about air?" I said next while showing him the most pleading look I could muster.

While I didn't make any move to pull the towel off of him. I didn't let go of it either. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as he just stood there looking down at me as if he was contemplating his next move.

He surprised me as he stepped back causing my hand to pull the towel away from his hips.

"OK." was all I heard him say as my eyes dropped lower.

He was now stark naked and my hand was wearing the towel that had a moment ago covered his boyhood. And it was as hard as steel. His 4.5" missile appeared ready for lift off. And I guessed I was to be the launch director. His not-so-little rocket was pointed straight towards heaven seemingly straining in its restraints as it awaited the countdowns end.

Jason had a definite tan line. Dark brown above and below, a creamy sandstone color right in between. I'd never noticed it before now; I'd always just assumed that his dark skin was the same shade throughout his tight little body. New discoveries are always so exciting!

He is so F'n HOT I thought as I made a close inspection of what he was offering to me. Yes, he was now definitely ready to give me what I'd been seeking those many months.

His boy cock was a lot bigger than I'd thought it would be. I had of course, on many occasions, tried to visualize just how big the bulge that preceded him would be in its current state. My guess was short by a good inch. I guess you never really know `til you know, huh?

I was a little surprised that he was circumcised. I'd have guessed that his "Flip" heritage would have left him intact. While I think the barbaric practice of slicing off the tip of a boys pride and joy should be abolished. Somewhere deep inside of me still prefers a boy that is cut. It's the look I had fallen in love with so many years ago before I was even aware that I was missing something. And it's very hard to break from something as deep-seated as that desire.

From just below the tip of his slightly rounded head, a seam ran along the base of his inch and a half diameter shaft and across his still tight sack before disappearing into his netherworld. His jewels were about the size of quarters and appeared a little out of place compared to the larger than expected boy cock pulsing before him. I wondered (actually I was hoping) if he could shoot yet as I took in his completely hairless groin. I guess there is only one way to find out. And no, asking him wasn't an option.

I let my eyes scan the rest of him until I found myself looking back into his knowing eyes. The look he wore was both of passion and awareness. He knew he had me pegged. And he knew he had me right where he wanted me. Good thing I wanted to be there as well.

It was my turn to blush this time as I tried not to look at him as if I were going to eat him alive. But he didn't seem fazed by standing before me in his birthday suit, about to become a feast for a ravenous tiger. He just stepped forward within my reach again as if he was presenting himself for inspection.

He just kept his shameless game going as he asked if he could lie down with me.

"I need you to say it." I told him.

He turned red for the hundredth time tonight, but he did reply. "Nobody can know that were gonna have sex. Are you happy now?" he asked seemingly annoyed that I'd made him say it aloud.

"Not yet, but I'm sure I'm going to be." I responded with a wink.

He giggled again as he stood there naked while he waited for me to invite him into my bed.

Well, he'd made it very clear to me what he wanted. I guess now is the time to make sure we understand each other one last time.

I let my hand touch his thigh as I looked him in the eyes and asked. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

His eyes stayed locked on mine as he just nodded his head in the affirmative. Not a shred of doubt could I see in his eyes. He stood there seemingly ready to pounce upon me if I made him wait much longer.

I let my fingers move around his thigh slowly as I continued my questions. "A lot of boys, after they get-off, get really embarrassed. They end up being ashamed and afraid."

"I won't." He said flatly. Another stare down had begun.

"I'd rather not lose you as a friend. You might think I took advantage of you or something." I said next. I had to be sure that he knew all the angles.

"You won't. And I'm the ones that's doing this."

"You are, aren't you?" I said as I let my fingers glide up a bit further.

He just nodded his head as he kept his eyes locked to mine.

I had to say this part again too. "No one can ever find out. And I mean no one! I could get into more trouble than you can imagine if someone were to find out."

I'd used the line "WE could get in trouble" a few times in the past. But I'd felt pretty bad about laying that kind of head-trip on a child. If he says he is OK with it, then telling him that I would get into trouble should be enough. I can't place fear into something that is supposed to be beautiful.

Also, don't even make a joke about it around Steven. If he ever even thought I did something like this he might be crushed! He thinks I'm the best thing ever and I don't want to ruin what I have with him."

Actually I was thinking that he might get hugely jealous. Perhaps I was cheating on him. Am I? Hello Mr. Guilt. Yes, I hear you knocking. No, you can't come in.

I know what some of you are thinking right now. You've made it perfectly clear in your communiqués what a slut I would be if I let it happen. I think it's time for a little whiny justification. Don't you?

I'd been working towards that moment for months! Many lonely, horny months I had laid in this very spot fantasizing about something just like this happening. And now it was finally coming to pass. I had also, just a few hours ago, not given in to my lustful urges as my youngest boy asked me to show him the raging hard cock he was grinding his tight little ass into. I'd been hot as hell all afternoon and evening after all the little one had put me through. And I needed some release before I exploded in a most painful fashion.

Also, it wasn't the same thing with Jason as it was with Steven. I liked Jason a lot. But I couldn't say I loved him like I did Steven. No, Steven was my little boy whom for now just needed my love, guidance and protection. Perhaps I'd add a wee bit of pleasure for him when he needed it. Who am I to deny the precious imp one of mans (and boys) greatest feelings.

And, and, and... I guess I could keep coming up with excuses. Or maybe I'll just try to live with the guilt and not worry about what others think. Hello? Is anybody still listening?

"I already told you I'm not going to tell anybody." He replied. "Duh! You think I want it to get out that I like to do stuff?" He added seemingly a little irritated that I kept him waiting.

"Why now?" I asked him next. "I mean, I've been flirting with you for months and you always pretended not to notice."

He thought about that for a brief moment before answering. "I saw how you acted with Steve and me today and it made me realize that you weren't just out to fuck me. I mean, I could tell you cared about us."

I was quite proud of him for having thought that deeply about it. And I felt my chest swell out in pride. It feels good to be recognized as more than just a boy perv, even if I'm not much more than that.

"So, does that mean I get to fuck you?" I said with a wink. I was pretty much joking... pretty much.

He didn't even flinch. "Take off your clothes and find out."

Oh shit!

My hand found his steely nail just as I'd run out of questions to ask him. I stroked it a few times before I let my fingers drop down to his balls. He shuddered and leaned in to me a little closer as if he wanted me to have unrestrained access.

"I should probably go shower." I said to him as I took his jewels into my grasp.

"Whatever. I don't really care. I was just looking for an excuse to get naked." He said before adding, "But then again, maybe you better." As he wrinkled his nose and sniffed the air. He was grinning and giggling as if he thought himself quite clever for getting me back.

My hand tightened around his balls and I gave them a gentle squeeze as I asked him, "Should you be a smart ass to the man that has you by the balls?"

He squealed like a schoolgirl as he collapsed onto me shouting, "I'm sorry" repeatedly. He was squirming and laughing with apparent delight as if I were tickling him. It's funny the way a boy will laugh like that when his balls are as close to danger as they most likely will ever come. A man on the other hand will immediately get serious and would be available to correctly answer any question, no matter what the subject matter, with an uncanny accuracy.

I rolled him off of me and onto the bed by my side as I freed his balls from my death grip and went back to stroking his boy cock. His body relaxed as he sunk into the bed breathing a sigh of relief (and pleasure).

"Are you sure you want this?" I had to ask one more time.

He just nodded his head as he looked into my eyes. The dreamy look he wore made it clear that he had no doubts. Hopefully he'll feel that way afterwards as well.

I was still jacking him as I leaned over and took his nipple into my mouth and began sucking and tonguing it. I'd only stroked his cock about 5 times before he grunted and shot his load. His whole body tensed and quivered as his orgasmic sensations radiated throughout his tight little body! Only a boy can reach that level of intensity during their orgasmic throws.

Wow! That was the quickest I'd ever seen in my many years of pleasuring young boys. Well I didn't actually get to see it, but it was pretty obvious what had just happened. I did feel it though. A few little drops of clear fluid had shot all the way up to his chest and landed on cheek. My eyes followed the telltale tracks down his cum dotted torso until I came upon a small puddle of boy juice just below the tip of his still hard boy cock. His mostly `inny' button was filled to overflowing with his still warm immature seed.

That answered the question I'd had earlier. I gave him another light stroke and another little droplet emerged from his slit. I leaned down and gave him a quick lick before I put his head in my mouth and sucked the remainder of his essence out of his tube. God he tasted so fucking good. Boy juice is so damn sweet. If I could bottle anything, boy cum would be the stuff fortunes were made of. If only I could find a steady source for the much sought after magic potion.

Good thing I there wasn't any part of me between his legs. He slammed them together tighter than vise as his whole body convulsed in reaction to me licking and sucking him.

His hands grabbed my head pulling me away from his super-sensitive cock as he shouted out "No! Its to ticklish now."

I giggled to myself as I remembered what it was like when I was finally able to produce a wet orgasm. Don't you fucking dare touch me there right now!

I looked into his dreamy eyes as I took in his ecstatic glow emanating from him. I've always wanted to have a camera pointed at a boy during that special after-moment. The look on the face of a post-orgasmic boy is one of the sexiest and most beautiful things one can ever see. Don't get me wrong... I would only want to take a photo of the boys face. Just to capture the bliss flowing out of them in waves. But it would likely ruin the moment, and I couldn't do that to him. And I wouldn't want to have them worry about something so personal as that special moment most surely is.

I wiped my finger across my cheek and cleaned it of his seed. I licked the boy cum off of it before I leaned down and began cleaning his tummy for him in the same manner. His stomach muscles went tight as a drum for a brief moment before he settled back again in complete tranquility.

His button was still full of his succulent juice and it shouldn't go to waste I thought. I looked into his eyes as I poked a finger into his gooey pool. I held it up for him to see and raised my eyebrows. He responded with his own questioning look when I began moving my hand towards his face. I brought my cum coated finger to within an inch of his lips and held it there for his examination. His questioning looked changed to his mischievous one as he stuck out his tongue and let just the tip sample his essence. He then leaned forward and took my whole finger in his mouth and sucked it clean before falling back once again into the bed. His grin had grown 20X bigger and his face turned bright red yet again as if he was embarrassed that he'd eagerly eaten the cum I'd just feed him. Apparently tasting his own sperm wasn't something he normally did.

OMG! It was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. I've had more than a few boys willing to sample mine, some even taking the whole load I'd offered them. But for whatever reason, most boys are grossed out by their own seed... at least in the company of others. I would bet though, that every has boy tasted their seed at least once during their discovery years. I know I did. Don't lie. You did too!

He spoke in a dreamy, far off voice. "Sorry I was so quick. I was REEEEAAAALLY horny." He'd dragged out the word really to emphasize just how hot he'd been. As if it wasn't obvious. HA!

I climbed up and lay next to him then whispered in his ear. "Too bad for you. I would have made it feel a lot better if you'd lasted a bit longer."

"Go take a shower and when you get done I'll be ready again." He said as he continued with his post-bliss comedown.

I laughed out loud as I said to him "Hopefully you'll last longer the second time around." I reached out to his face and turned it towards me as I leaned in for a kiss.

He didn't seem to like that idea at all! He pulled his face from my grasp as he turned his head away just in the knick of time. My lips landed on his cheek as I heard him say, "Huh uh, I don't like that."

Huh? I can never figure what a boy will or won't be into. Usually though, if they are willing to eat cum, a kiss isn't that far out there. Plus it wasn't that long ago that he'd lapped his tongue all over my face just before I played capture the flag with my teeth. Oh yeah. When I'd called it a kiss, he'd acted the same way.

"Sorry." I said to him as I kissed his cheek again. That one didn't seem to bother him so I guessed it was just his pouty mouth that was off limits.

He turned back towards me as I pulled my lips out of range.

"Its OK" he responded. "Its just kinda, umm..."

"Icky?" I said finishing the sentence for him.

He just nodded his head. He looked as if he thought he might have made me mad at him so I quickly reminded him that he could say no, at anytime, for any reason and I would stop right away.

"You are in charge here." I told him. "Don't be afraid to use your authority."

He looked relieved as he smiled up at me before whispering "Thanks."

"I'm going to take a shower now. When I get back, we'll see how long you can really last. Maybe you'll make it a whole ten-seconds before you lose your load." I said with a snicker.

"I'll last longer than you." He shot back as if to challenge me.

"Is that a bet?" I asked with a touch of hope in my voice.

He just giggled and raised his eyebrows.

I turned and headed for the bathroom.

I took the time to shave before I hit the shower and scrubbed myself clean. I've yet to meet a boy who enjoys the feeling of man whiskers scrapping across his tender skin. Even if I didn't get to kiss his sweet little mouth, the rest of his body was to be my banquet table. And I didn't want ruin it for him, or me, in any way.

I dried myself off, brushed my teeth and put on my robe before making the rounds closing up the house for the night.

I sensed as soon as I'd entered my bedroom that he was dead to the world. He had crawled under the covers and fallen fast asleep. The tell tale signs of steady breathing and the rise and fall of his chest told me that the young lad was off somewhere in dreamland. At any other time I would have thought how lucky I was just a have a cute boy sleeping in my bed. Well, I was lucky and I knew it too. But damn it, I was horny.

I stood watching him for a few minutes contemplating what I should do. Should I grab a blanket and go sleep on the coach? But he was so cute lying there naked in my bed. Maybe he wasn't that far off just yet? He might wake up when I crawled into bed next to him.


As I pulled the covers away to let myself in he didn't even react to the cold night air I'd exposed him to. He just continued to lay there in slumber unaware I was ogling him. Nearly flat on his back, his tight little body was sprawled out for my viewing pleasure... And I guessed that was all the pleasure I was going to get from him that night.

His boy cock had gone soft and was lying in the crease where his leg met his torso. His balls appeared to have loosened up considerably as they hung delicately between his smooth thighs. They seemed to be throbbing with the beat of his heart, as they were busy making more of the sacred potion that I'd lightly sampled just a few minutes ago.

Maybe I could... NO! I quickly put a stop to that thought. I couldn't violate him like that. At least not this early in our relationship, or whatever we were going to call it. I acquiesced as I lay down beside him with the realization that I was going to have to, once again, take care of my needs myself.

I did let me shoulder come in contact with his as I began stroking my hardness. I even went so far as to turn my head towards him and inhaled his boyish fragrance deeply into my lungs. His scent, along with his body heat and warm breath blowing across my cheek was enough to send me over the edge rapidly. I lasted all of thirty seconds before I sprayed my load all over my chest and stomach. I had built up a lot of pressure during the past several hours. Thanks to both of my boys, I'd been so charged up that I shot much further than usual. I looked over at Jason's slack little body to see that I'd managed to get him pretty slimy as well.

There aren't many things hotter than a boy whose supple skin is covered in your own juice. Unless of course it's his tongue that is wiggling back and forth proudly displaying what he has managed to capture upon it.

The question then was whether or not I attempted to clean him off? If I woke him it might look bad for me. He might think that I'd taken advantage of him in his unconscious state. Well I did, but not in that way. No I thought as I wiped myself dry. I'll just let it soak in. Hopefully he won't be too crusty in the morning.

I lay there for a few minutes listening to the sound of Jason's steady breathing as my mind tried to make sense of all that had happened today. Two boys, one brand new to me, the other new to me in a different way, had not only given me their affections... they'd offered their hot little bodies to me as well.

I fell asleep as I prayed to the gods of love that I might make myself worthy of the trust I'd been bestowed.

Don't get discouraged... sunrise is just around the corner. And I've got a quicky just about completed.

A second attempt... This one was a bit tougher for me though. I now had expectations to live up to. And as I said in the story above, I don't love Jason as much as I love Steven. It is painfully apparent that it is much more difficult to create without a true passion for your art.

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Oh yeah. I left out as many irrelevant names as I could. Mine included. It made it a bit of a challenge to write the dialog, but I think I worked it out, mostly. I didn't describe myself either. I've always found it a distraction from the fantasy when reading such details. Personally, I don't want to know your name or how big you are. I want to know about the hero and maybe imagine it was me there with him.

I also left out other details of things I alluded to. I thought it might be a better story if some things reveal themselves as (if) it continues.

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