I guess I'm supposed to put some sort of a disclaimer up here in order to appease the government(s) I oppose and a society I despise. Fuck them and fuck you if you feel the need to control everyone else's thoughts, dreams and desires. I don't care if you don't like the genre. Just go away!

Blah, blah, blah... This story is for the 18 and over crowd. Blah, blah, blah... Don't read it if you are not allowed to. Blah, blah, blah... It's a story about a man and a boy (or boys). Blah, blah, blah... There might be sex involved, described in great detail. Or maybe not. Blah, blah, blah... It never really happened. Blah, blah, blah... Can you say fiction? Blah, blah, blah... I used my imagination. Blah, blah, blah... I don't like you!

For those of you who got past the above: I started this as a boy love story (it is one) and I wasn't going to include any sex. But because I tried to mimic the true nature of life, it somehow `just happened' and the passion just couldn't be stopped. The sex, if you can call it that, is pretty soft. Though future chapters will probably get heavier. If you are looking for quick relief, this isn't the story for you.

The quote and events leading up to and just after `.92 seconds' is true, I swear! (Read it to find out what I mean). As is the description of the boy I quoted. Sadly, I never spoke to him or saw him again. But his words and his incredible beauty spurred my imagination. The story that follows is the result.

I don't believe in copyrights (or patents) so do with this what you will. Honesty is nice though.

Chasing Squirrels: Meeting Steven (001) [M/b]

By me(X).



I will never forget the first moment I saw him. The boy that snatched my beating heart right away from me then raised it high into the air and proclaimed it to be his, and his alone! Somehow I can recall, in vivid detail, many boys whom I only caught a brief glimpse of. So when the my young prince seemingly appeared out of thin air, grabbed a hold of me with all his might and claimed me as his own. Well, all I can say is the memory is woven right into the fabric of my soul. And it will never come unraveled.

It is kind of hard to believe how Steven and I came to be together as best friends. But believe it I do. He just left my house and I still have his boyish perfume all over me. Still, everyday when I wake, I wonder if what I have is real. Sadly, I also have to wonder how long it will last. I guess I can only hope that all the powers that be, and there are a lot of them that seem to want to interfere, will allow our relationship to continue for as long as he chooses it too.

He is definitely not the first boy to enter my life unexpectedly. And I'm sure he won't be the last either. I am, after all, a boy-magnet. A kid magnet to be more precise, but girls are usually more inclined to follow the rules regarding stranger-danger. Not that I'm much interested anyway. On second thought, that isn't really true. I love all children, mostly. With girls though, I don't really seem to relate all that often. I can read a boys mind but I can't really figure girls out at all. They're such a mystery! I suppose one of the reasons I like boys so much is because they are, more often then not, ready and willing to jump right into the fire just for the sense of adventure. And what an adventure they can be.

Anyway, Fn Wow! What a cutie he was (is). When I first saw Steven, I just about froze in place. You know that feeling; you're unable to look away no matter how hard you try. Your eyes seemingly bulge out of their sockets as you try to pretend you are looking past him at some amazing sight far off in the distance, and not actually trying to peer right into his core. Your mind keeps telling you not to stare so fucking hard, yet you couldn't stop even if you were being hunted by a pack of rabid wolves.

I've often imagined that in those situations I look like a deer does right before it gets hit by the car. Oh those dazzling lights...

The gods of fate were smiling on me yet again that fine day. I was lying in the shade of a huge old oak tree at the local park one bright and sunny afternoon as I watched my dog chase squirrels back into the treetops where they belonged, or so she thinks.

His angelic laughter is what made me search for the source of the delightful melody only a boy can produce. And there he was skipping across the grass trying to keep up with what I guessed was his Mom and another lady.

His long blond hair was what caused my eyes to lock onto him. It doesn't matter who is actually wearing it, blond hair will always make me look. But when it is on a boy, time seems to slow down, everything else gets sort of blurry and the only thing in focus is the flaxen creature dancing across the scene.

His golden locks hung straight down from his petite little head, with the slightest wave at the feathery ends. It was parted straight down the middle and hung in his face covering all his features except for the cutest little nose that just barely peeked out into the sunshine. It was rather long on the front and sides, hanging down past his chin and lower jaw. It curled inward towards his neck at if it was trying to stay within the boundaries of his profile. In the back it was longer still as it hung past the collar of his white t-shirt a good 3-4 inches before curving up and away. The blonde mane he wore was more captivating than any I'd ever seen before; on any man, woman, child (or lion).

As I stared at them (him) passing some 20 feet away from me, the boy suddenly sprinted ahead and turned about to face them without missing a step. Trotting backwards now (I love agile boys) and looking up at them, he flipped his head causing his golden locks to fall onto either side of his cheeks and reveal himself to me for the first time.

God his face! It was long and slender, with high check bones. A small rise at the tip of his slight nose gave way to ruby red lips below that were spread out in a huge grin that would make anyone feel special.

The delicately pale skin of his face, neck and arms was a shade of light cream that seemed to glow with his energy, his life force. His light skin was only slightly darker than the white pants, shoes and t-shirt he was wearing.

He was about 4' 5" or so tall with a slender, graceful body that danced so smoothly, so effortlessly across the grass, I would have sworn he was skating on a thin cushion of air.

Every bit of him was perfection, 8-year old perfection! Not 9, not 7, I knew right away that he was at the perfect age where a boy is just beginning to become aware of the world around him

It only got better. In the .92 seconds it took me to sum up his every detail with my well-trained eyes. He began spouting words that I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't actually hear it.

"... and you can tie me to a tree naked and pour honey all over me and leave me for the ants to get... please, please, please."

What the fuck did I just hear?

By the time he got the second "please" out, I had already committed myself to saving him from the ants, in any way possible. I found out later just what had brought those unbelievable words out of his mouth. He was begging permission to go over to his friend's house to spend the night. A "first-time-ever" experience he so badly wanted to have that he was promising to undergo most any kind of torture to get it. His mom just kept walking and said, "we'll see baby, we'll see."

Bam! He suddenly looks right at me and smiles. There was no fear or distrust in his eyes, from what I could see of them. Only a wry little smirk that seemed to say, `I caught you looking. Busted!' But he seemed to be one of those types of boys that knew I wasn't a threat. He was probably used to being admired as well. He had to be. He was that beautiful. Yet he seemed to handle it with a casual ease.

My eyes followed him as they walked off into another area of the park. It seems as though they are having a festival of sorts over there. I may need to go over and check it out I was thinking. I sat there for about fifteen minutes watching my dog while pondering whether or not I should go over and admire him from afar. I know it sounds like I'm a stalker (Am I one?), but I did have to go that way to get home. I just had a purpose now. Yeah, it's definitely time to go.

"Come on doggie."

We took an alternate route so as not to be too obvious in my quest for another glimpse of the young god. I found him quite easily. He wasn't difficult to spot, even amongst the hundreds of other young children playing in the sunshine. His blonde tresses shone brighter than the evening star.

There he was sitting cross-legged on the grass playing a game on his PSP. His head was tilted forward causing his hair to flow down so that I couldn't see any part of his face. His locks seemed to move as a group, as if where one hair went the rest followed neatly along while maintaining their spatial relationship. The back of his neck to was exposed revealing a thin silver necklace that was hooked on one of the nubs of his spine that stuck out because off the way his head was slanted. The rest of the nubs formed a neat little line down his back and under his t-shirt. How fucking cute he was sitting there in the sun wiggling back and forth to the beat of his game.

I was staring again. Jeeze, I couldn't help it. It wasn't just his pure beauty; he had an energy that seemed to flow out of him. The only thing I can compare it to is the Auroraborialis. You just can't imagine how enchanting it is until you actually see it.

Luckily for me, he and his family were sitting in front of a large group of mid-evil knights doing battle. I'd seen them here before, a bunch of middle age men dressed in armor, swinging battle-axes and swords at each other, though I'd never stopped to watch them during their weekly skirmishes. But today, they were the most interesting specimens of humanity I'd ever seen. Or so I told myself as continually looked between the war being waged and one of the most stunning creatures to ever walk the earth.

Damn! Busted again. I looked down from the battle scene to find the boy staring right back at me. Our eyes locked onto each others for about five seconds (or maybe five minutes... time warp), as everything else surrounding us just seemed to fade away.

While I must have had the look of the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar (that's the way I felt anyway), he just knowingly smiled again. He seemed to be thinking about something. He had that expression boys wear when trying to solve a math problem spread across his adorable face, as if he was trying to peer right into my soul. He broke from our staring contest and looked down at my dog for a brief moment. When his eyes locked back onto mine a second later, his expression had changed... problem solved it seemed to say.

In a flash, he dropped his PSP on the grass in front of him as he fell onto his back and rolled around facing towards us landing on his knees at our feet (Agility!).

In the half-second it took him to complete his move I noticed two things; his mane flowed every which way before falling back down and covering his face, yet again. And his moves appeared to be as graceful as a gymnast. He flowed like water.

I knew instantly that he was going to have grass stains on his knees as well. Its funny, I can anticipate the little things like that, usually before they occur.

Just as quickly as the backwards-somersault stunt he just pulled off, he pushed the hair out of his face, looks right at my dog and lets out a squeaky "ruff". Now that was unexpected. And one of the cutest things I had ever seen, until a moment later when my dog leaped to her feet and barked right back at him. The startled look on his face as he fell backwards was priceless. Because he had used both his hands to keep himself from going over onto his back, he was unable to push my dog away when she stepped forward and started licking his face all over. The giggles that flowed out of him... heart-melting music!

The sound of Moms voice brought me back to reality. "Steven, you know that you aren't supposed to do that to a strange dog. You don't know if it's nice or not."

Now I knew his name and it fit the boy perfectly.

Without missing a beat Steven replied, "Its OK Mom, I can tell when someone is nice." He was looking right into my eyes as he said it. Again, he held my gaze for a few seconds (an eternity!) and had a pleading look in his sky-blue eyes that seemed to be asking, "You are nice aren't you?"

Holy crap! When "someone is nice". Not `a dog' is nice and not `something' is nice. But "someone" is nice. It could have been a misuse of words, but I didn't think so. I winked at him and his face changed from that questioning look to "I knew it" in an instant.

I "knew it" then too. He likes me.

His Mom broke the spell again when she said, "I'm sorry, but he really likes dogs."

I looked to her smiling and replied, "That's OK, my dog really likes boys. She only barks when she wants to play."

More giggles spewing from the boy brought my focus back to him. My dog loves to push her head right into whoever is giving her `love'. It is sort of like a hug, or as best as she can give one anyway. She pushed the boy onto his back, walked right onto him, stood on his chest and began licking his cute face all over again. The boy began laughing so hard I'd hoped that he wouldn't lose control of himself. I heard his mom and her friend begin laughing along with him.

Mom spoke again, "Your dog really is cute."

Without thinking I quickly replied, "So is yours."

Shit! Did I just say that out loud?

She just smiled at me. We both looked towards the boy again as we heard spitting sounds coming from him.

Then he shouted out "Hey, do I look like a dog?" as I watched the boy flip over onto his stomach to avoid being licked in the mouth again.

I replied simply "Ruff", which caused my dog to respond with another huge bark.

The boy immediately followed with his own loud "Ruff" which earned him another lick right in his exquisite mouth.

"Yuck!" he said, as he spit and gagged again.

I told him, "You gotta keep your mouth shut if you're going to let her lick your face like that."

"Um, yeah" he replied as he continued to spit and giggle at the same time. Mom and her friend were rolling on the grass laughing hysterically.

"Doggie, Heal." I commanded and instantly she was sitting at my side.

"Wow Mom, did you see that? I can't believe how good you have her trained mister," he said as he kept looking between his Mom and me with an impressed look on his cute little face.

The boy rolled onto his back again. Yep, grass stains on his knees. And dog paw prints dotted his white t-shirt that was pushed halfway up his chest exposing the cutest little `inny' belly button and just the top band of his red plaid boxers. He was covered in grass clippings as well. What a delightful little mess he had become.

I gazed down at the most adorable thing I'd ever seen before laying at my feet. The look on his face melted the rest of my insides. Yeah, I've pretty much fell in love with yet another boy whom I've known for all of 2 minutes.

I looked back at Mom and she was looking right through me. I wondered if she could tell how I felt. How could she not? I must have been bathed in pink neon light with little hearts flowing out of me and up into the heavens.

The boy saved the awkward moment for me when he suddenly shouted out, "How did you train her so well? She is sooooo good."

My stock reply just came out. "Its just takes time." Then added, "Just like anything you want to get good at, practice, practice and more practice". I was looking right into his eyes as I said it, hoping that he would get the implied life lesson.

He did. "Yeah, Mom says that all the time" he said as he rolled his eyes sarcastically.

Well he got my message anyway, but he didn't really look like he wanted to accept that we were right.

I said to him, "Sorry dude, that's just the way the world works."

"I know, I know," he responded while again pushing the hair out of his face so he could look up at me, then he added "It just takes so much time."

"Um, yeah." I replied mocking him. Then I added, "I bet you spent a lot of time mastering those games of yours" as I nodded towards his PSP.

Oh shit! If looks could kill I would have been laying dead on the grass right then. No breath. No pulse. No hope.

The glare he shot me pretty much said `shut the hell up.' His eyes had narrowed into little slits of darkness. What had a moment ago been bright blue and beautiful beyond compare had instantaneously become black as a moonless night and very hard to continue looking at. I just dropped my gaze down to the grass (he won the stare down this time) as I thought to myself that I had just fucked up big time. He's going to hate me now for sure.

I looked at his Mom again. I had just begun to say my good-byes when he jumped to his feet and shouted to get my attention, "Hey, what's her name?"

I looked back at him and surprise; all traces of anger had vanished from his face. The bright blue orbs in his sockets had returned and the sweetness once again flowed through his magical aura. Well that was quick. Phew!

Eager to remain in his good graces I responded. "Steven, this is Alabama, Alabama this is Steven. Bama, Shake!"

Bama, as I call her, quickly sat at attention and lifted her paw.

"Wow" was all he said as he knelt on one knee and shook hands with my doggie.

"Good girl Bama, good boy Steven" I said as I winked at him and patted both their heads.

Jesus Christ. I'm touching him and he feels like pure silk. I pulled my hand away and stepped back from him. Man I can go way to far sometimes. Get a grip and stop touching other people's children I told myself. Especially in front of Mom!

"Hey, can I throw the ball for her?" He shouted, bringing me back to reality again.

Damn this kid is charming. He is so straightforward, so sure of himself. I've had a thousand kids his age ask to play with my dog. A lot of them are shy; barely daring enough to even look into my eyes. My theory on that is that they know that they aren't supposed to talk to strangers, but something about my dog (and me) causes them to go against their training.

I felt really bad when I had to tell him no. "Sorry, I said, but there to many people around here right now. She'd just get distracted by all the chaos."

Not even missing a beat he said, "Where can we go?"

This kid was so totally astonishing. His enthusiasm brought a smile to my face as I stumbled for words.

He just looked to his Mom and said "Mom, can I please go with him and Alabama to throw the ball?"

Him? He was pointing at me, asking his Mom if he could go with me to play. Holy shit, what is up with this kid? I usually feel like a stalker just because I look and admire from afar. This boy is making me feel like I might end up on the Code 911 section of the local paper. And I hadn't even started this, unless you want to call surreptitiously staring starting something.

I just turned to his Mom kind of shrugging my shoulders. I was going to say sorry for interrupting the family gathering, but before I could open my mouth she looked at Steven and said to him "You don't even know if he wants to go throw the ball."

Huh? She just let that last sentence hang there. I mean, she should have said, "Fuck no boy! You can't go anywhere with this stranger." or maybe the nicer version, "Sorry honey, but we are all going to stay here." But she didn't say anything else as I stood there looking blankly between the 3 of them.

Quick, do something I thought. I extended my hand as I told her my name. We shook hands as I mumbled an apology about disturbing their outing.

"Oh no" she replied, "Steven just loves dogs, he keeps begging and begging for us to get one. Ever since his father promised him a dog when he was four he has been hounding me about it."

A boy without a dog I thought? How sad. I can help with that.

That earned her Stevens dark glare for a brief moment. The look quickly disappeared as he began giving Bama commands. "Sit, shake. Good girl!" he said in his melodic voice as looked up at me and winked.

Oh God! What a tease. Why can't I have one of these sweat creatures to hold, cuddle and love? I'll trade you for a while I was thinking as I looked at the boys Mom.

I was still shaking her hand during the episode when she introduced herself, then her friend. "And of course, you have already met Steven" she added.

Um, yeah I thought.

As I looked at him, he was showing his little pouty face as he squeaked out "Mom, it's Steve."

"OK honey, I'm sorry" she said.

I couldn't help myself as I said, "I like Steven better." I looked back at him and winked again. I'll tease you too, Ha!

I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew the score. Full names are only for when you are in trouble.

But he just looked harder into my eyes and said, "You can call me Steven if we can go throw the ball for Bama."

This imp doesn't let up. And he'd picked up on Alabama's nickname. He was smart as well as cute it seemed. Well, you just won't believe how smart he actually is... Fucking Supergenious!

He did it again. I looked back at Mom while I was thinking of ways to find a graceful way out.

And then Mom does it again, "You should be honored that he would allow you to call him Steven. He doesn't even let his father do that."

I saw his eyes narrow again briefly as I thought to myself. What the fuck is wrong with you woman? Jeeze, you should be discouraging him right now so I don't have to be the one that lets him down. We are going to let him down, aren't we?

It seems Steven isn't one to be put down. "Mom, can we go? Can we pleeeeze?"

It's so hard to describe the look of a boy who is pleading for what he wants. So fucking cute is all I can say. I half expected (hoped) him to spout more offers of naked sacrifice in order to get his wish granted. Alas, he just quieted down and had a staring contest with his mom.

Mom lost. "You can go," she said, "but only if they want to" she added while looking back at me. "Where would you go?" she asked me blankly.


I am at a loss for words. How the fuck did this just happen? One second I am spying and the next second I have been invited by the subject of my surveillance to go play. And right in front of his Mom too. Now she is asking me where I am going to take her child.


I looked around the park and then pointed over to an area that didn't have many people around.

She turned her head towards the spot I was pointing to then said, "That's good, but please don't go any farther than that, OK Steve?"

"OK Mom, thanks" he said as he sprang up and shouted to me and Bama. "Come on, let's go."

I released Bama and she took off chasing after the boy. I stepped in towards Stevens Mom and said, "I'm not sure how this all happened. One second I am standing here watching the warriors do battle and the next thing I know I have been befriended by an 8-year-old boy. And now you are letting me take him to go play. I'm..."

She cut me off, "I've seen you around here in the park quite frequently. It's always amazing to watch you work your dog. She is so welled trained. Do you think you could train Steven to be that good?" she said with a wink.

I just smiled and gave her a great big "Ruff".

Mom and her friend both laughed at my joke.

The boy called out to me. It's a bummer for you if you've never heard your name being sung out by a boy whom wants you to go play. It makes ones heart flutter.

"Well I better not keep him waiting." I said then quickly added "And we'll just be right over there, if you want us."

"OK" was her simple reply.

With that, I turned and started walking towards the boy. I wanted to run and catch up to him. But I told myself to play it cool. I knew they were watching me right then. I could feel their eyes burning into my back as I strode towards Bama and Steven.

I caught up to them and he began skipping along beside me with a pleased look on his face when he turned his head to me (blond hair flies to the side, revealing his pretty little features) and said "Thanks!"

"For what?" I asked.

"For taking me to go play with you and Bama. And for getting me out of there. BORING!" he moaned in mock exasperation.

I couldn't help but laugh out loud. He just smiled at me for a moment then his face suddenly became more serious.

"Sorry for giving you that mean look" he said.

I played dumb. "What mean look? When?"

"When you said how much I play games," he responded.

"Oh, that's OK. I probably shouldn't have said anything about how much you play games, at least in front of your Mom."

He just looked at me for a long moment. It seemed as though he realized that I understood what I had done wrong.

"Yeah, she tells me all the time that I play games to much. And you were just giving her more ammo to use against me."

I told him I'd forgive him if he would forgive me for opening my big mouth and almost blowing it for him. It is so interesting how a child can go from being angry, to happy, to melancholy, to silly in the blink of an eye.

He just said, "OK" as he grabbed the ball out of my hand and ran off ahead to play with Bama.

I stood back and watched them for a few minutes. The boy is absolutely amazing. The way he leans into his throws for that little bit of extra power. He should be a pitcher thought.

"Have you ever played baseball?" I asked him.

"No." he replied. "Why?"

"Cause you throw pretty good. I thought maybe you had been trained."

He just beamed at me then threw the ball again. Nothing in life can compare to the feeling you get when you cause a boy feel good about themselves.

I noticed that when he leans into his throw, his shirt rides up a little bit, revealing the boy flesh of his lower back. There are those cute little boxers again. I thought boys his age would still wear briefs. No matter, I've always been infatuated with boxers anyway. And look at the little nubs of his spine traveling up his back and disappearing under his t-shirt. I want to see where they meet in the middle.

He started to get a little sweaty from all the running, jumping and throwing. I could see tiny beads gathering on his forehead and each side of his nose. I know its sick, but I just wanted reach out with my tongue and lick him. I bet he tastes better than chocolate.

Suddenly Bama took off into the trees chasing after a squirrel. We've been together so long now that she knows when she is allowed to do whatever she wants to. I pretty much let her have her way most of the time since she is so well behaved.

Away she went as Steven turned to me with a concerned look on his face.

"Don't worry," I told him. "She never catches them. And even if she did, she wouldn't hurt `em."

"Oh." was all he replied. But an obvious look of relief had spread across that delightful mug of his.

How sweet I thought, he has a heart too.

His next question just about knocked me on my ass. "How come you were staring at me before?"

Oh shit!

I mean, I knew, as did he, that I had already been caught. TWICE! But now I had to admit it out loud. Unless I wanted to lie or just play dumb. But no, I couldn't do that. He was looking right into my eyes patiently waiting for answer. I saw something else in his eyes as well, but I was too flustered to identify its meaning.

OK. `The truth will set you free', or so they say. "Because you are really, REALLY cute" I told him.

He just kept looking at me and said, "You really think I'm cute?"

"Um, yeah." I said with another wink.

He was still just looking up at me with those pretty blue eyes, seemingly waiting for a better answer than I'd given.

So I added, "Steven, you are like looking at every piece of art in every museum in the world. All the best stuff rolled into one super-cute boy. And the best part is that you move around. All the stuff in the museums is pretty to look at. But it just sits there on the wall doing nothing. You run around with the poise of a dancer. Your athletic ability is like a gymnast. And your beauty is like, well... perfection is all I can think of to say."

He just stood there blushing. The pink of his cheeks was getting pretty close the shade of his ruby red lips. I could see the wheels turning in his mind, trying to come up with a response to such a compliment.

Oh now I've done it, I thought. You went way too far this time. He's going to go running back to Mom now all freaked out and afraid. Quick, think fast. Back pedal, back pedal.

I couldn't stop myself as I blurted out "That and I was trying to figure out how I was going to save you from the ants."

He still just stood there, but the look on his faced changed slightly. He seemed to get just a little pinker as he said, "What do you mean?"

I'd already gone too far, maybe I could just go all the way back around. "I mean when you were telling your Mom she could tie you to a tree and pour honey all over you."

Now his cheeks and lips were the same shade of red. "You heard that?" he asked timidly.

"Yeah" I replied, "you were kinda loud about it when you were begging your Mom for whatever it is you wanted."

"Did you hear everything?" he whispered this time.

I wasn't sure at first what he meant by that question. I hadn't heard the whole conversation. I'd only heard the part about him being naked with honey all over him. Oh, I got the gist of the question.

"You mean about you being naked?" I asked as I winked at him.

That did it. He looked stunned. I think he wanted to die of embarrassment. Right then, right there. I just kept digging the hole deeper and deeper, didn't I?

Oh well, you've gone this far I thought, might as well `go big'. "Don't worry," I said. "I was thinking it was going to be a very cute thing to watch. And if any ants did come near you, I was going to run over and lick all that honey right off of you. I couldn't stand to watch the cutest boy in the whole world go through that kind of torture."

He just burst out laughing in near hysterics. He fell back on the grass rolling around as tears flowed down his cheeks.

I am so glad he thought that was funny. My comments so far could have been taken quite the wrong way, even IF I wasn't trying to be perverted or suggestive. It seems I remember others telling me that sometimes, however noble your intentions, the truth sometimes just causes trouble. Luckily, that wasn't the case this time.

As I watched him begin to recover from his laughing fits, I gazed down on him, admiring the beauty in his laughter, in everything he did. I didn't even want to open my mouth again. I think I've said more than enough about that subject.

I was analyzing his face again. He looked elfish. He must be. No other creature in my realm has that kind of magic. I'll have to get a look at his ears, I thought. That will let me know which land he comes from. He might even have a tail sprouting out of that cute little butt of his?

It's his turn to stun me now. "I could go over across the street to my house and get some honey" he said before bursting into another round of giggle fits.

I laughed harder than I had for a long, long time. I hadn't felt this good since... Well... I don't wanna go there. There is a lot of pain in that direction.

"So you live across the street?" I asked him hoping that he wouldn't think I was implying that he go get some honey.

"Yeah, right there." he replied as he pointed to a tiny cottage style house with a picket fence out in front.

Oh, I thought to myself. Surely I would have seen him here before. I couldn't have missed him if I had been wearing a black hood every time I came to the park. Yeah, I pretty much know all the boys on my beat, even if they don't know me.

"How come I haven't ever seen you before?" I asked.

"I just moved in with my Mom last week" he replied.

"Oh" was all I said. I kind of felt like I might be asking too many questions on the subject of where he lived so it was time to move on.

"Steven" I said, "we probably need to get back over to your Mom now. I don't think it would be a good idea for us to be gone too long."

"OK" was all he said as he turned to look towards his Mom and her friend.

He stared over at them for a few seconds before stunning me again. "Do you think it's OK if two girls or two boys hold hands?" The look on his face was pleading, sort of like he was hoping for a specific response.

Huh? What the...? How do you answer such a loaded question? Does he know how deep that rabbit hole goes? And why are you asking ME this? I thought.

All I could come up with quickly was "Why? Did you want to hold my hand as we walk back over there?" I wasn't trying to be pervey, I swear. I just wasn't sure how to answer his question.

He sat there looking at me for a long moment before he jumped up and grabbed my hand. Electric arcs started my whole body twitching as we turned and began walking back towards his Mom.

"Come on Bama" he shouted. Then he looked up into my eyes "That wasn't really what I meant," he said "but this is kewl" as he squeezed my hand twice.

It certainly was `kewl'.

"What I meant was, do you think its OK for boys or girls to hold hands in a special friendship." He'd emphasized the word special.

I couldn't avoid his question again. "Steven, in my book, as long as nobody is hurt, either physically or mentally, everybody can do whatever they want. But that is just my book. Unfortunately, some people seem to like telling other people how to live their lives."

He beamed up at me and said, "I like your book."


I couldn't help wondering why he was asking about that stuff. Why does an eight-year-old want to know if I think it is OK for two people of the same sex to hold hands?

He squeezed my hand again twice and started skipping along swinging our attached arms to and fro. If I hadn't felt so uncomfortable with the situation (I was a complete stranger to him and his Mom after all) I would have skipped along with him. Bama was trotting along right beside him. What a traitor she can be. But I couldn't really blame her. I too wanted be as close to the magic as possible.

I was in pure bliss as we strode along in silence for a full minute before he broke the spell.

"Hey, ya wanna come over to our house for dinner?" he blurted out.

WTF! I've never met such a precocious being in all my life.

"Only if I can eat you." I instantly replied.

Oh shit! I did it again.

He just shouted, "OK" as he let go of my hand and ran off towards his Mom with Bama charging along beside him. I guess you're his dog now I thought as I smiled at the scene before me.

I was a little uneasy walking back towards Mom while holding his hand. So I would have felt relieved that he'd let go if he hadn't been running towards his Mom, surely to tell her I was going to eat him for dinner. I sure have a big fucking mouth sometimes!

I looked towards his Mom and her friend. They were facing away from us, still sitting and watching the battle scene before them. And they were clearly holding hands. Oh, that's why he had asked that question.

He ran right in between them blocking my view of their hands. I wondered if he did that on purpose? Even though I was pretty sure that he understood my feelings about such subjects, I have to imagine it would still be hard for him to deal with, at least in public. What a fucked up world we live in where a boy has conflicting emotions about love and friendship.

I could hear him. "Mom, can they come over for dinner? Pleeeeeze, Pretty Pleeeeeze can they?" God, he his so cute. And he is really good at making me feel self-conscious.

I once had a pair of six-year-old twins ask their Mom if they could have a `Sleep-over' at my house. Their Mom had just walked into the room we were playing in when they suddenly blurted it out in unison. Did they secretly plan this when I wasn't listening or is it true what they say about twins?

I had only known the family for about 30-minutes (another story) so their question made me feel like I had asked them to get their Mom to let them stay over at my house. I swear I didn't. The idea would have never even occurred to me.

In the first place, I never, ever, get a kids hopes up without having pretty good idea that what we wanted to do was going to be OK with `Mom'.

Secondly, even hinting at such a thing would make me feel like I was wearing a sign that said `I am the one you are warning them about'.

Their Mother just looked at me kind of strangely as she told them "we'll see."

Precocious can be cute, right up until I feel like the parents think I am trying to lure their children away.

I felt that same twinge in my gut as I walked up to them. They were no longer holding hands.

"So can they Mom, can they?" Steven said pulling me back to the moment at hand.

"Did you guys have fun?" she asked me.

"How could I not have fun with this one", I replied as I patted his head.


"Um, yeah" she responded as she gave me a wink.

I just laughed and said "I hope it doesn't appear as though I was asking myself to dinner."

Steven butted in, "No Mom, I asked him, and he already said yes, didn't you?" as he looked at me and winked.

Now I don't remember who started all this winking. OK, it was me. But I'm beginning to think there is an awful lot of hidden meaning in all of this.

Mom just replied simply "Then it's settled, you and Bama are invited for dinner."

"Thank you" was all I could think to say.

Steven jumped into the air shouting, "Yes, Yes!" He spun around to Bama and yelled, "Bama you wanna come for dinner girl?"

Bama gave a sharp bark causing the boy to jump up and down joining in her regale "Ruff, ruff, ruff."

The feeling of being wanted is always good. But when it comes from an incredibly cute boy, it's as if liquid sunshine is being poured right into your soul.

Bama joined him as I stood watching the magic happen yet again. Happy boys are the cure for depression. If I could bottle it, I'd be rich. I don't really want to be rich though; I just want a boy to love and cherish.

He then grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him as he shouted, "Come on Bama. Mom, I'm gonna take them home and show `em the house, K."

I turned back to her with a pleading look on my face that I prayed said, "I hope its OK, I'm just along for the ride."

She just smiled at me with a gleam in her eye as she said, "OK honey, we'll be there in a few minutes."

The boy had dragged me about ten feet before he softly whispered "Are you going to pour honey on me before you eat me?" He just giggled again and ran faster pulling me along with him.

Holy Shit. I'd started a landslide.

He let go of my hand as he burst through the gate shouting, "Come on girl."

Just before they both reached the front door I said, "Stop!" in a commanding voice.

Bama immediately halted and sat on her butt. She'll stop on the proverbial dime when I need her too. Steven made car braking and tire screeching sounds as he slammed into the front door with a thud. Explosions, glass breaking and metal bending was what I heard next as he fell to the ground.

Oh how I love being with a boy.

"Good boy, good girl", I said.

"Ruff" was his quick response. Bama joined in again.

After another laughing session, I told Steven that the reason I'd stopped them was because I didn't want Bama to go in the house.

"Its OK, she can come in", he replied with a disappointed look.

"No, I think it would be better if she stayed outside, at least until your Mom gets back. Plus, you'll have my full attention if I don't have to keep an eye on her."

"OK." he said, then added "She won't wander off will she?"

"Not if I left her there all night." I replied as I reached down to help him up.

As he stood up I noticed that he still had grass clippings all over him. I told him he was covered with them as I began to brush him off.

What an amazingly tight body the little urchin had. I brushed from his neck all the way down to his lower back before the curve of his butt made my hand flow outward. Just like a ski jump, I thought. Except I didn't get any airtime. My hand followed the curve down then across the back of his thighs and calves down to his adorable little skater shoes. Once more back up for good measure.

He just giggled and said "Thanks".

"No problem" I said feeling a bit relieved he wasn't afraid of my touch.

We both removed our shoes then walked through the front door. It was quite a charming little house, from what I saw of it. He pulled me right through the living room, into the kitchen and out the back door. We were now in an area that was screened off between the garage and the house. He quickly crossed the patio, with me in tow, and opened the back door of the garage.

"Tada", he said as he pulled me inside. "This is my room! Isn't it kewl?"

It most certainly was... for a teenager I thought. The interior of the garage had been completely converted into a studio apartment. My first thought was that he was all alone out here. I'd have been scared to tears at his age.

I looked around as he ran over to his bed and made a flying leap onto it. He rolled over and leaned back against the headboard as he began pointing out all its `kewl' features. A look of pride adorning the sweetest face I have ever seen.

"I've got a couch and a bed and a desk and a computer and a PS3 and a T.V. and just about everything! See my beanbag chair. I even have my own bathroom," he spouted as he shot up and ran over to open the door to his very own commode. I don't know how he said all that without pausing for breath.

"Mom says I have to clean my own pee up though," he said unenthusiastically.

I just laughed and said, "What a cool place you have." I'd almost added aren't you scared out here? But I decided that it wasn't my place too say anything and I didn't want to plant the seeds of fear. If he is happy, then so be it. But is he really safe out here? My mind kept lingering on that question. I am such a motherly hen.

"Wanna play a video game?" he asked just as his Mom came into the room. Bama followed her in then ran up to me with a sneaky look spread across her face. `I was invited' it seemed to say.

"Come here girl" Steven called as he tapped his hand on the mattress. Bama ran over, jumped up on the bed and curled up in a ball, half laying on the boy.

She just sighed and looked at me pleadingly, `please don't make me leave. This is doggie heaven.'

His Moms voice broke the moment. "He is really thrilled with his room, what do you think?"

I wasn't really sure what I thought, other than wanting to make sure `my' boy (yes, he was mine now.) was safe. But I've already had experience with regard to questioning a mother's judgment. It doesn't seem to work out very well for me.

"It's great" was all I said. I was wondering if she really believed me. She had a questioning look in her eyes.

She changed the subject as she told me that her friend had left for work but had wanted her to pass along the message the she thought I was really nice and that she was glad to have met me.

"Please tell her I said the same" I replied.

She then turned to the boy and gave him a kiss on top of his head. "That was from her to you. And she can't wait to see you again next week." She said to him.

Steven just rolled his eyes and grunted. The look on his face made me wonder what he really thought of her. It was pretty subtle and indefinable. But it definitely wasn't the look of love.

His Mom then said, "Steve, we forgot to get Parmesan cheese. Is it OK if we go without this time?"

Apparently Not!

"Mom, lasagna is no good without Parmesan. Even yours," he added with a sly smile. "Can we run down to the little market real quick and get some?"

I interjected. "I'll take him, if that's all right with you?"

She looked at me and smiled as she said, "Thanks, that would be a big help."

Steven jumped up and quick as lightning he and Bama were headed out the door. "But we have to play video games after dinner, K."

"K" was all I got out before he disappeared out of sight.

Mom just looked at me and said, "I don't know if you'll be able to keep up with him." It seemed as much a question as a statement.

"His energy will keep me going," I responded.

She smiled at me again as we walked back into the house. I wonder what it is about her. Her looks aren't accusing. I've seen plenty of those before. No, there was something else. Almost as if she was wondering if I was really up to the challenge of being her boys friend.

We went into the main house where she handed Steven some cash. In a flash, Bama, Steven and I were out the front door and headed down the street.

One would think that a simple trip to the store would be fairly uneventful. Go to store, enter and purchase product, then return home.


We got about halfway to the store when we heard the unmistakable sound of skateboard wheels click-clacking down the sidewalk. We looked behind us as we heard another voice calling out to Bama.

It was Jason, a 12-year-old skate punk I knew from the park. Bama ran past us and leapt right into Jason's arms knocking him off his board and into the grass of a neighbor's lawn. Bama began licking Jason's face all over.

"What's up Jason?" I said.

I'd started writing out how I'd first met Jason. And how we had became quasi-buddies. But as you may have noticed with my writing style, I tend to explain just about every nuance of the encounters I've had with my boys. Hey, every second of my time with them is a cherished moment, most of it anyway. Suffice it to say, it is going to have to be a story of its own. All I can say for now is that we'd spent a bit of time together over the last few months. Though never out of public view.

When I looked over at Steven he was glaring at Jason with his dark eyes. I was really glad that I wasn't the one he was looking at.

I was just watching him, trying to figure out what was going on when he turned to me and said, "You know Jason?" He had an obvious hint if irritation in his voice.

Boy, what is wrong now? I thought.

"Um, yeah" was all I could say. I was hoping that might make him laugh (or something).

But no, he just quickly came back with "How?"

"I meet him at the park" I told him. Then added "He and Bama are pretty good friends."

"I can see that" he said with a sharp tone in his voice. He was staring up at me with a look of... what? Was it jealousy I saw in his eyes? Or was he thinking that maybe I'd become friends with Jason in the same manner that I'd met him. Stalker.

My guilty conscious is always right there for me when I need it. Not!

Jason called out to us, "How do you guys know each other?" he asked.

Steven's immediate reply was "Me and my Mom met him in the park today. And he's coming over to our house for dinner too!"

Jeeze, the sharpness of his tongue could cut diamonds.

"Oh." Jason said with a look of bewilderment. Apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed Steven's attitude.

"I thought you were gonna stay at my house tonight" Jason said next with an apparent uncertainty in his voice.

That's interesting. An "almost" 13-year-old boy was letting an 8-year-old get to him. And it seems as though Jason was the `friend' with whom Steven had just a little earlier been making promises of enduring naked torture for. I just stood there looking between the two of them wondering what exactly was going on.

Steven responded flatly, "No, my Mom said I couldn't".

Bummer, I wasn't going to get to see the naked-honey-tree incident after all.

"OK" was Jason's submissive reply.

"Sorry, but we gotta go. My Mom is waiting for us." Steven said as he grabbed my hand and began pulling me along. "Come on Bama, come on girl," he added as we walked by Jason who just sat there with a look of uncertainty on his face.

I just shrugged my shoulders and told him that I'd see him later. I was hoping he didn't think I had anything to do with Steven's attitude. I probably had everything to do with it though. But why?

I had to know. "Steven, why were you so mean to Jason just now?" I asked softly. I hoped I didn't sound too confrontational.

He just let go of my hand and walked ahead of me.

"Hold on partner." I said as I spun him around, picked him up and gently placed him on top of the news rack in front of the store. I tickled him a bit in hopes of soothing his anger as I said to him, "I'd really like to know what happened back there? It appears that Jason thinks you guys are friends, but you certainly didn't treat him like he was yours. What is wrong?"

"Nothing" was all he replied. He kept his head tilted down and his hair covered his entire face again. What a great disguise I thought. He has a built-in veil at the ready. With a flip of his head he can hide out from the world anytime he wants.

Very cute indeed, but I needed an answer. Somehow, I was the cause of Steven's anger towards Jason and I really didn't understand exactly why. Well maybe I did.

I put a finger under his chin and tilted his face up towards mine. A runny nose peaked out between his silky veil of golden locks. I reached up to his brow and gently parted his hair to either side of his face and locked it in place behind his ears. They are a little pointed I thought. Hmmm?

He had tears welling in his eyes. Any moment now they would begin streaming down his sweet pale cheeks.

"Steven, please tell me what happened back there."

The tears broke free just then as he looked at me with pleading eyes. Please don't hate me they appeared to say.

"I... I... I don't know," he stammered as he tilted his head back down. His hair fell back over his face again taking him back into his secret place. I would have laughed, if not for the circumstances of the moment.

I sighed as I looked down at Bama hoping she could help me out somehow. She just looked up at me with a frown on her face that seemed to say `what did you do to him? You better fix it. Or else!'

"Do you mind if I make a guess?" I asked him.

"K" was his reply as he sniffled trying to keep the snot form running out of his nose. It didn't work.

"Are you afraid that if Bama and I are friends with Jason, we won't have time for you?"

He quickly tilted his face back up to me. I wondered how much of me, if any, he could see through that mop of hair covering his face. I couldn't see anything but his nose and a bit of his lips, but it was clear that I'd hit the nail squarely on the head. He just nodded his head up and down indicating that I was correct in my assessment.

"Oh Steven, can't you tell how much I like you?" I said as I once again tilted his head back up and parted his veil so I could look him right in the eyes. "I've only known you for a few hours now, but I already L... um, well, lets just say that I like you far more than I probably should. Bama likes you a lot too. You have nothing to fear my prince. As far as I'm concerned, today was just the beginning of a very special friendship we are going to have."

"He suddenly jumped up off the rack, threw his arms my neck and wrapped his legs around my waist. He rested his chin on my shoulder as I heard him softly whisper in my ear "I LOVE you too." He'd emphasized the word love making it clear he understood my unspoken feelings.

He "loves me"!

He then began crying harder than he had been before. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry," he said between sobs. Then he really started bawling. I almost did too.

"Hush now puppy," I whispered in his ear. "I'm not mad at you. But I'm not the one you should be apologizing too. I think you hurt Jason's feelings. If you still like him and want to remain his friend, you need to tell him."

I eased him back down onto the rack and kissed him on top of his head. My lips tingled as I pulled away. His boyish scent made me feel lightheaded and carefree.

"Are we OK?" I asked as I put my fist up.

"Yeah, I'm sorry..." he began to say again as he bumped his fist into mine.

I love the simple, yet incredibly effective gestures like bumping fist. They seem to mean far more than any words can at times like these. All the drama and heartache just seemed to melt away as our knuckles softly touched together.

I reached up and put a finger on his lips to quiet him. "Not me," I said. "You need to apologize to Jason, K."

"K," he said with another sniffle.

"Wait right here" I said as I turned and went into the store. I came back out a moment later with some napkins and began to wipe the tears from his face.

Once his face was dry, I held the napkin to his nose and said, "Blow, snot-face". Have you ever seen a boy try to blow his nose while he is giggling? Delightful.

"OK," I said as I stepped back and pointed down the street. "I'd like it if you would go back and say you're sorry to Jason while I go into the store and get the Parmesan."

"K" he said again.

"OK, I'll meet you down there" I replied as I turned and headed back into the store.

"Sit and stay Bama." I said as I entered. It's so cool to have a well-trained dog.

I got a few steps into the store when I felt a tug at my shirt. I turned and Steven was standing there indicating that he wanted me to bend down. I got down on one knee as he leaned into me and whispered in my ear "I'm glad you are friends with Jason, but I get to keep you."

He kissed my check, then turned and ran out the door.

I was dizzy with love as I got the cheese. The look the cashier gave me... she probably thought I was stoned.

I was. I was high on Steven.

As I left the store I called Bama into heal mode and we headed back towards my boys. I could see them both standing together on the sidewalk in front of Jason's house. They reached out to each other with clenched fists and bumped them together. Cool, I thought to myself. All is well again in boy land.

I then saw Steven take Jason's board and toss it down onto the sidewalk. He jumped onto it and began skating towards Bama and me. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. He popped the front wheels off the ground and did a `manual' about twenty feet down the sidewalk towards us. He eased the front wheels back down as he rolled to a stop in front of us.

He had a huge smile on his face as he said to me, "Jason said we're kewl. He isn't mad at all."

"I saw" I replied.

"Damn boy, how long have you been skating?" I asked him. "You are really, really good". Oops, that's a cuss word to an 8-year-old. He didn't seem to notice though.

His smile got 10X bigger as a look of pride spread across his face.

All a boy needs is love, nourishment and praise and he is well on his way to a happy life. Praise is such an easy, yet effective thing to give a child. Why don't I hear others give it more often? I make sure my boys get it every time they deserve it.

"I just started," he responded. "Jason showed me how to last weekend." He did an `Ollie' right then. After he landed it flawlessly, he shook the hair out of his face and looked at me with a grin that said aren't I kewl?

Boy, you certainly are, I thought.

"Steven" I said, "You are going to be better than Jason in no time. I am soooooo impressed."

The look on his face indicated that he knew, but he wasn't going to say it out loud.

He changed the subject abruptly. "Here's the money my mom gave me," he said with his hand outstretched towards me.

"That's Ok Puppy, why don't you keep it for yourself and I'll pay for the cheese." I said.

He just beamed up at me with his sparkling blue eyes for a second before he suddenly stuffed the cash into my hand. "That's OK, but thanks anyway." He then turned and rode away as he shouted, "Watch me" while riding back towards Jason.

Huh? I thought as I began to feel all fuzzy and warm again. While I don't mind spending money on my boys, its nice to know that it isn't expected. It seems as though Steven loves me, just because. Jason, on the other hand, would have put the money in his pocket without blinking.

He pulled off three more `Ollie's' while rolling down the sidewalk before he hit a rock and his small body slammed to concrete.

Oh shit!

My heart leapt into my throat as I quickened my pace towards him. As I got up near him he was still lying on the ground, but he was laughing hysterically.

Phew! What a tough little boy. (Or a very lucky little boy.) Either way, I was beaming with pride as I looked down upon him. To watch a boy withstand the perils of life, and not just survive them, but also seemingly become more alive because of the experience is an incredible thing to witness.

"So it seems you are OK," I said to him.

Jason and I looked at each other with a bit of surprise on our faces. Steven should be bawling right now. Most 8-year-olds would be after a fall like that.

Jason spoke up. "Dude, you slammed hard. I can't believe you are laughing."

Steven picked himself up off the ground and simply said, "I'm alright."

"Good," I said. "Now I gotta take you home before you break something and I have to explain to your mom how a trip to the market ended up requiring a trip to the emergency room."

"OK," he said. He looked up at Jason and said, "Thanks. For everything."

Steven, you are so fucking cool, I thought to myself. How did I find this amazing child?

"See ya later Jason," I said as I gently punched him in his arm.

"Later bro's," was his boyish reply as he jumped on is board and skated away.

Steven looked up at me as we walked towards his house and asked me if I really thought he was good.

"You are absolutely amazing... no lies." I replied as I crossed my heart.

His grin was as big as I'd seen it so far. Huge!

"Would you try and talk my mom into letting me get a skateboard", he asked shyly.

My immediate response was "For sure." Without missing a beat I quickly added "But only if you promise to wear a helmet."

He immediately started to balk at my demand that he wear one. "But Jason doesn't wear one and they're so l..."

I cut him off before he could get the word lame out. I knelt down so my face was right in his. "Steven," I said, "You need to look right into my eyes so you can see how serious I am."

"K" he replied timidly. He had a bit of a stunned look on his face.

"Firstly Steven," I said, "I don't love Jason the way I love you. I couldn't live with myself if you got hurt and I could have easily prevented it." That was the first time I told him I loved him. And it felt really good to say it out loud.

"Secondly, there are a thousand reasons I can come up with as to why you need to wear a helmet. While you, my boy, really only have one reason why you shouldn't wear one. Sorry, but helmets being lame just won't cut it with me. The last word on this subject is that you either promise me you will wear a helmet or I won't help you get a board."

I wasn't sure what the look on his face meant. At least it wasn't his dark one. But I was taking a big risk here in being so demanding. My past experiences with this subject only had a success rate of 50%. One boy skated away while giving me the finger. Ouch! We were never quite the same after that. The only other boy I had made that demand of eagerly agreed, as long as it wasn't one of those "dorky looking ones". While our relationship faded after a few months, thanks to his Mom. I still saw him occasionally. And he was wearing it every time. Even when he was the only one in his posse that wore one. I still feel good about that.

Steven was still just looking at me with an uncertainty in his eyes. I hoped I hadn't just ruined the best thing I've had in my life since...

"Steven, I already told you, I want to remain your friend, no matter what. But, I won't back down from this, EVER! You are going to have to decide if you think its worth it or not."

I was feeling tears well up in my eyes again. I'd forgotten what a roller coaster ride of emotions being with a boy is.

He unexpectedly reached out, put his arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. As he pulled away he looked back into my eyes and said, "OK, I'll wear one. I promise." As he said it he wrapped his tiny little pinky finger in mine. "I pinky promise" he added.

Just then I felt a lone tear run down my cheek. He let go of my pinky and reached out and brushed the tear away with his finger. Then he surprised me yet again when he slipped the finger into his mouth a sucked my tears off of it.

"Now you are a part of me forever" he said with a look that made me want to melt into the sidewalk.

How fucking precious!

I leaned over and kissed his cheek, then put my lips to his ear and whispered "Thank you. I was afraid I was going to lose you just now. That means a lot to me. You mean a lot to me."

I pulled away and looked into his dazzling eyes once again. He just grinned at me and held up his fist. A quick bump and all was perfect in my world again. It really does work, you should try it sometime.

We raced home as I explained to him that it would be in his, and my, best interest if he didn't run into the house blurting out that I had promised to help him get a skateboard.

"Duh", he said showing me his trademark grin. He giggled madly as he ran ahead of me through the open door and into the house. Bama was right on his tail. I'm going with the assumption that he has one.

The relief in his Moms eyes was apparent enough; it was obvious that she'd been at least a little bit worried. I guess I had some explaining to do.

Steven saw it too and quickly jumped in to save us. "Sorry we were gone so long Mom. We saw Jason on the way and, well, I kind of got mad at him."

Relief gave way to concern on Moms face as she looked between the two of us.

I just shrugged my shoulders as if to say, `Um, yeah.'

She looked back at her boy and asked him "What happened?"

"Um, well... they already knew each other and I kinda got a little jealous watching Bama and Jason play together. I was little afraid that they were all gonna be friends and I wouldn't be included. And I guess I was rude to Jason `cause I was mad, so I left."

Mom looked up at me to confirm the story. I just nodded my head in agreement unsure of what to add.

She turned back to the boy and asked "And then what happened?"

Steven grabbed my hand and replied, "He sat me down and we talked about what happened. He even guessed at why I was mad cause I didn't want to say it out loud. And he got it right the first guess!" he said as he looked up at me glowing.

He continued. "Anyways, he told me that we would always be friends (as long as it was OK with you Mom, he fibbed). I started to say I was sorry, but he just told me he was never mad at me. He told me that Jason was the one that deserved the apology. So I went back down and told Jason how sorry I was and everything. Ya know what Mom? Jason wasn't even mad at me. He said we were still kewl! He even let me ride his skateboard again."

Mom just rolled her eyes towards me as she pulled her boy into a hug. "Thank you" she mouthed at me as she held her son.

She then put the boy right back in front of her said to him "Steven, I told you no skateboard riding without a helmet! Do you remember that?"

Uh oh. Full names mean big trouble.

Steven was so quick in his response it was astonishing. "Sorry Mom. I won't do it ever again." He grabbed my hand again and looked up at me as he added, "He made me promise not to ride again too, at least `til I got a helmet. So I pinky promised with him."

That did it. The boy was now officially my hero. Not only did he save me from getting in trouble for being gone too long with her child. But he made her see that I was a responsible, protective and caring mentor as well. And he managed to slip "until I get a helmet" into the story. He probably was half way to getting a board because of that, the little sneak.

Mom reached over and gave me a great big hug. "Thank you!" she exclaimed, "I worry so much about him riding a skateboard without wearing a helmet."

"Me too," I replied. "At least until he pinky promised me that he wouldn't ride again until he got one." I looked over Moms shoulder at the boy and winked at him.

Oh, the smile he was wearing. He knew I'd just scored big points and got him just a bit closer to having his own board.

"OK, then. Since that is all settled why don't we eat?" She said. Then she looked down at her boy. "Steven, you are filthy. Please go change into some clean clothes while I serve dinner."

He just rolled his eyes and said "OK Mom," as he scampered out of the house and back to his `apartment'. "Bama, come here girl." I heard him call out from his room. She jumped up with her ears peaked in excitement. She looked at me for approval and I released her to go. Off she went to go be with her boy.

Mom thanked me again as she went to the kitchen to begin serving dinner.

"What can I do to help?" I asked.

"You can sit down right there and tell me about Jason" she replied with a look of seriousness as she pointed to one of the stools at the kitchen bar.

"Oh, OK" I replied with a slight uneasiness in my stomach. This could lead to betraying Steven I was thinking. I couldn't say Jason was a bad kid, but I couldn't tell Stevens Mom he was an angel either.

"What do you want to know?" I asked.

"How do you know him?" was her immediate response. She was serious.

"Well" I began, "Like most of the local kids in the park, Jason wanted to play with Bama one day. After that first time, he comes over to us just about every time we are there. We're kind of buddies now, I guess."

"Oh" was her simple reply. She seemed satisfied. At least I didn't get the impression that she thought that I was a child-stalker.

Am I one? I don't think so. They always come to me. I just look and admire.

"What do you think of him?" came her next question. The big one.

OK, I've got no room (or time) for B.S. here. "I think what you are asking, in a nut shell, is Steven going to be safe hanging around Jason, right?"

"Exactly right" she responded, as she looked me dead in the eyes.

"Well" I began, "He is a good kid, with a good heart. I really like him." I simply stated. But that wasn't everything I could, or should say. "I guess the bottom line is that Steven would be OK to hang around with him, sometimes. If it were up to me, I'd let Steven go play in the park with him to skate or whatever. I think he would be great with helping Steven learn how to ride. And I think that he would willingly protect him from any harm. In fact, he was just as concerned as I was when Steven fell. But..."

Oop's! Did I just blow it for him I wondered?

"Steven fell off of Jason's skateboard, didn't he?" she cut me off to ask.

"Um, yeah" I answered nervously.

"Did he get hurt?" Have you ever seen an exceedingly worried mother? I had one in front of me right then. And it frightened me a bit.

"Not at all" I quickly replied trying to save this situation from getting any worse for the boy. "In fact" I continued, "He was laughing hysterically. He is a pretty tough little kid. The fall he took would have made a lot of boys cry. Maybe even Jason." Shit, am I digging a new hole here or what? I definitely need to change tactics now, but at great risk to myself. Parents don't like it when you tell them how to raise and care for their children.

"Look, I don't want to tell you what to do about keeping your son safe from harm. But at the same time I need to be true to Steven. He absolutely rocks at skating!

I might as well `go big' I thought. " He told me has only been skating since last weekend. From what I saw in the two minutes he was on Jason's board, he looked as though he'd been riding for years. Many, many years in fact! He pulled off two tricks that a lot of the teenagers who've been riding since they were his age still struggle with. Jason included. And he did it with such style, such ease, such surety, I really wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself. The bottom line is if Steven wants to, he could have a future in professional riding. No bullshit, I would never do that to you. He is really that good."

I paused to let my comments sink in.

She just kept quiet for a moment as she absorbed everything I had just said. The next thing she said was hugely positive in favor of Stevens's future riding career.

"Really?" It was such a simple statement she'd just made. Only one word. But the way she said it gave rise to the possibility that she would allow Steven to ride.

"Really!" I answered back. "He is a natural. It shouldn't be that surprising to you. Haven't you noticed how graceful he his at everything he does. He floats when he walks. When he was throwing the ball for Bama, I asked him if he had ever played baseball, because I assumed he had some training. His answer of "no" really surprised me, at first. But after watching him all afternoon, it became obvious to me that he is a natural athlete. I bet he could be good at any sport he wanted to play."

"I've always thought he had a natural grace to him," she said. "He did take gymnastics when he was younger. I wonder if that's the reason?" It was a statement and a question in rolled into one.

"I'd say yes, at least it must have helped him hone his natural abilities. Why did he stop?" I asked.

"He was made fun of at school, and he didn't want to go any more after that." It seemed as if there was something more she had to say, but she just stopped talking and looked at me.

Fuck! I hate the mentality of the society we live in. Why can't people, especially children, be and do what ever they want too? Hurt nothing, in anyway, and everything else is OK. No matter what it is. Fuck off and die if you can't follow that simple creed.

"I'm sorry if I'm pushing too hard for him to skate. He just seems to really want too. And he is such a natural at it that it would be a shame (and a sham I didn't say) not to let him."

I paused again before I continued with the hardest part. "I need to add the caveats," I said meekly. "He could come home one day with a broken arm or a missing tooth." I added rather softly.

She just glared at me and then rolled her eyes.

"He could have gotten that or worse doing gymnastics." I quickly added. "What if he wants to play baseball, basketball, football or soccer? The same risks apply. In fact, there really isn't anything that your boy is going to want to do that is 100% safe."

"I know" she replied. "It just so hard to let him grow up." "But," she added, "I guess I'm going to have to let him. I can't hold him back from achieving his dreams. I'll see if we can scrape some money together and we'll go out and get him a board and a helmet."

"YES!" we both heard as Steven came running back into the room. He hadn't even changed yet. He must have been spying on us the whole time. What a sneak he is. He jumped up into my lap while hugging and kissing me. "Thank you, thank you..." he said over and over again. The he hopped down and ran to his Mom and repeated the scene he had just finished with me.

"When can we go Mom?" Can we go tomorrow? Please, please, please."

"Definitely not tomorrow honey. You know we just paid rent. We'll have to wait and see when we can come up with the extra money."

"Awwwwwwww. OK, I guess." He turned and beamed at me with a twinkle in his eye and another huge grin on his face.

His Mom ended the conversation by saying "We need to eat. Steve, you can wait and get into your pajamas until after dinner, OK."

"Kewl, lets eat. I'm starving. Mom I'll help serve, K"

As his Mom began cutting the lasagna and putting it onto plates. He snuck around behind her and opened the pantry cabinet. He pulled out a huge jar of honey and, while looking me right in the eyes, lifted it over his head pretending he was pouring it all over himself. As did a few pirouettes, his slippery pink tongue poked out of his mouth and danced all around wetting his luscious red lips. The gleam in his eyes practically blinded me as I pinched myself, not really sure if I should believe what I was seeing.

Right then, the unbelievable really did happen. The top to the jar came off and honey poured down all over Steven's head and shoulders.

Oh Shit!

I would have laughed my ass off if the situation hadn't been so incredibly delicate. He was, after all, making sexual innuendos that were directed at me. Even if he didn't fully understand the implications of what he was doing, it was going to be pretty tough to explain the how's and why's of what had just happened to his Mom.

Just then she turned around and began to ask him to take the plates to the table.

"Steven Michael Taylor! What in the name of... What do you think you are doing?" she bellowed. The house seemed to tremble as her words continued to ring in the air.

Isn't that a beautiful name? It seems everything about this boy is absolute perfection. But now I had more urgent matters to deal with.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as she glared at her boy. He seemed to be cowering a little and he looked as if he wished he could just disappear into the woodwork. He was fearfully holding the nearly empty jar in front of him as the honey began dripping off of him and onto the floor. She turned to me with a fierce look that could melt glaciers.

My mouth was agape as I sat there trying to come up with the right words. `Mister Big Mouth' was now speechless. OK, I thought. You've handled far worse situations before. It is time to take charge of this before it gets any worse.

"Steven, please do not move one-inch from that spot." I told him. He just nodded at me as he stood there. Honey was now dripping onto his nose causing him to scrunch it up as if it were being tickled with a feather. How cute is that?

I turned back to Mom. `The truth shall set you free', I prayed to myself.

"I bet you want to know what he was doing, huh?" I said.

She just continued to stare (glare) at me.

I continued. "You guys had walked by me earlier today before we met at the battle scene. I'd heard him pleading with you, begging actually. It had something to do with honey and being tied to a tree."

I quickly explained the situation as it had happened leaving out particular details, such as him being naked and me licking him clean. I closed with a quick summary of me teasing him about it as we played. That he was really just continuing my game.

When I stopped talking, we continued to lock eyes as she tried to make sense of what I had just said. We both looked to Steven at the same time. Honey had now found its way down to his chin. His tongue made another surprise appearance and was busy sliding its way around his lips. God he was so hot. If only he was... Get a grip, I told myself.

"You... I..." she stumbled. She was at a loss for words apparently.

Just then Bama came into the kitchen and began enthusiastically licking honey off of Stevens socks. We all burst out with laughter at the same time, though I'm pretty sure both Steven and I were laughing for a different reason than she was. That gleam had returned to his dazzling blue eyes.

Mom found her tongue. "I will never understand boys," she groaned. Then she sighed as she began laughing again. The tension that had filled the room moments earlier vanished without a trace.

She took the jar of honey from Steven's hands and said to him "Strip right there! Then go take a shower and scrub yourself clean. And don't forget to wash your hair!"

I called Bama out of the kitchen being hopeful that she wasn't tracking honey around the house. Maybe I should give the boy some privacy I was thinking. Or maybe not, this could be interesting.

It was too late for me to decide. The boy stripped off his shirt and had his pants down around his ankles in a split second. In another, his pants and socks joined his shirt in a neat little pile on the kitchen floor. He stood up looking at me with a smirk that seemed to say, It's OK. I know you want to look. I don't mind.

Look I did. I was the deer again. I sat there marveling at the child as he stood before me without any shame. Nearly naked, wearing only his teeny little boxer shorts, he seemed to be posing for me, and me alone.

The red plaid boxers weren't really too small for him. But they definitely weren't baggy either. No, they fit just right, showcasing the curves of his cute little butt. A slight protuberance pushed out at the front, just hinting at the jewels he had hidden beneath. His body was so tight. Everywhere. Not a bit of fat could be seen. All muscle he was, 100% well defined boy muscle. He wasn't big per say. He was just incredibly fit. Just like a gymnast, I thought. What a little stud.

His skin was flawless. Right down to his tiny little toes. Not a mark or blemish could be seen anywhere. And I was definitely looking everywhere, or almost everywhere. His newly revealed skin was the same color as the exposed flesh I`d been admiring all afternoon. A light cream color with just a hint of pink to it. It appeared that he didn't have a tan line. He was the same shade all over, at least the parts I could see. It wasn't the pasty white that a lot of the boys from the far northern reaches of the world have. Rather, it was just soft creamy boy skin that appeared as delicate as a flower petal. I could see random flecks of boy fuzz all over his tiny frame. Soft blond hairs were glinting in the light as if mimicking a sparkling diamond.

Just then a streak of honey found its way to his chest seemingly gravitating towards his left nipple. Then another formed and began streaking its way right down the center making a beeline for his belly button and beyond. I had to close my mouth for fear I was going to begin drooling all over the counter top in front of me.

He'd been watching me ogle him the whole time (probably only 5-seconds, but it could have been 5-hours). He was seemingly unafraid, or most likely, unaware of the thoughts that were racing through my mind. He looked down at his chest just as the first line of honey made its way, dead center, across his dime sized nipple. He brought a finger up and glided it across his honey-covered torso. His sparkling eyes locked onto mine as he brought the finger to his mouth and began licking it clean with a soft whimper emanating from deep down in his throat. He then inserted the finger into his mouth and closed his lips around it. He pushed it all the way in before he slowly pulled it out with a faint popping sound.

A mischievous grin spread across his face as he held his saliva coated finger out to me and asked "Wanna taste?" Both he and his Mother began giggling as I sat there swooning.

The spell finally broke for me when I heard him squeak out "Will you help me wash the honey off?"


He was looking at me. Not at his Mom. Me! I felt my face go flush and little beads of sweat begin forming up all over my body as I looked back at the boy with mock exasperation. I can't believe he is teasing me this way. He is teasing, isn't he? And right in front of his Mom. He is going to get us so busted. There is now way that she didn't comprehend the sexual undertones of his actions.

Unbelievably, she was so off-handed about the whole situation. She had the same casual attitude that she'd been expressing all day long. Perhaps this was just another day in the life of the sexually charged, mischievous little cherub she called Steven. Maybe he brought adventures and excitement of this magnitude into their lives everyday. And I wanted to be a part of it.

I couldn't believe my ears at first when I heard her say "Would you mind helping him while I clean up in here?"


"Um, sure" I mumbled desperately hoping I didn't have a look of desire written all over my face.

We both headed towards the bathroom to take care of business. And what a business this was going to be.

He's probably going to keep his boxers on while I clean him up I was thinking as I followed him to the bathroom.


As soon as we entered he pushed the door closed behind us. The sound as the latch caught was as if a gun had been cocked right next to my head. Or maybe it was a prison cell door clanging shut.

He walked over to the tub and began filling it. He then turned back towards me wearing the same look in his eyes that he had displayed when we first met those precious few hours ago. He seemed to be checking me out one last time, making sure that I was really OK before... what?

The grin reappeared on his face as he slowly pushed his boxers down off his hips and let them drop around his ankles. I guess he was sure about me after all. His eyes never left mine as he stepped out of them and kicked them across the floor where they slid to a stop at my feet. Our eyes held each other's gaze for another eternity as we both contemplated the situation. Yet another staring contest was underway, one that I wasn't about to lose.

He blinked first. He tilted his head down and his veil fell back into its usual position. My eyes followed his downward. I had to look, or at least I couldn't help myself. You would have too.

No, he did not have a tan line at his waist either. Just creamy white boy flesh of the same shade everywhere my eyes roamed. Though they weren't really roaming all that much. I was staring right at his boyhood. And hooded it was not. He was sporting a soft 2-inch circumcised boy-cock that lay neatly on top of his two marble sized balls. The flesh of his sack was tightly fitted around his little jewels that appeared to be nowhere close to be beginning their journey downward on their way to manhood. Not a hair could be seen, sans a few more glints of the fuzz that seemed to dance in the light at random places all over his firm little body. His head was shaped like a miniature firefighters helmet. The tiniest of slits topped off what was in my eyes absolute perfection.

I could feel his eyes on me again as his penis held my lustful gaze for another few seconds. I finally came too and returned my eyes to his. He was grinning still. That was a good sign. In fact, he seemed to wearing a look of pride, as if he was aware of the effect he was having on me. And he was quite pleased with himself.

I knew what was coming before he even started.

He stepped forward and whispered softly right in my face. "Are you going to lick me clean now?" he asked.

I had the words "NO" out of my mouth before he finished his sentence.

His pouty look returned as he moaned, "Pleeeeze?" in his sweetest voice yet.

"Absolutely NOT!" shot out of my mouth.

"Why not? I know you want too." He was smirking again now. I think he knew he had me pegged.

"Why do you think I want to?" I said in exasperation.

"Duh! I've seen the way you've been looking at me ALL DAY. I know what THAT LOOK means." He rolled his eyes back to emphasize what a dumb question I had asked.

Gulp! Am I so obvious that an 8-year-old can see right through me?

"Steven, even IF wanted to. It would be... um... I just can't do it." His eyes were burning right into mine. I would have let him win the staring contest but I really didn't have any other safe place to look.

"But why?" This was no longer a joke to him. He was dead serious and wasn't about to let it go. He seemed even more determined now to get his way now.

"I think you KNOW why" I tried to reply harshly. But the words definitely didn't have the same resolve that I had begun with. Damn this boy was going to get me into big trouble.

"But she won't know" he uttered as his eyes glanced towards the door for a brief moment.

Apparently he has no moral qualms about a man licking his naked body. But he was well aware that Mom shouldn't know about it.

I tried sounding serious again as I replied sternly "She has found out about everything we've done today, and so far she has been pretty cool about it. But if she found out that I did THAT I would be in big, big trouble." I was acutely aware that I wasn't coming across as strongly as I'd hoped. Nope, I was definitely wavering.

And he knew he almost had me. He leaned in to me, stood on his tippy-toes and kissed me on the check. As he pulled away he whispered, "She won't find out, I promise." He held up his pinky finger as if to prove that he was right.

"I... I..." I caved. I took his pinky in mine and whispered back to him, "All right, but only one lick. And only where there is honey." I looked down at his whistle hoping (albeit half-heartedly) that the honey hadn't trickled down that far yet. Oh God. He was as hard as steel and had grown too nearly 3-inches. My knees were wobbly and my head was spinning... both of them.

"Three, and I get to pick where." He replied matter-of-factly. As if he knew he was going to get his way.

"Where?" I replied with a sigh as last of my resolve seemed to be abandoning me.

He just giggled as he looked down towards his feet again. Yeah, I'm sure he was looking at his feet. Not! Thankfully he didn't go there. I might have fainted if he had asked me to lick his little prick. When he looked back up he was grinning from ear to pointy ear.

"Here" he said as he pointed to his belly button. "Here" he continued as he pointed to his nipple. "And here." As he slid his index finger all over his sticky face. He giggled again as he put his finger back in his mouth and began sucking off the sticky goo that covered it.

What a seductive little tease he is!

His choice of targets was quite interesting I thought. I wonder if he knows about erogenous zones? I suppose every boy knows, to some degree, that certain spots on the body feel better than others when toyed with. But his demeanor made it seem as if he'd picked spots that would derive the most pleasure for him.

"Are you sure you want me too?" I asked him as I searched the depths of his eyes seeking assurance that he knew what he was asking for. I found the answer in those sparkling orbs and I had no doubts about it. He was seeking pleasure.

As I lowered myself before him I kept my eyes locked onto his. The eagerness displayed on his face was far greater than I had ever witnessed before. And one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. His eyes became cloudy, as if he was already feeling the pleasures that awaited him.

I reached out and took a hold of his hips as I my eyes scanned down his torso. The touch was electrifying. I could feel little pulses dancing all around my fingers as I held his soft, warm boy flesh. I looked down at his little nail briefly. It was just inches away from my mouth and seemed to be pulsing to its own beat. I could smell his boyish scent emanating off of him in waves. He smelled of boy, through and through. While the honey was definitely the strongest scent in the room, I could also smell the perfume of his sweat mixed with soap. Even a little bit of pee wafted up into my nostrils. Again, if only I could bottle it.

I leaned forward and stuck my tongue right into his navel. He jerked suddenly as he quickly grabbed my head with his hands as if to make sure I wasn't going to stop too quickly. A soft whimper could be heard from above as I wiggled my tongue around is delicate little button. He jerked again and I felt his cocklet stab into my chin a few times. Was he trying to fuck my face or had he just lost his bearings?

I pulled away and looked up at him. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted back in obvious ecstasy. He opened his eyes as he looked down at me smiling. They pleaded with me not to stop as he used both his hands to pull me back into his tight little tummy.

I put my lips to his button this time and began to suck the honey, along with my saliva, out of its depths. God he tasted good. I went back to tonguing him as I started to work my way up his six-pack, licking in long wet strokes over every bump and valley I could hit upon. So much for 3 licks I thought.

When I reached his pectoral muscles, I was again amazed at how defined they were. A chiseled perfection the statue makers of old only wished they could emulate. I allowed my right hand to slowly travel up his side as I attacked his honey-coated nipple with the tip of my tongue. My hand found its way to his other nipple where I began gently tweaking it with the tips of my fingers. I alternated between sucking and licking the other until I felt it swell under my lips. I took a few delicate nibbles that made the boy tense his entire body again. He appeared to like it though as he pulled my head even harder into him.

I kept to my upward course as I worked my tongue along the ridge of his collarbone. I let his silver chain come into my mouth briefly as I gently pulled it as if to choke him. Then I worked my tongue around the small indention at his throat before I began traveling upwards again. I slid my probe past his non-existent Adams apple, up to and over his chin, until I reached his succulent red lips. I began devouring them with an ecstasy of my own. I sucked both his lips into my mouth for a moment before I ran my tongue across the little slit of his opening. I could feel his teeth as my tongue slipped inside his hot wet orifice and slid across the entire front row.

Hoping that I hadn't gone too far, I pulled away and looked at his delicate face. His eyes were still closed as I whispered, "You like?" He just nodded and pulled my lips back onto his. As my tongue once again probed his mouth he opened it slightly and I felt his tongue poke out and touch mine. Lightning bolts couldn't have this much voltage. This time my whole body tensed as our tongues danced about each other's for nearly a minute. I sucked his entire tongue into my mouth and then let it slide back out across my lips. It was like satin, but alive and warm and slippery

I'd found paradise.

I still had one hand working between his nipples as I let the other sneak around his backside. I let it slowly descend following the bumps of his spine to his lower back. I paused briefly before continuing down further where my fingertips found the top of his crack. What's that little bump I feel? Is it what I think it is? I explored every inch of his petite little butt, being careful not to enter his most private domain.

I planted my tongue back on his chin and worked my way along his jaw line to his ear in one continuous stroke. I worked my tongue over every crevice before I took the plunge and stuck it right inside. He was moaning continuously now, almost purring like a cat being petted in just the right spot. As I pulled away I exhaled my hot breath right into his ear canal before I began nibbling at the pointy tip of his lobe.

I alternated my attention from his ears to some yet undiscovered place on his face and neck at irregular intervals. Whenever I got another tongue full of honey I would feed it to him by sticking my tongue into his mouth as he eagerly used his own to get every drop he could.

I was back to working on his ear again when he suddenly shuddered and grabbed my shirt with both his fists. He pulled his body into mine as he pressed his ridged little cock into my leg repeatedly. His whole body quivered and shook before he let out a long sigh and collapsed into my arms. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he leaned into me breathing heavily.

Holy shit! He just had an orgasm.

My mind was racing frantically. Was it his first? Did he even know what happened? Will he want me to do it again someday? I'd hoped he was OK with everything I just did. I unquestionably gave him more than three licks. I'd never planned on going that far... I just got caught up in the heat of the moment. And hot it was!

I whispered in his ear, "Are you OK?" I felt his head nod up and down in the affirmative.

"Did you like it?" I asked next. This time his head bobbed more vigorously and I heard a soft "Um hum" emanate from his precious little mouth.

"Do you know what just happened to you?" I continued probing.

He pushed away from me enough to look into my face as he whispered softly, "I think I had a cum."

I am going to have to find out more about what he knows. And how. But I'll have to save that for another time I thought.

I smiled and nodded my head as I said to him "Yes, I think you did. Have you ever had one before?" My eyes shot down to his still fully hard cocklet. No wetness at all, not that I was expecting any.

He shook his head from side to side before answering "Huh uh. But it was so awesome!"

"Yes it was my boy, and so are you" was my simple reply as I leaned down to kiss his forehead.

He mouthed the words "Thank you" to me and gave me another hug.

"You have to get in the tub now" I said quietly. Trying not to ruin the moment for him.

He just nodded as he tenderly sighed while leaning up for another kiss. Yes, we were definitely kissing. He poked his tongue back into my mouth searching and probing for mine. I let him find it briefly before I pulled away and looked into his eyes.

I whispered that I wished I could do more for him, but he had to get into the tub, NOW!

I spun him around and gently pushed him towards the bath. As he stepped over the edge I let me hand glide down his back and across his incredibly tight butt cheeks. It was my first time seeing his ass and it was as cute as the rest of him. Perfectly shaped little mounds of flesh that had slight indentations on either side. More proof that the boy was nothing but hard muscle and soft skin on the exterior of his miniature frame. He doesn't have a tail after all. But he is still full of magic.

He was in a daze the entire time while I washed him. He leaned back against the wall with a grin of the Cheshire cat on his sweet face while allowing me access to every part of his body. Might I suggest, for those of you that have trouble bathing a restless child, that you give them an orgasm prior to bath time. It really does make the whole process a lot easier and much more pleasant for everyone involved. But only if they are ready for such experiences, as my boy obviously was.

I cleaned every inch of his skin... using a loufa sponge. Any other time and I would have used my bare hands, but sadly, we didn't have time to mess around and enjoy the process so I just went into super fast mode and scrubbed him spotless. It took a few cycles of wash, rinse, and repeat before I got all the stickiness out of his hair. And it was so awesome to run my finger through his locks. But the rest of his body was surprisingly easy to clean. Saliva works wonders I guess.

I popped the plug out of the drain and told him to get up and rinse himself off. That I'd be waiting for him out in the kitchen.

"K" he said dreamily as he stood and turned on the shower.

As I entered the kitchen I was afraid of what his Mom might say. What the fuck took so long came to mind.

But she was just talking on the phone when I came into the room. She pulled the phone away from her head for a second a mouthed "Thank you" to me before continuing her conversation. Safe again. Phew!

The kitchen was cleaned of the honey mess, as was the boy, so went over and lay down with Bama giving her a gentle scratch behind the ears. I closed my eyes as I contemplated the events of the last few hours. So many things had happened. So many emotions I'd felt. So much love had entered my heart. Please, please let it last this time I was praying.

Suddenly, I felt a wet little boy land on top of me with a thud. I opened my eyes and he was as naked as, well, when I'd left him a few minutes ago. My eyes immediately shot over to his Mom as another wave of guilty fear swept over me. But she was just beaming back at me with a smile that looked like `I approve' and a pleading in her eyes that seemed to say `Yes, the boy loves you now. Please love him back'.

I do. I do. More than you can imagine I tried to mentally project to her.

"You give the best baths" I heard the boy say causing me to look back at him.

He leaned down into me and gave me a great big hug before whispering in my ear so softly I barely heard it. "Tongue bathes are awesome." He then began to giggle frantically for the thousandth time today.

I lifted my hand up and brought it down with a gentle slap right on his butt. He squealed and tried to get away. I was having none of that though. I began tickling him all over (almost all over anyway). He was laughing and squealing so hard he could barely catch his breath. I paused a few times here and there to make sure he wasn't going to pass out from lack of oxygen. But I kept it up for a while longer when his Mom suddenly attacked him from behind. The game got really intense then. He was cackling like a chicken and screaming like a little girl as I attacked his front while she got him from behind.

Finally he shouted, "Stop, or I'm going to pee myself" as he squirmed harder trying to get away.

What does he mean "himself" I thought? He is lying right on top of ME.

I quickly rolled him off of me then sat back and watched him try to catch his breath. He was hard again. And he was without shame. Mom didn't seem to care either. I guess it was no big deal in this family. It was, apparently, just another normal part of being a boy. I must be in heaven. I had the most beautiful boy in the world lying naked next to me, with Moms approval no less. Life could never get any better than this.

Mom broke the spell as she pulled the boy to his feet and told him to go get some clothes on so we could eat. She swatted his butt and sent him scampering out of the room as he made racecar sounds. Vrooooooooom. Screeeeeech. Crash, mangle, crunch.

She turned from watching him go and looked me dead in the eyes. "He loves you ya know?" she said matter-of-factly.

I nodded my head and replied, "He told me so today." Then I paused for a minute wondering how to proceed. `The truth shall set you free.'

"I love him too." I paused briefly then added, "Are you OK with that... with how quickly this all happened?"

Her face flashed to serious for a moment before it relaxed again as she said, "Just don't hurt him. He's already been hurt too much."

Who hurt my boy I wondered as I said "Never." I looked at her for a brief moment contemplating my next words.

"I've been hurt before too. Please don't allow me to get close to him only to have you take him away. I've been close to other children before, each time with the parents' blessings. Then, either out of fear of jealousy I've been pushed away. I'm not sure if I can survive it again."

She looked at me for a long moment before simply replying, "Never."

God I hope I can believe her.

She changed the subject. "Are you still hungry?" she asked.

"I'm starving" I replied.

"Me too" we heard as the boy entered the room wearing only a tightly fitted pair of blue boxers. He is so damn sexy! And it appears that he knows it.

Dinner was fairly uneventful. At least in relative comparison to what I'd experienced during my first few hours with the boy. Steven chattered the entire meal about skateboarding and all the fun he was going to have. He continually reminded us of his promise to wear a helmet. And about how good he was going to become. He didn't seem to be cocky about it. It was just that he knew, deep down inside that he was meant to be riding.

I took the opportunity to subtly plant some seeds; safety, responsibility and rules were lightly hinted at. Mom beamed at me in approval.

I guess the only truly memorable thing about dinnertime was that during the entire meal Steven was playing `footsies' with me under the table. He was continually rubbing his foot up and down my leg with the absentmindedness only a boy can have. Sometimes he would grab the leg of my pants between his toes and just let it sway back and forth. Eventually he worked the cuff up to the point where his toes made contact with my bare skin. Zap! His toes finally found a home when they hooked inside the top of my sock. He just let his foot dangle there for the remainder. Its silly little moments like these that I have lived for since as long as I can remember.

Clean up was a breeze. Steven did all the work. He cleared the table and put everything back in its proper place while his Mom and I sat and chatted, mostly about me. The boy was listening intently; all the while I could see him watching me out of the corner of his eye. He was definitely trying to impress me. It was so endearing. Hopefully I can work this to my advantage I thought. Maybe he will be as willing to impress me when it comes to schoolwork and the many things I plan on showing and teaching him.

When he finished, he came over to me and put his hand on my back and began rubbing up and down. Can you say touchy-feely? He just stood there politely waiting for his Mom to finish what she was saying. Is my love for him ever going to stop growing?

After she finished he asked me if we could go play a game? He certainly knows how to work his facial muscles to his advantage. The pleading look had returned once again.

I answered him. "Sure puppy."

He ruffed causing Bama to pop her head up for a moment. She quickly dropped it back down and closed her eyes. She seemed content in her boy's world.

I continued. "But I need to sit here with your Mom for a few more minutes, OK?"

"K" he replied.

"Would you go back to your room and get everything ready? I'll be back in few minutes." I held up my pinky as I added "And no spying this time... please."

He clasped his pinky in mine as he replied "K."

He walked out of the room as he called Bama to go with him. She eagerly followed.

As soon as Steven left the room his Mom made it her business to embarrass me again.

"You are absolutely amazing with him. Nobody has ever made the kind of connection you made with him today. Not his teachers, not his `Big Brother'. Not even his father.

Huh? He has a `Big'. Interesting. And yes, I did feel a twinge of jealousy. He's mine.

She just kept going. "How in the world do you do it? How do you get a boy twisted around your pinky finger with a kind word and a wink?"

"Um," I stuttered. I'd not been this embarrassed in quite a long time. "I'm not really sure how to explain it. I just have that affect on children. I always have. I remember being fairly young, like 7 or 8, and having the little ones just hanging all over me. I've could almost always get them to do anything with a soft whisper in their ear."

Gulp. I hope she doesn't read that statement to deeply.

It didn't seem to faze her so I continued. "The sad thing is that I spent about 15 years ignoring them. Once I reached my 20's I was just focused on my girlfriend, my career and me. Somehow I'd decided that kids took too much time and I wasn't going to have any part of it. I wasn't going to have any and I definitely wasn't going to spend time with anyone else's either. By the time I came around, my marriage was on the rocks and I wasn't about to have a child of my own that might get taken from me if, or more precisely, when I got divorced. Now all I get is an occasional friendship with some other person's child. But it usually doesn't last very long. Too often for all the wrong reasons."

Please get my hidden meaning I projected to her.

"Have you ever thought of adopting", she asked tentatively.

"For many years," I responded. "But I guess I'm just too scared to commit to fulltime child rearing. I'm so afraid that I would mess it all up. What if I'm not as good as I think I am?"

"You would be an amazing father," she responded. "Don't doubt yourself, you would do an incredible job raising a child."

I blushed again. "As it is in my nature to connect with children. It is the same with my self-doubt. It's just a part of me I have to live with. Besides, there are a lot of advantages to being a `best friend'. I get to go home and be alone when I need to be. And fathers usually have a hard time being a friend too."

"Well, I'm glad that we found you. I can just tell that you are going to be such a great mentor for Steven."

Full names are serious business. She must really mean it.

I might as well put my fears right out into the open I thought as I said to her. "I hope you can understand that, no matter how hard we all try, at some point Steven and I, as well as you and I, are going to get into disagreements about stuff. Sometimes it may actually be a big deal. That is when the true test of our relationship will begin."

I paused to let it sink in before I began again.

"The deal with this kind of relationship is that I have to be part best friend, part mentor, and even part father figure. I will always be his friend. But I can't stop myself from teaching, at every possible opportunity. I can't stop myself from protecting, as much as I can. And I can't stop myself from loving, at every moment. Sometimes, all of that is pretty hard for a boy, or his family, to accept. At least for very long."

She started to speak but I cut her off. "Sorry, I need to finish this... I will always be there for him. For as long as he wants me to be and as long as you allow it. But as soon as I'm positive that I am no longer wanted, I will disappear back into my hole. Don't get me wrong. I don't give up easily. But I can only push so far, after that I have to move on. No matter how much it hurts me."

"You've really have been hurt haven't you?" she asked.

I just nodded my head as I looked down at the table trying to hide the tears that were welling up in my eyes.

I felt her arms wrap around me a moment later as she kissed the top my head. She brought her lips to my ear and said "Don't worry, we'll take care of you too."

The tears broke free. I really hope so I thought.

I wiped my cheeks as I looked up at her and abruptly changed the subject. "Can I buy Steven his skateboard and gear?"

She started to balk, as I'd expected.

I cut her off again. "Wait. The only reason you could have for not wanting me to do it is that you would want to do it for him yourself. But it would really mean a lot to me as well. If you could stand giving up that pleasure, I really want to do it for him."

She just beamed at me again and said "Thank you for loving him. You are more than welcome to do it for him."


Then she changed the subject. "Finish telling me about Jason."

"Sure," I responded. "Like I said, I think Jason is a good kid at heart. And he'd be a great help in teaching Steven how to ride. But we should set some limits regarding their time together. I don't think it would be a good idea for Steven to stay at his house overnight. At least not anytime soon."

Just then we heard the boy calling from the kitchen door. "Hello in there, we're waiting" he said in mock exasperation.

I'd hoped he hadn't been spying again. "I'll be right there my prince. I'll just be another minute. OK?"

"K, but hurry." he responded as he closed the door.

I looked back to her so I could finish. "Tomorrow, Jason is going to become acutely aware of the wrath he will receive from me if he corrupts my boy. He is going to stop cussing so often, at least in front of Steven. And he is going to have to be responsible for the making sure to send the boy home if he is going to be doing `teenager' stuff when he is with him. The cool part is that I'm pretty sure that Jason will freely agree to do that for me, us."

What a hypocrite I am. I had just given the boy his first orgasm. I took a special innocence away from him that he will never have again. Or did I? I didn't really take it. He gave it too me. In fact he begged me to. He knew what he wanted, and he wanted ME to do it. Well maybe he didn't know it would go that far, but he seemed quite happy that it did.

No, the only real problem with what we did was if he can handle the guilt our society would lay on him if they could. FUCK `EM ALL! I won't let them do it. If it weren't for them, the experience would be just a normal part of the boys' road to adulthood. If he decides he didn't like it, then so be it. I don't NEED to have sex with him in order to love him. I never even expected it would go there. And I will never do anything he doesn't want to do or I don't think he can handle, either physically or emotionally.

Oh I hope he can handle it. I think he will be able to. He seems to already have some knowledge of the secret pleasures of life. But how does he know, and how much? We are definitely going to have a talk about all of it.

And thank you, Mr. Guilty Conscience, for making your presence known, yet again.

"I hope its OK that I'm taking charge like this," I said. "I think, since I know Jason pretty well, it would work out for all of us if I had a talk with him about what we want, and don't want, Steven to be exposed too."

She nodded her head in agreement as she said, "That is exactly what I was hoping for. I was a little worried about their age difference and, while I know Steven is a good boy, I'm afraid he may be exposed to things he isn't ready to deal with."

Um, yeah I thought.

"If there is nothing else then, I better go back and sooth my Prince Charming."

"Have fun, and thank you," she responded before she kissed my cheek.


I knocked on Stevens closed door.

I heard a faint "Come in" before I opened it and entered to find Bama and my boy lying on his bed. They both looked pooped.

"Come here and lay with us," the boy said softly as he patted the bed. He looked as if he'd conk out any minute.

"You look tired my prince" I said to him.

"Um hum," he moaned with a nod of his head. Then he added with a concerned look on his face, "But you can't leave yet."

"K, I'll stay for a while," I replied. "But maybe you should go brush your teeth and stuff now so you won't fall asleep without doing it."

"K" was all he said as he pushed himself out of bed and began shuffling towards his bathroom to go take care of business.

I was hoping it would stay that easy for me to direct him in life's daily routines. It should, I've often seen Mom, no matter which boy it was, have to beg, plead and threaten with them to get the tasks accomplished. When all it takes for me is a soft whisper and a please to get the same job done.

As I waited for him I looked around his room. There wasn't a lot on the walls, in fact they were pretty bare. Except for a pin board near his desk, with a few drawings and photos pinned to it, there wasn't much that said `this is Steven's domain'. The room was in definite need of some eye candy. We'll have to work on that. My boy needs to be surrounded by food for the imagination.

He came out of the bath a bit less sluggish as he ran across the room towards me and jumped into my arms. He gave me a great big kiss on right on my lips before he pulled away and said, "Today was the best day ever. Thanks!"

He tasted like peppermint.

While I kind of doubted I was his best day ever, the words most certainly made me feel good. On second thought, I'll never forget the day I had my first orgasm.

He jumped down and pulled me to his bed as he said, "Will you lay with me for a while?"

"Um, sure" I said hesitantly as I looked towards the door.

He picked up on my concern. "You are such a wuss, she's not going to care. It's no big deal!"

"Steven" I replied, "To some people, a MAN lying on the bed with a nearly naked boy, is the biggest of deals."

He cut me off flatly. "Not here! Jeeze, I was just lying on top of you in the living room totally naked right in front of her. And I had a boner too!"

I just chuckled at his choice of words before I said, "Um, yeah."

He just giggled as he pushed me onto his bed.

Good thing it was a queen size. Bama wasn't budging.

I caved again. "OK, but tomorrow I want to take you for a long walk down the beach so we can talk about things."

"K, but what things?" he asked as he climbed up into his spot next to Bama and patted the bed next to him.

"About you and me and also about what we did in the bathroom. A lot happened today and I want to make sure everything is going to be OK with us." I said as I lay down next to him.

He was lying on his side facing Bama as he reached around and pulled me into him so we were spooning. He then pushed himself back into me making sure we were as close as possible. I wrapped my arm around his chest as I melted into him.


"That was awesome!" he moaned as he pushed his sparsely covered butt into my crotch.

I was hard as a rock and was praying he couldn't feel it.

I buried my nose into his golden mane and inhaled his natural boy perfume. I whispered in his ear, "Yes it was, and so are you."

He turned his face to mine and kissed me on the lips as he pushed his butt into me again.

He lightly probed my lips with his tongue as he continued to grind back into me. I allowed him to find mine for the briefest of moments as I ran my hand up and down his chest and stomach feeling all the contours of his muscles.

I pulled away with a sigh as I looked into his eyes. I was searching for the right words but he found his tongue first.

"It feels really big," he said as he pressed back into me again. He didn't seem concerned by my apparent excitement. In fact, he just wore a look of curiosity and dreaminess.

I sighed again. "Steven..."

He cut me off as he rolled onto his back and said, "It's OK I've got one too." His eyes indicated where I should look.

I glanced down his body and sure enough, he was as hard as I was. And it was poking out of the fly of his boxers and twitching with every beat of his heart.

He giggled before he became serious again. "Can I see yours?" he asked me shyly.

Oh shit. This is getting way out of hand. I just reached down towards his stiffy and adjusted his boxers so his boyhood was hidden back inside.

"Not tonight sweetie. We really need to talk before we do any more. And you are going to give me a heart attack if you don't stop being such a tease."

He started to balk so I put my lips to his to keep him from saying any more.

We kissed for a full minute before I pulled away and gazed into his eyes with my most pleading look. "Please wait until we talk tomorrow, please?"

He just lay there looking up at me for a moment before he grabbed my pinky in his and said, "K, but you promised."

"That doesn't count, you grabbed my pinky," I said. Somehow I knew though that he was not going to accept that as the last word.

He just lay there with a knowing grin on his face.

I changed the subject. "You want to play a video game?"

He yawned then said, "No, I'm kind of tired. Will you just lay here with me `til I fall asleep."

"Sure my prince. But you should get under the covers first."

"K" he said as he wiggled around until his cute little body made its way under his blankets.

He leaned up and gave me another kiss then said, "Good night and thanks for everything."

"Good night to you my love."

I lay there admiring his cuteness for about 5-minutes before the pace of his breathing gave way to the rhythm of dreams.

I quietly got up and walked over to his desk so I could write him a note and leave him my phone number.

When I finished, I quietly called to Bama to come with me. At first she just lifted her head and looked at me as if to say, `What, we're not staying here?'

I snapped my fingers and she came to my side. As we left the room I took one more look at my sleeping prince before I turned out the light and gently shut the door.

God I hope he his safe out here.

We went into the house and I chatted with his mother for a little while. I asked her permission to take him out tomorrow and go for a walk on the beach and then go to the skate shop and get him a board. I want to surprise him though, so please don't say anything about the skateboard mission, I added.

She enthusiastically agreed.

I gave her my number as well and told her to tell him he could call me as early as he felt like it.

She thanked me profusely again and told me what a wonderful day it had turned out to be because of me. And that she just knew that good things were in store for her son, for all of us.


I turned the tables on her as I told her that she'd made my year allowing me into Steven's life. You have both made me the happiest man alive. And I have a pretty happy doggie as well.

We both finally agreed that we were all lucky and we had a lot to look forward too.

I said goodnight and walked out the front door feeling better than I had since...

I was on cloud nine as I headed across the street and into the park. Yes, with the power of boy love within me, I could achieve anything.

I lit a cigarette, my first since before I'd met my boy, and strolled along with Bama at my side as I replayed the events of the day in my mind.

Click-clack, click-clack. The sound of a skateboard approaching caused me to peer into the darkness ahead to see who was out and about at this hour.

Jason appeared out of the mist as he rode up to me and skidded to a stop. "What's up dude?"

"Nothing" I said, "Just headed home. Why are you out so late?"

"Bored. Just cruising around looking for something to do," he answered.

Yeah, looking for trouble is more like it, I didn't say.

"What about your Dad? Does he know you're out this late?" I asked.

"Naw, he's at work. Then he's gonna go over to his girlfriends house for the weekend."

"And what about your brother, he's watching you isn't he?"

"No. He's watching his girlfriend from above right now," he said with a giggle. He then started imitating the sound of a bed frame squeaking while adding the sounds of panting and moaning.

Man, all the kids are sexually charged tonight aren't they? As was I. With all today's events, I needed to go home and relieve myself.

"Hey" Jason said, "Can I come over to your house for the night?"


"I don't know dude. I could get into a lot of trouble for that."

"No ones going to know" he responded immediately.


"Plus, I've only got one bed" I said next. That should change his mind I thought.


"I don't care if you don't. It could be fun," he said with a mischievous grin on his face.


"What kind of fun?" I asked skeptically.

He giggled and raised his eyebrows. "Any kind you want," he said as he hopped back on his board and called to Bama as he skated away towards my house.

This has been one hell of a day. And it doesn't appear to be over just yet.

My mind raced through the events of the day and searched for clues as to what might happen next as I followed the boy whom had filled my fantasies for the past few months into the darkness.

This is my first attempt at story writing. While I put a lot of words on the page, far more than I intended to when I began, I'm not sure if it will be of interest to anybody but me. I am fairly happy with the end result, though I am not the one I was necessarily trying to please. Too bad that I don't have anyone in my real life I can share this type of story with.

What do you think? I would really love to hear some feedback, of any kind. Obviously positive comments would be good to hear. But I want to hear the negative comments as well. I have it stuck in my head that I want to write a book, though it will be of an entirely different subject matter. Do you think I have what it takes to become a writer of fiction? I know I have a lot to learn, so I started, at least that was the plan, with a simple story that I came from the heart.

Does it make sense? Did it give you a fuzzy feeling inside? Did you connect with the characters? How is my grammar and punctuation? Did I get overly detailed? Is there not enough detail? Is it too damn long?

Too bad I can't have an editor help me polish and refine my writing. So I am counting on you to help me. Please, if you can spare the time, let me hear something, anything.

Do you want more? Jason's story has been started, but like this one, I don't really know how much (work and words) it will take to complete.

Thanks for reading.



Oh yeah. I left out as many irrelevant names as I could. Mine included. It made it a bit of a challenge to write the dialog, but I think I worked it out, mostly. I didn't describe myself either. I've always found it a distraction from the fantasy when reading such details. Personally, I don't want to know your name or how big you are. I want to know about the hero and maybe imagine it was me there with him.

I also left out other details of things I alluded to. I thought it might be a better story if some things reveal themselves as (if) it continues.

Did it work?