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Blah, blah, blah... This story is for the 18 and over crowd. Blah, blah, blah... Don't read it if you are not allowed to. Blah, blah, blah... It's a story about a man and a boy (or boys). Blah, blah, blah... There might be sex involved, described in great detail. Or maybe not. Blah, blah, blah... It never really happened. Blah, blah, blah... Can you say fiction? Blah, blah, blah... I used my imagination. Blah, blah, blah... I don't like you!

This is still a boy love story. However... Uhm... Just F'n read it and see. If you are looking for quick relief, this IS the story for you.

I don't believe in copyrights (or patents), at least in the current form of intellectual law. So do with this what you will. Honesty is nice though.

Chasing Squirrels: Sweet Dreams (003) [M/b]

By me(X).

Steven floated into my bedroom wearing nothing but cute little boxers that had skateboard deck designs sprinkled all over the satiny dark red cloth. They fit so tightly on his luscious little body that I could see the dimples of his butt cheeks silhouetted as the motion of his legs caused the sinewy muscles to flex then relax with each hurried step he took.

As I lay in bed trying to shake loose the night's cobwebs, the petite apparition seemingly hovered above the carpeted floor as he made his way to my side. He held his arms snugly across his sculpted chest as he shivered slightly from the cool morning air that filled the room. His tiny nipples were hard and pointed outwards like miniature versions of a Hershey's Kiss. Melt in your mouth yummy-luscious!

He came to my side of the bed and stood there anxiously while giving me his most pleading expression. As he looked down at me awaiting my response, the impatient imp was doing push-ups with the tips of his toes. Up, down, up, down... his body rose and fell with each curl of his adorable little feet.

He desperately wanted to join me under the covers and I wasn't going to deny my young prince the warmth, comfort and endless love that my bed would provide him. I pulled the covers aside and without a word he fell in on top of me. No matter that I was completely naked, he snuggled into me as if he were attempting to extract every bit of the warmth my lust-filled body held within.

My morning erection, already at attention before he lay on me, began to quickly turn raging as I felt the tenderness of my youngest boy's satiny skin crushing down on it. I let my hands gently explore anywhere and everywhere as they sought an intimate familiarity with each curve and bump of the boy's still squirming body.

The feathery caress of his flaxen mane was as if a million points of light were dancing across the flesh of my fingers when they found their way into his soft golden locks. The static electricity each silky-smooth strand held discharged upon contact where it conveyed the boy's prepubescent energy into the very core of my soul.

As I let my hands glide downward, each fingertip tracing the nubs of his petite spine, he scooted up further onto me until his sweet little face was pressed tightly into the crook of my neck. Waves of euphoria flowed through me as I buried my nose into his silky tresses inhaling the aphrodisiacal scent called Morning Boy.

When my hands reached the band of his boxers that hugged his slender waist, they dove right under the blockade and soon found their way to the bubbly little cheeks they'd targeted. As each of my hands took hold of a pliable mound, he pressed his lips into my neck and began to sensually kiss and lick my sensitive skin. I could feel his teeth gently nibbling at the flesh of my throat in between licks, sucks and slurps as he attacked me with the mad passion of unbridled youth.

My hands slipped to each side of his body and began to stroke the firm muscles of his thighs. Alas, I was trapped and barely able to move within the confines his skintight underwear. I had a remedy for that dilemma though. I slid my hands back out until just my thumbs were hooked in the band. He automatically lifted his hips as I started to push the boxers that covered his boyish secrets downward until I could reach no further.

He didn't wait for me to finish removing them entirely. As soon as they cleared his cheeks he lowered himself onto me once again and began grinding his ridged little rocket into mine with all the force he could manage. I heard faint purrs spew from his mouth as he lifted and pushed relentlessly. It was as if he was seeking to relieve an incessant itch he had between his coltish legs and I was to be his scratching post. I could feel his steely cocklet force its way through the curls of my hair each time it slipped off of mine as if it were a tiger stalking its prey in the thick of the jungle.

The tip of my now leaking cock impaled his taut belly each time he ground into me. With each thrust he made, I could feel my throbbing head catch his tiny button as if it were my own scratching post. My juice was now flowing out in a seemingly unstoppable torrent. He was no longer raising his body up off of mine; rather he was effortlessly gliding back and forth on a rising lake of natural lubrication spreading out between our grinding bodies.

My hands made their return ascent up his lithe thighs until they hit the rapid rise of his solid little butt cheeks. I began to caress them with the electrically charged tips of my fingers causing goose bumps to rise in the wake of my exploration. I continued the journey up his muscled little backside until I faintly heard him pleading in my ear, "Huh, uh. Rub me down there."

I gladly granted my young prince his wish. I took a cheek in each hand and spread them as far as they would go while I kneaded, pressed and pulled the firm muscles in an effort to satisfy my young master. Apparently that wasn't "down there" enough for my horny angel. He groaned out "Inside!" as he pushed his butt upwards to make it clear where he wanted me to explore next.

As soon as my fingers began burrowing their way into his hot crevice his little legs tried valiantly to spread apart so that I would have unrestricted access to his most sacred place. Much to his aggravation, the boxers still entwined around his knees kept him from accomplishing his goal. With frustration (and apparent agony) in his squeaky voice he ordered me to "Take them all the way off". He growled in my ear before he bit my lobe as if to hasten me to obey his orders without question.

I threw the covers off of us as I brought a foot up and hooked a toe in the restraints that bound his legs together. As soon as they cleared his knees he was spreading his legs as if he were a swimming frog entered in a sprint race. I pulled the miniature boxers downward and off his feet where they became stuck in between my toes for the duration.

He immediately returned to grinding his now pre-cum coated boy cock into mine with such speed and ferocity that if not for the oil coating both of us, we would surely have burst into flames from the friction. Apparently my lustful imp wanted more pressure. He lifted his hips and reached a hand in between us where he took hold of my member and his whilst squeezing them together as tightly as his little hands could manage. He barely had his four tiny fingers halfway around my cock while his thumb was hooked around his as he fervently clamped down in his effort to unite man and boy as one.

We were both sweating heavily from the friction caused by our bodies grinding incessantly into one another. One of my hands held the small of his back in an effort to assist him with his urgent need to be pressed as tightly into me as he possibly could be. The other slid easily through his now slippery crack until it came out the other end and went lower in search of his tiny balls. I found them straddling my weeping giant as if they were saddle bags laid out across the rear fender of a chopper that was thundering down some long forgotten highway.

I gave gentle prods to his miniature orbs with just the tip of my index and middle fingers. I alternated between each with the slightest of pressure before I allowed my thumb to join the action. I drew both of his balls into my clutches and gave a gentle pull causing him to hum with approval.

I soon released him from my love hold and returned my hand back into the dark center of his universe. I allowed a lone finger to search out the magic hole hidden deep within his ever-moistening fissure. I teased him as I slid my probe over the secret entrance with ever increasing pressure. On the third pass his sphincter muscles relaxed unexpectedly nearly allowing my finger to plunge into the depths of his sweltering cavern. I felt myself enter up to the first knuckle before I quickly pulled back out in fear of hurting the devilish creature that was attacking me from above.

He was having none of that though. "Do it again!" he moaned as he slid himself further up onto me.

Either he wanted to stick his tongue into my mouth now (which he did) or he wanted my hands to have full access to his hidden chamber (that too). His golden veil fell to either side of my face as if he wanted to conceal our passion from the outside world.

I reached a hand between our sweaty semen covered stomachs and coated it with my leakage. As soon as it was dripping with my slippery juices I returned to his netherworld and greased him up, getting him ready for invasion.

My fuck finger swirled around his entrance in ever-smaller circles as if caught in an inescapable vortex. In an effort to relax the tight ring that held sentry to his magic kingdom, I gradually massaged my way inward until I felt the wrinkly folds of his anus. I pressed then released repeatedly until I felt his hole dilate as if inviting me inside to play a secret game.

As I gently increased the pressure I whispered softly "Push out" to my young lover.

The imp must have misunderstood my request. He quickly thrust his hips backwards and rammed my stiff finger straight up his ass. A good two inches of my probe slid in with little resistance before I stopped it just as his ring encircled the second knuckle.

"Oooh!" he mewed before he bit my lower lip and held it clenched in his razor sharp teeth. I could taste my own blood as I hastily began my retreat out of the darkness.

Again, he wasn't to be denied. He released his cannibalistic hold on me and demanded that I put it back in... "All the way back in."

His face, just inches from my own, glared down at me as if daring me to deny him his rightful pleasure. Without question, I once again followed my young master's orders. It was as if I were giving a junkie his much needed fix as I reversed direction and began to sink my slick probe back into his chamber. His eyes rolled backwards into his skull and closed as he softly bit into his own lower lip. I could see the whites of his upper teeth shine brightly as his expression changed from one of slight discomfort to absolute ecstasy.

Just as my finger completed its first full stroke into his satiny chute he snuck his arms under mine before they emerged and hooked around my shoulders. He now had the leverage he needed to pump his sweaty body into me with the force of a jackhammer. Our tongues began to dance once again as he purred and moaned into my mouth with his unwavering preteen boy lust driving his passionate attack on me.

With ever increasing speed I began to fuck the young boy's tight ass with my longest digit. I slowly pulled it all the way out before I stabbed it back into him as deeply as it would go. I started rabbiting him hard and fast as the prepubescent puppy ground his ridged cocklet into mine with the speed of a bullet train. The child was in such a state of bliss that his spit flowed freely out of his open mouth and covered my face in his slick goo.

Roughly every 5th time I penetrated him I would tenderly wiggle my finger in his stretched out raceway in search of his prostrate. When I found the tiny little bump deep in his bowels I lightly tapped at it in hope of giving my boy the ultimate pleasure he was desperately seeking. It worked. He squealed with delight before he began moaning "YES!" repeatedly in my ear.

I was no longer fucking his tight ass; rather I kept my prod buried to the hilt as I twirled his tiny nub around in circles. I curled my finger tightly as I pressed his magic button so hard I was fearful it might burst. Luckily it didn't. But my actions did send him over the edge. He screamed into my ear as he thrust his boyhood into me harder still as if he were trying to extricate his non-existent seed from his ill-equipped boy balls. His body shook uncontrollably as he gripped me tightly with his legs and arms in an effort to keep himself from flying right off of me as the orgasm he was seeking violently tore through his young body.

Ever so slowly the gasping boy came down from his wild ride. Once his orgasmic throws fully subsided, he sunk into me as every muscle in his lithe body relaxed and released the tension that had been held within. I let my free hand slowly rise up his sweaty back and gently caress him as I slowly began to remove my invader from his inner-space.

"No! Leave it inside," he nearly shouted while he slid himself lower as if giving chase to an escaping prisoner. He succeeded in recapturing his new toy and sighed in obvious relief that I hadn't managed to remove his source of immense pleasure.

He laid his head onto my chest and immediately began sucking and nibbling on the nipple nearest his incredibly hot mouth. One hand slipped down my side, caressing and stroking as it made its way to my hip. The other found its way to my unoccupied teat. He gently pinched it between the tips of his fingers until it was as hard as it ever would be. I barely heard "I love you" spill from his lips as he continued his sensual ministrations of my still horny body.

Abruptly he commanded me to remove my finger as he put both hands on my chest and pushed his body up and away until he was resting only on the knees. He was looking down at me with a wanting smile and a gleam in his eyes that seemed to say, "I'm not finished with you yet".

One of his tiny paws made its way from my chest downward until it was swimming in the pool of sweat and pre-cum that had gathered on my abdomen. At the same time he started rocking his hips to and fro until my raging cock found its way into his steamy slit. Sadly, he only offered me a few strokes from his tight little crack before he slid backwards further and rested his hard little ass on my now quivering legs.

He reached down with his now soaking wet hand and began to gently stroke my still leaking hard-on. The entire time he had his eyes locked onto mine as if he were trying to enchant me with some magic spell. He seemed satisfied with his actions as soon as my already slick cock was dripping with my natural lubricant.

He slid his body forward again as I lowered my gaze and watched his still rock hard cocklet dance and sway as if it were taunting me. I felt his balls fall off the tip of my heat-seeking missile just before it glided through the steamy depths of his crack leaving a slick trail in its wake. I was hoping he was going to continue moving upwards until he plunged his steely 3" rod into my awaiting mouth.


He halted the forward motion as my knob came to rest at the entrance to no-mans-land. With a quick shake of his head, the long blond trusses that stuck to his sweaty forehead flew to either side of his face and stayed put. I looked deeply into his lust-filled eyes trying to glean from them any hint as to what my young lover had planned for us next. With his mischievous look and eyes that were burning with desire he reached a hand around back, took hold of my straining member and pointed it right at his entrance. His fiery eyes closed as he tilted his head back and began to lower himself onto me.

When I realized his intentions I shouted "No!" as I tried to pull myself away from his fiery hole.

My young master opened his eyes for only a brief moment before he shut them tightly again and continued in his effort to impale himself with my manhood. His dark look during that fleeting moment was all it took to cause my words to cut out as if he'd pulled the plug connected to my voice box. He was going to have his way with me and I had absolutely no say in the matter.

He guided my raging cock into his crack until it came in contact with his ultra tight ring. I involuntarily shuddered and thrust my hips upwards stabbing myself a full inch into his love chute before I regained control of my natural impulses.


The boy nearly leapt off of me as he yelped out in pain caused by the impulsive intruder pounding on his back door. As he opened his eyes once again sparks flew out in every direction. A fire was raging behind the colorless orbs that would rival the molten depths of mother earth herself.

I held his fiery glare for only a brief moment before I lowered my eyes back down to his now soft boy cock. I reached out and took it into my still sticky hand and began to stroke it gently in an attempt to appease my angry young god.

That seemed to sooth his fury immediately. He once again began to lower himself onto my wild pony as if he meant to tame to savage beast and make it his own. I stole a glance upwards as I felt my head begin to penetrate the door to his fortress for the second time.

168 X 142 X 190 X 122 = ______. He was searching desperately for the answer in an effort to take his mind off of the baseball bat that had begun to enter him from behind. His expression also held the look of a hungry wolf... one that hadn't had a bite to eat in far too long. It seemed my young carnivore planned to eat me alive.

The boy lifted himself ever so slightly before he dropped down and impaled himself onto my screaming eagle. He cried out in pain when my head popped through his tight barrier and become enveloped by his searing velvet-lined shaft. His ring immediate clamped around the rim of my head as if it were the hangman's noose being fitted around the neck of the soon to be dearly departed.

His hand that lay on my chest clenched tightly and I felt his claws tear at my skin. I was surely bleeding on my chest as I still was from the lip he had ravaged earlier. Apparently we were to share the pain as well as the soon to follow pleasure caused by our union. I would wear the battle scars my brave little warrior carved into my flesh with pride.

He pressed downward once again and I felt myself slide even further into him. Tears filled his eyes as he shoved another 2 inches of my cock right up his unbelievably tight asshole. A lone drop broke free and trickled down his nose until it reached the small rise at the tip. It clung there for the briefest of moments as if challenging gravity's unrelenting power before succumbing to its fate and freefalling into the abyss. In bullet-time, my eyes followed the falling star as it crash landed on my chest and exploded on impact.

He saw the look of concern spread across my face as he looked down at me with his undeniable resolve. Yet another quick shake of his head and the boy's veil fell into place taking him back to his private domain. Apparently I wasn't permitted to see the extent of pain my young prince was willing to endure for me.

OMG! The fire that had been raging in his eyes just moments ago must have spread to his bowels. The intensity of the searing heat within him was teetering on the edge of nuclear fusion. The thick film of lube that coated my deep core drill was the only barrier saving me from spontaneously combusting.

He lifted himself up ever so slightly and I felt my cock begin a retreat until it nearly escaped from the confines of his torture chamber. I moaned deafeningly, as did he, when he suddenly reversed course and drove even more of me into him.

The hand that was keeping my rocket ship on the right trajectory was no longer required to keep me within the boundaries of his black hole. Both talons were now clasped to my chest as he began a steady rhythm of in & out, up & down, slip & slide. With each cycle, my piston bore ever deeper into my young gods seemingly bottomless pit of love.

The juices on my hand had melted into his now ridged cocklet so I pressed it down into the pre-cum soaked flesh of my belly and began to slide it back and forth. The hairs on my treasure trail tickled his tiny head with each pass I made causing visible shockwaves to radiate from his core outward.

I barely heard another "Yes" in between the purrs, groans and moans that were now continually flowing out of his wide-open mouth. He gave one more push and my sword hit home and locked into its sheath. I'd left behind the perilous world of mankind and entered Xanadu, completely.

Pleasure of this extent was not meant for earthbound men such as I. It was as if he were Prometheus giving fire to the mere mortal he had trapped beneath him. The boy was giving me a gift that would forever change my dark and lonely world. He freely suffered for me in order that I may know the power of Zeus himself.

The current emanating from my young lovers core sent tremors shooting down my shaft and throughout my body. Lightning bolts exploded out of my fingertips and into my precious imps pulsating boy cock. 500,000 volts of electricity transferred back into my boy as it completed the loop in the circuit our union had created.

The raw power I conveyed into his spasming penis was only outdone by the power of his unearthly screams as he experienced his second orgasm of our secret congregation. Every muscle in the boys' body contracted and convulsed as if he were undergoing electro-shock therapy. Including the muscles that were wrapped tightly around my rampant cock.

"Cum inside me!" he whimpered as he took hold of my nipples and pinched them violently as the still orgasming boy continued his efforts to fuck the life force right out of me. The boy had found my trigger and he pulled it with all his might so I might experience the same pleasures that were still raging within him.

Upon his command my balls contracted tightly and began shooting my seed in a seemingly endless volley of torrid blasts. The eruptions that occurred within him had such incredible force that I was half expecting him to launch off of me and soar up into the ceiling above. Perhaps the grip he had on my nipples was the only thing that saved the boy from becoming a cum powered human missile.

I did however send the child into an orbit of a different kind. He must have felt the blazing bullets that I was shooting deep inside of him. It seemed the power of my delivery extended the little imp's orgasm into round 3 and there was no sign that his seemingly unstoppable climax was nearing an end. His head appeared to be spinning in circles as if he were possessed by a demon while he arched his back and howled like a wolf calling out to the moon. His claws were once again tearing at my flesh as if my young satyr was leaving his mark on my soul so that all would know that I belonged to him.

For another minute we continued our collective orgasm. I was now pumping myself into him without regard to how much power I was putting into my unrestrained thrusts. He had taken my life force from me. And I was going take his in exchange.

As all things do, our orgasmic fury began to fade. As his body slowed its up and down rhythm so did his cries of desire. The screams faded to groans, then moans until he collapsed onto me panting heavily as soft mews slid from his mouth and tumbled onto my dripping wet chest.

He came to rest with my still hard cock buried deep in his ass as I placed both my hands on his back and held him tightly. My bush was pressed tightly into his now dripping cheeks as if to capture the spillage that was now leaking out of his depths.

With what seemed to be the very last of my prince's strength he lifted his head up off my chest and gazed adoringly at me. I glided my hands up and parted the veil that hid his childish face from my view. Concealed behind I found the young boy wearing a look of surreal dreaminess and utmost satisfaction. The color had returned to his piercing blue eyes and were broadcasting just one message directly into mine: What we had just done had been meant to happen since the beginning of time. It was our predetermined destiny and guilt was not allowed to become a part of the everlasting memory.

He could only hold his head up long enough to whisper, "I get to keep you!" as I felt him squeeze the muscles encasing my now softening manhood. He then collapsed into me and seemingly fainted as if the incredible exertions his young little body had just carried out had drained every last drop of his energy.

I tilted my head down and kissed the top of my young prince's crown. As I let my nose drift deep within the folds of the boy's golden locks I heard a faint ringing begin as if calling to me from some far off, unknown land. It seemed to be growing increasingly louder as I felt my little cherub's soul melt into my own as if our physical union had entwined our physiological essence for all time to come.

By me(X).

A third attempt. Wow! Writing erotica is hard (pun intended).

This one was just kind of spur of the moment. I had the opportunity to insert this chapter between the regular (PG13) chapters of the story so I went with it.

To those who responded with great enthusiasm at my soft approach in chapters 1 & 2... I promise that will return in the next couple of chapters.

To those of you who wanted an XXX rated twist... How'd I do?

I seem to be running out of adjectives in my thesaurus. At least sex related ones. Anyone have any suggestions for a seedier book of words?

Thanks for all many positive comments and useful suggestions. Sorry if I didn't get back to you. There were far too many responses and I had to make the choice between becoming a pen pal or continuing with the tale.

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