Christmas Boy: by Kewl Dad

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead unless otherwise indicated is a coincidence. The usual disclaimers apply but we all know why you're here so read on and enjoy. This story is the property of the author Kewl Dad and should not be reproduced or reposted without his permission.

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Christmas Boy
By Kewl Dad

Christmas always makes me nostalgic and this year especially so. See I just turned 60 and though I'm healthy and expect to live for at least 20 more years I find myself looking back more and more and thinking about the things of the past. This evening as I stared out the window at the falling snow my mind traveled back to that night so long ago when I met the Christmas Boy.

The year was 1975 and I was 21 years old and full of life. I had shoulder length hair, a porn star mustache, and a 34 inch waist and was considered handsome by most, including myself.

It was snowing the night too and I had just gotten off work. It was Wednesday, Christmas eve and I had the next day off of course. We had closed early at the Kmart where I worked and I was on my way to The Doors, a gay bar that I frequented back then.

On a night like this, and it being Christmas Eve I really didn't expect too many guys to be out but I was lonely, a hundred miles away from my family, and not looking forward to spending Christmas alone, so I decided to take the chance. I thank my lucky stars that I did.

In those days even though homosexuality wasn't as highly accepted as it is today the cops didn't hassle us much and a lot of younger guys hung around in the bars, something you definitely won't find today. I had been with guys as young as 14 or 15 who hung out in or around the bars but today that sort of thing is unheard of.

The snow was steady but not especially heavy and the wipers had no trouble keeping up and the heater was blowing warm and after awhile I began to feel drowsy. Maybe that's why I didn't see the kid until I was almost upon him. When I finally did notice him I slammed on the brakes and thankfully did not run him down. Instead I slid to the right and he slid to the left and I wound up in the gutter.

Placing the car in park I threw the door open and jumped out expecting to find the kid beneath my wheels but instead he was waiting for me beside the car.

"Oh, man I am so sorry. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I think so," the kid said sounding distracted, "I'm okay...yeah, sure."

"What are you doing out here this late at night in the snow anyway?"

"Huh? Uh, it's not your business," he said rudely.

"Whoa, I didn't mean to pry, but it's snowing like crazy and cold as a well digger's ass out here and you don't even have a coat. Aren't you cold?"

"Huh, oh..." he said shivering as if noticing the cold only after I mentioned it.

"Are you sure you're okay, why don't you sit in my car for a minute and warm up?"

Now today if you ask a kid to get into your car you better expect him to take off running shouting "Stranger Danger!" but like I said those were simpler times and kids trusted most adults. He climbed into my Monte Carlo and I cranked up the heat and we just sat there as I looked him over.

He couldn't have been more than 10 or 12 I figured and he looked and smelled like he hadn't had a bath in a while. His clothes were sort of ragged looking and his shoes were a total loss and wet from the snow and they smelled too. 

He was cute but he'd of been cuter with a smile on his face, but it looked as if he hadn't had one of those in a while either. At first I thought maybe he had been hit after all and he was a little scattered from that, but suddenly he looked up at me with tears streaming down his cheeks and opened up.

"I...I ran away....from that place....I...caaaan't go back there," he blubbered.

"That place?" I asked with true concern. Was he talking about his home, his parents or some other place?

"The orphanage, they starve you and beat you there and I.....they, I mean even worse stuff....."

"Like what?" I asked wondering if he meant sexual abuse. I had heard of stuff like that going on and there had even been an investigation of one of the homes recently.

"They...make you do stuff...I don't wanna talk....a....bout it," he wailed.

He collapsed into himself and I reached over and pulled him across the seat and into my arms. I held him there in my warm embrace as he cried himself out and warmed up and presently he looked up at me and gave me a sad smile.

"Are you...uh, an angel?" he asked sincerely.

I almost laughed, I was far from being angelic, but I did have a good heart and a soft spot for boys in trouble.

"Naw...just a regular guy. Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you come home with me for now and we can get you cleaned up and have some dinner's Christmas Eve, why don't you spend Christmas with me?"

"Really? You mean it?" he said smiling wider now. 

He was cuter than I had first thought now that he wasn't so consumed with his sadness and I pulled him a bit closer and kissed his dirty hair, "Sure, why not. You can't stay out here and I have no one but me to worry about so...sure, come on home with me for now. We'll figure out the rest later."

I wasn't even worried about getting in trouble at this point. I figured the children's home wouldn't be in too big a hurry to look for a kid they were abusing and back then there weren't things like Amber Alerts or the Adam Walsh bullshit.

Fortunately the car was okay and though it took a little maneuvering I got us out of the gutter and back on the street pretty quick. It was only a short drive to my place and as I pulled up I realized I didn't even know this kid's name yet. 

"I'm Rob," I said offering my hand.

He took it in his soft warm hand and shook it firmly, "I'm Trey, I'm 12 in case you want to know that."

"Well, Trey glad to meet you and I'm 21 in case you want to know that," I said grinning.

He managed a lop-sided grin and opened his door and followed me up to my apartment. His eyes lit up when he saw my tree and Christmas decorations and I smiled. I had done it all or me but it was nice to share it with someone else, especially a child.

"Are you hungry?" I asked knowing full well he was. Boys were always hungry and runaways especially.

"A...a little," he said meekly.

"Well, I'm starved. I would order pizza but I bet the wait is horrible because of the weather so I'll cook. Do you like hamburgers?"

What kid doesn't like burgers and fries? "Yeah, thanks," he said as his mouth practically watered at the thought of it.

"While I'm cooking why don't you go take a nice hot bath? I'll run the tub for you and grab you some towels. Only problem is what to give you to wear while we wash your clothes," I muttered the last part more to myself, but he answered anyway.

"I have a clean pair of underwear in my pocket," he said pulling out a worn faded pair of FOL's from his back pocket. 

I applauded his planning but wondered why he hadn't brought more clothes. "Excellent, come on I'll help you get started then fix the burgers while you bathe."

I ran bathwater and tested the temp and when I turned around I got the shock of my life as I came face to...well...crotch with Trey. He had stripped off his clothes and stood naked looking at me almost expectantly. It was as if he was asking for my acceptance or approval.

Being gay (and liking younger dudes) I couldn't resist checking him out and for a kid his age he was quite a sight. He had obviously only recently reached puberty and had only a sprinkling of hair just above a lovely uncut cock that looked big on a kid his age but otherwise he was smooth as a baby. He had a nice sized pair of marbles in a smooth velvety looking bag and at the moment they were pulled tightly against his body as if hiding. 

He was slender but not skinny and looked healthy despite his claims of being starved, but I could certainly understand why anyone would want to molest him if they were bent that way, because he was a perfect example of boyhood. 

"Uh, hop in," I managed to say and he moved past me and put a foot in the water to test the temp giving me a view of the prettiest little boy butt I had ever seen. Furthermore there were no scars or whelps on the kid so if they did beat him, they were smart enough not to leave marks.

Satisfied that the water wasn't too hot he slipped into the tub and sighed as the warm water rushed over his body. I smiled at his perfect smooth body and realized I was sporting wood. Blushing I tried to hide it but only brought attention to it as his eyes zeroed in on my crotch. I saw a sly smile appear on his lips and I wondered if he was as innocent and abused as he let on.

"Take your time buddy, I'm gonna go fix the burgers and fries and I'll holler at you when they're ready."

"Okay, thanks," he said as he began to soap up his body.

"Oh, and wash your hair too," I said as I paused at the door. There's a bowl there to rinse with."

I left then and busied myself with peeling the potatoes and slicing them as the grease heated up in the fryer. When I had the first batch in the fryer I made the hamburgers and put them on to cook slowly trying to time everything to come out at the same time so it would still be hot.

I had the fries cooked and the burgers were ready to take up when Trey came in still toweling his long brown hair dressed in the tightest skimpiest pair of briefs I had ever seen on a male. They must've been at least two sizes too small for the kid and I wondered how he had even managed to get them on over his damp skin but he had somehow, making him the sexiest, hottest little boy I had ever seen.

"I guess I grabbed Sammy's underwear instead of mine," he said timidly, "he's like 8 or something and we shared a drawer at the home."

"Well, I'll wash your other ones and your clothes and you can change later but maybe those will be okay till then. I hope you're hungry I fixed enough for four."

"Yummm...smells really good," he said smiling and melting my heart. 

"Sit down and I'll fix you a plate. I didn't know what you liked on your burger so I fixed a plate of veggies and you can decorate it how you like. There's mayo and ketchup and mustard on the table. Do you like Mt. Dew? That's the only kind of soda I have. It's like my one obsession," I said laughing.

"I love it, thanks."

I placed a plate before him with two burgers on grilled buns and a pile of hand cut fries and he stared at it as if he couldn't believe it, "Is this all for me? What are you gonna eat?"

"This," I said sitting down my own plate which was equally full. I was a big eater back then but never gained an ounce. I guess I fucked all the calories

"Oh, cool," he said relaxing, "Thanks, this is really good," he said as he dug in. 

I couldn't help but notice that he ate his burger plain with just a little ketchup and I commented on it.

"I like em naked," he giggled, "That's what Sammy calls it. He's a cool kid," he said fondly.

"He your buddy?"

"Yeah, and I hated to leave him, but they don't do too much to him yet. He's too young."

I frowned, "Later we'll sit down and talk about this, okay?"

He nodded, "Okay, but you won't like it," he said giving me a bold look.

I lowered my eyes to my plate and said, "Maybe not, but I need to know anyway."

We ate slowly talking only occasionally and skirting the circumstances of his being there nicely. I wasn't ready to deal with too much at the moment but I was already committed to seeing this through.

I cleaned up the mess and left Trey in front of the TV while I went down to wash his clothes and a few of my own as well. I waited till the were in the dryer and when I came back he was stretched out on the couch snoring softly. 

He was so cute sleeping there and my heart sort of skipped a beat as I gazed down upon his angelic face. His chest rose and fell attracting my attention to his dime sized nipples with their little brown areolas and then my eyes traveled down to his flat smooth tummy and his cute belly button. 

Lower my eyes sunk until I was staring at his little package outlined against the tight briefs and he looked semi erect. I sucked in a breath and knelt beside the couch and kissed his face gently so as not to wake him. He smiled and sighed I was emboldened by his reaction. Moving down a bit I kissed his soft flat tummy and he trembled beneath my lips. I was afraid he would awaken, but he merely sighed again and seemed to relax even further.

Turning my head I came face to face with a lump in his underwear that hadn't been there a moment ago. I smiled as I realized that my attention had brought his cute little boy dick to a full erection. Larger than I had imagined it must've been five inches at least and rather fat for a boy his age. 

I'm not much for resisting temptation so it didn't take much for me to move a little lower and before I knew it I was planting a little kiss on that cotton clad boner before me. He squirmed a little at my touch but didn't wake and I nuzzled it again, this time actually putting my hot wet mouth over the head of it wetting his undies. This time he moaned lowly and thrust up a bit and I wondered if he was really asleep or playing opossum.

To make sure I decided to go a bit further. Reaching down I pulled the elastic of his tight little shorts up and managed to snake my other hand into that tight warm space. I placed my hand around his hard velvet smooth boy cock and retracted the foreskin gently and it swelled even more giving me a real handful of sexy boy stick.

"Uhhhh, gawd....oh shit," he moaned lowly.

"Want me to stop?" I asked softly giving it another squeeze.

"Gawd no, keep it up...feels so good," he mumbled.

"Let's get these off then," I said pulling at his undies as he raised his butt to help me in the effort. As they slipped down freeing his hard boy cock it sprang up hitting his tummy then bounced back like a spring. It was indeed lovely and about 5 inches long and almost as fat as mine and I wanted it in my mouth so bad I could already taste it.

Without asking I nuzzled his soft boy balls and he moaned lowly signaling his approval and I continued. Holding his cock in my hand I pulled the skin back and began to lick it from head to base and all around it as he squirmed and moaned driving me crazy for him. 

The smell, the feel, the taste of him was intoxicating and I was driven wild by his whimpering and moaning. He cried out when I finally took his hot little dip stick in my mouth and began to suckle it gently working the soft loose skin with my tongue and lips and moments later he bucked up and I felt his first little shot of boy cream hit my tongue. It was followed by two more squirts then a dribble and I savored every drop and put it safely in my tummy for processing. 

Holding his now spent but still hard cock in my hot wet mouth I waited for him to come back down to earth before giving it up. When I did I kissed the head and his soft now empty balls and smiled at him.

"I'm sorry," I said softly, "you are just so beautiful I just couldn't resist you. Laying there you looked like a sleeping angel, only so sexy and hot and....well, if I did anything you don't like I'm sorry."

"Huh? I liked it all. No...I loved it all. It was so cool. Thanks."

"You're welcome. I guess you want your undies back now,"  I chuckled.

"Naw, I don't need em," he said sitting up and rubbing sleep from his dark brown eyes.

I nodded, "Okay, well you won't hear me complaining. I love looking at you. Only problem is it may be hard to keep my hands and mouth off of you," I giggled.

"So who says you have to? I don't mind. I'm sort of sensitive now, but later I'll be ready to go again."

"That's what I'm talking about," I said grinning, "a boy who can get it up and keep it up."

"Looks like you got it up to," he said brushing the tent in my jeans with his soft hand and causing me to flinch as I took in a deep breath.

"Careful, that thing is loaded and might go off."

He grinned and reached for my top button and before I knew what was happening he had freed my six and half inches of fat cock and wrapped his soft warm hand around it.

"Mmmmm," I moaned, "I'll give you an hour to stop that."

He giggled and scooted to the edge of the couch and leaned into me and suddenly I felt something hot and wet surround my cock. I looked down and saw the most amazing sight I had ever seen: an angel with his lips wrapped around my cock. My knees went weak and I almost fell but I managed somehow to keep standing as my boy angel gave me the most amazing blow job of my life.

When I came I literally saw stars and as my nuts emptied into his hot wet mouth he somehow managed to swallow all of it without spilling a drop. When it was over I felt a little weird, maybe even guilty, but if he felt any of my feelings he was good at hiding them. Wiping his cute mouth with the back of his hand he fell back onto the couch and watched me as I pulled myself together and zipped up.

"That was amazing," I said not asking the obvious question; where did you learn that? but he was way ahead of me.

"They teach us how to suck cock at the home. I'm pretty good, huh? I like it a lot usually, except when it's some fat old guy or one that smells," he said making a face, "you taste good and I like it," he added smiling.

"I feel kind of bad about this," I confessed, "I was supposed to help you not....have sex with you. I guess I'm just weak...especially with a boy as hot as you."

"Am I? Hot I mean?" he said beaming, "I hope so, cause I like guys and I want them to like me too. That's how I'm gonna make it on the street," he said almost proudly.

"You mean you're gonna hustle?" I said a little shocked by his sudden disclosure.

He nodded, "Uh huh, think I'll be any good at it?"

I sighed and sat down beside him, "Kid you don't wanna do that. It sucks to hustle and you could even get hurt really bad or worse....killed."

He sighed, "So, if I'm dead I don't gotta worry no more," he said sadly.

"Well, I'd be sad if anything happened to you so if I can help it you're not going to become a hustler," I said firmly.

"Well...if there was another way I guess I wouldn't do that, but what else can I do?"

"I'm not sure yet, but we'll figure it out. Meanwhile you stay here with me, got it?"

We sat together on the couch watching TV and getting to know one another better and after a while I noticed he seemed to be shivering a little so I covered him up with a blanket I kept near the couch for those times when I snuggled down there to watch TV and often times fell asleep.

He thanked me and looked very sweet and I couldn't resist leaning in to kiss his cheek. Only somewhere along the way he moved and our lips met and it was magic from that moment on. 

Now I had been kissed by teenage boys before and most were pretty good at it but I didn't truly know what kissing was until that cute little 12 year old shoved his soft pink tongue into my mouth and pressed his sweet lips against mine.

I felt my cock swell once more and reaching for him I pulled him to me and began fondling his smooth soft body and soon discovered he was as hard as I was. Reaching beneath the blanket I took his hard boy nail into my hand and began masturbating him as we kissed and suddenly he was fumbling at my zipper and I helped him remove my pants and then my underwear.

I wanted to go on kissing this young god forever but there was so much more I wanted to do that I made myself break it off as I moved down to his neck and then his chest where I suckled his hard little nipples making him moan with pleasure. Moving down a bit more I licked a trail down his hard flat tummy to his belly button and began tonguing it out tasting his salty little boy taste and that drove me crazy with desire.

I could wait no longer and ripping the cover off his lap I placed my tight lips around his cock and pushed the foreskin back and began sucking like a starved calf.

"," he panted, "don't you to come."

Those words, those simple hot, exciting, and forbidden words made me crazy for him and without thinking about it I dragged him to the edge of the couch, pushed his legs in the air and with a little spit added to my pre-cum I drove my hard 6.5 inch cock in him to the hilt.

Now I'm not a mean person or uncaring, but I was only 21 and though I didn't want to hurt this sweet boy, my lust had control of me and I began to fuck that kid as if he were a rag doll. 

Fortunately he seemed to like me being rough and soon he was moaning and pushing back trying to force more of my dick into his hot squishy insides. From the look of his hard cock he was enjoying it in an erotic way and I remembered he had said he wanted to come while getting fucked so I assumed he wanted me to jerk him.

I reached for his cock but he slapped my hand away, "No, don't touch it. Just fuck me hard and I'll come."

This was 1975 and I had never heard of such a thing despite the hundreds of times I had fucked an ass, but I was willing to let things happen if he was sure that was what he wanted.  I grabbed his small soft feet and held them as I pounded him relentlessly forcing him back onto the couch further with each thrust.

I had always sort of liked young dudes feet but at that moment it was more than like as I began to lick and suck on Trey's tasty little toes and he responded by moaning even louder.  I guess that was the day I discovered just how much of a foot fetish I had because after Trey foot worship became a part of my repertoire.

It's amazing just how much the human ass hole can stretch and Trey's was no exception. His little brown eye had swallowed my thick 6.5 incher to the hilt and still clinched me tighter than any ass I had ever fucked. It felt so wonderful and I realized it wasn't just about sex at that moment.  I really liked this boy laying beneath me and if I hadn't been in such heat I might have worried I was hurting him, but fortunately I was giving him just what he wanted and needed, a good hard fuck and he was loving every minute of it.

I usually last somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes when fucking a dude, but Trey's ass felt so good that I managed to hang on for a full 30 minutes but that was all. As I slowed down a little and drove my cock deep into his ass suddenly he began to squirt his boy cream and with such velocity that a strand of it actually hit me in the face.

I laughed and licked it off and began to unload in his hot tight ass as his cock shot once more than began to dribble oozing down into his pubes and under his smooth balls and eventually flowing onto my cock. 

I used a little of his cum mixed with mine to finish up as I nearly blacked out from the sheer intensity of my orgasm. Never had I felt so in tune with my partner and so in love with his body, his mind, and his soul as I did that first time with Trey. If I had been a more sensitive person back then I might have cried, but l was young and full of myself and though I was touched by this experience I hadn't had time to process all my feelings at that moment.

I rested deep within Trey's hot tight guts as I came down from my orgasmic high and when I looked down at him my heart was filled with love for him. Love was something new to me and I suppose I really didn't recognize exactly what it was at that moment, but I would soon enough and find out exactly how wonderful and painful that emotion can be.

"That was nice," Trey said softly, his eyes half closed as a sweet smile filled his face.

I couldn't resist kissing those soft sweet lips again and as I bent down he put his arms around my neck and held me as we kissed passionately for a long time. Eventually we both grew tired of this position and I let my cock slip out of his slimy bung hole and let him relax his legs.

Falling down between them I did something I had never done with any other male, I began to lick and suck my cum from his ass as he shivered with pleasure.

"Uh...uh...uh...wicked...gawwwwwddddd....soooo good," he said as he shivered beneath me.

When I had him relatively clean I moved back up and kissed him again and offered him a taste of my cum mixed with his sweet ass. He lapped it up greedily and sighed with satisfaction then pulling me down hard he jammed his tongue in my mouth and began to kiss me hard and wet.

My cock stirred again and before I knew what was happening I picked that slender boy up and carried him to my bed and tossed him down on his stomach and mounted him again shoving my cock deep inside him using my cum as lube.

He grunted then moaned and pushed back against me as I began thrusting in and out of him, this time in no big hurry to get off. I must've fucked that poor kid for an hour before I finally laid down on him pressing him into the bed and with short circular thrusts came in him once more. 

He didn't come spontaneously that time but after I returned to earth from my Heavenly orgasm I gave him a long slow blow job that curled his toes. He collapsed in exhaustion as he spurted a small load into my hungry mouth and when I finally released his spent cock I noticed he was asleep. 

I smiled and kissed his cock and balls and then crawled up beside him and fell fast asleep snuggled up my Christmas Boy.

Christmas 1975 dawned with a foot of snow on the ground as I slowly got up to take a much needed pee. I could tell from the light coming in through the window that it had snowed some more because of the reflected light. As I pulled the curtain back and looked at the landscape below I suddenly realized I had nothing to give Trey for Christmas.

I don't know why that thought even came into my head unless I was already in love with him and trying to include him in my life, but there is was and I felt awful. Then I remembered something. This year since I wasn't going home for Christmas I had bought gifts for myself using the money my family had sent me earlier. One of those presents was a portable version of Pong the world's first video game. Pretty lame compared to the high quality graphics of today's video games but back then it was the latest technology and everyone wanted one. It was  just the kind of thing a young boy might like, or a childish young man like me, and I decided right then and there that I was going to give it to Trey.

I glanced his way and was rewarded by his angelic face as he slumbered peacefully, a lock of his long brown hair shading his face. I wanted so badly to go to him and kiss him and make morning love to him, but first I had to get the present ready.

Quietly I slipped out to the living room and dug the gift out from under the tree and discarding the old name tag: To Robbie from Santa, I filled out a new one. At first I considered putting my name on it as the giver then I grinned and made it Santa hoping to get a laugh out of his reaction later.

Then placing the gift back under the tree I went back in to see if he was awake yet. The bed was empty and from the sound of the toilet flushing my little fuck toy was shitting out my cum from last night. I giggled at the thought of it and glancing at the sheets I saw a wet spot where he had lain and shook my head. Sex was messy sometimes, but gawd was it fun.

I heard the shower running then and I pushed open the bathroom door and found Trey just getting ready to step into the shower. 

"Hey, can I join you?" I said happily.

"Sure, come on in.  I had to wash my hiney, someone filled it with white stuff last night," he giggled.

"Oh, who do you suppose did that? Did you go somewhere after I went to sleep?" I teased.

"No silly, it was you," he said pushing me playfully as I joined him in the shower, "you fucked me twice last night."

"Mmmmm and it was good," I said sighing, "I didn't hurt you did I?" I asked suddenly overcome with concern.

"No, silly it felt good. I liked it a lot. It's the one thing they taught us at the home that I really, really like. Even the old fat guys could make me come when they fucked me."

"I have to admit," I said grabbing the soap and starting to lather him up, "I have never seen that before. You were my first."

He giggled, "Really. Well, that was the first time I ever had anyone suck my toes too. It was weird at first, then wonderful. I liked it a lot."

"I'm glad because suddenly I want to do that a lot. I mean I don't know if it's just your feet or if I want to do other guys feet but right now I sort of love your feet. Is that weird or what?"

He turned his head and scrunched up his cute face, "Nothing is weird as long as both people like it."

"I guess that's true, I never really thought of it that way before. You're pretty smart for a kid," I said poking him in the side playfully.

"I'll show you who's a kid," he said turning suddenly and pushing me against the wall. For a little kid he was pretty strong. I was laughing so hard I could barely stand up and when he twirled me around I guess I helped him a little but the next thing I knew he was trying to put his hard 5" up my butt.

Now, up until that day my experience as a bottom had consisted of one failed attempt by a 30 year old man who wound up just rubbing off on my a-hole, but damn if I didn't want this kid up my poop chute more than anything in the world.

Because of the difference in our heights I had to spread my legs and slump down a little but he got the message and pushed up against me desperately and began to work that fat little cock into my virgin hole. I had heard that if you pushed back like you were taking a crap it made it easier but it still hurt like hell as he pushed that hard boy cock in until I felt his fuzzy little pubes tickle my butt, but I didn't care. In fact I loved it.

He grunted and began to fuck me as hard as I had fucked him the night before and suddenly I was pushing back and really loving my first real fuck. Maybe it was because of who it was that was fucking me, or maybe it was just that I had always wanted to be versatile, but for whatever reason after that day I was as eager to bottom as I was to top.

Imagine the soft small hands of a twelve year old boy gripping your hips tightly as he pounds your ass into pudding, his hot sweet breath on your back, and the wet slapping noise and smell of male sex filling your senses and tell me you wouldn't have loved it too.

I'll say one thing for that boy, he was dedicated and able to deliver as he fucked me hard and fast and still took forty five minutes to nut. When he did my legs went weak, his legs went weak and suddenly I realized I had nutted too without ever touching my cock. It was a day of firsts, first fuck, first spontaneous orgasm, and my first love and I shall never forget it.

Even as I write this I feel him close to me even though it has been over twenty years since he died in a traffic accident. He was mine then and mine now and no one or nothing can ever change that. I won't dwell on the sadness because there was more joy than sadness and that is what I remember this Christmas Eve as I look back on that time in my life.

After the fuck we kissed and groped each other and then bathed each other and he showed a great deal of maturity and compassion as he gently cleansed my aching bottom. 

"Did I hurt you?" he cooed lovingly.

"A little, but it was wonderful. I....have never been fucked before, but now....I think I want to least with you doing the fucking."

He smiled, "Okay, anytime...just figure out how to keep me around and I'll do it all the time."

We finally managed to get washed and dried off and this time we got dressed. I had remembered our clothes the night before and managed to get them washed and dried but Trey's weren't much better clean than they had been dirty. His shoes were a total loss so I loaned him some socks and he padded around in sock feet causing me to want his feet even more.

I was a moderately good cook back then but I wasn't about to buy a big old turkey for just me (well two now) so I had bought a large roasting hen and Trey was my little shadow as I prepped it and put it on to bake. 

I fixed us a bowl of cereal to tide us over and Trey sat at the table and chewed quietly as I stared at his cute face and smiled.

"What?" he said chuckling, "Why do you keep smiling at me?"

"Sorry," I said blushing, "you're just fun to look at."

"Yeah, I bet you want to fuck me again, don't ya," he giggled.

"Maybe later, but right now I'm fine just watching you."

"Okay, I like you know that right?" he said shyly laying his heart on the line.

"Thanks, that means a lot to me," I said sincerely, "I wish....I mean I just wish that I could keep you my life that is."

"Why don't you adopt me?" To him it was just that easy, but I knew it was a lot harder than that. In 1975 a single guy couldn't adopt a kid, especially one he had technically kidnapped and raped.

"I can't and I think you know that. You know it takes a long time for even a married couple to adopt a child and single ones aren't allowed to."

He sighed tragically, "I know. So what are we going to do?"

"I don't know yet, but let's not worry about it right now, okay? I want today to be....special for us both."

Now what happened next is still embedded in my mind and even as I relate it I can see his face as big tears ran down it. I was up and moving toward him before the first one hit his chin and as I swept him up into my arms he began to wail as if his heart were breaking. Picking him up I held him like a baby and let him cry it out. I patted him gently and kissed his sweet tears away but still he continued to cry.

"Shhhh...I'll figure something out. Don't cry please. This is Christmas Day and every little boy ought to be happy."

"O...o...kay," he sputtered, "I'm soo...or..ory."

"It's okay, I understand but you got to trust me, I'll figure something out." Of course I had no idea what I was going to do about Trey but I guess I was too much of an optimist to give up.

"Okay, I trust you Robbie," he said sweetly using the pet name he would use for the rest of our relationship.

"Now, come on, let's candy those yams and check on the chicken."

Trey was a lot of help and he told me that at the home they took turns working in the kitchen and he liked cooking a lot, but hated clean up.

"Well, I'll clean up buddy I don't mind, besides I have a dish washer," I said grinning.

"I wish....oh, never mind," he sighed, but I knew what he was wishing, because I was wishing it too.

We managed to get dinner on the table by twelve thirty and as we sat down I looked over at Trey who had his head bowed. Taking a cue from my sweet Christmas Boy I said grace and when I was finished he echoed my amen. Smiling now he dug in as if he hadn't eaten in weeks.

Baked chicken is almost like turkey and with the stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy, yams and cranberries and green beans it was a feast. I didn't have time to bake pies but I had bought both a pumpkin and a pecan at the bakery and Trey piled his pieces high with whipped cream and ate them slowly.

Despite his protests earlier he did help me clear and seemed curious about the dish washer as I loaded it. Once I started the dish washer we retreated to the living room and I had him sit down on the couch while I pulled out the gift I picked out for him.

"What's this?" he asked making a cute face.

"Well, just because you're here and not at the home, Santa knows where to find you and he left this for you," I said seriously.

He furrowed his brows and tilted his head like a puppy, "Huh uh, Santa Clause isn't real."

I shrugged, "Well, then I guess you don't want this...." I said holding it out of reach.

"No, I want it, but it's from you...not Santa, right?"

I feigned surprise, "How could I have had time to go shopping for a gift. You were with me that whole time last night and in case you don't remember we were pretty busy most of it," I chuckled.

He bit his bottom lip and reached for the package, "Maybe....maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it really is from Santa."

I smiled and sat the box in his lap. It was about a foot square and fairly heavy since back then they didn't have ic's and all that compact electronics and he looked up at me and smiled shyly and reached for the tag.

"It says to Trey from Santa," he said as his eyes sparkled with joy. My heart leapt with joy as I watched him and I was so glad I had thought of re-gifting my own gift to this special little boy.

"Go ahead, open it."

His hands were trembling as he slowly and almost lovingly unwrapped the box and when he had enough uncovered to see what it was inside he literally squealed with excitement.

"How did you know this was what I wanted....I mean..oh, I guess Santa always knows, don't he?" he said finally accepting that this was a miracle and not something he could explain away so easily.

"What is it?" I asked playing dumb.

"It's a table tennis game....the electronic Pong, it's soooo cool. I saw one at the store and we played it and it was so so cool."

He finally got it all unwrapped and out of the box and I realized he needed batteries. Again playing dumb I asked him what kind it used and when he told me I went off to the kitchen and returned with a big package of batteries I had bought just for that purpose.

He put the batteries in and we moved to the kitchen table and tried it out. Today kids would laugh at the simplicity of that first video game but to us it was pure magic and we played for hours before we finally tired of it.

"What are all the those?" Trey asked as he pointed at the other presents under the tree."

"Oh, stuff my folks and friends got for me, that's all." That was partially true, but most of them were gifts I had bought for myself, "Wanna help me open em?"

"Yeah!" he said with the usual excitement of a kid on Christmas morning.

So we sat and unwrapped gifts and with each one his excitement grew. When he came across a pair of warm gloves he tried them on and announced they were a perfect fit.

"Those must be from mom, she always gets me new gloves and I hardly ever wear them, I have  some I've never worn. If you want them, feel free to take them."

"Really?" he said smiling warmly, then he jumped up and hugged my neck forcing me deeper and deeper in love with him.

There were socks and a stocking cap too and I gave those to him on the same pretense and he accepted them with grace and hugs and I would have given him everything I owned just for one more of those warm hugs.

When the gifts were all unwrapped I cleared away the mess and when I came back Trey was under the tree with a bow placed strategically on his crotch.

I laughed, "What's this...I missed one of my gifts. Shall I unwrap it?"

"Yeah," he giggled, "it's the best one and it's alllllll yours."

I laid down next him and snuggled up to him and kissed his face and then his lips as my hand roamed his body. When I could stand it no longer I reached down and unzipped his pants and with his help I got them down his slender legs and off. Tossing them aside I rubbed his boy cock through his underwear bringing it up to full mast. 

"Mmmmmm," he sighed, "feels good. Suck it Robbie." he demanded and I obeyed willingly. 

Rolling back his foreskin I tasted his delicious boy cheese and moaned with lust and pleasure. He tasted and felt and smelled so good and I devoured him with gusto as he lay beneath me and moaned and thrust up against me.

I paused long enough to suck and lick his balls and taste his salty boy flavor and reaching beneath him I probed for his boy hole with my finger. He spread his legs and raised up a bit and my finger slid in easily. He was wet back there and eager for my finger and more and I couldn't wait to fill him once more with my seed.

Looking up at him and winking I scooted down and grabbed a sock clad foot and stripped it bare. He giggled as I began to lick the sole of his foot and when I took his big toe in my mouth he moaned lowly and trembled with excitement. I worked both feet over for  about fifteen minutes and then moved back up to his cock but he pushed me away causing me to whine in protest.

"Fuck me, then I'll come," he said clearly in control of our sex from the first moment it had began.

"Okay, get up on all fours," I said at least choosing the position.

He obeyed and looked back at me and grinned as I spit on his hole and rubbed it in then applied a bit to my cock and lined it up with his hole. Pushing slowly I slipped in easily and without pausing I planted the rest of it in my boy lover. We both grunted with pleasure and then I began.

This time I felt more tenderness for him and I fucked slowly as I gently held his slender waist in my hands. He felt small and fragile beneath me as I leaned down and kissed his spine. He looked back and then reached back and put his small soft hand on my hip and pulled me against him almost desperately.

"Faster, harder Robbie," he whined, "gotta do it faster and harder or I won't come."

So that was it, that was why he liked it rough. It was my cock rubbing against his prostate violently that caused him to orgasm. It was all clear to me now and I gave the kid what he wanted slamming into him and practically knocking him over with each thrust. I have to admit it felt great for me too, but I knew I wouldn't last long if I kept his up.

Sure enough ten minutes into my doggie style fuck I was moaning and sweating and suddenly erupting in Trey's tight ass. Almost immediately he began to come as well spurting his boy seed into my carpet.

"What a waste," I moaned, "I coulda had that in my tummy...." I said as I rubbed out the last of my orgasm inside him.

Pulling him tight against me I held him in my grip until we both came down from our orgasm and then I pulled out and fell down face first on the carpet. A few seconds later I felt Trey crawl up behind me and then he was on top of me pressed out flat against me as we both rested.

Presently I felt is cock get hard again and I knew what was next and when he reached down and guided his cum slick cock into my tight ass I welcomed it. It still hurt a little but the pain was soon replaced by that wonderful feeling of intimacy that only fucking can afford you.

He was gentle and slow and this time and kept nuzzling my neck and planting little kisses on it and I shivered at his touch. He played my body like a musical instrument and despite his age and lack of experience he was already a master at this part of love making.

Toward the end he sped up as he desperately thrust in and out riding on that wave of ecstasy before crashing down on the shore in heavenly bliss. I know they say you can't feel someone coming inside you and let's face it he didn't shoot all that much or that hard, but I felt something as his cock expanded and he thrust one last time and unleashed all his baby batter inside me.

I squeezed my sphincter muscles milking his cock and he giggled then thrust hard and collapsed atop me and remained there inside me for so long I thought he had fallen asleep. Eventually however he slipped out and rolled off of me and fell down beside me on the carpet beneath the tree.

We did nap then and when we woke up it was evening and we were hungry again. We dined on leftovers and ate more pie and drank Mt Dew and talked quietly as some old Christmas movie played on the TV. Once we were full Trey stretched out on the couch with his feet in my lap and I rubbed them and kissed them as he lay there looking drowsy.

I loved his feet, I loved his legs, I loved his ass, I loved his cock, I loved his hands, his face, his smile, his ears....I loved all of him and nothing would ever be the same again and that scared me a little. I was 21 and full of life and this was my first love and it was consuming me as if it was a fire, but I didn't care. I welcomed it.

"Do you love me?" he suddenly muttered dreamily as if he had been reading my thoughts.

I smiled as my heart beat fast  threatening to burst from my chest, "I suppose, do you love me too?" I had to know.

"Of course silly," he said grinning, "you're my hero and you saved me. I gotta love you."

My heart sank a little. Was he confusing love with gratitude? "You don't have to love me just because of that. I'd do it anyway."

He frowned, "No, I don't meant that's the only reason. I mean...this is hard to say, but when you fucked me...I just knew we were meant to be together. And then when you let me fuck you...well, it was a done deal then."

"Let you?" I chuckled, "You practically raped me, but I'm glad you did."

He grinned, "Can't rape the willing, you wanted it."

I sighed, "Yeah, I did and I'm all yours now."

"And I'm yours," he said yawning, "Can we play Pong some more?"

"Yeah, come on droopy butt," I teased.

We played Pong till around eleven and took another shower together before hitting the sheets, this time totally naked. He stretched out and yawned and when I climbed in beside him he threw a leg over me and pressed his boy stuff into my thigh. He was already half hard and I knew we would make love again, perhaps twice before we finally went to sleep.

"Robbie, how come you don't have a boyfriend or anything?" He said raising up on one arm to look into my eyes. His small hand went to my chest and twirled around my nipples driving me crazy as I thought up a good reply.

"Well, I guess because it's hard to meet anyone that's for real when you're gay. The guys in the bars are mostly losers and the few who have wanted to become my lovers had their own interests at heart, not mine."

"You mean they just wanted to use you for sex," he laughed.

"Well, that too, but most of them just wanted a place to stay and someone to support them. Most of them were druggies or drunks and not even a good lay," I chuckled.

"Am I a good...uh, lay?" he asked staring into my eyes and melting my heart once more.

"No, not really," I teased, "actually you're not a lay at all. With you it's different. I can't explain it, but up until now I've only had with you I have something better."

He smiled, "So, it was really okay?"

"Not just okay, wonderful, stupendous, awesome, amazing, and the most fun I've ever had."

He bent down and kissed me then and as our lips met the fireworks began. We made out like two newlyweds, kissing and fondling and rubbing together until we could stand it no more. Pushing him onto his back I knelt down between his legs as he raised them high exposing his little boy button to me. 

Up until Trey I had never rimmed anyone but suddenly I was starved for his ass and as I dived into it he began to moan and push against me driving me even more crazy.

I tongued that sweet little hole until he was clawing at the covers and begging me to never stop, but there was so much more I wanted to do. I raised up causing him to whimper and beg for more but when I took his foot in my hand he quieted down and raised up to watch as I began to suck on his toes. They were salty and delicious and I wasn't satisfied until I had licked and sucked all ten toes and both feet until they were wet and glistening.

"Fuck me Robbie," he said breathlessly and how could I refuse him.

As I sank into his hot middle he sighed with satisfaction and began to thrust up against me forcing me deeper and when I bottomed out he grunted and reached up and pulled me into a kiss.

I fucked him slow and lovingly that night as we kissed and caressed. This time I didn't make the mistake of trying to touch his cock, I knew he would come freely from just getting fucked and though it was new and mysterious to me I loved that I could have that effect on anyone.

What can I say about the wonderful night that wouldn't sound contrite or maudlin? Was it the best sex of my young life? Yes. Was it more than just sex? Yes, it was love and even though I still hadn't come to grips with those feeling I soon would.

I made love to him and came so hard that I nearly passed as he shot his boy seed all over us both and when I was spent I pulled out of him and licked him clean.

He was always a boy who knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid or ashamed to take it and as soon as I had him cleaned up he roughly pushed me onto my back and made me raised my legs and moved up against me.

Though only 5" his cock was fat and he used it with a ferocity that was almost violent those first few times. Later he would become more gentle, more loving, but that night he fucked me as if his life depended on it and I felt every thrust and every inch of him invading my near virgin hole and it brought me to life in a way I had never felt before.

We kissed, we rutted, we pawed each other as he fucked me and when he came for the second time he cried out and collapsed atop me. I nuzzled his neck and kissed his face and when I realized he was either asleep or passed out I gently disengaged his cock from my ass and rolled him over beside me. I made sure he was only sleeping then snuggled up to him and joined him in blissful slumber.

The next day we slept late, made love, then took a shower and went out for lunch. I still didn't know how I was going to keep him, but I was going to hold onto him as long as I could.

It's crazy how things worked out really. Today it would be impossible for things to happen as they did for us back then, but because those were simpler times and there was less intrusion by the government it all fell into place almost without us even trying.

I kept Trey with me all through the rest of the year and we became lovers. No one questioned his presence and no one called the cops because back then people minded their own business.

When I got a job offer in California at four times what I was making at Kmart, I simply packed up and took Trey with me.

In Cally I introduced him as my brother and I paid a guy 50 bucks to make him a fake birth certificate and using that we got him a SS card, a library card, and enrolled him in school. He was now officially Trey Alexander Martin (my last name) and no one knew any different.

Not one person ever doubted us or challenged us and though I kept thinking things were just too easy, we simply got away with it because no one cared. No one cared that I had a 13 year old boy living with me (he had turned 13 in February) or whether he was my brother or cousin or fuck toy. No one cared because people had their own lives to live and their own dark secrets to hide and everyone was better off because of it.

Our life was happy then, we lived in a sunny apartment near the beach and I worked at a job I loved and he made many new friends at school and once or twice he even shared them with me. But that's a different story for another time.

We lived and loved and as Trey grew older and became a tall muscular teenage heart throb he wondered if I would dump him for someone younger and I wondered if he would dump me for someone his own age, but we talked it out and all our insecurities melted away as we reaffirmed our love for one another and became even closer. 

He finished high school and attended college and graduated with honors with a degree in engineering and went to work for a major aerodynamics lab ten miles from the home we bought on the beach.

We lived a fairy tale world, loving and living and sharing not only with each other but with others we met along the way and not once did either of us ever feel one ounce of jealously.

It was a typical California Christmas eve when my world ended and maybe that is why the memories are so vivid tonight. I have long since moved back to the place where it all started and as I stare out the window at the snow I remember the phone call that came that night and the compassion in that voice on the phone that told me my beautiful wonderful lover was gone forever.

He had died instantly they said, missing a curve in his shiny new sports car he had wound up on the rocks below in a heap of twisted metal and thus ended the great love affair that had started on Christmas Eve so long ago.

I scattered his ashes over the ocean as he had requested, packed up and moved back to my home state and eventually managed to move on. I had other lovers over the years but none ever compared to my Christmas Boy and none ever took my heart so completely. 

I like to think that he's up there somewhere in Heaven, a true angel now and looking down on me and approving of my life without him, but maybe that's just the ramblings of an old man. Although sometimes I feel his presence, especially when there is crisis in my life, I have never confided to anyone these feelings until now.

Life is what you make it, they say and you have to take chances. Well we took the ultimate gamble and fell in love and built a life together and despite the odds it all worked out beautifully until death intervened. Am I bitter? No, not really. I had more love and joy than any one man is entitled to in the 17 years we were together and not one moment of regret. We never stayed mad at one another and I fondly remember that last morning before he left for work. We made love and exchanged I love yous and then he was gone. If I had known that was the last time I would see his smiling face, gaze into his eyes and make love to his perfect body, could I have done anything differently, probably not. We had it all, it just wasn't forever like the fairy tales.

It's growing late now and tears are blinding me as I finish this and looking out the window I see the snow is coming down harder now. In a few minutes I am going to watch my God Son in his school Christmas play. He is Joseph and they're using his baby brother Seth as the baby Jesus. It should be quite a show especially if Seth passes gas like he usually

Life is what you make it and after all I guess I made it pretty good. I'm an old man but I still have a lot of living and loving to do and I can't stay sad too long. I dedicate this to Trey my Christmas Boy,  wherever you are, goodnight my love, pleasant dreams for eternity.

The End

Sorry if I made you cry, I know I did, but not all stories have a happy ending. I didn't really set out to write a sad story, but like most of my stories the characters soon took over and this is what Robbie wrote, not me. I hope you enjoyed it through the laughter and the tears and I hope you will take a minute to write me and let me know what you think. 

Thanks to all my readers who keep me sane and grounded and keeping on keeping on. Have a great Thanksgiving and I'll see you on the other side.

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