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Christmas Day

Jack walked to the movie theatre in the mid afternoon, it was close to his condo and although the ground was snow covered it wasn't that cold. Going to see a movie on Christmas day had become a solitary ritual for him over the years, started accidentally out of boredom. Now closing in on his 40th birthday the few family members that he kept in touch with had stopped asking he was going to settle down. He really didn't need the stress of drunk relatives quizzing him on his lifestyle. He had friends of course but they all had family and places to go themselves.

He bought his ticket and then purchased an over priced coffee. Jack sat down to read the free movie magazine to occupy him self until he could go into the theatre. He took the time to glance around at the people ushering about. A few were handsome young specimens of adolescent beauty. Jack had always been attracted to that mid teen range of youthful `not quite men'. Surely there were people here who also didn't celebrate the traditional Christmas or perhaps bored teens finally released from their obligations of the day. It didn't really matter to Jack, it was a nice show nonetheless. The only downside was that it made Jack somewhat jealous of the teens accompanied by other men, fathers, uncles, cousins and the like. Wouldn't it be nice to have a boy to spoil at Christmas to put your arm protectively around. No matter, Jack returned to his silly magazine as the viewing opportunities had been exhausted for now.

Suddenly he was joined at the table by a youth. The boy was dressed in the urban style and looked quite silly to Jack as he was lily white. It wasn't the first time he'd have been mistakenly joined by someone. Sitting alone he was assumed to be waiting for someone and with similar jackets he could be mistaken for another person. It usually didn't take long for them to excuse themselves but as Jack looked up he realized that he did know this boy. He was one of the teens that went to his community center where Jack worked out. He volunteered to play floor hockey and basketball with the youth for both the cardio workout and the viewing opportunities. It was a small way for him to help out those without good role models.

"Hi Jack" the teen with fluffy longish blond hair greeted.

"Hi, it's Jay right?" Of course Jack knew his name, he had never really conversed with the kid other than to give game play instructions or encouragement. The kid was 5 foot 4 or 5, skinny and pale with blue eyes. He wasn't much of a basketball player but was rather a good hockey player with his quick reflexes and ability to accelerate his light frame. When Jack opposed him he had no chance of catching him so his strategy would usually involve blocking his shot or forcing him to the outside.

"Yeah, it's short for Jens really" He replied in his slightly high pitched voice.

"So what are you doing out by yourself on Christmas day" Jack asked, expecting to hear that his mother was close by.

"I'm sixteen I can do what I want" The boy replied suddenly more sullen.

Jack had pegged him closer to 14 but they developed at such different rates at this age that it was hard to tell just by physical appearance.

"Yeah I look kinda young" Jay interrupted Jack's expression. "So what movie are you seeing?" He continued.

"The bond flick" Jack reported.

"Cool I wanna see that" Jay said excitedly.

"So join me," Jack offered eager for companionship.

"No money" Jay advised.

"I'll pay" Jack offered as he pulled out his wallet.

"Naw I don't like owing" Jay said guardedly.

"It's Christmas, consider it a gift," The man suggested as he held out a twenty.

"I guess you're not really a stranger," Jay said more to himself.

"No, I'm just strange" Jack joked.

The boy snatched the bill out the man's hand and bolted. He returned a few minutes later ticket in one hand, popcorn in the other. They joined the short lineup for the film as a security guard walked by. He gave Jay a rather long look, likely not due to his natural beauty but rather out of suspicion. Jack put his arm around the boy's shoulder and squeezed slightly, letting the mall cop know this one was with him. Jay didn't comment but the man figured he'd had been running the mall this morning and making the guard think that perhaps he was up to no good. Much to Jack's surprise Jay put an arm around his waist in a rare display of youthful affection. Perhaps he didn't realize that the shoulder squeeze was a signal to the guard or maybe he wanted to encourage the man.

Once in the theatre they decided on seats and much to Jack's pleasure Jay sat next to him, rather than leave a seat between. After the dreaded twenty minutes of advertisements Jay announced.

"Fuck it's hot in here" and peeled off his hoody to reveal a tight T-shirt that Jack had seen him wear in the gym. It was rare that Jack was comfortable in a theatre it was either too hot or too cold, they just couldn't seem to get it right.

Jay shifted throughout the film responding to the action or lack of. At one point his bare arm occupied the armrest between them. Jack took guilty pleasure in sliding his hand along soft flesh to reach for his drink at the end of the armrest. Jay didn't comment nor move his arm. What really surprised Jack was when Jay rested his head on the man's shoulder during the sex scene. Unfortunately it moved when the action scenes returned.

After the film the teen prattled on about the movie he seemed to really be into it. Jack was happy to just listen to him excitedly explain things as though he didn't see it the film with him. It was only when Jack had walked halfway home that he realized that the boy was sticking with him. Not once had he mentioned having someplace to be. Jack figured he'd press his luck and just carry on. Arriving at the building he announced.

"This is my place" As he stepped into the lobby. Jack was surprised that the boy didn't say anything but just followed him up to the secure door.

"You want to come up? Get something to eat maybe?" Jack said almost out of breathe with nervousness.

"Sure" Jay replied nonchalantly.

Jack fumbled with the key and got them into the lobby proper. Entering the elevator he selected his floor and wondered about his luck.

"Penthouse. Cool" Jay chirped.

"Well the penthouse is just the top floor really" Jack cautioned.

"Your building is a lot cleaner than mine, how much is the rent here?" Jay asked.

"It's a condominium building we own our apartments. I like not having to cut grass or shovel snow and it's close to work," Jack explained.

"What do you do?" Jay asked as they reached the penthouse level.

"I'm a DDS" Jack advised as he led the boy to his apartment door.

"Is that like a drug cop?" Jay asked disappointedly.

"Ah no, I'm a dentist" Jack answered.

Jay seemed to brighten with the answer as they entered his apartment. It was a corner unit with an L shaped living / dinning room against the outer glass walls. The square was completed with an open kitchen, which had a pass through to a breakfast bar.

"Fuckin awesome" Jay exuded "Yo Jack this TV is huge".

"It's everything I need and downtown about all I can afford!" Jack accepted the compliment.

Jay stood by the glass wall looking out over the city as Jack searched the kitchen for something to eat.

"How about I order a pizza in?" He called to the blond beauty.

"Sure no mushrooms" Came the reply.

Jack sat on the couch and was quickly joined by Jay who crashed beside him. Jack began to flip channels to find something to watch on TV.

"So what's it like. Being a dentist?" Jay asked.

"Not bad, it's a job like any other, I have to be in on time and do quality work" Jack answered.

"How much do you get paid an hour?" Jay continued the questioning.

"I don't really get paid hourly, I own the clinic with another dentist. We have hygienists and receptionists and then have pay for all the equipment. If you add it up the time I put in divided by what I get then I'm close to a hundred dollars an hour." Jack answered.

"Fuck me! I get seven bucks at the grocery store" Jay spat.

"Well I was in school a long time Jay and I had to buy into the clinic so it's not like I just started out making that much at 16" Jack tried to explain.

"You married?" Jay continued.

"No, you ask a lot of questions" Jack answered

"Ok, ask me anything you want" Jay offered.

Unable to think of a good question Jack fell back on his profession, "You brush after every meal?"

"No but I jerk off three times day" Jay answered cheekily.

"At your age I bet you do" Jack said cautiously.

The pizza arrived and when Jack returned to the living room he found Jay shirtless, his pants slung slow with his boxers showing.

"It's fucking hot in here" he reported.

Jack did like to keep the apartment warm as he usually went nude while at home, not like there was anyone to see him but he didn't want to reveal that to the boy just yet.

"Yeah this building has always been a bit warm" Jack advised. "Jay could I ask you do to something for me?" The man continued.

"Ok" Jay replied apprehensively.

"Would you try and stop swearing so much" Jack asked as softly as he could.

"Oh yeah sure no fucking problem" Jay replied with a big smirk.

Jack watched as the lithe teen consumed the pizza, it always amazed him that kids could eat so much at that age. Jack had seen Jay shirtless before during hot days at the gym but that was always when he was in motion. Jay caught him staring.

"Yeah, I'm pretty scrawny but someday I'll have muscles like yours" Jay explained as he reached over and squeezed the man's bicep. It wasn't uncommon for the kids to watch him and the other men work out on the weights he'd obviously seen the man's physique then.

Jack returned to his channel flipping and they watched some TV as the pair digested. Jay had taken to resting his head on Jack's shoulder again. It was a wonderful feeling that Jack didn't want to end so much so that he delaying using the bathroom as long as possible. On returning from draining his bladder he found Jay lying prone on the couch.

"I guess I should drive you home" Jack advised.

"Can I sleep over?" Jay asked excitedly

"I don't think your mother would approve" Jack answered.

"She won't care, fucking bitch is drunk all the time anyway" Jay answered. "Sorry." He continued.

"I'm not really setup for guests my second bedroom is my office" Jack explained.

"Couch is fine" Jay reported.

Jack sighed, he wanted it as much as Jay but it was going to present issues that he wasn't sure he wanted to deal with.

"Ok, call your mom and ask" Jack gave in

"Why, she won't miss me" Jay reported

"I don't need the cops showing up," Jack advised.

"No one knows I'm here"

"I mean after you explain where you were all night," Jack continued.

"Ok, ok, where's the phone" Jay made the call. "I left a message" he reported, returning to the couch and laying prone, even though Jack was already there. While having a boy's head in his lap was unexpected it wasn't unwelcome.

"Comfortable?" Jack asked sarcastically.

"This is my bed, right?" Jay responded.

Jack resisted the urge to stroke his hair and instead just put a hand on his shoulder as the boy rolled to face the TV.

Once it was time for bed Jack left him a blanket and pillow and trotted off to his bedroom. He couldn't believe what a day it had been and wondered if allowing Jay to stay over was such a good plan.

Jack woke in the night to find he had been joined by the teen. He felt him before he saw him and rolled over to discover that he was awake. He looked into the teen's eyes without speaking. He put a hand his back and guided him in close. The two bodies rubbed together. Jack was sleeping nude as normal and his cock stirred at the contact with a soft belly. Jay gripped it and began to stroke. Jack rubbed his hand over the boy's face and ran his fingers through his hair.

"You sure you want to do this?" He confirmed.

"Yeah you're pretty hot for an old guy" Jay reported.

"You're not so bad for a scrawny kid" Jack returned.

Jack moved to kiss the boy but he pulled back.

"I've never kissed a guy," The teen advised.

"Just like doing it with a girl" Jack reported

"Never done that either" Jay explained.

Jack was gentle and moved in slowly, brushing lips, then kissing then tongue. Jay accepted it and cooed as the man was also rubbing his cock. Jack had created a monster as Jay pushed his tongue deep into the man's mouth twisting his body as he neared a release. As his breathing quickened he broke off and Jack licked his neck until the boy spurted his juices.

"I wanted to last longer," Jay lamented.

"You're young you'll go again" Jack encouraged.

Jay had stopped stroking Jack dealing instead with his orgasm. Now he curled over and moved down to suck on the large member. Jack moaned as the young mouth worked him over.

"Oh, yeah, you've done this before" Jack moaned.

"It's my first time" Jay replied cheekily as he took the cock deep into his throat and pushed his lips down. The boy was keeping Jack on the edge for what seemed like forever. Breaking away he moved up to speak with the man.

"You're kinda big but if you do it slow you can fuck me" Jay suggested. "I mean screw me, or whatever" he added.

"You sure?" Jack asked not believing what he was hearing. This skinny kid wanted it in him.

"You're not really my first" Jay explained.

"I figured" Jack responded. "Why don't you sit on it then you can go as slow as you want."

"Ok" Jay replied.

"There's lube and condoms in the drawer," Jack advised.

Jay nodded and climbed over the man to get them. He rotated to put the condom on his cock and pointed his ass at the man. "Lube me," he commanded.

Jack took the lube but on an impulse pulled the boy's hips back and drove his tongue between his cheeks and lapped at his anus. Jay wasn't sure what was happening at first but soon began to moan in pleasure.

"Oh man, that's wicked".

Jack had stimulated his boy sufficiently so that lubing him was easy. Jay turned his attention to bringing the man back to full rigidity. Once ready he rotated and with the man's assistance placed the head up against his anus pushing back. Jack began to stroke the boys 5 incher when he snapped.

"Don't, don't just wait til it's in"

Jack wondered if the boy could take him as he grunted and growled his way onto the thick cock. Finally once enough of it was in the boy's expression changed to pleasure from pain. Straddling him Jay bounced slowly back and forth taking more each time. Now the man could touch the boy's dick to give him added pleasure. Jay surprised Jack again when he was able to sit right down on his cock. The boy began to pickup the pace riding the pole like a cowboy, all he needed was a cowboy hat! From the noises he made Jack figured that Jay loved it and sure enough he began spraying the confirmation onto the man's chest. Jack wasn't far behind erupting as the boy's hole tightened on him. The teen kept at it however pushing back even after he'd finished expelling his juice. Finally the boy collapsed on the man's chest, leaving the cock still inside.

Jack woke about 10 am to find the boy cuddled up under him. It was in fact Jay that had stirred and was pushing the muscular man off him. Once free the boy went off to the bathroom. Upon returning he straddled the man and with his face right up against his new man's he said.

"Lets go again, you on top this time"

This was the best Christmas ever.