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Christmas Day: Chapter 2.

"Open" Jack commanded as he prepared to place his mirror into the boy's mouth.

Jack examined the teenage teeth, although the hygienist had done a decent job it was clear that the boy wasn't taking care of them. It looked like two or three restorations would be required, he'd know for sure once the X-rays arrived. The teen's soft pale features excited Jack, his freckle pattern clustered across his nose then faded into each cheek. His thick lips were so inviting it made jack semi-hard. They weren't pouty or distended but just a bit thicker than average. He though of them as `kissy lips' and wondered if the blond teen knew that they were the most striking feature on his narrow face.

"Ok, we're going to have fill a couple of cavities in here" Jack advised. "You really need to do a better job brushing and now that the hygienist showed you how to floss properly I expect to see an improvement in your gums."

The teen sought to respond but made no sense trying to speak with his mouth open for examination. It reminded Jack of his days as a dental student working in a youth detention center for experience. All he really did was pull teeth or adjust braces and sometimes deal with an occasional abscess when the staff dentist allowed. Jack though it funny when the tough guys were reduced to whimpering boys when they had a toothache. In fact he knew they were bad off then they asked to see a dentist. Some of the teens were even restrained in the chair for his safety, although Jack argued that if they were that dangerous he didn't want to treat them, but in the end procedure won out. It made sense Jack figured, they had all sorts of sharp implements around, all patients were strip searched on their way out anyway. Often Jack would have fantasies of pleasing a boy in his chair, poor caged up beast could likely use a bit of relief but it was clearly an impossible thing to do logistically and ethically.

Returning to his current patient, Jack was running his fingers back along the jaw bone and checking his joints. He poked his head up and seeing that no one was near his station Jack gave in to his desires and brushed his lips up against the boys gently kissing him. The boy returned the kiss and broke out into a broad smile.

"You do that for all your patients" Jay asked as he prepared to get out of the chair.

"No only the special ones" Jack replied as he gave the boy a hot towel for his face.

"We'll have you back in a couple of weeks to fill the cavities" He continued as the smile was replaced by a scowl on the boy's face.

"Will it hurt?" Jay asked.

"Naw I'll numb you all up first, nothing to worry about tough guy" Jack assured with a slight pat on the thigh. "I'll go look at your brother now, try and behave yourself in the waiting room" Jack asked as he left for the next station where Jay's younger brother was finishing up with the hygienist.

Jack flipped through his next patient's file, putting the X-rays up on his screen.

"Thank you Sally," he said as the hygienist finished her work.

"He was much better than his brother," she advised, meaning both the state of his teeth and his behaviour.

"Ok let's have a look Gus" Jack asked Jay's brother. Magnus was his real name but like Jay he went by a nickname. Jack wouldn't know they were brothers based on their appearance. Gus at 14 was almost the same height as Jay but heavier. His reddish brown hair and big brown puppy dog eyes gave no indication of common genetics between the two. He had many more freckles than Jay, giving him the appearance of a darker complexion. Jack had only met the sibling but immediately discerned that the younger boy was much more laid back than his high-strung older brother.

"Ok Gus, looks good, we're going to keep any eye on those back teeth, so try to remember to keep them as clean as you can." Jack requested as he handed out a hot face towel. He then presented the boy with a sucker. He found that the teens often complained when they didn't get one and were offended when you did give them one, so he'd usually just hold one out and depending on the expression he got back would either hand it over or say something like, `naw you're too old for this'.

In this instance Gus took the sucker and went to join his brother in the waiting room. Jack followed him to see the pair out.

"Candy's bad for your teeth, isn't it?" Gus commented.

"It's sugarless" Jack assured.

"Hey how come he gets a sucker?" Jay complained.

"He was nice to the hygienist," Jack admonished.

"It hurt" Jay explain.

"Don't worry tough guy, I'll give you something to suck on tonight" Jack said softly as he ushered them out the door. "I'll meet you in the lobby for 6".

It had been six weeks since Jack got his teenage Christmas present and now the youth spent most weekends with him. Even though Jay had reassured Jack that his mother was aware and supportive of his sexuality the man was still reluctant to meet her. She ended up catching Jack unaware when the phone rang one day. He assumed it to be Jay calling by the number but in fact it was his mother. Once the awkward chitchat was over she commented on his profession and admitted that her boys hadn't been to a dentist in a long while as she was without insurance. Jack offered to see the boys for free. He had done so before usually with street kids referred from a local shelter. He could usually help them more than an emergency room where the tooth would often just be pulled.

Jack finished his paperwork and left the clinic knowing that Jay would be impatiently waiting, much to Jack's surprise though, he wasn't alone. Both Jay and Gus were waiting in the lobby as he arrived. He unlocked the door and led them up to the apartment. Once inside Jay played tour guide while the man changed into comfortable clothes. Coming out of the bedroom, he found Jay already shirtless and about to remove his pants.

"Keep your clothes on" Jack commanded. Jay had taken to Jack's nudist preferences while they were in his apartment.

"What?" Jay replied in mid strip.

"Not with your brother here. Why is he here anyway?" Jack quizzed irritated by the change in plan.

"He wanted to see the place," Jay answered but Jack knew the translation was that Jay wanted to show it off.

"Well we can't do much with him around, unless you're planning a threesome" Jack chuckled.

"Naa he sucks dick like a girl" Jay insulted.

"I was just joking Jay, we'll send him home after pizza then but next time don't bring anyone around here without asking first" Jack said sternly.

"Like you were going to say no" Jay spat. "I guess I could fool around with him if you wanted to watch" Jay offered in a softened tone.

"What! No really Jay I was joking, I don't need to see or even know what you guys do together," Jack protested.

"What are we doing?" Gus asked having walked silently into the room.

"I'm ordering pizza, is there anything you don't want on it?" Jack recovered.

"Anything's fine" Gus replied.

After making the call Jack returned to the living room to find both boys now shirtless in front of the TV.

"I though I said we're keeping our clothes on" Jack said flatly.

"Come on, it's too hot in here" Jay snapped.

Jack gave in and sat in the space between them on the couch. It wasn't long before the pizza arrived, Jay bounded up snatching the money Jack left on the counter and headed for the door. Jack took the opportunity to examine Gus more closely. His freckles extended thickly across his shoulders and down his back, then became sparse as they neared his belly. Jack found himself looking directly into the big brown eyes, realizing he'd been caught.

"So what's it like having Jay for a Brother?" Jack quickly interjected.

"He's a jerk" Gus replied flatly "I don't know why you even like him"

"Well he has some good qualities" Jack replied just as the aforementioned Jay arrived lugging the evening meal.

Both boys as expected ate as though they hadn't been fed in years. Once the food supply was exhausted they lay quietly digesting on the couch. Realizing that Jay would want some action, Jack figured it would be best to get rid of Gus sooner, rather than later.

"I guess I should drive Gus home now" Jack announced.

"He can walk" Jay spat.

Gus didn't react to either comment. Jack boldly stroked his hand across the freckle monster's chest and continued.

"Come on Gus" he said getting up.

The young teen followed him to the door preparing to depart.

"I'll stay here," Jay announced.

"You mean, `can I stay here,'" Jack corrected in an annoyed tone.

"Whatever" Jay replied.

Jack descended to the parking garage with the younger teen. They walked silently up to his Porche 911.

"Cool" Gus complimented as he got in.

He remained speechless as Jack drove him the short distance home on the near empty streets of the downtown evening.

"Thanks Jack" He said in parting.

"My pleasure" Jack replied. He watched the boy enter he building before driving off to return to his sex puppy.

On returning Jack found Jay lazing naked on the couch.

"I see you're ready" Jack jibed.

"Yep" Jay mumbled without taking his eyes off the TV.

Jack sat down, waiting for the show to end. As he gently stroked the boy's face and hair he asked, "You and your brother don't look much alike."

"We have different sperm donors," Jay said flatly.

"Sperm donors?" Jack quizzed.

"What else do you call a guy that gave you nothing but his sperm" Jay said with a bit of venom in his voice.

"Oh I see, you and Gus have different... Biological fathers" Jack said carefully.

"Yeah ... Gus's donor comes around now and then, gets him all excited then takes off again. I never see mine" Jay said still intent on the TV.

"Maybe he's waiting for you to contact him, have you ever tried" Jack suggested.

"Why? He's done nothing for me" Jay said turning to look at Jack.

After a short silence Jay stood and took Jack by the hand.

"I'm ready" he advised and led the man to the bedroom.

Jack looked up at the clock as he pounded his dick into the willing hole. Jay was moaning and mumbling his approval. They had been at it now for three quarters of an hour and Jack was tiring. He wanted to unload as well. The man reached around to discover that the bed was cum soaked, under the boy. Clearly the little shit had reached orgasm at least once. The man found it difficult to know when that happened with this one, as he was constantly making noise. In fact Jack had demanded that he be less vocal as he didn't care for the `oh fuck yeah' and `fuck, me fuck me harder' mantra that the boy used to chant. Jack's frustration with Jay washed away quickly though as he felt powerful in being able to give him such pleasure. Likely much in the same way that Jay found power in providing oral pleasure he assumed. Jack quickened his pace seeking his own satisfaction. Jay's vocalizations became louder as the pounding increased. Finally Jack filled his condom and gently withdrew. The two lay in comfortable exhaustion.

Jack woke to find himself alone in bed, the sun beaming into the room. It didn't last long as the teen bounded back into bed. It was likely that Jack was disturbed when Jay left the bed in the first place but now he had to deal with the squiring cuddler on his chest. Wrapping his arms around the boy he thought it odd that Jay was such a happy morning person.

"Squeeze me" Jay commanded.

Jack gripped the boy more firmly.

"Is that the best you can do wimp?" Jay insulted.

Jack used his powerful arms to crush the boy into him.

"Are you ... holding me? I ... can barely ... feel it" Jay said playfully as he fought for breath under the crushing hold.

Jack released him and rolled the boy off.

"Let's get some breakfast going" Jack suggested as he got up.

The pair ate and then made their way to the community center where they had first met for a morning work out. Jack had paid for a weight room membership for Jay so that they could do some lifting together. It was obvious to Jack and likely everyone else that Jay was more interested in watching men lift than doing so himself. His head swiveled around checking out all the lifters as the random clang of metal served as the sound track.

"I'm going to the shower now" Jay announced.

`To see if there's anything to look at in there' Jack thought.

"Sure I'll be along in a few minutes" He replied.

As the boy turned to leave he spoke to a man approaching.

"Hi Mr. Green"

"Hello Jay" the middle aged man replied.

"Ok see ya in there Jack" Jay said as he squeezed his man's bicep as he trotted off.

"So you're Jay's latest conquest?" The man said with a knowing look and extending his hand.

"Conquest?" Jack feigned as he shook hands.

"Well perhaps that's a bit harsh but from what I've seen, Jay chooses the man he wants, not the other way around" Mr. Green advised.

"So you were one of those men?" Jack asked returning the bold line of questioning.

"Yeah about a year ago" the man advised.

"And you never got to a first name basis?" Jack chuckled.

"Ah, well ... I'm a teacher at his school" Mr. Green explained.

"hmm extra credit" Jack nodded.

"Well I was never actually his teacher," he reported.

"Yeah Jay's a great kid" Jack said after an awkward silence.

"Well, I don't want to sound dramatic or anything but I think it behooves me to warn you that this one doesn't love, he does everything for himself. I fell into the trap of thinking otherwise," Mr. Green explained.

"You mean he uses people?" Jack asked.

"No it's something more than that, I think he's incapable of love. It's more than self centered behaviour, he doesn't seem to care about anyone else in fact I've never seen him truly remorseful about anything." The teacher explained.

"You mean he's a psychopath?" Jack asked disbelievingly.

"Maybe, not all psychopaths are axe murders, but some people just don't have much of a conscience. But I wish you luck with him" Mr. Green said as he turned away.

Jack's initial reaction to what the teacher had said was shock but some of it made sense knowing Jay's personality. On the other hand it smacked of unrequited love. It wouldn't be unusual for the man to be far more in love than the boy in such relationships. Jack returned to his lifting as he pondered what the man had said.

To be continued?