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Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 1

His name is actually Christopher Jonathan Robinson, but his parents never realized that he would be teased by classmates calling him "Christopher Robin" like the boy in the Winnie the Pooh books. Most of the time, Chris didn't mind the teasing, as it was done by friends who just wanted to have fun. Chris was now almost 11 years old, and life was not dealing the boy a good hand in the card game of life. To understand Christopher, you would have to return to the time he was 8 years old, a happy boy growing up in an ideal family, living in central Michigan.

His father, Jonathan, or Jon was a former Navy SEAL. He was all man, and loved to live on the edge of danger. His Navy SEAL training was intense, and he was proud of his accomplishments in his career. Jon has mastered the martial arts, and became an instructor after his active career ended during an ill-fated mission into a remote part of the former Soviet Union. He was severely wounded, and his days of active missions ended when he was not yet 30. Jon returned to his home in Michigan, for no real reason other than he had lived there most of his life. He was an orphan, and never knew anything about his family or roots. Jon had few friends, as his career with the Navy had taken him away from his former home area, and the Navy did not encourage him to stay in contact with the friends he had from high school and college. Yes, he had a degree in Criminology from Michigan State University, but he had lost contact with his old college buddies a long time ago. It was by chance that he met a girl named Jessica at a shopping mall. She had lost her car keys and was late for a job interview. Jon heard her on the phone calling AAA as he walked past the phones on the way to the head. He still called it a head, even though he was out of the Navy. Most guys called it a John, but he chose not to use that term.

Jon offered Jessica a ride to her job interview. She looked up at the tall dark and handsome man and forgot her inhibitions. She accepted the ride and got the job. Jon waited for her interview to end, and when she came out smiling, their fate was set. They celebrated her new job together at Applebee's, and talked late into the night. They fell in love. They got married. They wanted children, but were frustrated by infertility caused by his wounds from the Navy SEALs mission. Finally after years of trying, and some help from the medical profession, Jessica was pregnant. It was a joyous event for the couple as they awaited the birth of their baby. Christopher Jonathan Robinson entered the world in January, a beautiful bouncing and screaming bundle of joy. Christopher had inherited his mother's genes. Her parents had come from Norway, and the traits of blonde hair and fair complexion carried on to the beautiful young boy. The only difference was that his eyes were green---not just green, but GREEN. From the day he was born and his father cut the umbilical cord, everyone noticed Christopher's brilliant green eyes. They were captivating, like they could pierce the very soul of anyone who had a chance to gaze on the boy.

Jessica had lost both her parents to a car accident before Chris was even born. The only relative that was alive was a distant cousin, Mindy. There was no love lost between Mindy and Jessica. Jessica was blonde and beautiful with a handsome husband. Mindy was older, had a dark complexion, and would be described as "blind date material". Mindy had been married and divorced three times, and now lived in a modest home in Owosso. From the time that the two cousins met for the first time, they despised each other. Mindy was jealous of what Jessica had, and constantly made rude remarks about Jessica, Jon, and later, Chris. Mindy never let the chance go by to criticize Jon's job with the CIA, saying that he was putting his wife and son in jeopardy. Life would show that Mindy was correct.

Jon and Jessica would never have another child, as complications after the birth of Chris left Jessica barren. The couple mourned that they would not have more children, but intensified their love for their only child. Chris learned to swim before he could walk. The AquaTots program at the YMCA began the strong bonding of father and son. Jon would take his infant son into the pool and marvel at how instinct taught the tiny boy to swim to his father and wrap his little arms around his father's neck. Jon hugged the naked boy and loved his son more than life itself. The tiny bundle of energy followed his father around the house, crawling at first to grab a pant leg and want to be picked up and cuddled. Jon always called him Chrissy, or his little angel. No one else called him Chrissy but Jon and Jessica. Chris walked before he was 10 months old, and always ran to greet his father when he returned from work. Jessica had quit her job after Chris was born, and devoted her time to teaching her son reading and writing before he was four years old. From the very start, Jessica recognized that Chris was a gifted child. He learned so fast that it was shocking to Jessica when she visited with friends who had boys up to three years older that could not keep up with Chris's skills. Jessica considered "home schooling" Chris, but she and Jon decided that Chris needed the social interaction with other children. Chris attended the Montessori school for gifted children, and excelled in everything that he attempted.

As soon as Chris could walk, Jon started training his son in the martial arts. It was never intended to provide the boy with weapons to hurt others, but was a way of developing the boy's muscle development and coordination. Chris took to the martial arts just like he took to the pool. The boy grew, and his beauty grew with him. At the age of eight, Chris was smaller than the other boys his age were, but his body was superb. He was all boy, with golden blonde hair that was parted to the left side, and hung over his captivating eyes. Chris was a natural athlete, and participated in all types of sports, soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming, baseball and even football, although he was small for his age. His size was offset by his speed and stamina, traits that were honed by years of martial arts training and competition. He was a natural born leader. He was the first to be picked by any team. His world was perfect. Then life came crashing down on the little boy.

It happened when his father was out of town for work. Jonathan had been gone for two weeks. Chris did not know what his father did, but he knew it was so secret that his father would not even talk to Chris's mother about his work. All Chris knew was that he loved both of his parents, but he cherished the time with his father the most.

It was a Friday evening. Chris had been in a Pop Warner football game where he scored three touchdowns, and helped his team win the game. The coach dropped Chris off and Chris bounded into the house. His mother was waiting for him with open arms, and scooped up her son and spun him around.

"Did you see me?" he asked.

"Of course, I did. I was the one yelling the loudest for you and your team" his mom replied.

"I could hear you above everyone else" Chris replied. "Daddy always says that you have a foghorn for a voice" he teased his mother.

"Get that uniform off so I can wash it, and you stink, so take a shower" she told him playfully. Chris was too young for the hormones of puberty to cause body smell, but he had played a hard game, and had made two key blocks on the opposing team to spring Chris's teammates free for touchdowns. The coach had congratulated him and awarded him the game ball in recognition of his achievements. Without hesitating he stood in the living room and stripped nude in front of his mother.

Jessica marveled at the beauty of her son. He had wanted to let his hair grow long, and it nearly reached his shoulders. Chris had full lips, more like a beautiful girl than a boy. He had long eyelashes that accentuated his vivid green eyes. That was another trait that most girls would die for. She looked at the rest of the body of her son, and noticed that his uncircumcised penis was rock hard. She had noticed that his penis was hard a lot lately. She smiled, and said to herself that he takes after his father in being erect most of the time. Jessica never minded her husband having an erection, as that is the way her little angel had been conceived. She smiled and swatted the bubble butt of her child as he squealed and ran up the stairs nude to take his shower.

Chris turned on the shower and let the water warm up. He did not like cold showers, and looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. He saw a cute boy looking back at him with beautiful green eyes. He wondered if people were right when they told him he was too beautiful to be a boy. He flexed his immature muscles and imagined having a body as muscular as his father's. Chris liked what he saw as he turned and looked at the image of his butt in the mirror. He laughed at being so vain, and stepped into the shower.

Chris started by washing his hair with the apple scented shampoo. He lathered it twice to make sure he got rid of all of the sweat. He used the Irish Spring soap to wash all of his body except the two parts that he loved the most. Those parts deserved special attention.

He rubbed his hands on the bar of soap and created a volume of lather. He turned so he was just out of the spray of the shower and started on his "special parts". One hand rubbed over the globes of his firm butt while the other hand circled his still hard penis. One soapy hand was massaging his butt while the other pulled back the foreskin on his young penis. His father had insisted that he remain uncircumcised until Chris was old enough to decide to be cut or the need was identified by inability to pull the skin back to expose the knob of the boy's penis. Chris liked his foreskin, and was constantly pulling and playing with it. His index finger was covered in soap as he guided it to the crack of his boy butt. He slid it further down and probed around the puckered ring of his anus. This was the part of a shower that Chris loved the most. His finger traced around the ring and then entered the warmth inside his body. His other hand was busy too, with two fingers and a thumb stroking up and down on his erection. Chris was now lost to the world, as he gave himself the pleasure that few boys his age had ever realized. His stroking and plunging became more frantic as the boy neared his orgasm. Many people might think that a boy of 8 could never achieve an orgasm, but Chris knew what his body could do, and that was to give him immense pleasure. His penis throbbed as his finger plunged deeper and faster into his body. His body shook all over as the dry orgasm wracked his body. The throbbing in his penis seemed to last for hours, but it was actually only a matter of seconds before the boy nearly lost consciousness as his orgasm peaked.

Chris had never been taught to be ashamed of his body. He often walked around nude after a shower, and was never embarrassed for his parents to see him with an erection. It seemed like his dick was always hard when he got excited for any reason. He had been caught several times playing with it, but his parents never made him feel guilty about it. They merely told him to do it in private, and close the door to his room. They never entered without knocking, as it was a family rule to never open a closed door without knocking first. He always had time to cover up if he was playing with his dick before the door opened. He knew that his face was always red with lust and embarrassment when they finally opened the door to his bedroom and they realized what he had been doing. It was like his face was an open book and they knew every page. They always said what they wanted to say and then closed the door to let their little angel finish masturbating. Most of the time, his boner had wilted by the time the door was closed, so he grumbled and made a date with his hand for later that evening when he was going to bed.

Chris left the shower just as the hot water was running out. His father had put in a larger water heater just because Chris had complained that the hot water ran out before he finished his shower. At first his father had teased him about playing with his "pocket rocket" instead of washing, but the vivid red of his embarrassed son's face told him to ease off of the boy. Jon was surprised that his son was interested in masturbation so early in his life, but he smiled and never made the boy feel guilty.

Chris had finished the shower by using hair conditioner on his long blonde hair, rinsing it off in cold water that made the boy shiver and his erection wither to nothing. Chris wondered if his penis was as big as other boys his age. He had never seen another boy nude, even with all of the sports that he played. The boys usually competed and went home to shower and change. Chris had seen his father's penis, and it looked huge to the young boy. Chris prayed that his would get that big. He had even seen his mother nude several times. The family had no inhibitions about nudity, but the parents never flaunted their nudity in front of their son. One time Chris had woke up in the middle of the night and slipped downstairs to get a drink, surprising his parents during a love making session. At first Chris just watched as his father's butt moved forward and back over his mother's prone body. Her legs were far apart and she was moaning so loud that she and her husband did not hear Chris on the stairs. Jessica was moaning and calling out to God so loud that Chris thought that his father was hurting her. He froze at the bottom of the stairs as his mother screamed in ecstasy, followed shortly by his father's grunting and moaning as his body slammed into his mother. Their orgasmic bliss ended as Chris sneezed. The parents were shattered, but they embraced as Chris walked past them to the kitchen, wondering if his father had really hurt his mother. When Chris left the kitchen, his father had on boxers and his mother was covered with a blanket. Chris walked back to his room, full of questions about what he had just witnessed. His questions were soon answered as his father knocked on the door to Chris's bedroom and asked to come in.

Chris was scared that his parents had been fighting. He did not understand what he had just seen on the living room couch. His father sat on the bed and told Chris that it was okay to be scared about what he had just seen. His father explained that they were having sex, and having sex is what made babies. Chris had heard a lot about sex at school, but he was still too young for sex education as part of his school studies. Jonathan took the time to explain things to Chris like all fathers are supposed to do, but most never take the time to complete. Jonathan explained the basics of creating babies and answered all of Chris's questions as completely as he could for a father who loved his son, and cherished this opportunity to strengthen the bond with his son.

"Is that what the guys call screwing or fucking?" was one of the questions that popped out of the eight year old's mouth.

"Some people call it that, but that is a nasty term for making love to someone that you really care about" his father replied. "I'd rather you didn't use those words in front of your mother. It does not show respect for a girl or woman to make an act of love sound so dirty".

Jonathan had answered all of the questions of his son, so he bent over and kissed Chris goodnight. "I love you, Chrissy" he said as he closed the door.

Chris remembered the next morning when he walked downstairs for breakfast. His mother and father were at the kitchen table having coffee, with bacon sizzling on the stove. Chris knew they were waiting for him to wake up to start cooking the pancakes and eggs that were a tradition in their small family. Chris sat down in his normal place at the table and started sipping his orange juice that had been waiting for his arrival. The tension in the air was so thick that you could cut it, as both parents dreaded any discussion of the event that Chris had witnessed the night before. Chris looked at his mother's face and saw only love. Then he looked at his father's face and saw a smile that said everything was cool. Chris broke the icy silence by saying, "Well next time you tell me to behave and be good, I will know what you two do when you are supposed to be behaving!"

The kitchen erupted with laughter, as the tension was broken. Jessica opened her arms and Chris darted around the table for a much needed hug and kiss. That was the day that Chris realized that his parents really loved him, and would always be honest with him. He had witnessed love, sex, lust---whatever people wanted to call it. It was a part of life that was normal. The thoughts of that night and morning flashed back to Chris as he finished dressing from his shower and headed down the stairs. Chris was hoping that his father would be home soon, as his father had been away for most of the last two weeks on some special job in Detroit. Chris wanted to tell his father about the football game and hug and wrestle with his father. The conversation that Chris overheard his mother having on the phone told him that his father would not be home tonight. His emotions drained. Chris knew it was impolite to listen in on phone conversations, but he couldn't help it as he raided the refrigerator for a cold Coke and then the cupboard for a bag of chips. He got a look of displeasure from his mother over his choice of snacks, but he just shrugged it off. He heard enough of one side of the conversation to know that his mother was going somewhere to meet his father tonight, and that Chris would be left in the care of Mrs. Porter, the elderly neighbor. Chris wanted his father home-NOW!!!

Chris tugged at the phone cord until his mother gave him the phone so he could talk to his father. "Hi daddy. I miss you. Please come home so we can play. I want to tell you all about the football game today. We did real good and won the game." The boy explained to his father.

"I'm proud of you son, and I will be home in the morning so you can give me the play by play story" Jonathan Robinson said to his son. They chatted for a few more minutes, and then his mother took the phone back.

Chris walked away from the kitchen into the family room, dejected that his father would not be home until tomorrow. He heard his mother talking to Mrs. Porter, and knew he would be in for a boring night with the old lady. Mrs. Porter was always nice to Chris, and always had fresh cookies ready for him whenever he jumped the fence and went next door to her home. She always hugged him and fussed over him, making him feel special. Chris resigned himself to spend the evening eating the pizza that his mom had just ordered, and playing on the PlayStation. Mrs. Porter always watched him play the numerous games, but said she was too old to try playing.

Chris gave his mother a hug and kiss at the door. As she turned to leave, Chris grabbed her and gave her another kiss and hug for her to give to his father. She smiled and promised to deliver the affection. Chris closed the door, not knowing that he was closing the door on the lives of his parents.

Things became a blur for Chris that night. He barely remembered the pizza being delivered, or playing the PlayStation under the approving eyes of Mrs. Porter. He only remembered the doorbell ringing, and Mrs. Porter walking to the door as he continued his twisting and gyrating on the family room carpet, as he struggled to win another level on the video game. Chris remembers seeing Mrs. Porter return to the family room along with two police officers. Her face was ashen, and Chris suddenly realized that something was really, really wrong. He dropped the controller, as Mrs. Porter slowly walked toward him with tears streaming down her face. The doorbell rang again, and one of the police officers let two men dressed in suits enter the home, followed by a woman in her mid-forties. She looked old to Chris, and her face told him that something bad was going to happen, or already had happened.

Jennifer Atkins talked to Mrs. Porter, and then asked Chris to show her his room. Chris walked up the stairs to his room, with every step telling him that he did not want to be with this woman. Mrs. Atkins was a psychologist, working for the CIA to help families cope with losses of loved ones. Chris had never met her or heard of her, but she seemed nice enough for him to show her his room. She closed the door and sat on the edge of Chris's bed, and began trying to talk to Chris. Chris just looked at her, and barely heard what she said, but he remembered certain words that told him more than he could stand to hear. "Your father.......CIA.........mother.......killed.......... Chris looked at her and collapsed, unconscious.