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Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 10

Matt had just hung up the phone from talking to John Eldridge. The call had been a disaster, and Matt was blaming himself for not understanding the fragile feelings of the young boy that he was in love with. Matt had hurt the boy, and Matt did not know how to undo the damage he had done by being honest with Chris on the phone. Matt was angry at himself. His mind had been overloaded by the intense feelings of love for the boy, and he had said things to the boy that sounded impossible. "Could Matt use all of his financial wealth and legal influence to gain custody of the little boy? Could they really become father and son? More important, could they really become lovers?

Matt walked out of his home office, and headed for the bar in the family room. The bottle of Chevas Regal from last night was empty, and in a fit of rage, Matt smashed it on the bar counter top. The shattered bottle slashed his right hand, and the blood flowed onto the counter top and carpeted floor. Matt grabbed a bar towel and wrapped it around his hand. The blood quickly soaked through the towel and started dripping again. Matt started feeling weak, as the gash in his hand was deeper than he thought. He grabbed another towel, and wrapped it around his hand. The combination of the emotional phone call and the loss of blood were getting to him. Matt had a very low threshold of pain, and he started to get nauseated. The palm of his right hand was laid open to the bones, and there was no way that Matt was going to take care of this injury with a Band-Aid. He barely noticed that he had also cut his wrist, and the blood was pouring out of his right wrist and hand. He was getting so weak that he knew he could never drive himself to the emergency clinic on Owen Road. Matt felt like he was going to pass out, but he knew if he did, that he would probably bleed to death, and he would never see his little angel again. Matt staggered toward the phone on the bar counter top to call 9-1-1. Before Matt could pick up the phone to call for help, the phone rang.

Matt grabbed the phone and croaked "Hello, please help me."

Matt heard the familiar voice of Penny, who was calling to give him the information she stolen from the student files at the academy. "Matt, what's wrong," Penny asked desperately. She knew that something was wrong with her friend and she was terrified.

"I cut my hand. It is bad. I think I am going to pass out," Matt said. Matt collapsed on the floor with Penny screaming into the phone for Matt to talk to her. Penny tried to talk to Matt, but she suddenly realized that Matt had indeed passed out. Penny screamed, but there was no way for her to break the phone connection to call anyone for help. In desperation, Penny ran out of the house to her car, and dialed 9-1-1 on her cell phone as she started the car and headed for Matt's home. Penny was driving over 100 miles an hour down the expressway, dodging cars and cussing at the drivers who were in her way. She frantically told the emergency response answering service to send an ambulance to Matt's home. She was less than 10 minutes from Matt's home now, and she prayed that help would arrive in time to save Matt. Penny quickly punched the cell phone number for her husband, Ron, and prayed that he would have his cell phone turned on.

Ron answered his cell phone, and was terrified by what Penny told him. Ron was close to Matt's home, and did a U-turn in the median of the expressway, throwing snow and mud all over his 4 wheel drive GMC. Ron floored the GMC pickup, and arrived at Matt's home just minutes ahead of Penny and the ambulance. The door to the spacious home was locked, and Ron slammed his shoulder into the expensive door, shattering the door and frame. "So much for security" Ron thought as he ran through the house looking for his buddy. Ron found Matt on the floor of the family room in a pool of blood. The cut was much worse than Matt had realized. The broken bottle had hit the main artery in Matt's right wrist, in addition to cutting deeply into his right hand. Ron quickly applied pressure to the deep wounds on his buddy, and prayed that the ambulance would get there fast.

Penny arrived at Matt's house just as the ambulance with the paramedics arrived. They all rushed into the house to find Ron on the floor, still applying pressure to the gaping wounds. Ron looked up at his wife, and started crying. Ron's face was white with fear that his friend would bleed to death. The paramedics took over and applied compresses to the deep wounds. They quickly put Matt on a stretcher and took him to the ambulance. Ron left his truck at Matt's home and sat in the passenger's seat of his wife's car as they followed the ambulance to the Genesys Regional Medical facility. Penny tried to comfort her husband, but she too was filled with fear that Matt would die.

Back at the Hartland Academy, John Eldridge was trying to do damage control with the two young boys in his office. John had told Adam to get dressed, as John bent down to pick up the little boy who was sobbing on the floor. When Adam returned, he found John sitting on the floor, holding Chris and talking softly to him. Chris was calming down. John was working magic with the little boy, and Adam felt love pour out from his own body into John and Chris.

"You two need to listen to me for a few minutes," John said. "Matt loves you Chris, and he wants to be your daddy. Maybe Matt shouldn't have said that to you, but he really means it, and I think it can happen."

Part of John's brain told him that he was lying to the little shattered boy. John knew that Chris already had a legal guardian, and that adoption of a boy by a single man was not socially or legally acceptable. But John knew that Matthew Cameron had immense wealth and influence, and if anyone in the world could pull this off, it would be Matt.

"Matt said those things to you out of love, Chris," John explained. "Matt loves you as much as I love Adam."

Adam sat on the floor next to his lover, John. John was still holding Chris in his arms and stroking the little boy's hair, trying to comfort him.

"Matt did not intend to hurt Chris," John explained to Adam. "He was just expressing how deep his love is for this little boy."

"But he hurt Chris, and I have tried to protect Chris," Adam pleaded.

"Matt didn't hurt Chris," John said. "Life has hurt this little guy. Matt is Chris's salvation, and you have to stop hating Matt. When you hurt Matt, you are hurting Chris."

The words sank into Adam's brain. Adam had not heard what Matt had said to Chris. Adam only saw the results of the comments, and Adam had reacted violently in defense of his little brother. Adam was still jealous that Chris could love Matt more than Chris loved Adam. Adam thought, and decided that he had over reacted.

"I'm sorry, John," Adam said. "I need to apologize to Matt too. I was a jerk."

"You were not a jerk, you were being the best big brother this little guy could have," John said. "Matt will be here tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. to talk to me and Chris. You can apologize to Matt when he comes here tomorrow."

Chris had stopped crying, and was hugging John. Hearing that his man would be there to visit him seemed to calm him down. No one seemed to notice that Chris had wet his pants during the time he had lost control of his emotions and had been on the floor sobbing. The emotions had been too much for the fragile boy, and he had lost control of his bladder. When Chris had calmed down enough to talk, he looked at the front of his wet shorts and was embarrassed.

"Don't worry about that," John said, as he felt the wetness of Chris's urine soaking into his own pants. "Adam and I will take care of it."

John carried Chris out of the office area and toward the boys' dorm. Adam was holding Chris's hand as John carried the little boy to his room. Adam was thankful that no other boys seemed to be walking the halls, and the trio was able to arrive at the boys' room without anyone seeing them.

"I'll let you clean him up and take care of him now," John said to his young lover. John kissed Adam on the lips and ruffled Chris's hair before he left the room.

John returned to his office and dialed the number for Matthew Cameron that he had in his Time Management Planner. The phone kept ringing busy. John didn't know that the phone was still off the hook, from the time when Matt had been talking to Penny and had collapsed. John knew that Penny Gentry was a close friend of Matt's, so John called her, but only got the answering service. John had no way of knowing that Matt had been injured, and was lying in the hospital, close to death. John left a message for Penny to call him as soon as possible, no matter how late it was. John left his office telephone number, his cell phone number and his unlisted home number.

Adam looked at his roommate and felt ashamed for what he had said to Chris's friend, Matt. If hurting Matt would hurt Chris, Adam would never hurt Matt again. Adam was struggling with the feelings of jealousy that he was feeling. Adam wished that Chris would want to love him and have sex with him, instead of loving Matt. Adam choked back his feelings, and help Chris undress. Matt tossed the urine soaked clothes into the laundry basket, and grabbed two towels so the boys could shower. Chris had reverted back to being the boy who would not talk. Adam knew that he had to help the little boy accept what had happened today, and keep Chris from building the wall back up around him.

The two boys completed their shower. It was time for supper, and they dressed in the casual clothes that were allowed on weekends and headed out of their room to supper. Chris was silent during supper, and that bothered Adam. Adam was afraid that Chris was reverting back to the silent boy that refused to be touched. The two roommates finished supper and headed toward the gym. Adam asked Chris if he wanted to play basketball, but Chris only shook his head "No". Adam led Chris to the computer lab and asked Chris if he wanted to get on the Internet. Chris looked up at his tall roommate, and gave Adam a look that cut Adam to pieces. Adam quickly realized that the earlier trip to the computer lab had started all of the problems that the boys were suffering for. Adam was getting frustrated. He did not know what to suggest to occupy Chris's time. It was only 7:00 p.m. and far too early to go to bed. Adam's frustration was turning to anger. He was tempted to leave Chris alone, and go find something to do by himself. As soon as that thought hit Adam, he felt guilty. He had taken a personal vow to help this little boy, and Adam was being selfish. The tension in Adam's body drained.

"What do you want to do, little buddy?" Adam asked.

"Draw me a picture" Chris replied.

Adam was relieved that Chris had finally spoken. Adam hugged his little brother and grabbed Chris's hand as he led his little brother back to their room so he could get his sketchpad.

"What do you want me to draw?" Adam asked.

"Matt" was the single word reply from Chris.

Adam bit his tongue. He was still holding on to anger toward Matt, but Adam remembered what John Eldridge had said "hurting Matt would be hurting Chris." Adam rubbed his hands together to get the circulation flowing and started the pencil sketch. It is difficult to draw a person's face and have the drawing be flattering, especially when the artist was still uneasy about how Matt had treated Chris. Adam continued on the drawing, trying to capture the look on Matt's face when Matt and Chris were together in the lounge after the pageant. Chris was leaning on his big brother's shoulder, criticizing any part of the sketch that he didn't feel looked exactly like Matt.

"His nose is too big". His mouth doesn't look like that." "His sweater was different." "His hair has curls." Chris continually made Adam change the sketch. Adam was wearing out his eraser. This was the most difficult sketch Adam had ever made. Chris was making sure that the sketch was perfect. Adam had to admit to himself that the criticism that Chris was giving him was valid. When Adam finished the drawing, it was almost 9:00 p.m. Chris asked Adam to sign the drawing, and Chris took the paper and pinned it on the pegboard on the wall of their room, right next to the sketch that Adam had made of Chris's face. Chris looked at the picture of his man lover, and kissed the image.

Chris walked back to Adam and gave Adam a big hug. "Thanks" Chris said.

Adam decided he was too tired to do anything but go to bed. Adam started to undress, and watched as Chris stripped down to the small white briefs. Adam gazed at the beauty of the little boy, and felt satisfied that he had made a nice sketch for Chris. Chris looked at Adam and asked, "Can I sleep with you?"

Adam didn't reply. He just opened his arms and hugged his little brother. Adam laid Chris down on Adam's bed, and Adam turned out the light and got into bed with the little angel.

"You gonna play with my dick again tonight?" Chris giggled.

"Probably, but if I do, it will be when you are asleep" Adam replied.

Chris giggled and snuggled up against his big brother and drifted of to sleep, hoping that he would dream about Matt again. Adam felt the tears starting to run down his cheeks as he held the small boy next to his body. Adam put his hand on Chris's brief covered butt, and pulled the boy even closer to his own body. Adam drifted off to sleep, holding the most precious thing in the world next to his body.

At the Genesys Regional Medical facility, the Trauma Center was a nightmare. A multi-car accident on the expressway had flooded the Trauma Center with injured people. Two had died before anyone could help them. Ron and Penny held each other as they realized that the medical staff was stretched to the limit. Ron grabbed his cell phone and dialed the number of his friend Lonny Nichols, who was a vascular surgeon. Lonny was in the hospital making visits to his patients, and Lonny rushed to the trauma unit to help with the emergency treatment of Matthew. By the time Lonny got to the unit, the emergency staff had stabilized Matt's condition. Matt had lost a lot of blood, and his blood pressure was very low. Matt was in critical condition, and was close to death. Lonny took over taking care of Matt, and that let the rest of the staff concentrate on saving the lives of the accident victims. It was almost 1:00 a.m. when Lonny came out of the treatment room and told Ron and Penny that Matt would live. Penny and Ron cried and hugged Lonny.

Back at the academy, Chris was dreaming. He started moving all over the bed, and his movements woke Adam up. At first Adam thought Chris was having a nightmare, but the moonlight coming through the window lit up Chris's face. Adam marveled at the look on Chris's face. Chris was moaning in his sleep, and humping his young body against Adam. Adam just lay there watching Chris's face as it contorted and smiled, and moaned. Chris was still humping his erection on Adam's leg. Adam turned on his side, so Chris's erection was rubbing against his own. Chris was having the most erotic dream of his life, and Adam was sharing it, as Chris's humping against Adam's erection brought both of the boys to the point of climax. Chris moaned, and Adam groaned. Chris's orgasm was dry, but Adam's was a flood of semen that soaked both of the boys. They both calmed down and drifted off to sleep, stuck together by the huge load of cum that Adam had blasted between them.