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Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 11

It was early on Sunday morning when Chris awoke. He felt stickiness on the front of his briefs, and at first, Chris was afraid that he had wet the bed. Chris slipped away from the body of his big brother, and was going to try to hide his wet underwear before Adam could see it. As soon as Chris got out of the bed, he noticed that his underwear didn't smell like pee. This was a new smell for Chris to experience, and he wondered what was all over his briefs.

The movement of the bed when Chris got out, woke Adam up. It took Adam a few seconds to wake up enough that he could understand that he had shot a wad of cum in his boxers. Adam saw Chris stripping off his white briefs, and Adam noticed that Chris looked really guilty and embarrassed. Chris tried to sneak his briefs into the clothesbasket that still held the clothes that he had wet the day before. Adam knew that Chris was afraid.

"I'm sorry, Chris," Adam said.

"What are you sorry about?" Chris asked. "I'm the one that wet the bed. I'm really sorry, Adam, and I won't ask to sleep with you again."

"That's not pee all over you and me, Chris," Adam said. "It's cum. You were having a dream, and you started humping my leg. I turned over so you were humping your dick against mine, and I shot a load."

Chris was relieved. Adam was embarrassed. Chris grabbed the briefs from the clothesbasket, and sniffed them. This was the first time that Chris had really smelled cum, and he wanted to savor the aroma. Adam got out of the bed and walked up to his little brother. Adam hugged the boy and again told him he was sorry for cumming all over both of them.

Chris giggled and told Adam, "Next time shoot your stuff all over me when I am awake, so I can see it."

Adam slapped his little brother's bare butt, and sent the boy squealing to the other side of the room. Adam peeled his sticky boxers off from his body and laughed that Chris was not mad at him for shooting cum all over both of them. The two boys headed off toward the showers, as Chris reminded Adam that Matt would be coming to visit him today at 2:00 p.m. Chris was excited. Adam was ashamed over how he had talked to Matt on the phone.

Back at Genesys Regional Medical Center, Matthew Cameron was clinging to life. Matt was now in Intensive Care, and could only have family visitors for 5 minutes each hour. Ron had insisted that Penny go home and sleep, and Ron said he would stay with Matt until Penny was rested and could come back. The hospital staff had refused to let Ron in the room where Matt was clinging to life, because Ron was not a blood relative. Ron had appealed to Lonny Nichols, who pulled some strings to allow Ron and Penny to visit Matt. Ron sat next to the bed that held his best friend and prayed that Matt would recover. Ron never stopped talking to Matt, even though Ron knew that Matt could not hear him. Ron would never give up on his best friend.

Penny Gentry got home and saw that the answering machine was blinking. She was going to ignore the messages, but decided to listen to the four messages that were waiting. The first message was from John Eldridge, and it sounded urgent. John had said to call no matter how late it was. Something was wrong, and Penny sensed the urgency to call John back. Penny figured that John must be home by now, so she dialed the unlisted number that John had left. From her time at the academy, Penny knew of very few people who had John's unlisted home number. Penny waited for someone to answer the phone as it continued to ring.

"Hello," a female voice rasped.

"Hi Marge," Penny said as she recognized the voice of John's wife. "John left a message for me at home, and it sounded urgent."

Marge felt her husband pull the phone away from her hand. Marge turned on the light next to their bed, and listened to her husband. He quickly told Penny that he had tried to reach Matthew Cameron, but the phone kept ringing busy.

John's face turned white, as he listened to what Penny was telling him. Matthew had been hurt and was in the hospital. He was in critical condition, but had been stabilized by a friend of theirs who is a vascular surgeon. Penny told John that it appeared that Matt had gone into a rage and had smashed an empty bottle of scotch that cut his hand and wrist. Penny explained that Matt would have bled to death if the paramedics hadn't rescued him. Penny did not tell John the part that she and Ron had played in saving Matt's life.

John wanted to talk to Penny in private, but that would arouse suspicion in his own wife if her husband wanted to talk to another woman in the middle of the night. John decided to let his wife hear what he had to say to Penny.

"I know you were in the office today, looking at the confidential files for Christopher Robinson" John said. "You know those files are off limits to anyone unless they get my approval first."

John knew that he could have Penny fired for sneaking into the confidential files, but John had no intention of threatening Penny. He told her that both she and he wanted to provide information to Matthew Cameron about the little boy, and that he had given Matt some confidential information to give to his lawyer.

"Please tell me what you told Matt about Chris" Penny begged.

John agreed, and gave Penny all of the information that he had given to Matt. Penny was quickly writing notes on a piece of paper as John gave her the information. Penny thanked John for the information, and promised to call him as soon as she had any news about Matt's condition. John told Penny to call him at his office, as he was headed there right now. John hung up the phone and knew he could not go back to sleep. He had to go to his office and think about how he would break this tragic news to a little blonde haired boy who was in love with a man who would not be visiting as promised. He briefly told his wife about Matthew Cameron being injured. John left out all of the details about any type of sexual circumstances, and never mentioned any boys at the academy. Marge knew that Matthew Cameron was the major financial contributor to the academy, and she accepted the fact that her husband was leaving home to return to the academy for an important reason.

Penny checked the next two messages that were just some friends saying hello and asking her to call them back. The last message was from Barney, the lawyer that Ron, Penny and Matt knew as a respected attorney and personal friend. Barney sounded upset that he was unable to reach Matt, and left his private home telephone number. Penny never hesitated, as she dialed the number at 2:30 a.m.

A groggy voice answered the phone on the 4th ring. Barney was still asleep as he tried to listen to the person on the other end of this unwanted phone call. Barney was shocked into full awareness when he heard about Matt being injured and being in the hospital. Barney sat up in his bed and grabbed a note pad and started writing as Penny told him the details of where Matt was, his condition, and the information that John had given her about the little boy at the Hartland Academy. Barney's research had already uncovered most of the information about the trust fund audit, but he scribbled down all of the information that Penny gave him. Barney hung up the phone, and headed to the office that he had in his home to sort out the details of what he had just learned. Barney wasted no time and placed several phone calls that woke a lot of people out of their sound sleep. Barney was relentless, as he was determined to help his buddy, Matt, as much as he could. Barney prayed that Matt would recover, but his commitment to Matt was that Barney would take any legal actions that were possible to connect Matt with the little boy named Christopher Robinson. Before the sun came up on that Sunday morning, Barney had a plan in place. He had the trust fund administrators on his side, and had at least one judge who would help him work his attorney magic. Barney was pleased that he had a plan that would lead to Matthew Cameron being granted custody of the young boy named Christopher Robinson.

John Eldridge arrived at the Hartland Academy and headed for his office. The academy was quiet, as all of the boys were asleep. The security guards had let John enter the facility at a very unusual time for the dean to be arriving. John unlocked his office, and sat at his desk, where only a few hours ago, he had been having sex with his lover, Adam Redding. John tried to formulate a plan for how he would tell Chris about Matt being in the hospital, and how he could prepare the boy to accept that he would not see Matt as originally planned. This was going to be difficult.

It was 8:00 a.m. when Penny could no longer sleep. She got up and drove to the hospital where her husband, Ron had been waiting for news about his best friend, Matt. Penny walked into the waiting room for the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and saw her husband sitting alone. Ron's face was drained, showing the effect of not sleeping for several hours. Penny walked up to her husband, and gave Ron a hug and kiss.

"Have you heard anything?" she asked.

"Nothing, ever since Lonny talked to us" Ron replied. Penny and Ron sat in the lounge, waiting for the digital clock to roll to 9:00 a.m. when they would be allowed their 5 minute visit with Matt. When the clock finally clicked over to 9:00 a.m., Ron and Penny walked through the double doors into the ICU. Matt was still unconscious. Tubes and wires were connected to his body, as the monitors beeped and recorded his vital signs. Ron leaned over and kissed his best friend on the forehead. Penny choked as she witnessed just how much her husband loved Matt. There was a flicker in Matt's eyes, as he stirred for the first time in several hours. Matt's eyes looked up at Ron, and then to Penny. Ron touched his friend's cheek, and whispered to Matt "You're gonna be okay, buddy."

Matt's eyes closed again, and he drifted off to sleep. Lonny Nichols had never left the hospital, and walked into the ICU to check on his friend, Matt.

"We had to give him several units of blood," Lonny said. "If it had taken a few minutes longer for him to be brought here, he would have died. Matt is very lucky he has friends like you two to watch over him. I am going to have him moved out of here into the Critical Care Unit, but I am confident that he is going to pull through. Matt is in great shape for his age, and he is a fighter. He might lose some use of his right hand, but he will live."

Ron and Penny hugged Lonny, and thanked him for rushing to help Matt in his time of need. Ron was staggering from lack of sleep, but he refused to leave the hospital. Penny and Ron waited in the ICU lounge until Matt had been moved to a private room in the Critical Care Unit (CCU). The room was large, with a recliner chair and several other chairs for visitors. Ron leaned back in the recliner, and immediately went to sleep. Penny looked at the gray face of her friend, Matt, and decided to call John Eldridge at the academy. As soon as the phone rang, John picked it up. John was relieved to hear that Matt was improving, and John and Penny talked for a long time about what could be done to help Chris accept what had happened to Matt.

"Penny," John said. "You have to do something for Matt and Chris. You have to get approval for me to bring Chris and Adam to see Matt this afternoon. It is critical that the boy sees Matt today, or Chris will be shattered. Talk to your friend, the surgeon, and get it cleared. I know that children under 12 are not allowed in the CCU, but Chris HAS to see Matt today."

Penny understood. She left her sleeping husband to find Lonny and got the written approval that was needed. Penny returned to the CCU and saw that Matt was waking up again. Penny leaned over and gave Matt a kiss on the cheek and told him that she loved him. Matt managed a weak smile and drifted off to sleep again.

Back at the academy, Adam and Chris had just finished breakfast, when they heard the tone on the speaker system that always preceded an announcement. The boys heard their names in the announcement. "Adam Redding and Christopher Robinson, please report to the dean's office immediately."

Both boys froze, as announcements on the speaker system were very rare at the academy. They left their trays on the table, as other boys had told them that they would take care of the trays. Adam held Chris's hand as they walked toward John Eldridge's office in the administrative wing. Both boys sensed that something was wrong, but neither wanted to say anything to scare the other boy.

John Eldridge met Adam and Chris outside his office. John said nothing as he led both boys out to his car and told them to sit in the back seat. John drove to the security gate, and signed the register that he was taking the two boys out of the academy grounds. Just outside the gate, John stopped the car, put the car in "park" and turned to look at the two frightened boys in the back seat. Neither boy had left the school grounds in a long time; they were very afraid of why they were leaving now.

John spoke softly, as he tried to prepare the boys for some very bad news. "We are going to a hospital. Matt has been hurt, and almost died last night. He is okay now, but he is very weak, and can't be subjected to any more stress right now."

Chris broke down sobbing. All of the pain that he had felt before when he lost his parents suddenly rushed back into his head. Adam grabbed Chris and hugged him. Both Adam and Chris were crying, as John told them what he knew about Matt's injuries, and his current condition.

"I can't take you to see him, Chris" John said, "If you can't be strong and not break down in front of Matt. The doctor's said he will be okay, but he will look very bad when you see him. You have to be strong and help Matt get well."

John let the two boys sob in the back seat, before he continued. "If you can't promise me that you will be strong for Matt, I will have to take you back inside the academy right now."

Chris continued sobbing. He wanted to see Matt more than anything in the world, but he wanted Matt to be the same way that he had last seen him. Chris struggled with his emotions, and knew that he had to be strong for the man he loved. It took a few minutes for Chris to compose himself before he spoke. "I will be strong," Chris spoke softly. "I need to tell him I love him."

John was satisfied that Chris would be strong. John knew that Adam would help his little brother get through this. John turned away from the back seat, and drove to the hospital, not knowing what they would see when they saw Matt in the CCU.