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Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 12

John parked his car, and held Adam's and Chris's hands as he walked into the hospital and followed the signs to the CCU. The trio stopped at the nurses' station, where a matronly woman refused to let the two young boys enter. John was just ready to release a litany of verbal abuse at the woman, when Penny appeared. Penny showed the nurse the authorization form that Lonny Nichols, Vascular Surgeon, had signed, granting permission for the two boys and John Eldridge to see Matthew Cameron. The nurse relented, letting the trio enter the CCU. Penny led the man and the two boys to the door of the room where Matt was being treated. Penny stopped them, and looked down at the beautiful face of the little boy that Matt loved.

"You can't scare him by breaking down and crying" she said. "Matt is going to be okay, but he is very weak, and may not even know that you are here." Chris nodded his acceptance.

Penny opened the door where Matt lay unconscious. Ron was still sleeping in the recliner, as the visitors entered the room. Nothing could prepare Chris for the shock when he saw the man he loved lying in the hospital bed unconscious. Chris froze at the door of the room, looking at the lifeless form of Matthew Cameron lying there with tubes and wires connected to Matt's body. Adam wrapped his arm around Chris's shoulder, and steered the little boy toward the bed. Chris used every bit of strength in his young body to try to be strong. Chris took a deep breath, and walked to the side of the bed where Matt lay unconscious. Chris touched Matt's hand that was strapped down with tubes connected to several bags of medication, and leaned forward and kissed Matt's cheek.

John, Adam, and Penny watched, as Matt's eyes flickered. Matt's eyes opened and looked at the angelic face of the little boy that he loved. Tears flowed down Matt's face as he looked into the beautiful green eyes of his young lover. Matt tried to speak, but was too weak to make any sound other than a moan.

Chris looked at the helpless man in the bed, and felt tears running down his face. Chris choked back the pain that he was feeling, and again leaned forward and kissed Matt on the cheek. "Get well for me," Chris said softly. "I need you and I love you."

Adam was very scared by what he was witnessing. Adam felt a lot of guilt for the things he had said to Matt on the phone. Adam believed that the things Adam had said to Matt had caused this entire mess. Adam tentatively walked to the bed where Chris was touching and talking to the man of his dreams. "I'm sorry," Adam said to Matt. "You and I both love Chris, but I know he loves you more than he does me. Please forgive me for what I said to you on the phone. I never knew until a few minutes ago how much he loves you. I want you to get well real soon so you can love Chris as much as I do."

Matt tried to speak, but he was too weak. Matt tried to lift his left arm to touch the little boy that had just apologized to him and the other little boy that meant the world to him. Matt was so weak that he was barely able to lift his left arm, and struggled to touch the face of either boy. Matt looked at Adam and nodded. It was the only way that Matt could try to tell Adam that he understood what Adam had said, and that he loved Adam too.

Chris leaned over the bed and let his cheek brush against Matt's left hand. Matt felt the contact with the soft skin of the little boy's face, and sighed. Chris began talking to Matt as if no one else was in the room. Chris told Matt how much he loved him and pleaded with Matt to get well so they could be together. The minutes passed quickly as the little boy proved his strength by comforting the man he loved, and telling him how much he loved him. Tears flowed down the faces of everyone in the room as Chris poured out his heart to the injured man. Chris continued talking softly to Matt, and showered the man with kisses and gentle touches. It was very difficult for John to pull Chris away from Matt when the nurse entered the room and told all of the visitors that Matt needed to rest. John led Adam and Chris out of the room and back to his car. Chris was silent after the trio had left the room. Just before they have left the CCU, Penny had thanked John for bringing the boys to see Matt. Penny knew that the visit was the best thing that could have happened to help Matt recover.

As soon as John started his car, Chris broke down. Adam held his little brother closely as the boy let loose of the fear and pain he was feeling. Chris was sobbing so hard, that Adam was afraid that the boy would die. John got out of the driver's seat of the car, and got in the back seat with the two boys. John held them both to his body, and told them that they had just given Matt the best present they could ever dream of giving Matt. John told them that he was certain that Matt would improve quickly after this important visit.

Chris finally calmed down and hugged Adam and John. Chris had been strong, just as he had promised, and Chris knew that Matt was going to get better and return to visit him soon at the academy. John got back into the front seat of the car and drove back to the academy. It had been a very trying experience for everyone, and John knew that he had done what was right for Matt and Chris.

When they got back to the academy, John promised Chris that he would take Chris back to see Matt the next day. John walked the two boys back to their room and kissed both boys before he left them. John walked back to his office and collapsed on the couch. He fell asleep as he thought about the love that he had witnessed in the hospital room. John knew that Matt would improve quickly after the special visit.

Back in their room, Adam was holding Chris and trying to comfort him. Adam felt relieved that he had apologized to Matt, and prayed that Matt would get well soon and prove to Chris that Matt loved the little boy. Adam stayed close to Chris for the rest of the day, constantly comforting the boy and hugging him. The hours passed slowly for the boys, as they went about the normal events of a Sunday at the Hartland Academy for Boys.

Monday morning found the two boys in Adam's bed. They had snuggled together for the entire night. Adam had not tried to fondle the boy or get any sexual release from the close contact during the night. The boys woke up to the sound of the wake up bell, and went about the normal activities of the academy. At the end of the daily classes, John Eldridge found the boys in the dinning area. John led them to his car to drive to the hospital to visit Matthew Cameron. Chris had brought the sketch of Chris's face that Adam had made a few days ago. Chris wanted to give the sketch to Matt, but wondered if the sketch was an appropriate gift to his friend. Chris had also made a get well card for Matt, complete with X's and O's, signifying hugs and kisses for his man friend.

John and the boys were pleased to find out that Matt had again been moved, this time to a regular private room in the hospital. Chris was elated as he entered the room to see Matt's smiling face waiting for the visit that Matt had been dreaming about. Chris showed the exuberance of youth as he ran into the room and jumped on the bed where his lover was waiting for him. Chris smothered Matt's face with kisses, as the young boy poured out his love for the man. Penny and Ron were sitting in the room as John, Adam and Chris had entered. Both Ron and Penny knew that the fast recovery that they had witnessed by their friend was due to the love of the little boy that was giggling and kissing Matt repeatedly.

Matt's right hand and wrist were heavily bandaged. His left hand still had the needle connected to the medication that was still dripping into his body, but Matt lifted his left arm and hugged the little boy that was squirming around on his chest. Everyone in the room knew that they were witnessing expressions of pure love between Matt and Chris.

"I love you, Chrissy," Matt said. His voice had returned along with his strength. The doctors were amazed at the fast recovery of the almost 40 year old man. Everyone knew that they had witnessed a miracle. Matt held the little boy close, and kissed the top of Chris's head. Matt drank in the aroma of the apple shampoo that had cleansed the boy's long golden blonde hair. Matt had struggled with his guilt over the phone call to Chris, and felt guilty about hurting Chris and the anger had erupted when Matt smashed the empty bottle of scotch on the bar, slashing his hand and wrist. Matt needed to apologize to Chris and to Adam, who was standing in the room looking very sad.

"Can you forgive me?" Matt asked as he looked into Chris's beautiful green eyes.

Chris did not reply at first, as he again smothered the man with hugs and kisses. "I love you," was all Chris could say.

Matt understood that Chris had accepted his apology. Matt looked at Adam, and asked, "Can you forgive me?"

Adam walked up to Matt's bed, and leaned over and kissed Matt's cheek. "Just be good to him," Adam whispered.

Everyone in the room knew that all apologies had been accepted. Everyone started talking at the same time about all the things that had happened during the last few days. Matt lifted his bandaged right arm and hugged the little body of his lover to his chest. Matt kept hugging and kissing Chris's hair and face, as everyone watched the open display of love.

"You guys need to get a room!" Adam joked. Everyone laughed at the joke and realized that Matt and Chris were very much in love.

Chris remembered the things that he had brought for Matt, and pulled away from the grasp of the man. At first, Matt was upset that Chris would pull away from him so fast, but when Matt saw what Chris had presented to him, Matt was speechless. Chris presented the sketch that Adam had made of Chris's face. He gave the sketch to Matt and said, "I hope you like this. Adam drew it."

Before Matt could even reply, Chris presented the get well card that Chris had made for Matt. The front of the card showed a heart with the names Matt and Chris separated by a plus sign. Penny had to help Matt open the card, and when Matt read the words of love followed by the X's and O"s, Matt sobbed. It took a while for Matt to regain his composure, before he said "Chrissy, this is as beautiful as you are. I love you."

Chris hugged and kissed his man friend, and tried to snuggle in the bed beside Matt. Adam had never heard anyone call his little brother, "Chrissy," but Adam figured out that it was a special name that only Matt could use. Adam was again jealous, but he looked at the young boy hugging the man he loved, and knew that pure love was flowing, just like he felt for John Eldridge. Adam tried to join in the hug on the bed, just as the nurse entered the room and told the visitors that Matt needed to rest, and that they had to leave.

Chris kissed Matt again and whispered "I love you" before he pulled away from the man he loved.

Matt said, "I love you Christopher Robinson", loud enough for everyone including the nurse to hear.

The insistent nurse quickly cleared the room, as she attended to her patient. She knew that there was more than friendship between the man and the little blonde haired boy that had been hugging and kissing Matt.

"You are obviously in love with that little boy," she said.

Matt just nodded, as he looked at the sketch and card that Chris had given him. Matt asked the nurse to pin the sketch and card on the board in his room, so he could easily see it whenever he wanted to. The nurse pinned the two items to the corkboard, and turned to face Matt.

"I hope you never hurt him," she said.

"I won't," Matt promised.