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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

Matt said, "I love you Christopher Robinson", loud enough for everyone including the nurse to hear.

The insistent nurse quickly cleared the room, as she attended to her patient. She knew that there was more than friendship between the man and the little blonde haired boy that had been hugging and kissing Matt.

"You are obviously in love with that little boy," she said.

Matt just nodded, as he looked at the sketch and card that Chris had given him. Matt asked the nurse to pin the sketch and card on the board in his room, so he could easily see it whenever he wanted to. The nurse pinned the two items to the corkboard, and turned to face Matt.

"I hope you never hurt him," she said.

"I won't," Matt promised.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 13

Matt's condition steadily improved, as the daily visits with his little boy continued. Matt accepted the doctor's diagnosis, that he would have limited use of his right hand for the rest of his life. It was not easy for Matt to accept, as he was right-handed, but his acceptance was improved by the daily visits of his young friend. It had been nearly a week since Matt had been rushed to the hospital by ambulance when he was released from the hospital to go home. Penny had insisted that she stay with Matt during his recovery at home. Ron had contacted a construction company and the repairs had been completed to the front door to Matt's home. Matt was now at home, but he was very lonely. Matt wanted to see his young friend, but the doctors had told everyone that Matt needed a few days at home to rest without any visitors. Matt still had stitches in his right hand and wrist, and had to keep bandages on if he left the house for any reason. John Eldridge had tried to explain to Chris why Chris could not see Matt for a few days, but Chris was very upset. It was all that Adam could do to comfort his little brother during the days that Chris could not see Matt.

It was a typical Sunday morning at the Hartland Academy. The boys were having breakfast and looking forward to any visitors that might arrive during the regular visiting hours that began at 2:00 p.m. Adam had remained loyal to his little brother, and was constantly hugging and showing the boy affection.

Back in Flint, during the time that Matt was still in the hospital, the wheels of justice had been turning. Matt's lawyer, Barney, had made contact with a woman in Owosso named Mindy McClure. Barney had visited the nasty woman accompanied by his legal assistant, who was a Notary Public. Barney had wasted no time as he entered the home of Mindy McClure and immediately accused her of fraud in the requests for reimbursement from the trust fund of Christopher Robinson. Mindy McClure was outraged as she listened to the allegations launched by Matthew Cameron's lawyer. Barney threatened Mindy with criminal charges for fraud, and told her that motions were being filed demanding that she repay over $50,000 in fraudulent requests from the trust fund. Barney had inflated the repayment demands as a way to put pressure on the ugly woman that was standing in front of him.

"Get fucked," Mindy replied.

"You might like that," Barney replied coldly. "But I would never fuck anyone as ugly as you are."

Mindy seethed. If looks could kill, Barney would have been fried to a cinder by the hatred in Mindy's eyes. Mindy knew that she had been caught, and she had accumulated huge debts from her gambling at several different casinos in Michigan. She was in trouble with several loan sharks that she had borrowed from to fund her gambling addiction, and there was no way that she could pay back the money that she had obtained fraudulently from the trust fund. Mindy dropped her head, and Barney knew that he had just won an important battle.

"Okay," Mindy said. "What the fuck do you want from me? I can't pay anything."

Barney already knew about the loans that Mindy could not pay to the loan sharks. Barney's investigators were very thorough. He knew that Mindy owed over $60,000 to the loan sharks, and that she had been threatened by them if she didn't pay. Barney went for the kill with his next words.

"I can give you $200,000 in a cashier's check if you sign the papers that I have brought with me," Barney said. "You will be signing off of all legal status with a boy named Christopher Jonathan Robinson, and agreeing to the adoption of the boy by Matthew Cameron of Fenton, Michigan. You will be relieved of any obligation to repay the trust fund established for the benefit of the minor child, and will agree to never have any legal recourse or physical contact with the boy for the rest of your life. I have the cashier's check right here for you when you sign the papers."

The words sank into the mind of Mindy McClure. She hated the little brat, and never wanted to see him again. She hated everything about the guardianship that she had been awarded, except for the financial gain that she had benefited from. This was a chance to pay off her debts and be free from the audits that she knew would uncover her fraud. Mindy smiled when she realized that she could pay off the loan sharks, and have a lot of money in cash to go on vacations or find another rich man to suck money out of. Mindy wasted no time in signing the papers that were quickly notarized by Barney's legal assistant.

Barney breathed a sigh of relief, as he left Owosso. Barney had the papers to enter in court to start the adoption proceedings for Matt to adopt the boy of Matt's dreams. Barney quickly drove to Flint and filed the papers with his friend who was the judge presiding over adoption proceedings. There were requirements for a complete physical examination of the boy and a report from the Department of Social Services of the State of Michigan. Barney knew that those requirements were standard, and that he could expedite any examinations or reports that were required for the adoption to be made final. The normal requirements of six months of temporary guardianship were quickly waived. As long as the physical examination showed no medical problems or evidence of physical or sexual abuse, and the social worker agreed with the adoption fitness, everything would be handled in less than a month. Barney was pleased with his own work and efforts to help his friend, Matt Cameron.

Barney filed all of the motions and headed out of the courthouse. His legal assistant was impressed by how quickly Barney had accomplished what other lawyers would have believed was impossible. Barney had made the phone call to set up the social services interviews with Matt and Chris, and headed for the bar to celebrate with his legal assistant and lover, Brad.

Chris never knew what was involved when the social worker talked to him in John Eldridge's office. The woman asked him a lot of questions about Mindy McClure and the man named Matthew Cameron. Chris was afraid at first, but when he heard the woman say Matt's name, he smiled. For a boy of only 10 years old, Chris was very intelligent. He realized that this interview was very important, and he reflected on his many years of martial arts training and mind control. Chris impressed the woman with his candor and obvious affection toward Matthew Cameron. The woman had no reservations as she filed her report recommending the adoption of Christopher Jonathan Robinson by Matthew Cameron. The woman had already interviewed Matthew Cameron in his lavish home in Fenton. The woman had been impressed by the estate that Matt could provide for the little boy. She wished that more people would be agreeable to adopting orphans in the area. At the time, Matt knew the importance of the interview with the woman from social services. Penny had been at his side as he answered every question honestly. Matt did not know how many strings Barney had pulled to make things happen so fast.

It was Sunday morning when Barney drove up to Matt's home in Fenton. Barney had a ton of documents for Matt to sign. Matt didn't even question his long time friend as he signed the documents using his left hand, scribbling his signature with a hand that he would be forced to learn to use to write. After Matt had signed the documents, Barney told Matt how important the documents he had just signed were. Matt had always signed any document that Barney had presented, trusting that his friend and lawyer would never screw him by presenting any document that would not be in Matt's best interest. When Matt had finished signing, Barney beamed and said "Congratulations, buddy. You are only a month away from being a father!!!"

Matt could not believe what Barney had just told him. The little boy that he loved was going to be his son!!!!!! The only formality required was the physical examination and the one month time period for all documents to be filed, and Christopher Jonathan Robinson would become Christopher Jonathan Cameron!!!! Matt cried as he hugged Barney and Penny. Penny was so excited that she broke away from the two men to call her husband, Ron and give him the fantastic news.

The exciting events all occurred on the Sunday before the Christmas break at the Hartland Academy. Almost all of the boys were headed home for two weeks with their families. It was the only time during the year that the boys were free to leave, and they looked forward to going home. Adam was waiting for his parents to arrive to pick him up and take him home. Adam felt guilty about leaving Chris at the academy, but Chris had lied to his roommate and said that he wanted to be alone. Adam felt that Chris was not telling the truth, but Adam was excited by the thought of being with his parents and his sister for Christmas. There was a steady stream of cars lining up at the front door of the academy to pick up hundreds of boys headed home for the holidays. The stream of cars at the front entrance began to thin, as evening approached.

Chris choked back tears, as he hugged and kissed Adam goodbye. Chris wondered if he would ever see his big brother again. Both boys were crying as they said goodbye. Chris had been invited to share Christmas with Adam's family, but Chris had not felt comfortable with being with Adam and his family, when Chris wanted to be with Matt. Adam had told Chris how much Adam wanted to share Christmas with his parents and his sister. Chris felt that he would be an intruder if he joined Adam's family for the holidays.

It had been several days since Chris has seen Matt, and Chris dreaded another Christmas without presents or family. Aunt Mindy had never taken him from the academy for any reason, so Chris knew he would be alone. The academy always had a big Christmas tree, and always had small presents for each boy. There was always a Christmas dinner with singing to make the time special for the boys who did not leave the academy to celebrate the holidays with their families.

Chris walked silently back to his room, never seeing the stretch limousine that had pulled up in front of the academy. In the limo were Matt, Penny and Ron, celebrating the news that they had received from Barney. The three adults had been celebrating and had been drinking during the ride to the Hartland Academy. Matt had asked his friends to join him as he claimed his little boy lover for the holidays. Matt had given Penny a list of things to buy for Chris to celebrate the holiday season, and she had purchased everything that Matt had requested, and one additional special gift. The biggest gift of all was the one that Matt was going to tell the beautiful blonde haired boy about his future as Matt's son.

Chris heard the tone on the announcement system. At first he was going to ignore everyone and any thing that happened for the next two weeks. Chris had begged John Eldridge to take him to see Matt, but Chris had been told that Matt was home recovering and could not have visitors. The sound system cracked "Christopher Robinson, please report to the dean's office immediately."

Chris did not hear the message, as he lay on his bed crying. He was alone and his heart was broken by not seeing Matt. Several minutes passed. Again the tone echoed through the halls of the academy. "Christopher Robinson, please report to the dean's office immediately."

This time Chris heard the message. He wiped his tears and headed to the dean's office, hoping that John Eldridge had news of how Matt was recovering from his injuries. Chris turned the corner to the hallway of the administrative offices, where he saw John Eldridge standing in the hall next to Matthew Cameron.

Chris flew to jump into the arms of his lover. Chris was screaming and kissing Matt all over his face. All of the dreams that Chris had been having were coming true, as he felt Matt hug him and spin Chris around in the hallway.

"I think he is happy," John Eldridge laughed, as he watched the little boy smother Matthew Cameron with hugs and kisses.

"Are you ready to go home with me for the Christmas holidays?" Matt asked.

Chris squealed with joy. Nothing in the world could be better than being with Matt, and he squeezed Matt and kissed him. Penny and Ron were standing next to John Eldridge as they watched the boy and man hug and kiss. It was the most beautiful thing that they had ever seen, as Matt and Chris hugged and kissed. Nothing had prepared Chris for this immense pleasure. He was so excited that he was afraid he would wet his pants. He would never let go of Matt again. This was the best Christmas present that Chris could ever imagine, and he wondered if it was really happening, or if it was a dream.

"Let's go little angel," Matt said, as he set the little boy down on the floor of the hallway.

"Come with me," Chris said. "I have to get something from my room first."

Matt had already prepared for the visit of his little lover by asking Penny to buy a multitude of boy's clothes and gifts. Matt knew that there was nothing back in Chris's room that the boy needed for the two week visit, but Matt reluctantly let the boy grab his left hand and lead Matt to Chris's room. Matt's right hand was still bandaged and had very little feeling and use. Matt hoped that Chris would accept him and his lame hand, but the experiences of the recent events told Matt that Chris would accept him even if Matt had lost his entire arm.

Chris grabbed a small package, and jumped into Matt's arms, as Matt carried the little boy out of the dorm and back to the main entrance. John Eldridge, Ron, and Penny were waiting for the happy pair to return. When John saw that Matt was carrying Chris, he smiled and returned to his office. John handed Matt the gate pass that would allow Matt to take the little boy away from the academy. Matt carried Chris out of the academy and into the limo that was waiting outside. Chris had never ridden in a limo, and he was very excited. The little boy was pushing all of the buttons and turning on the VCR and television in the limo. Chris turned on the intercom in the limo, and chattered with the driver. Matt let the boy have fun, as Ron popped the cork on a bottle of champagne and poured four glasses. Chris looked at Matt with a question in his eyes. "Are you going to let me drink that stuff?"

Matt took a glass of the champagne, as he prepared to speak to the little boy. Matt was careful that he did not repeat the mistakes that he had made when he talked to Chris on the phone and talked about Chris becoming Matt's son. Matt chose his words carefully.

"Chrissy," Matt began, as he set down the glass of champagne. "I told you that I love you and that I want to be your father, and for you to be my son. Chrissy, my lawyer has made it happen. All you have to do is tell me that you want me to be your new daddy, and in less than one month, it will happen."

Chris sat in the limo and looked at Matt and then Ron and Penny. Chris wondered if this was a dream that he would wake up from and be back at the academy.

"Do you want to be my son?" Matt pleaded.

Again, Chris was afraid this was some dream that would end with him waking up back at the academy, or even worse, back with Aunt Mindy.

Chris looked at Matt, and suddenly realized that all of Chris's dreams were coming true. The little boy launched himself at Matt, smothering Matt with kisses, and sobbed, "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, I want you to be my daddy!!!!!!!"

Matt held the precious little boy and cried tears of happiness. Matt kissed the boy's head and hugged him. This was the best Christmas present Matt had ever received, as the little boy hugged him and cried tears of happiness. Matt held the boy tightly, as he drank in the aroma of the little prepubescent boy. Matt's emotions were going into overload, and he knew that Ron and Penny were watching Matt and Chris. Matt pushed the boy away long enough to grab the glass of champagne that Ron had given Matt. Matt took the crystal glass and handed it to Chris. Ron handed another glass of the special liquid to Matt, and Ron offered a toast to the two lovers.

"To Chris and Matt," Ron toasted. "May their love blossom and grow from this day until eternity."

Chris brushed the blonde hair away from his eyes, and gazed at Matt. Matt saw the essence of virginity and beauty in the boy, and Matt smiled at Chris, as Matt tipped his own glass for Chris to drink from. Chris sipped the strange liquid and giggled as the bubbles of the champagne tickled his nose. Chris held his own glass of the champagne up for Matt to drink from, and the bond of the two lovers was established for eternity.