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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

"To Chris and Matt," Ron toasted. "May their love blossom and grow from this day until eternity."

Chris brushed the blonde hair away from his eyes, and gazed at Matt. Matt saw the essence of virginity and beauty in the boy, and Matt smiled at Chris, as Matt tipped his own glass for Chris to drink from. Chris sipped the strange liquid and giggled as the bubbles of the champagne tickled his nose. Chris held his own glass of the champagne up for Matt to drink from, and the bond of the two lovers was established for eternity.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 14

The stretch limo pulled into the long drive that led to the home of Matthew Cameron. Matt had paid over $40,000 each year to have the grounds lit up with a multitude of lights and Christmas scenes, and to have a fresh cut Christmas tree decorated to celebrate the Christmas season. Chris was amazed as he looked at the beautiful lights that adorned the trees leading up to the large mansion and the many different lawn decorations. Chris was speechless, as he realized that Matt must be very wealthy to be able to afford the limo and this beautiful display of holiday lights. Chris was even more awed by the inside of the house, where he saw a Christmas tree that was over 15 feet tall in the family room of the house that he would soon call home. Matt had turned on the stereo system to play Christmas music in the family room. The music echoed throughout the house through the special sound system that Matt had wired into every room of the mansion. Chris could not believe that this was really happening to him. Ron and Penny had waited to see if Chris and Matt were okay, before they returned to the limo for a ride to their own home.

After they had left, Matt took Chris's hand and showed him around the home, explaining the multitude of electronic devices and features of Chris's new home. Chris held onto Matt's left hand, as Matt showed Chris all of the rooms of the home that they would share. It was like a dream come true, as Chris drank in all of the elegance of his new home. Matt showed him the hot tub, the indoor swimming pool, the pool table room, and another room filled with a bank of video arcade games that Matt had rented for the little boy to play on. The company that rented the video games would take care of all repairs and would switch the games from time to time so that Chris would never get bored.

"This is your room, Chrissy," Matt said, as he opened the door to a large room with a king sized waterbed. The walls were covered with posters of football, basketball, and baseball stars from the professional sports. "I hope you like it", Matt said.

Chris could hardly believe what he saw. The room was huge, with a huge waterbed in the middle of the room and a computer workstation in the corner. The bed was covered with stuffed animals and there was a bookcase filled with toys and games. Chris saw a PlayStation2 that was already alive with his favorite game waiting for him to start playing. Chris looked around the room and saw everything that any boy could ever want. His mind was overloaded with the immensity of the room and all of the things that Matt had bought for him with Penny's help. Penny had hired an interior decorator to prepare a special room for a boy who would soon be eleven years old. Chris was so excited by what was in front of him, that he couldn't believe that this was not a dream.

"Do you like your room?" Matt asked.

"It is awesome!!" Chris shrieked. "It is the coolest room in the world!!"

Matt led the boy to Matt's bedroom. Chris was amazed that Matt's bedroom was even bigger than Chris's. Chris ran and jumped on the king-sized round bed. Matt drank in the beauty of seeing the boy he loved on his bed. Matt dreamed that one day soon he and the boy would be in the bed together making love. Matt's cock stirred for the first time in over a week. The front of Matt's slacks tented out with the visible signs of his erection.

"You've got a boner!!" Chris exclaimed.

Matt blushed, as he tried to rearrange his throbbing manhood to conceal his arousal. Chris jumped off the bed and stood in front of Matt.

"I've got a boner too!!" Chris giggled, as he thrust his groin forward to display the little tent in his own pants for Matt to see. Matt opened his arms, and the little boy jumped up, wrapping his arms around Matt's neck and his little legs around Matt's waist. Chris began humping his little erection against Matt's stomach. Matt cupped the cheeks of Chris's firm little boy butt, and let the boy hump away against him.

"You better stop that," Matt said, "Or I will cum all over both of us."

"I want you to cum all over us," Chris giggled, "Adam has cum on me before, and I love it!!" Chris continued humping. Chris wished that he and Matt were nude, so they could feel each other's cocks rub together.

"Adam has cum on you?" Matt asked. Matt felt pangs of jealousy as he pictured Adam and Chris having sex.

"Well, I never saw him cum" Chris replied, "Cause he did it when I was sleeping with him. Adam shot it all over us, and I thought I had peed the bed."

Matt was relieved. His little boy was still a virgin as far as Matt knew.

"I've never touched a dick other than my own," Chris stated. "But I want to touch yours right now!!"

"We can't do that right now," Matt said, as he used both of his arms to stop the humping motions of the little boy.

Matt wanted the first time that the two experienced sexual pleasure together to be a very special event, and not until after the adoption was complete. Chris complained when Matt stopped Chris's body from humping. Matt spun the boy around, causing Chris to squeal in joy. Matt carried the little bundle of love to the family room, and they sat next to the beautiful Christmas tree that was lit with thousands of multi-colored lights. Chris jumped off of Matt's lap and gazed at all of the wrapped presents under the huge Christmas tree. Chris grabbed at one present after another as he saw his name on almost all of the presents. Chris was grabbing one gift wrapped present after another, as he shook each present to try to guess what was inside.

"Hey," Matt chided the boy. "No fair shaking presents, or sneaking around to guess what's inside! You have to wait for Christmas morning to open your gifts."

Chris was disappointed, but could see that it would take a long time to open all of the gifts that were in front of him. Penny had done a great job of shopping for Matt, finding everything that Matt had listed for her to buy for him to give to Chris. Matt's American Express bill would be a whopper, but the little boy was worth all of the money in the world to Matt. Matt asked Chris to sit on his lap so they could talk.

Chris jumped up on Matt's lap, as the two lovers hugged and kissed, listening to the beautiful Christmas music of Mannheim Steamroller. Matt held the boy closely, running his left hand through Chris's soft, golden blonde hair. Matt was swooning over the beauty of the little boy that would soon be his son. Matt wished that the adoption process was completed, and that he could take the little boy to Matt's bed and make love. Chris kept hugging and kissing Matt's face, as the two lovers chattered and giggled. It was a beautiful, intimate moment that they would never forget.

Matt continued stroking the little boy, as Matt explained all of the legal issues that were to take place. He explained about the physical examination and the caseworker's report, and told Chris that if everything went as planned, they would be father and son in less than a month. Chris listened intently, as Matt told him what Barney had accomplished.

"You mean that maybe by my birthday," Chris asked, "I could be your son?"

"When is your birthday?" Matt asked, embarrassed that he had not remembered to ask anyone. Matt knew that Chris would be 11 in January, but did not remember the exact date. Matt's birthday was also in January, and Matt made a mental note to cancel the trip he had planned for going to Thailand. He would never need to travel to find boylove, as he would have his own son to make love to.

"January 25th," Chris replied. "When is yours?"

Matt gasped. Another event was going to bond the two lovers even closer.

"You're not going to believe this," Matt said as he smiled at the little boy with the vivid green eyes. "My birthday is on January 25th too!"

Chris squealed with happiness. The two lovers would have a special birthday party to celebrate becoming father and son.

The two lovers sat together and talked for a long time. It was getting late when Matt realized that the boy must be starving. Just as Matt was ready to say something to Chris about eating what Penny had made for them, Chris spoke as if he could read Matt's mind.

"I'm hungry," Chris said. "You got any peanut butter and jelly? I can make my own sandwiches. I always had to make my own when I lived with Aunt Mindy."

"You will never have to make your own sandwiches again," Matt said, "And you will never have to see her again."

Chris was relieved that he would never have to see the ugly bitch again. Chris hated Mindy and the way she had treated him.

Matt took Chris into the kitchen where the crock-pot was still holding the pot roast that Penny had made for them. Matt could not lift the crock-pot and carry it to the snack bar because of his right hand, so Matt asked Chris to bring the two plates from the snack bar over to the crock-pot. Matt scooped out a generous portion of the meat and vegetables onto the two plates. Chris wrinkled his nose when he saw Matt place some cabbage on both plates.

"Cabbage is yucky!," Chris said. "I don't like it. Do I have to eat it?"

"Nope," Matt quickly answered. "You don't have to eat anything that you don't like."

Matt used the ladle to remove the cabbage from both plates, and made a mental note to tell his housekeeper to never buy cabbage again. Matt had every intention of spoiling this little boy.

Chris grabbed his fork and was ready to start eating when Matt asked him to wait. "Do you mind if I say a little prayer, just this one time?" Matt asked Chris.

Chris placed his fork on the snack bar, and folded his tiny hands together and bowed his head.

"Dear Lord," Matt began. "Thank you for sending me this wonderful little boy to love and cherish. Give me the strength and wisdom to be able to show Chris how much he is loved, and bless our friendship and life together."

Matt paused. He was going to add a normal blessing before mealtime, but before he could start, a small voice next to him said softly "Thank you God for giving me Matt to love. I want you to make him my daddy. Please, God, do it. Amen."

Both Matt and Chris were crying tears of joy and thankfulness. Matt said "Amen" and hugged and kissed Chris on the cheek. The two lovers ate quietly for a few minutes, thinking about what had just been said. Chris broke the silence by spearing a carrot from Matt's plate. Matt laughed, and stole a piece of potato from Chris's plate. They joked and laughed as they enjoyed the first meal that they had ever eaten together. They continued to steal food from each other's plate, and then ended up feeding each other. Matt was impressed by Chris's table manners and decided to compliment the little boy.

"You have excellent table manners, Chrissy," Matt said.

"I do?" Chris asked.

"The best I have ever seen for a boy your age," Matt said as he looked into the beautiful green eyes. Chris stared into the eyes of the man he loved. Suddenly, Chris's eyes flickered, and Matt saw a strange expression flow across the little boy's face.

Chris dropped his fork on the counter, and plunged his little face down on his plate of food. Chris was eating like a dog now, making slurping and grunting sounds. Matt lost control and started laughing so hard Matt thought he was going to fall off the high backed stool he was sitting on. Chris lifted his head and turned to face Matt. Food was all over the face of the little angel. Matt was laughing so hard he could not catch his breath, as the little urchin opened his small mouth and stuck out his tongue. His mouth was full of food, and some of it fell off his tongue onto Chris's lap. If Matt was out of control before, it was nothing compared to this. Matt howled with laughter as the boy continued chewing with his mouth open, and kept sticking out his tongue to show Matt the food. Chris then swallowed, and giggled and laughed along with Matt.

"What am I going to do with you?" Matt laughed.

"Take me to your bed and fuck me!" Chris demanded.

Matt would like nothing more than do that very thing, but he knew it could never happen before the medical examination and the adoption process had been completed.

"We will talk about this later, young man," Matt said sternly, but Chris knew that Matt was kidding him, as Matt tickled the little boy under the arm.

They finished their supper, and Matt grabbed Chris's hand and led the boy to the bar area in the huge family room. Matt poured himself a glass of brandy and asked Chris if he wanted anything to drink. Chris shook his head, "No" and walked with Matt to the leather couch near the beautiful Christmas tree. Chris climbed onto Matt's lap and hugged and kissed the man of his dreams. Matt gave Chris a taste of the brandy, but Chris didn't like it, and asked Matt why he drank that yucky crap. Matt laughed, and tickled the little boy.

"We have to have some rules, Chrissy," Matt said.

Chris did not like rules. His time at the Hartland Academy was full of rules and detention for breaking any rule. Chris brushed his golden blonde hair back, exposing his eyes to his man.

"Until the adoption is complete," Matt said, "We have to behave. That means that we can't do anything that could jeopardize the adoption. I would love nothing more than to take you to my bedroom and prove to you how much I love you, but it just can't happen until the adoption is final. Do you understand?"

Chris nodded his head. Matt knew that the boy was disappointed. Matt wanted their relationship to become physical love, but he also knew that as the adult, he had to exercise control.

"Here is the main rule," Matt said. "No body contact without being fully dressed."

Chris wanted to protest, but Matt cut him short. "It has to be this way, Chrissy, because if we are nude together, I will not be able to stop myself from wanting to put my dick inside you."

Chris did not really understand, but he reluctantly nodded his agreement. Matt could sense that Chris was upset, and decided to modify the rule.

"Okay," Matt started, "We can be in our underwear, but we can't be nude."

Chris beamed. Chris brushed the hair out of his eyes, and kissed Matt on the lips. It was the first time that Chris and Matt had ever kissed on the lips. Matt sighed, as he felt the softness of the full lips on his little lover. Chris kept kissing Matt on the lips, and then pushed his tiny tongue into Matt's mouth. Matt pulled back quickly. Matt was shocked that Chris would French kiss him. Chris thought that he had done something wrong, and dropped his eyes to gaze at the floor. Matt put his hand under Chris's chin and lifted the boy's face so Matt could see Chris's eyes.

"Where did you learn to kiss like that?" Matt asked.

"From Adam" was the reply.

"Did you and Adam kiss like that?" Matt asked, again feeling jealous that Adam and Chris had been intimate.

Chris giggled and said, "No".

"Adam told me that he and Mr. Eldridge kissed like that, and that it was way cool" Chris replied. "I have never kissed anyone on the lips, since…………….."

There was a long pause, and Matt realized that the last kiss that Chris had ever given anyone on the lips must have been with his parents.

"Are you mad at me?" Chris asked.

Matt answered that question by leaning down and kissing Chris on the lips again. This time it was Matt's tongue that probed into the tiny mouth of his little lover. Chris and Matt ended up lying on the couch with their mouths welded together. They took turns probing each other's mouth with their tongues, as the passion boiled in both of them. Matt was the one to finally break the lip contact, as he was afraid that he was going to lose control and make love to the little boy instantly.

Chris was upset at first that Matt had broken off their kissing, but he knew that Matt was the adult, and the adult was in control. Matt could still taste the sweetness of the little boy's mouth, and Matt's nose was full of the aroma of the little boy's breath. Chris never noticed the large wet spot in Matt's dark slacks where Matt had just shot a huge wad of cum.

Matt got up off from the couch, and led the little boy to Chris's room.

"You have to go to sleep now," Matt said. "Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and we will have a big party tomorrow to celebrate our life together."

"I want to sleep with you tonight," Chris pleaded.

"We can't do that, Chrissy," Matt replied. "After the adoption is final, we can sleep together every single night if that is what you want."

"You promise?" Chris pleaded.

"I promise," Matt said, as he kissed the little boy on the cheek and told Chris to get undressed and into bed. It was the most difficult thing that Matt had ever done in his life to leave the little boy in his room. Matt wanted to sleep with the little angel more than anything in his life, but Matt knew that he would not be able to control his sexual urges if he was in bed with the little angel.

Matt left the door opened to the room as he left and walked into the master suite. Matt peeled his cum-soaked clothes off and headed into the shower room. Matt finished his shower and put on a clean pair of silk boxers and got into his lonely bed. Both Matt and Chris drifted off to sleep, savoring the special time that they had shared on their first evening together.