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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

"I promise," Matt said, as he kissed the little boy on the cheek and told Chris to get undressed and into bed. It was the most difficult thing that Matt had ever done in his life to leave the little boy in alone in his own room. Matt wanted to sleep with the little angel more than anything in his life, but Matt knew that he would not be able to control his sexual urges if he was in bed with Chris.

Matt left the door opened to the room as he left and walked into the master suite. Matt peeled his cum-soaked clothes off and headed into the shower room. Matt finished his shower and put on a clean pair of silk boxers and got into his lonely bed. Both Matt and Chris drifted off to sleep, savoring the special time that they had shared on their first evening together.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 15

Matt woke up on Christmas Eve morning with a little boy jumping on his chest.

"Get up, old man," Chris screamed. "You can't sleep all day. We got company coming!"

Matt struggled to wake up, and wished that his housekeeper were there with a fresh pot of coffee waiting for him. Matt grabbed the little boy and rolled Chris on his back, as Matt tickled and kissed the little boy who was wearing nothing but a pair of white Jockey briefs. Matt saw the bulge in the front of the briefs that told him that Chris was erect. Matt pinned the little boy down on the bed, and placed his hand over the bulge in Chris's underwear. Matt was quickly breaking the one rule that he had tried to establish between the two lovers. Chris squealed with joy, as Matt fondled the little boy and showered Chris with kissed. Two mouths met. Two tongues battled. Matt continued rubbing all over the little boy's erection until Chris tensed up and began thrashing around on the bed. Chris moaned as his little body was wracked with the physical release of a dry orgasm. Chris threw his head back and screamed, as his little penis throbbed. Matt kept kissing the boy's mouth and rubbing on the boy's erection, until Chris grabbed Matt's hand and begged him to stop. It took several minutes for Chris to calm down from his intense orgasm. Matt's silk boxers were no longer clean, as Matt had dumped a truckload of cum inside his boxers as he had masturbated his little lover. They cuddled together as they both basked in the afterglow of their orgasms.

Little Chris was the first one to speak. "I smell cum! he exclaimed.

"How do you know what cum smells like?" Matt asked.

"Cause Adam cummed on me before," Chris replied. "I told you that before."

"Well," Matt replied. "If you want to know how to say that correctly, it is 'Adam came on me, not Adam cummed on me'."

"Whatever," Chris replied, as he put that little English lesson deep into his brain. "Can I see it?" he asked.

"No," Matt replied.

"Can I feel it?" Chris continued.

"No," Matt replied.

"Why not?" Chris pleaded. "You are being mean to me."

Chris knew that Matt was not being mean, but Chris was trying to get Matt to change the rule that had been established last night. The little boy was trying to seduce his adult lover. Matt laid in the bed, soaked in his own semen, as he dreamed of the time when Chris could see, touch, feel and even taste the man's semen.

"After the adoption is final," Matt promised, "You can do anything that you want to with my cum."

"Promise?" Chris pleaded.

"I promise," Matt replied.

Matt grabbed the little boy and dumped the little angel on the carpeted floor of the master bedroom. Chris squealed, and tried to get back in bed with Matt, but Matt quickly held the little boy off, and Matt headed into his private bathroom to undress, shower and shave. Chris demanded that he could join Matt in the shower, but Matt refused, and told the boy to go play in the arcade room. Chris was disappointed, but finally understood that Matt needed to be alone for a while, and Chris headed for the arcade, still wearing only his little white briefs. The next time Chris saw Matt was after Matt was dressed and in the kitchen starting to make coffee. Chris had heard Matt call to him, and Chris watched Matt start to make the pot of coffee.

"Teach me how to do that," Chris pleaded.

Matt smiled, and stopped making the coffee to let Chris do everything. Chris got up on a foot stool that the housekeeper always used. Chris spilled coffee on the counter, and cursed. Then he spilled water on the counter and cursed again.

"You keep cussing like that," Matt said, "and I will wash your mouth out with soap."

Chris wondered if Matt would ever do anything like that to him. Adam had told Chris about having his mouth washed out with soap for cussing, and it didn't sound very nice at all to the young boy.

"Would you really do that to me?" Chris asked.

"Never," Matt replied. "I would never do anything to hurt you, but you have to learn to control your language, especially if we have company or are out in public."

Chris understood, and giggled, as Matt started tickling the little boy. Matt took the little boy off of the stool and swatted the cute little butt, as he told Chris to take a bath or shower and get ready for breakfast. Chris reluctantly headed for the bathroom next to his bedroom, and took a shower and dried his hair with the hair dryer that he found on the bathroom counter. When Chris was clean and dressed, he ran back to the kitchen where he smelled bacon cooking on the stove.

"How do you like your eggs?" Matt asked.

"Scrambled," was the reply.

Matt filled the frying pan with eggs and scrambled them all, adding seasoning that he hoped Chris would like. The toast popped up, and Chris offered to butter it. The two lovers joked and tickled each other as they made their first meal together. Matt poured two glasses of orange juice, and grabbed a container of fresh fruit from the refrigerator. It was an excellent breakfast that both Matt and Chris loved.

The rest of the morning was spent with Chris playing games in the arcade while Matt drank coffee and watched. Matt tried his luck, but got wasted every time he played. Chris laughed and teased Matt that Matt really sucked at playing the games. Matt responded by grabbing the little boy and tickling him until Chris was ready to wet his pants. The time passed quickly, as the two lovers enjoyed the private time together.

When lunchtime approached, Matt asked Chris if he wanted to go to a restaurant for lunch. Chris quickly agreed, as the boy had not been in a restaurant for a long time. Matt was a frequent visitor to several restaurants in the area, but he suddenly realized that Chris had led a very sheltered life, and going to a restaurant was a very special treat for the boy.

They both put on their winter jackets before Matt led the little boy to the garage, where Chris had another shock. Chris could not believe it when he saw the immensity of the garage and how many vehicles Matt owned. Matt had always loved cars, and the six-car garage was filled with special vehicles that Matt had collected. Matt had other vehicles stored in a pole barn on the property, but decided that he would show Chris those vehicles some other day.

"What are they?" Chris squealed with excitement, as he looked at all of the different vehicles. Matt held Chris's hand, and took the boy to each vehicle, telling Chris the brand name and year of each vehicle.

"This is a new Mercedes S500" Matt began. "Next, is a new Chevrolet Silverado four wheel drive truck. Next is a Dodge Viper."

Chris wanted to touch each vehicle as Matt continued showing Chris the full garage of special vehicles. "You get to decide which one we drive to the restaurant," Matt said, as Matt enjoyed the enthusiasm of the boy.

Chris seemed drawn to the bright red Dodge Viper, as he gently touched the car and asked if he could sit inside it. Matt opened the door to the Viper, and let Chris sit behind the wheel and turn all of the knobs and push all of the buttons on the muscle car. Matt finally convinced Chris to get out of the Viper so they could see the rest of the cars, and head out for lunch.

"This is a 1957 Ford Thunderbird. Chris liked the name of that car.

"Next is a 1957 Chevrolet Nomad. A Nomad is a two-door station wagon, that they made very few of.

Chris was totally awed that one person could own so many different vehicles. Each one seemed more beautiful than the one he had just seen.

"The last one is my favorite," Matt said. "It is a 1953 Corvette. "Only 300 of these were made."

Chris quickly decided that Matt's favorite car was going to be Chris's favorite car too. Chris quickly asked if they could take the Corvette to the restaurant. There was snow on the ground, but the roads were clear, so Matt agreed that they would take the Corvette.

"You must be the richest guy in the world!!" Chris exclaimed at he got into the passenger seat of the vintage vehicle.

Matt smiled. Matt was very wealthy, and Matt knew that he would use every cent of his fortune to make the little boy happy. Matt mused, as he thought about what Barney had told him about the value of the trust fund that had been established by Chris's parents for the benefit of the little boy. Chris's parents had invested wisely, and their large life insurance policies had been added to the trust fund for their son. The trust fund was now worth over 10 million dollars, making the little boy the youngest millionaire in the state, and maybe in the entire country. Matt knew that they would never have to touch a cent of that trust fund, as Matt's personal wealth was approaching one billion dollars. Matt pushed the garage door opener control, and backed the Corvette out of the garage and headed down the long driveway toward the nearby restaurant.

It was only a Coney Island restaurant, as most of the larger restaurants were closed on Christmas Eve, but to Chris it was a very special treat. It was obvious to Matt that Chris had not been able to chose a meal from a menu in a long time, so the man indulged the little boy, as Chris ordered more food than five people could eat.

The waitress looked at Matt and said that the little boy had just ordered too much food. Chris dropped his head, embarrassed. Matt just laughed, and told the waitress to bring what the boy had ordered, and told her that if Chris didn't eat all of the food, they would take it home. Chris smiled, as he realized that Matt really loved him, and would do anything for him.

"He certainly is a beautiful little boy," the waitress remarked, as she reached out to touch the golden blonde hair of the cute little boy. Chris jerked back. He liked the sound of the waitress's voice, but the little boy was still shy, and didn't like to be touched by strangers.

"He doesn't like to be touched," Matt said.

The woman jerked her hand back, and bent down to look into the beautiful green eyes of the little boy. Chris brushed back the hair that had fallen in front of his eyes, and Chris realized that he liked this woman.

"I'm really sorry," she said, drinking in the beauty of the little face with the blushed cheeks. "He is so beautiful, that I wanted to give him a hug."

Matt was surprised when Chris got up off from the chair at the table and opened his little arms to give the woman a hug. The woman beamed when the little boy wrapped his arms around her and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Well," she said, as she stood up. "Thank you for that special hug and kiss. You are a beautiful little boy." She smiled at both Chris and Matt, and walked to the kitchen to place the orders for the food.

Matt sat there looking at his little angel, surprised that Chris had initiated the physical contact with the woman.

"Are you turning straight on me?" Matt joked.

"Huh?" Chris asked.

"Turning straight," Matt replied, "means liking women instead of men."

Chris laughed as he realized that Matt was teasing him again.

"Maybe SHE will take me to bed and fuck me" Chris replied.

Matt scolded the boy for using the word "fuck" in the restaurant. "I told you that you can't cuss like that, especially out in public."

"What can I call it?" Chris questioned. "That's the only word Adam called it."

"We will never 'fuck'," Matt whispered, "You and I are lovers, and we will 'make love'."

"Okay," Chris replied. "Then why don't us lovers go to your bed and 'make love' right now. I'd rather 'make love' with you, than eat lunch."

Matt smiled at how quickly the little boy changed his words so fast to socially accepted language. Matt knew that this tiny boy was trying to seduce Matt, and the next month was going to be very difficult for Matt to resist temptation that flowed out of the little boy's body. Every inch of the boy's body was pumping out pheromones, and Matt was drinking in the essence of youth and lust contained in his little lover.

"God," Matt whispered. "You are such a little tease!"

"Who? Me?" Chris giggled.

Matt reached across the table and tickled the little boy, just as the food was arriving. The woman had to make two trips to bring what had been ordered, and the table was covered with more food than Chris had ever seen. Matt just laughed, as they both began eating their lunch. The woman stood beside the table and beamed at Chris, as Chris began sampling fried chicken, a hamburger, French fries, battered fish, and corned beef hash.

"He certainly has excellent table manners," the woman remarked. She was reluctant to leave the table as she stared at the angelic face of the little boy.

Both Matt and Chris choked on their food, as they remembered how Chris had eaten last night after Matt had complimented Chris on his table manners.

"Don't even try it!," Matt said, but it was too late.

Two beautiful green eyes sparkled, as the mischievous little boy dropped his face into the plate of corned beef hash, and repeated his dog-like eating pattern of the previous night. They all howled with laughter, as the little boy acted his age in having fun.

"He is adorable! she said, as the woman took a napkin to clean the face of the little scamp.

"What am I going to do with you?" Matt asked. As soon as the words were out of Matt's mouth, he wished he had not asked that.

Chris's eyes flashed again, as Matt and Chris both remembered what Chris had replied to that question the night before. Chris had said "take me to your bed and fuck me."

"Chrissy," Matt warned. "Don't you dare!!!!!!!!!!"

Chris giggled as he looked at Matt's face. Matt's face was filled with worry that the little boy would say something inappropriate, and would embarrass everyone within hearing range. Saying that one nasty word could cause some serious trouble. Chris kept giggling, as he knew HE now was in control of Matt.

"Chrissy," the woman replied. "What a beautiful name, for a beautiful little boy. My name is Helen, can I call you Chrissy, too?"

"It's a special name that only Matt calls me," Chris giggled, as he looked up at the loving face of the woman.

Chris paused, as he stared at the friendly face of the woman named Helen. He liked her, and decided that she was a very loving person. "You can call me Chrissy too," Chris said.

The woman beamed. Matt was surprised, and a little jealous. Helen smiled and her face was flushed with emotion, as she had just made friends with the beautiful little boy. She reluctantly left Matt and Chris to finish their food, as she turned to wait on the other customers in the restaurant.

Chris giggled as he looked at Matt's face. "You should have seen your face," Chris giggled. "You were afraid I was gonna say a bad word."

Matt breathed a sigh of relief, as he stared at the beautiful little boy. Matt was realizing that having a little boy around was going to be a real challenge. The little tyke could turn the tables of control very quickly on Matt. Matt smiled, as he realized that the intelligent little boy was going to have a lot of control in their relationship.

Chris ate until he was stuffed. Matt was genuinely surprised at how much a tiny boy could fit into that cute little tummy, and Matt made another mental note to tell his housekeeper to increase the size of the meals she would prepare for the loving couple. Chris gave Helen another hug before Chris and Matt left the restaurant with a sack of "doggy bags" of food that Chris had not finished. The two lovers returned to their spacious home to prepare for the Christmas Eve party that Matt had planned with Penny's help.