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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

Matt breathed a sigh of relief, as he stared at the beautiful little boy. Matt was realizing that having a little boy around was going to be a real challenge. The little tyke could turn the tables of control very quickly on Matt. Matt smiled, as he realized that the intelligent little boy was going to have a lot of control in their relationship.

Chris ate until he was stuffed. Matt was genuinely surprised at how much a tiny boy could fit into that cute little tummy, and Matt made another mental note to tell his housekeeper to increase the size of the meals she would prepare for the loving couple. Chris gave Helen another hug before Chris and Matt left the restaurant with a sack of "doggy bags" of food that Chris had not finished. The two lovers returned to their spacious home to prepare for the Christmas Eve party that Matt had planned with Penny's help.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 16

Matt and Chris returned to their home and started finalizing the plans for the Christmas Eve supper party. This was the third year that Matt had hosted his closest friends at his home, but this year would be different, as Matt would be introducing the guests to his new lover, Christopher Robinson. This year's party was easier to plan, as the plans basically duplicated the party from the previous year. Matt had completed almost all of his own shopping prior to the fateful night when he had been taken to the hospital. Matt had selected very unusual, and in some cases, very expensive gifts for his friends. The only shopping Matt had not done on his own was buying gifts for Chris. Penny had come to Matt's rescue, and had purchased everything on the list that Matt had made for her.

Matt told Chris all about the party plans, and that Chris would be meeting Matt's closest friends tonight. Chris figured that any friend of Matt's would soon be his friend too, and the little boy asked if he could be the one to greet the guests when they arrived. Matt was very surprised that the shy little boy wanted to do that, but Matt quickly agreed. Matt suggested that Chris say "Merry Christmas" and let the butler that had been hired for the party take the coats of the guests.

Penny and Ron always came early to help with the last few details of the party plans. Both Penny and Ron would stay, shower and get dressed at Matt's house. Penny had done most of the planning for the party again this year. Penny was always full of energy and Matt loved her for being such a great friend. The house became very busy as the multitude of hired help arrived. Matt had just taken the professional bartender around, showing the bartender where extra bottles of liquor were stored, and then down the basement to show him where the large climate-controlled vault held Matt's finest wine and champagne.

As Matt led the bartender back toward the stairway, Matt looked around at the huge empty basement. Matt decided that he would ask Chris to help design a large playroom and places for boys to sleep when Chris had visitors. Matt knew that little boys needed time with their friends, and the basement would make a great getaway area. Matt smiled, as he imagined the sounds of a bunch of little boys laughing and giggling in a new playroom. There was nothing as pure as the sound of a little boy giggling.

Before Matt and the bartender were back upstairs, the door chimes rang. The chimes had been programmed to play "We Wish You A Merry Christmas." Chris flew to the front door and opened it to see Penny and Ron standing on the porch. "Merry Christmas!! Chris exclaimed. Penny opened her arms, and the little boy launched himself into her arms, hugging and kissing his music teacher from the academy, and Matt's closest female friend. Chris was very excited, but realized that he needed to practice how he would greet the other guests. Chris asked Ron and Penny to help him practice by going back outside again. Ron and Penny smiled, and did what the little boy asked.

Chris opened the door for the second time, and said "Merry Christmas!" with the energy of a little boy. Chris bowed, and said, "My name is Christopher Robinson, and I am Matt's friend. Please come in and join our party."

Ron and Penny were impressed. The little boy acted so mature. They knew that the little host would blow the other guests away if he greeted them all in that manner. Chris offered to take Ron's and Penny's coats. Chris took the coats to the large closet in the foyer, and had to stand on his tiptoes to hang the coats up. Chris returned to the foyer where Ron and Penny were waiting, and said, "Please follow me, and I will show you the tree and where Matt is."

Penny tickled the little boy and made Chris giggle. "That was perfect," she said to the little boy. The trio found Matt in the family room, giving last minute instructions to the bartender about where extra Waterford crystal glassware was stored. Matt greeted his two best friends with hugs and offered them each a drink. It was time to open the bar!! Ron accepted the drink offer, but Penny declined, as she wanted to look around the house before the party to see if anything needed to be changed.

Chris tried to get Penny to go with him to the arcade, but Penny told him that she was too busy right now. Chris asked if he could talk to Penny in private. Matt and Ron heard the boy's request, and they wondered what the little scamp was up to now. Chris was insistent, and Penny agreed to follow Chris to his room. Chris closed the door to the room and asked Penny to sit on his bed and talk to him.

"I gotta ask you something," Chris began. "But you gotta promise not to tell Matt, or he will kill me."

Penny quickly realized that something was really bothering the little boy. Penny's mind raced, as she feared that Matt had hurt the boy, maybe had forced the boy to have sex, or the boy wanted to leave Matt and return to the academy. Penny waited for the little boy to compose himself.

"I promise not to tell Matt," she replied. "Did Matt hurt you?" Penny asked, praying that the answer would be "no".

"Matt loves me!" Chris replied confidently. "Matt would never hurt me."

Penny was relieved. Penny knew that Matt wanted to have anal sex with the little boy, and that it would be very painful for Chris. Penny reflected back on the first time that Ron had done it to her, and she was sore for a week. She was an adult, and her body parts were much larger than the little boy sitting beside her on the bed. Penny had grown to enjoy anal sex with Ron, especially when she was in her monthly period, and Ron's insatiable needs pressed her for oral and anal sex.

Chris took a deep breath, and began. "I love Matt and I want to do stuff with him. Matt won't do it, and I want it so bad, I cry."

"What do you want to do that Matt won't do?" Penny asked softly.

Chris wanted to tell Penny, but the only words he knew for the things that he wanted to do were the words he learned from the other boys at the academy. Chris's brain searched for socially acceptable words, but he could not find them.

"I'd have to say bad words," the little boy began. "Matt told me I can't use bad words when I talk to people."

"Use the bad words, Chris," Penny smiled. "I bet you I have already heard them all."

Chris paused and then began. "I want to jack him off. I want to suck his dick. I want him to suck mine. I want to taste his cum. I want him to fuck me in the butt."

Penny choked. This little boy was filled with love and lust for Matt, and was trusting her with his secrets. Penny knew about the physical examination, and decided to remind Chris that if he and Matt had anal sex, the doctor would know and would report it to the police.

"You know you can't let Matt put his dick in your butt," she began. "Until after the adoption is final, and then only after you are sure that is what you want. It will hurt a lot, and you will probably bleed."

Penny continued talking to the little frustrated boy. Penny was realizing just how much the little tyke loved Matt, and she tried to help the little boy. Chris told Penny about the rule of no nude contact. He also told her that he and Matt had played around that morning with their underwear on.

"What can I do?" Chris pleaded. "I want it sooooo bad!"

Penny thought for a minute, and a plan was forming in her devious mind. "So," she began. "Touching with underwear on is allowed?"

"yup" was the reply.

Penny smiled, as she formulated a plan that would give the little boy some of what he desired. Penny spoke softly, so that no one else could possibly hear. She rolled out her plan for the little boy, and Chris was thrilled. Penny told him what to do, and told him that Matt would be drinking a lot tonight, and that Matt's inhibitions would be reduced by the effect of the alcohol. Chris hugged and kissed Penny, as the little devious mind locked in the plan to seduce his lover but not break the rule. Well, the rule would surely be stretched beyond the limits that Matt had established, but the plan just might work.

"Don't you dare tell Matt that we came up with this plan together," Penny said, as they left Chris's room. "Matt would kill me if he knew I helped you with this plan."

Chris giggled, and agreed not to tell Matt. Penny and Chris walked back to the family room where Matt and Ron were chatting. Matt wanted to know what Penny and Chris had been up to, but they just giggled and laughed and told him it was none of Matt's business. Matt was a little perturbed, but went back to his conversation with Ron.

The house came alive, as the caterer for the event arrived and began setting up tables with the appetizers for the party, and setting the formal dining room table. Matt had hired waiters and waitresses to serve the guests during the socializing before the formal meal, and to serve the guests at the large dining room table. The table was set with bone china, Waterford crystal glasses, and Sterling silver knives, forks and spoons. Matt had hired a valet parking service and decorations from a local florist. The fresh cut flowers and poinsettias arrived and were placed according to Penny's directions.

Everything was ready, and Matt, Chris, Penny and Ron needed to clean up and get dressed for the guests who were invited to arrive at 6:00 p.m. It would be dark by that time, and the splendor of the decorations inside and outside of the house would radiate the joy of the holiday season. Matt helped Chris gather the special outfit that Matt wanted Chris to wear for the party. The outfit included gray Docker slacks, a white button-down collar dress shirt, a thin green necktie, and a green Cashmere V-neck sweater. Matt knew that the green would accentuate the beauty of the little boy's green eyes, and Matt wanted all of his special friends to recognize the beauty of his boy. Penny had other plans for Chris's outfit, but she had kept her plans a secret.

Matt showered and shaved, and put on an Armani suit for the party. Matt walked to the family room and had another drink with Ron, as the two men lit up Cuban cigars to celebrate together.

Penny was dressed in a long sparkling black evening gown that was split up the side, displaying her beautiful long legs. She was also wearing the diamond earrings and diamond pendant necklace that Matt had given her last year as a Christmas present. Penny looked stunning. Penny looked at herself in the full-length mirror, and decided she was ready. Instead of walking to the family room area, Penny grabbed a long plastic bag and headed for Chris's room. Penny knocked on the door and waited for the little boy to let her in.

Chris was wearing only a pair of white briefs, and Penny noticed the bulge of a prepubescent erection. She laughed, and asked Chris if he always had an erection. Chris blushed, and turned away from Penny's gaze.

"It's okay," Penny said to the embarrassed little boy. "Boners are fun for everyone."

Chris giggled, and lost his embarrassment. Chris picked up the slacks that Matt had selected for him to wear but Penny stopped the little boy.

"I have something special for you to wear tonight," she said.

Penny opened the plastic bag, and took out a white tuxedo for Chris to look at. Chris had never worn a tuxedo in his entire life, and he was afraid to even touch the soft white fabric. Penny helped Chris put on the ruffled white shirt that had green on the edges of the lacy ruffles. Chris really felt special as Penny helped him put on all of the accessories, that included green studs for the shirt, green cufflinks, and a green cummerbund. The tuxedo outfit included a white coat with long tails in the back, a sparkling green bow tie, and white patent leather shoes. Everything fit perfectly. Penny had helped Chris style his golden blonde hair, and for a final touch, Penny applied a thin line of green glitter makeup to the tops of Chris's cheeks, just below the beautiful green eyes. Penny had even considered applying lipstick to the boy, but Chris's full red lips had natural beauty, and she decided against the lipstick.

"Let's go knock Matt's socks off," Penny announced to the little boy.

Chris turned at looked at his own image in the full-length mirror. Chris gasped, as the effect of Penny's artistic touches made the boy realize how beautiful he looked. Penny led Chris to the family room, but told Chris to stand behind her so she could introduce him to Ron and Matt.

Ron and Matt were chatting as they enjoyed their cocktails and cigars. Penny stood at the entrance to the family room and got their attention.

"Gentlemen," she began, "Let me introduce to you the co-host of this Christmas party. I present to you, Mister Christopher Jonathan Robinson!"

Matt knew what Chris would be wearing, and went along with this little game that Penny and Chris were playing. Matt was not prepared for what he saw. The cigar dropped out of Matt's mouth and hit the carpet, as Matt's mouth dropped open in disbelief. Standing before Matt was a little boy in a white tuxedo, grinning from ear to ear. Matt was speechless. Ron quickly bent down and picked up Matt's cigar before it could burn the carpet. Matt could not find the words to express how beautiful his little boy looked. A little virgin boy, wearing the white of a virgin. The sight brought tears to Matt's face as his voice cracked with emotion.

"You're, you're……." Matt stammered. "You're beautiful, Chrissy," he finally choked out.

"Do I look good enough to eat?" Chris giggled, as the little boy turned so Ron and Matt could see the entire outfit.

Matt opened his arms and the little boy ran and jumped up to hug and kiss his lover. Ron had not known that Penny had planned this little surprise. Ron smiled as he kissed his wife and told her how beautiful she looked in her evening gown. This was going to be a special party for everyone, as Ron wanted to take Penny to a bedroom, rip off that gown, and fuck her brains out. Erections were everywhere. Many of the hired help for the evening gazed at the beauty of the little boy, and recognized the love between Matt and Chris.

The door chimes rang, as the first guests arrived. Chris dashed to the foyer to greet the first of the 25 people who had been invited. Chris performed flawlessly, as he wished them "Merry Christmas" introduced himself with a bow, and took their coats and handed them to the young butler. Each of the guests introduced themselves and told Chris to call them by their first names. Chris locked onto each face, and memorized all each name.

Chris was especially surprised when he opened the door to see John Eldridge and his wife, Marge standing on the entryway. Chris momentarily reverted back to being an impulsive little boy, as he jumped into John's arms and hugged the dean of the Hartland Academy. John spun the little boy around, as the little boy giggled. John and his wife were new additions to the guest list this year. Chris was elated that they had been invited, as Matt had kept that as a surprise for the little boy. Chris had never met Marge, but he knew he would like her, just by the way she looked at him. John had explained to his wife about the special relationship between Matt and Chris, and Marge had accepted it. For a long time, Marge had suspected that her own husband was very interested in the young boys at the academy, but Marge had decided, "Don't ask."

The party was in full swing. Matt and Chris held hands as they circulated among their guests. Matt was drinking a Manhattan with red and green maraschino cherries on a slender white spear. Chris was sipping on a "kiddy cocktail" that had included a slice of orange and green and red cherries. Chris had eaten the fruit immediately, and Chris looked at the cherries in Matt's drink and asked if he could have them. Matt would never say no to his little boy, and handed the speared fruit to his little lover. Chris and Matt were standing in front of Barney and Brad, as Chris popped the fruit into his mouth. The little boy gagged, as he tasted the liquor on the fruit. Chris screamed as he ran for the kitchen to wash the foul tasting alcohol out of his mouth. Everyone laughed as the little boy flew to the kitchen.

Chris was embarrassed, as he returned to hide behind Matt's back. Matt laughed as he pulled the little boy away from his back to stand next to Matt.

"Does this mean you don't want a taste of my drink?" Matt joked.

"You jerk!!!" Chris replied. "How can you drink that crap?"

Matt just laughed at Chris, and led Chris to the tables covered with appetizers. Matt gave tiny samples of each item, guessing at which items Chris would like, and which ones would cause a repeat flight to the kitchen. Chris had never even heard of most of the food that was on the tables. The catering service was known for being the finest in the area, and they had gone all out to impress the guests. The offerings included, Russian caviar, raw oysters, marinated herring, and duck liver pate`. Matt avoided those items as he was sure that a little boy would not appreciate the strange tastes. Matt fed the little boy samples of boiled shrimp, Alaskan king crab claws and pressed duck in wine sauce. Chris loved the tastes, and asked for more. Matt reminded Chris that there was a large meal to follow, and to save room in his little tummy.

The catering staff quietly circulated among the guests and asked them to select a place at the huge table in the formal dining room. The table could hold nearly 35 guests, but the seating had been perfectly arranged for 27, as that was the number for the evening. The crystal chandeliers were dimmed for the meal, and candlelight flickered around the room. For every two guests, there was a waiter or waitress, so no one had to wait for anything. Glasses were being filled with vintage champagne, and Matt was ready to say a short blessing before the meal was served, but Ron stopped everyone before they tasted their champagne as he offered a special toast.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Ron began. "We are here tonight to share the joy of the holiday season together, but more importantly, we are here to share in the beauty of pure love between my best friend, fraternity brother, and best man when I got married, Matthew Cameron, and his young lover, Christopher Robinson. Very soon these two hosts of ours will be joined as father and son. Let us raise our glasses, and drink to their love for each other, and their continued health in their long and prosperous lives together."

"Hear, hear!!!" everyone cheered, as they raised their glasses in appreciation.

Matt gave Chris a sip of champagne, and the little boy giggled as the bubbles tickled his nose. It was the second time Ron had toasted the loving couple, and Chris was the center of attention for everyone at the table. The meal was served in several courses, each with a different wine. Clean crystal glasses were presented for each change of wine, as the meal progressed from a cold soup called bouillabaisse, that Chris didn't like, to salad, prime rib roast beef, broiled lobster tail with melted butter, and a variety of vegetables. The caterer had carefully prepared for this party, as he hoped for new business from some of the guests. Generous portions were served, with second helpings quickly offered to everyone.

Chris had never tasted lobster, and he loved it. As the boy used the tiny special fork for the lobster to dip into the melted butter, Matt wanted to compliment Chris on his table manners. Matt smiled, and decided not to test the little boy's mischievous personality by complimenting him. That would come later, as Matt did not want the little boy eating like a dog in front of the guests, especially wearing that beautiful white tuxedo. When Matt saw Chris avoiding the prime rib to concentrate on the lobster, Matt just turned at nodded at the waiter, who immediately left and returned with a new plate that had two more lobster tails on it. The waiter quickly switched the plates, taking away the empty lobster shell and the prime rib that Chris had liked, but avoided to concentrate on the lobster.

"The boy has expensive taste," Matt thought to himself. Matt had offered Chris a tiny sip of each type of wine that had been served, but Chris did not like the dry wines, and preferred the sweetness of the red wines. Matt was careful not to give Chris too much to drink, as Matt did not want the boy to get drunk or sick.

After the meal was finished, everyone was full and feeling the effects of the variety of alcohol. They all gathered in the family room to enjoy the beauty of the Christmas tree, the music of Mannheim Steamroller, and the exchange of presents. Chris did not expect any gifts from the guests, as he had just met most of them for the first time, but every single person or couple that were at the party had brought a gift for the special little boy. Chris squealed with pre-adolescent joy as he was handed gift after gift. The wrappings were so beautiful, that Chris did not want to tear them open, but Matt encourage him to tear away or it would take a year for all of the presents to be unwrapped. Chris carefully read the cards attached to each gift, and announced whom the gift was from.

Chris was thrilled as he opened each gift. He was given designer clothes, games, PlayStation2 CD's, and a variety of stuffed animals. The present that Chris seemed to like the most was a soft cuddly stuffed golden puppy, from Barney and Brad.

"I always dreamed of having a dog," Chris said, as he hugged the little stuffed toy, and walked to thank Barney and Brad. Matt made another mental note to himself.

Each time Chris had opened a gift, he went directly to the giver and thanked them personally. Chris had remembered every name and face from the time he had greeted the guests. The guests were impressed.

The adults opened their gifts, as the waiters and waitresses refreshed drinks. The evening was getting late, and some of the guests had expressed their appreciation for the excellent party, and were going to leave. Penny stopped anyone from leaving as she had two special gifts to be opened in front of the guests. Penny handed Matt and Chris small wrapped packages and told them to open them at the same time. Matt and Chris opened their packages to find matching 18 karat gold necklaces. Each necklace had a faceted gold and platinum pendant. The pendants had a jagged edge and were highly polished. The pendant for Chris had "Matt" engraved on both sides. The pendant for Matt had "Chris" on both sides. Matt and Chris quickly saw that the two pendants fit together, forming a complete heart. They held the pieces together, and kissed. Everyone was touched by the special way Penny had selected to have the jewelry custom made. Matt and Chris both hugged and kissed Penny in thanks for their special gifts. Penny had used her influence to have the jewelry made in time for Christmas.

Again people were talking about leaving, when Chris decided that he wanted to give Matt the only gift that Chris had to give him. Chris asked the guests to stay for a minute, while the little boy ran to his room to get the gift that he had retrieved from his room at the academy when Matt had come to get him. Chris ran back to the family room and handed the gift to Matt.

Matt looked down at the square, thin package that his little lover had given him. The wrapping was made of white computer paper that had been decorated with colored markers. Attached was a hand made card with a Christmas tree on the front. Matt read the simple words on the front of the card out loud so the guests could know what Chris had written. "Merry Christmas to Matthew Cameron."

Chris was sitting on Matt's lap, as Matt opened the card.

"It's not much," the little boy apologized. "Aunt Mindy never gave me any money so I could buy anything for you."

Matt opened the card and read "With all my love forever, Chrissy." The inside of the card was covered with X's and O's. Matt wept as he read the beautiful words. This card was the best gift Matt had ever received, and the card and wrapping were special because Chris had made them for Matt.

Matt carefully opened the thin package, and found a blank CD inside. Written with a felt pen was one single word. "Pageant."

"Oh, my God!!" Matt exclaimed.

"It's a recording of the pageant," Chris said softly. "Adam recorded the pageant, and made this CD for me to give to you."

Penny was shocked. She had not realized that anyone had recorded the singing of the boys at the academy pageant, and had secretly wished that she had thought about recording the pageant herself.

Matt's hands were shaking. His body trembled as he recalled seeing the beautiful little blonde haired boy standing on the stage. It would remind Matt of the night he had lost his heart to a little 10 year old boy.

"Can I play it right now?" Matt pleaded.

"No," Chris replied softly. "I will be embarrassed. You can hear me choke and cry. I wanted Adam to take that part out, but he wouldn't do it."

Matt comforted the little boy as Matt held the CD as if Matt were holding the entire world in his shaking hands. Matt pleaded with the little boy, and Chris finally agreed. Matt loaded the CD into the stereo system, and the house was filled with the beauty of the high pitched voices of the boys from the academy. When the sounds of a little soprano voice sang "The Little Drummer Boy" every face in the family room was streaked with tears. The pause of the audience on the CD was matched by the silence in the family room, as everyone drank in the beauty of the way Chris had poured out his emotions in his crystal clear singing. The applause and cheering on the CD was matched by the sounds of the guests, as they added their approval of Chris's solo.

Matt got everyone's attention, to return to listening to the CD. The guests could hear Penny talking to Chris, and Adam helping the boy calm down when Chris had choked up. Chris hid his head in Matt's chest, filled with embarrassment. When the guests heard Chris sing "Ave` Maria" with no musical accompaniment, they were awe struck. The guests were silent as they realized just how special this gift from a little boy was to the man he loved. When the song ended, and the guests heard the thunderous applause, they joined in.

The guests begged for a copy of the CD. Matt said it was up to Chris if any copies would be made. Chris wanted the gift to be only for Matt. The guest pleaded with Chris.

"I made it for Matt," Chris replied. "I only want him to decide."

Matt realized that Chris did not want copies given out to the guests. Matt took over and told the guests that he would make a copy just in case the original was every damaged, and promised that the CD would be played each year at the end of the Christmas Eve party, but that no other copies would be made. Matt kissed Chris, and thanked him for the most precious gift he had ever received.