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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

The guests begged for a copy of the CD. Matt said it was up to Chris if any copies would be made. Chris wanted the gift to be only for Matt. The guest pleaded with Chris.

"I made it for Matt," Chris replied. "I only want him to decide."

Matt realized that Chris did not want copies given out to the guests. Matt took over and told the guests that he would make a copy just in case the original was every damaged, and promised that the CD would be played each year at the end of the Christmas Eve party, but that no other copies would be made. Matt kissed Chris, and thanked him for the most precious gift he had ever received.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 17

The guests began leaving at about 1:00 a.m. on Christmas morning. Chris got each person's coat, and thanked him or her for the gifts and the compliments about his singing. Matt and Chris said goodbye to all of the guests, and returned to the family room, where Matt wanted to listen to the CD again, as he held the little boy on his lap. Matt could not find the right words to tell Chris how much the precious gift meant to him. Matt tried, but the words of praise and thanks to the little boy sounded insufficient to express how much the gift meant to him. The two lovers hugged and kissed, as the CD finished.

Matt told Chris that it was bedtime. Chris did not want the evening to end. Matt reminded Chris that as soon as they got up in the morning, Chris could open his gifts from Matt that flooded the floor around the large Christmas tree. Both Matt and Chris decided to shower before they went to bed. Matt was so emotionally drained by the sounds of the CD that he wanted to just go to bed without a shower, but he finally decided to shower, and listen to the CD again on the stereo in his room. Matt finished his shower and put on a clean pair of silk boxers. He loaded the CD into the player and got into bed. The light was still on next to Matt's bed when he saw Chris standing in the doorway to Matt's room. Chris was wearing a green silk robe that extended down to the knees of the little boy. Matt swallowed hard, as he looked at the beauty of his little lover. Chris entered Matt's room and untied the cord around his waist. Chris opened the front of the robe to reveal his soft little body. Chris had on a pair of white bikini briefs that were so thin that Matt could see the outline of the little boy's scrotum and erection. Matt tried to look away, but Penny's plan was working.

Chris dropped the green silk robe and walked to the side of Matt's bed. Matt tried to resist the temptation of the little boy's body, but Matt was helpless. The effects of all of the alcohol, the music that was playing on the CD, and the incredible beauty of the little golden haired boy was too much. Matt drew back the blanket and sheets on his bed and welcomed his little lover to the bed.

"We can't do this," Matt said, but he knew his words were hollow. Matt was overcome with desire to make love to the little boy.

"I know," Chris said softly. "We won't put your penis in my butt tonight, but we will on our birthday, when the adoption is done."

No more words were spoken as the lovers embraced. Their lips met, and their tongues danced in and out of each other's mouth. The pheromones from the little boy were overpowering for the man, as he drank from the fresh taste of the little boy's freshly brushed teeth. Chris moved so he was on top of Matt, and the little boy started moving his cute little erection up and down on Matt's throbbing eight inch erection. Chris was following Penny's plan as he ground his little body on Matt's erection. The movement of the boy was deliberate, as Chris moved his body to force the waistband of Matt's boxers down. Matt's throbbing erection was exposed, as the insistent movement of the little boy exposed the head of the man's cock. Matt groaned, and his fingers stroked the back of the little boy's bikini underwear. Matt's finger found the puckered ring of the tiny anus, and shoved the thin fabric against the opening that he would some day enter with his massive erection. The touch of Matt's finger to Chris's anus sent the boy into orgasm. Chris was moaning and thrashing as he ground his little body against Matt's exposed cock. Chris shuddered as his orgasm wracked his little body. Matt lost control and pumped a huge load of cum all over Matt's chest and belly. The force of Matt's orgasm blasted cum all the way up to Matt's chin, as Matt screamed as blast after blast of thick gism shot out.

Chris was sitting on Matt's boxer covered balls, looking down at the volume of cum that had shot all over Matt's chest and belly. Chris reached his little fingers down to pick up some of the cum that was covering Matt's body. Chris held up the sample of the man's cum, and looked closely at it. Chris brought the cum to his nose, and sniffed.

"What's it taste like?" Chris asked. He wanted Matt's approval before he would ever taste what Matt had refused to let him see or feel on Christmas Eve morning.

"Taste it," Matt said softly.

Chris held his fingers in front of his face, as the cum started to dribble off from the fingers of the little boy. Chris brought his fingers to his mouth, and tasted the essence of his adult lover's semen for the first time. Chris cocked his head, as the little boy savored his first taste of cum. Chris decided he liked it, mainly because it came out of Matt. Chris sucked his fingers clean, and then scooped up another sample of the warm cum. Before Chris could bring his fingers to his own mouth, Matt grabbed the boy's hand, and brought the cum coated fingers to his own mouth. Matt sucked his own cum from the fingers of his little lover. Things had gone exactly as Penny had planned. Chris had achieved success in seducing Matt without any physical damage to the little boy's anus. Chris smiled as he looked at the love that he saw in Matt's face.

"I'll get something to clean up this mess," Matt said. Matt was going to go to his bathroom to wash off the cum with a washcloth and towel.

"Let me do it," Chris pleaded.

Matt nodded, thinking that the boy would retrieve a towel from the bathroom. Instead, Chris leaned down and a little pink tongue flicked at the cum that adorned Matt's chin and neck. Matt wanted to protest, but when he saw Chris's cute little tongue picking up the cum and felt the tickle of the tongue on his face, Matt sighed and let the boy continue licking him. Chris continued licking up the cum, swallowing it as he worked his way down Matt's chest. When Chris got to Matt's right nipple, Matt groaned. Chris licked and sucked on the nipple. Maybe it was instinct from Chris's days of nursing from his mother's nipple, and maybe it was the sounds of pleasure the boy heard from Matt. The boy continued sucking on each nipple, driving Matt wild. The boy continued his oral assault of the man, as the tongue traveled lower and lower. Chris's mouth reached Matt's navel, where a quantity of cum had formed a pool that completely filled the man's navel. Chris sucked up the cum from the navel, making a loud slurping noise. Both of them remembered the slurping sounds that Chris had made when he was eating like a dog.

Matt was going insane with the pleasure that the little boy was giving him. Matt knew that he should stop the boy from licking lower, but Matt was helpless as desire flowed through his body. Just when Matt was ready to grab the boy's head, and force it off from Matt's belly, Chris moved his mouth down, and sucked in the head of Matt's throbbing cock. Matt lost it. His cock throbbed and erupted another huge load of cum, but this time it was going right into the warm soft mouth of his little lover. Chris was squeezing Matt's balls with his tiny hand, as the man pumped hot thick cum directly into the boy's hungry mouth. Chris was swallowing every drop of Matt's cum, as Matt lost all control as his orgasm wracked his body. It was the most intense orgasm of his life, as Matt filled the boy's mouth with his juice.

Matt's orgasm finally peaked, as his cock became extremely sensitive. Matt finally regained control of his voice, as he begged the little boy to stop sucking his cock. Chris stopped sucking, and just held the throbbing member in his mouth, accepting the last few spurts of cum. Matt put his hands on Chris's head, and pulled the boy up so Chris's face would be aligned with Matt's.

"God," Matt croaked. "That was incredible."

Chris opened his mouth and stuck out his little pink tongue, showing Matt that the tiny tongue was coated in semen. Matt pulled the boy's face to his, and Matt sucked the cum out of the boy's mouth and swallowed it. The CD was just finishing, as Matt and Chris heard the sounds of the audience at the auditorium clapping and cheering. Matt was amazed that the sounds of the clapping seemed to be applauding the sexual acts that they had just experienced on his bed. Matt looked into Chris's beautiful green eyes and saw the eyes twinkle. Matt had learned when those green eyes twinkled, something childish was going to happen. Chris started giggling. Matt wanted to know what was so funny, but Chris would not answer. Chris was still giggling, when Matt reminded the little boy that they had promised not to lie to each other.

"What is so funny?" Matt demanded.

"I can't tell you," Chris replied as he continued giggling.

"You have to tell me," Matt chided the boy. "You promised to always tell me the truth. Now tell me. I promise I won't be mad."

Chris was still giggling. Matt was getting a little upset, but Matt also loved to hear the sound of the little boy giggling.

"It worked," Chris finally replied.

"What worked? Matt asked.

More giggles. It was a secret between Chris and Penny. Chris did not want to break the secret, but Matt was insistent. Chris finally decided that he had to tell Matt the truth.

"Penny told me what to do," Chris said as he continued to giggle.

At first Matt was mad at Penny, but then Matt quickly realized that the boy needed the sexual experience that they had just shared, and could not wait for the adoption to be final to have sex with him.

"You seduced me," Matt said with a grin.

"What does 'sad duce' mean?" Chris asked.

"The term is SEDUCE," Matt corrected the boy. "It is what you did to get in bed with me and make me cum two times. You are a little shit for doing that to me, but I love you."

Chris giggled, as Penny's plan had only been to force down the front of Matt's boxers and make the man cum. Chris had improvised by eating the cum and sucking Matt's cock for the first of many times in the future years.

"What am I going to do with you?" Matt asked.

Before Chris could answer "take me to your bed and fuck me," Matt covered the boy's mouth with his. They kissed and spoke words of pure love to each other, as they savored the afterglow of their first real sex together. The two lovers snuggled together and drifted off to sleep, basking in the memories of the best day of their lives.