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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

Chris giggled, as Penny's plan had only been to force down the front of Matt's boxers and make the man cum. Chris had improvised by eating the cum and sucking Matt's cock for the first of many times in the future years.

"What am I going to do with you?" Matt asked.

Before Chris could answer "take me to your bed and fuck me," Matt covered the boy's mouth with his. They kissed and spoke words of pure love to each other, as they savored the afterglow of their first real sex together. The two lovers snuggled together and drifted off to sleep, basking in the memories of the best day of their lives.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 18

It was about 9:00 a.m. on Christmas morning when Matt started to wake up. Matt had been having a very erotic dream about making love to Chris, with Matt's cock fully inside the little boy's anus. Matt was still dreaming of the warmth surrounding his throbbing cock, when Matt woke up. It was not a dream, as Matt realized that a little blonde head was bobbing up and down on his eight-inch cock. Chris was giving Matt oral sex. A tiny little hand was playing with Matt's hairy scrotum, as the boy bobbed his head up and down on the man's love organ. Another tiny hand was trying to wrap itself around the shaft of Matt's cock, as the boy licked, sucked and stroked the man toward an impending orgasm. Matt never considered pulling the tiny mouth away from his rampant cock. He was too close to cumming, and Matt was not going to deny himself and the boy the impending pleasure of his orgasm. Each bob of the little head took more of the man's cock inside of the little mouth. Matt could feel the head of his cock hitting the back of Chris's mouth, as Matt moaned his acknowledgment that the boy was doing a great job. This boy is a natural, Matt thought. Then Matt tried to think of an appropriate word to describe what Chris was doing to him. Before Matt could think of a socially accepted term, his body started shaking, as his cock throbbed and started spurting thick warm cum into Chris's mouth.

"Oh, God, Yes, yes, yes," Matt shrieked, as his cum blasted into the boy's mouth and down his throat. "Suck it, Chrissy, suck it!!"

Chris needed no encouragement, as the little boy had his man lover exactly where he wanted him. Chris continued sucking, licking, and stroking the man's cock, as Matt emptied his body into his little lover. Matt finally had to pull the little face off from his cock, when the head of the eight-inch cock became extremely sensitive. Matt pulled the little face up to his, and kissed his little angel, tasting his own cum in the mouth of his lover.

"That was incredible," Matt said. "I can't tell you how great that felt."

"So, you're not mad at me?" Chris asked.

"Absolutely not, little angel," Matt said between French kisses with the boy.

"See, Matt," Chris giggled. "We can do sex without your dick in my butt!."

Once again, Matt realized that the little boy had seduced him, and Matt loved it. Matt reached for the front of Chris's bikini briefs, and felt the hard erection and soft scrotum of his little friend and lover.

"Do you want me to suck yours?" Matt asked. Matt hoped that the boy would agree. Matt had never seen the little cock that protruded against the white cloth of the bikini briefs.

"Mine looks different than yours," Chris said softly. Chris was worried that the additional skin that he had on the end of his penis would look ugly to Matt.

"You aren't circumcised?" Matt asked.

"No," was the soft reply. "I don't want you to think it is ugly," the boy continued. "Some of the boys at the academy teased me about mine looking different."

"If you don't want me to see it," Matt said, "it is okay. But I know that anything attached to you will be beautiful. I have seen uncircumcised little boys before, and I think they are more beautiful that boys who are circumcised."

"Really?" Chris asked.

"Really," Matt said honestly. Matt had sucked a lot of uncut boy dicks in his trips to Mexico and Thailand.

"Please suck mine for me," Chris whispered. "Please."

Matt needed no more encouragement, and his fingers trembled as he reached for the thin strings on each side of the little boy's bikini briefs. Like he was opening the most beautiful present in the world, Matt slowly lifted the white cloth so it did not hook on the erection that was about 3 1/2 inches long. Matt sighed as the end of the little erect penis was exposed. The foreskin barely covered the end of Chris's penis, and Matt could see the pink head of the little cocklette hiding under the foreskin. Matt pulled the briefs completely off from his little lover as he gazed for the very first time at the beautiful slender penis, and the round little scrotum that held two eggs the size of jelly beans. Some day those little eggs would be larger, and would flood Matt's mouth with delicious boy cum, but for now, Matt knew that Chris's orgasms would be dry.

"It's beautiful, Chrissy," Matt whispered. "It's as beautiful as the rest of you. I love it!"

Matt reached for the tiny cock, and used one finger and his thumb to retract the foreskin, exposing the pink knob of the boy's cock. The foreskin retracted easily. Matt was pleased, as he did not relish the thought of the boy having to be circumcised. Matt wanted the boy to remain with the extra skin for the rest of his life. Matt caressed the little scrotum, and rolled the two eggs around in their protective pouch. Everything on this little boy was soft and perfect. Chris's little body could put any Greek sculpture to shame. Matt was looking at perfection, and Matt knew it.

Chris was responding to the stroking of his little genitals. The boy started moaning softly, as Matt continued to memorize every detail of the part of the boy that Matt had only dreamed about seeing. Matt leaned down and took the little cock in his mouth. The warmth of Matt's mouth on his cock sent Chris into a shuddering orgasm. The little boy writhed around on the bed, moaning and screaming for Matt to keep sucking. Matt had no intention of stopping until the little boy was satisfied. It was all that Matt could do to keep his mouth on the little erection that was throbbing in his mouth, as Chris was shaking all over and thrusting his little cock in and out of Matt's mouth. Suddenly the little boy went limp, and Matt realized that Chris had passed out. The intensity of his first oral sex was too intense for the little boy to handle, and he succumbed to the intense pleasure.

Matt held the little boy in his arms, waiting for the boy to recover from the orgasm. Chris's eyes fluttered, and the beautiful green eyes opened to look into Matt's face.

"I think your dick likes being sucked," Matt joked.

Chris could not speak, as his emotions were raw from what he had just experienced for the first time in his life. Matt ran his hands over the soft skin of Chris's chest and belly, avoiding contact with the little boy's cock and balls. Chris finally relaxed, as his orgasm ended.

"That was soooo awesome!" the little boy cried. Tears were running down Chris's face, as his body moved to press against Matt's.

Matt leaned over and licked the tears off from Chris's face, and then kissed the soft red lips of the little boy. They stayed in the bed for a long time, kissing and cuddling.

Matt heard the little boy's stomach growl with hunger. He knew he had to feed the boy something besides semen, and asked a dumb question, "Are you hungry, or was that a puppy I heard in your tummy?"

Chris giggled. They both put on their robes and headed for the kitchen for breakfast. It was a simple breakfast of fruit, juice and toast, but it satisfied them both. Chris was impatient to open his gifts, but Matt wanted a pot of coffee first. Chris jumped up on the stool, and expertly made the coffee. The wait for the coffee to finish seemed like an eternity to Chris, as he thought about all of the packages still under the tree for him to open.

"Let's get dressed before you start opening gifts," Matt suggested.

Chris didn't like that idea, as it would delay his opening gifts. Matt reminded Chris that Penny and Ron would be arriving soon, and that both of them needed to be dressed for the guests. Matt walked Chris to his room, and was just ready to walk to his own room when the bright green eyes sparkled again. Matt never knew what to expect when the little boy's eyes sparkled, but Matt knew he would like it, whatever it was.

Chris quickly turned his back to Matt, discarded the green silk robe and bent over at his waist. The little boy hauled down the tiny white bikini briefs and mooned Matt. Matt started laughing so hard he was having trouble breathing, as the little boy wagged his cute ass toward Matt, then wheeled around and displayed his constantly erect penis. Chris grabbed his penis and started jerking off in front of Matt.

Matt was very tempted to grab the little boy and suck that incredibly cute uncut penis, but their fun was interrupted by the sound of the door chimes. Chris quickly pulled up the bikini briefs, and reached for the soft sweat outfit that he and Matt had picked out for the boy to wear today.

Matt wanted to answer the door, but a large tent in the front of Matt's boxers and robe would be a dead giveaway to what he and Chris had been doing. Matt heard Ron's and Penny's voices in the foyer, and Matt realized that Ron had a key to the front door ever since the new door had been installed.

"We'll be right out," Matt yelled.

Ron and Penny knew that the two lovers had been fooling around. Penny had confided in Ron, telling him about her private conversation with Chris the day before. Both Penny and Ron were dying to find out if the plan had worked, but each knew that they could never ask, as Matt might be angry with them for invading his privacy.

Chris was the first to be dressed. He ran to the family room, gave hugs, and waited impatiently for Matt to get dressed.

"Hurry up, Matt!!" the little boy begged.

Penny had gone to the kitchen and poured coffee for Ron and Matt. When Matt finally walked into the family room, Chris looked up at him and said "FINALLY!!!! You are sooooooooo slow!!!"

As soon as Matt sat down, Chris grabbed for the first present. The adults watched the boy rip open the wrapping paper to expose a Harry Potter T-shirt. Chris had read the four Harry Potter books, and had begged Matt to take him to see the movie. Matt just smiled, as Chris tore through the stacks of presents. Chris had games, clothes, music CD's, computer software, PlayStation2 games, artist supplies, word search books, and gift certificates for book stores and movie theatres.

Matt, Ron and Penny had agreed a long time ago that they would only give each other one gift, as they knew that their personal wealth had already purchased what they really needed. Ron and Penny's gifts to Chris and Matt had been the necklaces. Ron opened his gift, noticing that Matt had added Chris's name to the gift tag. Inside was a new watch for Ron.

"Holy shit!!!" Ron yelled. "It's a Rolex!!!!"

Matt was pleased that Ron liked the watch. It had diamonds and rubies inlaid in the face of the watch where numbers normally showed the time.

Penny opened her gift and froze. Her hands were shaking as she held up the beautiful 18-karat tennis bracelet. Each link of the bracelet held a large, perfect diamond. Penny was speechless, as she looked at the sparkling diamonds.

"It's beautiful, Matt," Penny said. "I don't know what to say."

"Jesus, Matt," Ron said as he looked at the bracelet. "There must be five karats of diamonds on this thing."

"Actually, there are eight," Matt replied.

Penny gave Matt a kiss and hug. Then she went to Chris and gave him the same. Ron and Penny could not stay long, as they were expected at the home of Penny's parents for a family meal and gift exchange. Penny and Ron were both going to wear their new gifts to show her relatives.

The house became quiet, as Matt and Chris had their home to themselves. They played some board games, tried their luck in the video arcade, and fired up the computer in Chris's room. Chris wanted to send email to Adam, his big brother from the Hartland Academy, but he did not know Adam's email address. Chris realized that he missed Adam.

As if Matt could read the little boy's mind, he asked. "Do you miss Adam?"

"How did you know what I was thinking?" Chris asked.

Matt just smiled. He knew that Adam had bonded with Chris, and Matt knew that Adam and his friends had protected the little boy at the academy.

"I thought you might like to talk to Adam," Matt said, "and maybe invite him over for a couple days."

Chris's emotions soared at the thought of talking to Adam, but then Chris became distant, as Chris realized that he did not have any way of knowing Adam's email address or phone number.

"Try this," Matt said as he handed the little boy one of John Eldridge's business cards.

Chris looked at the card and didn't understand, until Chris turned the card over and saw Adam's name and telephone number. Chris screamed with joy as he fumbled with the telephone on the computer desk in his room. Chris had his own private line. It was another great idea of Penny's. Chris tried to punch in the telephone number, and kept making mistakes due to the excitement of his youth. Chris cursed, and Matt playfully tapped the boy on the head, reminding him to watch his language. Matt finally took the phone from Chris, punched in the number and handed the phone to Chris as the phone rang.

"Hello," a female voice answered.

"Is Adam there?" Chris asked, praying that his big brother was home.

As soon as Matt realized that the call went through, Matt left Chris's room to give the boy some privacy.

"Who's calling," the female voice questioned, sounding agitated.

"It's Chris," he answered softly.

"Chris who?" she replied.

It sounded like she did not want to call Adam to the phone. Adam had just walked past his bratty little sister when he heard her mention Chris's name, and he quickly grabbed the phone away from her, calling her a nasty little shit.

"Hello," Adam said.

Adam!!!!" Chris screamed into the phone. "It's me, Chris !!!"

"How did you get my phone number?" Adam cried.

"Matt got it from Mr. Eldridge for me," was Chris's reply.

The phone call lasted for almost 45 minutes as Chris talked non-stop about his new home and the adoption. Chris talked so fast it was hard for Adam to get any words in. Adam was happy that Chris was happy, but Adam was also afraid he was going to lose his little brother. Chris asked Adam if he could come over and stay for a few days. Adam asked his parents, and they agreed. Both Chris and Adam were elated that they would be together again. Adam's father wanted to talk to Matt about the visit.

Chris yelled for Matt to come to the phone. Matt talked to Mr. Redding, and got directions to pick up Adam. Adam would be with Chris the very next morning. Chris was so happy he was crying as he hugged Matt and thanked him for making this happen.