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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

"How did you get my phone number?" Adam cried.

"Matt got it from Mr. Eldridge for me," was Chris's reply.

The phone call lasted for almost 45 minutes as Chris talked non-stop about his new home and the adoption. Chris talked so fast it was hard for Adam to get any words in. Adam was happy that Chris was happy, but Adam was also afraid he was going to lose his little brother. Chris asked Adam if he could come over and stay for a few days. Adam asked his parents, and they agreed. Both Chris and Adam were elated that they would be together again. Adam's father wanted to talk to Matt about the visit.

Chris yelled for Matt to come to the phone. Matt talked to Mr. Redding, and got directions to pick up Adam. Adam would be with Chris the very next morning. Chris was so happy he was crying as he hugged Matt and thanked him for making this happen.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 19

During the time that Chris was talking to Adam, Matt had placed his own special phone call to Bill Martin. Bill is a psychiatrist, who had helped Matt through some very difficult times. Bill specialized in counseling pre-teen and teenage children. Penny had called Bill before the Christmas Eve party and had told Bill what she had learned from the confidential files at the academy that related to Christopher Robinson. The phone call from Penny to Bill had lasted a long time, as Penny told what she knew about Chris, and what the files contained. Bill was 100% gay, but his mannerisms never showed it. To outsiders, Bill appeared to be a masculine man who was in great physical shape. Bill had visited Matt when Matt was in the hospital, and Bill was a very close friend who wanted to help his friend Matt through another personal crisis. Many times the two men had met for dinner, and most of the dinner discussion ended up being a therapy session for Matt. Matt had deep seated issues centered around his relationship with his parents, specifically his father, and had been struggling with his sexual identity. Bill had brought out the real Matt, and hooked Matt up with his repressed desires for having a boy lover.

Bill had joked with Matt, that each dinner ended up as a therapy session, and Bill should send Matt a bill for the session, even though Matt usually paid for their meals and drinks. When Matt thought that Bill might be serious, Matt offered to pay his friend for the time Bill was helping Matt. Bill realized that he had offended his friend. Bill had just been teasing, and realized that the issues discussed were too important for Matt to see any humor in Bill's comments. It wasn't until Bill told Matt that Bill "would take it out in trade" that Matt really understood. Many of their meals ended up with them back at Matt's home, with Bill fucking Matt's ass for hours. Bill was a true "top" and never wanted Matt to fuck Bill. Matt was never left frustrated, as Bill was great at giving "head" and loved all of Matt, but especially Matt's eight-inch cock.

The phone call from Matt to Bill on Christmas day lasted as long as Chris's call to talk to Adam. Bill had suggested several things to Matt to solidify the friendship of Matt and Chris. The things that Bill had suggested would be painful for both Matt and Chris, but Bill told Matt that both parties had to discuss their past for the lovers to truly bond. Bill had made suggestions on how Matt should approach Chris to get the boy to open up about his past, and Bill warned Matt to remember that the attention span of a young boy was very short. Matt had to establish a very intimate trust between him and Chris so that the lovers would share past successes and failures, and really understand each other. It would be difficult, but Matt knew Bill was right. Matt decided to start right away. The phone call between Bill and Matt was ended, just as Chris had called Matt to the phone to talk to Adam's father.

Chris was in a great mood, as he thought about seeing his big brother, Adam, the very next day. Little boys do not focus on anything other than the present. Taking Chris back to his past would be painful for the little boy, and Bill had told Matt that if any problems came up, to call Bill and he would come over immediately. Matt decided to take the first step as he asked Chris to sit with him in the family room.

Matt spoke softly as he looked into the beautiful green eyes of his little lover. Matt explained how Chris and Matt needed to talk about many things that might be painful, but they needed to be honest with each other for their love to really grow.

Chris seemed to understand, as Matt explained what Bill had suggested. Chris and Matt were each supposed to go to different rooms, and write questions that they wanted answers to about each other. At first, Chris didn't understand, and when he did, he didn't want to do it. Matt got back into the adult role, and said they could wait, but that their sexual relationship would never go any further until they did what Bill had suggested. Chris finally agreed, and the two lovers separated to write at least three questions each.

Chris sat in his room. There were a lot of things about Matt that he wanted to know. The little boy was scared at first that Matt would be angry about some of his questions, but Bill's rule was simple. "Ask anything that you really want to know."

Chris wrote three questions"

Tell me about your hand?

Tell me about your family?

Why do you love me?

Matt was worried about his questions too. He wanted to know more about the little boy, but didn't want to bring back painful experiences, or have the boy upset and reject his love. Matt wrote:

Tell me about your mommy and daddy?

Tell me about what happened after mommy and daddy died?

Tell me why you love me?

The questions were very similar. Both Chris and Matt wanted to know about each other. Bill had suggested that each question be written on a separate piece of paper, and only one question from each person would be drawn out of a hat. Because of the attention span of the little boy, each answer could only be 10 minutes.

Chris walked back into the family room and sat next to Matt. Matt leaned over and kissed the boy and told him he loved him. Matt asked if Chris was ready. Chris was afraid, but he agreed. Matt took one of the pieces of paper that Chris had scribbled on, and read the question out loud.

"Tell me about your hand?"

Matt took a deep breath, and decided that he would be honest with the little boy. Matt told Chris how the pageant affected him, and that Matt knew that Chris was the boy of his dreams. Matt told Chris about how excited Matt had been when he got Chris's email, and talked to Chris on the phone. Matt told Chris that his emotions had boiled over, and he had said things to Chris that seemed impossible to the little boy, but Matt had known that he could make the promises come true. Matt told of his personal grief when he heard Chris sobbing, and how much Adam's anger had hurt Matt. Matt told Chris that Matt was so angry for hurting Chris on the phone that he smashed the empty bottle of scotch in frustration and anger over hurting Chris. Matt told Chris that Matt was ashamed of his actions, and that he would have a permanent reminder of what his own anger had cost him. Matt told Chris that he had stitches inside his wrist and hand that would dissolve, and others that would have to be removed in a few days, but that Matt would never be able to use his right hand like before the injury. Matt would have to go to physical therapy at least three times a week, and exercise his hand at home to get partial feeling and use back into the damaged hand. Matt said that he was afraid that Chris would not want to look at the scars on his right hand and wrist.

Chris listened intently, as Matt was being very honest with him. Chris was sad about what caused Matt to become so angry and hurt himself. The little boy looked at Matt's face and saw the embarrassment. Chris leaned over and kissed Matt and made Matt promise to never hurt himself again. Chris took Matt's right hand in his, and kissed it.

"I love every part of you," Chris said. "From now on, I want to hold your right hand when we are together."

The response to the question was exactly what Chris wanted to hear. Matt asked Chris if there was anything more about his hand that Chris wanted to know, and the little boy answered honestly, "No."

Chris reached for a question that Matt had written. Chris read softly, "tell me about your mommy and daddy?"

Chris trembled. Remembering his parents would take him back in time to a very joyful time and then to tragedy. The little boy was shaking.

Matt interrupted and told Chris he could pick a different question, but the little boy was strong.

Chris spoke softly as he told what he could remember about the first eight years of his life. Matt reached over and offered his right hand for Chris to hold, and that simple gesture gave the little boy strength to continue. Chris told Matt about his mother being a doctor, and quitting her job to be with him after Chris was born. He told Matt about his father, the martial arts training, the Navy SEALs, and how much Chris loved to wrestle and play with his daddy. Chris continued for almost 20 minutes, telling Matt everything he could remember about the parents that he loved. Chris told about the night he found out his parents had been killed as the tears flowed down Chris's face. He told about the funeral and the time he was in the hospital. Chris told Matt about wanting to kill himself to be with his parents. He told Matt about the football coach, John Harper, who had never given up on Chris, and coach Harper had been the one to convince Chris to fight back and live. Chris told Matt that he wanted to talk to coach Harper and tell him thanks for saving his life.

Matt listened closely. He could feel how painful it was for the little boy to relive his past, and tell Matt how much Chris loved and missed his parents.

The feelings were very intense for both Chris and Matt. Matt said that they had to stop talking about the questions until later. Chris was relieved. The little boy was drained emotionally and needed a break.

Matt led the little boy to the arcade, where they played several different games. Matt was thrilled when he finally beat Chris on a road racing game. Even Chris was amazed, and the tension was broken as they teased each other about cheating on the game. They took a break from the games and ate some of the leftovers from the previous night's lavish meal. Matt had warmed up some lobster for his little friend, and marveled at how the boy loved the expensive seafood.

During their meal, Chris decided to ask Matt a question that was bothering the little boy. "Matt," Chris began, "Adam will be here tomorrow. I really love Adam. Not half as much as I love you, but Adam is my big brother."

Matt could read the boy's mind. Matt sensed that Chris wanted to know about being alone and possibly sexual with Adam. Matt knew that if he was honest with Chris, he would tell the boy to avoid any intimacy with Adam. Matt was jealous of Adam. Matt remembered what Bill had said about boys needing contact with other boys, and that any sexual experimentation was normal, and should not be made to appear dirty. Bill had told Matt that the love between Chris and Matt would only be made stronger if Matt did not try to manipulate and control the boy in the natural urges of a young boy to experiment. Matt took a deep breath, ready to tell Chris how he really felt, but then stopped and thought. "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it is real love."

Chris broke the silence by asking, "Can Adam sleep with me in my bed?"

Matt paused, and answered, "Yes, if that is what you want."

Chris sighed in relief. He was afraid Matt would say "no."

"What if Adam and I want to..."

There was another pause, as Chris continued. "What if Adam and I want to do stuff?"

Matt took another deep breath. Matt decided to let the boy go free. It was scary and painful for Matt, but he knew Bill was right.

"If you and Adam decide to 'do stuff' I won't interfere" Matt said softly. "I know that boys sometimes play with each other, but we both know that Adam is a big boy, and he positively cannot put his penis in your butt."

It was out. Matt had said it. He had expressed his fears that something might happen to prevent the adoption, or even worse, make Chris want Adam more than Chris wanted Matt.

"Jeez, Matt," Chris replied. "I would never want Adam to do that to me. My butt is gonna be just for you, no one else."

Matt was relieved. Chris was just being a horny little boy in wanting to know what the limits were. Matt knew that the boys were more than friends, and Matt knew he could never keep them apart without hurting Chris.

"It's all up to you," Matt said. "You will be in control. Just know that I love you, and that I don't want Adam to hurt you or force you to do anything that you don't want to do."

Chris leaned over and kissed Matt, and held Matt's right hand. Chris looked down at the scars and stitches in the injured hand and said, "I love you. I will always love you. You were sent to me by my mommy and daddy to be my lover forever."

The two lovers hugged and kissed, as this therapy session had drained them both. They finished their meal and decided to watch the large screen television in the family room together. Chris sat on Matt's lap and massaged Matt's right hand. Matt's hand was numb from the nerve damage, but the gentle manipulation of his hand felt good.

Chris pulled back the hair that had fallen in front of his vivid green eyes to look closely into Matt's eyes. Chris saw pure love flowing from the man towards him. The little boy's green eyes sparkled, and Matt knew it was "Little boy time again."

"You want a blowjob?" the little boy asked.

"God, Chrissy," Matt choked out. "You are a sex maniac."

Chris giggled as he reached for the zipper of Matt's slacks. Matt didn't stop the little urchin, as Chris unzipped Matt's slacks, undid the single button at the top, and pulled Matt's dick out from the fly front of the silk boxers.

"He's soft!" Chris exclaimed. "I've never seen him soft. He is tiny."

Matt laughed. The little sex maniac was going to take care of the soft condition of Matt's cock real fast. Just the touch of the little fingers started Matt's cock to inflate. Chris leaned over and began licking Matt's cock head, and the man's cock responded very fast.

"Your balls are real hairy," Chris said, as he took a break from licking and sucking the head of Matt's cock.

"I used to shave them," Matt replied. "I used to like the feel of them hairless."

"Can we go shave them?" the boy asked, playfully.

"Maybe," Matt replied, "but right now, keep on sucking and licking me. I love the feel of your mouth."

Chris continued his attention to Matt's cock that was now fully erect. Chris continued licking and sucking, and began using his small hand to jack Matt off. It did not take long before Matt was close to cumming. Matt warned the little boy that he was going to cum, but the little lover had no intention of stopping what he loved to do. If anything, the tongue action and sucking increased, as Matt relaxed and let his orgasm fill the boy's mouth with several spurts of thick semen. Chris was learning to suck like a pro. Matt never had to warn the boy about teeth scraping his large cock, as the boy swallowed every drop of Matt's cum. After Chris felt Matt relax, the boy took his head off from Matt's lap and kissed Matt on the lips. Matt tasted the chlorine flavor of his cum in the boy's mouth, as they French kissed for several minutes.

"You want a blowjob?" Matt mimicked what Chris had asked him.

The little boy never said a word in reply. Chris quickly got up off from the couch and pulled down the sweatpants and briefs he was wearing and exposed his tiny erection for Matt. Matt pulled the sweatpants and briefs completely off from the boy, and laid Chris back on the leather couch. Matt pushed up the sweatshirt and began licking and sucking the dime-sized nipples on his young lover. The nipples quickly responded, and became pointed and hard, as Matt taught the little boy to enjoy other erogenous areas of his young body. Matt's mouth continued going south on the soft belly of his young lover. Matt bypassed the tiny erection, and soft scrotum, and lifted Chris's legs up. Chris knew that he had nothing to fear, as Matt's warm tongue licked under the tiny scrotum and traveled further down. Chris was shocked as he felt Matt's tongue touch his anus. The little boy jerked. The unexpected licking of his butt hole was totally unexpected, but it felt great!

Chris moaned, as he felt Matt's tongue probing into his anus. Chris knew that his hole was clean, but he never dreamed that Matt would want to lick him there. Chris pulled his legs apart, as the little boy experienced the intense feelings of rimming, that he had only seen in pictures on the Internet. Chris felt his orgasm begin, and he screamed for Matt to suck his little dick. Matt replaced his tongue with a finger, and probed the little anus as he quickly covered the boy's erection with his mouth. Chris's head flew back on the couch, as the finger entered his anus and the little cock throbbed, trying to pump semen that would not appear for a long time. Chris did not pass out this time, but the feelings were so intense, that he pulled Matt's hair hard to get the man off from his super sensitive little cock. Matt fought to keep sucking the little cock, but finally realized that the boy might be experiencing pain, so Matt let the little dick out of his mouth, and stroked it gently with one finger and a thumb.

The flood of nasty words flowed out of the little mouth of the boy that had just had an intense orgasm. Matt smiled, as he knew that he had just taken Chris to a new level of sexual pleasure.

"Fuck!!" was all that Chris could say.

Matt laughed, and corrected his young lover. "That was not fuck," he said. "It was suck and rim."

"What is 'rim'," Chris gasped.

"Licking your butt hole is rimming," Matt replied.

"Jesus!!" Chris exclaimed.

"Did you like it?" Matt asked, already knowing the answer.

"It was awesome!!" Chris replied. "Next time I'm gonna do that to you, and see how you like it!!!"

Matt laughed. Matt had loved the smell and taste of the little boy's hidden hole, and Matt knew that when he prepared the boy for anal sex, he would lick that hole until it dropped out!!!!

The two lovers kissed and hugged. They both got dressed and laughed at how much fun their sex had become. Chris was learning more and more about ways to please his lover, and the little boy's brain was like a sponge, soaking up intimate knowledge of sex.

Time passed as the two lovers cuddled and chatted about the stupid shows that were on the television. Chris had grabbed the remote control and was surfing the channels to find something interesting. The surfing went to a news channel, where the announcer was telling about a brutal murder in the town of Owosso, Michigan. Nothing registered with Chris or Matt, as Chris continued surfing.