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Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 2

There is no way to describe the impact of a boy losing his parents at the age of 8 1/2. His father had been very close to nailing down the Colombian drug cartel, but somehow the cartel informants found out that Jonathan was working for the CIA. Jon Robinson had been followed to the meeting place where he met his wife. Jessica had just got into the car with Jon and was giving him a kiss when the gunfire erupted. Drug lords are not known for being secretive when they "hit" a foe. The car and both of Chris's parents were riddled with bullets. The authorities believed that at least six shooters were involved with automatic weapons. As soon as the attackers knew that their victims were dead, they fire bombed the car to add a final blow to the CIA effort to expose their crime organization. The bodies were burned beyond recognition. The final identification was made from dental records. Instead of having a weekend of fun and love with his parents, Chris was submerged into a time of agony. His body shut down. He refused to eat or talk. His loss was so great that he could not even cry. He would never again hug and kiss his parents. He could not even see them at the funeral, as both caskets were closed, sitting side by side in the church filled with mourning friends.

Mrs. Porter and Jennifer Atkins, the psychologist, sat with Chris at the funeral that was held nearly a week after the deaths of his parents, holding his hands and trying to comfort the boy that had lost his entire family in one act of terrorism. Chris had just started eating and drinking small amounts, but his body was slowly deteriorating. As Chris walked with Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Atkins away from the gravesite where his parents' bodies would lie for eternity, the boy stumbled, then turned to look at the two caskets, and collapsed.

When Chris woke up, he was in a strange room. He tried to focus, but his eyes were blurred by the drugs that the doctors had given him. He looked around and saw plastic bags on a stainless steel pole next to his bed. He followed the tubes running out of the bags to his right arm, where the IV's had been placed. Reality hit Chris hard, as he finally realized that this was not some bad dream that he would wake up from. His parents were dead. He was alone.

Chris pushed back the tears that could not heal the hurt inside his body. Nothing would help him cope with losing his parents. He drifted off to sleep again, praying that this nightmare would be over when he awoke. When his eyes finally opened again, it was dark both in the room and outside. Chris could see through the window in the room that it was nighttime. He heard the scream of an ambulance. His eyes were still not focussing correctly, but he saw Mrs. Porter sitting by his bed. He had never been in a hospital like this. He tried to talk, but couldn't manage to create the words that would ask where he was. Mrs. Porter touched his face and told him to rest. He slipped back into sleep.

The events of November never left the mind of Christopher Robinson. He was emotionally devastated by the loss of his parents. He again refused to talk or eat. His body lay in the hospital bed like a corpse. Social workers and doctors tried to reach out to the boy, but he was so far into depression that they put him on a suicide watch. Chris wanted to die. He wanted to be with his parents, and that was the only way he knew to be with them. Friends from school would come with their parents to visit him in the hospital, but Chris refused to talk to them. He knew that they were there, but he never responded to their questions or comments. His friends were not prepared for his depression, and after a while the parents stopped bringing their children to visit him, fearful that the depression would spread to their offspring.

The only visitor that seemed to get any reaction from Chris was his football coach, John Harper. He visited the boy almost every day to try and reach into the boy's mind. The coach talked about the football team and how much Chris was missed. The team had been devastated by the events, and had lost every game since Chris stopped playing. The coach kept talking to Chris, even though he did not get a response. The coach did not give up, and one day when the coach entered the hospital room, Chris looked up at him and softly said "Hi". It was only one word, but that was the only word that Chris had spoken since he first heard about his parents' deaths. The coach nearly cried, but choked back his emotions as he sat and talked to the devastated boy. Coach Harper talked and told Chris that he had suffered the biggest loss of his life, but that his parents would not want him to give up and die. He told Chris that if Chris committed suicide, he would never get to see his parents in heaven.

Maybe it was too heavy for a boy to understand about heaven and hell, but Coach Harper was running on empty with his emotional resources. He reminded Chris that his father had taught Chris to be a fighter, and it was time for Chris to show what he had learned. He challenged the boy to honor the memory of his parents by fighting back, and becoming a survivor. Chris listened. Chris held out his hand to the coach, and the coach grabbed his hand and then hugged the small boy. Chris had decided to live. He started to eat the hospital food, but still refused to talk to anyone.

It was two weeks since the funeral for his parents when Chris was released from the hospital. The social workers decided it would be too painful for Chris to return to his home, or that of his neighbor, Mrs. Porter. He was placed in foster care with a family that had been caregivers for other children in need of special care. Chris refused to talk to the foster parents or the other children in their care. The most he would say was one word at a time, usually yes or no. He was eating, but not enough to sustain the growth of a normal boy approaching 9 years old. Chris kept to himself, usually reading or staring out the window, hoping and praying that his parents would return and make this nightmare end. He lost all interest in television or video games. Chris totally withdrew from society.

He had been in foster care for two weeks when he was visited by a man who said he was Jonathan Robinson's lawyer. Mr. Chambers was an old man who could barely walk, but something about the man told Chris that he could be trusted. Mr. Chambers told Chris that they had located his mother's cousin, Mindy McClure, and that she had been appointed his legal guardian, since Mindy was the only known relative still living. Mr. Chambers also told Chris that Jonathan and Jessica had left a sizeable estate that would take care of Chris for the rest of his life. Chris didn't understand what that meant, but he recognized the name of Mindy McClure, and he knew he didn't like her. Chris remembered his parents talking about Mindy, and that they had called her a bitch when he was not in the room with them. Chris dreaded being near the woman, and now she was his legal guardian, whatever that meant.

Christopher Jonathan Robinson met his mother's cousin Mindy in Mr. Chambers' office. She was even more ugly than Chris had remembered. She seemed angry that she was required to be there for the meeting, and Chris knew that he hated her. Her questions and comments all centered on money. How much would she be paid to take care of Chris, how much would the estate pay her toward her mortgage, etc?. Everything boiled down to the bitch wanting money. She didn't care about Chris, but he was a way for her to get out of financial debt. Mr. Chambers didn't want Mindy to know exactly how much money was in the estate, and he avoided all questions that she asked about the investments that Jonathan Robinson had left in trust for his son. Mindy McClure was told that any request for disbursement from the estate had to be approved by Mr. Chambers, and she tried unsuccessfully to change the trust and the reimbursement rules. She was told, right in front of Chris, that his care would be monitored, and any problems with her care of the boy could result in him being removed from her home and placed in special care, and that would result in her receiving nothing from the trust fund. Mindy fumed at the words, but knew she had no choice but to take Chris home with her.

Chris sat in the car with Mindy McClure, dreading where she was taking him. She made no effort to talk to the boy, and merely drove to her home and walked inside, leaving Chris alone in the car. Chris sat in the car, wondering what life had in store for him, and finally decided to go inside the house and try to avoid Mindy, who insisted that he call her Aunt Mindy. When Chris entered the house, he found Aunt Mindy sitting in front of the television, drinking beer. She never looked up at the beautiful boy, and merely told him that his room was upstairs on the left. Chris walked up the stairs and entered his "new" room, seeing only a bed and one dresser, no pictures, no bedding, nothing to welcome him to her house. Chris went to the bed and lay down and cried for the first time since his parents had died. His sobs of pain and loss went unheeded, as Aunt Mindy poured beer after beer down her ugly throat. When Chris was drained of all tears, he fell asleep on the bare mattress in his new home.


The next morning was no better for Chris. He walked downstairs and saw Aunt Mindy drinking coffee, and noticed a bottle of brandy next to the coffee cup on the table. Aunt Mindy looked up at him and said "Get your shit out of my car and take it to your room. There is milk in the refrigerator and some cereal in the cupboard. Just stay the fuck out of my way. I don't want any shit from you, or I will kick your pretty boy ass out of here".

Chris never said a word. He did what Aunt Mindy had told him. He spent the entire day in his room, reading books he had brought from his real home. Several of the books were martial arts training manuals. He wanted to continue his training, but he knew his Aunt would never take him to training, so he read the books and tried to practice in his room. It was noontime and Chris's stomach growled with hunger. He walked downstairs, and saw the makings for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the table.

"Make your own lunch. I'm not your personal servant. Clean up the mess when you are through, or you won't get any dinner" Aunt Mindy yelled at him.

When he had finished two sandwiches, Chris cleaned up the kitchen, washing his dishes and those that Aunt Mindy had used. He started back up to his room, when she snarled at him to get in the car. Chris did, as she demanded, not knowing where they were going. When they arrived at a brick building, Chris realized that it was his new school. He was enrolled and started the next day. The school principal tried to talk to Chris, but Chris never said a word. Aunt Mindy did the talking for him, telling the principal that his worthless parents were dead, and that she was his guardian. She told the principal that if Chris caused any problems, to "beat his ass". Chris was given a bus schedule, class list, and a small map of the school.

The next day Chris got up, showered, and made his own breakfast. Aunt Mindy had given him a key to the house, and warned that he better not lose it, or he would have to stay outside until she got home, and then he would be punished. Chris met the bus at the end of the street, and began his new life in school.

The new school was much smaller than the one Chris had attended in Lansing. He found his classrooms easily, but refused to talk to anyone. Several of his teachers tried to get him to stand up and introduce himself, but he sat silently in his seat. It didn't take long for some of the other children to start picking on Chris. They called him "retard" and numerous other names. That very first day, Chris got his first beating from two boys who were at least two years older than he was. He was headed for his bus when they grabbed him and demanded that he talk to them. He remained silent, and the punches smashed into his face and body. Chris made no attempt to defend himself. He knew he could beat the crap out of the two older boys, but he knew the martial arts training was not to be used to hurt others. In a way, he enjoyed the beating, as it gave him something to think about other than the loss of his parents. The two boys left him on the ground, bleeding, and told him that the next day they wanted his lunch money, or he would be beaten again. When Chris got home, his Aunt was furious that he had been in a fight, and sent him to his room without dinner. Chris cleaned up the blood on his face from his bloody nose, threw away his torn shirt, and went to bed, hungry and alone.

The days at the school passed. He was often beaten by the two thugs, and his lunch money was taken. The principal tried to find out what had happened to Chris, but Chris refused to say a word. He had been given an allowance that only covered the minimal lunch offering; so many days Chris spent his school day with a growling stomach.

Things improved when Chris started taking P.E. His gym teacher immediately recognized his athletic ability, and several of the other boys tried to be his friends. His P.E. class was right before lunch, and as he left the gym, the two thugs were waiting for his lunch money. This time, several of the other boys heard the demands of the thugs, and came to Chris's rescue. There was safety in numbers, and the thugs left, rather than fight with Chris's new friends. He finally had a decent lunch for the first time in several days.

It did not take long for the teachers to recognize that Chris was extremely intelligent. He always did his homework, and got A's on every test and report card. The only thing that bothered the teachers was that Chris would not participate in any classroom discussion, or go to the board to display his work. The school counselor tried to talk to Chris, but he refused to speak. It was a long bitter school year for the lonely boy.

The days came and went, with no change in Chris's life. Aunt Mindy remained a bitch. She was constantly trying to get more money from the trust fund by forging receipts for things that she said she had bought for Chris. The Christmas season came and went, with no decorated tree, no gifts, no fancy dinner, or any recognition that anyone cared about Chris. Even when his birthday arrived in January, there were no gifts or celebration. He remembered the holiday seasons that he shared with his parents, and the big deal they made on his birthday. He always had a birthday party, complete with cake and ice cream and a bunch of his friends to celebrate his day. Something snapped inside Chris on March 2nd. That was the date of his parents anniversary, and Chris sat alone in his room, wondering where his parents were and what they were doing up in heaven. Anger grew in the boy's mind, as he decided that this was not the way he was going to live.

The next day in school, the two thugs found him alone after P.E. They demanded his lunch money and started pushing Chris against the lockers. It was a big mistake for the two shitheads. Chris lashed out with leg kicks and blinding punches, as both of the bullies crashed to the floor, bleeding and crying. A teacher came around the corner just as Chris launched a swift kick to the groin of the bigger of the two bullies. Chris was taken to the office and was suspended from school. Aunt Mindy was furious that she had to come to the school to take Chris home. The school had a "zero tolerance" policy on fighting, and Chris knew he would be kicked out of that school.

The school years passed for Chris. Before his 10th birthday, he was kicked out of two public schools and one private school. Aunt Mindy continued to treat him like a piece of shit. Aunt Mindy was able to bullshit the social workers who came to check up on Chris. Of course, he never said a word when the social workers visited, so they never knew the conditions he was living in or how he was being treated.

Aunt Mindy continued to forge receipts to get money from the trust fund. Chris had seen her buy clothes for herself and then create new receipts on her computer showing that the clothes were for Chris. She even went so far as to claim she had bought Chris a dog, so she could send in receipts for the purchase of the dog, veterinarian bills, and dog food. Chris would have loved a dog, but she had constantly complained about neighbors' dogs shitting in her yard. Chris had to do all the yard work anyway, so he always wondered why she bitched so much about a little dog poop on the grass.

Chris still had the business card for Mr. Chambers, the trust fund administrator. Chris had considered calling Mr. Chambers and ratting on Aunt Mindy, but Chris was afraid he would end up in somewhere even worse than where he was living. After Chris was kicked out of his third school, Aunt Mindy finally sent him to a private boarding school, called the Hartland Academy. Chris was afraid when he started at the academy. It was an old building and far away from any city. He read the brochure over and over again, to learn about the new school he would be attending. Hartland Academy was designed for "difficult boys between the ages of 10 and 18". Chris wondered what "difficult" really meant. He was starting at the academy just after his 10th birthday. The school operated year round, with special activities during the summer months when most boys were out of school and free to have fun. He was not looking forward to a new school and a new bunch of bullies to fight with.

Chris and Aunt Mindy were met in the dean's office by the dean, Mr. Redmond and a 13 year old boy named Adam Redding. Adam was to be Chris's roommate, and was directed by Mr. Redmond to show Chris around. Adam was tall for his age, almost six feet tall with brown hair and brown eyes. He was good looking and well built. He smiled at Chris and tried to be his new friend. Adam looked at the 10 year old blonde haired, green eyed boy, and marveled at the beauty of the boy. Adam wondered what Chris had done to end up at the academy. Adam had been caught shoplifting several times, and finally ended up at the academy after stealing a car and causing a serious accident. There was something in the face of the little boy that Adam liked, and he was going to do his best to see that Chris fit in with the other boys at the academy.

Adam helped Chris carry his bags up to their room, and offered to help the boy unpack. Chris just shook his head, "No" and unpacked by himself, with Adam sitting on one of the two twin beds in the small room that they would share. Mr. Redmond had briefed Adam about his new roommate. Mr. Redmond did not go into details, but told Adam that Chris was very intelligent, but refused to talk to other people. Mr. Redmond also warned Adam that Chris had a bad temper and was versed in martial arts. Mr. Redmond warned Adam not to push the boy too hard, or Chris might snap. Adam watched Chris unpack, taking in the details of the 10 year old boy. Chris was about 4 feet 5 inches tall, weighed less than 75 pounds, and had long golden blonde hair. The few times that Chris had made eye contact with Adam, Adam had noticed the vivid green eyes that were partially hidden by the blond hair that always seemed to drop in front of Chris's eyes. The only word that Adam could think of to describe Chris was beautiful---absolutely beautiful.

Adam was not gay, but he felt strange feelings inside his body whenever he looked at his new roommate. Adam had taken Chris on a tour of the school and the grounds, but Chris never said a word or asked any questions. This really puzzled Adam, as he was trying his best to be a big brother to the small boy. Adam led him back to their room, and suggested that he and Chris take a shower before supper. Chris spoke one word to Adam---"No". Adam was hurt that Chris would not open up to him, but Adam decided to take a shower and let the boy have some space. Adam undressed in the room and made no effort to conceal his nudity from Chris's view. Adam was well built and well into puberty. He had a nice muscular body with an impressive circumcised cock about 3 inches long when it was soft, topped by a small patch of brown pubic hair.

Chris had never seen another boy nude, even on sleepovers with his old friends. Chris stole glances as his roommate's nude body, focusing on the hair and different looking dick between Adam's legs. Adam caught Chris looking, and Chris blushed beet red and turned away. "Don't worry about looking, Chris" Adam said, "All guys check each other out to see their equipment."

Chris pretended to be interested in straightening his bed as Adam grabbed a towel and walked nude out of the room and down the hall to the shower room. As Adam showered in the open shower room with several other boys from the school, he wondered how if he would ever be able to break through the wall that Chris had built around himself. Adam finished his shower and walked back into his room completely nude with the towel around his neck.

"You ready for supper?" Adam asked.

Chris just nodded, as Adam put on boxer briefs, and the school uniform of long white socks, gray shorts, white shirt and red and blue striped necktie. The school uniforms for Chris would not be available for a few days, so Chris was allowed to go to supper wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Supper was served in the same manner as all meals at the academy---cafeteria style with the boys being able to choose what they wanted to eat. Chris had picked milk and a salad, and followed Adam to a table of other boys. The other boys tried to get to know Chris, but he remained silent as he finished his milk and salad and waited for Adam to eat a supper big enough for three grown men. When Adam finished his meal, he picked up his tray to take it to the conveyor. Chris followed Adam like a puppy, to the conveyor and then back to their room.

Adam sat on his own bed and looked at Chris. "You're gonna have a rough time here if you don't open up and talk to people" Chris said. "All of us guys here have been in trouble, or we wouldn't be here. Just know that I am here if you want to talk."

Chris grabbed a book from his backpack and turned away from Adam. At first, Adam was angry, but then he remembered his first day at the academy over a year ago, and he knew that Chris was scared and homesick. Adam did not know about the pain that Chris had been subjected to, or the abuse he had taken from his aunt. All Adam could see was a very sad, very beautiful boy. Adam made a pledge to protect this young boy from any of the predators lurking among the other students at the academy. Adam knew that other boys at the school had often grabbed younger boys and forced them to suck cock or take a fuck up the ass. Adam had been "initiated" after his second day at the academy, and he still remembered the pain and shame from not being able to protect himself. He vowed to make sure that Chris did not meet the same fate.

Lights out was at 9:30 p.m. for all the boys at the academy. Adam and Chris lay awake in their room, with Adam still talking to Chris about the school, his own life and why he was sent there. Chris pretended to be asleep, but Adam kept talking. Chris listened to every word, but never acknowledged anything to his roommate. Finally Adam said "goodnight, buddy" and turned over to drift off to sleep.

Chris lay in the bed and tried to sort things out. Adam was trying to be his friend, but Chris was afraid to drop his shield and be vulnerable. He felt uncomfortable, and decided to get up and take a shower when no one else would be there. He quietly slipped out of his bed, grabbed a towel, and headed to the shower room. He knew he was supposed to be in bed, but he wanted to wash any remembrance of Aunt Mindy out of his mind and off of his body. Chris remembered his showers at home when he could jerk off and finger his butt hole. He thought about how good that would feel, but he was afraid of someone coming into the shower room and seeing him. Chris dried off, wrapped the towel around his waist, and walked back to his room. Chris was met in the hallway by one of the resident counselors, Jason Eldridge, who questioned the boy about why he was out of his room after lights out. Chris said nothing. Jason knew about Chris's problems, and decided to ignore the curfew infraction. Jason walked with Chris back to Chris's room, and turned on the light, waking up Adam. Mr. Eldridge told Adam that he had better keep a closer eye on his roommate, as curfew infractions would result in detention for both of them, no matter who broke the rules.

Chris said nothing to Adam, as Chris turned and slipped on his white briefs before he dropped the towel. Adam looked at the beautiful boy standing nearly nude in their room. He saw the soft pale skin of Chris's chest and tummy, and Adam felt his dick stir in his boxer briefs. Adam was shocked that his body would react to the sight of another boy. Adam made sure that the sheet and blanket covered his groin, as his boy cock stiffened to its full 6 inches. Adam wanted to get out of the bed and comfort Chris, but the throbbing erection that was tenting his underwear prevented him from leaving his own bed.

"I know you are shy about your body, Chris, but we are all boys in this school, and you don't have anything different that the rest of us do. You have to take a shower during regular hours, or we will both get detention" Adam said softly. "I know another shower room where you can have some privacy, and I will show you where it is tomorrow."

Chris nodded, and turned out the light and went to his own bed. The bed was much nicer than the one that Aunt Mindy had provided for Chris, and the bedding was fresh and clean. Chris got under the covers and drifted off to sleep.

Time at the academy passed slowly for Chris. He excelled at every subject. He always completed his homework, and got straight A's on every test and progress report. Chris never knew how Adam had protected him from some of the older boys who wanted some "boy pussy" for their sexual pleasure. Adam was younger than many of the boys who wanted a chance to bust Chris's cherry, but Adam had friends at the school that he influenced to help watch over the young boy. The school year was coming to a close in June, but almost all of the boys would stay at the academy during the summer vacation. Adam never gave up on his little roommate. He continued to talk to Chris about anything that he could think about. He had showed Chris the bathroom on the second floor where there was a shower stall for one person with the privacy that Chris needed. Chris uttered one word of thanks to his roommate, "thanks".

Instinctively, Adam put his hand on Chris's shoulder to say, "you're welcome", but Chris jerked away from Adam's touch with such ferocity that Adam was shocked. Obviously, the boy did not want to be touched by anyone. Adam apologized for touching Chris, and the matter was dropped.

The summer months passed by with daily activities to entertain and relax the boys of Hartland Academy. Each day arrived with a list of activities for the boys to choose from. Adam let Chris point to what he was interested in, and both boys went together to that activity. Adam felt pure love for the little boy and delighted when he could see Chris smile. Chris was exceptional at all of the sporting events, but he refused to compete with the other boys in any formal competition. The only thing Chris could not do was draw. Adam was an exceptional artist, and Chris often looked over Adam's shoulder as Adam drew a landscape or pictures of items placed on the table during arts & crafts. Chris was amazed at Adam's skill, and wished that he was as talented as Adam was.

One day in their room, Adam got out his sketch pad and started making a pencil drawing. Chris was reading a book, and stopped to walk over and watch his roommate draw. Chris quickly realized that Adam was drawing the face of a young boy with long hair. It only took a few minutes for Chris to realize that the face was his. Chris marveled at how Adam could create a pencil sketch that looked exactly like him. "It's me" Chris remarked.

Adam kept adding more detail to the sketch of Chris's face, and asked Chris if he wanted him to stop. "No" Chris replied. Adam continued drawing until he decided that the picture was complete. Chris was leaning over Adam's shoulder, and Adam could smell the essence of the boy's body. Adam's cock stirred in his jeans, as he drank in the aroma of the young boy. Chris was emitting pheromones that were causing Adam's cock to try and rip a hole in the front of his jeans. Just when Adam figured that Chris would notice his raging boner, Chris leaned over Adam, touching Adam's shoulder, and asked Adam to "sign it". In the last 10 minutes, Chris had spoken more words to Adam than in the past six months that they had been roommates. Adam was dizzy with the realization that Chris was talking to him and had actually initiated body contact. Adam's body went into overload, and he orgasmed in his jeans. Chris never seemed to notice the wet spot growing in size in the front of Adam's jeans, as Adam tore off the sheet of paper from the sketch pad and handed it to Chris. Chris broke contact with Adam's shoulder and took the picture to their peg board and pinned the drawing on the wall for everyone to see. Adam waited for his erection to go down, and grabbed a towel to head for a much needed shower. Adam stood under the shower, confused about how a single touch from Chris and a few words could cause him to cum in his pants. Adam knew that Chris was very special, and he renewed his vow to protect the boy and get closer to him.