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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

The two lovers kissed and hugged. They both got dressed and laughed at how much fun their sex had become. Chris was learning more and more about ways to please his lover, and the little boy's brain was like a sponge, soaking up intimate knowledge of sex.

Time passed as the two lovers cuddled and chatted about the stupid shows that were on the television. Chris had grabbed the remote control and was surfing the channels to find something interesting. The surfing went to a news channel, where the announcer was telling about a brutal murder in the town of Owosso, Michigan. Nothing registered with Chris or Matt, as Chris continued surfing.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 20

Chris and Matt could not find anything that they both wanted to watch on the television. Matt made another mental note to revise his cable subscription to include more than the basic channels. Matt rarely watched television, but Chris was bored with the news and Discovery channel programs, and wanted to watch cartoons or a movie. Matt suggested that Chris get one of the many videos that Chris had received for Christmas gifts. Chris jumped up and selected from the gifts still under the tree "The Never Ending Story" and the two lovers watched it together, cuddling closely.

Chris really loved to cuddle. The soft smooth body of the boy felt great to Matt, as he stroked the golden blonde hair, and chatted with Chris as they both liked the looks of the little boy in the video.

"You are cuter," Matt said to Chris.

" I wonder what he's got under that little flap?" Chris giggled.

"Probably 12 inches of hard cock," Matt answered.

Chris giggled. The giggle of the little boy was almost as wonderful to Matt's ears as the sound of the little boy having an orgasm. Matt wondered what it would be like when they were truly father and son. Would they still be lovers? Would they still dream about each other?

The video ended. Matt asked Chris what he wanted to do next. Matt was changing his entire life to focus on the desires of this little boy. Matt would do anything that the little boy asked.

"Will you take me for a ride in the Viper?" Chris asked.

The little boy's desire to go for a ride surprised Matt, but he quickly agreed. They both grabbed their coats and went to the garage. They got in the car, and Chris squealed with delight when he heard the sound of the powerful engine come to life. Matt opened the garage door, backed the car out and slowly headed down the long driveway toward the main road. Chris was impatient to feel the power of the car.

"You drive like an old woman!" Chris teased.

Matt knew what he was doing, as he eased the car toward the expressway entrance ramp. Chris kept taunting Matt to drive faster. The little boy was frustrated. He wanted to feel the power of the Viper when it was let loose. Matt stopped at a traffic light close to the expressway, where some teenagers in the car next to them were revving their engine in an effort to get Matt to race them. The teenagers were driving an old beat up pickup truck, and Chris wanted Matt to blow their doors off. Matt never said a word. The light changed, and the Viper came alive. All Chris could feel was the force that threw him back against the seat. The tires screamed, as both rear wheels were ripping off thousands of miles of wear. The entire car was shaking, as Matt threw a perfect power shift, and the tires screamed again.

Chris was in orbit. The little boy was scared to death, as the entrance ramp to the expressway got closer. Without letting off from the accelerator, Matt turned the Viper toward the ramp. The car was in a full four wheel skid, as Matt kept the accelerator floored, brought the car under control and threw another power shift into third gear. Chris was filled with terror as Matt threw another power shift and took the car onto the expressway. Chris screamed as he lost control of his bladder, and peed his pants. Matt continued down the expressway with the Viper at full throttle. When Matt finally shifted into fifth gear, they were going 130 miles an hour. Chris screamed for Matt to slow down as the boy was afraid that they were both going to die.

Matt let off of the accelerator, took the next exit, and cruised up the ramp.

"You fucking jerk!! Chris screamed at Matt. "You made me pee my pants!!"

Matt laughed. "So," Matt said laughing. "I drive like an old woman, do I?!!"

Chris was relieved that Matt had finally slowed down. The rush that the boy had just experienced had both terrified and thrilled him.

Matt reached over and felt the wet crotch of his young lover and laughed. "Next time you better pee before we go for a ride!!" Matt joked.

"Very funny," Chris said, as he knew that his criticism of Matt driving like an old lady had caused Matt to prove how he could handle the Viper.

"Next time, I won't call you an old lady," Chris said, as he giggled at how they had blown the doors off the pickup truck that the teenagers were driving.

Chris wanted to go home to change his clothes. Matt apologized for scaring the little boy, but Chris was giggling. The boy had just learned not to provoke Matt, unless Chris was ready for the consequences. Chris was relieved when he saw the long driveway leading to his new home. Matt parked the car, and they walked into the house, hanging their coats on the hook by the door leading from the garage into the hallway. Matt stopped Chris before they got near the arcade, and the man scooped up his little lover and kissed him.

"Are you mad at me?" Matt asked.

"No," Chris replied as the little boy giggled. "I promise not to be mad at you if we can take a shower together."

Matt laughed, and agreed. Matt carried the wet little boy into the large bathroom that joined Matt's master bedroom, and Matt carefully undressed the little boy. Matt never mentioned the aroma of the fresh urine on the boy's clothes, as Matt turned on the four showerheads in his spacious shower stall. Chris wanted to undress Matt, and Matt quickly agreed. Matt would let Chris cut off Matt's arm if that is truly what the little boy wanted to do.

"Can I shave your balls?" Chris pleaded.

"Have you ever shaved anything in your life?" Matt asked.

"Nope," was the reply.

"Well," Matt said, "I don't want my balls cut off by some little hairless boy."

Chris giggled. Chris had not seen anyone shave anything in a long time, and he wanted to shave Matt or watch as Matt shaved his balls. Matt decided to take another step in intimacy with the little boy. Matt pulled Chris into the shower stall, where the four jets of water refreshed both of the lovers.

Matt reached for the shampoo, and washed Chris's beautiful golden blonde hair. Chris demanded that he be allowed to shampoo Matt's hair, and Matt knelt down in the shower to let the boy wash his hair. The feel of the little fingers massaging his scalp gave Matt an immediate erection. "God, this little boy is driving me wild," Matt thought.

Matt stood up after Chris had let the spray wash out all of the shampoo. Matt's erection hit Chris in the chest. The little boy giggled and played with Matt's hairy balls. Matt took the liquid soap and started washing all of the beautiful young body. Matt washed the little boy from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, paying particular attention to the tiny erection, the small pouch of eggs, and the puckered ring of the boy's anus. Chris groaned, as Matt's soap lubricated finger entered the boy's anus. Chris pushed back, forcing the finger deeper inside. Matt dropped to his knees and swallowed the boy's tiny erection, using his lips to pull back the foreskin and expose the sensitive tip of the boy's dick.

Chris gasped, as the penetrating finger touched something inside his little body. The boy shrieked, as his dry orgasm wracked his body. Matt was touching something inside Chris that drove the little boy wild, as his little penis throbbed and tried to expel liquid that would not be available for a long time. The little boy's knees collapsed, as Matt grabbed the boy and continued sucking and probing the boy, driving Chris to new heights of sexual pleasure. This time there was no sobbing or crying, as the boy hit the highest level of orgasm in his young life. The little boy screamed as his orgasm peaked and then ebbed. Matt continued sucking the little penis, and rotated his finger in the tight little anus, constantly rubbing the tiny nub of the boy's prostate gland. Matt's tongue was savoring the feel of the little boy's cock head, as the orgasm ended, with Chris begging Matt to stop sucking.

Reluctantly, Matt let the little cock out of his mouth, not before he gave the tiny red knob one more lick and kiss. Matt knew that the little boy would be ready for more sucking in a few minutes, and Matt looked forward to taking the boy to another orgasm in his bed.

"What did you do to me?" Chris asked. "Your finger... What did you do?"

I was poking a gland called your prostate," Matt replied. "It is a very sensitive part of being a guy."

"No, shit!!" Chris replied. "That was awesome!!! Can I do that to you?"

"You sure can, little buddy," Matt replied. "Let's get me shaved first, and then you can do whatever you want to."

Chris was ecstatic. Chris wanted to learn all the ways to please Matt, and was ready to learn everything. Chris grabbed the liquid soap and started to wash all of Matt's body. Matt had to kneel down in the shower to give the boy total access. Matt loved the feel of the little hands and fingers that washed him. Chris spent extra time washing Matt's hard cock and balls, and a tiny finger probed inside Matt's anus. Chris wanted to feel Matt's prostate, but the little boy's finger was not long enough to reach the special spot.

Matt stood up and told Chris that it was time for the shaving. Matt took the liquid soap from Chris, and made a full lather around his own balls. Matt reached for the disposable razor in the shower, and proceeded to shave all of the hair off his balls. Chris watched closely, as he saw the dark hairs disappear. Matt took a chance, and applied liquid soap to the hair around his anus, and gave Chris the razor to shave away the hair that Matt could not see. Matt bent over, spread the cheeks of his adult body, and presented his anus to the young boy.

Chris's hand was shaking, as he repeated the motions that Matt had used to shave the hair off his balls. Chris very carefully took off all of the hair around Matt's anus. Matt rinsed and applied more soap, telling the boy to shave him again, to make sure all of the hair was gone. Chris carefully shaved the area again, getting the last of the hair that he had missed the first time.

Some people would be ashamed, embarrassed, or repulsed by this act of removing the signs of maturity, but both Matt and Chris saw it as another form of intimate bonding. They finished their shower, and dried each other off with the large fluffy towels that had been hanging on the hooks in the bathroom. Matt gave Chris a bottle of baby oil, and asked the boy to rub it into the areas that had just been shaved. Matt explained that the newly shaved areas would be very sensitive, and Chris was especially careful as he rubbed the oil around Matt's very private areas.

Matt bent down and kissed the little boy on the lips. Two tongues again dueled for position in their mouths. Matt could want nothing more in his life than be kissing the beautiful red lips of the little boy. Both of the lovers were happy, as they had just shared another intimate experience. Matt looked into the vivid green eyes, and saw them flicker. Another dose of boy enthusiasm was going to erupt.

"Can we stay nude?" Chris begged, as the little boy grabbed the erection of the man he loved. "I want us to stay nude and sit by the tree."

Matt was reluctant, but realized that the Pella windows of the home had built-in shades between the panes of glass that could be easily closed to give them privacy.

"Wait here," Matt replied. Matt wrapped a towel around his waist, and went to the family room to close all of the shades on the windows.

When Matt returned, he dropped his towel, and opened his arms to receive his young lover. Chris jumped into Matt's arms, wrapped his arms around Matt's neck, and his legs around Matt's waist. Matt could feel the tiny erection pressing against his stomach, and Chris could feel Matt's manhood poking against his tiny butt.

"Don't put it in me," Chris pleaded. "Not until our birthday, and then you gotta promise me that you will put it in."

"I am afraid that I will hurt you, Chrissy," Matt replied. "I don't ever want to hurt you."

"Adam told me it hurts the first few times," Chris replied, "but then he said it is awesome!! I want to feel you inside me. I want to be your lover, forever."

Matt promised his little lover that he would put his penis inside the little boy, but only after the adoption was final, and then only after Chris was ready. Matt wished that his eight-inch dick were only the size of Chris's, so that the anal sex would be easy and painless. Wishing would not change the facts that the man was endowed, and the boy was tiny. It would take a long time for Chris to be able to accept the large cock that wanted desperately to poke inside the little boy.